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Home planet of the Sil and the Temple of Peace.

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For the most part, the only ones who travel to Ysailun are Pilgrims of Solace and Seekers looking for answers within the floating Temple of Peace. The planet itself has a temperate climate (20°F to 80°F). The hills and lowlands are breezy and the landscape is dotted with forests, mountains, and floating landmasses. While Ysailun does not have any oceans (or any salt water, for that matter), there are many rivers and lakes scattered throughout the planet's surface.
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Home planet of the Sil and the Temple of Peace.


Ysailun is a part of Spiralis Major Galaxy.

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A middle aged man, dressed in rags was pushed and held against a wall by Kyle's foot. Kyle was showing amazing flexibility, with his leg held up high enough for the foot to press against the man's throat, while Kyle still managed to hold his face close to the other's.
"Awww... You guys got my sword dirty~" Eve sighed as she swung her sword to flick the blood off of it, placing it back into her sheathe as she stepped over five fresh corpses, mutilated beyond description.
The man squeeked a little in fear before he spoke out towards Kyle, "I-I-I'm sorry! I d-didn't know you were E-Elementum... I-I'm sorry for stabbing you!"
"You shouldn't have tried to gang up on us to mug us then, pathetic Human." Kyle replied in monotone, his face showing no emotion while his eye stared straight into the man's, as if it were staring into his soul.
"P-please... D-don't turn me into one of... t-them!" The man pleaded as he gestured to the corpses,
"That depends, tell me about the Temple of Peace. Where can I find the city of Kindan Vhil?" Kyle demanded, pressing his foot forward a bit more,
"Ugh! I-It's north from here, hard to miss, it's a floating city!"
"What about the Temple? What test is there?"
"I have no idea! B-but I know someone who does! The leader of the bandit group I'm in used to be a seeker before he was deterred by the Temple of Peace, the first Temple he visited!"
"Where is he?"
"I-In the floating city, the abandoned werehouses."

Kyle released his foot and kicked the man to the ground, "Y-you'll let me live now?" The man questioned, his trousers wettened from his own urine which had appeared through fear.
"You won't give word about us." Kyle demanded, looking down to the man, his eye showing pity.
"Of course! I don't even know you! Who are you? Can I help? I've never met you before!"
"You're lying." Kyle muttered, hearing the further increased heartbeat of the man along with the small change in the man's eyes.
"Wai-" CRACK! Kyle swung his foot towards the man's head, snapping his neck. He then turned away, heading towards his spaceship to get to the city.

"Let's go, Eve, we gotta find this idiot."