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Felicity Andrea

"You poor thing. Did I confuse you?"

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a character in “Sonder”, as played by Pantheran


Felicity Andrea


Nicknames: Fel, ”Eve” (prefers Evealor over Eve)
Age: 22 ; 421
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Role: Guardian Demon 5
Occupation: Tattoo designer & part-time bartender


Height: 168 cm
Weight: 62 kg

Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Red
Skin color: Pale white

Scars/markings: She has rose vine tattoo that covers her whole left arm. She also has a large scar on her back.

FC: Karen Gillan

I'm evil and I prefer it that way

Evealor likes being slightly evil. She loves to confuse people with her speeches. Her words might not make any sense to others but she has a reason to say every one of them. That's why she usually doesn't speak much and can keep long pauses between her sentences. She thinks carefully every word.
When with her friends she's easy-going and more talkative. She comes along with people usually pretty well but likes teasing her friends too.
Evealor prefers to have fun over working, but if she happens to be at work, she makes sure to do it right.

X Frogs, snakes, reptiles... - everything that is slimy
X Fish - is allergic to them and besides they're slimy
X Too serious people - it's important to have fun, right?
X Liars - she might be mean but she doesn't lie (well, only if there's a reason)
β™₯ Teasing others - a little joke (or two, or three) doesn't hurt anyone
β™₯ Nighttime - the darker, the better
β™₯ Winter - cold and dark, what would be better?
β™₯ Ravens - mysterious and beautiful birds

Negative Traits:
– Drinking - offer a drink and she'll gladly accept
– Untrustful - you should think twice before telling secrets to her
– Mean - she enjoys hurting those she hate
– Manipulating - she wants to rule others
Positive Traits:
√ Friendly – comes along with others
√ Easy-going - stresses almost nothing
√ Determined - does not give up easily if she decides something
√ Hard-working - only when she is actually working

Skills & abilities:
Evealor is skillful with words and she's good at manipulating people when she wants to. It can be anything from buying a drink to stealing a car.

Her demon ability is invisibility. However her skill works better at nights than at day times. When it's really sunny, you still can't see what she looks like but the air around her is bending and you might be able to tell where she moves. In ultimate situation she can keep up the invisibility almost two hours, more exactly 1 hour, 56 minutes and 47 seconds. Evealor is also able to turn someone else invisible but in that case she can't use her skill to herself.

She's also good at drawing and she has often a notebook with her where she designs her newest tattoo ideas. The rose vine in her arm is also made by herself.

β—Š Drawing - She has created unique patterns for tattoos, but she also draws everything she sees. Landscapes, humans, animals... Give her a subject and she'll comes up with something amazing.
β—Š Ice-skating - She has been ice-skating for years. She loves the speed and the cold and fresh winter air around her.
β—Š Teasing others - Evealor does it so often, she thinks it as one of her hobbies


ImageSince she is hard-working and determined Evealor has succeeded on her job pretty
well. This is Evealor's third time as a guardian. She has been proved to be a worthful guardian
demon. Her first human died only after 4 years. She manipulated him to live his life in the
fullest: drinking, smoking, weeds. Whatever he did, he did it for her since he had fallen
in love.

Her second human lived longer, 72 years. She was listening her guardian angel more than her.
However, her life wasn't dull either. No bad habits, but full of joy: lots of friends, lots of exiting
events, lots of new places to see.

So begins...

Felicity Andrea's Story


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Felicity Andrea

Felicity arrived to the casino. She was excited and ready to have fun. Even if she worked as part-time bartender, she had a day off. And she was more than happy with that. She would enjoy her time for sure.

She headed straight to the bar. She was still sower, but not to for too long for sure. She had a long, black dress that waved when she moved and her red hair landed beautifully on her shoulders. She saw how men's heads turned after her. And a bit later she heard a slap and usual ”What? Why are you looking at her with that horny look. Is she that beautiful?” complains from their jealous girl friends. Felicity was sure she didn't need to pay her drinks today.

She took a seat and waited. A younger man, in his twenties looked at her and was going to say something when his date came and dragged him away. Felicity smirked a little. They were always like that. Humans. The funniest part was that she usually didn't even talk with them. They came to her and talked all night long. It was amusing. Did they really think she would be interested?

She waited that the bartenders would have a free moment to take her order. She had been behind the counter, she knew how hectic it could be.


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#, as written by Beeps
It wasn't long before Jettie fell into a steady groove. While being a bartender in a large casino wasn't her lifelong dream, she would have to admit she enjoyed it. She liked the fast pace of work and the seemingly constant flow of customers. It usually made the night go by quickly and of course the tips poured in almost as fast as she poured out shots. And as the evening flew by, the environment actually made her feel like she was being involved in the thriving Vegas night life.

Hustling and bustling made her nights off feel that much more relaxing and less guilty for wanting to spend the early years of her twenties behind a sewing machine instead of on a dance floor. Being a bartender gave her a passage to say she was social and maybe even a fun young adult. People tended to look at you funny when you follow up the question of 'what did you do last night?' with an 'I organized my sewing basket and stitched together a cape'.

