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Rethyn Jadgarus

"I've walked blindly in the fog of war. Searching and seeking I will find her."

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a character in “Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot”, as played by FantasticMr.ChiaPet



Age: 21
Appearance: Rethyn could quite simply to be said to be a male mirror to his younger sister. He like his sister lacks pupils within his clear blue eyes. His hair is jet black and is long in length as it covers his ears and goes down evenly the back of his neck It's parted down the middle keeping it off his face for the most part unless messed up. Unlike his sister however he stands around the height of 5'11" and as a built roguish like look to him. As Kazar's brother, Rethyn has a very similar face to hers as it would be easy to tell from first glance that they are related. The difference in their faces comes from however the amount of facial scars has. From just below the ear lobe but above the jaw bone, Rethyn has a scar which spans across his right cheek and almost to his lips. Another scar is upon his forehead and looks to be in the shape of a rather small X. Under his hair on the right side one could see a tattered right ear. However, that is rarely seen by anyone as that would require him to remove the gas mask he seems to constantly be wear.

His clothing style seems to be composed mostly of hoodies and navy blue jeans. Every once in a while he'll change it up with brighter colors such as sky blue or light red, but that's a bout it.

Sexuality: Like his sister seems to be completely off to the idea at first glance as he only seems intent on following through with his mission. Although he hides it, Rethyn tends to be a soft kind of individual who occasionally makes very kind romantic gestures. However he must be warmed up to the person too which is the challenge.

Seer or Guardian: Rethyn's a Guardian but doesn't seem to know yet.

Magic System Skills: Rethyn's specialty seems to be the mobility of teleportation and invisibility. With the ability to go up to a mile of distance at a time, Rethyn is a highly mobile target. These abilities are especially useful for the calculated style Rethyn uses in combat. The longer the distance the more it costs for Rethyn to go. In close quarters it allows him to become a hard target to hit. That is if he hasn't already ambushed you.

Personal Strengths: Rethyn was always skilled with the knife. Like his sister he was trained in martial arts, but was never as good as her or his brothers with hand to hand. However, when Kali Escrima was offered to him he specialized in it. With a knife he has learned where he needs to cut and slash for effectiveness as well as how to use it in a straight up fight. Paired with his magic Rethyn is an effective fighter and makes good use of his more utility based spells.

Weaknesses:Rethyn cannot remain invisible or teleport around forever. While in stealth he may be invisible for a decent amount of time, but he cannot do it forever. Once he uses either skill for too long or too far he takes a long time to recharge his skills. Even though he can teleport short distances quickly and at a very good rate he cannot teleport long distances for long before running out of magic. Another notable weakness is that neither of his powers have much damaging potential. There are many he cannot fight in straight up combat without facing powerful combative magics. Also without his array of knives he could be almost useless in combat. Another quick thing is that Rethyn seems to have a connection to his gas mask. He can take if off, but feels the obsessive need to slide it back on. He needs it but the young man does not know why.

Personality: Rethyn is quiet but rash. He usually doesn't have much to say and comes off as very confused most of the time. He's like a lost dog, well, more like a lost dog who lacks trust and sneaks around more than facing things directly. Although sweet to those he has warmed up to, he comes off as a real jerk to enemies and friends a like when he's first introduced. In this life he seems to be very set on the few goals he has on his table and doesn't abide by this whole "Guardian" thing. Lastly he is angry at the things right now he doesn't understand of which are going on in his life. Seeking for Kazar he wants answers.

History: A car screech, a spin, a few sharp pains are all that Rethyn remembers. Is that even his name? The confusion sprouts off even further as he can see a scar over his chest for a wound of which shouldn't of healed. It was where the metal fragment had torn into his heart during the car crash. Where was his father now? Where was his other brother? Questions tore at him as he looked for rational answers. He was walking around and still breathing so he knew he wasn't dead. However, where did the gas mask come from, why did it feel so comforting? Without it he felt as if he lost a part of him. The whole idea of not having the mask brought a dread deep within him. The kind of dread of which was paralyzing and crippling.

Words spoke to him within his head. He couldn't go back to his family. He had to find Kazar, he needed to find her. Everything else seemed numbed to him besides that. Why though? What was going on with her? And why him? Something in this light just didn't seem right. There was a question of which burned inside of him but he didn't want to ask anyone or answer for himself.


So begins...

Rethyn Jadgarus's Story


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The eyes with pupils glanced around quickly. People were staring at him. Shaking his head, Rethyn turned left at the corner of the street as he looked for a way to get off the street. It had only been a few days since the car crash. At least it only felt like a few days since the crash, but now everything was different.

Spotting a nearby alley way Rethyn quickly ducked into it. Moving along at a rather quick pace away from the entrance he was rather glad to be out of public. Nobody really liked his face. Well, his face was a mask to them, but it was all the same as both displayed appearances right? Exhaling he tried not to think about it as it only made him more frustrated with everything.

Stopping in the dead center of the alleyway something felt right. A certain aura to this area felt right, it called him to come forth but it moved.

"Kazar?" He thought to himself wishfully.

Within the shadows he felt the the aura. It was semi close to him being a quarter of a mile away from where he stood in the alleyway. Nodding to himself he knew it would be worth the jump. However, at the same time he knew he would tire himself a little in doing so. But that was worth the risk of not having to follow the aura anymore.

Exhaling Rethyn placed his hand gently on his gas mask for a moment. It was no rubber one rather a strapped on one of which had straps on the sides. Looking downwards he took in one last inhale before starting the teleportation to the east of his current location. With a quick wap! like sound Rethyn vanished from the alleyway.

Reappearing on top of what seemed to be a home, Rethyn looked down to feel the aura just below him. This is the closest he had gotten to the aura since he had awoken. Deep within he felt an excitement of which he felt he had not had in such a long time. Slowly stepping across the roof, Rethyn looked for a way to get off it and into the home.


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Peter was left alone by himself as he drank his tea. Nothing seemed to break the calm, if not controlled chaos. He half wondered what the two seers were talking about upstairs, but before he could think on that thought further, he half thought he heard some form of noise. It sounded like nothing at first, but it sounded like something was on the roof. Or some one. if it was some form of prowler Peter decided to give the person an incredibly warm welcome.

Moving for the fireplace he slowly got ready to summon a fire spear to hurl upwards. The notion it might be a burglar highly irked him to the point of anger.


Jonathan was setting a small backpack that held the majority of his spare clothing and was pulling them out to organize them. He then heard Kilia worry about his family's well being and/or if he was expected back home. Home, that was a word he hasn't heard in a long long time. He left the home of his Parent's after Graduating high school and was on his own ever since.

Should he tell her that? "Well, I could tell her without raising a lot of questions in her head." he thought. If he could do that, then that should put her mind at ease. But what if she pried further? What if she figured out about his former night job? The job he knew he had to force retire from after taking the Guardian job. What if she hates him for doing it? And worse, what if she found out he's seeing something only he could see and can't explain what it is?

"I'll be fine Kilia. I moved out of my Parents after high school. My home was mostly my Motorbike and whatever I stopped at for the night." He explained. "So this is the first homely place I've been to."

"Check out the bed Robin!" The Grey Knight shouted whilst resting on said bed before vanishing. Jonathan sighs whilst getting the last few bits of clothing sorted and organized. Some spare clothing! Looked more like pajamas and only spare pants and several shirts, along with only two pairs of socks. His clothing availability was disappointing at best. Hopefully he could find a way to get more clothing soon.

Jonathan scratched his head in thought of how to use the rest of his newfound space. "What to do now?" He wondered aloud to himself.


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#, as written by girlwt
(Well hmm...Chia you posted before I could do anything haha just make this easier to figure out your part your name will appear on top)


"Stop please." The figure at the entrance of the study was definitely not Grayson. "Its very rude to set off your power before asking permission for the owner of the house you are going to damage in the process." If anything the tall, well muscled man could have been an exact replica of his son when he was younger. However now his eyes were a darker purple and his hair was in short cut around his head. He was wearing a dark blue suit. If his command had startled Peter anyways. The fire spear would have disappated before reaching the outside of the house anyways. There was a shield around the house (that usually kept people from breaking in) that was made by the resident guardian.

"You must be Peter, Soran's guardian. I am Alauric Belvedare." Apparently there had been a conversation outside in the hallway, but I guess we will never know what was said.


Tristan hadn't a clue on how to respond, well not the way he wanted to respond. He decided to be a good little Seer, well at least for the next couple of minutes.

"Its fine," Tristan muttered under his breath. As he got a closer look at the wound, he understood why it would hurt. The burn had began to blister...and wasn't very pretty looking. "This might sting." Tristan said as he took out a white lotion that not only would dull the pain but had a cooling effect on the area. "So tell me about your powers."

Tristan was hoping to distract the other while he was treating the wound. However he was also trying not to think about how close he was to Soran. Even looking at a blistering wound wasn't making this any easier on his thoughts. Was he attracted to the other, or was it because of this whole situation that somehow he was thinking that his feelings were wrong. Maybe he could test that theory

After he was done and bandaged the wound, he looked up from his position. He asked this question after Soran was telling him about his powers. "Well since it is still our birthdays, would you like to go celebrate, or something...I mean with me."

Well no duh dude, of course you meant with you, who else would he have thought you talking about. Tristan was pretty sure Soran was going to start laughing at him


Now this stranger's entrance would not have gone unnoticed, in fact his presence was felt as soon as he hit the roof. Grayson excused himself quietly, as he left Mr. Belvedare to introduce himself to Peter. The guardian was a little peeved, as whoever it was trying to break in had somehow broken his shield. Grayson made his way quietly and without any indication that something was wrong. If you ever had to deal with a house of screaming might understand his reasoning behind this. The girls had settled in the kitchen and Tristan's mother was in her room. The hallway in which Rethyn had entered was yes unoccupied, but it was also the floor where the training rooms were located. This meaning there was an abundance of weapons in some of the rooms and that didn't settle well the guardian. His presence would be quite obvious as he appeared at one end of the hallway. He was accessing the other, but he would rather not take the violent road with this one.

"A more polite person would have knocked on the front door and waited for an invitation." His comment came out smooth and with calm. "Now may I ask, what are you doing here." Grayson saw the weakness in his shield as he found himself looking at the other. Many gods didn't have a power that teleports them instantly, strange as that was, it was very rare. Grayson decided if the other was going to attack, he would place the same shield around himself, but this time he would use his own aura to slow down the other.


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Rethyn brought his hands into his pockets as he started walking towards Greyson. All of the teleporting and roaming this day had him a little tired. This was made apparent from Rethyn's loud breathing through his gas mask as he caught his breath. The young man seemed to take his time as he walked towards Grayson.

Finally catching his breath, Rethyn stopped just in front of Greyson as he asked very bluntly.

"Where's Kazar?"

Several thoughts were racing through his mind as he spoke to Greyson. Had they kidnapped her? It would explain the barrier he teleported past. However he didn't have enough evidence to make such a rash claim. He would for now play it off very calmly and as normal as he possible could. Sadly though he knew inside he failed in that department. Nobody had looked normally at him since his return.

And of course within his pocket he had his right hand on the hilt of his serrated knife. A pro-caution just in case things went very south. In anticipation Rethyn kept his grey-blue eyes upon Greyson as he awaited his answer. Through the thick plastic glass of the gas mask Greyson would be able to see the grey blue eyes of Rethyn. Just like his sister's eyes there were no pupils.


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#, as written by girlwt
Grayson narrowed his eyes and decided to give the stranger the benefit of the doubt, strangely though his features would seem familiar.

