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Kareltje DeVos

"Truth is for philosophers. I am a scientist and all that matters in the end is facts."

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a character in “Song of Origin Revival”, as played by SavvylikeaPirate


[ Name ]:Kareltje (Kar-eL-tya) DeVos
[ Birthday ]: January 25
[ Age ]: 27
[ Gender ]: Cis-Male
[ Race ]: Jotun
[ Sexual Orientation ]: Pansexual, Gray-Aromantic
[ Faction Alignment ]: Justice
[ Familiar ]: An oversized Arctic She-Wolf, big enough to ride. Her name is Aster.
[ Class ]: Wizard
[ Job ]: Scholar
[ Home Town ]: Moved often as a child, but considers home to be the Northern Jotun capitol. Location undisclosed.
[ Personality ]:
Reserved: Kareltje doesn’t like other people to know what’s on his mind unless he’s the one telling them. He prefers to think that he doesn’t have any emotions, devoting himself completely to the philosophy of True Justice. There can be no room for bias.
Logical: First and foremost, he’s rational. On the MBTI he would be an INTJ. Everything can be understood through observation. He doesn’t have the time to let what anyone feels bother him when there are other things to be done. Because of this, he comes off as caustic and cold. Honestly, he rather likes it that way.
Devoted: When Kareltje finds a cause or a person worthy of associating with, it takes hell and high water to dissuade him. He’s extremely loyal to his family and what friends he does have he keeps.
Vengeful: What he will concede as his greatest flaw is his temper. Under the banner of True Justice, he’s willing to cross any boundaries to exact a sentence. Every such act of revenge was exact punishment for the crime. His conscience is clear because he cannot be convinced that any such action was incorrect, but he won’t deny that he’s enjoyed some acts more than would be appropriate.
Neat: With everything that isn’t his hair, he’s obsessively clean and precise. The more stressed he is, the more he cleans. It’s not uncommon for him to wash his hands until the skin is raw or scrub floors with a toothbrush. Aster is also subject to a very thorough grooming every week.
Height: 6'5"
Eyes: Steel gray, very sharp. Like most Jotuns, he’s terribly far-sighted. Tends to keep reading glasses in one of his pockets.
Hair: Some uncanny shade between rust and blood. He doesn’t do much with it and it tends to be shaggy. The texture is thick and coarse, like a working dog’s coat.
Wardrobe: He dresses in the traditional black and white of his faction, but also likes how it makes him look very striking with his hair. His favorite item is the long black coat he got as a mark of his graduation into a fully-fledged Wizard. He also uses a staff of blackwood to do his work and cast his circles.
Distinguishing Marks: His Stone form is black granite that’s veined with blood-red.
[Family & Friends]:
Mother: Estelle DeVos - a beautiful and elegant Jotun woman. Her past is a little complicated, but she loves her children dearly. Though it was often a struggle for her and Kareltje to get along, they love each other dearly. Of all people, she’s the one he’s most protective of.
Sisters: Genevieve and Madeleine - Genevieve is two years older than him and Madeleine is three years younger. Both of them are skilled artists and aligned with Creation. Genevieve works a clothing designer and Madeleine as a professional musician.
Brother: Albert (Al-bare) - His half-elven brother who is a year younger to the day. They were very close growing up and often caused trouble together. Albert took a more philanthropic approach to Justice, and just finished Law School.
Memories & Past:
- Kareltje was born the son of a wealthy Elven businessman and his Jotun trophy wife. His mother couldn’t divorce, no matter how unhappy she was. So she began an affair with another Jotun, a traveling artist. This man was the father to all but one of her four children. Kareltje never resented his mother for this. But he did resent that his biological father never wanted to marry the mother of his children and her husband wouldn’t let her be happy for the sake of his own pride. This constant state of unfairness is what drove him to seek balance and justice in the world, or make it himself.
- The summers in Gavon forest were too warm for him, even as a child. Kareltje was always very Jotun, striving to embrace his heritage even as his biology demanded cold. He spent most summers with his grandparents above the ice-line in Stenjord. It was there he met his familiar, Aster.
- He was aptitude tested at the age of 12, when it was discovered that he had a gift for magic and a predisposition to Justice. He was then sent off to a specialist school for both Justice and Mercy children could grow and focus themselves.
-When he was 17, he was accepted into the Copool Academy under the Wizardry program. He devoured the knowledge and became as exacting in his practices and studies as everything else, allowing him to graduate early and with honors at the age of 20. They offered him a fellowship, and he’s worked there ever since.
Likes: Carnivorous meals, cold weather, puzzles, and coffee strong enough to peel paint.
Dislikes: Sweets, heat, messes, people who don’t like dogs
Behaviors & Habits - Usually thinks before he speaks, may sometimes pause to gather a thought and then continue. Will start twitching when impatient and gets stress headaches.