Amadeus, a fellow bartender, literally nudged her out from being lost in her thoughts as she whipped up a frozen margarita. "I swear, sometimes, I regret working in a casino in the first place."

Jettie glanced over to him with a grin, it was almost as if he had read her mind. "But alas is me, at least I get to work with you."

"In the city of sin, I think we chose one of the lesser of evil jobs. I'd rather shake a drink for tips than to shake what my Momma gave me, wouldn't you?" She fired back in a teasing tone that she hoped would brighten his mood.

Amadeus was one of her favorite people to work with. He was efficient and intriguing to talk to. One meaningful conversation with him and you'd wonder why the heck he was standing behind a bar and not lecturing a theology class at an elite university. Sometimes his intelligence made Jettie feel like a bumpkin, not that it was ever intentional. He was as nice as he was smart and he tolerated her carefree attitude with grace.

"And yes, I'm so glad to be sharing a bar with you tonight. If that new girl spilled one more drink on me I was going to... Well, probably nothing... But I'd be annoyed."

A new patron approached the bar, a bombshell redhead in a gorgeous black dress. The kind of beautiful girl that made Jettie wish she had given a little more care and time to her own simple makeup and sloppy ponytail before work. Still she curved her sheer glossy lips into a friendly smile as she leaned toward the woman to better hear the response.

"Hi! Welcome to the Devil's Web. What can I get you tonight?"


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Selena sighed to herself as the man left. In no way was she mad at her human - but only displeased with herself. She kept a watchful eye for good reason. She wasn't going to allow Maisie to have the same fate her last assignment has. The assignment in which she failed.
"Lets go test our luck then, shall we?" she smiled, leading her friend to a slot machine.
"So in reality casinos are total ripoffs and take your money, today we'll pretend otherwise. The objective of these silly machines is to match the symbols. It's rather pointless, but entertaining to watch" Selena said as she swiped her casino card, activating the machine. The same tune that filled the rest of the casino was now closer to their ears. The slot machine was a pirate based one. The little treasure chest was rather cute in Selena's eyes. Setting the amount to spend on the machine with the little arrow buttons, she looked up at Maisie.
"You can get the honor of pulling the lever" Selena smiled, guiding Maisie's hand towards the contraption.
It made Selena terribly sad that her human couldn't see the beauty of the world. She wished her powers could help her friend picture something, but it was out of her grasp to do. The best thing Selena could do for the girl is describe everything is detail.
"So the casino is obviously very noisy. People of all different walks of life are here. Some are dressed in fine designer brand cloth, and others in simple garb. Although I must say you look the best out of all these people here" Selena said gently, waiting for Maisie to pull the red lever.
[b]"The thin carpet below our feet is rather tacky as it is dark green and red, but all public buildings seem to have terrible taste. The machines around us glow in neon lights, screaming for those passing by to play them. A bar isn't far off as well. People there seem to be enjoying themselves, but looks can be deceiving. The man that helped you is over there as well, he's a nice fellow"[/b] she continued. Selena stopped her voice when she saw a little angel and demon slot machine in the other row. She mentally made a note that the two of them would go over there to try that one as well. In a casino there is little a blind person could do, but Selena hoped her human enjoyed the change in environment. As much as midnight walks were nice, change was always a good thing.


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#, as written by Beeps
Somewhere between the constant customers, Jettie's conversation with Amadeus had taken a back burner. At least for now. Bartenders were very accustomed to having simple chats take a hour or so to discuss. She knew they'd pick back up as soon as they passed each other again or during the next lag in orders.

A Red Devil.

One of the casino's signature drinks. A mixture of top shelf vodka, Southern Comfort, peach schnapps, a touch of gin, grenadine, triple sec and orange juice shaken with ice. It made for one sinfully delicious drink and somehow seemed perfect for the gorgeous redhead.

Finishing up the woman's drink, Jet served it with another smile and started the woman a tab before moving on to the next patron. As she shifted her attention on the man before her she felt an overwhelming sense of deja vu. She was quite certain that she'd never met this person before but still there was something familiar about him. Someone she had attended school with? No. An actor? No, that wasn't it either.


"Bourbon, no ice," he requested.

As she nodded and selected a slightly tulip shaped glass for his drink, she was brushing off the recollection as perhaps just have having seen him around the casino before. It was a hugely popular establishment and even though she saw hundreds, if not thousands, of faces each night, most of them one-time tourists, there were a few that stuck in her memory. That was it, she was convinced. Just another gambler in the sea of slots and game tables.

Distracted by her thoughts, she added a large sphere shaped piece of ice to the glass before slowly covering it with a top shelf bourbon that she hoped he would like. Jim Bean Black. He hadn't specified, so she was just guessing.

"Here ya go." Jettie carefully placed the glass tumbler before him as she gave him one of her cheery smiles.