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Duchess Le'Reign

If I had a pair Sir, they'd be bigger than yours

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a character in “Song of The Three Kingdoms”, as played by >Marionette<


Masha Le'Reign
⌈The Duchess of Reign and Lady in Waiting to the Queen of IvoreβŒ‹


Voice: [x]
Masha is very tall, at six feet she can look most men in the eye, and does so unabashedly. She's very proud of her height, and has impeccable posture to complement it, not wanting anyone to mistake her for someone who is only five feet eleven. Her chest is entirely flat and body lean muscle with only slight feminine curve to it, she could very well walk around without a shirt and be mistaken for a young slightly feminine man. There is no excess body fat to her, something that could easily change if she were to continue on this lazy streak of hers. There's a surprising amount of wiry strength to her, something opponents would do best not to underestimate. Her facial structure is more handsome than pretty, sharp and chiseled, feral looking features serve as almost a warning, nature's way of telling others that she is dangerous. Her enigmatic green eyes are the same shade as her fathers were, while her blonde hair she inherited from her mother. Masha's androgynous looks are enough to confuse anyone's attractions, something she isn't afraid to take advantage of. As far as clothing goes Masha sports traditional Ivore finery at court in order to appear patriotic, which includes a lot of leather and fur, but does own clothes from other parts of the world that she's been to. The latest in gentlemanly Versailles attire is also kept in her trunk.

  • Swordplay
  • A good opponent, and not necessarily only in the context of swordplay
  • Chess
  • Gossip, but will deny it
  • Pretty Ladies
  • Handsome Men
  • Sweets and/or salty food
  • Horses
  • Reading
  • Rain
  • Swimming
  • The outside, and will at times sleep outside as it is preferable
  • A number of other physical activities *wink

  • Tennis, it's popular at court and she's become rather good at it but lord is it boring
  • Embroidery
  • Dresses, wearing them anyway, on other ladies they look rather nice
  • Nobles
  • People taller than she is
  • People fussing over her gender and appearance
  • Being underestimated
  • The Desert
  • Being told what to do
  • Being Bested
  • Boring people
  • Wine
  • Red Meat

Upon observation or first meeting one wouldn't observe Masha to be the loquacious sort, but that is a conscious effort imposed upon herself as of late. With people she is familiar with she is quick to become conversational and charming. This is in stark contrast to her younger 12 year old self, with whom the court knew to be voraciously outspoken no matter the ear, much has changed since then. Her unrefined and sharp clever tongue has been disciplined to fine grace, though still sharp in its own way. This came as a surprise to the court, to those who knew her before her departure and remember her wildness. While an air of wildness pervades her still it has evolved to become a calm predatory nature, feline and calculative, she moves at her own pace, talks at her own pace, and is moved by nothing save her own will. It's enigmatically mysterious and captivating to some, intimidating to others, and perhaps both to others entirely.

Her appearance in tandem to her gender creates a fuss, of which people can either come to terms with or choose not to comment on. But two things do help with putting people at ease, her rank, as a Duchess, makes it a dangerous offense to insult her, leading the wiser keep their opinions to themselves, and her own brand of charm, with which she has used to entertain lord and lady alike. It's difficult to judge someone poorly when they have just made you laugh. In public and to passerbys she has little trouble, as she appears to be a strikingly handsome, if a bit feminine, young man to them. In Ivore people have ceased to fuss altogether, a year of charming and courting is long enough to make the topic moot. Besides, why fuss over her when she can fuss over you? The ladies of court in particular seem to enjoy the attention, and preen over wishing she were a Duke they could marry. And more than a few times after some wine they don't even care what's between Masha's legs. You wouldn't catch Masha bragging over that though, she'd be loathe to divulge a lady's secrets, or a lord's as it has been known to happen once or twice.

