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Brookylnn Harrison

"I'm sorry your not worth my time"

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a character in “Something Like Fate”, as played by Anraee



"I know. I'm lazy. But I made myself a New Years resolution that I would write myself something really special. Which means I have 'til December, right.”
-Catherine O'Hara
Endlessly || Angel with a Shotgun || Bad || Intoxicated || Temporary Bliss || SongName

|{Full Name}|
Brooklyn Rose Harrison


Sept. 18th 1996


70% Canadian
20% French
10% Dutch


|{Year at Camp}|

"There are all kinds of stupid people that annoy me but what annoys me most is a lazy argument..”
-Christopher Hitchens


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
  • Nail Biting- She bites her nails every time she gets nervous. Its a really bad habit she has had since she was a young girl.
  • Ball Tossing- This is one of the weird things she does for fun when shes bored. Normally she has some type of ball on her and when she gets bored she takes it out and starts to toss it into the air.
  • Snorts- Every single time she had really is enjoying herself and laughing, she starts to snort while she laughed. Its another one of the weird but funny things she does.
  • Nose Scrunching- Brooklynn tends to always scrunch her nose when she thinks. No matter what the situation is she always starts to scrunch her nose.

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
  • Baking- Brooklynn always had a talent for baking food during her free time. Its fun and normally people love it.
  • Running- Over the years as a kid she always practiced running. It because a skill you can say. But she always loved Croos Country and Track season during the school year.
  • Hairstyling- All the time she practiced doing her hair and her younger sisters hair. Doing different hairstyles always intrigued her interest.

  • String Willed- She doesn't give up easily on anything. When she believes that something is right then she does it.
  • Independent- Brooklynn doesn't need to depend on anyone in order to do things by herself. She stand on her own and doesn't need someone to help pull her up.
  • Social- Brooklynn would consider this a strength. Not everyone has the guts to go out and really socialize with other people, to a certain degree. But she can socialize with anyone without having trouble doing it.
|{Flaws || Weakness}|
  • Overemotional- Although she is a generally strong willed person she always lets her emoons get the best of her when it really isn't nesseassay.
  • Naïve- Brooklynn likes to believe everything someone tells her. She believes that if she hasn't done anything to you then you wont have a reason to lie.
  • Klutz- Although she may but up a gpod front on her face she isn't able to keep it without
  • Left Ear- Brooklyn was born part deaf as a baby. She never got a hearing aid, because she didn't want to have one. She was never able to hear so shen it comes to sounds in her left area she wont be able to tell is theres a sound at all.
  • Sweets- She is a classical girl on this one. Sweets are one of her worst weaknesses. Its one of the best things in the world in her opinion, so when it comes to sweets she easily gives in.
  • Animals EXCEPT Cats- She always would do anything for animals. They were all so innocent and adorable in her eyes. She enjoyed it a lot.
  • Sewing- This was one of the hobbies she did every once in a while. Every year at the camp she would make shirts and bandanas For her group of friends she hung out with the most.
  • Painting- This was one of the rarest of her hobbies. She normally painted during the school year or early in the morning at the camp, but it was secret.
  • Video- This had to be the most frequent hobby she does. Brooklynn loved making videos of everything. Most of the time it was videos with her friends or something old and classical.
  • Cats- One of her worst fears were of cats. They always freaked her out every time they where around her. In her mind cats were mini demons, and it drove her insane when she was forced to be around them.
  • Aquaphobia, Hydrophobia - Brooklynn has a horrible fear of drowning. She can never go near large pools of water because of it. Water doesn't scare her its the fact that she cant swim at all.
  • Atelophobia- Brooklynn has a fear of imperfection. When things aren't perfect in her eyes she starts to freak out and wont stop fixing whatever it is unless its perfect.
No one knows that she had a belly button piercing, and got it when she was 14 years old.
She loves to go onto strange websites like omegle and prank people.
Brooklynn hates the camp, but goes to get away from family.
The last secret is something she would never speak about in her life, not even if she was paid to say it.

