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Sina Corvus

Excitable and naive siren wants to become rich and important

0 · 299 views · located in The Realm of Concordia

a character in “Song of Origin Revival”, as played by darkmekmon


[ Name ]: Sina Corvus
[ Birthday ]: March 27
[ Age ]: 22
[ Gender ]: Female
[ Race ]: Siren (Raven)
[ Sexual Orientation ]: Biromantic Demisexual
[ Faction Alignment ]: None, currently
[ Class ]: Warrior, fledgeling Mage (minor healing, minor elemental offense)

[ Personality ]:
> Driven; obsessively chases what she wants, doesn’t give up without a fight
> Cheerful; isn’t bothered long-term by much, fairly optimistic mindset
> Oblivious; doesn’t pay attention to much outside herself and close friends
> Curious; tends to investigate things that strike her fancy (especially secrets)
> Group-oriented; doesn’t like being alone, good at conflict resolution

[ Job ]: Does odd jobs around town to get by

[ Home Town ]: The Brood Cliffs, just across the Sea of Arthes from Copool Stronghold

[ Equipment ]: Sword, dagger, spell tome. Chain mail, armored boots.

[ Background Information ]:
Appearance -
Sina, as a raven siren, is covered in feathers. Not from head to toe, mind you, but quite a bit; not only is her throat covered in iridescent black feathers, but her chest, shoulders, forearms, upper back, front thighs, and pelvic area are coated with the things as well. Much longer feathers sprout from the sides of her forearms, not unlike wing feathers, and tiny, wispy, black feathers dot her ankles and the backs of her hands. To complete the look, Sina has a short tail (the longest feathers go to her knees), claws, and scaly fingers and toes… in addition to her toes being particularly long. Her “big toes” are the same as the other four on each foot, but split off from them closer to the ankle than human toes. As a result, she really doesn’t like trying to wear shoes.

As far as not-so-obvious bird heritage, Sina’s eyes are a raven’s amber, and her hair is kept in a slightly messy bob cut, as black as her feathers. Her nose is thin, but rather pointy and long; the rest of her face is more smoothed out and plump, though “long and pointy” isn’t too bad of a description for the rest of Sina’s body as well. She’s rather thin, though she is starting to build some muscle now that she’s begun training for armor and weapon fighting, and shorter than your average human (a little over 5 feet when standing normally, and almost 5 and a half on her toes). Weight is hard to guess when looking at a siren, but it’s safe to say that she’s much lighter than a human of her size would be… though that also means she’s a little more fragile.

When geared up for travel and adventure, Sina wears chainmail, armored boots (modified for her feet, of course), and a padded shirt and pants beneath them. Her shirts are designed to have extra material around the neck, popping out over the chainmail and helping to keep her neck feathers from getting caught in the links, as well as having accommodations for the “wing” feathers on her forearms; the sleeves split at the elbow, cuffs attaching the material to her wrists and keeping the sleeve around the rest of her arm. Her pants have been modified as well, to allow for her tail. A backpack carries her rations, sleeping arrangements, and casual clothing, while the belt at her waist holds her coinpurse, a small tome of magic, and her sword and dagger.

Sina’s casual clothing consists of a second set of padded pants identical to her travel set, soft leather boots, and a flannel and checkered shirt similar to her travel shirt, just with an open collar instead. She tends not to carry her sword around when she’s just out and about, but does keep her dagger and tome handy at all times - you never know what you’ll run into.

Family & Friends -
Sina’s family is essentially all of her flock; given how she and her hatchmates were raised by the whole flock, she sees them all as parents, siblings, or cousins, regardless of how varied the breeds of the flock were. She’s not entirely sure who her biological parents are, out of those old enough to be, though there were only a few raven sirens, so at least one of them probably fit the bill. It’s not important enough for her to investigate.

Her friends, apart from Felix and her hatchmates, are numerous or few, depending on how one defines “friendship.” The siren equivalent of a country bumpkin, Sina arrived in Copool fairly naive in regards to city living, and was consequentially taken advantage of by quite a few people she originally considered to be friends of hers. Having wizened to them since, she doesn’t exactly want to cut ties or burn bridges (many of her “friends” are useful, after all), but she keeps people at more of a distance now until she feels she can depend on them.