"Kazar," Grayson repeated, "I do not believe I know who that is, however if you would like to join me in the study with my master, I am pretty sure we can figure this out."

Grayson own interaction in the events of that morning had been more focused on protecting his own. He had a strange feeling that this person in front of him had some connection to it. Something was off about the boy, Grayson didn't see the gasmask, and who was he to judge on normal. But Rethyn's aura seemed disconnected, and chaotic, and for what it was worth didn't have a center. He wondered if he could help, maybe if he could center the aura, Rethyn's would be able to focus and remember. This was a dangerous curiosity though. One he would have to ask permission to do, from both the one in front of him and his master.

He stood there trying to remember, following Tristan, seeing the creature, holding back. There had been a girl...and she did look like the boy standing in front of him. Grayson remember the eyes. Yet what had happened to her, he was beginning to wonder if he had missed something. He had a feeling Tristan had come in with more then anger before. He didn't want to say anything, mostly because he had a feeling the other wasn't going to like the answer.


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#, as written by Siryn

"Its fine," Tristan's voice muttered and Soran gave a soft sound almost like pitiful moan.

"This might sting."

"Okay," Soran said softly as he tried to prepare himself by gripping the edge of the chair he was seated on.

"So tell me about your powers."

Startled by the question, Soran just looked up at the boy whose head was dipped down as he started working on the injury. He watched the dark hair as it moved ever so slightly as he opened the bottle of liquid and got some on his fingers. For a single moment, Soran wanted to see if Tristan's hair was as soft as it looked. He bit his lip suddenly as the boy touched the wound. Hissing in a deep breath he realized why Tristan had asked him the question.

"I-I" he stumbled as he tried to start talking past the intense stinging he was experiencing, "Nnn. Damn, stings," he hissed, leaning his head back he clenched his jaw and closed his eyes for a moment, "I can create things. Complex designs. Whatever you want really. Anything from a forest to a house, to an entire city if you wanted. I'm really good with computers too. I actually sort of work for my dad creating new systems for our magic. I also like to... gah!" he flinched as Tristan touched a particularly sensitive part of the burned skin, "I like to hack into other systems. Keeps me busy. I can create powerful weapons too, usually sniper rifles and things like that," he let out a sigh as Tristan leaned away.

Looking down at his leg that was finally bandaged and not hurting, he grinned at the boy as he leaned away from Soran, "Thank you, that feels much better."

"Well since it is still our birthdays, would you like to go celebrate, or something...I mean with me."

Soran's face ignited into a hot blush once more, his eyes growing wide at Tristan's words. He stuttered a bit as he tried to answer, "I-I... Wou-would that be alright? I mean, did you really want to celebrate with me? Th-that would be... Very nice," he muttered the last part as he slowly dropped his gaze down to floor, his fingers absently playing with the bandage over his leg.

Then his eyes brightened and he swiped his right hand next to his body and the magic system pulled up, the clear surface glowing slightly as he looked over to Tristan with a bright smile, "I can create anything, what would you like?"

A loud sound filled the air, almost like something was crackling across the surface of something else. The house shuddered violently. Soran gasped as he looked towards the door. What the hell is that!? looking outside as he thought, he realized it was night already. Time had gone so quickly. The sound occurred again and the house shuddered even more the second time. Standing up, he moved to the window as he looked out into the yard that was Tristan's.

A third sound rocked the house and what looked like a shining light rippled across the yard. Soran's gasp was filled with recognition and fear the second time. His gaze landed upon a figure standing just outside what he now recognized as the barrier around the house. Grayson much have had that erected, he was a Guardian after all.

The golden eyed God was currently throwing his fire at the barrier and he was winning against it. Soran's heart thrummed hard in his chest as he watched. The golden gaze set on him and he stumbled backwards right into Tristan, "Ah! Tristan... S-sorry. Damn it... you have to be with Grayson, since you don't have a Guardian right now, quickly!" he started to urge the boy towards his bedroom door, his heart lurching into his throat.

"That god... that god is Yakosa. He... he's the one who..." Soran choked as he recalled what he'd done to his best friends. His fingers gripped tight to Tristan's arm as he'd been holding the boy in his haste to leave the room and join the Guardian's in the living quarters. "Killed them..." he hiccuped as he tried to keep his tears from falling and clouding his vision as well as the sorrow from clouding his conscious.


"I'll be fine Kilia. I moved out of my Parents after high school. My home was mostly my Motorbike and whatever I stopped at for the night. So this is the first homely place I've been to."

Kilia's face softened, "Oh, I see," she answered him. She knew when it was appropriate to ask more questions and when it wasn't. This was one of those times to not ask any more questions. She smiled as she stood in the doorway and watched him unpack what little he had. She half wished she'd ridden the bike with him. Kilia had never been up on a bike before and she wondered what it was like.

"What to do now?"

Kilia giggled as she stood there, "Well, if you're hungry or anything I can make us a little something to eat. Here, I'll be right back. I think we have something for sandwiches, I hope that's alright," she offered as she turned into the hallway and headed down the stairs to the kitchen.

Working her way into the kitchen, she moved around rather quickly. Grabbing the bread, a knife and two plates, she went to the refrigerator and pulled out some of the turkey meat they had. She was in the middle of making the food when she heard a strange sound behind her. Turning slowly she looked out the large glass windows that opened up to the forested area behind her house.

The knife fell from her fingers, clattering to the floor and she turned on her heel to head for the stairs. Kilia was too slow in reaction though. The glass windows shattered as the barrier her mothers Guardian placed up shattered. The young Seer was hurled forward, a terrified scream escaping her lips as she went crashing into the waiting room. Her back hit the couch, stopping her from rolling any further.

The Goddess strode into the room right behind her, glowing orange eyes swirling with a cold malice that froze Kilia's blood. She watched the woman slowly make her way into the home. Finally she screamed again, "Robin!!"

At the back of the house she could hear her mother's voice ordering her Guardian. Kilia wasn't sure who was going to be faster though, but she could only hope that one of them would reach her first as the Goddess moved to reach out to the young Seer. Kilia struggled to stand, but her body was weak from fear and hitting the floor had bruised up her knees, making them lock up on her.



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Tristan- Downstairs (Tristan's Dad, Soran, Peter)

He listened carefully to Soran describe his powers, they sounded relatively close to his own. His comment of how cool that was sort of died on his lips when Soran answered his last question. How could Tristan not help but to smile slightly at that blush. It was all over to soon, that moment.

As the house shook the first time, Tristan stood and ran to his window as well. He could clearly see the god standing there winning against the barrier. Yet as he heard Soran tell him to go to Grayson, he wondered how he knew he didn't have a guardian yet. Slightly embarrassed by the fact, he chose to ignore the feeling at the moment. "Back down the hallway, you need your own guardian as well." The violent shaking continue as the god tried to break the barrier

Tristan could help but to quietly put his hand on Soran's shoulder, "It won't be like last time, there is alot of protection here, which makes me kind of wonder why the hell the god is attacking in the first place."

"He's a war god..." Soran managed to mutter, lifting his gaze to look up at Tristan who was gripping his shoulder, "He... that god...Tristan..."

The alarm sounded in the house, a little late but it was still working. It didn't necessarily mean a breach in the barrier, but there was a weakening.

Alauric held on to the door as the house shook the first time. "Don't move, you are safer in here." He voice was a command to Peter, "I will go get my son and your seer."

"Yes sir." was all Peter could reply as he begun to wait but also once again readying himself for battle.

His door suddenly opened and there stood his father. "Tristan, Soran, I am sorry that there is time for no introductions, we need to move."

Tristan cringed slightly, glad to see his father, but then again wondered where Grayson was. "Dad, where is..."

"He is upstairs, dealing with another issue. Mostly likely the reason why the god is attacking now, the breach must have lured it here." Tristan's father led them back toward the study.

"Dad, the girls."

"They are alright, in the bunker, I went there first."

Soran flinched as the door opened, half expecting the war god to come waltzing through. In the rushed chaos, he couldn't quite keep up with everything and so just blindly followed what was happening. The man standing before them was soon identified as Tristan's father. Soran swallowed dryly as they moved to a different room.

Back in the study where Peter was "Yakosa... he's going to break that barrier," Soran said softly, still clinging to Tristan's arm without realizing it. As they stopped in the study, Soran took a deep breath. Finally releasing Tristan, he swiped his hand to bring up his system. He began working, his thoughts slowly coming back together to figure out what he should have been doing in the first place. Working to put together a complex piece of weaponry, one of his favored weapons. The rifle would be done within the next ten minutes, with modifications to it. Alauric watched the boy, who it seemed was frightened before, get to work. He looked at his son, who had started something also. As he could read determination in both of their eyes, and smiled.

They might actually survive their fate. His communication device went up. "Grayson, downstairs."

"We're have a great time kicking that goon's buttocks again." Peter stated as he prepared to summon one of his spears. His hand was almost shaking in excitement at the prospect of a fight. He looked at Soran and smiled brightly. This was about to get really fun.

Upstairs (Grayson, Rethyn)

This wasn't boding well for anyone in the house at the moment. Grayson pondered the stranger wondering how much help could he be, "you lost energy getting here. I need to go, if you follow that is your own choice."

With the shaking of the house under the demons attacks, Rethyn's gaze didn't shy from Grayson's as he spoke in a steady tone. "Lead the way."

Grayson movements down the stairs and toward the study were interrupted by another violet shaking. He heard a loud crash and stopped. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to read the entire house. The barrier was not going to hold for to much longer. "If you want to live, I would get to the study as fast as I could." Yet Grayson stood there, reading and manipulating as much as he could to strengthen those weak spots. He knew it was a little use, especially while reading the aura of the god who was attacking.

From behind Grayson Rethyn merely nodded at the advice of Grayson. He felt odd, for he could feel what was attacking but it just didn't register to him. As Rethyn continued following Grayson he glanced downwards as he dove into thought. What was happening? In this new life, this second chance had he become a monster? Shaking his head at himself, he refused it for it did not matter. There was only one way he could go now and it wasn't over his shoulder. Looking back up again, Rethyn had gained a new resolve for the moment at hand. With a deep breath and a slow exhale, Rethyn focused up.

His golden gaze narrowed as he watched the barrier before him. He could feel the Guardian inside trying to put it back together. Launching another blast of fire at it he watched it waver. A grin spread on his lips. The Guardian was hard pressed to rebuild what was already broken. If it hadn't been broken in the first place, Yakosa would have never found his ideal vessel. The young blonde haired Seer was perfect for him, and he would take it even if he had to burn everything to the ground. Letting his hands fall to his sides, he let his power rush along his frame, the fire igniting into each hand in brilliant blue light. Slamming his hands forward, he pressed against the barrier.

And he didn't seem to happy in the least. Grayson could imagine, being bested by the young seer and his cocky guardian would have sent even the most leveled headed god into revenge mood. As the god pushed against the barrier, Grayson had to leave it, he just hoped he had enough time to reach the others. protecting the house was the least of his worries.

Seeing the study room just ahead, Rethyn felt Kazar. From within a little light went off as the young man rushed past Grayson to the entrance of the room. However as he glanced into the room to his disappointment she was not there. Just as the hope begun to drain from Rethyn's mind there was a flicker, a pulse. Of the people in the room, Rethyn's eyes locked onto Tristan as he was the source of the aura of Kazar. What did that mean? Confusion stuck him as he tried to force this to make sense within his mind. However it didn't as Rethyn ended up just staring absently at Tristan.