{"At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” }
-Maya Angelou


Brooklynn is someone most people find as rude and self centered. In fact most people chose not to associate with her because of that. Not many of the newbies cared to know herso she didn't care to know them either. She started off being nice to the newbies but since were rude to her se decide be rude to them back. It was just the way Brooklynn thinks. She treats you exactly how you treat her. This type of attitude makes people label her as a b*tch, but Brooynn doesnt mind much unless you tell her that to her face.
So you've already heard about her b*itchy side correct? Well you most likely have. But one thing you need to know is that although from her outer layer she shows to people that treat her like crap, is that Brooklynn is a heart to the people that do get to take time to know her. She would even take a bullet for them. Brooklynn also bakes small treats for her friends, during camp. The food always isn't the best thing so its a little something she does for them as a tat.
Self Centered
This may be very sad to say but Brooklynn tends to be very self centers. She expects you to do things for her and she'll do things for you in return. When it comes to being in the spot light she wont step up, but if you offer then she'll gladly accept it without any doubts in her mind at all. Perfection is something that Brooklynn strives for and she tends step on others in order to be able to achieve it.
Hot headed
Brooklynn tends to be more hot headed side when it come to others. She is easily angered and s rash things when she is upset. Its on of the things that re on her bad side and no one like so see. So its a lot better if you choose not to upset her. Brooklynn bites back. Hard.
She gets jealous easily when it comes to people she likes. Her close friends she doesn't like m to hang out around others that she doesn't know at all. Its a way of basically saying that she doesn't want to lose them. So if she gets jealous over things its normally because she thinks someone is trying to steal away form her and that isn't really the best thing in her mind at all. This happens to be the worst when she has a crush on someone. Brooklynn tends to be a very possessive person when it come to dating someone. She isn't the type of person that is overbearing when she is possessive but a mild version of possessive.
Brooklynn cares a lot, about everything. When she does care about you your normally on her good side and she treats you very nicely. If you were sick she would be more than willing to take care o you when you sick. Brooklynn is normally caring to everyone as long as they stay on her good side.
Overall Brooklynn is the type of person that most people would want to be with if they really knew how she was. She very caring person to people even if she doesn't know you very well. When she really cares about you she'll show it to you.Although she is a caring person Brooklynn tend to be hot headed and rash when it comes to not getting her way with the things she wants, its one of the horrible things about her. Her b*tchy attitude scares the people she just meets, epically when they have been really rude o her. Even though she has her b*chy ways or in other words sassy ways, she is a real sweetheart when it comes to most things. She is more tan willing to do things for you if you'll do the same for her. Brooknn is a very self centered person with a lot of things. Its on of her worst aspects about herself. But when she thinks about it, everyone has that thing/s they what to show off and make about them. Therefore she finds it very normal be that way. But only the people that have known each other for longer period of time know how she really is, and see the good sides in her more than the bad sides.

{"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” }

  • Strange Stuffed Animals- Brooklynn cant ever resist the charm of a teddy bear. Especially ones that are rare and you cant find on a daily basis.
  • Warm Drinks- There are those days were Brooklynn just wants to drink hot chocolate or coffee and read a book.
  • Reading- She loves reading in her free time. It gives you something to think about.
  • Blogging- Although its something she normally has no time for she likes to do it in her free moments.
  • Volunteering- Its always fun to go and volunteer with kindergardeners, well atleast to Brooklynn.
  • Pictures- Pictures describe so many unspoken words, it hold precious memories you would want to remember forever.
  • Attention- Its something she adores, although she may not ask for it directs she would love to get attention from the people she is around.
  • Nature- Nature is so peaceful, just being in the woods and reading a nice book would be wonderful.
  • Music- A little rhythm goes a long way. Its something to get someone up and moving around.
  • Food- This is one of the musts in life and she adores to do. Brooklynn wouldn't survive without food. Literally.
  • Beach- The beach is a wonderful place to go to during the summer.
  • Friends- Everyone loves to have friends, Brooklynn loves to be surrounded by friends and being with them in general.
  • Fish/Fishing- Brooklynn has a large fish tank where she keeps rare fish. But she does enjoy to go fishing.

{"Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly..” }

  • Cat- They are mini versions of demons. Dont ask about it.
  • Darkness- Its tolerable, but its not the best thing to be around.
  • TV- If you put a t.v. in front of Brooklyn she wont look at it. She doesn't like it at al..
  • Bugs- They are apart of life, but they are really gross either way.
  • Smacking- Its a disgusting thing so please refrain from doing that around Brooklynn.
  • Lazy People- Okay come on. Get your lazy self up and do something with your life.
  • Glass Breaking- the sound of straight glass breaking is horrible. Its quite annoying.
  • Grey- Its such a gloomy color and shows basically no emotions.