So begins...

Kareltje DeVos's Story

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The Prison of Awesome Doom

This location has been well known for what it truly is, as the ridiculous name took away any credibility it had. The prison is nothing more than a castle fashioned into a horror themed Inn that randomly takes in travelers and the homeless that are within the territory of the castle. Though you are free to leave from the moment you are brought in, for none of the "guards" are particularly invested in pretending to stop you.

You have your own reason for being here. Perhaps you were passing through and needed a place to stay, perhaps it was a dare, but all the same you are within the walls of Castle Augustus. And as you wander through the "Prison", your story begins. And little do you know what your future holds for you.

But all you know for sure that a boy named Magnus, the apparent "Warden" of this prison, is ineptly flirting with most of the women in the castle, attempting (and failing) to intimidate the men, and nervously blushing around those who are non-binary.

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Kareltje sighed as he trudged through the corridor. He and Audric had lost a bet (again) and would be stuck here for a week. He could appreciate aesthetic as much as anyone, but the purposeful layer of dust and grime over most everything in the castle was going to send him into fits.

He brushed a sconce with his fingertip and frowned at the gray layer of dirt on it. "Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting."

Aster nudged against his back with her muzzle, white ears folded back. She wasn't about to let him get too distracted by the things he disliked about this place. He'd get caught up in his own head and they'd get nowhere.

Sighing once more, he reached out his clean hand to scratch at the large she-wolf's neck. "I'm sorry, my darling. I suppose I should make the best of this, right?"

She wuffed softly, the sound coming in a gentle rush from her fluffy chest. One of her perfectly triangular ears twitched towards another hall, detecting something of a ruckus. Kareltje looked in that direction and heard a cacophony of female voices chirping like a tree full of birds.

"I don't think so, missy," he tutted, turning to go the opposite way. "There's no telling what sort of people voluntarily come to such a dismal place."

Aster whined, a growling note in it reminding him that he came here voluntarily and that there was no room to judge others.

"Yes, but I lost a bet. Oliver knew this place would annoy the hell out of me, and I think that counts as being here under duress."

She snorted and turned down the side hall, headed towards the noise. Her long legs and enormous paws ate up the distance as she loped away from her person.

"H-hey! Come back here you miscreant! I know you're just off to cause mischief," he scolded, chasing after her at a much less casual pace.

Reaching the hall filled with people, her pink tongue lolled out and her fluffy white tail wagged in intrest. All of these new people to meet and strange things to smell! Kareltje would forgive her for preferring this over stone and dust.

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"Gwenderyn," the stranger repeated tiredly, muttering "I'm already reminded why I avoid crowds" under her breath. Pulling her hood back, Gwenderyn revealed pale skin and long, stark white hair. "It's quite alright, I know children can be excitable. While I'd love," she drew out the word almost sarcastically, "to stay and chat, I am rather tired and would like to find a room for the night. Perhaps we will meet again before we leave this place." She turned to Sylvi and held out an arm, which the bird immediately hopped onto. With a nod, she made her leave of the group.

"Awww," Sina pouted. "I was hoping for more travel buddies. You never know who wants to be travel buddies, Dae... Wait, did she call me a child!?" The siren crossed her arms angrily, but failed to look any more serious than before. "Whatever, I guess we should find rooms too... IS THAT A PUPPY?"

