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Jonathan Robert "Robin" Grey

"If Humanity sees black or white, I'm seeing gray"

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a character in “Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot”, originally authored by Firewind, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name Jonathan Robert "Robin" Grey

Age: 20


He is well built, and often wears modest clothing with a denim jacket over it. His green eyes often make him look mysterious when they sparkle like Emeralds. He's also 5"11


Sexuality Heterosexual

Magic systems: He is practitioner of Creation Magic, His most Basic of spells are for the for the creation of his equipment. His most basic spells summon a pair of twin swords. They're both hand and a half swords, with only a difference of color scheme to tell each apart. They are saved under the Template "Wings of Freedom." He also has a base spell for a combat pistol called "Grave" for a long range purposes. He has only one complex spell that he's been working on since he started practicing magic at age 16 codenamed "Silver Knight" for personal reasons. What this spell does is adorn his body in silver armor to fend off several attacks, it is complex it does have its drawbacks.

Personal Strengths: His Swordsmanship is well rounded in skill since he is able to use two blades. His Marksmanship he tries not to exploit as in truth, he rarely uses it. His aim is good but not as good as his swordsmanship.

Weaknesses He has his Flaws and he tries to bury them deep. In truth he's not one of the Greatest swordsman, he's training very hard to plan on defeating and taking the place of one of said Greats. Destruction magic may also bring harm to his "Silver Knight" spell. As the Silver Knight is complex, when it's done, it takes up to a whole day to reset. Speaking of Silver Knight, that spell is heavily influenced by something within his own mind. Why it's a weakness is this; he is subject to odd hallucinations and dreams. Wether or not he's a schizophrenic however is up for debate. (See History for the True meaning of this). If he's experiencing this in battle, it basically freezes him up or causes him to go into a deep battle frenzy.

Personality: He is a man of Charisma and charm on the outside. but on the inside he is a hurting tortured being who is struggling with his own Morality. He often wonders which path is right or wrong, his constant struggle to find the right thing isn't uncommon for most people. However, there is an issue that seems to be possibly from his own mind that the struggle all the more real and personal. He also has a violent side. He enjoys the thrill of the fight.

History: Born to a Middle Class family who was deep in good morals. He is the direct descendant of a powerful Warrior known as the Grey Knight. He Earned his nickname Robin by his mother when he half wondered what makes robins attractive. Some oftentimes Affectionately calls him Sweet Robin as an answer to that question. He decided to learn magic at a young age during school to make sure he defended himself constantly. It seemed like a well good enough reason, however, a close friend was suddenly murdered when he was fourteen. This caused him to have a moral upheaval and lust for revenge. His morals forever became The color grey, as he became unsure who was right and who was wrong, and not even his own family could shake it. But he never abandoned his faith in goodness.

However shortly after this horrific event, his desire seemed to set off something in his brain as he begun to dream about the Grey Knight urging him to seek his own way as a knight himself. Hence The "Silver Knight" spell was under way. He left home at 17 to make his own mark on the world. Some believe that the Spirit of The Grey knight is haunting his descendant, or that he has Schizophrenia and is nothing more then a madman. A very small few believe, however, that a third party hacked the system, affecting his psyche. Which accepted truth is true however, is up to the individual.

"Those Who see black or white, See only Lusts For Power."

So begins...

Jonathan Robert "Robin" Grey's Story


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It was business as usual for Jonathan Robert Grey, oftentimes called Robin, or more rarely Sweet Robin. He was interviewed for a job, and the job recruiter couldn't accept him. He didn't care for the reasons why he wasn't accepted. As a matter of fact, he was only looking for a job because he was looking for a cover for his moonlit job as a bit of a disrupter in the underworld. However even that wasn't going well.

"Well, better luck next job interview." he silently thought in his head as he made his way to his motorbike, which he dubbed the "Silver Flame." Upon mounting it he saw him. A Grey Knight on a grey horse, standing right next to him on his motorcycle. "Not this crap again..."

"How about a Race to that park? Or are you a chicken, Robin?" The Grey Knight stated as he started riding off towards said Park. Sighing, Jonathan followed his "ancestor" suit. This has been happening for quite a while with him now. He wasn't sure if he was seeing spirit, hallucination, or some awkward glitch in the system, affecting his mind in some bizarre way. But at any rate, these two individuals raced through the streets, stopping only at traffic signals and such, until they got to said park where the "Spirit" vanished, leaving him at the entrance. Sighing he decided on going there to try and relax and so he parked the "Silver Flame" at the parking lot.

Walking into the park he breathed in the fresh, sweet air as he wandered along its pathways until he reached a bench overlooking a large slope. He sat upon it and watched the few people enjoy the pleasure of the sights and sounds of the park. He sighed as he closed his eyes, taking in the sounds of happiness. He needed that to balance in the sorrow. But he didn't truly need need it. It was a lie in his head, to try and say he's morally in the Black and White world of humanity.

Morally he lived in a grey world. As Grey as the Grey Knight sitting right next to him at that moment. He chose to ignore it despite how annoyed it makes him. Even if the spirit spoke with him, he'd still not acknowledge him.

"Hey Jonathan." His "Ancestor" said to him, "Look up at the hill. I would bet you'd flirt with that pretty thing in a minute." Sighing Jonathan looked at the hill in front of him and noticed a slightly attractive figure near the top seemingly taking in the sights. He sighed in slight annoyance at the spirit, even though the pink haired woman did somehow catch his eye somewhat, and almost seemed to just tempt him to go to her even though she's not directly looking at him.

"Not in a million years you pain in my-" he was about to say more then he needed to say to get accidental attention on himself, the girl in which the "spirit" was mentioning suddenly seemed to start cringing as she suddenly fell to the ground and then looked almost entirely a different person when she got back up, as if she was taken over by something else. "A Seer?" he thought in his own head. He had heard how seers would become possessed by Either Good or evil entities, but didn't they usually have a hired bodyguard or something always at their side?

"Then where's hers?" Jonathan thought out loud as the Possessed Seer suddenly started on the attack phase. He had no time to think about a strategy so he had to work fast. He swiped to his right and opened up his spell screen and created the spell necessary to summon 'Grave'. His six shooter pistol shone in the sun as he spun it before checking his ammo and swiping to his right to create an ammo type he felt was necessary to either try to help, or impede the girl.

However, little did he realize the spell he made for said bullet, would be a spell necessary to help this particular woman in the future. Loading his pistol in a hurry he ran towards the woman just as an explosion occurred behind him where people were fleeing propelled him towards her. He used this opportunity to point his gun at the woman, and fire. The bullet flew towards her but midway, it transformed to a transparent bird of prey, flying towards her as if it was swooping down for prey.

If the bird of prey managed to reach the woman's shoulders it's talons would pass through the flesh and grab at whatever was possessing the poor woman and attempt to fly off with it to drop it elsewhere. Jonathan however, flew straight over the woman and crashed onto the slope before rolling down it and stops close to the bottom, with Grave falling right on his stomach.

In a daze he looked up at the sky and noticed the Grey Knight was looking down at his injured form he groaned in a medium sized pain. "That was a bad idea." He muttered before blacking out from the pain of his fall.

"Eh what can ya do you little Sweet Robin?" Was the only reply he heard from the "Spirit."


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#, as written by Siryn

There was a young man that came into her line of sight as the chaos erupted all around her. Through the watery visage she was looking through, his handsome image was distorted slightly, but his intention wasn't. Lifting up a weapon that looked like a gun, he aimed it at her. Kilia cringed inwardly, thinking that perhaps this person was not her savior in the sense of a Guardian, but her savior in the sense of ending her life and that of the possession. She closed her eyes, shutting out the watery vision of his approach.

Still, she could see him because the Goddess possessing her had turned to watch him as he ran at her as everyone else was running away. Her lips pulled up into a wicked grin and her hand lifted up off of the magic system she'd been using. About to unleash a spell on his unprotected body, Kilia shook inwardly, cringing at the thought that he wouldn't make it in time. However, she was wrong as he fired off a shot and the bullet streaked at her. Midway, the bullet changed, transforming into that of a winged bird and crashed into her shoulder.

Though Kilia didn't exactly feel the birds claws digging into her flesh, she did feel it grasp onto something else entirely. Flapping it's wings hard against the air around it, the small creature took off straight up into the air. Hooked in it's talons was the form of the Goddess. It was the strangest feeling having the woman removed from Kilia's body as it was. She went rigid as the Goddess was pulled out of her. When she was completely free, Kilia dropped to the ground on her hands and knees panting heavily. Finally back in control of her own body she took a moment to just reorient herself.

The first thing that almost took over was the fear of what she'd just done, tears began burning on the edges of her eyes. She bit her lip though to keep from crying. Even so, she couldn't stop the shaking that had taken over her entire frame. Horror spread through her as she recalled the awful event that took place not but a few moments ago. Her possession lasted a few minutes at most, but that was enough for the Goddess to cause the destruction she'd done.

Lifting her head, Kilia looked around to see what exactly had been done. The once green park was charred in many places, craters littered the park area and there were many injured people that were still fleeing the area. Kilia's heart clenched tightly, her throat closing a bit as she took it all in. However, what caused her to seize up almost entirely was the few bodies that the Goddess had managed to actually kill before her savior came into the picture. Blood stained the green blades of grass and the clumps of dirt that had been upended all around.

Kilia couldn't bare to look and quickly turned away so that she wouldn't be sick to her stomach. Her chest constricted, her breathing neared hyperventilation as she knelt there. It took her a while before she remembered that the young man had shot her and then disappeared somewhere on the hill side. Lifting her head, she searched the area for him, trying to find him. She wasn't too sure how far the bird had carried the Goddess, but she knew that staying in the park was definitely a bad idea. As she was about to stand to go find the boy, a strong hand gripped her upper arm and she cried out in fear.

Half expecting the Goddess to have been the one touching her, she turned quickly only to face that of her mother's Guardian. The man pulled her upwards with his usual stony features. His dark gray eyes searched her frame for any injuries that may need tending to, but otherwise he said nothing to her. He was definitely a cold man, something that Kilia didn't quite care for.

"You're Guardian is over there," he said, his voice rumbling as he spoke. He pointed towards the bottom of the hill where the boy had rolled to. Kilia, in fear, wrenched herself free and ran towards him. She wasn't quite steady on her own legs after having been possessed, and so she ended up tripping part way down the hill. With a short cry, she flailed a bit before tumbling down and landing on top of the boy with a soft grunt.

Groaning a bit, she pushed herself up and shook her head before looking over at him. With a gasp, she quickly scrambled off of him, "I'm so sorry!" She said quickly, the caught herself again, "Are you okay? Did anything happen to you? You're not hurt are you?" She asked in rapid succession before starting to look him over for any crippling injuries.


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"Your Guardian is over there."

He was resting from the slight tumble he took, he was sure he had a few bumps and bruises, nothing too serious. But he heard those words distinctly as he felt himself trying to come back into the world of the awake. But in his head he assumed he indirectly gained a job interview and passed their questions with flying colors. Which meant one thing in his head. But before he could assume it, Jonathan was interrupted by the Grey Knight who was obviously listening.

"Ooh, that's very interesting, hey Robin! I think they're talking about you!!" He heard the "spirit" shouting. "Hang on, whoa! She's coming this way!!"

"Why doesn't that whatever it is just shut up and vanis-Owww!!!!" his thoughts were interrupted when something landed squarely on him. His eyes shot open in pain. "Ow my gut!" However after he said this he was staring at the Woman's face, his emerald green eyes were staring squarely at her shocking, innocent blue eyes. She was beautiful, to a point. He even almost blushed bright red! But the moment quickly past as she gasped and scrambled off him.

Jonathan got into a sitting position, looking at the woman up close now that she was within slight arm's reach. Shaking his head from being knocked out for so long he rubbed his head trying to figure out exactly what he did to knock the Seer back to normal. But for some reason his eyes kept wandering back at her, almost as if her appearance was like a magnet for his eyes. He had to refocus his mind in order to actually talk to her and answer her question.

"Okay, okay, first off, don't let yourself get possessed like that otherwise it won't make my new job any easier. I say new job because apparently mr. Longshanks over there ain't your bodyguard." He stated whilst glaring at the person. "Where were ya like, three minutes ago?!"

Sighing he turned back to the woman to continue answering his questions. "Secondly, yes I'm okay, only the fact I got sent rolling down a hill after firing my new spell wasn't exactly what I call reputation building, I feel embarrassed by that." He stated as he sighed, "and only in my pride. Also possibly a very tender bruise on my stomach from when my gun fell on me."

Jonathan gave a soft chuckle as he scanned the area of the park and whistled to himself. "What a mess." He thought to himself with a sigh. "Okay, so, since apparently I helped you out I guess I'm a, whatever you seers call a bodyguard. I guess that's acceptable I suppose, been looking for a job anyway."

"However, before I introduce myself, lemme tell you my....." Jonathan said, trailing off when he was once again, mesmerized by this woman's eyes. He tried to shake his head trying to keep his thoughts in order. "My... Doh alright, I usually want some rules or none but it seems we're gonna have to make it up as we go." He finally said with a mere smile.

"Wow. You got hit by love medicine or something?" The "spirit" asked only to be interrupted by Jonathan attempting to get up but he winces sharply from the pain of the bruise on his torso as he sits back down. He glared at the ground and then at the location of his bruise.

"Still tender... Curse it all" he said angrily. "I hate injuries!" After he said this he realized he didn't give his name. "Oh right, forgot. Jonathan Robert Grey. Friends call me Robin." He raises his hand towards the woman to have her shake it.


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#, as written by Siryn

"Okay, okay, first off, don't let yourself get possessed like that otherwise it won't make my new job any easier. I say new job because apparently mr. Longshanks over there ain't your bodyguard. Where were ya like, three minutes ago?!"

"Uh... I'm... sorry," Kilia said to him, though she knew it wasn't going to be the last time this kind of thing would happen.

Her mother's Guardian didn't say anything in return as the boy glowered up at him. Kilia flicked her gaze between the two of them as she felt the tension rising slightly. She stuttered a bit as she knelt there next to the boy. Unsure of what to say she was slightly relieved that he continued, but a bit startled that he turned his attention directly onto her.

"Secondly, yes I'm okay, only the fact I got sent rolling down a hill after firing my new spell wasn't exactly what I call reputation building, I feel embarrassed by that, and only in my pride. Also possibly a very tender bruise on my stomach from when my gun fell on me."

"Umm... and I... kinda fell on you too," Kilia added softly, her cheeks taking on a pink hue as she dropped her gaze to his abdomen and then up to his face. Reaching up she brushed a lock of long hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear in an embarrassed fashion.

"Okay, so, since apparently I helped you out I guess I'm a, whatever you seers call a bodyguard. I guess that's acceptable I suppose, been looking for a job anyway."

"Guardian," Kilia offered softly, though she was sure he didn't hear her as he continued.

"However, before I introduce myself, lemme tell you my..... My... Doh alright, I usually want some rules or none but it seems we're gonna have to make it up as we go."

