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Maggie Ravie

"Come along, Talon. We offer no service to the workers."

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a character in “Something Wrong”, as played by Rylie Renae


Name: Magdalena Grace Ravie, Maggie or Mags for short.
Age: 14, born October 31
Sex: Female
Height: 5 foot
Weight: Somewhere between 90 and 100 pounds
Description: Image Maggie looks quite similar to her sister, in the sense that she has the same pale skin and raven hair, though her hair has been cut it so it falls just below her chin. Though her eyes seem to be quite dark, they often change to a warm, honey color when she's in deep thought or when she's happy, blanketed by long eyelashes that work well to compliment her childish features.
Role: Ravie Child
Likes: Mags enjoys music, whether she is creating it or listening to it, as well as painting and doing gymnastics.
Dislikes: Maggie does not like being alone, thunder, or getting hurt.
Habits: Maggie often gets lost in thought, and is a deep thinker. She can be found sitting in her room playing her cello and letting the music fill her, or placing another painting on her wall, filling it with drawings of nature scenes.
Greatest Fear: Maggie has many fears, though her greatest one is not being needed.
Attitude: Magdalena is your average fourteen year old. She is often unruly, though generally has a sweet disposition. She is tender, nurturing, but shy and easily confused. All she wants is to be liked.
History: In her younger years, Mags wasn't the shy girl she is today. Now that her parents are rarely seen, she has been slightly depressed and blames herself for their absence.
Other: A dog, whose size compares only to that of a small horse, follows Maggie everywhere she goes(including school where she waits patiently outside). It's name is Talon, and she holds a motherly, protective companionship over Maggie. Talon was a gift from their father when Maggie was born.

So begins...

Maggie Ravie's Story


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Ellie's head was spinning slightly, all the people and activity making her slightly nervous, but happy nonetheless. Squeezing Johnathon back, she kissed his cheek before standing tall and looking at all the others. Taking a small breath, she cleared her throat and announced to the crowd.

"Please, everyone, calm down! If you're here for the job, kindly follow me to the sitting room. Alec, take care of the children, get them breakfast and tea, and remind them to brush their teeth. I'll be back soon. Everyone, please, follow me." Smiling kindly, she strode away from the fray towards the sitting room and perched in a fancy armchair, crossing her legs and flicking her dark hair over her shoulder.


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Johnathon sighed, and saw Maddie run off. She hated it when Ellie had to deal with the newbie. It was depriving John of his attention that he wanted oh so badly. He let Ellie walk off, and then chased after Maddie, purposely bumping into one of the new servants with short brown hair. When John was in the kitchen, he looked at Maddie with a frown. "I wish Ellie would feed us, not Alec. He's stupid." Johnathon looked into the cupboards, looking for something sweet. He spotted some left over cake from the other day, and struggled to take it down. He was a little too short. When he finally reached it, he pulled it down and put in onto the counter with a smug grin. "Fantastic."