Her closest friends currently are a seelie fey dressmaker and her shifter assistant, a vampire courtesan, a human baker and another human who is a blacksmith, and a few merfolk fishermen. There is a small magic guild that Sina has become associated with, though she hesitates to call any of them truly friends.

Memories & Past -
Sina was born on the brooding cliffs, like the rest of her hatchmates. In her flock, children were raised somewhat communally, and those hatched somewhat close together regarded as a group more than as individuals. Having hatched during the spring, Sina had a very large hatchgroup, and never was left wanting for attention or affection. Her childhood is remembered as warm, fuzzy, and loud - so many children, so much squawking!

As with all children, though, she eventually grew up. In her teenage years, Sina was always eager to help the adults with survival tasks, and was generally allowed to fish, gather firewood, and sometimes even cook. She always wanted more out of life, though, and often looked out over the cliffs and sea, wondering what living in Copool might be like. Eventually, she decided to leave the Cliffs and head out across the channel to forge her own path in life….. and she became enamored with the occasional glimpses of luxury around the city. Somewhere in there, she stole Felix from…. someone who didn’t deserve him, and he began teaching her the basics of magic.

Sina, having grown up a far cry from urban life, has no real concept of how people rise through the ranks of nobility and wealth in real life, but has gotten it into her head that the ladder starts at knighthood. Ergo, she wishes to become a knight, and is currently pursuing that goal with all her might.

Likes & Dislikes -
> fish stew is comfort food; the more perch and potatoes, the better
> small rodents are very tasty, and Sina has a hard time resisting
> frogs are gross though
> also tea, it’s like drinking plants. plants are gross. unless they’re spices.
> Sina once ate a vegan steak on a dare. it was terrible never again.
> please do not try to tell her that ravens are omnivorous. sirens are not.
> for that matter, Sina also hates people comparing her to crows.
> or trying to convince her sirens are birds. no.
> she lowkey loves ravens and raven-related things, but is embarrassed by it
> her favorite color is sunset orange; least favorite is beige
> she can eat bitter food but hates it; spicy is meh.
> she has a major sweet tooth though

Behaviors & Habits -
> Sina avoids the heck out of alcohol. It directly lead to her being robbed for the first time.
> she’s not exactly a vigilante, but whenever she happens across muggings and such, she can’t help but jump into the fray to help the victim
> she doesn’t really have a particular craft, but strives to learn bits of everything so that she can do odd jobs around town for coin
> she likes whittling, and will occasionally peddle her carvings as tokens or amulets
> tries to eat twice a day, often takes her meals with her merfriends (they’re generous with fish)
> when she doesn’t eat with her merfriends, Sina eats in fields and chats with the local birds
> practices magic exclusively while the sun is up (she’s afraid flashes of light will get her caught)
> early riser

Other Information -
> has some training in foraging, fishing, and cooking; don’t trust her with mushrooms, though
> knows a variety of bird languages, but is somewhat limited in experience with foreign dialects and accents away from Copool/the Cliffs
> pretty agile and flexible; as a kid, she and her hatchmates were enthusiastic about acrobatic tricks
> really shitty liar, unless she’s had time to plan it out (and maybe practice); has a tendency to grimace at her own fibs and has zero poker face

[ Familiar ]: Long, goblin-y sphinx cat.
[ Name ]: Felix
[ Age ]: 6
[ Size ]: 15" long, 4" tall at shoulder.
[ Personality ]: Somewhat sarcastic and grumpy. Genuinely cares about Sina, usually shows it by correcting her magical attempts and such without unnecessary rudeness and insult.
[ Various ]: Black collar with a small, golden nametag. “Felix” is carved into the front; whatever was written into the back has since been scratched away and made illegible.

So begins...

Sina Corvus's Story

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The Prison of Awesome Doom

This location has been well known for what it truly is, as the ridiculous name took away any credibility it had. The prison is nothing more than a castle fashioned into a horror themed Inn that randomly takes in travelers and the homeless that are within the territory of the castle. Though you are free to leave from the moment you are brought in, for none of the "guards" are particularly invested in pretending to stop you.

You have your own reason for being here. Perhaps you were passing through and needed a place to stay, perhaps it was a dare, but all the same you are within the walls of Castle Augustus. And as you wander through the "Prison", your story begins. And little do you know what your future holds for you.