At the entrance of the stranger to the study, Tristan paled, "You...wait you are dead." Tristan had seemingly recognized the other by the same features as he saw in his sister. Tristan stepped back and slumped to the floor, still in somewhat of a shock. Alauric stared at his son and then back to the other. Grayson followed Rethyn into the study. First he looked to his master then to Tristan, "Ah, I had feared as much." There wasn't any time to get into the whole story of that morning. Not with a god at their doorsteps.

The words of Tristan snapped Rethyn back into attention. How did he know he died? Rethyn did his best to revert his expression back to normal and away from shock. He couldn't show that sort of expression towards the others. Rethyn's clear blue eyes were locked on Tristan as he quickly glanced over him. He took notice of the bandages but didn't keep his eyes there as they drilled back into Tristans eyes. "How does he know me?" Rethyn thought to himself. "Where is Kazar?" Tristan couldn't answer him, it wasn't so much as he didn't understand what had happened that morning. Grayson looked at Rethyn again. "I don't think its you he knows," the guardian answered him in a straight tone. Grayson stepped to his master as Alauric stood there. There seemed to be this mental conversation going on to between them, everything that seemed to pass that day had been said in a few looks.

At the words of Grayson Rethyn momentarily couldn't help but show a quick glance of horror. If he was speaking about what Tristan said then it was the death of Rethyn's hope. Gritting his teeth he did his best to hold down his emotions as he mentally said "Bullshit" to Grayson's words. Kazar couldn't of died, the man was just trying to get under his skin.

The sight of Tristan stumbling backwards and then slumping against the wall startled Soran from his creation. Looking straight over to the boy, he gave a slight gasp as he moved to kneel next to him, mindful of the bandage around his thigh, "Tristan..." Glancing over his shoulder he looked to the strange boy that had walked into the room with Grayson. Was this his Guardian? But Tristan had just said that the Guardian he had had died. So then... who was this person? Grayson seemed to know something though as he looked between the two boys.

Rethyn finally caught onto the shift of the mood in the room. Doing his best to downplay the words of Tristan, Rethyn asked Tristan in a slightly annoyed tone. "Then how am I standing before you and speaking to you?" Feeling the eyes of everyone in the room upon him Rethyn's hands left his pockets as he pulled his hood up a little big more to cover him better. Even though he thought he was hiding it well, the situation was getting to him a little.

Another shudder coursed through the home, more violent than the last one. Soran moved so that he could see past the boy with the gas mask. The shimmering outside of the home had ceased. His eyes widened as he realized what that meant. Turning back to his open screen, he started the spell again (having left it to look to Tristan erased the work. Once something is started on the system, it has to be finished otherwise it doesn't stay if the persons fingers leave the screen). Soran's fingers worked the spell as quickly as he could. The complex design slowly pieced itself together as he moved his fingers in intricate patterns across the once empty screen.

Knowing the lack of time, Rethyn stepped out of the way so Soran could pass him before walking forward to Tristan. Kneeling down he extended a hand to him as he seemed to offer to help him up. Every bit of him wanted to start demanding questions of Tristan but he had to hold himself back. With yet another shudder of the home he knew the threat was coming. Whatever it was he knew he could not let it hurt the boy before him. He held aura of Kazar and therefore was a lead in finding her. At the same time too something felt right about this. Feeling right, he had not felt that in such a long time. Tristan looked up at him, couldn't really figure out why Rethyn wanted to help him. This strange boy in the gasmask though gave Tristan a sense of hope back. He accepted the hand and stood, "Right, lets get rid of this god, and then we can answer questions"

The back door shattered, blowing pieces of wood and glass all throughout the house as well as destroying some of the things in that hall. Soran flinched slightly but he kept working. The sound of Yakosa slowly making his way into the house was almost in time with his heavy heart beats. From the corner of his eye, he caught sight of the war god as he entered the study to stand in the doorway, a wild grin spread across his face as his golden eyes settled upon the blonde Seer. Closing his hands around the entire spell he'd just created, he dragged it off the screen and let it go. In a matter of seconds a large rifle equipped with a scope materialized into Soran's fingers. Grabbing the weapon, he lifted it upwards and instead of using the scope, he just pointed the barrel at Yakosa. Pulling the trigger he fired the weapon.

As Soran has been gathering his powers, so had Alauric. He was impressed with the gun creation. Tristan moved toward his dad, and realized what he was doing. " Fuck," the curse left his lips and he quickly accessed the power system as well. His understood more of what was needed, a black hole started to form in the opposite corner of the room.

The loud bang that ensued was almost deafening, even to Soran who was quite used to firing his own self-created weapons. Releasing his pent up breath, he took a closer look at what he'd done. The round of energy had exploded just before it hit the war god, unleashing it's potent magic. Yakosa had stumbled backwards into the other room. Standing, Soran pulled the trigger a second time, this time tilting his head into the scope to aim properly. Yakosa stumbled again as the round exploded with brilliant energy all across his frame. With a low growl, he lifted his head and glowered at Soran. With a swipe of his hand, the war god heated the weapon to extreme temperatures. With a shout of shock and pain, Soran threw the weapon from his body as he shook his hands to ease the burning.

Opening his magic system again, he quickly located his own barrier spell and dragged it off the pad. Bright blue light enveloped his frame, his hair and clothes lifting as if a torrent of wind had surrounded him. Yakosa, however, moved far faster. Slamming into the boy, they hit the floor with the war god straddling the other. Soran choked, his hand reaching up to grip the others that was wrapped around his throat. Yakosa's other hand held down Soran's free arm at an odd angle, making his shoulder burn.


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#, as written by girlwt
(Collaborated post by all of us :) )

"Come now, make this easy won't you?"

Soran ground his teeth, his head turning away to look over to Tristan. It's going to happen again, he thought dejectedly. The war god noted his look and set his gaze upon Tristan as well, "He's interesting," was all the god said and Soran's gaze grew wide. Tristan called out "Soran," but was held back by his father. Time seemed to slow for him as Yakosa hauled him up and in a complete circle, threw him into the wall. The blonde Seer's body twisted around once and he slammed face first into the wooden frame of the house with a loud, sickening, thud. Crumpling to the ground, the boy had blood running from over his eyebrow down to his hairline and blood from his nose. He tried to focus, moving just slightly, but his body refused and he shut down, falling into darkness. Grayson couldn't quite react fast enough, but Alauric did, he had a weapon closely resembling a broadsword. The energy surrounding he went at the attack in an unguarded attack. Hoping to catch the god unawares.

Another barrier was thrown up between the god and the boy before anymore attacks could occur. Grayson stood there digging deeper into the power system. His energy almost snapped after having to do so much today already.

"Peter" Grayson moved toward Soran's guardian., "one big fire ball, don't throw it until I say." Alauric looked at his seer and nodded, he backed up toward the black hole in the corner. Alauric's broadsword grew into a trident attached to a long chain. The chain was thrown toward the god and hopefully wrapped itself around. Alauric throw the trident into the hole, where it went well that was anyone guess. It seemed to attached itself onto something as the chain grew taunt and tightened around the god. Grayson smirked as the chain itself suddenly caught on fire, this also seemed to be coming from Alauric.

Yakosa gave a soft growl as the chain hurled at him wrapped around his frame. Cursing himself at the lack of attention given to anyone else in the room, the war god had to remind himself he was now in a house full of Guardians and Seers. His lips turned into a grin as he looked towards the man who had thrown the chain around him. As it tightened down around him, it ignited making him wince and tense against the attack.

"Aye Sir!" Said an lamps eager yet tired out Peter as he prepared to ultimately summon as big a fireball as he could muster. he had to concentrate really hard to do it. He thought of all the people he had and all the people he left behind, hoping the thought of them would spur on the making of his fireball. It was getting as big as his head when he was hoping that they'd tell him soon. "Hold on Soran Buddy I'm coming!!!"

Grasping at the handle of the knife, Rethyn was unsure if he to go into the fray. The boy Soran clearly needed some sort of support, Rethyn knew he could give it to him. But, was he suppose to? Glancing to the others Rethyn awaited some sort of confirmation. Was it some sort of duel for him to not be involved in? Upon seeing Soran thrown into a wall Rethyn took a step forward. It didn't matter, "Screw honor" Rethyn said to himself as he pulled out his knife from his pocket.

"Oy Maskie! Don't get in the way! a fireball as big as I'm making this I got one shot!" As Peter was saying this the fireball almost was now as big as a watermelon as several excess flames was covering his arm. "Come on Grayson...Tell me when." he thought with sweat under his eyebrows.

"Wait," Tristan was beside Rethyn at that moment. "They will take care of it." Tristan stepped into the barrier and grabbed ahold of Soran while the others had the god distracted. "Can you teleport us out of here. Not far, just out of the room" If not, well they were going to have to run, Tristan had a feeling things were about to get really hot in the study.

Yakosa strained against the binds holding him in place. A glance over to another Guardian showed him the fireball that was being built. Him again, the war god thought. Clenching his fists he summoned his own fire. Igniting his body, he combated against the flames along the chains, heating them to extreme temperatures in an attempt to melt the magic systems metal. Hearing the red haired boy ask to be taken from the room, he shifted around to face him, "Where do you think you're going?" as he asked in a growling tone, his power exploded through the room sending a shock-wave of heat.

Taking quite a hit from the shock-wave, Rethyn passed Tristan as he found himself slamming with quite a good amount of force into the wall. Off-guard from such an attack, Rethyn felt the breath knocked from him as he staggered back to his feet. With his hand against the wall for support he coughed roughly and cursed a bit. With gritted teeth he wanted to rush the demon, but had been advised against it. He had been told to teleport the others from the fight, but he chose not to. He didn't want to run away from this.

"Yikes!" Was all Peter could say before the heat of the shock-wave almost knocked him over but he had to concentrate on the fireball in his hand, and still hope that the signal was given to throw the darn fireball at Yakosa.

Yakosa stretched forward, the chains shifting with him, trembling to hold him in place. His arm came free reaching forward to the barrier that separated himself and the red haired boy holding Yakosa's ideal blonde vessel. It only separated them by a foot. The war gods fingers touched the barrier, making it shimmer just like the one outside, his grin widening as the flames flickered across his body, "I can show you what real power tastes like, boy. Why don't you try it? He knows what it's like, I invaded him earlier after all. I want to see what you're capable of," he cooed as he pushed harder against the shield, trembling visibly.Tristan shivered at the power of the god's voice. If he had been alone, he would have succumb to it. Yet holding on to Soran grounded him, and somehow he found the strength to fight it. Yet he couldn't find the words to fire back at the god, as if he looked up and acknowledge him, he would be lost.

Knowing that they had probably waited to long, Alauric glanced at Grayson, knowing he was ready. "Now Peter." Grayson called out releasing another barrier, it had taken him longer then he thought it would. This one encased the god though.

"All I needed to hear Grayson.." Peter half muttered to himself, his yellow eyes shining like the fireball almost two times the size of his fists combined. "Hey Yakosa!" He yelled out to the god. "You're causing enough trouble already!" As he said this he got in a stance to prepare his throw. "So why don't you go screw yourself?!!!" He shouted very loudly as he hurled the fireball at Yakosa, aiming for his head. The barrier reacted with the fire ball causing it to explode. The only thing felt on the outside was an extreme heat as it did indeed get hot in the study. However inside the barrier, fire crackled and burned. The explosion caused the fire ball to heat up rapidly and expand until it was covered the god inside.

