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Gwenderyn Uí Luian

Bitter selkie who just wants to go home to the sea

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a character in “Song of Origin Revival”, as played by darkmekmon


[ Name ]: Gwenderyn "Dere" Uí Luian (legally Gwenderyn Langley)
[ Birthday ]: August 4th
[ Age ]: 37
[ Gender ]: Female
[ Race ]: Selkie
[ Sexual Orientation ]: Poly pan
[ Faction Alignment ]: None
[ Class ]: Witch

[ Personality ]:
> Strong-willed: doesn't back down or give up without a fight
> Quiet: doesn't initiate conversations much, doesn't speak loudly
> Cautious: slow to really trust anyone, quick to flee from danger
> Hard-working: doesn't do anything halfway, doesn't shy away from doing work
> Caring: as much as she hates it sometimes, she doesn't want anyone around her to be unhappy

[ Job ]: Fisher, fish seller, witch for hire

[ Home Town ]: The Brood Cliffs, just across the Sea of Arthes from Copool Stronghold

[ Equipment ]: Harbor seal pelt, shell necklace, staff

[ Background Information ]:
Appearance -
At birth, Gwenderyn was named for her looks at birth. Pale, pale white, with curly white hair, Dere is almost certainly albino. Her eyes are a pale blue, almost purple in appearance, and there is next to no color to her skin or hair. Used to physical labor, Dere is tall and muscled. Without her pelt, she appears to be a normal human, though perhaps more beautiful than average. Her seal form is the palest of greys, with a smattering of darker speckles across her back.

Currently, she tends to dress in leathers and furs, primarily for function and comfort. Around her waist she wears a large, light grey seal pelt; a memento from her past. Her hair is long, descending past her shoulders, and typically worn in a braid or bun to keep it out of the way as she works. As a witch, Dere keeps a staff and small tome on her person at all times. They are simple objects, easily overlooked; the staff in particular can be mistaken for a walking staff instead of a casting tool, unless one is particularly familiar with witches and casting. Dere appreciates the idea of anonymity, and generally ensures a hooded travel cloak is part of her outfits; with her hair, she can easily mimic your average grandmother, so long as no one sees her face.

Family & Friends -
Currently, her only friend is her familiar, Sylvi. Once her pelt was taken, Dere was utterly isolated from the world by her husband, who was paranoid that she would somehow find her pelt and escape. She has been away from her herd long enough that any of her former friends are likely strangers to her, and often feels very lonely. Dere's herd lives south of Damor, though they are somewhat nomadic and travel throughout the sea. She misses her family and badly wants to return to them, but deep down she fears that even if she does manage to return, she will never truly have her loving family and friends back.

Memories & Past -
Dere remembers her childhood fondly: swimming, hunting, dancing on beaches with her herd. She lived with them until her late teens, when she made the mistake of wandering too far from her pelt one night. When she returned to collect it, she discovered to her horror that a fisherman from Damor had been watching the herd come and go, seizing the opportunity to capture one of them for his own. Like any other selkie in her position, Dere had no choice but to follow him to his home. They were married shortly after that, and Dere lived within his home, never allowed to leave. Fortunately, she still had Sylvi- the man was unsuccessful in deterring the bird from staying with her- but that was only a small comfort. Eventually, she discovered that the man had tricked her, and sold her pelt shortly after their marriage in a misguided attempt to solidify his power over her. While this meant she could never go back to the sea, he hadn't realized that the fake pelt he used to intimidate her into obedience would be discovered as a fraud, nor that once it was, he held no leverage over her anymore. Gwenderyn doesn't talk about what happened after that, but she made her leave of the fisherman's home and began traveling with Sylvi in search of her beloved pelt.

