Mistmera Stormgem

a cool dwarf just lookin for a good time

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a character in “Song of Origin Revival”, as played by theangleswish


[ Name ]: Mistmera (Mysinnia) Stormgem
[ Birthday ]: August 9
[ Age ]: 28
[ Gender ]: Female
[ Race ]: Dwarf
[ Faction ]: Creation
[ Familiar ]: Myrros the Gray Wolf
[ Equipment ]: Hammer
[ Class ]: Barbarian
[ Job ]: Blacksmith
[ Personality ]: Mistmera is a very warm person. She's generally pretty relaxed and easy to talk to.

[ Appearance ]:
Height: 4'3
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Color:
Body Shape:
Wardrobe: Bulky, fur-covered clothes covered with armor most of the time.

[ Past ]: Mistmera grew up in a large city in the north with her mom and dad.

So begins...

Mistmera Stormgem's Story

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The Prison of Awesome Doom

This location has been well known for what it truly is, as the ridiculous name took away any credibility it had. The prison is nothing more than a castle fashioned into a horror themed Inn that randomly takes in travelers and the homeless that are within the territory of the castle. Though you are free to leave from the moment you are brought in, for none of the "guards" are particularly invested in pretending to stop you.

You have your own reason for being here. Perhaps you were passing through and needed a place to stay, perhaps it was a dare, but all the same you are within the walls of Castle Augustus. And as you wander through the "Prison", your story begins. And little do you know what your future holds for you.

But all you know for sure that a boy named Magnus, the apparent "Warden" of this prison, is ineptly flirting with most of the women in the castle, attempting (and failing) to intimidate the men, and nervously blushing around those who are non-binary.

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Character Portrait: Mistmera Stormgem

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Mistmera had gone quite a ways from home. She was out collecting materials when Myrros began to growl. Looking around, the dwarf tried to find what was upsetting her wolf, but before she could-everything went black.

If she were more familiar with the area, Mistmera could possibly tell where she was being taken, but alas, she wasn't. No matter how much she struggled or how loud she yelled, there was no one around to help her. Not that anyone would help some stranger. She could hear Myrros barking from behind but knew she was too much of a coward to attack. Mistmera couldn't blame her though. If this person was strong enough to overpower a large dwarf like Mistmera then they probably weren't someone to be trifled with. She rather Myrros be safe anyway.

After being dragged along for who knows how long, they appeared to have finally reached their destination. The sound of doors swinging open was followed by Mistmera's vision returning as the bag that was obsuring her vision was removed. She appeared to be in some ancient castle. Where the hell was she?