Sina immediately went over to greet the panting wolf in the doorway, offering it a hand. Felix, who was just beginning to wake up from his travel nap, let out a hiss of surprise. "What do you think you're doing, you stupid bird! That's a wolf, not a common mutt!"

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The level of activity in the room was starting to get to Daenae, her head spinning as Sina zipped off in a direction, another person was brought into the foyer and the white haired woman with a bird mentioned something about avoiding crowds. Something that Daenae wish she could do at the given moment.

Daenae rubbed her temples and immediately forgot what the white haired woman's name was. She'd find out eventually. Probably.

But for now she had to chase the excitable bird woman who was now badgering some man with a wolf. And deal with the blooming pain of a headache.

And what didn't help was Sina's cat making it's presence to a wolf that could likely eat it in one bite. She let out an unamused sigh and pushed Sina forward, "Go find our rooms, I hired you for a reason..." She glanced at the man with the wolf, "I'm sorry for the intrusion. She's excitable and rarely focuses on any one thing..."

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Kareltje caught up with Aster and found her sniffing with interest at a feathered woman and her naked cat. He knew she was friendly, but strangers might just see a large wolf with matching teeth.

"Oh! I'm terribly sorry," he exclaimed, throwing his arms around his wolf's neck. "She didn't mean anything by that. She's just curious."
He didn't dare say that she was harmless because she wasn't. Aster was as much a fighter as any Jotun, and just as brutal on their enemies.

He blinked at the fae with the dark hair as she approached, adjusting his spectacles from where they slid down his nose. "Oh, no it's fine. I thought I was the one intruding on you," he replied with a nervous chuckle. There was something about the darkness of her eyes and the pattern of her feathered wings that made his Stone want to creep up his neck.

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Crystaria sighed and gripped the soft chitin of her Beep, trying to ignore the loud noise that came from the siren's excitement. She gave the large insect a hug before dismounting and walking over to Daenae, her small feet tapping gently on the hard floor. She snapped thrice to get her friend's attention. <My friend, you know I care for you deeply, but I question why in all the gods' names did you hire this child? > The darker fey frowned as she signed, obviously looking concerned.

She took notice of the large man, a Jotun, if she remembered correctly. She offered the stranger a soft smile and a cautious wave before addressing Daenae again. <Nevertheless, we should probably locate her and make sure she doesn't get into trouble, and also perhaps find where we're staying. But it's up to you my dearest friend. You're the leader of our little group as far as I know.>

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Sina looked behind her as Daenae spoke. "Go find our rooms, I hired you for a reason." Oh dear, had she made the woman mad? Sina scratched behind Felix's ear with one hand to console him, and snapped into a salute using the other.

"Yes ma'am! Right away!" she yelped, anxious to please. This was her chance to become a real knight, she couldn't get kicked out of her job now! Plus it would probably pay pretty well. With a glance and an apologetic smile to the giant and his wolf, the siren jogged down a random hallway. Sina had no idea where the rooms were, but figured she'd find them eventually if she just kept going. Maybe she'd run into the white lady, too! That would be nice.

Felix grumbled something about being jostled.

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Daenae sighed loudly as Sina seemed to comprehend that her patience was wearing down, saluting and running off before finding some rooms. She was excitable and irritating, but ultimately Daenae couldn't find it in her heart to be mad at her for long. Maybe it was the years of being a priestess for the Void, or maybe it was just that she was nicer than she let on.

Crystaria snapped to get her attention and signed, Daenae opting to actually speak to her now that Sina was off getting rooms for them, "I hired her because she was the only one willing to travel north with me. I don't know if you noticed but we're not particularly imposing. Besides, I trust she's smart enough to find a room. That and she's eager to please. Gods know she wouldn't want to mess up."

Her attention turned back to the man Sina bothered moments ago.

Something about him was odd. Unique. He was definitely not a human, too tall for that, and he was certainly not a giant he was too sleek. She noticed something dark creep up his neck and she stepped closer to look at it, the dark spot growing and she realized it was stone.


She glanced up at him curiously, and gears turning in her head, "Jotun. You're a Jotun."