But all you know for sure that a boy named Magnus, the apparent "Warden" of this prison, is ineptly flirting with most of the women in the castle, attempting (and failing) to intimidate the men, and nervously blushing around those who are non-binary.

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Daenae had arrived with her people not too long ago, only really planning on staying for the night because she heard the stories about this place. Namely that it gave free boarding and food because the vampire running the place had little else to do with his money. Or at least his Sire did. Apparently the kid was accidentally turned and didn't want to leave his house, so now he is an annoying little shit with a castle that was pleasantly dark.

Well Daenae thought it was pleasant.

Though she definitely wasn't a fan of how the skeletons littering the foyer were painfully fake. And she couldn't exactly pin what they were made of either, but it was utterly fake. She sighed and turned to her travel mates and spoke, signing along for Crystaria, "We're only staying fore the one night, do not entertain the owner of the establishment because I really don't need a kid hanging around us. Ok?"

She gave a smile to the two, "We just need to pick an available room."

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"Oooh are we sharing? I call dibs on getting a bed!" Sina bounced on her toes, looking around. The "prison" was pretty different from anywhere she'd been before; for one, no one else kept fake bones lying around. Sina wondered briefly why they didn't just get real ones, and then remembered that humans tended to bury or burn their dead, and had a thing about digging them back up. Mayyybe not the best idea.

"What kind of kid runs an establishment like this anyways? That seems kind of weird." The siren frowned, hands on her hips. She just couldn't fathom a child in charge of a castle full of bones - fake or not. But if Daenae said they were a kid...

Behind them, the castle doors suddenly swung open with a bang. "Another prisoner, milord!" was announced, in a particularly bored voice. A large, cloaked figure was dragged through the entryway, struggling between two guards.

"Unhand me!" the "prisoner" snarled. "Unhand me this instant, or I'll hex your noses off! And where is my bird!?" At the first mention of hexes, the guards immediately let go and fled the area, just before the arrival of a gigantic, white bird through the still-open doorway. "There you are, Sylvi. And why did you let those fools get the drop on me, hmm?" Sylvi nuzzled its beak into the large person's chest, and they scratched under its chin.

"Oh! Are you a kidnapped guest? Daenae mentioned those, but I wasn't sure whether to believe her or not! I'm Sina and this is Felix!" Sina gestured to the cat around her shoulders. "Who're you?" she asked cheerily. A new person to meet! That was always exciting.

"...My name is Gwenderyn, and I suppose I am," the stranger said, in a rather grouchy tone. "This useless lump is Sylvi, if we're giving introductions. Should your companions introduce themselves as well? I was trying to avoid this place, but I suppose I ought to stay a night or two since I'm here anyways..." The last part was said in an undertone, almost as though Gwenderyn didn't mean to say it aloud.

Sina gasped. "Do you want to stay with us? We were about to look for a room! I called dibs on a bed already, though! What do you think, Daenae? Crysta?"

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Crystaria found herself staring at the decor in their environment. Her eyes drifted towards any source of light they could find, she was distracted by it for a moment, before snapping back to the matter at hand. <Do you not like children, Daenae?> Crystaria signed, tilting her head in confusion. She made a soft clicking noise with her tongue and took a seat on her obscenely large Bee-like creature. <I'm fine with whatever room you are fine with. If I must, I can sleep with my familiar for the night.>

She continued to sign even after someone else had been brought into the room. The trio - now a quartet - seemed to fill the room with a lot of noise, even though only 2 people were talking. Crystaria's antennae drooped and she fought against trying to cover her ears. She'd get used to it, she told herself. It would be fine.
The unseelie fey scanned over the new person, and their...strange bird, and waved to them with her sleeve-covered hand. The excess fabric of which, made a soft flapping noise as she waved.

The Bee-like creature made a strange noise that sounded like the bleating of a sheep, and turned to look at the newcomer as well. It gave them it's attention for all of 3 seconds before ceasing to care and turning back around, more interested in it's surroundings.

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"I don't see us needing to share a room, but it'd be convenient to find a few rooms in a row, don't you think. Shasha would hate to be without me." She smiled at the large abomination that many knew to be the Southern Marsh Wampus. His one working eye looked to his owner and made the tell tale rumble that Daenae knew to be a purr. She gently scratched under his oversized chin as Crys signed to her, Daenae pausing at the question.

