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Dante Mortem

"Please, just shut up, I'm tired of hearing your incessant chatter every single day."

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a character in “Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot”, as played by libidinosus



Dante Laevis Mortem

19 - Turning 20 on first IC day

Dante has a slender build with muscle on his body. He wears simple clothing while almost always wearing a jacket of sorts. It's not to hide scars weapons(not mainly at least), but mostly out of habit. He wears rings with small extendable, through a spell, spikes on the top. 

Other than that, he doesn't have anything else that needs mentioning.

Asexual || Panromantic


Seer or Guardian: 

Magic System Skills:
Dante is best, although he does hold extensive knowledge in other areas, versed in Creation. His area of expertise in creation however, is focused on creating life.

To do so, Dante must add a glpyh onto the head of a artistic work meant to be a creature. The work must have been made by him and intended to become a creature. The intelligence of the creature created directly depends on the complexity of the spell he makes. IE: a simple a spell will cause a creature that can only follow one word commands, while a largely complex one will give a creature the capability of following large commands and coming up with ways to go around problems that arise. The power of the creature depends on the complexity of the artistic work itself. IE: a drawn stick figure will, when it comes to life, be easily broken and unable to carry much weight; while a detailed human drawing will be able to do what one would expect. Artistic works of humans however, are unable to do spells when brought to 'life'.

Dante does have the capability of, due to his experienced in Creation magic, manifesting non-living objects, but he really only uses this for making objects to create works of art.

Personal Strengths: (Aside from the magic system, what else can your character do? I.E: Archery, Swordsmanship, hacking, martial arts, sharp shooter etc)
Eidetic Memory - Dante, first and foremost, has an Eidetic memory. He will, regardless of whether or not he wants to, remember everything that he experiences.
Art - Dante is a very capable artist, being able to draw a scene with near-perfect precision in a relatively short amount of time.
Hacking - Dante is very capable of hacking into most computer systems. This is mostly due to the fact that computer's work on predictable logic and that he has memorized most of said logic. There's also the fact that he might be a slightly geeky person
Physically strong - Dante is, as strange as it may seem, physically strong. He does not however, have much control over this.

Near-perfect Memory - As said before, he has no say in what he remembers. He'll remember anything and everything that happens to him with perfect clarity, no matter how psychologically torturous. Being physically or mentally tortured would be hell for him, during and after. There's also the fact that he remembers things as he expereinced them. This means that he may remember someone stealing something, but he wont necessarily know why they stole it. As such, he may interpret his memories incorrectly.
Art-based magic - While he doesn't necessarily have to use art-based magic, he is most proficient in it. This does however, have its disadvantages. It takes him the both the time to make the artistic work and time to make the spell itself. As such, he needs to be protected while drawing.
Social Anxiety - While Dante is intelligent and very capable, he is slightly socially inept. He gets nervous at most signs of affection and is, usually, unable to meet the gaze of people giving him such signs. He is slightly cold and withdrawn around new people that don't anger him. Advances of the sexual nature don't affect him and instead simply make him look at the person attempting to seduce him with an uncomfortable expression, if they're someone he isn't comfortable with. Otherwise he simply seems cold-hearted and apathetic. This is however, mostly due to the fact that he dislikes opening up and is slightly shy.
Slight lack of control- While Dante is physically strong, he lacks control. He easily becomes venomous and angered at malicious actions, seeing as he easily gets scared. If someone were to, without warning, touch him on the shoulder, he would react by assuming that he's being attacked and attempt to fight back.
Venomous personality - Dante has the pessimistic idea that people will go against him if it would benefit them. This is however, mostly due to the fact that he would do this. Due to his idea, he tends to hold most people in disdain unless they manage to get past his shell.


Nervous, venemous, temperamnetal, and genius

Those would be the words used to describe Dante.

He isn't necessarily a mean person, but he wont go out of his way to be nice to you if he doesn't know you. He's, to say the least, cowardly and selfish. He'd kill a million people if it meant saving himself and save a million criminals if it meant saving himself, it all depends on the situation. He would not however, kill his friends or people he's attached to unless it proves absolutely necessary and he cannot do anything to save them short of getting himself killed. To summarize this paragraph: he isn't a villain nor is he necessarily a villain, he's just a selfish person.

Dante does not smile easily. It's not due to being cold-hearted or the such, he's just really uncomfortable showing emotion. He's, to say the least, shy. He gets flustered by affectional advances and can end up stuttering, or pretending to not have noticed what you said or did. Due to this 'antisocial' outer exterior, people have taken to not approaching him and mistaking his shyness for aloofness. If you manage to break through his shell however, you'll find that he can be fun and generally enjoyable around people he considers 'friends', if a bit overly protective.

Dante is, to say the least, a logical person. He tends to make his choices based upon what he wants and the easiest way to get what he wants. He's not a nice person just because he may be slightly socially inept. He'll use others freely and without care, usually being able to do so without much problem. After all, people don't think the quiet and artistic person will do much.