The chain still attached began pulling the god toward the hole. Alauric tried to do this faster, because he knew if the barrier broke, all their butts would be fried. The chain though had been weaken in Yakosa's struggling. It was only going so fast. Grayson was breathing hard, having pushed the last of his energy to create the barrier around the god.

Yakosa turned at the sound of his name only to catch the gigantic fireball straight to his face. Knocked off his feet and already straining against the chains holding him, he hit the floor. The barrier surrounding him didn't help the situation either. The fire ignited inside the shimmering sheild around his frame. With a shout of rage as well as pain, he tore at the chains, trying desperately to get free as he could feel himself being dragged somewhere. Another scream erupted from him and his own red flamed turned blue as he turned up the heat. Rage kept him from thinking too clearly, and so instead of burning the chains to free himself he could only think of harming the ones around him in an act of defiance. He allowed the blue flames to burn all around him, filling the little barrier even more. Still sliding, he was getting closer to the hole behind him.

A soft laugh started to fill his chest, "I hope you all like heat," he muttered and released the blue flames outwards, directly towards the red haired boy he'd been after just as his back touched the black opening of the hole.

Rethyn felt beads of sweat under his mask as he finally got the breath back in his body. He really hated it when the breath was knocked out of him, however just as he managed to do so another attack was launched straight at them. Having not seen the attack coming Rethyn attempted to grab Tristan to briefly teleport out of the room to dodge the attack before coming back. However, due to the distance Rethyn ended up teleporting away before being of much or any use to the others. Reappearing into the room the look under his mask showed his frustration with himself.

The flames hit instead a wall of stone that just pop out of the middle of nowhere. Tristan it seemed decided to try to come up with his own defense. It wasn't a very strong one, as he lacked the time to actually do it right. But it did block the brunt of the attack. The heat though had penetrated, making it almost unbearable as sweat poured down Tristan's forehead. It was making him faint. The chain gave one last tug at the god it was pulling. Alauric hoped this would the last pull, hopefully pulling the god into the darkness.

Yakosa, realizing where he was headed, struggled violently, his fingers digging into the biting chains. However, he'd exulted too much power in that instant of unleashing the blue fire and unfortunately to only have it strike a wall rather than the red haired boy holding his wanted prize. The hole pulled at him, sucking at him to drag him into a different place. He screamed as he thrashed, "I will have what is mine! There is no escape for those who you call Seers!" his cries were cut off as he was completely sucked into the hole. The hole closed behind him with a snap. Alauric collapsed next to Grayson, "I don't think we have anything to worry about." The comment was suppose to be compliment to those around them. Alauric smiled so his others would understand his words as something good.


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"Good riddance, if I see that goon again it'll be too soon." Peter muttered to himself. He was panting from the amount of energy it took to make his fireball. "Anyone got a cold drink, or want it?" He sat down where he stood wiping sweat from his brow and gave a thumbs up to Mr. Belvedere.

Soran took a deep breath, only to cough on it because of the burning heat. This seemed to wake him just slightly though his head pounded hard. He gave a groan, shifting slightly to reach up and touch the wound over his eyebrow.Tristan glanced down at Soran, "Don't move, we will get a healer here to take a look at your wounds. I promise he will be better than I was." Tristan smiled

Soran smiled lightly, "Hey, what do you mean by that? Look, the bandage held up great," he coughed again, clearing his lungs of the heavy heat, "Damn... is he gone?" Soran looked around and was satisfied to see that Yakosa was indeed not there anymore. He frowned a bit, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come to your home. I didn't think he would follow me here."

Tristan shook his head, but his father spoke out before he could, "There is nothing for you to apoligize for, attacks like this happen in our world. Its not the first time the house needed renovated, in fact I don't think that was the worse attack." Tristan paled slightly as he knew what his father was talking about. "We should go, until the healer arrives, Soran can have the guest room. Everyone else can go to the kitchen, drinks and food would probably help the most."I shall go free the females...god willing they will be to tired to ask alot of questions."

Without a word, Rethyn turned and with a small wisp vanished from the rather devistated area to the kitchen. During that battle he felt next to useless or perhaps just useless. With the weakness shining bright he had to leave to scene. Even though he wouldn't be alone for long in the kitchen it was better than standing around.

Peter paled slightly at Mr. Belvedere's statements. "Not the worst?" He said tiredly. "I don't wanna know." He tiredly got up and wandered towards the kitchen. His eyes went wide at the mention of the females. "Oh no..." He had to reach the kitchen before that happened.

Grayson had already stood and helped Alauric off the floor. He then went to help Tristan with Soran, but Tristan waved him off, getting to his feet and kneeling to get under one of Soran's shoulders. "Let me know if I need to slow down."

"Hu? W-what...?" Soran stuttered as Tristan's arm came around his shoulders. "Going to carry you to the guest room, unless you can walk on your own." Tristan answered trying very hard to keep the grin off his face.

Peter tiredly reached the kitchen and looked around for food or drink and spotted the fridge and goes to see if any drinks are in there. "Root Beer? Come to daddy!" He said to himself with glee and took a can."Young man," Alauric again was standing there, "Do you know that little rule about power, its the same for the fridge. Never without permission." Peter froze where he stood, shuddering in nervousness. "Sorry. forgot my manners." Alauric was trying not to laugh, "Go ahead, you've earned it."

Peter sighed in relief as he proceeded to open the can and drinking a bit of the soda to finally wave off the thirst that developed from the heat of Yakosa's flames, coupled with his own flames. "Fire is a harsh thing, even if you use magic with it." He muttered to himself.Grayson entered, "Everything is secure, unfortunely the barrier isn't going to repaired tonight." Alauric nodded because he had already known this, "I will take first watch, and wake you later." Grayson understood that order as to mean to let the younger people sleep. He nodded and left the room. Alauric stood and stretched, "I don't remember it being this much fun the night I became a seer." He smirked in Peter's direction, "You guys can go stay in rooms down the other corridor. Have a good rest." Alauric left the kitchen toward the front of the house and planted himself in view of the outside.

Standing in the corner of the kitchen, Rethyn breifly looked at the soda before going over to one of the tables to take a seat. He was still feeling the strain from his travels. Crossing his arms, the young man lowered his head to his arms as he seemed to doze off almost instantly.


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#, as written by Siryn

Soran took a deep breath, only to cough on it because of the burning heat. This seemed to wake him just slightly though his head pounded hard. He gave a groan, shifting slightly to reach up and touch the wound over his eyebrow.Tristan glanced down at Soran, "Don't move, we will get a healer here to take a look at your wounds. I promise he will be better than I was." Tristan smiled.

Soran smiled lightly, "Hey, what do you mean by that? Look, the bandage held up great," he coughed again, clearing his lungs of the heavy heat, "Damn... is he gone?" Soran looked around and was satisfied to see that Yakosa was indeed not there anymore. He frowned a bit, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come to your home. I didn't think he would follow me here."

Tristan shook his head, but his father spoke out before he could, "There is nothing for you to apoligize for, attacks like this happen in our world. Its not the first time the house needed renovated, in fact I don't think that was the worse attack." Tristan paled slightly as he knew what his father was talking about. "We should go, until the healer arrives, Soran can have the guest room. Everyone else can go to the kitchen, drinks and food would probably help the most. I shall go free the females...god willing they will be to tired to ask a lot of questions."

Without a word, Rethyn turned and with a small wisp vanished from the rather devistated area to the kitchen. During that battle he felt next to useless or perhaps just useless. With the weakness shining bright he had to leave to scene. Even though he wouldn't be alone for long in the kitchen it was better than standing around.

Peter paled slightly at Mr. Belvedere's statements. "Not the worst?" He said tiredly. "I don't wanna know." He tiredly got up and wandered towards the kitchen. His eyes went wide at the mention of the females. "Oh no..." He had to reach the kitchen before that happened.

Grayson had already stood and helped Alauric off the floor. He then went to help Tristan with Soran, but Tristan waved him off, getting to his feet and kneeling to get under one of Soran's shoulders. "Let me know if I need to slow down."

"Hu? W-what...?" Soran stuttered as Tristan's arm came around his shoulders.

"Going to carry you to the guest room, unless you can walk on your own." Tristan answered trying very hard to keep the grin off his face.

Soran's face grew red hot. He stared up at Tristan for a moment before quickly looking away, "I-I can walk... I think," he muttered the last part as he was really not sure if he could but wasn't about to let Tristan in on that fact. He moved a bit though it was awkward with Tristan so close and his arm already around his shoulders. Still blushing furiously he stared at the floor intently and sat up. He got to his knees before his head pounded harder with the sudden movements and he swayed as everything spun around in a swirl that made him feel sick. Balancing himself with his hands he groaned a bit, "Okay... fine. Damnit. Man... head injuries suck..."

Tristan bit his lip so he wouldn't say anything. He decided to let it go at the moment. "I will just help, you can lean on me for support, or put your arm around my shouldler, whatever is fine."

"Umm..." Soran ground his teeth, maybe I should have just let him carry me, he thought though he felt as if his face was going to explode with the amount of heat he was radiating. Maybe he could pass it off as it just being hot in the room, "I... can't really stand, Tristan," he didn't look and only reached up for the boy to help him up, "Sorry. Maybe it's just because its too hot in here." Once he was standing, he leaned against the boy heavily who was taller than himself. He reached up and slid his arm over Tristan's shoulder, trying to ignore the close proximity, "Thanks."

Soran clung to the boy without even realizing he was doing so. It was hard to walk properly and he had to keep his eyes closed in order to not see everything swimming around him. The pace felt almost agonizingly slow, not that he wanted to go too much faster but he was sure Tristan wasn't enjoying it all that much, "We can move a little faster," he said taking a larger step still with his eyes closed. He was relying on Tristan to direct him so that he didn't hit anything.

The arm around the red haired boy's shoulder tightened, his fingers curling into a fistful of the boys shirt. His other arm reached over to Tristan's waist to help steady himself further. "I hope the room's not too far," he said with a soft laugh, "This could take forever." he coughed then in embarrasment, "N-not that I don't like holding on to... uh, not that this is bad, I mean... God help me."

Tristan stopped as Soran's grip tightened, "Not to far, but I didn't want to go to fast," he said. In reality, he wanted to just stand there and hug Soran, but couldn't because he knew it would cause the other pain. He started again, a little bit faster until they reached a door at the end. "The bed is really comfortable, you should rest well in it." Tristan felt his cheeks burn again, this was going to be bad if everything he said to Soran made him blush. He opened the door and led the other inside, and luckily the room hadn't been damaged at all during the fight. The bed was a short walk from the door and Tristan walked towards it.

As the door opened, Soran looked into the room, "At least it's not an uncomfortable bed..." he commented lightly, "Although right now even a hard wood floor would be fine by me. In fact, anything would be good enough to sleep on as long as it's here. Much better than my own bed I'm sure," he smiled a bit as he reached out for the mattress to steady himself and slip from Tristan's shoulder to quite literally face plant into the covers. He groaned a bit, wincing slightly. Perhaps just plopping down had been a bad idea, "Ow..." he muttered. Pulling himself up onto the bed (which he was laying on backwards...) he settled into the covers almost instantly.

"Remind me next time not to piss off a God? Your wall didn't feel that great earlier," he said, his voice muffled as he was half buried in the comforter. Peering up at the boy he grinned, "You know, I think I kind of like you a little... would you stay a little longer?" Wow... I'm so damned screwed... this sucks, why did I say that? Perhaps he should hit his head more often...