"What... like rules on how to be a Guardian?" Kilia laughed a bit as she sat there. She could tell that her mothers Guardian was slightly impatient, but she didn't mind at all.

"Still tender... Curse it all. I hate injuries! Oh right, forgot. Jonathan Robert Grey. Friends call me Robin."

"Robin," Kilia repeated softly as she lifted her gaze to look at him. Then she smiled and took his hand that he offered, it was warm and the grip strong, "I'm Kilia. Kilia Yve Linovahle. And... we should probably head to my home. He isn't very patient," she said, motioning over to the man that had his arms crossed over his chest, foot tapping impatiently, "Everything will be explained by my mother. Well most everything anyway. Its... it's a long story," she said as she stood up and brushed herself off. Offering a small smile, she waited for him to follow.


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He watched as she got up and brushed grass and charred dust off her clothing after shaking his hand. "Kilia." He stated to try and make sure he got the name right. "That's an incredibly pretty name." he thought in his head. It sounded almost exotic yet so common, how could anyone mix it up?

Jonathan silently braces himself to stand as he hopped to his feet. He heard Kilia mention that they had to go to her house, and that the imposing figure tapping his foot in an impatient manner didn't like to be kept waiting. "So, you're house huh? Well if that guy has your ride I'll follow you guys on my Motorbike to wherever your home is." He smiled as he followed the two to the exit of the park where he'd board his motorbike yet again to follow them.

---Half an hour Later-----

He was driving close behind whatever Vehicle Kilia and her Grey Eyed friend were traveling in with the Silver Flame. He noted that they went to a house beyond city limits that had the biggest forest he ever saw so far in his life. He was almost shocked at its immensity. "Whoa, Big trees." He muttered to himself by the time the group reached the driveway of this house.

He stopped his motorbike and got off and looked at the layout whilst waiting for them to come out and take him inside and show him around. "How are you able to afford this much space Miss Linovahle?" He asked in a plain curious manner.

"Obviously her family has either deep pockets or are a bunch of hippies." The grey knight riding up close to him said. Every time Jonathan thought he was finally done seeing that thing for a day, it turns up at least once more to torture him. And he can't do a single thing about it at this moment otherwise Kilia might think him a fool or worse. What could he do?

"Hey, stop worrying about that stuff buddy! Just follow them and ignore me!" The "Spirit" said angrily on annoyance. Jonathan finally did a mock swatting of the air as if to get rid of a flying insect bugging him. The Spirit's mood then turned from annoyed to amused at how he was covering up this whole mostly one sided conversation. "Buzz off you." Was all Robin had to say.

"Alright, fine but remember, be yourself." The Grey knight said before vanishing.

"Flies hate my presence." Jonathan stated in a small amused Manner. "Now then. You were saying how we need to see your mom about me??"


Peter O'Cyrus was getting his school supplies for the day together, wanting to just avoid trouble as best as he could before ending up getting himself into trouble. He also thought off the good apartment he'd gotten at a good price of rent, Which was a good thing for his part time Job. He felt thoroughly excited for this new chapter in his life.

That all changed when he heard the screams going on in the hall around the corner. Jumping at the chance to see what was going on, he rushed towards the source and found a boy with blonde hair causing havoc, although he didn't look like himself.

"Hey, buddy? Ya mind not causing destruction?" He asked in a plain manner, but the person seemed to ignore him as Peter sighed, "Alright. You asked for it." He waved his hand to the right as he drew out a custom spell, not really paying attention to what kind of spell it was as he summoned a spear that looked like a glowing Yellow Fire. Taking the spear in hand he threw it at the blonde.

If it reached the person it wouldn't harm him physically and pass through him, catching whatever was causing the trouble on fire instead. "Wow, that's a new ability! I gotta save that one!"


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#, as written by Siryn

Yakosa turned to the sound of a boy calling out to him. Soran flinched inwardly as he watched through the watery image that was his minds consciousness, at least a small corner of it. He felt his smile growing as the War God eyed the boy that appeared before him.

"Hey, buddy? Ya mind not causing destruction?"

Yakosa laughed, and turned his attention back to what he was doing, "Are you enjoying this?" the God's voice filled Soran's mind, causing him to flinch and cover his ears. He shook his head violently, trying to rid himself of the awful feeling of the God invading his body.

"Leave! Leave!" Soran screamed, trying to will himself to gain his own body back, but to no avail. Yakosa laughed, hard. His laughter filled the hallway, but soon ended as something struck them. Soran gasped as he saw a spear of a sort go through him completely. The God, though, had a different reaction. Yakosa screamed as he was lit ablaze. He pulled out of Soran's body roughly, causing the boy quite a bit of pain in the process.

Soran clenched his eyes shut as he felt the War God leaving him. It felt like Yakosa was ripping him apart as the God left his body. His cry of pain echoed in the hall, reflecting the screams and yells from the students who were injured or caught in the explosions. He dropped to the floor on hands and knees, panting heavily. It felt good to have his body back, but the feeling that was left over was certainly going to make him sick.

Yakosa's inhuman cries were right behind him as the God was still struggling to stop the flames that engulfed him. With a glance over his shoulder, Soran watched as the burning War God finally manged to stop the fire. When he finished that, Yakosa glowered at the two of them. Turning over, Soran scooted back towards his savior, or rather his Guardian. Swiping his hand, he opened up the application for his magic and quickly sought out a protection spell. As he worked through it, Yakosa opened up his hands, golden fire filling his hands.

"Someone likes to play with fire. I can to," the War God hissed through clenched teeth. Soran realized that he couldn't possibly get a spell done in time and quickly scrambled to his feet. Whirling around, he lunged at the boy who saved him. Barreling into the other, they both went sprawling into an empty classroom as the blast of power rushed through the hall. Soran gasped as he felt an intense burning along his hip and thigh.

The force of the explosion threw them both a little further into the room than Soran first intended. He rolled off of the boy and into some chairs that tumbled around him. Groaning a bit, he shoved two chairs off of him and sat up. Looking around the room he shouted for the boy, "Hey! Out the window!" Hopefully the boy understood him, they were on the first floor after all, so the jump would be nothing at all.

He forced himself to stand despite the bleeding burns along his thigh. Hissing, he pressed his hand down tightly on the wound as he limped heavily towards the window. Behind him, he could hear Yakosa just barely entering the room, "Where are you running off to?" the War God growled as he prepared another attack.



Kilia smiled brightly and nodded, "Yup," she had to admit, her name sounded kind of nice coming from him. He had a nice voice too. She blushed a bit at that thought.

"So, you're house huh? Well if that guy has your ride I'll follow you guys on my Motorbike to wherever your home is." he said as he hoped up to his feet. She admired how nimble he was.

Clasping her hands together behind her back she rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet a bit, a bright smile curving her lips, "Mhmm, back to my house. He does have a car. I'll ride with him this time," she said though she really wanted to see Robin's bike. With that she followed after her Mothers Guardian and were soon driving to her estate.


They pulled into the long gravel driveway some time afterwards way out of the city limits. The enormous trees that served as her backyard seemed to hold the house in its place. She got out of the back of the black car and quickly looked for Robin who had just parked his own bike behind them. Getting off of it, his gaze swept the area.

"How are you able to afford this much space Miss Linovahle?"

Kilia smiled brightly, "The family is... well endowed you could say. My father works for a high end company. That's were all the money comes from. Actually, most of the families that are Seers' are endowed in one way or another," she added at the end, a bit of a musing tone in her voice.

"Buzz off you."

His voice caught her attention and she glanced over to him with an eyebrow raised. He answered her soon enough though, saying that bugs didn't like him. She laughed at that.

"Now then. You were saying how we need to see your mom about me??"

"Yes, my Mother is the Seer before me and she'll teach you and I more about this whole ordeal. Just be wary that she's not the easiest person to get along with. She's... kind of cold at first, but she means well. Just bear with her, if you can," Kilia explained. She would have done more, but the sound of the front door opening and several pairs of feet moving across gravel caught her.

"Kilia. Who is this?" Her mothers' sharp voice hit the air like a cold knife.

"His name is Johnathan Robert Gray. He's my Guardian, Mother," Kilia answered, her tone changing from that of bubbly and cheerful to more refined and without a lot of emotion.

"Johnathan, hu. He doesn't look like much. You're sure he's yours?"

"Mother!" Kilia hissed before catching herself, "Yes, I'm sure. He extracted a Goddess from me not but an hour ago."

"Hmm," the woman that resembled Kilia put a hand on her hip as she examined the boy before her. Her lips were thin and her gaze was cold. She was only slightly taller than Kilia herself, but the woman was small of stature as well, "Well, come inside. We have a lot to talk about. Lets start with the basics," Mrs. Linovahle didn't wait for them to actually enter the home or get an answer from either of them when she launched into explanation.

"A lesser God can take over a Seer just as easily as a more power God can. A lesser God's possession happens a bit faster than a more powerful God. We're not sure why that is as it would make more sense for it to be the other way around. A Seer will experience a possession differently based off of what and who is possessing them. For example a lesser God won't put a Seer through any intense pain when being possessed, most likely because they lack a whole lot of power. A more powerful God, one with stature and the like, will put a Seer through hell. They also tend to fight back once they've been removed where as a lesser God runs from the situation once they're removed from a Seer's body.

"Which did you encounter, Kilia?" her mother asked as they entered the house and gathered in the living quarters. The living room was enormous, with a high ceiling and a loft over head that peered out into the living room. Old styled fans, pictures, and other antiques filled the walls and tables that were in the room. There were three couches, each a rich brown color that added to the dark, earthen tone of the house.

"A lesser God," Kilia answered, not really enthusiastic about the whole situation.

"And how did you free her," she turned to Johnathan.


"I asked him," Mrs. Linovahle cut in, snapping her fingers briskly as she watched Johnathan, never turning her eyes upon her daughter who stiffened in her seat.


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"Oh, that explains a lot then." Jonathan stated as he looked at the view. This didn't last long as He heard the front door opened and a woman almost strikingly similar to Kilia walked out to meet them. After the short banter he heard he learned this was Her Mother, the Previous Generation's seer. Then came the part where she stared at him.

He instantly felt his heart sink when Mrs. Linovahle made eye contact with his Green eyes that they almost turned to a plain frightened hazel green. He shook off the fear to try and keep his composure otherwise he was sure he'd get kicked out of this establishment immediately. Nor did he talk back when he heard her say he didn't look like much.

"Wait till I show them my Silver Knight Spell." he thought to himself. Though he was not too keen on doing that lest he want his magic system to be on cool down for a whole day. Instead he simply followed the two women inside the house whilst he listened carefully to what Kilia's mother had to say. He took in most of it, especially the part about the Gods being the entities, but surely there had to be a nice god, there had to be, he was born to a family who went to church for Pete's sake!

When they got to the living room he simply went for a seat nearest to Kilia but straight across from her mother. Then came the part about the question of how it all went down. Luckily before he traveled to the house he saved the template for the ammo type used to free Kilia from the goddess. He could at least say that with absolute earnest and confidence as his green eyes sparkled with said confidence. Hopefully it could ease the small tension between mother and daughter as well. "Must be tough love." he thought.

"To put it bluntly Mrs. Linovahle, I shot a transparent Bird of Prey at Kilia which flew at her and grabbed the Goddess and flew away a good distance with her. It probably dropped her at a hard landing spot. I had to make this new spell on the fly." He stated plainly in a polite manner. "Does that cover how I did it? I had no time to pull out my usual equipment for fighting so I had to improvise."


Peter thought he saw someone catching on fire but it wasn't the apparently relieved boy who pushed him away just as an explosion occurred, propelling them into a room further. "What the Heck was that?!" He noted however that now wasn't that appropriate time for questions and answers as the now limping boy told him to get out through the window.

"You sir are nuts!" He stated as he grabbed a chair and threw it at the window, breaking it before going to pick up the boy and then leaping out of said window and running towards where he parked his car. "Let's get out of here!" His instincts then told him to hurl several more spears through the open window as he fled with the boy in tow.

"By the way, Name's Peter! What's your name little buddy?!" He shouted as he ran for his dear life. "Smooth move Peter, making friends whilst running for your dear, dear life. What's next, we got out and eat chili dogs at the local hot dog place???" he thought in his mind furiously, more angry at himself than anything else. This day had so much potential. Where in heaven's name did it go so wrong?


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#, as written by Siryn

"To put it bluntly Mrs. Linovahle, I shot a transparent Bird of Prey at Kilia which flew at her and grabbed the Goddess and flew away a good distance with her. It probably dropped her at a hard landing spot. I had to make this new spell on the fly. Does that cover how I did it? I had no time to pull out my usual equipment for fighting so I had to improvise."

Kilia's mother lifted an eyebrow as she listened to the explanation of how Robin had extracted the Goddess from her daughter. All the while, Kilia herself tried her hardest not to squirm too much as she sat next to him and watched her mother. She knew exactly what the woman was thinking. Linovahle shrugged her shoulders as she sighed deeply. Reaching up, she ran a hand through her hair, brushing it back from her face and tucking it behind her ear, much like how Kilia did.

"As long as it works. You'll have to work to make it more refined, Johnathan Grey. Know that the spell you used will be the only one that will free her. There's no changing it now. Also realize that it was done on impulse meaning that just because you dragged out this new spell of yours, doesn't mean you did it willingly. Being a Guardian is a hard task, it means that you're going to be following her around every where she goes. You will have an indescribable urge to protect her when a God or Goddess shows up and tries to posses her.

"Should they posses her, you'll be driven to use that spell as many times as it takes to free Kilia from that possession. In simpler words, it means you have no control over your own actions. So apologizing for making this spell on the spot is nothing to me. It simply means that you're indeed a Guardian for her. You should also know that you're her one and only Guardian. There will be no one else for her. Should you die or become in any way unable to help her, no one else will do it for you," Kilia's mother paused in her lecture.

Her gaze narrowed at the boy who sat on the couch across from her, "You understand, right? Even if you don't want to do this anymore, there's no going back now. You have a job to do and I expect you to do it to your utmost capability," Linovahle stood up then and brushed off her clothes a bit before walking around the couch to head into a different room of the house. She paused in the doorway, "That's all I can do for you. The rest is up to you two."

Then her mother left the room. Kilia frowned a bit as she glanced over to Robin. She sighed a bit, though she'd caught the underlying tone in her mothers voice right before she left. The woman was worried about her daughter, but she wasn't in the business of showing it, "Sorry about that. I know she may come off as cold and abrasive. But... she means well I know."


"What the Heck was that?!"

The question seemed rhetorical, so Soran didn't answer really. He only gave the order to go out the window which the boy listened to. Grabbing a chair the youth hurled it at the window as he called out, "You sir are nuts!"

Well... maybe Soran was a little crazy. He was a Seer after all. The blonde haired boy struggled to go after his Guardian, his leg hardly holding him up at all as it burned painfully. Gritting his teeth he used the desks to get as close as he could. However, the boy who had broken the window rushed over to him with different ideas. Hauling him upwards, the youth literally picked up Soran off his feet and leapt out the window.