{"Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it..” }



|[color=#00FF80]{Place of Origin}|
Brooklynn and most of her family was born in Paris, France. Although you would guess that they had a lot of money to be able to live in Paris they didn't. After Brooklynn turned 6 years old they move to Miami, Florida. She grew to call that place home, since she lived there for such a long time.
Brooklynn was born into a middle class family. Although they didn't have everything they wanted, their family was generous and different families into their home all the time. People say she was a miracle for her parents. The risks of her being born we highly unlikely, but Brooklynn made it despite what the doctors had told her parents. Although she did have to stay in the hospital for three months after her birth Brooklynn survived it.
As a small child Brooklynn lived in Paris, France til she was ten. Every holiday she had families of her parents friends come over and pend the holiday with them. It was always the best times of the year when that would happen. Paris was so beautiful in her eyes as child. Brooklynn would often run around the big city with her friends during the day, they would have adventures and such of there own. The best part for he Paris would be sneaking onto the Eiffle Tower when there were fireworks. The scene would be beautiful, and the fun sneaking onto and off of the Eiffle Tower. In Brooklynn's eyes her childhood was the highlight of her years and she wouldn't trade it for the world.
Early adolescent-
During this period of time she had just moved into Miami, Florida with her parents and younger sister. er parents had started a small bakery in Miami and they had a fairly well life lving there. Around this time Brooklynn made new friends that were in the popular crowd. This lead to her to the start of developing her self centered ways and it wasn't a good stage her life.
After a year of living in Miami both ofer parents got a divorce breaking the family apart. Her father had gotten custody of Brooklynn and her younger sister Leianne. This was one of the worst tis in her life due to adjusting to not having her mother around. Brooklynn hardened herself in front of people as an attempt to try and seal people from getting close to her only to leave her in the end.
Later Adolescent-
Brooklynn doesn't ever like to speak about this part of her life. If you really want to know something about this time there are a few things she will tell you. 1st would be that she made a lot of mistakes at this time. 2nd would be that her sister was in a car crash. There's not much else that she would really like to talk about during this time in her life. If you would really like to know about it then ask her yourself.

|{Family Tree : People of Importance}|

Mother: Avery Carson- She is currently 42 and living in Las Vegas with her new husband and two twins Dylan and Tyler.

Father: Mark Harrison- He currently lives in Miami, Florida with her two younger siblings. He is 47 and retired from work. His retirement was due to the cancer he had gotten treated for in his early 4o's.

Sister: Leianne Harrison- She is Brooklynn's favorite sister out of them all. She was recently diagnosed with amnesia after a car accident she had gotten into on her 15th birthday.

|{Happiest Memory}|
Brooklynn's happiest memory was when she was 8 and went to the lake with her cousins. It was an all girls trip and they had a lot of fun. The first day of the trip they all went to the hair saloon and got haircuts that suited them. But that day she choose the wrong haircut and hated the way she looked with it. Of course then came her older cousin to the rescue. Instead of wearing her hair the way she imagined it, her cousin Emma bought hair accessories. They dressed her hair put with a boy and dyed the ends of her hair blue. It was temporary, but she still loved the way it looked on her. The second day they got their nails done and went to the beach. At that point she couldn't refrain the smile on her face the whole tie. She was just so happy to be there in general. In no time the trip was over and they left to go home. When Brooklynn went home she could always wanted to replay that memory over and over again.
|{Saddest Memory}|

Brooklynn's saddest memories was her freshman year homecoming. She started to like this guy she thought was really nice and he went to church with her and everything. Homecoming started at 7:00pm. She was there exactly on time. Her date Micheal, was two hours late meeting her there. When they did finally meet up he told his friends about how beautiful they looked, compared to Brooklynn. She was humiliated and decided after that to become someone he would find worthy of being with. Ever since then she never trusted or like a guy like that again. Nor did she ever go to any other dance after that,

{"7.If a person wants to be a part of your life, they will make an obvious effort to do so. Think twice before reserving a space in your heart for people who do not make an effort to stay.” }

Brookylnn was a weird obsession with lip balms, so at minimum she carries 8 different lip balm flavors on her at all times.
Under every pillow she has a different color bandana, no one knows why. But she refuses to tell people.,
Brooklynn doesn't mean to be creepy but shes taken a picture with almost everyone in the camp. Most of the people are in it by accident.
She really is the typical teenage girl if you think about it.
Brooklynn wants perfect and only perfect.
Brooklynn is a hopeless romantic when it comes to love.