He had tried to help the other down but was to late to do anything about the plopping. Tristan chuckled, "Sorry about the wall, I wasn't really thinking on that one, it really wasn't my best idea." Well he actually had another idea, but the absolutely crazniess of that idea, well he hoped no one would ever have to see it. In truth thinking on his feet wasn't his best quality, but he had been so worried about the other that he was distracted. He straightened almost to fast as he heard what Soran said next, "Um...yes." He wondered if Soran had even realized he had said what he did, or was in because of the injury. So he decided to go for broke, "Truthfully, I think I kinda of like you a little too." He wondered if Soran would even remember he said it.

Soran smiled lightly as he nestled in the covers. A bit of a laugh escaped him as his arms gathered up the covers to pillow his head as he lay half on his stomach, "Wow. What a crazy thing. I didn't think you'd actually say you were feeling the same too. So is this what they call love at first sight, I wonder? Hmm, I guess I'll find out," Soran said as he opened his eyes again to look up to Tristan. He was babbling, he knew it. Most likely because he was extremely weary and his head hurt a lot, he was probably somewhat delirious... well maybe not. He hoped not anyway.

"Ah!" he startled as he realized something, "Your covers... they'll get blood on them," he frowned as he lifted himself up a little bit to see the red stains on the blankets. He didn't get too far though and plopped back down. He mumbled something along the lines of buying Tristan new ones. For some reason a slight bit of pressure against the wound over his eye seemed to make things a lot easier to deal with. So, he pressed his head into the covers against his arm that was underneath the blanket. There was so much more he wanted to say to Tristan and he started to talk again, but his voice trailed off as he slowly fell asleep.

There were hands on him that he didn't recognize. With a soft sigh he opened his eyes to the face of someone he'd not seen before. They had him on his back and seemed to be checking something. As he woke, the elder man looked down into his gaze and smiled, "Hello there. How do you feel?"

"Um... Alright I guess. A little groggy... where's Tristan?" Soran asked, then blushed as he realized the boy was the first thought on his mind upon waking. Damn I have it bad this time...

The old man chuckled, "Probably in his room, or eating in the kitchen."

"Oh. And... who are you?" Soran asked, trying not to sound rude as he glanced around the unfamiliar room he was in. He barely remembered the night before, only knowing that he had a conversation with Tristan regarding liking one another and the fact that his head had been feeling like a bomb ready to explode.

"A local healer for the Belvedere family. You had one nasty head injury last night. You had a minor concussion. But since you're looking lively, you're out of the woods now."

"Oh. T-thank you," Soran muttered as he looked away to the other wall. The old man shifted and directed Soran to sit up slowly. He did as he was told and the man reached up to bandage his head with a gauze over the cut just above his eyebrow. Once he was finished he patted the blonde's shoulder.

"There. Take it easy for a few days, you could still have some dizzy spells and feel faint. If you do, sit down or sleep. Alright? Nothing strenuous." the old man bore his gaze into Soran's for that last part.

What kind of strenuous activity would I be doing anyway!? he thought frantically to himself, but he couldn't help but blush. With a cough he nodded slowly, "U-uh... okay, I promise." Soran allowed the old man to leave first before slowly pulling himself off the bed. Standing up he took a deep breath and made his way to the door. The house was cool -finally- and somewhat silent which seemed odd considering the day before it was loud with the girls. He wondered where they were and cringed slightly.

I'm not afraid of girls... no, not afraid at all... they're... nice... really... he tried to convince himself as he braved the hall by himself. He wanted to find Tristan, all the while hoping he didn't run into any of the girls he'd seen the day before.


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#, as written by girlwt
Tristan wasn't in his room or in the kitchen, he however was having a conversation with his father on the patio. Tristan hadn't left Soran's side until he was fast asleep, and not going to hurt himself. He didn't forget what he said last night, words that he didn't regret. However he wasn't talking about this with his father, even if he was thinking it. Something else was being said:

"I wish you told Grayson what had happened before he arrived yesterday morning." Tristan cringed slightly, he was still going to have to talk to the man in the mask about everything. He knew it was going to be his responsibility to do so and soon. "I understand," he said as he looked down. Alauric glanced at his son, "I know you found a friend in young master Reigailia yesterday, and you know I more open to things like this, but he is going to have to face his family. He can't stay here forever Tristan. He can heal I will allow that, but I don't need an enemy in another seer family because they think I am hiding his son. I've had half the night to think on this. If they physically push him away, then I will let him stay here. However families do things different with their seers, you know this better then anyone. You know what happened with your mother's family after she was chosen not to be a seer. A fact she regretfully throws at you all the time. I would never do that, I love everyone of my children. They will always have a place in this house, for whatever they chose to do. If you don't let this play out the right way, this is going to be a long year for everyone and gods won't be the only thing we have to watch our backs from.

As for any help, you can offer, leave it open, but on the understanding that will have to come with permission from the others family."

Tristan understood everything that was coming from his father's mouth. He didn't agree with it, but he couldn't argue with it either. How could he say this to Soran, especially having telling him he liked him. Soran would only see it as him pushing him away. Tristan brushed the hair from his eyes, wondering if he would rather fight a god then be honest with the other. Again all he did was to say he understood, and turned to walk back into the house. He knew the healer would almost be done with his assessment

He again understood in his father letting him know his decision, he was making it Tristan's responsibility to say something first. If Soran was told this by Tristan's father and then found out that Tristan knew...that could be worse, much worse.

He would think I betrayed him and lied to him.

What Tristan didn't expect what the person clouding his thoughts would be walking down the hallway. He stopped, and looked at the blond seer. Yep, there is no doubt about it, I really do like him.

He smiled, "Good morning, and why are you out of bed, you should still be getting rest. I was coming to see if you were hungry or anything."

In other parts of the household, things were being repaired which pretty much drove all the females out of the house for a day of shopping. Grayson who had only a couple of hours of sleep was directing the repair. Well it looked like he was mediating actually, in truth he was doing his own repairs to the barrier outside. There were still weak spots, because Grayson didn't have enough energy to actually do a through job, but it would hold against weaker gods. He probably take a nap, and try to replenish his energy again and work on it later. The study which took the most damage, would be easy to fix. However some of the books in it had been ruined. Grayson was just glad it had been fire and not water...water damage was much more a pain in the neck to deal with.


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Peter was sleeping in the guest room when he yawned and walked towards the front outside the house to check on his car. "That Goon better not have blown up my car." He muttered to himself as he wandered towards his car. It seemed to be in fine condition. No issues with the engine amongst other things.

Peter suddenly started to become lost in thought. He half remembered how his Dad and he worked on cars together before he died. It was to help pave his way through school so that he could have a better future, and get Married and have kids and watch that generation grow. He smiled softly at that. He hadn't found a girlfriend yet, but he seems to be getting used to his brand new job.

He sighs as he went to make sure the engine was actually working on the ignition part and he turned on the ignition. The motor sputtered and caused the engine to roar to life. He chuckled to himself and smiled broadly. "Yes! It's working! It's in working condition!" He shouted happily to himself feeling heavily satisfied. Now If Soran ever wanted to head out they can do so now. He hoped no one would be angry at him for turning on the car and causing noise so he turned off the engine and just walked to sit on the porch so he can recover from his own excitement.


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Tristan nearly jumped out of his skin with the sudden appearance of the boy with the mask. That was worse then not knocking on a door, but he didn't say anything. He caught the look, and felt a shiver absently go down his back. He did have questions of his own, he wanted to know certain things. "Good morning" was his reply to the other. And yes Tristan was looking to the door like he wanted to escape. He knew that there wasn't much use though. Just like with Soran he was going to have to face this problem, or face the words that he was going to have a hard time saying. How could he really explain what happened, how does one explain such a thing. "Um..." he started, "I want to apologize for my behavior yesterday."

As if he were cutting him off Rethyn raised up his right hand lightly. "It's not something I have not become use to." he said calmly. Rethyn then seemed to check his hood with his hands to make sure it was up and concealing the back of his head. Facing away from Tristan so that he could not see, Rethyn lifted up the gas mask a little so that he could place the cheese within his mouth. After a short moment he lowered the gas mask again as he slowly chewed his food. He was dreading the next question he knew he had to ask and felt like he was doing everything in his power to prevent himself from asking it. However, he knew he would have to. After a brief moment and a deep breath Rethyn lifted his chin up as he looked to the ceiling. "How did she go? Was it painless? Or was it like...." Silencing himself he awaited Tristan's answer.

He gets right to the point, Tristan thought, yes he knew he said dead...but it wasn't exactly like that. He said dead because telling him the truth...would that be worse. "I was in shock yesterday, when I saw you, you look like her. Your eyes, even maybe your hair in a way. She thought she could make the god go away, but it didn't work. He got angry...," Tristan stopped trying not to remember, he didn't want to. He knew he hadn't really answered the question. "What made you come here," he asked instead. He was grasping for a little understanding, maybe if he figure out why, maybe then he would be able to tell him.

Reading between the lines of Tristan's words Rethyn understood. It was a confirmation of indirect words. His sister was dead and with that he felt the last bit of hope die within Tristan's words. Breaking eye contact, Rethyn looked down as he did his best to keep himself from shattering. For a long moment there was silence as Rethyn's hands had curled into fists. Holding back tears the way he breathed gave away the mourning of Kazar. Between breaths he tried weakly to hold himself together as he tried to answer. "I felt her from afar, I had to come. She w-was family as I once was. I had to see her, she needed to see Rethyn was still out there watching over her."

"Family," he repeated. It was a concept he understood quite well. "You felt her," Tristan wondered, "And do you still feel her..." He didn't want to ask this, but he had to know. He could tell the other was falling apart and he felt bad for the question. He looked at Rethyn, he didn't really know what do to comfort him. He really didn't know what to do period.

At the second part of the question, Rethyn slowly walked over from the fridge to Tristan. Stopping a little too close in front of him, Rethyn raised his left hand to the center of Tristan's chest. "Her aura is within you now." Rethyn's eyes had lost their chill from before as they seemed tendered, wounded even. Turning his head away and his body, Rethyn stepped away from Tristan as he walked over to the counter facing away from him. "So, when should I get going? There's not much more reason for me to stay is there?" Rethyn's voice sounded forced and controled from within rather than his previous words which seemed raw.

It wasn't the answer Tristan was expecting, "But don't you want to stay, so she could see your still watching out for her." Tristan wondered why he said that, like something inside was compelling him to. "I think there is more for you to do then you realize." Tristan wasn't sure, he wasn't entirely positive, but he was having this gut feeling that he couldn't let the other just leave. He still had no idea what to do with him, he sort of wondered if there was ever going to be a way to crack open those walls. At least now he knew that Rethyn had feelings, and that he had cared for his family.

Glancing over his shoulder, Rethyn's expression through his eyes seemed hallowed. Opening his mouth from under his mask he spoke gently. "Where I am going I will be with her." As he finished his words he begun to leave the kitchen at a slow pace. He seemed deep within his own thoughts in the current moment as he headed to where he thought the exit was.

Tristan watched him, "Then I guess she truly died for no purpose. If no one cares to protect her now." Again he didn't know why he said those words, was Rethyn right, did he truly have her aura inside him. If that was true, then what he thought happened didn't actually happen. He finally understood, "She told me one thing before she died, she told me that I would always have someone watching over me"

Stopping dead in his tracks, Rethyn turned back to face Tristan. His eyes revealed a look of shock. Tristan was right, she had died for him. If he left now her efforts would be all in vein. She had given her life to keep Tristan alive, if he were to leave now Tristan could potentially run the chance of dying. The aura of Kazar would die right there along with Tristan. Looking to Tristan through his mask he asked him weakly. "Do you want me to stay? And if you do what would you possibly have in mind for me to do for you? I couldn't possibly be your guardian, that was my sisters job." With a look of tenderness and weakness Rethyn felt vulnerable, but for some reason it was okay in this situation. He found himself placing in Tristan a trust of which he had not given anyone since his awakening.