Startled and completely taken off guard, Soran gasped as he was hauled up and over the shoulder of the stranger. His heart pounded heavily in his chest as both hands gripped a fist full of the boy's shirt as he was thrown over the shoulder like a sack. The boy ran across the school yard, hurling spears behind him as he went. He's really good to be launching those while carrying me he thought with a faint blush. Soran hated the fact that he was being a burden.

"Let's get out of here!"

"Yeah, I would agree," Soran said in reply, though he wasn't sure if his Guardian heard or not. Looking around as best he could, Soran noted that they were headed towards the parking lot. He must have a car... it's the only logical reason to race towards that area, the Seer thought to himself.

"By the way, Name's Peter! What's your name little buddy?!"

"L-little?!" Soran repeated, his face now completely red across his nose and cheeks. He fumbled around as he was still being carried and tried his best to be dignified, "I-I.. I am not little! Wait.. that's not the point... I'm alright, you can put me down now!" he hollered, trying to heave himself off the boys shoulder. Part of him was grateful to be carried as the wait time was lessened for Soran knew he couldn't keep the pace the young boy was, but the other part of him disliked it.

Once he was put down in the parking lot, he glowered at the ground as he waited for Peter to open the car. Once in the vehicle, Soran grumbled a bit as he put on the seat belt, "I'm Soran," he muttered, then proceeded to tell the man a specific address that was not his own, "Go there. It's a Seer family that I know of. Well, they don't know me specifically but all the families know of each other in some way. The Belvedere family will be better than mine," Soran muttered the last part as he leaned against the door with his arm up against the glass of the window.

With a glance back towards the burning school building, he winced slightly at the memory of having been possessed. He hoped that the Belvedere family wouldn't mind his intrusion. The last thing he wanted was to go to his own home and officially announce that he was indeed a Seer. He closed his eyes, an eyebrow coming down in frustration as he tried to ignore the implications of that.


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Peter had reached his car, which was red with white stripes in color as he then set the boy, whom he learned was named Soran. As soon as he unlocked the passenger door Soran managed to get in before he could even say the magic words. He sighed in open thought he he ran to the driver's side and got in and started up the car.

He then heard an address to go to and he raised an eyebrow in question as he explained. "Dunno why these things you say makes sense but alright. Hold on." As Peter said this he started to drive out of the school parking lot. "Alright we are so out of here!" He said as he drove on towards the address Soran gave him.


After several minutes Peter drove towards the Belvedere driveway. "We're here." He stated as he looked around to find a spot to park in and started to do so. "You surely have high end friends buddy. What are these guys rich or something?"


Jonathan could feel her stare upon him and Kilia's Mother explained further on what a guardian does for a seer. At the mention that he made his spell mostly on impulse, and that he has to work on refining his spell as it'll be the only spell to use to free Kilia from any possessions in the future, almost lit some of his warning bells in his head. She went on to explain further he's Kilia's one and only guardian. "Which means we virtually have no freaking backup." he thought in his head. The Grey Knight, who was standing behind Jonathan at that distinct moment, moaned in despair at the news as well, Jonathan didn't bother to acknowledge or yell at it for the moment, they couldn't see him so he can complain all he wants.

Jonathan continued to hear the explanation, which was basically wrapping up his role and that essentially, there's no turning back from it all now. He only nodded his head in understanding as Mrs. Linovahle then made her exit before saying the rest is up to him and Kilia. That was the only part that confused him. He was about to ask further on about it before Kilia started to talk to him.

"No need to apologize. I'm sure your mother did mean well Kilia." He stated as he simply stretched his legs. He also stretched his arms, in which he made a well aimed punch at the Grey Knight's head. The Grey Knight clutched his head in pain before glaring and vanishing. Jonathan sighed. "So I guess it's official then huh?"

At her confirmation he decided to ask Kilia the question that's been bugging him. "What did she mean by the rest is up to us? I'm slightly confused by that."


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#, as written by Siryn

"We're here."

Peter's voice filled the car and Soran looked up from his deep musing. He watched as the car pulled up to a house that looked almost like his own, but smaller. He bit his lip as he reached for the handle of the car door, Is this alright? I hope they don't mind my sudden arrival... I mean, it's not like the families are all 'buddy buddy' with each other he thought to himself. He was feeling rather gloomy as he stepped out of the car.

"You surely have high end friends buddy. What are these guys rich or something?"

"Yeah, you could say that," Soran muttered in response. He walked up with Peter to a man that looked to be a part of the house. His attire certainly said he was. Screams were echoing from the house, giving Soran pause to continue. He wondered what was going on, but as the man who stood talking on the cell phone didn't seem bothered by the noise, the young Seer figured it may be a normal thing.

He frowned, wincing slightly. Even so, he still thought it better than going back to his own place, "Well... here goes nothing," he said to no one in particular.

"I understand perfectly sir, I will do whatever you wish."

Wonder what that was all about.

The man -whom Soran thought was a butler at first- turned and addressed them finally, "Master Reigailia, tis a pleasure, I am Grayson, Master Belvedare's Guardian, my master and his son Tristan are not at home, but I do expect them here shortly, is there anything I could help you with."

"Eh... umm..." Soran glanced over to Peter but before he could formulate any sort of answer, a car drove up behind them and it unloaded a flock of girls. This startled Soran even more and he froze. It wasn't like he was afraid of girls or anything, he just wasn't very good with them, especially in packs of more than two. He watched them in shock as they all passed by to head to the house.

Oh... God... dig me a grave now... just end it, Soran thought with a heavy sigh. One of the girls smiled at him though, she had braces and he felt slightly obliged to smile back, so he did. Soran waved a bit too to try to calm his own nerves and make things a little less awkward.

"I am sorry about that, I shouldn't be so rude but I can guess why you are here, would you like to come inside for some tea."

"You're pretty good to know why we're here," Soran answered back, then ran his hand through his hair, "Sorry... Um. Thanks, I guess. Yeah, I came because... well I've been- er was- possessed by a God. Said his name was Yakosa, a war god," Soran trembled at the memory. His body shuddered and he quickly took a deep breathe to regain himself, "It's... Hard to let my family know. I'm sure you and the Belvedere family know how mine is on this whole matter. Seeing as they want my brother a Seer instead," Soran muttered the last part as his gaze dropped off to the side of the graveled driveway.

"Anyway," he looked up and tried a smile, "Thanks for the hospitality, Grayson. I look forward to meeting the rest of the family. It'll be interesting to see Mr. Belvedere and his son."


"No need to apologize. I'm sure your mother did mean well Kilia."

Kilia dipped her head down, feeling her cheeks flushing a bit as she sat there, her fingers curling into small fists on her knees. Slowly she nodded in agreement, "Yeah, she did."

"So I guess it's official then huh?"

Looking over, at him she nodded her head. With a bit of a sigh, she answered as she smiled at him as warmly as she could, "Yes. It's... official."

"What did she mean by the rest is up to us? I'm slightly confused by that." Robin asked.

"Oh... that," Kilia sighed again as she dropped her gaze to the floor, "It's tradition for most of the families. It's been done for years. Some families are more extreme than others," she said as she lifted her eyes to where her mother had disappeared to, "Basically what she meant is that everything else we have to learn on our own. We have to teach ourselves how to fight the Gods and protect the people while protecting ourselves. She's only given us the necessitates. And that's all we'll ever get. From here on out... it's really up to you and I to figure things out.

"Though I seriously disagree. There's got to be better ways to do things. I mean, we're not in the old days anymore! I think we should be working together with the other families, but that's not her belief. I also believe that not all the Gods are evil like she thinks they are, but..." Kilia's voice had gotten slightly emotional so she stopped herself. Taking a deep, calming breathe, she leaned back in the couch cushions, "Well, whatever. It is what it is. I mean, it really is up to us so..."

She trailed off. Hopefully Robin didn't think she was crazy... she blushed a little at the thought.


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Peter had followed Soran to the front door of the house when he saw another car pull up and open to let out a gaggle of Girls. "Oh my GOSH! We're surrounded by girls!! This is insanity!!!" Peter thought in his head as sweat drops formed on his own forehead in severe worry. How many were there?! Soran had hidden behind him in slight fear and terror of them. Peter was at most, surprised by his reaction at that. "Wow, that was very interesting." He said out loud.

He then heard the Head guardian of this family invite them inside for refreshments. "Huh? Tea? If you got Herbal Tea I'll drink that stuff." Peter said trying to be open and friendly as best as he could as Soran explained the business end of why they were here. He smiled to himself how well he tried to be formal and friendly at the same time. "Well Soran, let's not sit out here like a barrel of wet fish! Let's go in!"


Jonathan listened very very carefully to Kilia as she responded to his statements and question. She talked on how it was tradition to find out on their own how to best fight off the gods and protect her from it. "Wow, that's a lot on the plate, but doable." He stated before she suddenly went up in a small mini-rant.

He listened to her talk about there should be a better way to handle things and such of the like before she talked more absurdly that not all gods are evil. "I only wish the good ones had better control of the others." He said more to himself as she continued on before stopping and just resigning to her original answer and then blushed a bit. That usually means one thing in his book. She thinking that now he thinks she was crazy.

"If only I can admit that people actually think I'm crazy at times." he thought to himself as he looked around the living room looking at all the nick nacks present. His eyes fell upon however, a portrait of a familiar figure, clad in grey armor, holding his sword aloft as if ready to do battle. He got up to take a closer look. "Hmm, interesting portrait of the Grey Knight you got hanging there. My family has some of the original rough sketches, although, not one to say such things, with him being directly my ancestor and all."

"Doh, come on Robin! It's not that horrible is it?!" The "spirit" said as Jonathan turned to Kilia with a bit of a small confident smile. The spirit sighed knowing that he'll try to ignore the fact he's even talking to him before vanishing just like that.

"So then, I suppose then the first thing we need to figure out is living arrangements and then a schedule for training and improvement of spells and physical strength." Jonathan said, "Of course I might have to also probably teach you how to fight too. Hopefully that isn't too much of a problem.

"And probably, once we've figured all that out, we can then, maybe figure out something fun to do. Since we need to probably be friends and all" Jonathan finished before taking a huge breath. He nearly talked himself to death for a moment. Never before had he tried to talk business and try to sound proper at the very same time. He also realized he was talking to a girl who he has to watch over for the rest of his life. His face turned slightly pink when he realized this.


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#, as written by Siryn

"You don't have to say anymore, you could have probably just knocked, nobody ever fucking knocks in this house."

Soran was slightly taken aback as the boy suddenly drew open the door and faced him with a frown on his face. The young blonde haired seer watched him for a while, unsure of what to say next. Maybe it had been a bad idea to come and bother him. Still, Soran couldn't help it. It was another Seer, someone else to talk to that could share in his experience. A sigh left the taller boys lips, making Soran lift an eyebrow.

"For a Reigailia, your kinda not what I expected, yeah I know who your family is, haven't the pleasure though of meetin any of you. Well come in, there is no use for you standing in the hallway."

Soran blushed at this, Not what you expected?! What were you expecting?! Soran thought to himself. He wanted to voice those thoughts as well, but the other Seer didn't give him time to do so as he pulled the door wider and stepped inside the bedroom.

"Close it after you come in, or we won't get any privacy. I just guessing that you turned 20 today too, so you have some clue about what happens on days like these. Maybe I am just more upset than I need to be about it. Well maybe not upset...I don't really know how to describe how I am feeling actually."

Slowly, Soran moved into the room closing the door as he was asked as well. He limped slightly, his thigh cramping up as he tried to work out the muscle once more though it burned. He watched as the boy cleared off a spot on a chair near the bed and moved over to it once it was cleaned to sit upon. Listening to the young Seer's words made Soran frown. He knew what the other boy meant though. It was the same for him really.

"I guess I should introduce myself, since I just started talking to you like we were acquainted, I am Tristan, so what else did you want to talk about."

Soran slowly took his seat, positioning himself just right so as to let his leg rest, but not stretch the burned skin. After he was seated he looked up at Tristan and smiled softly, "I'm Soran. I... I guess I just wanted to talk a little. Anything really," his gaze dropped Why is this so hard? he thought to himself. Usually he was very bright and easy to talk to other people, but for some reason it was very hard in the presence of the other boy.

"U-um," he stuttered again. Have to stop doing that he chided himself, "I was possessed earlier today. It was... so strange and painful," Soran muttered the last part, "Do you think it's like that all the time? I hope not, I don't know if I'll be able to survive that sort of thing again. I also want to apologize, for just showing up here at your home. Its just that I really don't want to go back to my own house. The family is... not easy to get along with. I'm sure they already know that I'm a Seer whereas my brother is not."

Soran sighed and leaned back against the chair. He tilted his head back where he stared at the ceiling of the bedroom for a while before looking back at Tristan, "Sorry, probably shouldn't dump this on you, I'm sure you have enough to worry about and deal with as it is. Your house is... kinda crazy," Soran laughed a bit as he said that hoping to not offend the other boy.


"Wow, that's a lot on the plate, but doable." Robin said before Kilia went off on her tangent. She blushed a bit at the thought that he was willing to do so much with someone he'd just met too.

"I only wish the good ones had better control of the others."

Slowly she nodded in agreement to his statement.

"Hmm, interesting portrait of the Grey Knight you got hanging there. My family has some of the original rough sketches, although, not one to say such things, with him being directly my ancestor and all."

"You're his ancestor?" Kilia about came out of her seat as he was looking at one of the pictures on the vanity. She watched him with wide eyes, awe and shock rushing through her, "Honestly I'd always thought that to be a myth of sorts. That's so amazing," she muttered to herself.

"So then, I suppose then the first thing we need to figure out is living arrangements and then a schedule for training and improvement of spells and physical strength. Of course I might have to also probably teach you how to fight too. Hopefully that isn't too much of a problem. And probably, once we've figured all that out, we can then, maybe figure out something fun to do. Since we need to probably be friends and all."

Kilia was taken aback at first as he told her everything that he had in mind. Wow, so fast to adapt she thought to herself. She admired that actually. Kilia herself wasn't all that great at taking a situation and adapting to it like that. She couldn't quite get her mind wrapped around his words as she was marveling at how quickly he put things together. Kilia stared at him for quite sometime before it all sank in.

"W-wait! You want... t-too train me?" Kilia stood then, her hands raising up as she watched him with wide eyes, her heart pounding hard in her chest, "I-I... Robin... I really... I really don't know," she started to pace then, wringing her wrists and biting her lower lip.

Shaking her head she calmed herself, "I... I will try," she resigned herself quickly. It was probably for the best anyway. Besides, he was going to find out soon enough that she wasn't all that great at fighting at all, "In any case, I do hope that we'll be friends," she smiled brightly, trying to ignore her writhing nerves about the prospect of fighting.


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Peter was in utter shock about the explanation given to him. He actually almost thought his eyes would pop out of their sockets when he saw the demonstration Grayson pulled with his abilities. The teapot suddenly started to have steam coming out of its spout. "That is a neat mind bending trick." He stated as he grabbed the herbal tea bag and set it by the teapot. "Alright, so you're saying I need to improvise on my opponents when they come? That sounds easy enough, though control might be easier said then done I'm unsure."