Character Dialogue || #00FF80

Face Claim || Taylor Swift [/font]

So begins...

Brookylnn Harrison's Story

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93 Degrees Fahrenheit | 33.889 Degrees Celsius
Sunday, April 4th, 2014 7:22 AM

A trumpet sounded from a distance, loud and melodic in its usual 'To The Colors' anthem as scouts rose the American flag into the clear blue skies. Everyone had a part to play; dining halls had to be swept, mopped and pristine dinnerware were acquired to be displayed orderly, every watercraft were pulled out from its position in the shed and were instead lined up beside Lake Fairfield according to their size and shape, washrooms were scrubbed clean as expected, varies workshops had each booth displayed out into campgrounds, the cabins were to be dusted, cleaned, and assigned to the appropriate campers that were soon to arrive, and lastly every staff member put on their best smiles for these campers. A year had past since they had last seen them, and now they were determined as ever, hoping that these last five months would be spent in true enjoyment at Merrie Woode summer camp.



Summer Camp. The words took a dreadful outlook upon Judith. Five month of pure horror with other campers she knew ever since she first attended Merrie Woode; others who inconspicuously tried to make her life a living hell more so than it already had been since the death of Jamie last year, her life little by little was beginning to accumulate all things suffering. Course she tried to look at the positive side, but it was difficult. Besides, who would be around to make sure she never forgotten her inhaler? Surely the others wouldn't. Half never even spoken a hundred words to her let alone acknowledged her appearance. She was only a forgotten soul at the center of earth; a mystery amongst various insights. Though, she never cared. Whatever the others thought, it was theirs to observe. No comment needed.

She leaned her head against the car window, watching as the scenery zip by, a tableau of dark green fir trees, bright rays from the sun reflecting off of the cars, and clear blue skies from above. "Beautiful? Isn't it?" her father took casual glances in the back towards her.

"Every year." She smiled vaguely.

Her father chuckled and flicked on the radio; turning it to the classical station. Judith heard the first few bars of Yiruma's River Flows In You, which was the very piece she was supposed to be working on while at camp before her Julliard audition in September. She felt some kind of cosmic coincidence. She began to concentrate on the notes, imagining herself playing, feeling grateful for this chance to practice, happy to be cool in a car with her melody and her family. She closed her eyes.

"Em? Em, honey, wake up." Someone softly shook at her shoulder. Alarmed, Judith jerked awake. It was her mother."We're here." she said.

Judith looked passed her and fair enough she spotted the sign declaring it to have been Merrie Woode. "Right." she rubbed at her eyes before grabbing her two luggages, hopped out the car, and shutting the door behind her at the same time her father met her with a duffel bag that withheld all her necessities. He took one look at his daughter, his Judy, and pulled her into a hug. "You have fun, okay? Jamie may not be here, but she's always watching over you."

The sound of Jamie's name only made Judith clutch her father even closer. "I will. You know I always will."

A minute passed. Two. Then, her father released her. She turned to her mother, and instantly she was embraced. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, mom." Then, she let go; slinging the duffel bag over her shoulder she managed to roll her luggage down the rugged concrete. Halfway toward a staff member that awaited her, she turned around- her hair whipping at her face- and looked at her parents. They were standing with arms linked over each other as they looked back at their little girl. They knew that she would only be away for the summer, but it was as if they weren't enjoying the thought of her leaving. Josephine raised a hand in goodbye, before walking down a little stone path lined with dark hedges and met face to-face with a tall, balding man, "Miss Ahlström! Welcome back. " He said casually, smiling warmly. "You may remember me as Michael McDonnell, founder of Merrie Woode. Anyhow, here's your schedule," He handed her a paper filled with useful information. Then, he pointed in the direction of her cabin.

Cabin 4: Gray Whales.

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77 Degrees Fahrenheit | 25 Degrees Celsius
Monday, April 5th, 2014 8:22 AM

So, it's the first day at Merrie-Woode, right? The campers had a chance to reunite with their peers, if new they got a look around camp, and even met with their campmate(s) whom they may or may not like. But that's just life. Now enough with the blah-blah stuff, It's time to start the day off right. The staff at Merrie-Woode have a list of plans for all the fellow campers. Those of who will follow obediently with a smile planted on their faces which indicate the meaning of being a "happy" camper, and there are others who will use their stay at Merrie-Woode as an advantage to only cause chaos. Hint, hint, the staff has their eyes close on three stooges that are known for causing great catastrophes: Elias Addiks, Dylan Negovanlis, Theodore Matthews. With the likes of Cassandra Bennett hoeing around. May these four (delinquents..) be surveillance.