"I want you to stay," he said clearly, "I think your wrong when you say your not my guardian, but only time will reveal that. I felt lost after what happened yesterday, what is a seer without a guardian. I had to be forced back to being able to feel again, and luckily someone came along to help me with that." He realized that he was wasn't talking about Rethyn, "But now I know I need protection, will you do that for me, will you protect me and her."

"Then I shall stay." Rethyn said weakly as he still tried to control himself. With a quick glance to the floor then back to Tristan he asked him "T-this conversation was between us only. Right?" Rethyn had never felt more vulnerable in his life and well "afterlife". However, he knew he was placing his trust within Tristan. Forcing his ice like glare a little bit too obviously at Tristan he quickly added. "Look, just understand I am not here for you to order around like Grayson! If you ever talk down to me I swear I'll kick you upside the head! You understand?!"

Tristan couldn't help but laugh, "I don't order around anyone at least in this I hope someone told you I have four sisters. But I promise I will try to protect you from them." He hoped Rethyn wouldn't change his mind in that moment.

Hidden under his mask Rethyn gave off a smile. What he had just said reminded him of his life growing up. Besides Kazar he had several older brothers. Both him and Kazar were the babies of the family and the words of Tristan brought nostalgia to his face. The scars of which were created by what happened to his sister felt a little more bearable as Tristan was at least able to remind him of a good part of his life. Feeling a bit of his weakness show he couldn't help but say "Thank you" with a small laugh behind it.

Now that was unexpected, all Tristan could do was shrug. He hoped there was still a thank you later after the other met them. Well his sisters could grow on you after awhile, it wasn't them that he felt would treat the other the worst. His mother was going to come into the picture at some point. "I should probably show you around the house, so you know where everything is, but can I ask one favor, walk there please."

Tilting his head towards Tristan he merely asked him. "What? You don't like how I teleport? If you cannot keep up just hold onto me and I can bring you with me."

"No, I think your teleporting is cool, but for the those of us around here with less nerves...and don't wish to be frightened out of our skin, it would be greatly appreciated."

Nodding, Rethyn said to Tristan. "I can try, but it has become something of a habit to me." Placing a hand on the back of his head he felt weird about not being able to teleport for it had become something he had been doing since his awakening.

"When they aren't around, you can teleport to your hearts content, I just don't want anyone to be frightened. And anyways if they knew you could teleport, the youngest one would probably ask you to take her everywhere. And if you are wondering, she probably find you more fascinating than scary, even with the mask."

Rethyn's look grew annoyed. "It's not just a mask. This is my face, it is a part of me! It's not for fear! It is a part of me!" The smile Rethyn once had grew into a frown as he grew tempted to teleport away from Tristan who had just stuck his nerve. With the return of the cold stare he seemed to glare at Tristan for a moment before dropping it.

"I am sorry," he said making a mental note not to ever mention the gas-mask again. Tristan turned away, now completely out of sorts because of Rethyn reaction. He felt bad, so he didn't know how to respond anymore. He realized that he was doing the same thing when his own mother scolded him. Sort of shutting down and not wanting to face it, it was easier to do that then face the fact that she hated him. "I will leave you alone now." he finally said. Tristan really did need a good kick upside the head, because he was being to stubborn at the moment.

Shaking his head at Tristan, Rethyn with a sudden flash vanished from the room. The remark of the mask had reminded him of the people who had insulted his face as he traveled on the look for Kazar. They did not understand why he wore it, who were they to judge him?! They never died before! The whole thought process brought anger through Rethyn. Reappearing in the hallway of which he first entered, Rethyn wrapped his arms around his knees as he sat with his back facing the window. For now he wanted to be left alone, he didn't want a room he wanted this part of the hallway.

Growing frustrated with himself, Rethyn begun to ask himself questions. Why him? Why did he need his face? Was it not good enough?! His face in life never got such disdain! Why what brought him so much comfort was the source of everyone's fear and concern for him. He hated it, but he needed it. Closing his eyes he tired to breath slowly as he kept his mind off Kazar. There was enough stress as there was, and a small part of him still did not want to believe she was gone. She just merely lived inside Tristan now, at least he hoped so.

Tristan hadn't meant to be insulting, he hadn't meant anything at all. Ok, you're going to have to help me with him, cause I got no clue, Tristan was asking the other that was living inside of him for help. He didn't really expect an answer. But he sort of wish she would send Rethyn a vision to help him though. Tristan really hated this, and mentally kicked himself in the head, "I am such a blunder-head," which had become Aria's choice of insult for the month. Now he knew with how Rethyn reacted to him, of how badly it could go with his mother. He knew he was going to ask for help. More then anything he wished Soran was there, talking him through it and given him advice. He looked at the gift again that had been momentarily forgotten about. He had to face the other, and he actually kinda of wondered if he had the answer right in front of him.


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#, as written by girlwt
Belvedere residence: The Next Day

Tristan sat on his bed, with his computer open, headphones on and his own magic system open. He decided, he really needed to have his defense spells ready at a moment’s notice. He had been at it all day for the most part. It had made him tired, but he was trying to keep his mind off of thinking of a blond seer. He had finally given himself a headache, and needed to stop. He pulled the headphones off, and closed his eyes for a second.
He sighed.

Well at least if I pull a wall out of the air again, it will actually do some good.

He stared at the computer screen, and looked away. He wasn’t going to be able to concentrate anymore. So he stared at the flower by his bed. His birthday present from Soran, he really wanted to give him something when he returned. But hadn’t a clue on what it should be. The flower had done a couple of things, just out of curiosity though this time Tristan put it bud side down.

It started spinning really fast and two finger length legs appeared at the bottom. The flower turned into a dancer, spinning gracefully with her hands over her head. She stopped spinning, and actually looked at Tristan. He quirked an eyebrow, she smiled and bowed low. She started spinning again and eventually the legs disappeared.. It was a beautiful trick. He turned around hoping he had locked the door, because he didn’t want to be made fun of by his sisters. His guardian…well he couldn’t really lock him out of his room. He would pop in if he had the mind to.

I’ve changed my mind about the whole teleporting thing…do you think you could talk to him about that. He is driving me crazy. Well I am already crazy, I am talking to a person whose aura is supposedly inside of me. K…,”

He stopped as he realized he was going to say her name. Rethyn would probably think him nuts if he found out. He shook his head and picked up the flower again. It was the closest thing he had that felt like Soran.

A knock sounded on the door, “Tristan, dad said its time for training.” Tristan put the flower down, well he actually hid it underneath his pillow and unlocked his door. He needed the physical distraction as it was. He ruffled Aria’s hair as he passed her in the doorway. She looked at him weird. “Will you please stop doing that, I rather you yell at me then be all cutesy…I mean nice.” Tristan smiled and said nothing to her as he walked upstairs.

Aria stood there, scrunched her nose and shrugged her shoulders. “Boys…I don’t understand.”

She skipped back to the kitchen passing by the study as the news bulletin played,

“Another mystery disappearance of a seer has alarmed several of the more notable families in the area.”

Grayson turned the radio off, “This isn’t just any regular kind of disappearance, or possession. Something is happening out there.” Alauric glanced at his guardian, “Its why I don’t think letting them go places is a good idea, especially Tristan. We still don’t know if the boy is his guardian, Tristan seems to believe it, as do you.” Grayson looked at Alauric, “As Tristan said it’s a gut feeling, and I recall you said the same thing to me.” Alauric looked at Grayson for a second and smiled, “and my feelings have been good so far.”

Grayson stood and stepped away from the desk, “We should go and watch the training upstairs.” Alauric nodded and stood as well, “Yeah teleporting would be a useful power at my age...” The guardian rolled his eyes, “We will get a powered wheelchair for your next birthday.” Alauric stopped and glared at Grayson, “Ok so it’s like that old man…” Grayson quirked an eyebrow, but turned and left the comment where it was.
Day 2

So it was official…Alauric had everyone on lockdown so to speak. The house had been prepared for any attacks from the outside. The bunker had been prepped for an extended stay if need be. Tristan had been on his computer all day, he had been writing a program as well as hacking a few places to see if he could find out more about the incidents outside. No one was talking about it was very strange.

He stretched and looked out to the patio. At least his sisters were trying to make the best of this situation. As they had set up the crochet game and were playing by their own rules. He heard whining outside, “But you said…” yes definitely Aria’s voice. He heard soft footsteps behind him and noticed the only sister not outside. “Leila,” he said, she shook her head and walked to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of water and a bowl of fruit. She turned gave him a smile, but put the fruit and water down for a second. Her hand motions went rapid, and Tristan laughed.

“I dare you to go outside and tell them that.” She signed again, “Really, that bad,” she nodded.

He sighed and looked at her, “I am sure it will pass, lock down sucks for all of us.” She signed again, and he couldn’t help but smile. “I am sure Weird eyes is hiding in his room or something.” Her last couple of signs made Tristan cringe just a little, “I am not telling you that, even you have a way of letting things slip, and I don’t need the whole household in on it.” She shrugged her shoulders and picked up her things again. Yet she stopped and she gave him a hug, a big smile on her face. He smiled back, but as she left it faded, he should be back…tomorrow.

Day 3

Tristan was antsy, everyone could tell, so everyone pretty much left him alone. He actually yelled at his father during their training session. Alauric had let it go, because he knew something was bothering him. His sisters stayed as far away as they could, not even making eye contact if they could help it. He thought about picking up the phone all day, like if he just heard Soran’s voice, he could get through the day. He had been making excuses all day, trying to come up with good ones, so he wouldn’t freak himself out with the bad ones. However he again had a gut feeling…something bad had happened.

He had tried everything to keep his mind off of the situation. He even made an entirely new game out of thin air. Since he had created the black hole that sucked up Yakosa, it really leading to nowhere, wasn’t the best prison for a god. Of course the god if he was smart enough, and really thought about it, could escape. So he decided to make sure it was as confusing as heck for any god that got sucked down there. Four thousand levels of idiotic fun, well he was going to stop at 1000, but Soran hadn’t shown up, another thousand, and still nothing, the third thousand were some seriously messed up things. The last thousand though put the third to shame. He had to stop…not only because he was driving himself crazy, but the levels had started becoming redundant. He looked at the clock…damn it was midnight already.

A light caught his attention, a glowing from underneath his pillow. He picked the pillow up and looked at the gift Soran had given him. It was beginning to fade, but Tristan couldn’t speak as he watched it, it faded gently until it was gone. Tristan hugged his pillow, not making a sound. It was like he was numb as he laid back down on to the bed.

Day 4

Alauric was worried about his son, he hadn’t come out of his room all day. Not to eat, or do anything else. He knew it had to do with Soran, but what he had no idea. He sighed, maybe I shouldn’t have let the boy go. However he knew Leo, if he had found out that Soran had been here, Alauric was pretty sure he would have heard something. He had been in his newly repaired study looking for answers to the strange happenings that had been occurring. He was old school, books always worked best for him.