"If he's a Myth then I'm a figment of your imagination." Jonathan replied to Kilia when she talked about the grey knight. "Though granted some bits of his story have gotten lost in the mix or exaggerated. He smiled after stating that and then he let everything he told her on their next move on the whole thing.

She seemed shocked and a bit nervous about being trained on how to fight. "Well I certainly would like to. But I think it should be baby steps when it comes down to it. But ultimately, I want to trust you to watch my back. When of course you're not possessed." He could tell she was trying to not show her nervousness about training with him.

"Well, first things first is kind of a main question. It's the living arrangements. I suppose in the simplistic terms to ultimately phrase my question incredibly carefully. Where do I sleep?" He asked in a polite calm voice.

"You could always sleep in her room." The grey knight's voice said in his head. This "Spirit" was making too many freaking visits today. And it was starting to annoy Jonathan to a point. Jonathan went to the couch to sit down and to try and relax for a few moments until Kilia gave him an answer on the particular subject.


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#, as written by Siryn

"Well I certainly would like to. But I think it should be baby steps when it comes down to it. But ultimately, I want to trust you to watch my back. When of course you're not possessed."

Kilia stumbled a bit. He was serious about this. He really wanted to train her to fight. The young Seer was no fighter at all. She didn't even like the idea at all. If anything she could maybe protect him from harm, but as far as fighting went, she was so not good at it and not even all that driven to do so.

"I... I... Robin. I... just don't know..." Kilia tried to voice her position but she also realized that he was going to be depending on her. If it was anything, she didn't like disappointing someone who depended on her. Finally, she released a sigh and reached up to run her fingers through her hair.

"Alright, I'll do my best Robin. It's just that, I'm really not a fighter and I don't like the idea at all."

"Well, first things first is kind of a main question. It's the living arrangements. I suppose in the simplistic terms to ultimately phrase my question incredibly carefully. Where do I sleep?" Robin switched topics then and she was somewhat relieved except then she had to figure out their sleeping arrangements. She supposed it was the practical thing to do because he was now her Guardian and should she ever need him, he'd have to be close by.

"Uh... um... well," she glanced around then it hit her, "I do have extra rooms upstairs. Come, I'll show you. It is getting rather late isn't it and I'm sure that you're tired by now," she began rambling like she always did and started towards the stair case that was down the hall where her mother had disappeared off to earlier. Taking the steps one at a time, she led him up to the second level of the house and down the dimly lit hall.

Stopping at a door, she opened it up to their spare bedroom. It had once belonged to her brother, "Here. You can stay in here. It's right next to my room," she motioned to the room in question which was to their left, "This used to be my brothers room. Anyhow. You can stay here. I hope it's alright."


"God I hope not," Tristan said to the remark that Soran had made about the possession being awful. The blonde Seer nodded in agreement.

"So that other guy, he is your guardian."

"Yeah. He is," Soran sighed a bit, though he was grateful for the other boy, he was a bit saddened by it too. The kid was now stuck with him for the rest of his life, protecting Soran whether he wanted to or not, "It sucks that he has to do this though."

"Wait your brother, they wanted him instead of you, I don't know you seem perfectly capable of handling yourself, unless you are a figment of my imagination and didn't survive your first possession."

To this, Soran yet again blushed, his gaze widening as he looked up at Tristan. He was unsure of how to answer this and instead just sat there staring at the other boy in shock. Was that a compliment? he thought to himself. He was unsure of how to go about this now. First of all, the boy was rather good looking and second he sort of was Soran's type. He bit his lip to keep from thinking too much into it. He hardly knew the other Seer!

"My family is...kinda crazy too," Tristan laughed too as he agreed with Soran.

The blonde Seer was finally knocked out of his trance at the sound, though the sound alone almost put him back into it. He smiled too, his face burning slightly as he fought back the blush. Reaching up he ran his hand through his hair, "Yeah. I know what you mean. A-anyway, umm..." here we go again, damn it Soran cleared his throat.

Feeling that he'd probably overstayed his visit he stood up only to fall back down into the chair with a hiss of pain, his fingers reaching down to clutch the burning wound, "Ow... ow," he muttered to himself, wincing with a frown. He glowered at his leg, cursing it inwardly, "Sorry... I don't mean to be such a burden. Anyway, I should probably get going to have it looked at. It was really nice to meet you. I," he stumbled as he lifted his gaze to Tristan, "I hope we can meet again soon," he offered a smile.


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Peter Poured himself a cup of herbal tea and started to drink it whilst he was thinking. "Hmm." He said to himself. "Well, I know I fought a god with a title and status. What happens if a lesser known deity decides to pick a fight? Or do they just usually run like the sissies you claim them to be?"

His question was slightly legitimate in its nature. But he wasn't sure if it was exactly appropriate in its execution. "No offense to any that are sissies, I just feel like when I fight something it's a bit more fun having to be attacked."


Jonathan could tell Kilia was nervous about fighting lessons. He'll probably not only need baby steps on that subject, he is going to need to put training wheels on her after she's learned the basics!! What more can he do?

"Eh, least it's a start of a very beautiful friendship!" The Grey Knight stated as Jonathan sighs as he then hears Kilia mention several guest rooms. He sighs in relief of the slight distraction. He followed her up the stairs as he looked at more different stuff in the house, and then he finally approached the room she designated as his.

"Your Brother's? Wow did he like, move out or something?" He asked in an incredibly honest voice. He never saw a room so ordinary as this, it's as if the brother picked all of the valuables in here before he moved out or something along those lines.


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#, as written by Siryn

"You're hurt. Why didn't you mention it? Please just sit there, I will get something to help."

Soran bit his lip as he did as he was told, glaring at his leg. Forgot about that... he cursed himself as he sat there, one hand gripping the leg just above the burn wounds. The door opened again and Tristan walked back in with a box in hand. The young blonde Seer was sure that it was a first aid kit of sorts. He eyed it for a moment before looking back to the dark haired boy who knelt down next to him.

"Um... Can you roll up your pant leg...or um something." Tristan's face was starting to color and once Soran noticed, so did his.

Glancing down at his leg he tilted his head off to the side. To roll the pant leg up all the way to his thigh was near impossible. The next thought was even worse. Taking them off. Soran paused for a moment. The silence hung between them, growing more awkward by the second. Finally, the blonde Seer cleared his throat.

"U-um... I... I could tear it, I suppose. Or you could wrap it on the outside of the pant leg... Well I guess that would defeat the purpose hu? I don't think taking them off would be a good idea," his voice squeaked a bit at the last few words and he turned away quickly, fussing with his hair as he cleared his throat.

"I-I mean, not that it would be be a bad idea or anything, but well... Um. H-here," he finally muttered and reached over to the torn pant leg and tugged at it. It took a moment, but finally the fabric ripped under his grip and he pulled it apart gently so that Tristan could get to the wound properly. Damn it all to hell... what's wrong with me? This is ridiculous, I'm acting like a freaking girl. he chided himself and swallowed dryly.

"There," he said after clearing his throat for the second time, "Is that alright?" he gestured to the larger hole he'd made in the jeans.


"Your Brother's? Wow did he like, move out or something?"

Kilia reached up and ran a few fingers through her hair as she frowned slightly, "Sort of, I guess."

She recalled the time when her brother had hit his twentieth cycle and the family had found out that he was not a Seer. Kilia had been very young at the time and so she didn't remember much about him. All she could remember was a soft voice, a warm smile and hands that used to pat her head often. Then it was gone, almost in an instant.

"I didn't know him very well, so to me you could say this is a guest room. But, feel free to use anything that's in there, though there's not much."

Her eyes grew wide for a moment, "Hey, what about your family Robin? What are they going to think when they notice you haven't come home yet?" she eyed him with worry in her gaze, hoping that he would be alright in either respect.


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The eyes with pupils glanced around quickly. People were staring at him. Shaking his head, Rethyn turned left at the corner of the street as he looked for a way to get off the street. It had only been a few days since the car crash. At least it only felt like a few days since the crash, but now everything was different.

Spotting a nearby alley way Rethyn quickly ducked into it. Moving along at a rather quick pace away from the entrance he was rather glad to be out of public. Nobody really liked his face. Well, his face was a mask to them, but it was all the same as both displayed appearances right? Exhaling he tried not to think about it as it only made him more frustrated with everything.

Stopping in the dead center of the alleyway something felt right. A certain aura to this area felt right, it called him to come forth but it moved.

"Kazar?" He thought to himself wishfully.

Within the shadows he felt the the aura. It was semi close to him being a quarter of a mile away from where he stood in the alleyway. Nodding to himself he knew it would be worth the jump. However, at the same time he knew he would tire himself a little in doing so. But that was worth the risk of not having to follow the aura anymore.

Exhaling Rethyn placed his hand gently on his gas mask for a moment. It was no rubber one rather a strapped on one of which had straps on the sides. Looking downwards he took in one last inhale before starting the teleportation to the east of his current location. With a quick wap! like sound Rethyn vanished from the alleyway.

Reappearing on top of what seemed to be a home, Rethyn looked down to feel the aura just below him. This is the closest he had gotten to the aura since he had awoken. Deep within he felt an excitement of which he felt he had not had in such a long time. Slowly stepping across the roof, Rethyn looked for a way to get off it and into the home.


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Peter was left alone by himself as he drank his tea. Nothing seemed to break the calm, if not controlled chaos. He half wondered what the two seers were talking about upstairs, but before he could think on that thought further, he half thought he heard some form of noise. It sounded like nothing at first, but it sounded like something was on the roof. Or some one. if it was some form of prowler Peter decided to give the person an incredibly warm welcome.

Moving for the fireplace he slowly got ready to summon a fire spear to hurl upwards. The notion it might be a burglar highly irked him to the point of anger.


Jonathan was setting a small backpack that held the majority of his spare clothing and was pulling them out to organize them. He then heard Kilia worry about his family's well being and/or if he was expected back home. Home, that was a word he hasn't heard in a long long time. He left the home of his Parent's after Graduating high school and was on his own ever since.

Should he tell her that? "Well, I could tell her without raising a lot of questions in her head." he thought. If he could do that, then that should put her mind at ease. But what if she pried further? What if she figured out about his former night job? The job he knew he had to force retire from after taking the Guardian job. What if she hates him for doing it? And worse, what if she found out he's seeing something only he could see and can't explain what it is?

"I'll be fine Kilia. I moved out of my Parents after high school. My home was mostly my Motorbike and whatever I stopped at for the night." He explained. "So this is the first homely place I've been to."

"Check out the bed Robin!" The Grey Knight shouted whilst resting on said bed before vanishing. Jonathan sighs whilst getting the last few bits of clothing sorted and organized. Some spare clothing! Looked more like pajamas and only spare pants and several shirts, along with only two pairs of socks. His clothing availability was disappointing at best. Hopefully he could find a way to get more clothing soon.

Jonathan scratched his head in thought of how to use the rest of his newfound space. "What to do now?" He wondered aloud to himself.


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Rethyn brought his hands into his pockets as he started walking towards Greyson. All of the teleporting and roaming this day had him a little tired. This was made apparent from Rethyn's loud breathing through his gas mask as he caught his breath. The young man seemed to take his time as he walked towards Grayson.

Finally catching his breath, Rethyn stopped just in front of Greyson as he asked very bluntly.

"Where's Kazar?"

Several thoughts were racing through his mind as he spoke to Greyson. Had they kidnapped her? It would explain the barrier he teleported past. However he didn't have enough evidence to make such a rash claim. He would for now play it off very calmly and as normal as he possible could. Sadly though he knew inside he failed in that department. Nobody had looked normally at him since his return.

And of course within his pocket he had his right hand on the hilt of his serrated knife. A pro-caution just in case things went very south. In anticipation Rethyn kept his grey-blue eyes upon Greyson as he awaited his answer. Through the thick plastic glass of the gas mask Greyson would be able to see the grey blue eyes of Rethyn. Just like his sister's eyes there were no pupils.


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#, as written by Siryn

"Its fine," Tristan's voice muttered and Soran gave a soft sound almost like pitiful moan.

"This might sting."

"Okay," Soran said softly as he tried to prepare himself by gripping the edge of the chair he was seated on.

"So tell me about your powers."

Startled by the question, Soran just looked up at the boy whose head was dipped down as he started working on the injury. He watched the dark hair as it moved ever so slightly as he opened the bottle of liquid and got some on his fingers. For a single moment, Soran wanted to see if Tristan's hair was as soft as it looked. He bit his lip suddenly as the boy touched the wound. Hissing in a deep breath he realized why Tristan had asked him the question.

"I-I" he stumbled as he tried to start talking past the intense stinging he was experiencing, "Nnn. Damn, stings," he hissed, leaning his head back he clenched his jaw and closed his eyes for a moment, "I can create things. Complex designs. Whatever you want really. Anything from a forest to a house, to an entire city if you wanted. I'm really good with computers too. I actually sort of work for my dad creating new systems for our magic. I also like to... gah!" he flinched as Tristan touched a particularly sensitive part of the burned skin, "I like to hack into other systems. Keeps me busy. I can create powerful weapons too, usually sniper rifles and things like that," he let out a sigh as Tristan leaned away.

Looking down at his leg that was finally bandaged and not hurting, he grinned at the boy as he leaned away from Soran, "Thank you, that feels much better."

"Well since it is still our birthdays, would you like to go celebrate, or something...I mean with me."

Soran's face ignited into a hot blush once more, his eyes growing wide at Tristan's words. He stuttered a bit as he tried to answer, "I-I... Wou-would that be alright? I mean, did you really want to celebrate with me? Th-that would be... Very nice," he muttered the last part as he slowly dropped his gaze down to floor, his fingers absently playing with the bandage over his leg.

Then his eyes brightened and he swiped his right hand next to his body and the magic system pulled up, the clear surface glowing slightly as he looked over to Tristan with a bright smile, "I can create anything, what would you like?"

A loud sound filled the air, almost like something was crackling across the surface of something else. The house shuddered violently. Soran gasped as he looked towards the door. What the hell is that!? looking outside as he thought, he realized it was night already. Time had gone so quickly. The sound occurred again and the house shuddered even more the second time. Standing up, he moved to the window as he looked out into the yard that was Tristan's.

A third sound rocked the house and what looked like a shining light rippled across the yard. Soran's gasp was filled with recognition and fear the second time. His gaze landed upon a figure standing just outside what he now recognized as the barrier around the house. Grayson much have had that erected, he was a Guardian after all.

The golden eyed God was currently throwing his fire at the barrier and he was winning against it. Soran's heart thrummed hard in his chest as he watched. The golden gaze set on him and he stumbled backwards right into Tristan, "Ah! Tristan... S-sorry. Damn it... you have to be with Grayson, since you don't have a Guardian right now, quickly!" he started to urge the boy towards his bedroom door, his heart lurching into his throat.

