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Sonic the Hedgehog



a part of Sonic the Hedgehog, by Silent_Isel.


Silent_Isel holds sovereignty over Mobius, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

176 readers have been here.

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The home of Sonic the Hedgehog
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Mobius is a part of Sonic the Hedgehog.

7 Characters Here

Rashira Moonwolf [2] Non-binary wolfie with a big heart (any pronouns, usually female though)
Shadow the Hedgehog [2] Edgy bio weapon
Basalah the Asura [1] An orphan from a world of darkness, saved by the Saraph whom she now loyally serves.
Neutral.EXE [0] One of Evil.EXE???s victims that had escaped with eternal chains
Grounder [0] Even more chronically incompetent burrowing robot.
Scratch [0] Chronically incompetent rooster robot with an infectious laugh.
Frankie Freakshow [0] Eccentric shape-shifter seeking the "McGuffin of Power or whatever"

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Characters Present

Character Portrait: Basalah the Asura
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Within an isolated region of the Great Forest, a zephyr twirls up some leaves and grass. A person-like silhouette formed in the dance of wind, arms out, long glowing green hair dancing lively like fire, and around its neck was a red scarf. Strands of red light swirl around this figure and quickly begins to create a determinate shape. In this strange miracle, a silvery raccoon-like being stands, a clever guise that could pass as a Mobian. Her eyes crack open before the light of the sun causes her to recoil and hiss and huddle to the ground.

"Give your eyes time to adjust, little spark," a deep soothing male voice says, coming from a ball of red light that swirls around her.

She rises up and slowly opens her green eyes and looks around at her surroundings, then at her hands, her body, and her tail. Her eyes flare and she grips her scarf and begins to scratch her cheek anxiously as she begins to lose all composure.

"What am I!? What is this b-body!? I've... I've become some vermin!? I... I can't!" she cracks into a maddened fit.

"Your avatar should be something akin to the native species," the ball of light answers. "And do not damage it, little spark, I can only stitch you back together so much like this."

"Sorry, Lord Saraph," she says plainly, suddenly expressionless and still. Her arms drop limp to her sides.

"Now, be a good girl and seek out the nearest source of energy," Saraph commands.

"Yes, Lord Saraph," she responds and, without delay, begins to walk off on her mission like an obedient servant.