He, believe it or not, actually enjoys fighting. He wont admit this, but he adores the thrill of adrenaline flowing through his veins. It makes him feel powerful and invincible, something he most likely wouldn't feel normally. This does however, cause him to have pent up emotions, mostly due to the fact that he doesn't really fight without reason.

Dante does, due to the way he was raised, have a slightly pessimistic outlook on life. He tends to assume the worse when it comes to people he doesn't know and will usually proceed as such. He speaks formally and with care towards those he has just met, tending to come off as perhaps snobbish. This disposition however, is easily broken when he gets angered and is mostly due to the fact that he was raised to be a knowledgeable scholar.

Dante's father, Xai Mortem, was a very knowledgeable Seer. Xai however, was a venomous and volatile Seer. As such, pressure was put on Dante and his cousin to become the best that they could. Dei, dante's older cousin, grew to resent people in general and to pick on his little cousin. Dante grew to become who he is today, a venomous and logical person. Still, Xai was their family's Seer and they could not openly speak against him. As such, they had to put up with suppressing their emotions.

We are however, getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start at the beginning of Dante's life.

Dante was born to Xai and Mirabelle Mortem, his mother dying at birth. Xai had, before his wife's death, been a relatively happy person. He had been a caring person and had loved Dei as he would have his own. After the death of his wife however, he became venomous and spiteful. He did however, hold a strong sense of duty. Dei, after this, had resented his cousin.

Dante grew up being taught to take knowledge and training seriously, lacking much social interaction. As such, he became who he is today. A person capable of using another for his own means. Dei however, due to having experienced love, became a more bitter person. He chastised Dante for the slightest mistake and became narcissistic. Dei had been sure that he would be the new Seer, and as such, had been utterly suprised when he had not become one.

As such, Dei blamed his cousin and went to confront him, but was met with a suprising sight. Dante had been expecting ridicule or something of the sort, so he had already prepared a complex defense. To his luck, he had been capable of beating his cousin in the fight that ensued by using his memory, his training, and his general aptitude. Dei had, due to having become cocky, slacked off on his training. After this happened, when Dante was 14 and Dei had turned 20, Dei had left to live a life of shame and seclusion. Perhaps it was to be expected, but that had not stopped Dei from having thought he would have been the one to become a Seer. Dante expected, after this ordeal, to stop being pushed as hard after this.

To his disdain however, he had been pushed harder than before. He had, due to Xai's embarrassment at having not had his first choice be a Seer, been forced to the brunt of the strictness both he and his cousin had been facing. This helped him gain power and knowledge, but his social skills did not increase much. Nearing his 17th birthday however, he was let slack off. He had however, been used to working hard and took a bit of time to actually get into the habit of not having to work as hard as he did. Xai's leniency however, was due to the fact that Dante was expected to learn the rest of his things entirely on his own. Not that he wasn't used to this, mind you. He had just expected to be pointed in the general direction. He had however, adapted easily enough.

Now, will Dante be able to muster up enough power to survive?

So begins...

Dante Mortem's Story


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"I will not stand by while some idiotic child with too much power inhabits my body." Dante, while faced with an inevitability, was perhaps not the most logical-thinking person. He, as was most likely said before, a coward. He wasn't in the slightest ready to face a possession. He had never even been asked, but it wouldn't have mattered. The world was illogical, he would just have to accept that. Or maybe he was the illogical one, it didn't matter, he didn't want to do it. Either way, today was the day he would have to. He didn't have a choice.

Dante did however, decide that he would try anyway. If the world could be illogical, then so could he. As such, he had searched his mind for every single ward he knew of and had prepared as many as he could physically could. He did not plan on going down without a fight. Well, maybe he was being a bit dramatic, seeing as he probably wouldn't die, but it was still nerve wrecking. The lack of control that is, not the fact that he would be inhabited by a god necessarily. He just really disliked not having control. To sum this up: Dante had made the most complex spell he muster up, which was to be blunt, pretty powerful. Dante did however, know it was in vain. That didn't stop him from trying though. Hope was a very volatile thing.

Xai, his father, had sent Dante away from the manor. Dante couldn't afford to be possessed at his family's estate. No, that would be utterly fucking stupid. Even Dante had enough coherence to know that. As much as it sounded like the safest place for him, it wasn't when he would be around. Especially considering the fact that there was no guarantee that he wouldn't go out of control. Dante, as such, had went as far as he could from the estate. To be precise, he had begun heading towards a very specific forest.

"Oh no."

Luck was not on his side.

That was the first thought that popped into Dante's mind. He had not even come close to the forest, no, he had only made it to the city before... a god just had to show up. Or rather, a goddess, if you wanted to be precise. Or at least he thought she was a goddess, he wasn't quite sure. Okay, he assumed she was a goddess.

"You shouldn't bother with such trivial things." She spoke. Oh right, she existed. He kind of forgot about that in the heat of the moment. "I..." He just stared stupidly, "disagree." Oh wow, smooth. So smooth it could be considered sandpaper, metaphorically of course. In all honesty though, he was shocked.