"That god... that god is Yakosa. He... he's the one who..." Soran choked as he recalled what he'd done to his best friends. His fingers gripped tight to Tristan's arm as he'd been holding the boy in his haste to leave the room and join the Guardian's in the living quarters. "Killed them..." he hiccuped as he tried to keep his tears from falling and clouding his vision as well as the sorrow from clouding his conscious.


"I'll be fine Kilia. I moved out of my Parents after high school. My home was mostly my Motorbike and whatever I stopped at for the night. So this is the first homely place I've been to."

Kilia's face softened, "Oh, I see," she answered him. She knew when it was appropriate to ask more questions and when it wasn't. This was one of those times to not ask any more questions. She smiled as she stood in the doorway and watched him unpack what little he had. She half wished she'd ridden the bike with him. Kilia had never been up on a bike before and she wondered what it was like.

"What to do now?"

Kilia giggled as she stood there, "Well, if you're hungry or anything I can make us a little something to eat. Here, I'll be right back. I think we have something for sandwiches, I hope that's alright," she offered as she turned into the hallway and headed down the stairs to the kitchen.

Working her way into the kitchen, she moved around rather quickly. Grabbing the bread, a knife and two plates, she went to the refrigerator and pulled out some of the turkey meat they had. She was in the middle of making the food when she heard a strange sound behind her. Turning slowly she looked out the large glass windows that opened up to the forested area behind her house.

The knife fell from her fingers, clattering to the floor and she turned on her heel to head for the stairs. Kilia was too slow in reaction though. The glass windows shattered as the barrier her mothers Guardian placed up shattered. The young Seer was hurled forward, a terrified scream escaping her lips as she went crashing into the waiting room. Her back hit the couch, stopping her from rolling any further.

The Goddess strode into the room right behind her, glowing orange eyes swirling with a cold malice that froze Kilia's blood. She watched the woman slowly make her way into the home. Finally she screamed again, "Robin!!"

At the back of the house she could hear her mother's voice ordering her Guardian. Kilia wasn't sure who was going to be faster though, but she could only hope that one of them would reach her first as the Goddess moved to reach out to the young Seer. Kilia struggled to stand, but her body was weak from fear and hitting the floor had bruised up her knees, making them lock up on her.



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Linovahle Residence, (Kilia and Jonathan)

Jonathan had simply nodded and watched as she left. Half smiling to himself he wondered exactly how their partnership will work. "Hey, Jonathan. Since it's now the two of us, let's think about how to decorate this place." The Grey Knight stated with a small smile on his face.

"Go find a deep hole or bug another family member you ghost, spirit, hallucination, AI, thing. Whatever you are. Haven't you given my mind enough trouble?" Jonathan asked rhetorically. He sighed as he then felt a sudden rumbling and shaking noise. "Great Grandpa Damian? Please tell me that wasn't your stomach."

"Sh!" Was all Jonathan got in answer of the Grey Knight as he listened very carefully at the noise. "You're gonna have company in a moment Robin, better strategize now." As Jonathan looked at the Grey knight strangely and was about to ask what he meant, suddenly he felt a pushing force and heard the sound of several windows in other rooms breaking along with something else breaking as well. He hit his head on the wall and groaned for a moment. Then he heard Kilia screaming and shouting for him.

"Kilia!" He said in alarm as he ran towards the hallway and stairs. "Wait for me Numbnuts!!" the Grey Knight angrily shouted, "And use your swords this time instead of that Flimsy gun!!"

Jonathan was about to retort on what was wrong with Grave, but he knew the answer well, Whilst Grave was good for ranged combat, he had an accuracy problem if the light shone in his eyes. His swordsmanship skills on the other hand were good, close to being near best. But he didn't know, he hasn't dueled any of the World's best sword wielders. It'd be one thing off his Bucket list.

He reached the stairs and ran down towards Kilia's screams and stops short near the entry.

"First, analyze the situation. Don't go charging in without thinking." Jonathan thought to himself. He looked carefully and saw Kilia on the floor near the couch and saw The other woman, her golden eyes making her almost unnatural to believe is real.

"Jon, you'd better fight that entity quick!!" The Grey Knight said. Robin was about to shout at the Grey Knight but he quickly clamped his mouth shut. He slowly brought out his Magic System and started to Summon his twin Hand and a Half Swords. The 'Wings of Freedom' as the template was called.

He then walked out slowly, the swords appearing in his hand. They looked like dazzling craftsmanship, the twin silver blades shone like starlight upon a moonlit night, they almost looked so similar to each other. The only main difference is the color of their hilts. One was a black color, almost akin to a Raven's Eye. The other was as blue as the summer sky.

Then he did possibly the most dangerous thing in his life. He started to get the other woman's attention by tapping his swords together in a singular rhythm.

"Hey. Step away from the girl." He said as he got in a ready stance, holding one sword almost parallel to the ground whilst the other in a defensive position.

Kilia looked up as she heard Robin come down the stairs. In his hands were a pair of swords, she would have been in awe at their beauty had it not been for the certain situation she was presently in. Her heart hammered hard in her chest as she lay there, combating both fear and her bodies unwillingness to move. The Goddess that had been making her way towards Kilia stopped. Behind her, in the hall next to the staircase, Kilia spotted her mother, her arm out against the Guardian's chest. They were going to watch for the moment. Kilia's mother wanted to see what Robin was capable of. It made Kilia's stomach churn, the families (or rather her own) were not the greatest when it came to parenting.

The Goddesses orange gaze slid over to the boy standing there, her eyes lit up just a bit, "The Grey Knight. Or rather an ancestor of him. I can see his ghost follows you around," the Goddess commented lightly. Kilia's eyebrow lifted but she didn't think on it too much.

"Robin..." she called softly, "Be careful."

"Don't worry, little Seer, I won't hurt him too much. Just enough to make him unable to move anymore. That way he can watch this house burn with everyone in it. You'll help me to do that," the woman said smoothly. Lifting her hand, a spark of energy gathered there before crackling into brilliant flashes of light that snapped and popped all along her fingers, "Well, what are you waiting for, boy?"

"The only one who shall burn is thou. I am not the Grey Knight, but you're right about my direct Lineage to him. But Grey I am not. I am his successor who's light shall burn more brightly then he, I am the Silver Knight." After giving that introduction he watched her carefully at the spells the goddess had. "This won't end well, just relax, keep calm, and breathe, then fight!" He thought. He then ran towards the Goddess, his arms still locked in the stance he was in, he struck at the woman with one blade and keeping the other in a defensive manuver, hoping he lands the first strike.

"Son of a Black Dragon Broodmother! She sees me?!?!" Damian the Grey Knight shouted to himself in surprise.

The Goddess arched an eyebrow, "Silver Knight is it? Well then, lets see how well you stand up to me," she grinned as he rushed her. The blade slashed out at her and she backstepped, avoiding the attack. Her hand still held the power, crackling all along her palm and wrist, slowly snaking up to her elbow, "You've good form, little knight. Perhaps I should introduce myself, yes? Veia, Goddess of Destruction. It's such a pleasure," she hissed the last word as she lunged forward after dodging his attacks. Her hand covered in the power didn't aim for him particularly, but for his sword where it would conduct far faster the electric power rushing across her arm.

Jonathan's eyes widened as he realized that this was possibly a powerful goddess he was facing, not only that she knew his Lineage. Which means she knew Not only His Ancestor, but the other Two knights whom he rode with. Samuel The Gold, and Samuel's Twin Brother, Darion the Onyx, also Called Turncoat, and Dark One.

Mentally shaking off the realization, he barely had time to move his sword, but the electric current caught hold of his Sword and sent the shock upwards in his arm. He grimaced in pain and stepped back a bit but he held his ground as he gave a motion to attack her head, if she raised her arms up to block the blow, or even move the other way, he'd swiftly change the direction of his blade to slice at her midsection, hoping to scratch her.

Behind the Couch Damian was watching, almost biting his nails in shock and anticipation to see if his Descendant had what it took to actually succeed his Legacy.

"Robin!" Kilia shouted as the Goddess's power raced up his sword and struck him. She moved then, her knees finally unlocking from the jarring blow she'd taken a few minutes ago. Stumbling a bit she stood up, but then she wasn't sure what she was going to do to help. She wasn't a fighter, and she certainly wasn't going to get in the way to make things worse for him. She was a healer! Grinding her teeth a bit, she struggled with herself for several moments.

"Why!? Why do you insist on doing these things?!" She shouted.

The Goddess Veia moved, dropping back from the swing to her head, she felt the other weapon come at her midsection. It cut through her clothes and skin, but nothing seriously deep to keep her from fighting. With a slight hiss, she glowered at the Silver Knight, "You don't understand anything you ignorant little girl," the Goddess growled back, "The Gods are at war with each other and in order to survive we need more power. That power comes from you humans. There are millions of you, while there are only a handful of us. Don't you think it's only natural to take what is plentiful, much like you humans take for yourselves?"

Kilia was shocked at the explanation, her eyes wide. She couldn't comprehend or keep up with the words the woman was saying. Slowly she shook her head, "That's just.... wrong."

"Wrong?" Veia laughed a bit, "What is so wrong about wishing to live? We will do anything, just like humans do. After all, you're all created after our image," she hissed and dropped down to the floor. Both hands pressed against the carpet. The popping and crackling sound of her magic seemed to intensify as she quite literally electrified the floor. For one moment the red carpeting was only that, in the next it exploded with flashing light. Kilia screamed as the power rushed over her frame. Her mother was taken into the kitchen where the carpet changed to tile, her Guardian, however took the brunt of the attack just as he had pushed the woman into the other room. Both he and Kilia dropped to the floor.

"Jonathan! Jump!" Damian shouted as Jonathan made a backwards flip towards the kitchen and slid a bit from the force of the static shock. Instinct took over as Jonathan started Growling, not just the growl a human does to indimidate, no. He started growling akin to an angered animal. His Gentle Green eyes turned into fierce, gleaming Emeralds, which glowered at the Goddess, almost close to piercing into her Orange Orbs.

Standing up and returning to his stance he walked back slowly, like a predator stalking his next meal, both swords now out in offensive positions. Veia called down the thunder by injuring Kilia and almost crushing her spirit. Jonathan leaped at The Goddess, giving a howling war cry as he swung at her with one blade and prepared to lunge into her chest with the other.

In the Meanwhile, Damian, who wasn't exactly touched by the world of the living anymore walked to Kilia's form and tried to pat her shoulder in a reassuring way, only for his hand to pass through her. Damian could only sigh At that occurrence but looked almost shocked when Robin suddenly went on the offensive. "Holy Mother of!" He shouted in surprise.

Kilia moaned as she lay on the floor. Everything was numbed, she was slightly thankful for that since the burning pain a moment before was not something very pleasant. Still, she could hardly focus as she watched Robin lung furiously at the woman. She tried to tell him to be careful, but she couldn't find her voice.

Veia moved quickly, backstepping again to just barely avoid the attack. However he kept coming at her, the other weapon aimed for the center of her chest. Dropping down, she caught the sword just as it passed through her shoulder. Wincing, she ground her teeth and stood again. Pushing forward, she could feel the steel moving deeper through the thick muscle of her arm, right between the shoulder joint and collar bone. Her fingers wrapped around the blade and she unleashed another, more violent jolt down the blade of the weapon, "What's wrong, Silver Knight? Are you angry about something?" she hissed, a small grin on her face despite the pain on her wound.

Jonathan clenched his teeth in pain as he kept glowering at Veia. "No, you simply just awoken the Monster in me. Plain and simple." Jonathan stated through the pain of the Jolt as he Lifted his foot to Veia's Abdomen and kicked hard to push her out of his sword. "The Beast inside that hungers for the Dark Souls. The thing that makes all Evil Tremble on it's very wake!"

As he said this he again walked menacingly as he prepared to strike her again, this time, with a lunge aimed perfectly at her heart. "The Beast that yearns to defeat you!" He then jumped forward to give the lunge more momentum In it's strike. Sweat was pouring from his head, hoping it would be over soon.

"By all that's Holy! I knew it!!" Damian shouted in amazement. "He is My Successor! after Centuries of Searching my bloodline, a worthy successor in the Grey legacy!!" Damian could hardly contain his enthusiasm.

"My my," Veia muttered as her back hit the wall. With no where left to go, she could only accept his approach. She smiled as his weapon cut through the center of her chest. Reaching out she gripped the weapon tightly to hold him there a while longer, "Did you know, to be a God means eternal life? Only a God can kill another God. You may have defeated me here, but I will see you again, little Silver knight. Few are a worthy opponent for one such as myself," she said as her body electrified. The sharp crackling filled the air and stretched out to every part of the house. Kilia tried to move, still numb from the heavy hit she'd taken.

"Robin..." she called, trying to warn him to move away from the Goddess. She could already feel the popping of static under her hands. It didn't hurt, yet, but she knew it was going to grow as the Goddess unleashed her power, every ounce of it. Veia wasn't called the Goddess of Destruction for nothing, after all. She was going to tear the house apart and the electricity was already exploding the lights and electrical stuff in the house. Kilia grit her teeth, trying to keep from crying out a second time. Across the carpet, the light danced, growing steadily brighter. In the Kitchen, her mother yelled for Kilia to get up, but she couldn't.

Jonathan could feel the electricity building up in the goddess, he also knew if he didn't act fast, she'd destroy the whole house, with everyone in it. Gritting his teeth and groaning in pain, he used the last ounce of strength he could muster for that possible moment to lift Veia off her feet, looking at the forest nearby, he Swung out towards it, his swords vanishing at the timing of it, hopefully sending Veia flying into the forest. "Flugel der Freiheit." He uttered tiredly, his face starting to contort with the pain and exhaustion.

He turned to Kilia and started to walk but he fell to his knees as he started to drag himself towards her. "Kilia..." He said painfully as he dragged himself in pain. "Don't you worry Robin, she's fine. You gotta save your strength unless you want to collapse from Exhausition."

Much to Damian's sarcasm, Robin collapsed on the floor.

Veia was surprised at such strength exhibited to her as he literally lifted her up with his weapon and tossed her to through the ruptured window, the hole she'd created not to long ago to get into the house. She hit the floor and rolled outside. With a cackling laugh her body exploded into a brilliant flash of light and crackling electricity. The explosion was almost too bright too look at and Kilia ducked her head down to avoid being blinded by the light.

Her breath sounded loud in her ears as the young Seer rolled over onto her side slowly. Movement caught her attention as Robin turned towards her. He stumbled a bit as he tried to get to her and then he fell to all fours giving her quite a jolt of fear. Her name fell off his lips and she felt a sharp pang through her chest. He's hurt... she thought to herself sadly. Her hand stretched out for him as he moved towards her still. Her voice was sharp as he crumpled completely to the floor, "Robin!"

"Kilia!" her mothers voice interrupted her only slightly. The woman's hands wrapped around her shoulders and dragged her upwards, "Are you alright?"

"Robin..." she moaned slightly, trying to free herself from her mothers grip to get to her Guardian, "Robin... Mother let go."

