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Abel Cas

"Have you seen a rainbow unicorn shark flying into the sunset? I have :D"

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a character in “Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot”, as played by Aethus


Name: Abel Cas
Age: 18
Appearance: Childish, large green eyes. Black hair. Skinny frame. Always has a smile on his face.

Abel's sexualit-
"Now that's just rude Mr. Character Sheet. What if I asked YOU what your sexuality was HUH?!?!?!?"
Uh, Abel?
"Yes, Mr. strange voice."
"Oh, sorry."
Abel is Heterosexual
"Is that a good or a bad thing?"
It just means that you like women.
"Oh . . . well what if I like potatos better?"


Magic System: Abel's magic system is strange. Its, in essence, absolutely chaotic in every sense of the word. Abel almost seems to bend reality just for strange things to happen. He's capable of elemental manipulation, healing, object creation, summoning interdimensional doorways in his bag, having a rainbow unicorn shark slam down from the sky, etc etc.

Personal Strengths: Mostly that he's a force of personality unlike any sane individual (mostly because the kid is absolutely bonkers)
Combatwise, his best strength is his magic. Its crazy, yes, but its because of said craziness that he can perform multiple spells without burnning out like other magic users.

Weaknesses: he's really really really REALLY REALLY STUPID (Also, he's afraid of butterflies)
There have been incidents where he's tried to guard his own possessions when suddenly a thief rolls on by and says that Abel's object is theirs. Naturally, as a good natured child, he gives the object to them and skips away, completely forgetting that he was supposed to take care of whatever he needed. In addition to this, he's not physically impressive in any sense of the word and he tends to get on the bad side of most people he meets. Hopefully, this seer will be different.

Personality: "Well Mr Character Sheet, Happiness is like a potato, they both exist :D"

Before he had even come to this world, Abel was walking to a local farmer's market to pick up a lovely companion for his pocket potato, Sir Tatertotts the Third. After a few silly turns around the corner, he had inadvertantly found himself in the sixth circle of hell. Naturally, Abel seeked a way to escape this little debacle of his with the help of the locals. At first, they threw him into the pit of madness only to punt him out after they could do nothing to change his demenour. Thus, they simply punted him out of hell and sent him through a portal onto another world.

What was this world you may ask? Why, the one where this RP is of course!
"Yup! And I really like it here!"
Uh, no you don't. You want to head back home Abel.
"Really? I do?"
Yes, Abel . . . didn't you forget? The guide? The Comprehensive guide?
"Hmm . . ." Breathes in quickly but then pauses, "wait no . . . OH YEA, MY BOOK! Oh Mr. Character sheet you really need to read this."
Abel, please, no shameless plugs.
What? Abel, now you just don't make sense.
Ok, I'll be frank here, I hope his insanity get admitted and please PM me if you need any changes to this chaotic ball of fun.
"YEA, wait that's a bad thing right?"

Breaking news Abel, the admin of this RP loves you
"HOORAY! THANK YOU MR. AND OR MRS. AND OR TRANSVESTITE Qua . . . . Quuuee . .. Qiii? . . . Uhhhhh, Qu-"
Its Qaida
"Got it, potato. Thank you Mr. and or Mrs. and or Transvestite potato person!"
. . .
". . ." :D
. . .
". . ." :D

So begins...

Abel Cas's Story


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#, as written by Aethus
Abel Cas

"I'm confused Mr. Aethus, what's happening to Libidinosus's character?"
He's getting possessed Abel, remember? It was a part of that handout sheet I gave you.
"OH! YEA! I ate it, it was pretty looking . . ." :D
. . .
. . . sigh
"Well, in any case, can you give me some of that Fancy Shemancy Texts that they got right above us?"
No, because I have no idea how to do that.
"Oh . . . say, Mr. Qu- . . . qeee . . . que?"
"Potato, can you teach Mr. Aethus how to write like that?"
Please no
"Oh, please yes."
Gods damn it, Abel. Please shut up!
:I "What a meany"

It had been a very strange afternoon indeed, one of hilarity and of strange occurances not seen sinc-

"What's a Damaria? I keep seeing that right next to 'setting' and then it blocks the setting! Whats the setting!"
Gods damn it, stop that. I'm writing your story out! And Damaria IS the setting!
"Oh, ok."
. . .
". . ."
. . .
". . ."
Soooooo, can i go?
No more questions?
Ok, good. . . now where was I . . . Well, lets just get to all the juicy bits

One moment, Abel was heading to the market to a companion for his pocket potato, Sir Tatertots the 3rd, the next, he had been transported to the seven circles of hell itself. Suprisingly, the denizens were very cooperative and kicked him into the abyss and, shortly after, kicked him out. They were so nice, even with when he insessantly annoyed them for information like how hot the lava pools were or deep the abyss was, they still helped him get out. Wait . . . did they help him out . . . or kick him out . . .

He shrugged that question instantly, for he had a new one. Wh-

"So do I have to kiss Mr. Libidinosus's character to get the thingies out of him?"

He had absolutely no idea where he-

"Mr. Aethus, I really don't like kissing guys and I'd like to avoid that as much as-"
". . ."
. . .
". . ."
. . .
"That was really mean Mr. Aethus."
. . . . Lets just get back to the story.

Abel had absolutely no idea where he was, but when he had been punted out of the hell, Abel flew out incredibly fast. So fast, that he couldn't comprehend what was in around him until he smashed into the ground with the force of a thousand rampaging rhinosaurauses.

"Owwy, this is really starting to hurt."
Shut up

When he came to and looked around, Abel saw the portal from hell somewhere in the sky, meaning that he had been shot out at high speeds. Luckily, the painfully hard concrete broke his face and there was absolutely nothing damaged . . . other than him and the ground.
Then he saw another person, one that seemed very off. Despite Abel's strangeness, he had always was a super perceptive guy. I mean, most people would not assume that a floating, eye-glowing person as someone strange or different in anyway shape or form, but not him.


". . . now you're just insulting me Mr. Aethus."
Oh, come now Abel. Its just for the sake of the story!

Abel stood up while staring down the strange man. Even though he had only been on this world for less than a minute, he was determined to stop this evil thing and save the day.

He reacted quickly pulling out a rock and readied himse-

Wait, Abel what are you doing. Oh my god WHAT ARE YOU DOING. STOP.

[Abel instead walks towards Dante and speaks. "I have a really mean voice in my head that's telling me to stop you or something. Can you tell him that he's a big jerk?"]

I swear to the gods, I hate you Abel.
"Meany" >:P