Apollo Noire

"When I had no one, she came like a savior sent by the gods."

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a character in “Somewhere Among the Stars”, as played by Felilla



Full Name:
Apollo Noire

Apo: It was given to him by Delta. He still doesn't understand why she can give him a nickname, but he can't give her a nickname.

Assume to be 18


Patron God:
Sister Light

Axe: Apollo has a giant battle axe that is his main weapon. He actually wields it with amazing accuracy.

Unlike most Deava, Apollo chose the path of Darkness, so he is good at using darkness magic.
Eternal Darkness: This makes it completely pitch black for the person he's fighting momentarily, but he can see fine. However, it only blinds them; their other senses are intact.
Blood's Payment: He can temporarily bring back the souls of the people he's killed to do his bidding. To gain a soul for this ability, he has to beat his opponent fairly.
The Oath: It is actually a mana-infused seal that Delta put on him; only she can break the seal, which then releases Apollo's full power. With his full power, Apollo can use high level spells like Ultimate Destruction and Death's Door.
Hellish Nightmare: Shows a person their biggest fear. However, it can only used if he knows the person's fear beforehand.

High Level Spells
Apollo's full power is locked inside him by a seal, but if the seal is broken he can perform high level spells with ease.
Ultimate Destruction: Destories anything and everything within a five mile radius of him.
Death's Door: Apollo can kill people without fatally wounding them. However, he cannot kill those pure of heart.


Delta Isolate: As much as Apollo hates to admit it, he is actually quiet fond of Delta. She keeps him in check and her intelligence and muscle memory keeps him on his toes. He also has to admit that for a human, she is quite good at understanding magic.

Hair Color:
Red: Apollo takes great pride in his hair; you touch without his permission, you die. Simple enough, right?
Eye Color:
Gray: It is a very light gray that people often mistake for being white. Not that he minds, it makes people think he's blind and then they wither underestimate him or give him money.
6'4": Apollo is really tall to say the least.
130 lbs: All muscle, baby!

His only tattoo is the seal on his chest, put there by Delta. Well technically, her Servant put it there, but Delta was giving the instructions.
He has three scars that look like long scratch marks from his navel the the small of his back.

{Carefree, Obnoxious, Loyal, Immature}
Delta-Food-Music-Art-Drawing-Red-His Seal-Fighting-Practicing Magic-His Hair-Pranks

Reading-Anything Bitter-His Eyes-Water-Authority-Scoldings from Delta

Magic: Despite having no memory of his past, Apollo is able to use magic quite well.
Combat: Apollo is also very good at combat, but he mostly moves by instinct.
Cooking- Apollo is an amazing cook
Pranks: Apollo is very good at pulling pranks on people. He never does it with Delta though... The last time didn't turn out very well.

Water: Apollo has a fear of large bodies of water, he is fine as long as he can see the bottom of the water.
Blood: Apollo gets queasy at the sight of blood.
Reading: Apollo quite literally cannot read, and he doesn't have the patience to learn.
Authority: The only person Apollo listens to is Delta, anyone else is simply standing in his way.

Delta Isolate


Not much is known about Apollo's past. He woke up with no memories of who he was in the middle of a destroyed village with dead bodies laying all around. It was later that day he was found by a young girl by the name of Delta Isolate. She gave him some new clothes to replace his tattered ones along with food and water. She seemed like a nice enough girl, so he trusted her. He was surprised when she used magic to start a fire because he was almost positive she was human. She clarified that she was indeed human, but she had used her bracelets, which were infused with mana. She tired explaining the process to him, but it just made the poor boy more confused.
She had one of her Servants scan him, confirming his race as a Deava, and not a good one. Apollo still cannot recall why he chose to be a dark Deava, especially considering the fact that he is actually very peace-loving. Delta told him stories about the planet of Nexus until he fell asleep. When he woke up the next morning, she was gone and he thought she had left him. He started crying, only for her to return with more water. She promised she wouldn't leave him and the two of them set off together to search for Nexus.

Face Claim:
Loki Laevatein-Kamigami no Asobi

So begins...

Apollo Noire's Story

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The two sisters watched as the lavender-haired girl blathered on about how many books she'd read about the gods. Anyone could tell she was being little more than a childish windbag, and by the time she was going on about a knife being only half a millimeter thick, they knew something was up. Didn't she know anything about measurements? Any material that thin would either fold like paper or snap like a dry leaf, especially silver. Odds are she was merely trying to sound intelligent, and failing at it.

At this point Asha was fed up with these kids more than anyone. With nothing more than a discontented sigh, the woman seized the opportunity to snatch the book from incompetent hands lest they continue their ridiculous theorizations that, quite frankly, made her head throb. "Here." Asha handed the book to her sister, knowing that she wouldn't make these illogical assumptions.

Ayara quickly thanked Asha, although she couldn't help but wince at the book's rough treatment, especially given the condition it was in. Time hadn't been kind to the tome, that much was certain. Carefully leafing through the pages, the Nilarian eventually found where the pages regarding Lady Memory had been removed. She frowned. Something was not quite right here...

"And?" Asha asked, leaning in to take a look at the pages, or lack thereof, herself.

"I'm trying to concentrate." Ayara blocked out any distractions and focused her attention on the pages. They had not been torn out by hand, nor had they been cut out by a knife or any sort of implement. She could sense something that still lingered where the pages had been removed. It was very faint, but it was still there...

"Magic," she said, after a time. "These pages have been removed by magical means. How or why, I don't know, but whoever did it failed to completely cover their tracks."

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"Ahh, but perhaps those tracks were not meant to covered completely," Snowe said musingly, "but I suppose that is a question for another day. We should all be getting to bed." It had been dark for a while and it was getting late. If the party was going to start their journey first thing in the morning, they would need their rest.

After bidding everyone good night, the group had parted ways and headed into their respective rooms. Snowe lay curled up in her bed, holding her dragon companion close to her side. As usual, sleep did not come easily for Snowe, but, tonight, Noramir seemed to find that it eluded her as well.

"Snowe?" Noramir spoke to her in telepathy.

"Yes?" She replied.

"What happened when the dark-haired man spoke to you.. was something wrong?"

"It's… Complicated… He's not even supposed to be here…"


She sighed softly. "Noramir, do you know what a soulmate is?"

"I am.. familiar with the concept."

"Well, he and I met a very… very long time ago."


The next morning, Snowe stood at the front of the inn, waiting for the others. She gazed into the still dimly lit sky and she could already tell that it was going to be a long, hard day. There was a heaviness to the air. She felt as if she had lost something. Something very important. "I think our trial has already begun," she whispered, "this is going to be a lot harder than I thought..."