The woman did as she was asked of her daughter and Kilia crawled to him as quickly as she could. Swiping opened her magic system, she started on a healing spell much to the dismay of her mother who tried to stop her. Shrugging off the older woman, she continued. It was a simple spell, nothing extravagent for Kilia wasn't ever good at that, but she could at least give him some energy and lessen the pain of the shock he'd taken a handful of times. Dragging the spell off the tablet, she let it flood the boy on the floor. Green light enveloped him. Little bubbles of green and blue floated up around him as she let the magic flow. When it was finished, she let herself lay down feeling far too tired to do anyting else. She rested there, watching him eargerly and trying to stay awake. The moment she knew he was alright, she was going to sleep.

Jonathan groaned in pain as he opened his eyes. "Did I beat her?" He asked tiredly as he struggled to sit up. He was In some degree better for some unknown reason and turned to see Kilia laying near him. "Kilia, are you okay??" He said in relative alarm. He had a feeling of what her mother would do to him if he didn't check on her condition.


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"Did I beat her?"

Kilia's mother was next to them instantly, she gave a strange look to Jonathan. Whether it was one out of worry or anger, one couldnt' be sure. Finally she seemed to answer, "Yes. But beaten isn't the word I would use."

"Kilia, are you okay??"

"Idiot," Kilia's mother snapped as she pulled at her daughters frame, "She's unconscious, no thanks to you either," the woman snapped though her voice was betraying the words. There was worry laced there instead of anger, "She is your first priority. Never put her in danger like that again, is that clear, Guardian?"

Jonathan jumped at how Kilia's mother turned protective of Kilia and his eyes widened at her stern warning. "Crystal." He responded. He looked both hurt, tired, and angered, the last part more to himself more then others, never before did he feel incompetent. And Kilia's mother stomped on his self esteem.

"You did a Great Battle! I am so proud of you!" Damian shouted to the skies. Jonathan couldn't take it anymore, he had put up with Damian long enough for this day and he was tired and almost didn't care about if Anyone saw or not, but he gave a full punch to the Grey Knight's stomach before getting up and heading to the stairs.

"I've had enough of ghosts for one day." He said to himself.

"Son of a Broodmother that hurts!!" Damian shouted.

Kilia's mother lifted an eyebrow, "What in the name... Oh never mind. Jonathan!" she snapped, "Take her to her room, I trust you can do that much, yes? Get her into bed, she'll rest until tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we'll discuss... other Guardian duties in thorough detail," she said with narrowed eyes. Going into the kitchen she called back to him over her shoulder, "And when you get her to her room safely come back down here and take a bowl of water and cloth to her room as well. Surely you know what to do with that," her irritation showed through this time. Still, there was the underlying tenderness that one could easily miss if they weren't paying attention.

Jonathan stopped and turned around at the first part of the order he was given. He walked to Kilia and picked her up carefully and carried her to her room, luckily he memorized that his room was across from her. As he went up he sighed and rolled his eyes. Heading back downstairs, he didn't bother to answer or make eye contact with anyone. He felt more like he was failing in his job this first day as he recieved the bowl and cloth. Walking back towards the stairs Damian tried to follow.

"I said enough haunting me today Damian Grey." he said to himself and kicked Damian sharply, sending the poor ghost rolling down the stairs. Damian landed on his face when he stopped rolling.

"Ouch!" The ghost shouted angrily. "The Nerve! I help mentor him from beyond the grave and That's the thanks I get?!"

Jonathan walked back to Kilia's room and proceeded to soak the cloth and put it on her forehead. "I feel like such a fool. I defeat a deity and I seemed to get the short end of the stick. My discipline has wavered...I'm so stupid."

Kilia shifted around on her bed. Something fell from her forehead and she opened her eyes as she felt the luke warm wetness fall from her face. With a strange look on her face she looked to see the cloth lying on the pillow next to her head. Picking it up, she put it on the nightstand next to her. Crumpling back onto the pillow, not out of energy but out of being comfortable, she sighed slightly. The covers and overall fluffiness of her bed was so comfortable. She didn't wish to move at all. In fact, she almost fell back asleep until she remembered what had happened the night before. With a sharp gasp she flew upright.

"Robin!?" she called in fear. Was he alright?

Jonathan was slumbering in his bed, having for the first time a good sleep. The sunlight hit his eyes and he decided to do his daily tradition of meditation. Getting to a sitting position he started uttering a family prayer. "The Star has seven points of light, we try to understand each ones meaning, strive to become one with the ideals the-"

Suddenly he heard someone calling out his name from across the hall. Wait...across the Hall?!?

Falling out of his bed he got up to rush to Kilia's room, not realizing he didn't have a shirt on when he bolted into her room and nearly tripping over himself. "Kilia, are you alright!?" He said before he stopped himself from saying more as he realized too late his epic bumble. But he swore he had A shirt on when he fell asleep. There was only one culprit.

Damian was whistling in Jonathan's room twirling a shirt around before throwing it on the bed chuckling to himself. "That's for last night ya ungrateful haggis."

"Robin! Are you alright?" her innitial response to his bursting into her room probably wasn't normal, but her only worry was if he was alright especially considering her terrible latency with the magic system and how much damage he'd taken anyway. It only dawned her after the fact (and quite a few minutes after if we might add) that he was standing in her room with out a shirt on... at... all. Her face slowly turned pink, then it turned red, starting from her cheeks and then spreading like wildfire all across her face. With a small gasp she threw her hands over her eyes.

Even so, she pulled her slender fingers apart slowly and peeked out at him before quickly closing the fingers again, "U-u-um... Robin... C-c-could you... put something on.... please?" she asked him, stuttering so badly she was surprised she even got coherent words out of her mouth. Her heart slammed so hard in her chest she thought it was going to break through.

"Umm, yes, permit me a moment." He said as he rushed back and found the exact same shirt and glared at a gloating Damian but said nothing as he put his shirt on and walked back. "Sorry about that." He said as he reentered her room.

Jonathan sighed. "Last night was something else." he said as his face turned to both content, yet a slight feeling of incompetence. "And I'm fine. Nothing that a goodnight sleep wouldn't cure, with or without your help. Though, your mom would've been less hissy at me. Speaking of which she wants to talk to us today, wanting to give me more details the way she put it, about being a guardian."

"Oh I see," she said with a sigh of relief. She visibly relaxed on her bed. Closing her eyes briefly she took a few deep breathes before smiling at him. Wow... that was really... something a moment ago she thought to herself as she recalled briefly her shirtless Guardian bursting into her room. The young Seer almost went into daydream mode, but she quickly shook herself, "Well, Mother doesn't like to be kept waiting really. But I'm glad you're alright, I was really worried. Oh and, don't take it too hard, whatever my Mother is going to say. I'm sure she's going to yell at us both about last night. She always finds something wrong even in the best of situations," Kilia sighed a bit as she pulled herself off the bed, "But! Before that, shall we eat? I'm hungry," she asked, beaming up at him as she stood but a few feet from him.

Jonathan nodded a bit but he had an eyebrow raised at the few moments she relaxed. Did I just make her daydream for a moment? he thought. He then observed her upbeat behavior and her wish of having breakfast before facing potential music. He was about to answer when his stomach did the answering for him.

"I guess it's alright to eat first." Was all he had to say.


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#, as written by Siryn
The Night Before

Her breathing was heavy; the air sucking in and out of her lungs burned from the insane amount of running that she'd done. Passing tree after tree, she knew she was lost, but that didn't matter at the moment. A hand on her back urged her forward, keeping her moving and never stopping even though her legs felt as if they were going to break if she took another step. The tears she'd been crying just moments before long since dried from the breakneck pace she'd been holding. Taking a single moment, she glanced over her shoulder to see the single glow of orange far in the distance behind her. That orange glow was in fact a fire, one that had long since engulfed her house along with everyone else in it. She felt another pang of anguish pulse through her chest, making it even harder to breathe the air she needed.

The hand of her Guardian reached around her front and pulled her to a jarring halt. With a soft gasp, she looked up to see why he'd stopped them even though her father had told them not to stop no matter what. Both breathing heavily, they were confronted by not one, but three figures moving in the darkness. The young man pushed her just behind him and swiped the air, opening his magic system. He worked it rather quickly and dragged off the spell just as one of the figures with glowing red eyes flicked their hand at them. The explosion rocked the very trees, or so it seemed, and threw him backwards, hard onto the ground. She screamed for him.

"It has been one hell of a night, hasn't it?" the one with red eyes said, his voice thick with sarcasm as he grinned. Stepping into the little moonlight that flooded the canopy of trees, she noted he had black hair and skin with those piercing red eyes. On either side of him were two other Gods. Taking a step back away from him, her heart lurched to her throat as he was suddenly right in front of her, his fingers cupping her chin. Each breath shook as she trembled under his hold. He grinned at her, tilting her head back and forth as if he was examining her pale face, deep black hair and violet eyes.

"You know me?"

Tears filled her eyes, a soft choke of the air as she tried to find her voice, trembling she muttered one word, "Oni."

Oni laughed, "My, what a well rounded Seer. But you know, little Seer, you're really not supposed to be able to see us or interact with us. You see, the amount of Seers is at it's limit right now, and you're... how should I put this. An oddity. Not that we're complaining of course. The more Seers we get to play with, the better."

Shaking her head she ground her teeth and tried to pull away. Oni's arm wrapped around her shoulder, dragging her towards him with a slight clucking of his tongue, "Dear dear, can't have you running away like you just did a moment ago. That's no good and frankly I'm quite tired of chasing you. One last question, my lovely little Seer before you're drunk off my power. Do you know what God I am?"

She trembled, "Yes."

Leaning down, he pulled her head up with a finger under her chin, "Come now, don't keep me waiting," he whispered, his red eyes glowing brightly, "I'm not very patient after all."

"Oni... God of... Gods."

He gave a sigh of relief as he leaned back slightly, "Good. Very good my dear. So now, I think it's about time to get reacquainted yes? You see, I have many enemies right now during this chaotic time of War and I need your help, lovely girl. You'll help me, right? Of course you will, you really don't have a choice. Now sit still, it'll all be over soon," he cooed to her. Glancing over his shoulder, he motioned for the other two Gods who were attending him, "Kill the boy," he growled then dipped down and embraced the girl.

Her screams covered that of her Guardian's as the other two Gods attacked him. Oni sunk into her, invading her small frame with his larger one. The power he held burned through her limbs, molding into her very skin and bones. It was several minutes before the forest was silenced again. Her small frame lay still on the ground with the two other Gods hovering over her, waiting. After what seemed like hours, her fingers twitched and her gaze opened up. Their once violet color was now a deep purple, almost red the way they were tinted. Her lips pulled into a small grin as she sat up smoothly and got to her feet. The two Gods bowed to her.

"Oni," they said in unison.

Her smile grew as she looked down at her hands and flexed the fingers. With a sigh, her voice was strange. There was a hollow echo of the God's deeper voice behind her feminine one, "Now then, lets see what she is capable of."


Day 1 ~ After Leaving Tristan's Home

After locating Peter, Soran had told his Guardian where his home was. It was a good hour and a half drive from Tristan's place and located on the other side of the large city. To Soran it felt like that city was a giant ocean separating him from the peaceful home of the Belvedere's and caging him in the dark, terrifying home of the Reigailia's. As the car drove up to the house that was located on the edge of the street, Soran glowered at the large, pristine home. It was two stories tall, but looked to be three because of the attic. Leaving the car, he took a deep breath and went to the front door. Inside was dark, just as he knew it would be. It was always dark. It felt like ages since he'd stepped foot inside the hall, but in actuality he'd been there the day before, right before he'd gone to class that morning hoping for a normal life. Yeah, that soo did not happen. he thought sourly to himself.

A large man met the pair in the doorway. He resembled Soran, though the blonde hair was shorter and his blue eyes were colder to look into than into his sons. Leo Reigailia was frowning deeply, a deep fire of anger growing in his gaze. Soran bit his lip as he stood there. Slowly the man looked over to Peter. Glancing over to a doorway that led to a different part of the house, he motioned with his head for someone to step in. Another male moved into the hall. He was almost as intimidating as Soran's father, but with little to no emotion on his own face. Cold and abrasive... both of them, he thought to himself.

"Tray tells me that you disappeared yesterday after being possessed by a God at the college. He couldn't find you."

Soran swallowed dryly, but didn't answer, just stood there. His Father's gaze returned to him, harder than before. Soran flinched slightly, "A lot happened," he tried.

"That doesn't matter!" Leo snapped, his fist hitting the side of the wall, "Where did you go and why did you leave Tray?"

"I had a Guardian, it wasn't like anything bad was going to happen! Why does it matter that I left your Guardian behind?! And, he's not even your guardian, he's Mom's!"

His Father gave a low growl and Soran immediately backed off. Taking a step back he watched the taller man warily. After a moment, the immediate danger seemed to pass as his Father glanced back to Peter, "This is your Guardian?"


"Into the next room, Guardian, and stay there. Tray is going to teach you what it means to be a Guardian for a Reigailia," Soran's Father ordered.

Touching Peter's shoulder, he gave him a gentle push, "Go make yourself comfortable. Tray's pretty cool... he won't bite," Just please don't disobey anything my Father says... things will go so much better Soran thought to himself as he offered the other boy a smile. Once his protector left the room, he looked back at his Father.

"Who were you with until now?"

"No one," Soran lied knowing full well if he breathed a word about the Belvedere family all hell was going to break loose.

"Where did you go?" Leo growled, taking a menacing step towards the shorter boy.

"A friends house." Shit...

His Father turned his head slightly, "'A friends house'. So you decided to put a human in danger by going to their house instead of coming straight home like you should have?"

"N-no! Nothing happened! We were just fine, everything happened so fast that I just... I didn't know what to do right then!" he stumbled a bit, but kept going. He refused to say any names, even if it killed him.

"Then this?" His Fathers large hand grabbed his face and turned his head so that he could see the clean bandage over his eyebrow.

"Happened during the fight at the school," he said, his voice slightly slurred due to the way he was being held. Leo released him roughly and Soran took a deep breath.

"Should I find you've lied to me, boy, you're going to regret this. The other Families are not to be trusted, or interacted with, you understand? This isn't a playground. They're too soft and they'll make you soft. Now that you're a Seer you better start acting like one if you want to live longer than the next year or two," his Father turned on his heel and left the hall. Soran fell against the front door, panting slightly. Holy shit... he thought as he caught his breath. The adrenaline rush was almost too much to handle and his head was starting to hurt again. I hope you go and die in a hole, you bastard, Soran thought as he shoved off the door and made his way to the stairs. The solitude of his room was not to far away and he wished to be away from everything and safe in his haven. Unfortunately there was little he could do for Peter.

His Father's strict training regime was about to start for the other boy and Soran knew he wasn't going to see the Guardian for a while. Being obedient, quiet like a shadow and efficient was what his Father believed a Guardian should be. Someone who never asked questions, did as they were told on the spot and efficiently. Eliminate the threat immediately. Leo's motto. Soran shook his head as he made the landing and turned into the hall. His room was immediately to the right and he wasn't looking when he reached out for the handle of his door, muttering under his breath. As he opened the door, a strong hand wrapped around his shoulder and shoved him inside without warning.