Likes & Dislikes -
> Favorite meals all involve fish or red meats
> Not really a fan of pork or fowl
> Enjoys hunting; finds bringing down a kill satisfying
> Likes children
> Dislikes and distrusts human men, particularly fishermen
> Will not tolerate abuse of any kind, to friend, foe, or stranger
> Hates being called Gwen
> Hates being referred to as a Langley
> Likes fruit
> Not a fan of anything sweeter than a cantaloupe
> Enjoys bitter and sour foods
> Honestly enjoys most foods as long as they're not pork, fowl, or particularly sweet and sugary
> Very... musically tolerant (won't care if your instrument is off tune or you're singing off key)
> Does not like men making advances on her at all
> Doesn't like to hurt people, unless they really deserve it
> Enjoys carving and creating things
> Likes working with magic
> Likes grooming others (mostly ends up being Sylvi)
> Likes pretty things, especially clothing and accessories
> Clothes shopping
> Likes flattery and gifts, but often acts grumpy or shy because she doesn't know how to accept kindness well anymore
> Loves to swim and fish
> Likes shells and pretty rocks

Behaviors & Habits -
> Clenches and unclenches fists and grits her teeth when angry or frustrated
> Teeny smile when happy
> Resting bitch face
> Generally a grump, but not a mean grump
> Holding on to Sylvi is comforting to her
> Keeps irregular hours, but doesn't like waking before the sun
> Avoids dancing
> Hums while she works, folk tunes from both land and sea
> Will come at you swinging if she sees you treat someone poorly- unless she thinks they deserved it
> Sometimes slips into the Selkie tongue when angry or excited, as it often is more expressive
> Does not want to talk about her husband when asked. She will become angry if the subject is pushed
> Does not seek out alcohol or company, but enjoys both well enough when she finds herself with them
> Uncomfortable in large crowds or when by herself in urban areas

Other Information -
> Omnivorous, but requires more meat in her diet than a human
> Can prepare food and hunt on land and underwater
> Is unable to willingly enter bodies of water without her real pelt
> Can cross water with a boat or bridge, but becomes increasingly anxious the longer she is over water
> Damage to her real pelt causes physical pain to her; if it is destroyed, she may die
> Can cook very well
> Limited foraging knowledge
> Physically strong, but not used to wielding anything but a staff and magic except for hunting
> Can probably punch you out in one hit if she gets you? But not trained in hand to hand combat

[ Familiar ]: Wandering Albatross
[ Name ]: Sylvi
[ Age ]: 29
[ Size ]: 11' wingspan
[ Personality ]: Quiet, protective of Dere. Down to fight anyone Dere hates at the drop of a hat. Not exactly mistrusting of people, just doesn't put her faith into anyone but Dere.
[ Various ]: Her feathers have a very slight silvery sheen to them, and her eyes are the same color as Dere's. Otherwise, she appears to be just a normal albatross. She met Dere when she was a hatchling; many Selkie witches breed and take on albatross familiars, and Gwenderyn was one of the young witches waiting for Sylvi and her nestmates to hatch. They connected instantly, and Sylvi has been in Dere's care ever since.

So begins...

Gwenderyn Uí Luian's Story

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The Prison of Awesome Doom

This location has been well known for what it truly is, as the ridiculous name took away any credibility it had. The prison is nothing more than a castle fashioned into a horror themed Inn that randomly takes in travelers and the homeless that are within the territory of the castle. Though you are free to leave from the moment you are brought in, for none of the "guards" are particularly invested in pretending to stop you.

You have your own reason for being here. Perhaps you were passing through and needed a place to stay, perhaps it was a dare, but all the same you are within the walls of Castle Augustus. And as you wander through the "Prison", your story begins. And little do you know what your future holds for you.

But all you know for sure that a boy named Magnus, the apparent "Warden" of this prison, is ineptly flirting with most of the women in the castle, attempting (and failing) to intimidate the men, and nervously blushing around those who are non-binary.

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"Oooh are we sharing? I call dibs on getting a bed!" Sina bounced on her toes, looking around. The "prison" was pretty different from anywhere she'd been before; for one, no one else kept fake bones lying around. Sina wondered briefly why they didn't just get real ones, and then remembered that humans tended to bury or burn their dead, and had a thing about digging them back up. Mayyybe not the best idea.

"What kind of kid runs an establishment like this anyways? That seems kind of weird." The siren frowned, hands on her hips. She just couldn't fathom a child in charge of a castle full of bones - fake or not. But if Daenae said they were a kid...

Behind them, the castle doors suddenly swung open with a bang. "Another prisoner, milord!" was announced, in a particularly bored voice. A large, cloaked figure was dragged through the entryway, struggling between two guards.

"Unhand me!" the "prisoner" snarled. "Unhand me this instant, or I'll hex your noses off! And where is my bird!?" At the first mention of hexes, the guards immediately let go and fled the area, just before the arrival of a gigantic, white bird through the still-open doorway. "There you are, Sylvi. And why did you let those fools get the drop on me, hmm?" Sylvi nuzzled its beak into the large person's chest, and they scratched under its chin.