The dining hall is where we lay our scene, each camper are (hopefully) enjoying their breakfast; scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, sausage, and stacks on stacks of pancakes. Since there's only eight minutes left, Mr.McDonnell has decided to make an announcement of who is in what group and with who for our Color War activity, thus giving each of them a map of Merrie-Woode:

"The yellow group includes campers Cassandra Bennett, Hollie Knight, and Charlotte Van Der Deen.

The orange group includes campers Mackenzie Irving, Theodore Matthews, Ben Hartly, and Colton Nobel.

The blue group includes campers Judith Ahlström, Lucas Woods, and Dylan Negovanlis.

The green group includes campers Elias Addicks, Liam Woods, and Ashleigh Smythe.

The red group includes campers Johnathon O'briens, Alicia Morales, and Sophia Stanford.

The purple group Ciana Moore, Brooklyn Harrison, and Kit Grimshaw.

Now attention all campers. Whether or not you like any of your teammates, we are to be respectful and work as a group. Today's color war activity is Capture The Flag. Each team is given at least three riddles that each pertain to where the color of your flag is located. It can be anywhere for example, in the dressers, in the toilet, etcetera. The team who has collected their total of three flags, and report back to the drama station wins. Have fun. And remember to always be a happy camper at Camp Merrie-Woode!"


Yellow Group

1. Little critters are the worst to deal with. It's a good thing that they're kept outside in the__________.
2. Way down deep in the blue sea, betcha can't find me. Where am I?
3. The ________ is forbidden to all campers.

Orange Group

1. Ben Hartly is well known for ending up in the_______.
2. The _____ ______ is always prohibited to boys.
3. Archery is to field as basketball is to______.

Blue Group

1. I wake up in the morning, put my foot to the floor, and make a fifty-yard dash to the bathroom door for the _______.
2. Vegetables are easy to plant.
3. Never go there at night.

Green Group

1. A place set for three meals daily.
2. Where we meet and sing songs.
3. Feeling tired, well Theodore?

Red Group

1. Black and white ball.
2. Horses. Horses everywhere.
3. Two paddles made for two people.

Purple Group

1. Fire is hazardous, but not for marshmallows.
2. I never seen you before. Go get registered in the _____ ______.
3. Looking for a flag, well there's an even bigger one.

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Why did she even have to go to this stupid camp?

It was a waste of her time most days, and she hated seeing her 'wonderful half-sister' flirt with every guy there. Even the ones Ciana made clear she better keep away from. God, she may act like she loves her 'half-sister' but as far as Ciana is concerned, they have nothing in common. Not even their father.

Ciana had been going to this camp for years, and she was getting so tired of it. This had to be her last year it had to be. She never made friends here, and it was just... annoying. The few friends she did have, moved off and 'lost her number'. So, she doesn't have much faith in humanity anymore. With that being said, her thoughts were interrupted, by that annoying thought of a woman.

"Ciana? Ciana, dear, you're going to be late your first day of camp!" Ciana rolled her eyes, letting out a sigh from her laying form, covered with her grey comforter. The too familiar form of her... whatever she was... appeared in her doorway. "Ciana, get up." The voice was more harsh this time, and that resulted in nothing to help Ciana.

"Shut up, Katy, my god." She growled, sitting up, and swinging her legs off of her bed. Her tattoo of a flock of birds flying up her left arm becoming visible. Despite fufilling her evil stepmother's wishes, she slowly drug herself out of bed, and got dressed.

She wore her usual outfit, and had a duffel bag over her shoulder as she boarded the plane later that morning. She couldn't believe she was giving in to her father and his lover's wishes, but she just went with it for the time being. Before she opened her eyes again, she was there, at camp. After claiming a taxi from the airport, she rode the ridiculously long drive to the woods where the camp was. "Hello Merrie-Woods." She mumbled, and found her way to her cabin, which she found out she was sharing with another girl."Brittle Stars? That's original.." Ciana shook her head, and settled herself in the cabin, meeting Ashleigh, and shaking her hand as they went off to the dining hall where they were being summoned like cattle.

Ah, yes. Ciana forgot about the groups.

The purple group Ciana Moore, Brooklyn Harrison, and Kit Grimshaw.