Reigailia Residence/Belvedere residence phone conversation

Closing the door to Soran's room, his mother left him there since he was finally sleeping peacefully. Once more he'd tossed and turned through the night, moaning the boy's name in his delirium. She couldn't help the pang of guilt that was coursing through her at seeing her own flesh and blood in such a state. Perhaps if she were a stronger woman nothing like this would have happened. However, she could do one last thing for her son. He wasn't safe in this house and he wouldn't be for as long as he lived there. The boy's father was a tyrant who drove Derrik into a fitless rage that he took out on Soran often. However, it was now more potent than ever since it was a confirmed fact that Soran was now a Seer.

Wiping tears from her eyes, she descended the stairs and went to the phone on the desk just under the staircase near the front door. Picking it up, she listened to the dial tone for quite some time before punching in the number that she knew by heart. It buzzed for a moment then it rang.

The phone ringing though caught him off guard and he lost his concentration.

"Belvedere residence, Alauric Belvedere speaking."

"Alauric..." River's voice wavered as she whispered the name. She paused a moment, fighting off the anguish as she thought of what she had to say, "Alauric... You have to take him," her voice broke.

It sounded like a door closed on the other end, "River, is that you, what is going on." He paused, "Take him...You mean Soran." He waited on her answer

River's fingers tightened around the receiver of the phone, she couldn't stop shaking, nodding her head she remembered to speak, "Yes. He can't stay here, Alauric. It's too dangerous. His brother... he already hurt him when he came home. I can't handle this. Please, you have to help him. I know this is asking a lot and I know that Leo isn't the greatest man to contend with, but please. Don't let my baby stay here any longer. I'm afraid... afraid something else is going to happen," her voice gasped as a loud sound was heard over her head. Backing up a bit she tried to see what was going on upstairs. Her breath hitched as she caught sight of Derrik, "Oh, God. Alauric, hurry please! You have to come get him, take him now!"

She didn't wait for an answer as a louder sound filled the air. Something had shattered over head, "Soran!" she ran, dropping the phone so that it hung by the cord, dangling over the desk.

"River..River...just hold on we will come as fast as possible." Alauric's voice had grown angry, but controlled.

All of a sudden there was only the sound of the dial tone on the phone.

(Side note-Leila is mute, not deaf, she can read lips extremely well)


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The Day After

Rethyn had been seen around the house as a rarity. When situations of passing members of the house seemed unavoidable, Rethyn would cloak himself into the shadows to hide from their sight or simply teleport off into a different room if he knew he had to leave at that moment. The most common moments of actually spotting him was when he would snatch food from the fridge to sustain himself throughout the day. Most of his moments had been preformed during the night and his sleep schedule was almost completely backwards. Besides the stealing of food from the fridge the only other times his presence seemed obvious was when he would shower at the odd hours of three to four in the morning.

It was as if this behavior was his training as the avoidance was hand in hand with his abilities. For the first day of training Rethyn made an appearance, but without the knowledge of the others as he watched them cloaked in the corner of the room. By masking himself so well he was even able to mask his presence. It was something he had recently started trying to do after he realized that most of his new opponents would have the ability to sense him. As he watched Tristan train he seemed to study the man. He found his powers much more interesting in contrast to his own. As time pressed on everything seemed to be going normal until unfortunately one of Tristan's sisters decided to come in and have a watch. As she moved into the corner of the room she backed into him. Screaming quite loudly she acutally managed to break Rethyn's focus as lost his concealment.

Now with everyone in the room able to see him parked awkwardly behind one of Tristan's sisters he quickly moved away from her cursing to himself as he teleported from the room. The last words he heard before vanishing away were the words of Tristan's sister

"PERVERT!" Tristan fell on the mat in a bunch of laughter at the situation, just as his dad and guardian walked in. They were both trying to hide sublet grins, as Tristan explained what happened. The sister in question was Julianna, she being the next oldest didn't find it funny at all. "Well how was I suppose to know he was over there." She huffed, "Boys, I don't understand." She left very miffed but not without the last word, "Tristan this is all your fault, why couldn't you find a normal guardian." Tristan still trying to hold in his laughter was beginning to think there wasn't such a thing.

That night while making rounds around the house he stared into the floor as he moved down the same hallway he had first entered the house through. He felt terrible about what had happened that day, surely the others were judging him right now. Not that he cared or anything, why should he? But at the same time the question ate at him "Why did he actually care?" His ability to lie to himself was becoming worse and worse as he stayed within this house. Sighing to himself he knew he'd have to say sorry to that girl at some point. But he didn't want to face her. Perhaps a letter would suit the situation just fine?

Leaving the lights off, Rethyn shut the door behind him. He in all honesty didn't know how to lock the bathroom door as in life he never had locks to doors within his house. He had lived in a traditional house, the way it had been styled was that within the house all the doors had to be slid open, while the main doors of the house could only be locked by key. So in his current situation he just hoped for everyone being asleep at this house of the night. It was three in the morning, nobody would want to get up anyway.

Reaching into the shower, Rethyn was slowly able to figure out how to get the water running and warm. Stepping back he slowly allowed the room to fill with a little steam. Walking over to the sink he waited for the mirror to fog over a little before reaching his hands to the back of his mask to remove it. He felt strange in doing so, this had been the first time he had showered since his awakening. He knew he needed to remove the mask to do so, but it would be difficult. It felt like it was a part of him, it wasn't something he could just leave away from him.

However, for now it would have to be removed. As much as he didn't want to, Rethyn laid the mask down next to the sink. Placing his hands to his face he felt like a child who had just had their braces removed, it wasn't long before he had to move his hair out of his eyes. It reminded him of his previous life when that was an annoyance he would sometimes have to deal with. Looking to the shower he sighed as he had just spent five minutes just to remove his mask. He was wasting water, but it was something unavoidable for the moment.

Stripping down, Rethyn left his clothing a pile in front of the sink as he quickly moved towards the shower and slipped through the curtains. At first, Rethyn seemed to try to avoid the water as it was a little too hot to the touch. After a little while it went from too hot to soothing as the young man begun to wash himself. It was something he indeed did miss while he had been gone from the land of the living. It was an unforgettable comfort that in life many took for granted, but no comfort is cherished until it is taken away. Running his hand over the scar upon his face Rethyn knew that all too well.

Day 2

The house was placed upon complete lock down, Rethyn knew this to be true as he felt himself hit a force as he tried to climb out the window. Rubbing his cheek bone at the pain Rethyn sighed a he couldn't get the know the lay of the land around the house. Looking down with a little disappointment he slid down to a sitting position by the wall. He was rather tired, but could not sleep here. He would be vulnerable and he couldn't afford to fall asleep out in the open. Someone would take off his mask and keep it from him, he wasn't positive but his paranoia ate at the thought.

Suddenly Rethyn heard footsteps! Fading away into the shadows he watched as two of Tristan's sisters passed him down the hall. For a moment he was scared he'd lose focus and they'd see him. He was already tired physically from using so much of his abilities to avoid everyone around the house. His powers were so physically wearing over time that it made sense his body wanted rest. Suddenly an idea appeared in his mind. It wasn't exactly a good one, but it was the best idea out of the list of more horrid ones. He would go nap in Tristan's closest. He would most likely be training or doing something else around the house so it would buy him time. Plus, he was suppose to trust this man. What better way to build trust would there be?

"No." Rethyn thought to himself. He was just tried and trying to make an excuse in his mind. However it still was the only option he had. Sighing he stood to his feet and vanished quietly. He had been working on the amount of noise he made with teleports throughout the day. The sound was getting better rather than worse.

Reappearing in the closest of Tristan, Rethyn made sure the door was shut before laying back and quietly going off to sleep. He only needed six to seven hours, it would be night time by the time he arose.

Day 3

Rethyn found himself staying awake during the third day as there seemed to be strife throughout the house. Especially Tristan seemed to be going a little stir crazy throughout the lock down. Through almost the entire day Rethyn continued the avoidance of the members of the house. However, in a rather out of character fashion he appeared at dinner. However, he didn't seem to eat anything as he just listened to Tristan's dad try to get the boy to come down for food. Upon hearing Tristan's refusal Rethyn grew annoyed as he stomped off to Tristan's plate, grabbing it, the young man vanished away as he teleported to Tristan's room.

Appearing just in front of Tristan's bed, Rethyn placed it down gently as he gave Tristan the cold stare. "Hey you idiot, you need to eat this." Rethyn paused for a moment as he waved to Tristan making sure he had his attention. "I'm coming back in twenty or so minutes, if that food isn't at least partially eaten I will teleport it into your mouth. I need you at full strength and if you're not going to eat we are going to have problems."

Turning to face away from Tristan he teleported to the training room of the house. He didn't expect anyone to be there at that moment in time as most were eating dinner. He had hoped nobody noticed him swiping a little food off of Grayson's plate before he had teleported to Tristan's room. Still holding a slice of chicken in his left hand he partially removed his gas mask to take a bite from it. This would have to sustain him through the rest of the day. For he would return that night for his own meal.

Day 4

Tristan could have sworn he heard a giggling sound, "Go away," he said. He wanted to be left alone. Go away the voice sounded like little bells, But I want to play.... Tristan opened his eyes knowing he wasn't hearing the sound of a human voice. She was sitting there, looking like some demented doll. "Why don't you want to play with me, I can be rather fun," Tristan froze, "How...," he started to ask. "How did you get past the barrier."

"Oh well I came in when the two big guys went out." Well that was news to him, apparently his father and Grayson were gone. "Now lets play." He felt her enter him without another warning. "Hmm, poor boy, you are sad, what can I do to make you happy." Tristan tried not to think of anything that could harm people in the house, she walked him to his door and unlocked it. He was trying to fight her, she wasn't very strong, but she was filling his head with some strange things.

You know for some reason, its seemed really crowded in here, I don't like it. Tristan automatically knew what she was talking about. How about before we go play outside...we get rid of her Tristan doubled over in pain as the goddess suddenly attacked from the inside. It felt like she was tearing and clawing trying to reach something. His nose started to bleed and he began coughing, "Fuck off." he muttered, "if you mess with her, you aren't going to like the consequences." Really, oh that sounds like a challenge... Tristan could hardly breath, so he decided to do something to draw someones attention his way. He took a glass he had forgotten to take back to the kitchen and opened the door. He throw it against the opposite wall. It made a loud crashing sound as it shattered.

From the hallway Rethyn jumped a little as he heard the shattering of the glass. "Why the hell would be doing this at this hour?!" Rethyn thought to himself as he in a flash appeared in Tristan's room. "Tristan, what the hell are you-HEY! Get back here you idiot!" Rushing towards Tristan he grabbed the man by the shoulder at the doorway to turn him around. Giving him the cold eyes he started to ask Tristan "Why are you throwing things, and where are you trying to go?!" Suddenly letting go of Tristan something didn't feel right about him. It was like it wasn't even him. Feeling the aura of Tristan masked with a much fouler one, Rethyn attempted to shoot for Tristan's legs to tackle him before he could go further. "Who the hell are you?!" he asked furiously to whatever had taken over.

The goddess inside stopped what she was doing for a moment, looking at the masked man through Tristan's eyes. "Go away, I am going to have some fun with the boy," she said. "Just as soon I get rid of the other in here." Tristan groaned loudly as she again attacked from the inside. He was pretty sure she had cracked some ribs in the process. However for a moment while the goddess was distracted with Rethyn entrance, he glanced at the other. That look could say volumes, whereas Tristan couldn't get two words of his own out of his mouth.

Growling darkly at the goddess Rethyn said. "You'd best get out of there, if you don't you'll only make things worse for yourself. I can promise that. Even if you manage to destroy him I'll make your death ten thousand worse. If you know anything about who or what I am you will know this to be true! Now get out of him you bitch!"