Masha is not particularly judgmental of people, but she can seem to figure them out rather accurately, she can offer an objective point of view, especially since she spends much of her time silently observing and pondering lord knows what. She's acutely intelligent and well read, but doesn't flaunt it about as if everyone should be. While consciously courteous to those she needs to be she is also cuttingly cold at times. This is her aloofness, her deafness to the noble world, of which she doesn't hold much regard for. Her courtesy is laziness and unwillingness to show any spark to "the game", it's just easier to be on good terms. If she doesn't like you however, and she might not based on any moody reason, she will summon the motivation she needs to make you squirm. While actively interested in "the game", her talents dictate that she be a player and she can unintentionally find herself in the middle of things, or on the side of things, depending on the angle you take. The choices she has made in the past have had consequences, as do her choices in the present, but it's all very complicated you see, everything is complicated when it comes to Masha. But she takes it in stride and refuses to live in any way but her own. It's all very troublesome.

  • Physical Pursuits such as: Horsemanship, Swordsmanship, Jousting, Archery, Tennis, Falconry, Hunting
  • Dirty Work: Not many nobles can claim they've done chores, but as a recruited mercenary everyone has chores, especially the rookie.
  • Strategy: While a practiced battle tactician life at court has proven to be just as much a mind game, thank goodness she had the sense to hire a tutor for a refresher course in manners
  • Charm: A court favorite.

  • Dresses: oh lord the dresses, she looks and feels silly in a dress so you won't ever catch her in one.
  • Lazyness: Court can be boring, and with boredom comes lethargy, and once the balls gets rolling on that might as well take a nap for the rest of the day or so.
  • Ladylike Pursuits: She was purposefully taught the manners of a lord, not a lady, and as such she is not privy to those customs or hobbies, not that embroidery doesn't look like the life of the party.
  • Relationships: Although charming and popular at court, none of the people she ever charms are actually close to her. Although others have seen fit to divulge secrets her own remain under lock and key. She is friend to everyone and no one, leaving her rather lonely, and she can't figure out if she'd rather keep it that way or not. How can you get past someone's walls when they claim to have none and act like everything's fine? She is ultimately ingenuine.

Ivore's Duke of Reign was a loud, rash and unconventional man, but he was also passionate, and when the Duchess his wife died giving birth to a daughter he vowed on her burial day to never marry again. His lone daughter would be his heir, and he would raise her to that end. Thus Masha's upbringing consisted of boy clothes and archery, bows instead of curtsies, and an unafraid study of knowledge befitting an heir. This suited Masha just fine, she took to it as though it were natural, and to her it was. It was a rude awakening in her debut at court at the age of ten, people reproached her father for the way he raised her and called her scandalous, Ivore's own King while amused was also disapproving. But the Duke would have none of it, to him in order to be a suitable heir Masha had to be raised as a boy, something Masha would later disagree with on principle but can't bring herself to blame him for now after his death. She made friends with the other young girls, including the princess, at court but found them to be a bit boring, all she wanted to do was run and play, the girls wanted to sew. Young Masha did not appreciate them the way an older Masha would. She was not shy at voicing her displeasure with this or that, and unafraid to confront adults who tried to put her in her place. She was in short, a ruckus, something her father seemed to take pride in. Masha did love her father, she really did, but she also felt that he wished she were a son, and did not enjoy wishing with all her might that she were one, if only to please him. It came to a point eventually where she stopped feeling the need to please him or mind his desires at all. For she knew she would always be helpless to fulfill them. She was a girl after all, and no matter how the Duke shut his ears, he was not deaf to the things people said about his choice, even when they only whispered it behind his back. He hated that about court, how people whispered behind your back, why could they not just confront him to his face? At least that he could fight, he could not fight gossips and whispers, which slipped through his fingers like a ghost.
It was at twelve years old, two years after her court debut, that Masha's life became something else entirely. Her father the Duke, a title that was not just nobility but a military rank and duty in and of itself, frequently hired mercenaries to help him get rid of bandits or some such in different parts of the kingdom. Masha was at the age where he would take her with him to see how he carried this out. The particular brand of mercenaries he'd hired at the time were very professional and successful, though compact, numbering in only fifteen. Masha was extremely curious about them, and would ask them question after question about where they had been and what they had done, and they took a liking to her too, being common people themselves they had little in the ways of prejudices against lack of ladylike propriety. Hell two of their company were even women themselves, albeit they were clearly foreign and not subject to the customs of any land near Ivore. Their leader in particular took an interest in showing her different things, like lighting a fire and different sword tricks. Masha has been formally trained in swordsmanship since she was very young, something none of these people had, so they enjoyed knocking her formally trained ass down repeatedly. Theirs was an effective and less predictable style of fighting, she admired it. She admired everything about them. Masha was not privy to any confrontation however and once they had done their job and had been paid her father was done to with them, and home they went. But Home no longer held any interest to her.