"Who?" She breathed, and looked around the dining hall. "Brooklyn, and Kit..." She muttered to herself, surveying the sea of people, to see if anyone might resemble those names. If she had two girls, she might just strangle herself.

Ciana hadn't caught sight of her half-sister, Cassandra, and was quite glad. Things had changed so much since last time, and.. she just didn't feel comfortable around her. It was going to be a long camp, wasn't it?

To say he was tired, was an understatement nonetheless. He'd driven all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the camp he'd attended for most of his life, located in North Carolina. It felt like he'd been driving his whole life. He had permission to drive, as his parents were out of time at the time, and he was due to move out on his own soon anyway.

He arrived around the time most of the others did, but kept quiet. He didn't honestly know some of the people, just the Camp Flirt, Cassandra Bennett. She seemed to have something with Ciana, but he didn't know facts. Honestly, in his opinion, both girls were attractive, even if they were complete opposites.

Johnathon found his cabin, the Bottle-nose Dolphins. He came to find out his roommates would be Dylan Negovanlis and Liam Woods. After a short introduction, he walked to the dining hall with everyone else. He'd forgotten about the groups, and come to find out he was in the red group... with two girls?

The red group includes campers Johnathon O'briens, Alicia Morales, and Sophia Stanford.

"This year will be an interesting one.." He mumbled to himself, and surveyed the cafeteria, wondering who that would be.

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Breakfast was never an appealing time of day, not for Mackenzie at all.

It just made her think of all the times she was called fat, useless and the sorts. She used the cafeteria to just sit down and reflect on yesterday. As soon as she got on, she forced on a smile for her photo because it was either that, or being the odd thumb and not having a picture at all. Though hers would obviously be the worst looking one there, the horse faced child could never smile properly.

She got to see Judith again, she found out they were room mates. It was a pleasant surprise, she liked Judith compared to some of the other campers. The brunette never saw what was wrong with Judith, as other people called her horrible names. Personally, she liked Judith more than any other camper she knew here. She was glad Judith actually reciprocated her feelings, honestly she wasn't even sure if she could room with anyone else here without them saying something that would make her want to do something horrid to them.

But after dwelling on her thoughts for too long, her eyes darted up to look up to one of the camps instructors: Mr. McDonnell, he told them that colour wars was going to happen, which meant that the girl had to be put in a group and well, socialise. She hated these games because of her innate lack of communication and listening skills. That's why any team she's put in would never win. Though she wasn't openly expressing herself as others were, though it was funny.

"The orange group includes campers Mackenzie Irving, Theodore Matthews and Colton Nobel."

"Great." She muttered to herself, she knew them from the last time they were at camp. But being Mackenzie Irving, she never socialised with them so it was hard to know whether they'd get along or not. It shouldn't be too hard to find them all. The brunette thought she might as well find the group now, she got up from the table she sat on and went to find the boys, yes, she was the only girl in that group. A group full of boys she barely even knew.

When the girl did get round to finding them, she took a deep breath pointing down with a finger as she decided to find out if she was in the right place. "Hey, this is the orange group, right?" She asked, three boys, they were the only group with four people so this should make sense. The only reason she liked this group so far was because her favourite colour was orange.


Kit liked yesterday, liked his morning, liked his food. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, it reminds hi of what his mother makes at home, though hers is better in his opinion but he gulfed it down happily. The male was happily reunited with good friends like Theo and Ben, as well as finding out that Cassandra was here too. Thinking about that made his heart skip a few beats.

He was roomed with Colton Nobel, who is a pretty sweet guy actually. Although he includes a lot of profanity in some of his sentences, which is not pleasant to hear. But overall, he can't complain. Kit was one who liked to get his rest so he tended to sleep as soon as it got really dark and it benefited him actually. He woke up not actually being too tired.

While he gulfed his food down happily. Then his eyes averted up as McDonnell talked about the first activity of the week, colour wars. He took a deep breath and turned when a young red headed girl somewhat gagged on her orange juice. He chuckled a little to himself, quietly so no-one can hear him.

"The purple group includes campers Ciana Moore, Ben Hartley, and Kit Grimshaw.

"Ciana.. and Brooklyn." He muttered to himself, trying to remember those names in his head. "I'm looking for the purple team" He called out to see if anyone would respond to him. He hoped people knew Kit was him, he was glad the camp called him Kit though, Christopher was too long for him and it never did feel like he was a 'Christopher', he's always referred to himself as Kit since birth.

The male continued to look around the dining hall for his team mates to find out where they were.