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Sonic Chronicles~ The Dark Princess

Sonic Chronicles~ The Dark Princess


An increase in light gives an increase in darkness....

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The Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Princess


An increase in light gives an increase in darkness....

Darkness, shadows, blackness, voids of obscureness; we fear them. They hold a depth of misunderstanding, a mystery that the human eyes cannot explore. They cling everywhere, bending from light like a dying flower, but, harmless it is; just a mental illusion. Wrong. Darkness is alive, and it has a ruler. Welcome to the Shadowlands; a vast, never-ending vacuum of space that inhabits millions upon millions of shadows, commonly referred to as Shades. And who, you may wonder, is this alledged "Leader of Shades"? The merciless King of the Shadowlands, Kurokage, the God of Darkness, a cold, cruel thing of judgement, and a thriver for perfection. He is known to be undefeatable, incredibly clever and strong, and able to obliterate mountains as easy as brushing aside a feather. He is demented, devious, and unloving towards all, not even his own child. He is feared by everyone, and his earthly awareness comes from the Japanese myths about a "Dark God of Damnation". His name is formed from the Japanese words, "Kuro", or blackness, and "Kage", as in "Ruler". Which, of course, he is.

He has created many offspring, Amaya, Daughter of Falling Darkness, or of the night; Shisou, Shadow of Death. Yet, his latest child, Ayumu Kurohime, has been deemed "Unworthy" by the Court of Shades, the ruling court that supports the king, and now is being exiled for her lowliness. Ayumu, hearing this, has set her dark mind on running away from the Shadowlands and into the World of Lights, the world where we inhabit. Sneaking from the Royal Guard unseen, she made it to the courtyard gates before being spotted. As she ommited herself from the Land of Darkness, she fell into bright lights and a barrage of noises. A city, home to the story's protangonist, Sonic the Hedgehog. During the recent, a few of his allies have come to this city for certain reasons, and, one of them being Shadow the Hedgehog, was the first to spot the Dark Princess, Ayumu, as she was wondering across streets.

After learning of her past and what she faces when going back to her home, Shadow agrees to assist her in hiding from the oncoming Shades that her father will more than likely send after her. Meeting up with Rouge and Sonic on the city streets, he introduces the two to the girl and plan on hiding her in Knuckles' home for a while, as Rouge insists he won't mind. But, before making it back, Kurokage is able to recapture his daughter from the three heroes, and hides in the forest outside the city, demanding that he would relief Ayumu for a chaos emerald, as he has now decided to take over the World of Light, planning on destroying all the good and light of the universe. Forming a strategy, they plan an attack on the King Shade the following night. As the night rolled to day, and then back, Rouge and Shadow go on for a frontal attack, as Sonic could not be located before the mission commensed. Kurokage, being as strong as he is, easily defeated Shadow after the hedgehog successfully distracted him, Rouge escaping with the girl. Sonic came just as Shadow was being killed by Kurokage, and knocked the other hedgehog out with a special attack called, "Doloroso Rumore", a loud, painful scream-like noise that filters into the ears of an enemy. After chasing down and defeating Rouge as well, Knuckles managed to cause Kurokage to black-out, along with himself being unconscious as well. Amy, after searching for Sonic, healed Shadow with the energy of the chaos emerald that Sonic had hidden on him. The three follow the trail that Kurokage left and found the group unconscious in the street, Amy healing them as well, as Kurokage dissolved back to the Shadowlands to form another plan of action.

After the heroes are awakened and healed, they retreat to Knuckles' abode, where Shadow explains Ayumu to the rest of them. Now, the group learns of the dangers Ayumu will bring forth, and the challenges that lay ahead. Sonic, being his usual, energtic self, agrees, "Alright, I’ve got nothing better to do!" With the heroes set on Ayumu's well-being, and The King of Darkness on their tail for the chaos emeralds and his daughter, what will become of them?

~Cursing is to a minimum, please...
~At least one whole paragraph should be posted!
~Romance is encouraged, but PG-13 is our rating. :)
~Post at least every three days! If you are going to be ditching for a while, give me a heads up!
~3 Character Limit!
~If you read these rules, type Morganville Vamp! on your character sheet! ^-^
~If you create an existing character, please type in that characters font or color(Excluding Tails' color and Knuckles' font). If you don't know which it is, feel free to ask. :)
~Self-made Characters are welcomed, but please add what your relationship is to the heroes! :)
~No god-modding, especially with Kurokage. He can be defeated, he just hasn't been yet. :P
~Litria Death is the co-GM. Listen to her!

Sonic the Hedgehog: taken
Miles "Tails" Prower: taken
Knuckles the Enchidna: open
Shadow the Hedgehog: taken
Rouge the Bat: taken
Amy Rose: taken
Ayumu Kurohime: taken
Kurokage: open
Cream the Rabbit: open

Quick Information!
~Ayumu takes the form of a human girl about the age of fourteen.
~Sonic and company rounded up as many heroes as possible after learning of Kurokage's great strength. This
means you can have truly any character from the Sonic series, as long as you include that you were returned
by "Chaos Emerald Time Warping". :)
~Kurokage can take the form as either a tall Shade or of a man in his thirties. :)

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