He gasped, lost his balance and went stumbling across his room as the hand released him and slammed the door shut, "Where the hell have you been hu? What? Thought that now you're a Seer you could go and run off and do whatever the hell pleased you? Whose house did you end up at now, slut?"

Derrik... he turned to his brother's voice and glowered at the other, "None of your business now get the hell out!"

The curled fingers in a hard fist caught the side of his cheek, sending him flying to the floor, "Ah! Asshole!" Soran shouted and reached for the closest thing. One of the metal casings to a computer he'd been taking apart came into his hand and he hurled it at his brother. The other boy hissed as the metal cut across his arms. Dropping down over Soran, he gripped his clothes and hauled the Seer up to his feet.

"You little shit, Father's been on my ass because you left and didn't come back yesterday! Who the hell did you go see? Got another boyfriend you disgusting little pervert?'

"Let go," Soran growled, "I said it's none of your business," he hissed and launched a kick at the boys side. He was released as Derrik stumbled from him coughing slightly. A wave of dizziness struck him from the exertion of fighting with his brother. Panting slightly, he caught himself on the edge of his desk, glowering at the boy who was only a year older than him, "What? You're pissed off because you weren't chosen as a Seer last year? Well guess what, you're not missing much. Be happy it's not you."

Derrik laughed then, the sound freezing Soran's blood, "Oh. I see. So now you get to gloat about it. Not all it's chalked up to be hu? Well then, little brother let me make it easier for you since you don't like it." Derrik lunged at him and the both slammed into the desk before crashing to the floor. Soran gasped, the air in his lungs lost completely as his brothers knee collided with his stomach. With that, he lost all strength to fight back. Soran lost track of the time as he struggled with the older, stronger boy. It wasn't until he took a particularly hard hit to his head again that he just crumpled. The cold darkness was a welcoming feeling though. From the haze he heard Derrik shout something and then leave the room, slamming the door shut.

Day 2

The woman moved to press a cloth to the blonde boy's face. Keeping the wounds clean had been dubbed her task and though she was elated to help the boy, she was also worried. Soran's Mother wiped at his sweat, cleaning his face as he groaned slightly. The original injury was probably the cause to his being unconscious since the fight with his brother. A frown pulled at her lips. The two boys had always fought, but this was the first time Soran had ended up like this.


His Mother stopped. Frozen by a bit of fear, she quickly glanced over her shoulder to the closed door. Hopefully no one heard the name being said from Soran, "Tristan... Belvedere?" she muttered to herself. Her son muttered the name again and she bit her lip. Leaning forward she continued with cleaning his cuts and changing the bandages.

Day 3

Opening his eyes he noted that there was someone there, but he couldn't quite focus just yet. A woman's voice gently called out to him and he turned his head slowly. Ugh... everything hurts...this sucks he thought.

"Soran. Soran?"

"Mom," he called out, recognizing the voice.

"Hey baby," she said, sounding relieved as her hand stroked his forehead.

"Momma, what time is it?"



"No, baby. It's almost midnight."

His heart lurched, "Midnight? What day is it?" He came up but immediately regretted it as everything swirled and he felt like he was going to pass out again.

"Hey hey, easy. Lay down. Your brother did a number on you this time. I'm very worried... This... isn't good, Soran."

No really? he thought sarcastically but didn't say it to his mother who was the only one that was sweet to him, "What day is it, Momma?"

"The 23rd."

He gasped oh no... it's been that long? I've been asleep that long!? The flower... I promised him... tears edged into his eyes as he lay there. Grinding his teeth he clenched his fists on the sheets of his bed. His Mother's hand stroked his cheek gently, "What's wrong baby?"

"Nothing..." he muttered, "Just... I promised something to someone. It's broken now."

She frowned, "Go to sleep. I'll be here tomorrow. So long as you stay in here you'll be alright okay?"

"Yeah..." he said, but he knew that wasn't true. He drifted off to sleep after that.

Day 4

As he woke up, he looked out the window. The sun wasn't rising and it was very bright outside. Looking over to his clock across the room he frowned as he read the time. 3pm... Fuck he thought, swearing to himself. Rolling to his side, he curled up in a small ball fighting the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The flower, by now was gone. Soran had promised to return before it faded away. Even so he'd known he was taking a risk. Still, he thought he might have gotten lucky, but it seemed that his brother had some sort of vendetta going on. He hadn't accounted for that to happen. Derrik was pissed. No, he was beyond that. The elder boy had always despised Soran, both because of his sexuality and because he had known that Soran was going to be the Seer.

Groaning he rolled onto his stomach and did his best not to cry. After a while he finally pushed himself up slowly. His mother wasn't in the room like she said she would be. He felt a slight bit of hurt by that fact but he knew it wasn't her fault. Leo most likely had her go somewhere else having already spent -in Leo's thoughts- enough time babying him. "Thirsty..." he groaned and stood. Making his way to the door, he opened it and took a quick look out into the hall. No one... good he thought and entered the hall. Seriously... who has to go sneaking around in their own house?!.

He went down the hall and turned for the stairs. A gasp filled his throat as he ran into the one person he really didn't want to Damn this house!. Glowering he back stepped as Derrik followed him up the rest of the stairs, "What's wrong little brother? You're an all mighty Seer now, shouldn't you be acting like one?"

"Shut it. Go away, I just want something to drink and then I'll be out of your sight."

"Out of sight but not out of mind, ass. You stole that from me, and now all I hear about is how I'm a failure and can't do a damned thing for myself. Father hates me now, I can't even work for him at the company because he says I'm a disgrace. All thanks to you!" Derrik back him up into the wall.

"Yeah? Well why don't you take it up with the old man and leave me alone. I didn't want this either, jerk."

"Oh no, you're the reason. This has nothing to do with Father."

"Yes it does! Don't go screwing this up in your fucked up head you dumbass!"

Soran ducked as the boy slammed his fist at him. The wall shuddered. Skittering out from under the taller boy, he reached for the first thing he could find. Grabbing the vase, he whirled around and slammed it across Derrik's face. Water and glass shattered. Below, he heard his mothers voice. Momma? What is she doing!? he thought frantically. She was never in the house, so what was she up to? He didn't have too much time to think on it as Derrik's voice howled in rage and pain. The older boy grabbed him and wrestled with him for control over the broken vase. It was a long struggle until finally Derrik managed to get the vase from Soran's fingers.

"You disgusting little slut! You could have killed me with that!"

I was sort of trying to... Soran thought as he narrowed his eyes. Soran gasped, moving backwards he avoided the first swipe that Derrik launched at him, but his back hit the wall next to the dresser where he'd gotten the vase. The next slash caught him, tearing open his shirt and slicing into his chest. Pieces of the vase shattered upon impact. Derrik pulled his arm back to shove the vase at him but his mother whom he had forgotten about, screamed something and wrapped her arms around Derrik's, to keep him from doing that.

"Stop! You'll kill him Derrik, stop!"

"Momma..." Soran gasped as he slid down the wall shaking.

Derrik struggled with her for a while before the commotion caught Tray's attention. The dutiful Guardian seemingly appeared right between Derrik and his charge. This swayed the brother into backing off. Of course you would only come when she's in trouble... asshole Soran thought dully. His body was on fire, but for some reason it didn't hurt at the same time. His mother turned and knelt down next to him, her hands moving to touch him, but not doing so at the same time.

"Oh baby... it's alright. It's alright, I called the Belvedere's home. I... I couldn't. I knew this was going to happen, I'm so sorry."

"Momma... why?"

"You said his name," she said as she hugged him to her chest, "I knew who it was when you said his name, Tristan. That's where you were before wasn't it."

Tears sprung up in his eyes, "Momma... you knew."

"Mother knows best, right?" she replied, but her voice cracked, "I'm such a terrible mother... why don't you hate me, baby?"

Soran smiled a bit, "Because. I can't."

"You..." she stopped and sighed "They're on their way, I told them to come quickly, I'm sure they heard the commotion just now too... I... didn't hang up the phone. Anyway, here. This is important also," she pressed a piece of paper into his palm, "There's been something going on the past few days. I'm sure the other two Families know it, but I knew your Father would keep it from you. You had better be extra careful out there, baby. This isn't natural," leaning forward she whispered in his ear, "There's another Seer, and they've been possessed by something very powerful. I don't know what it is yet, but the news is full of it. Small towns and other places are being destroyed. It's getting closer to home every day. Promise me you'll be careful?"

Soran nodded slowly, growing too tired to really pay attention to her or even answer, "Yeah..." he breathed as he rested against her. She hugged him close, holding him until the doorbell rang. How long that was though, he didn't know. He was too tired, it hurt too much to move so he just leaned into his mothers shoulder. Looking up she nodded to Tray.

"Open it."


Four Days Later

Kilia twisted a strand of hair around in her finger as she listened to her Mother go over the details of the magic system for what seemed the hundredth time. Admittedly she'd begun to drift off into her own little world as her Mother continued on. The woman soon caught on though as she started talking about the weather and then stock market and finally asking Kilia who Robin was exactly. To each part of the speech, though, Kilia only nodded, humming in agreement : 'Mhmm'. For a while her Mother sat there staring at her. Then she calmly reached over and flicked her daughters forehead. Reeling backwards she clutched the spot that stung.

"Ow! Mom!"

"Pay attention, Kilia."

"I was!" the young Seer pouted a bit as she rubbed the spot that was surely to be red for a little while.

"No you weren't. I asked you who Robin was and you only nodded. You were not paying attention," Yve glowered at her daughter as she crossed her arms.

Kilia frowned a bit as her face turned a slight color pink. Her immediate thought upon thinking of her Guardian was when he'd rushed into her room a few days ago completely shirtless. Her heart pounded, wow... she thought as she drifted into daydream again. Her mother must have caught it because Kilia's gaze slowly shifted off to stare over her right shoulder, slightly glazed. With a roll of her eyes and a heavy sigh, Yve reached over yet again and flicked her daughter a second time.

"Ow! Mom! Seriously! Stop that," she groaned and rubbed the spot again.

"Get your head where it belongs, daughter of mine," she snapped. Kilia only gave a soft, pitiful moan in response.

"Now then, back on track. The magic system-" Yve was interrupted at the sight of her Guardian entering the room. The tall, black suited man crossed the room quickly and dipped down to speak to her quietly. Kilia watched intently, wondering why the Guardian had left Robin to come talk to her mother. Did something happen? Is Robin okay? she thought frantically. They'd been together since that morning with her mother's Guardian going over specific details of what it meant to be a Guardian and how to react to certain situations as well as the feeling that a Guardian gets when their Seer is possessed. Which meant that Robin should be alright... right?

Yve's eyes widened as she listened to her Guardian. When he pulled away, the woman stood quickly. Her sharp gaze shot down to Kilia and held her there with a strange look. It sent chills down Kilia's spine, even more so when her mother spoke curtly, "Get ready. We're leaving, now."

"Mom... er... Mother! What happened?"

"Get ready, Kilia, don't make me ask twice! Tell Robin that we're leaving too."

"Where? Where are we going?"

To the Belvedere residence. They're going to want to hear this..." her mother muttered the last part as she left the room.

Kilia stood up, turning to watch her mother exit the kitchen and go down the hall to her room. Moving, she went to the living room where the Guardian and Robin had been talking, "Hey. We're leaving I guess... Um... You're ready, right?"

"Kilia! Now," Yve called as she left her room. In her hands were her car keys and wallet -her mother never carried a purse before as far as Kilia could remember-, motioning with her head, she moved to the door leading to the large garage, "Come on. We don't have time. I'll tell you in the car. Robin, follow me," Yve called as she exited the house.

Kilia nodded to her Guardian, half disappointed that she couldn't ride with him on his bike, the other half worried about what was going to be said in the car. Getting in the back seat while the Guardian took the front, Kilia buckled the seat belt and leaned forward, "What's going on, Mom?"

The car pulled out of the garage and down the driveway. Her mother didn't answer until they were on the street and driving rather quickly towards the highway. Kilia was slightly surprised, she'd never seen her mother drive so quickly before, "There's another Seer."

"Eh!?! What do you mean another Seer?"

"Exactly that," her mother glanced in the rear view mirror at her daughter, "There's another Seer and there shouldn't be one. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but I didn't think it would become a problem. Whatever happened, her Guardian obviously isn't with her and there's no sign of her parent's Guardian which has me worried. She's been possessed by a God or Goddess and she's started wreaking havoc. It started a few days ago, two days ago actually. It must have taken them a while to adjust to the Seer's body. That's not the point though right now. The point is that they've started attacking people and killing them. A handful of small towns have been hit... destroyed really is a better word.

"Just now though, a report came that this Seer has moved to a small town just outside the city limits. It's getting closer and its best if we're all together. I honestly don't know what to do in this kind of situation. This is the first time something like this has ever happened. Nothing like this has been recorded in any of the Families histories as far as I'm concerned. I need to speak to Alauric," Yve ground her teeth, "Leo would just dismiss this so the Reigailia's are out of the question. I would much prefer that anyway, they would only make problems for us."

"Mom," Kilia frowned a bit. She didn't like it when her mother was negative like that, especially towards others that they really didn't know that well aside from rumors and past acquaintances.

"Your best not getting close to them, Kilia. I don't trust them at all," Yve sighed heavily, "Well be there in a few. An hour at most... that's if traffic is good to us..." the woman muttered and the car seemed to speed up faster.


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Four grueling days. For days of training rigorously with the previous generation's guardian of the previous Seer. Tray was a pretty decent person to train under. But earlier in their meeting the first day he had pangs in his gut and tried to leave the door. He was told otherwise by Tray who had just appeared. However, he heard later that Derrik assaulted his Brother. And called him various things that were borderline cruel and biased. He voiced his anger and concern during one session of his training and nearly scorched his own hands.

Fate however, was kind. For one time during day two of training he bumped into Derrik in the hall and purposefully stepped on his foot. "You listen, and you listen good laddie, cause I'm only gonna voice this little warning once and but only once." Peter stated, "The next time ya get the bright idea of punching and kicking your brother into next week, I don't care if it's against any rules or regulations, but I will make you sorry Sonny Boy. Very sorry. And furthermore, if I'm finished with you and your still squirming, I shall do the ultimate fate I can think of. I shall dump a bucket of blood on you and throw you onto the road at nightfall, and then return the next morning to see if the Dullahan claimed you."

Then he removed his foot, leaving a scorched imprint of his sole on Derrik's shoe. "But, if the Dullahan doesn't get you, then I'm sure the tantalizing scent of fresh blood and slightly burned flesh will attract the wolves." He said with a chuckle. The warning he gave was almost close to a death threat as he could imagine. The Dullahan, a fierce headless horseman who behaves like a grim reaper, who wanders the countryside at night taking the souls of those who die tonight. Legends say if you watch the Dullahan ride, he throws a bucket of blood upon you, as a sign that you are fated to die the next night.