He did however, manage to regain his wits and attempt to run away. To his disdain however, he found that he couldn't. No, he wasn't frozen out of fear, he just literally couldn't move his legs.. "Now now, we just met, it would be rude for you to leave, Dante." She was taunting him. Now that pissed him off. How mad he was however, didn't matter. He tried as hard as he could to punch her, but she just stepped a inch out of his reach. He didn't say anything witty or sarcastic, mostly due to the fact that he was too mad to think properly. It didn't matter anyway, she had grown tired of playing with him.

She destroyed his meticulous protection with ease. It was, to say the least, embarrassing. He didn't say anything mentioning so, but she had the pleasure of being able to get into his head with relative ease. "I hope you didn't think that a spell from someone as weak as you would be able to hold down a knowledge goddess." She confirmed that she was a goddess.
At least he could have that piece of information to consol- "Are you ignoring me?" She seemed angered, and he actually laughed. Not that his laugh was heard, mind you, he wasn't exactly in control of his body. She pried into his mind, finding something very interesting. "Oh, now this is interesting, you have quite the memory here, Seer." She had access to his memories. That was bad. Then again, it couldn't get any worse than it was now. It wasn't like he exactly had anything compromising in his head, unless you count that one time he did something embarrassing when he was twelve. In retrospect, it was actually kind of funn- "Stop ignoring me." She was, as he now learned, someone who wanted attention.

As such, he simply decided to ignore her as much as he could. She could pout all she wanted. As such, she decided she would go kill someone to teach him a lesson. Her first victim ended up being a child. He didn't even flinch. Not that he could have anyway, but you get the gist of it. Her second ended up being subjected to more pain, but once again, this didn't bother Dante. She, downtrodden, moved through the city, determined to find something that would cause rebellion in the Seer she had possessed. Perhaps she, a knowledge goddess, should have had something more important to do, but she was arrogant and easily distracted. She was smart, but not necessarily wise.


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#, as written by Aethus
Abel Cas

"I'm confused Mr. Aethus, what's happening to Libidinosus's character?"
He's getting possessed Abel, remember? It was a part of that handout sheet I gave you.
"OH! YEA! I ate it, it was pretty looking . . ." :D
. . .
. . . sigh
"Well, in any case, can you give me some of that Fancy Shemancy Texts that they got right above us?"
No, because I have no idea how to do that.
"Oh . . . say, Mr. Qu- . . . qeee . . . que?"
"Potato, can you teach Mr. Aethus how to write like that?"
Please no
"Oh, please yes."
Gods damn it, Abel. Please shut up!
:I "What a meany"

It had been a very strange afternoon indeed, one of hilarity and of strange occurances not seen sinc-

"What's a Damaria? I keep seeing that right next to 'setting' and then it blocks the setting! Whats the setting!"
Gods damn it, stop that. I'm writing your story out! And Damaria IS the setting!
"Oh, ok."
. . .
". . ."
. . .
". . ."
Soooooo, can i go?
No more questions?
Ok, good. . . now where was I . . . Well, lets just get to all the juicy bits

One moment, Abel was heading to the market to a companion for his pocket potato, Sir Tatertots the 3rd, the next, he had been transported to the seven circles of hell itself. Suprisingly, the denizens were very cooperative and kicked him into the abyss and, shortly after, kicked him out. They were so nice, even with when he insessantly annoyed them for information like how hot the lava pools were or deep the abyss was, they still helped him get out. Wait . . . did they help him out . . . or kick him out . . .

He shrugged that question instantly, for he had a new one. Wh-

"So do I have to kiss Mr. Libidinosus's character to get the thingies out of him?"

He had absolutely no idea where he-

"Mr. Aethus, I really don't like kissing guys and I'd like to avoid that as much as-"
". . ."
. . .
". . ."
. . .
"That was really mean Mr. Aethus."
. . . . Lets just get back to the story.

Abel had absolutely no idea where he was, but when he had been punted out of the hell, Abel flew out incredibly fast. So fast, that he couldn't comprehend what was in around him until he smashed into the ground with the force of a thousand rampaging rhinosaurauses.

"Owwy, this is really starting to hurt."
Shut up

When he came to and looked around, Abel saw the portal from hell somewhere in the sky, meaning that he had been shot out at high speeds. Luckily, the painfully hard concrete broke his face and there was absolutely nothing damaged . . . other than him and the ground.
Then he saw another person, one that seemed very off. Despite Abel's strangeness, he had always was a super perceptive guy. I mean, most people would not assume that a floating, eye-glowing person as someone strange or different in anyway shape or form, but not him.


". . . now you're just insulting me Mr. Aethus."
Oh, come now Abel. Its just for the sake of the story!

Abel stood up while staring down the strange man. Even though he had only been on this world for less than a minute, he was determined to stop this evil thing and save the day.

He reacted quickly pulling out a rock and readied himse-

Wait, Abel what are you doing. Oh my god WHAT ARE YOU DOING. STOP.

[Abel instead walks towards Dante and speaks. "I have a really mean voice in my head that's telling me to stop you or something. Can you tell him that he's a big jerk?"]

I swear to the gods, I hate you Abel.
"Meany" >:P