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Penelope Vincents

"Hey, shall we play a game?"

0 · 394 views · located in Las Vegas

a character in “Sonder”, as played by ShrimpMayo



Penelope Vincents; Ignis

Pen, Penny, Dr. Dicer

23; 189




Demon 2

Works at a cafe



125 lb.

【Eye color】

【Hair color】
Black, with blue highlights

【Skin color】

She has a number of tattoos around her body - a bunch of roses on her right arm and a tribal design around her right wrist.


☆ Gambling ☆ Tattoos ☆ Food ☆ Coffee ☆ Rock Music ☆ Running ☆ Heights ☆ Nightclubs ☆

★ Classical Music ★ Cigarettes ★ Sweets ★ Cars ★ Hot weather ★ Cooking ★ Other demons ★ Sports (except track) ★

◇ Running ◇ Gambling ◇ Listening to Music ◇ People watching ◇

【Positive Traits】
♡ Playful ♡ Loyal ♡ Spontaneous ♡

【Negative Traits】
♥ Short-tempered ♥ Doesn't look before she leaps ♥ Insensitive ♥


» Telekinesis - Being a young demon, her ability is still somewhat weak and she can only move the most minute of items. This is something she finds perfect for cheating in dice games when she needs to.
» Luck - Good luck favors her. If this is an ability of hers as a demon, it is currently unknown.
» Strength - Much like other demons, Ignis is stronger than an average human, but being young she is still easily overpowered by stronger demons.

Ignis is one of the youngest demons in the Underworld. She isn't an expert with her skills of Persuasion just yet and had been given the chance to hone it by sending her to the Overworld as a Guardian Demon. She doesn't have any experience when dealing with humans and angels at all, but is quick to adjust to her surroundings. She had taken the persona of Penelope Vincents and began her very first role as a Guardian.

Penelope had been born to a wealthy family, which had been a stroke of good fortune for Penelope. Her parents were locals in Las Vegas and Penelope grew up in the shining bright lights of the city. Her father, Oliver Vincents, was one of the most reknowned gamblers in the city and he taught her at a young age about how to turn the cards in her favor. She had been hooked to gambling ever since and found that she was amazing at it. As she grew older, she began to make a name for herself in the industry, and her skill at dice games earned her the title "Dr. Dicer". Penelope was pretty contented with life, until she finally met her assignment. It hadn't been her intention to fall in love with the human she was supposed to make happy, but she had and she hoped that she can fulfill her task with her presence alone.

Face Claim: Laura Prepon
Dialogue Color: #FF0000

So begins...

Penelope Vincents's Story


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Devil's Web Casino - 10 pm

The biggest casino in all of Vegas, the Devil's Web Casino, opened its doors at exactly eight in the evening for people of all sizes and form to join in one of the year's biggest party yet. Everyone's that anyone is invited to the grand opening of the Casino's newest addition, the hotel. So check in or drop by anytime... Just don't let yourself get caught in the web, or you might never find your way out.0


Penelope ran a tired hand over her face as she hurried to wipe the grime that was seemingly glued on the round table. She'd been on the job for about half an hour and she was yet to make a dent on the brown stain. It just wouldn't budge, no matter how hard she wiped or how much cleaning liquid she sprayed on it. A glance at the clock hanging above the counter stated that it was precisely ten in the evening and it fueled Penelope's drive to get the job done. She heard of the party in the casino at eight, and she sure was hell wasn't going to miss it because of some stain that refused to be cleaned. It was already two hours in the party and she knew that people would be wasted and high or a combination of both, so it was prime time to make her entrance. Maybe even win herself easy money on the dice games and the roulette. She definitely needed the cash if she was taking the time to work on a hole in the wall like this.

She sighed, dropping the cloth on the table in defeat. Sure she earned a lot from her winnings, but gambling was gambling and she often found herself without a penny to her name. She definitely didn't want to end up going homeless because she couldn't pay the rent or whatnot, so the job at the cafe had been a necessary evil. And by evil, she meant evil. She tossed a glance towards the shop owner, a big Russian woman with fiery red hair and a glare that chilled the bloods in Penelope's veins, who was watching her with a curious tint in her eyes. Penelope threw her hands up in surrender and said, "Just throw the damn table away. I'll pay for it on my next shift."

Mrs. Duvlov said nothing, and Penelope took that as her cue to leave. She jumped over the counter, eliciting a reprimand from the Russian, and dropped her apron on one of the hooks, ignoring her boss completely. She slid her way towards the locker room where she stripped herself of the ugly uniform and put on her usual clothes - a dark leather jacket on top of a white sheer top and tight jeans. She took off her glasses and put on her contacts, struggling only a bit at applying them properly without a mirror. She slipped on a pair of sunglasses and smirked to no one in particular. She didn't need to see herself to know that she looked good. She felt good and that was almost always enough.

She tossed a lousy salute to her boss before bolting it out of there, half-running the couple of blocks from the cafe to the Web. As per usual, her half-run, half-strut gathered her some appreciative looks, to which she only grinned in response. It was part of being a demon, it seemed. Humans just got attracted to you even when you did absolutely nothing. It was both a blessing and a curse, as she still had worries that maybe her girlfriend was just with her because she was her guardian demon. Granted, Courtney didn't know of her true identity yet.

She shook her head minutely at herself. She didn't have the time to dwell on such matters. She had arrived at the Web already, only shooting the guard a smile before she was allowed in with a small bow. She stepped into the establishment, already feeling the adrenaline of gambling bring the grin to her lips. She held her arms out and shouted at the top of her voice, "Dr. Dicer has entered the building!" She received quite a few hoots in response as she reached into her pockets and pulled out her trademark pair of dice. "Well then. Shall we make some money?"