<I dislike children if they're like this one.> She said with a nod and her brow knitting, letting Sina just not know what they were talking about. But Daenae jumped as the door behind them swung open, accompanied by a loud crack as the handles smacked into the walls. Daenae frowned and watched the scene unfold with a woman being dragged in by uninterested guards, whom of which dropped her and all but ran at her threat. Sina immediately bound up to the mysterious woman and Daenae shared a look with Crystaria.

<Amazing how our guard starts to make friends.> She rolled her eyes for emphasis, snapping to attention at the irritating nickname Sina gave her. It took a moment for the words to register in her brain as Sina offered for the new woman to join them in staying here, "Wha- Sina why-? I-"

She sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of her nose, "How do we know she'd want to spend time with three strangers she knows nothing about? Honestly Sina..." Dae approached the woman with the best smile she could muster, "I'm... I'm sorry miss... Uh. Miss."

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"Gwenderyn," the stranger repeated tiredly, muttering "I'm already reminded why I avoid crowds" under her breath. Pulling her hood back, Gwenderyn revealed pale skin and long, stark white hair. "It's quite alright, I know children can be excitable. While I'd love," she drew out the word almost sarcastically, "to stay and chat, I am rather tired and would like to find a room for the night. Perhaps we will meet again before we leave this place." She turned to Sylvi and held out an arm, which the bird immediately hopped onto. With a nod, she made her leave of the group.

"Awww," Sina pouted. "I was hoping for more travel buddies. You never know who wants to be travel buddies, Dae... Wait, did she call me a child!?" The siren crossed her arms angrily, but failed to look any more serious than before. "Whatever, I guess we should find rooms too... IS THAT A PUPPY?"

Sina immediately went over to greet the panting wolf in the doorway, offering it a hand. Felix, who was just beginning to wake up from his travel nap, let out a hiss of surprise. "What do you think you're doing, you stupid bird! That's a wolf, not a common mutt!"

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The level of activity in the room was starting to get to Daenae, her head spinning as Sina zipped off in a direction, another person was brought into the foyer and the white haired woman with a bird mentioned something about avoiding crowds. Something that Daenae wish she could do at the given moment.

Daenae rubbed her temples and immediately forgot what the white haired woman's name was. She'd find out eventually. Probably.

But for now she had to chase the excitable bird woman who was now badgering some man with a wolf. And deal with the blooming pain of a headache.

And what didn't help was Sina's cat making it's presence to a wolf that could likely eat it in one bite. She let out an unamused sigh and pushed Sina forward, "Go find our rooms, I hired you for a reason..." She glanced at the man with the wolf, "I'm sorry for the intrusion. She's excitable and rarely focuses on any one thing..."

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Kareltje caught up with Aster and found her sniffing with interest at a feathered woman and her naked cat. He knew she was friendly, but strangers might just see a large wolf with matching teeth.

"Oh! I'm terribly sorry," he exclaimed, throwing his arms around his wolf's neck. "She didn't mean anything by that. She's just curious."
He didn't dare say that she was harmless because she wasn't. Aster was as much a fighter as any Jotun, and just as brutal on their enemies.

He blinked at the fae with the dark hair as she approached, adjusting his spectacles from where they slid down his nose. "Oh, no it's fine. I thought I was the one intruding on you," he replied with a nervous chuckle. There was something about the darkness of her eyes and the pattern of her feathered wings that made his Stone want to creep up his neck.

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Sina looked behind her as Daenae spoke. "Go find our rooms, I hired you for a reason." Oh dear, had she made the woman mad? Sina scratched behind Felix's ear with one hand to console him, and snapped into a salute using the other.

"Yes ma'am! Right away!" she yelped, anxious to please. This was her chance to become a real knight, she couldn't get kicked out of her job now! Plus it would probably pay pretty well. With a glance and an apologetic smile to the giant and his wolf, the siren jogged down a random hallway. Sina had no idea where the rooms were, but figured she'd find them eventually if she just kept going. Maybe she'd run into the white lady, too! That would be nice.

Felix grumbled something about being jostled.