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Damien O'Dwyer

"Fetch me another drink, Its too noisy in here"

0 · 193 views · located in Las Vegas

a character in “Sonder”, originally authored by conor, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Damien O'Dwyer | Cú Chulainn
Age: 28 | 865
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Irish
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Role: Demon 1
Occupation: Author
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 192lbs
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Pasty white.
Scars/markings: Damien has been in various battles and theatres of combat over the centuries. Thusly he has accrued so many scars and markings that litter his body.

Damien has the power to self-heal. This is one of the reasons he has managed to survive for so long, provided the injury does not kill him instantly he can heal himself over a number of days or weeks depending on the injury..

Alcohol | Tea | Poker | Sex | Cigarettes | Blues-Rock

Coffee | Kids | Modern Music | American Football

Writing | Drinking | Gambling | Playing Piano

Traits: Damien embodies the sins of lust, wroth and greed. He is a hedonist through and through which can be seen in his daily life. He feels that this is the best way to make someone happy and will tempt to lead people off their path onto his to try and achieve happiness. You could call him selfish but he is a devious demon who just wants to get his job done and avoid being taen to the Underworld. There is no beer in the Underworld.

Biography: Damien was traditionally considered a 'demon of war'. For large periods of his long lifespan he was given humans who were destined to become soldiers and warriors (hence his demonic name). Serving in countless battles throughout history he now makes his living writing books about all his stories and has made himself a rather large fortune.

In contrast with his colourful past Damien hasn't been assigned to a soldier in a number of years. As such he has let his job slack, no longer feeling the passion he once had. He now finds himself languishing in Las Vegas, spending his days in the many casinos, bars and strip clubs waiting to stumble upon his newest assignment.

So begins...

Damien O'Dwyer's Story


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#, as written by conor
The alarm clock jumped to life buzzing and beeping just as the time came. Happy to do it's job it hopped on the bedside table almost gleefully. At least until a crushing blow to the head stopped it in it's tracks. Damien rubbed his eyes and groaned as the orange sunlight shone through the curtains. Slowly he threw his legs out one side of the ped and propelled his oy upwards. "8pm already, I'm going to be late." Finally mustering the strength to get out of the bed he let go of a quick stretch and wandered into the bathroom for a shower.

Damiens house lay on the outskirts of Vegas. A large two story house which he paid for with his money from book sales. He kept it clean and tidy, just the way he liked it. Although the job was made easier by the fact that he spent more time away from it than he did inside it. His books funded his life. He was a secret millionaire, writing about wars and battles, all of which he had been in. Of course, his stories had fictional characters.

After climbing out of the shower he put on some loose fitting clothes, simple pair of jeans and a nice shirt. Fashion wasn't really Damiens forté and he wasn't really bothered about how he looked. It was Vegas, and in Vegas money did the talking for him. Eventually he was ready. Off to the party at Devils web. Any chance he could get to have a drink and pot shots at the ladies he took these days. Every few months he took a 'break' from writing to spend all the money earned from the previous book. It worked well so far, why break the cycle?

He stepped into the waiting taxi and zoomed off towards the strip. The lights glowing in the Mojave sunset. At 9:20 the cab pulled up outside the casino. Bright lights dazzled and shone, Damien paid the driver and waltzed inside. It was bustling. People left right and centre swayed past. He had his eyes set on the bar. The heat had caused a great thirst which needed to be quenched. As he arrived he managed to grab a spare stool and attempted to signal one of the staff. "Bourbon, no ice"


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#, as written by Beeps
Somewhere between the constant customers, Jettie's conversation with Amadeus had taken a back burner. At least for now. Bartenders were very accustomed to having simple chats take a hour or so to discuss. She knew they'd pick back up as soon as they passed each other again or during the next lag in orders.

A Red Devil.

One of the casino's signature drinks. A mixture of top shelf vodka, Southern Comfort, peach schnapps, a touch of gin, grenadine, triple sec and orange juice shaken with ice. It made for one sinfully delicious drink and somehow seemed perfect for the gorgeous redhead.

Finishing up the woman's drink, Jet served it with another smile and started the woman a tab before moving on to the next patron. As she shifted her attention on the man before her she felt an overwhelming sense of deja vu. She was quite certain that she'd never met this person before but still there was something familiar about him. Someone she had attended school with? No. An actor? No, that wasn't it either.


"Bourbon, no ice," he requested.

As she nodded and selected a slightly tulip shaped glass for his drink, she was brushing off the recollection as perhaps just have having seen him around the casino before. It was a hugely popular establishment and even though she saw hundreds, if not thousands, of faces each night, most of them one-time tourists, there were a few that stuck in her memory. That was it, she was convinced. Just another gambler in the sea of slots and game tables.

Distracted by her thoughts, she added a large sphere shaped piece of ice to the glass before slowly covering it with a top shelf bourbon that she hoped he would like. Jim Bean Black. He hadn't specified, so she was just guessing.

"Here ya go." Jettie carefully placed the glass tumbler before him as she gave him one of her cheery smiles.