"Oh! Are you a kidnapped guest? Daenae mentioned those, but I wasn't sure whether to believe her or not! I'm Sina and this is Felix!" Sina gestured to the cat around her shoulders. "Who're you?" she asked cheerily. A new person to meet! That was always exciting.

"...My name is Gwenderyn, and I suppose I am," the stranger said, in a rather grouchy tone. "This useless lump is Sylvi, if we're giving introductions. Should your companions introduce themselves as well? I was trying to avoid this place, but I suppose I ought to stay a night or two since I'm here anyways..." The last part was said in an undertone, almost as though Gwenderyn didn't mean to say it aloud.

Sina gasped. "Do you want to stay with us? We were about to look for a room! I called dibs on a bed already, though! What do you think, Daenae? Crysta?"

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Crystaria found herself staring at the decor in their environment. Her eyes drifted towards any source of light they could find, she was distracted by it for a moment, before snapping back to the matter at hand. <Do you not like children, Daenae?> Crystaria signed, tilting her head in confusion. She made a soft clicking noise with her tongue and took a seat on her obscenely large Bee-like creature. <I'm fine with whatever room you are fine with. If I must, I can sleep with my familiar for the night.>

She continued to sign even after someone else had been brought into the room. The trio - now a quartet - seemed to fill the room with a lot of noise, even though only 2 people were talking. Crystaria's antennae drooped and she fought against trying to cover her ears. She'd get used to it, she told herself. It would be fine.
The unseelie fey scanned over the new person, and their...strange bird, and waved to them with her sleeve-covered hand. The excess fabric of which, made a soft flapping noise as she waved.

The Bee-like creature made a strange noise that sounded like the bleating of a sheep, and turned to look at the newcomer as well. It gave them it's attention for all of 3 seconds before ceasing to care and turning back around, more interested in it's surroundings.

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"I don't see us needing to share a room, but it'd be convenient to find a few rooms in a row, don't you think. Shasha would hate to be without me." She smiled at the large abomination that many knew to be the Southern Marsh Wampus. His one working eye looked to his owner and made the tell tale rumble that Daenae knew to be a purr. She gently scratched under his oversized chin as Crys signed to her, Daenae pausing at the question.

<I dislike children if they're like this one.> She said with a nod and her brow knitting, letting Sina just not know what they were talking about. But Daenae jumped as the door behind them swung open, accompanied by a loud crack as the handles smacked into the walls. Daenae frowned and watched the scene unfold with a woman being dragged in by uninterested guards, whom of which dropped her and all but ran at her threat. Sina immediately bound up to the mysterious woman and Daenae shared a look with Crystaria.

<Amazing how our guard starts to make friends.> She rolled her eyes for emphasis, snapping to attention at the irritating nickname Sina gave her. It took a moment for the words to register in her brain as Sina offered for the new woman to join them in staying here, "Wha- Sina why-? I-"

She sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of her nose, "How do we know she'd want to spend time with three strangers she knows nothing about? Honestly Sina..." Dae approached the woman with the best smile she could muster, "I'm... I'm sorry miss... Uh. Miss."

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"Gwenderyn," the stranger repeated tiredly, muttering "I'm already reminded why I avoid crowds" under her breath. Pulling her hood back, Gwenderyn revealed pale skin and long, stark white hair. "It's quite alright, I know children can be excitable. While I'd love," she drew out the word almost sarcastically, "to stay and chat, I am rather tired and would like to find a room for the night. Perhaps we will meet again before we leave this place." She turned to Sylvi and held out an arm, which the bird immediately hopped onto. With a nod, she made her leave of the group.

"Awww," Sina pouted. "I was hoping for more travel buddies. You never know who wants to be travel buddies, Dae... Wait, did she call me a child!?" The siren crossed her arms angrily, but failed to look any more serious than before. "Whatever, I guess we should find rooms too... IS THAT A PUPPY?"

Sina immediately went over to greet the panting wolf in the doorway, offering it a hand. Felix, who was just beginning to wake up from his travel nap, let out a hiss of surprise. "What do you think you're doing, you stupid bird! That's a wolf, not a common mutt!"