Whether or not Peter would follow through on that last such a promise is uncertain, as he returned to his training. Sure he possibly received some form of discipline, but this place screamed uptight to him. He hated uptight and civilized. The following days of training were extra hard though. Perhaps Leo caught wind of the death threat and ordered his training to double or something.

Finally on the fourth day, Tray was overseeing how much of his teachings soaked into Peter. Answer, most of the physical training and strategic maneuverability of spells. How to react to orders given by a seer, more specifically, how Leo would order them, not so much. Which, in Soran's case, would probably be for the best.

Peter was doing push ups when he suddenly heard a commotion. Tray motioned for him to stay and finish his set, and made another motion to follow when he finished. Then he vanished from sight.

"How does he do that?!" Peter said as he hurries to finish his reps, starting to get those pangs in his gut again."87, 88, 89, 90!" He jumped up to stand as he ran out of the room and towards the stairs. "Tray what's going on?! Is Soran alright?!?" He then looks upon Mrs. Reigailia hovering protective over Soran's beat up body, with fresh marks on his body. He turned to glower at who Tray was in front of.

"Didn't I tell you Lad?" Peter O'Cyrus stated. "Didn't I tell you if you ever harmed your brother, I'll make you sorry, very sorry didn't I?" If Derrik had an answer for him he'd hear Peter punching his fist into his open palms.

"Yer butt is MINE now pretty boy." he said very fiercely.


Jonathan was sitting on the couch, four days after the attack from Veia. Meditating on the training he was given For the past couple of days. Calmly reflecting and thinking on the new battle strategy he would implement with Kilia as far as getting her to safety. Her mother's Guardian pointed out how to strengthen his bullets that are used to remove a god should one succeed to possess her. He also learned how to strengthen his weapons through reformation of his spells. His weapons were made slightly stronger to fight more powerful deities.

Damian was watching him meditate out of boredom, reflecting on his own life lead throughout his life. Especially the times he had, riding his Grey Horse Drakan, with Samuel and Darion. The two twin knights who eventually took different paths. He recalled an adventure mostly exaggerated by Legend. That adventure was one that changed his life forever, he fell in love with a warrioress. The thing that set his heart ablaze was her eyes. From that moment on, she was his entire world. Together they made the Grey bloodline a reality.

"Hey, Sweetrobin." Damian said. "You ever plan on getting married and continuing the bloodline?"

Jonathan was taking a drink and he almost choked on his drink. "You're getting off base there." Damian laughed and he was about to say more. "Not another word on the subject Damian. At all." That was when Kilia appeared and told him they were heading out. "You gonna ride with me, or?" That question was answered when Mrs. Linovahle past them with car keys and told Kilia to hurry.

"Darn it!!" Damian shouted, "There goes a perfect opportunity for flirtation!" Damian was then rubbing his head from the punch to the head. Shaking his head the Grey Knight runs to follow Jonathan as he mounted onto his Bike and drove off to follow the car the others took. Whatever was going on, Jonathan wanted to figure out and soon. If Kilia was in danger, he needed to know what he was up against.


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#, as written by Siryn
Kilia, Johnathan, Tristan, Rethyn

Yve flicked on the blinker, turning onto a secluded road, the headlights of the vehicle flashing across the empty road before them. There were no other houses down the street that soon turned to gravel. Kilia looked out the window with wide eyes. She was searching for the house she knew to be there. She'd only been to the Belvedere home once when she was younger, around ten or so. The families didn't really keep in contact all that much unless dire things were happening, as it was right then. Her mother had long since grown quiet, meaning that the woman was in deep thought.

As she pulled the car up into the driveway, the light flashing across the outer exterior of the house, Kilia couldn't help but feel a bit of tightness in her chest. Opening the door once the car was parked, she followed her mother to the front door. Yve reached up and rang the doorbell twice then proceeded to knock on the wooden door three times. Kilia looked around. She didn't see any other vehicles in the large driveway, and the house seemed fairly quiet. From where they were at, she couldn't see any lights, of course if she remembered correctly the rooms and such were located on the other side whereas the front was mostly for the living room, dining room and the loft area that she remembered playing at with another boy and two girls.

Yve frowned as she stood waiting at the door. When nothing happened, she rang the bell again, a sigh escaping her lips, "Come on Alauric..." she muttered.

"Maybe they're not here?" Kilia offered. Her mother only gave her a side glance, "Should we come back tomorrow?"

"No. We'll wait for them. This is too important."

Jonathan pulled up close behind them on the Silver flame, turning off the motorbike's engine once he came to a complete stop. Jonathan stretched his arms after parking. "That was a heck of an hour." He muttered as he got off.

"Speak for yourself." Damian muttered. The ghost worn out from riding his horse alongside Damian. The Grey Knight hopped off his horse and Followed Jonathan as he moved to the group. "What is this place?"

"So, this is another Seer's place?" Jonathan asked.

The door creaked open slightly, a girl about 12 stood there, her red hair in braids. She looked at the tall lady and the girl before opening the door a little more. She scrutched her face as if trying to remember something. "Leila," anothers voice was behind the girl. "Why did you open the door, you know..." this time the voice was even younger sounding. Aria looked at the two standing there, going slightly pale. "I am sorry miss..." Aria stopped unsure on how to pronounce the last name of the lady standing there. She continued without it though, "My father isn't here, and my older sisters are tending to my brother...he was mean possessed." Leila was tapping on Aria's shoulder trying to get her attention. "Wait..." Aria hissed, "I mean what," as she turned to the other. Leila signed something to her, "Yes, yes I was getting there, maybe you would like to try." Leila narrowed her eyes at her sister for a second, knowing she said that to be hurtful. "I am sorry, please come in."

Yve turned to the door as it opened up finally. Her gaze fell down to the girl that opened it. Kilia watched as well, her eyes lighting up with a bit of recognition. She remembered the red hair for sure, except the girl standing there now had been much much smaller last she remembered. Then another girl appeared and the two stood in the doorway while the younger one starting talking to Yve. Kilia felt her heart jump a bit as they mentioned that their brother was hurt.


Yve stopped her and let the girls finish, "Thank you," the taller woman said and came into the house as they were invited in, "I'm sorry to come so late to your home," Yve said, her voice a bit more tender than usual. Her mother always had a soft spot for little kids, especially cute girls. Kilia laughed a little bit to herself so the woman wouldn't hear her, "Where is your brother? Kilia can help," her mother looked over her shoulder, giving a stern look to say that Kilia was going to have to make sure she did it right.

"I can help! Take me to him!" Kilia said eagerly, happy that her mother had relented for her to go help.

Jonathan watched the scene as his eyebrows shot up in surprise of Mrs. Linovahle's speaking to the younger children. She sounded a lot more gentle and soft then what he normally heard from her. He watched on, almost utterly flabbergasted as he watched the two younger kids explain where their father was and that apparently, their brother, obviously this Generation's seer, was recovering from his possession. He snapped back out of it to follow the others into the house, and of course, Damian followed as well.

Jonathan took in the sight of the house before looking at Kilia and her mother spoke with the children about the recovering brother. Shrugging to himself he didn't know what use he'd be at that moment.

After hearing that Kilia could help her brother, it was Leila who without thinking grabbed the girls hand to led her where the others were. Aria was left standing there and didn't realize that she was alone with the other two. Her eyes got a little wide. Finally a thought must have crossed her mind, and she squeaked, "Kitchen...I mean would you like to wait in the kitchen," she asked.

Yve smiled warmly at the young girl and nodded her head as she answered, "Yes, that would be just fine. My daughter shouldn't be too long and you're brother will be as good as new again."

Kilia was startled as the girl grabbed her hand and started dragging her towards where her brother was. It wasn't far, they entered the hall and almost immediately the girl reached up and opened the door to a room. Kilia entered right behind her -not really having a choice- and spotted the red haired boy up on his bed, eyes closed and the other sisters tending to him. There was another boy there as well. He had a mask on over his face. Kilia thought it a bit strange, but didn't comment as her priority was the brother. The red haired girl named Leila released her hand and went to her brother. Kilia followed and leaned over the bed to take in his condition.

Rethyn glanced at Kilia as he did so he caught a quick look of judgment. In response he did his best to keep his face blank as he moved a bit more out of the way. If he had it his way right now he'd just be a part of the room and payed no attention. Breaking his glance from Kilia, Rethyn stared back at his seer. Under his mask he frowned a little as he felt his inner drive a little dissapointed. It was the same drive as he had before and it was all that was keeping him from hiding from the others. Tristan's safety was now his only reason to still be breathing.

It was hard to tell, but there was a bit of blood just under his nose which alarmed her. Opening her magic system, her fingers shook a bit as she tried to calm herself and think properly. He was still breathing, so that much was settling, though for how long she wasn't sure. Stop it! she chided herself. Can't think of the worst thing possible right off the bat, jeez. Her fingers moved a bit slowly as she worked out the spell, pausing several times to make sure it was right. Finally, after a few minutes, she dragged it off the tablet and let it go over his prone form. The room lit up in a brilliant gold color and the spell covered him, glowing brightly where he was injured.

Kilia hissed in a deep breath as she watched the amount of glowing areas over his body. Mostly they were broken ribs, a few fractures and internal tissue damage. What could have done this? she thought to herself as she started working on her tablet. First, she would repair the tissue damage, that was probably the worst part of his injuries. She set to work again, preparing the spell on her magic system. Grinding her teeth a bit, she was slightly frustrated with the fact that she was so slow at performing her healing spells. Ten minutes later and she dragged that spell off and dropped it over his body. The room glowed a light green color as the magic swirled around him. As that healed his internal tissues that had been damaged, Kilia moved back to her tablet and worked on a spell for his ribcage.

This one too, longer and she wasn't finished even after the last spell faded away. She was sweating slightly as she worked,concentrating on the spells form, the way it was constructed and the elements that she needed to incorporate to get it to work just right. After all, the last thing she wanted was to make it worse, or hurt him. Kilia hesitated once more as she stared at her spell. Taking a deep breath, she glanced down at the boy. HEaling cuts and bruises was so much easier. All it consisted of was pulling together skin and repairing blood vessels. Bones were so much harder for her.

Watching the healer work brought interest to Rethyn's eyes. It was always good to see someone's own form of magic. Besides, in watching her work he was able to avoid the eye contact of others.

"This might hurt him.... I really hope it doesnt though," she said softly. She knew for sure she wasnt going to make it worse -hopefully- and dragged it off the tablet. Letting it go, the room glowed green yet again and Kilia held her breath.

Jonathan decided to head to where Kilia was going so that she wouldn't strain herself or harm herself in anyway. Or then Yve would really be on his behind. He walked to where she was and watched her heal the unconcious young man. He eyed the Older two sisters watching Kilia at work trying to read what their personalities were.

Julianna was really worried about her brother's condition, there really wasn't much she could do for him, other then give him something for the pain. She had already contacted her father to let him know what happened. She had been watching him calmly, trying to think postively about the situation. She was startled by the appearance of Leila and another girl. She looked at her closely as if trying to remember who she was, when Leila signed the girls name (probably spelling it wrong) to her.

Julianna remember the other from her visit from before, "Oh dear...," she suddenly whispered, "that means Aria is alone with Ms. Linovahle. And I am sure we all don't need to be in here." She grabbed Francine but left Leila as the girl gave her a look that meant she wasn't going anywhwere. The two passed by a boy, almost bumping into him as he entered the room. They went to the kitchen to find how things were going in there.

Tristan having been given a very strong painkiller, was almost completely numb. He hardly felt the first round of healing. However as the second spell washed over him, he groaned again, a pained expression on his face. He grabbed onto his covers looking for something to hold onto as the spell worked on his injuries.

Kilia gasped as she watched the boy react to her magic. Dropping down next to him, she took his hand that was gripping the sheets tightly, "I'm sorry I'm sorry!" she cried, freaking out just a little bit, "It'll be over soon I promise!" she wasn't entirely sure if he could hear her or not, but she still couldnt help to call out to him. Her fingers tightened over his hand. The green glow lasted a bit longer than the last one as it was his bones the magic was fixing this time instead of skin. Finally it faded away and Kilia let out a huge breath of relief.

"Hey," she called gently, "You okay? Anything still hurt?" she hoped that he was alright and not further injured.

Tristan opened his eyes finally, blinking once and trying to focus on the voice and the girl. "Pinky...," he mumbled. He grinned slightly, "Kilia, is that you," he asked. He felt sore, and very tired but still better than before.

"Pinky?" Jonathan said in surprise. "Seems like someone had a childhood nickname didn't she?"

Kilia's face flooded a deep red. She squeaked as she sat there on her knees, "Tr-Tristan!!! W-why!? D-don't say that! Im not.... a little girl anymore!" her voice was a bit too high pitched as she tried to dismiss the nickname that he'd given her when they were younger. Her face was so red, almost like a ripened tomato and not just her cheeks either. Her wide gaze kept flicking between Tristan and Robin as she tried to stutter a plea, "You... You... I cant believe you remembered that!"

His grinning continued as he said, "Sorry," one really couldn't tell if he was or not. He looked around the room at the others. First at his sister, who he could tell was laughing in her own way. She got this bright look in her eyes that conveyed her happiest, then it was to the other boy that spoke. He didn't say anything not really in the mindset to ask any questions. Lastly it was the masked boy in the room, again the look he gave him could have spoken volumes. As he would probably never be able to say what he wanted to the other.

"Thanks," was his finally word as he drifted off again

A little grin played at the tips of Rethyn's lips as he was not sure to take that as sarcasm for the breaking of the ribs, or as thanks for ripping a goddness from his body. Whichever way he meant still brought a warmness to Rethyn as he felt triumphant in his sucess of defending Tristan.

Kilia's breath released as she gave a sigh of relief. Tristan was alright, and though he fell back asleep she knew he wasnt hurting anymore. Bending forward, she rested her head on the bed for a moment before standing up and looking at Robin then to the boy with the mask, "If anything happens, let us know. Oh, I'm Kilia by the way," she said offering her name to the boy, "Come on Robin, lets go tell Mother that he's fine now. I'm sure his sister's will want to know too," she said and headed for the door.

Rethyn felt a little anxiety as he was now in sight of everyone in the house pratically. He knew he had to take responsiblilty and not hide from everyone now, but it was so difficult for him. Sure he got a few okay glances from some of the people like Grayson, but some of the others looked at him strangely. For a moment he didn't even seem to notice Kilia speaking to him as he had to leave his inner thoughts for a moment to reply to her. "I will. And, my name is Rethyn." As they headed for the door Rethyn started to break deeply as he tried to relax himself. He really was hoping he wasn't going to have to deal with the girl who had called him a pervert.

"Alright." Jonathan said as he walked to follow her. He wondered what all that fit about childhood stuff was about as he followed her back up to the area they left Yve in. Damian however was lounging in one of the couches.

"Hey Robin!" Damian shouted, "Come relax over here! Hopefully the adults get here! But in the meantime..." Damian was moving towards Jonathan and was about to push him into Kilia. One big glare from Jonathan was enough to make him back down.