She wanted to lead the mercenary life, she had never been more sure of anything, this was her calling. That surety and the threat of having to spend another infuriating summer at court lead Masha to do what most twelve year olds, let alone nobles, never get away with. She ran away from home. Masha left in the middle of the day, leaving behind everything, even her custom made sword, for fear it would give away that she ran away on her own accord. She simply disappeared without a trace, hitching a ride on a hay wagon and heading towards the kingdom the group, the Iron Bastards as they called themselves, said they'd head to next. When she arrived Masha did find the company, but got a rude awakening in terms of a welcome. They were at first confused as to what she was doing, and then tried to send to her home. Unfortunately for them Masha was a very stubborn individual. They tried to reason with her, telling her that if her father ever found out she had run off to join a band of mercenaries for hire he would skewer them all for kidnapping. But Masha assured them of her clean getaway and determination. So they made her do chores, cleaning and more cleaning, boots and leather and pots and clothes. They intended to make her do so much unsavory cleaning she'd give up and go home. She polished and sharpened swords, made arrows, packed up tents, skinned animals, and before you knew it fortnights had passed. For about two years they kept saying they'd drag her back to where she belonged, but with time that phrase became more of a joke. Her participation evolved past chores and into work that earned money for the group, and honestly they were so far away from Ivore now that it wasn't worth a trip back there. Besides, if her father hadn't figured out what had become of her by now he never would. Thus Masha became an Iron Bastard. Masha had traveled far to foreign lands and back, has worked for Chiefs and Emperors alike and has learned foreign languages and customs. If keeping books were smart for a nomadic lifestyle Masha would have trunks and trunks of them, but alas she had only one trunk, and so made due by trading texts frequently in different places.

At the age of twenty both work and curiosity brought Masha back to Vecar, returning to her old home where she learned her father had died a few years ago. The news hit Masha like a ton of bricks, she was older and no longer unaware of the consequences of her choices. Her father had died thinking any number of things, but certainly with a broken heart according to the old kitchen maid who did not recognize who she was. The castle and territory was masterless, as it had yet to be reassigned to another noble. Masha made up her mind to claim her inheritance, offering the Iron Bastards a position as men and women loyal to her estate if they so wished it, thinking that they would refuse but wanting to offer out of obligation anyway. Surprisingly however, they consented to stay, after all there was much work in Ivore as of late. Who better to work for than one of their own? Masha's return to court was a scandal to say the least, half of everyone did not believe it, but after confirming she was who she said she was and telling the King her story and memories of court when she was younger he was convinced. Of course the Duke's heir was as ridiculous a person as he was. She was admonished for the pain she caused the Duke and made to explain herself, but vowed that she was older and wiser now and sought to right her wrong by becoming the Duke's heir as he had wanted. After swearing fealty to the crown she would indeed have her inheritance, as well as the duty of becoming one of the ladies in waiting to the King's own heir, the Princess. The assigned duty came as a blow, Masha had expected that she would take up the duties of her father before her and defend the kingdom, but did not dare protest. The Duchess was welcomed at court.

So begins...

Duchess Le'Reign's Story