Rethyn moved so that he was now sitting on top of the controlled Tristan. Looking down at Tristan with anger fueled eyes he was not just angry about Tristan, his sister was in there too. However Rethyn knew if he made a comment about his sister the goddess would jump on the chance to get him through her. He would have to do something before she could do any further harm to Tristan or his sister. Rethyn was panicking under the skin though as he knew he held nothing under his bluff. How was he going to remove this goddess from Tristan?! He had no idea how to do it? Was it just something that guardian's did by instinct? Cursing silently he just shook Tristan as he roared at the goddess. "GET OUT!"

The goddess covered her ears, as the other shouted. She didn't like shouting, "Fuck you." she cursed at him, but refused to leave the warm inside of the boy she possessed.

At the words "Fuck you." Rethyn brought his forehead against Tristan's as he started to say in retort the goddess's words "Oh, you wanna fuck me? Why don't you just get out and I'll bend yo-" Rethyn stopped as he felt something through this form of contact. It was like a pulling sensation. With a toothy dark grin from under his mask he grinned as he focus'd on the pulling. It was as if he were sucking the goddess into his own mind. There was no fear in it though as this seemed natural for some reason. Was this the way he was suppose to remove these monsters? If it was then oh well, if he had to be killed off he could handle it. He had already died once, there was nothing really left for him in this world. Maybe on the way to the afterlife he'd see Kazar.

The goddess started screaming, making the boy cover his ears as she was pulled from him. He shook as she left slowly, and well painfully. "Who the hell are you." she asked as she left Tristan's body into Rethyn's.

Feeling the goddess writh in his mind he launched himself off of Tristan as his hands went to his head. Like a fish on a hook he had to get control of her. After a moment Rethyn begun to chuckle darkly to himself as he said. "I warned her didn't I? Tristan just stay there for a moment. If you can just watch my body. I'm not really looking at you right now so if your conscious that would be wonderful." Falling backwards it was as if Rethyn passed out. However, in reality he was going in to get the goddess he had just captured.

Appearing in the darkness of a room the goddess had nothing around here but sheer blackness. However the echoing of laughing could be heard as Rethyn could be heard from all around. "I told you did I? Ten thousand times worse." Suddenly the floor became like tar as it tugged the goddess downwards. Just before she was completely submerged in the blackness the world around her begun to transform. A little light jazz like music could be heard echoing cheerfully around as everything begun to change shape and color. Looking around frantically the goddess was confused.

The scene had changed to the inside of the car. Everything at first seemed normal as the scenery was that of the car upon a bridge driving along at what seemed to be the normal speed for the bridge. However, the bay below seemed to be covered in a thick fog of which gave the area an unsettling feeling. That and there seemed to be no other cars on the bidge besides the one currently going across.

In the front seat sat Rethyn. His attire was much different than it usually was. He was in a full suit, and he wasn't wearing a gas mask. However, just were his scar would normally be was a fully open wound of which was dripping blood unto the suit. Upon realizing who it was the goddess lunged at her driver to only discover she was held down by what seemed to be layers upon layers of leather seat belts. Speaking hollowly Rethyn spoke to the goddess. "Now now, we are almost at our destination. There's no need for struggling of any sort."

For a long moment the only sound that seemed to fill the car was the light but unsettling jazz music which only seemed to loop yet again and again.

Suddenly Rethyn spoke to the goddess. "Hopefully one day I'll have Death in here with you. He can tell you all about me."

Rethyn vanished, as he did the car made a sharp left into the railings. Slamming right through the railings the car dove directly into the mist. As the goddess struggled the jazz music of the car begun looping the same three notes of the song over and over again as she fell through the mist. A loud whispering grew and grew as she saw movement just below the mist. Peering she stopped struggling for a moment as her eyes could not believe what she saw.

Squirming and grasping at the air it was a sea of extended arms grasping for her. As the car landed they tore at the doors and soon enough at her as they begun attempting to pull her apart. One rather long arm drove it's fingers into her left eye as it tried to tear it from the socket.

Standing at the top of the bridge, Rethyn tipped a hat at the goddess as he said to her. "Until you're completely destroyed they will rip you apart and put you back together again to only do it again. You should of heeded my words. Welcome to my nightmare, enjoy your stay."

Rethyn's eyes opened. The deed had been done, and now it was certain. Rethyn Jadarus was the true guardian of Tristan. Without getting off his back, Rethyn weakly asked Tristan through the darkness. "How're you holding up over there Tristan?" Coughing a little Rethyn felt like he had just ran several miles. Breathing in deeply he tried to catch his breath as he awaited Tristan's response.

Tristan had been in the same position since Rethyn got off him. His response to Rethyn was a groan. He coughed again and muttered, "I'm peachy." However he wasn't going to be able to get up on his own. "Did you sit on me." He asked just because he didn't know if he had dreamt that or not.

Feeling a little on the defensive Rethyn lashed out a little as he said with a venomous edge. "Yeah, I did. You were quite comfortable. You should probably tell that to blondie. It would be a good selling point."

Rolling to his side, Rethyn pushed himself weakly up as he moved over to Tristan to ask him quietly. "Who in this house would do best to treat you right now?" Sticking a hand under Tristan's head with a suddenly flash and a loud crack Rethyn had teleported Tristan onto his bed as Rethyn now stood over him. Panting in sheer exhustion, Rethyn's mind attack on the goddess had taken a lot out of him.

Tristan didn't realize Rethyn had asked a question, he was slipping into unconsciousness. Suddenly he blurted, "Jules," which was his nickname for Julianne. Of course there was only so much she could do for him. It would take several days for him to heal.

Sighing to himself he took note at Tristan's unconsciousness as he placed his hand against his forehead. "I'm hoping that's not the one who called me a "pervert" he said to himself. Things were awkward enough as it was and now he was going to have to burst into one of his sister's room at the horrid hour of two in the morning to ask her for help.


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#, as written by Siryn
Kilia, Johnathan, Tristan, Rethyn

Yve flicked on the blinker, turning onto a secluded road, the headlights of the vehicle flashing across the empty road before them. There were no other houses down the street that soon turned to gravel. Kilia looked out the window with wide eyes. She was searching for the house she knew to be there. She'd only been to the Belvedere home once when she was younger, around ten or so. The families didn't really keep in contact all that much unless dire things were happening, as it was right then. Her mother had long since grown quiet, meaning that the woman was in deep thought.

As she pulled the car up into the driveway, the light flashing across the outer exterior of the house, Kilia couldn't help but feel a bit of tightness in her chest. Opening the door once the car was parked, she followed her mother to the front door. Yve reached up and rang the doorbell twice then proceeded to knock on the wooden door three times. Kilia looked around. She didn't see any other vehicles in the large driveway, and the house seemed fairly quiet. From where they were at, she couldn't see any lights, of course if she remembered correctly the rooms and such were located on the other side whereas the front was mostly for the living room, dining room and the loft area that she remembered playing at with another boy and two girls.

Yve frowned as she stood waiting at the door. When nothing happened, she rang the bell again, a sigh escaping her lips, "Come on Alauric..." she muttered.

"Maybe they're not here?" Kilia offered. Her mother only gave her a side glance, "Should we come back tomorrow?"

"No. We'll wait for them. This is too important."

Jonathan pulled up close behind them on the Silver flame, turning off the motorbike's engine once he came to a complete stop. Jonathan stretched his arms after parking. "That was a heck of an hour." He muttered as he got off.

"Speak for yourself." Damian muttered. The ghost worn out from riding his horse alongside Damian. The Grey Knight hopped off his horse and Followed Jonathan as he moved to the group. "What is this place?"

"So, this is another Seer's place?" Jonathan asked.

The door creaked open slightly, a girl about 12 stood there, her red hair in braids. She looked at the tall lady and the girl before opening the door a little more. She scrutched her face as if trying to remember something. "Leila," anothers voice was behind the girl. "Why did you open the door, you know..." this time the voice was even younger sounding. Aria looked at the two standing there, going slightly pale. "I am sorry miss..." Aria stopped unsure on how to pronounce the last name of the lady standing there. She continued without it though, "My father isn't here, and my older sisters are tending to my brother...he was mean possessed." Leila was tapping on Aria's shoulder trying to get her attention. "Wait..." Aria hissed, "I mean what," as she turned to the other. Leila signed something to her, "Yes, yes I was getting there, maybe you would like to try." Leila narrowed her eyes at her sister for a second, knowing she said that to be hurtful. "I am sorry, please come in."

Yve turned to the door as it opened up finally. Her gaze fell down to the girl that opened it. Kilia watched as well, her eyes lighting up with a bit of recognition. She remembered the red hair for sure, except the girl standing there now had been much much smaller last she remembered. Then another girl appeared and the two stood in the doorway while the younger one starting talking to Yve. Kilia felt her heart jump a bit as they mentioned that their brother was hurt.


Yve stopped her and let the girls finish, "Thank you," the taller woman said and came into the house as they were invited in, "I'm sorry to come so late to your home," Yve said, her voice a bit more tender than usual. Her mother always had a soft spot for little kids, especially cute girls. Kilia laughed a little bit to herself so the woman wouldn't hear her, "Where is your brother? Kilia can help," her mother looked over her shoulder, giving a stern look to say that Kilia was going to have to make sure she did it right.

"I can help! Take me to him!" Kilia said eagerly, happy that her mother had relented for her to go help.

Jonathan watched the scene as his eyebrows shot up in surprise of Mrs. Linovahle's speaking to the younger children. She sounded a lot more gentle and soft then what he normally heard from her. He watched on, almost utterly flabbergasted as he watched the two younger kids explain where their father was and that apparently, their brother, obviously this Generation's seer, was recovering from his possession. He snapped back out of it to follow the others into the house, and of course, Damian followed as well.

Jonathan took in the sight of the house before looking at Kilia and her mother spoke with the children about the recovering brother. Shrugging to himself he didn't know what use he'd be at that moment.

After hearing that Kilia could help her brother, it was Leila who without thinking grabbed the girls hand to led her where the others were. Aria was left standing there and didn't realize that she was alone with the other two. Her eyes got a little wide. Finally a thought must have crossed her mind, and she squeaked, "Kitchen...I mean would you like to wait in the kitchen," she asked.

Yve smiled warmly at the young girl and nodded her head as she answered, "Yes, that would be just fine. My daughter shouldn't be too long and you're brother will be as good as new again."

Kilia was startled as the girl grabbed her hand and started dragging her towards where her brother was. It wasn't far, they entered the hall and almost immediately the girl reached up and opened the door to a room. Kilia entered right behind her -not really having a choice- and spotted the red haired boy up on his bed, eyes closed and the other sisters tending to him. There was another boy there as well. He had a mask on over his face. Kilia thought it a bit strange, but didn't comment as her priority was the brother. The red haired girl named Leila released her hand and went to her brother. Kilia followed and leaned over the bed to take in his condition.

Rethyn glanced at Kilia as he did so he caught a quick look of judgment. In response he did his best to keep his face blank as he moved a bit more out of the way. If he had it his way right now he'd just be a part of the room and payed no attention. Breaking his glance from Kilia, Rethyn stared back at his seer. Under his mask he frowned a little as he felt his inner drive a little dissapointed. It was the same drive as he had before and it was all that was keeping him from hiding from the others. Tristan's safety was now his only reason to still be breathing.

It was hard to tell, but there was a bit of blood just under his nose which alarmed her. Opening her magic system, her fingers shook a bit as she tried to calm herself and think properly. He was still breathing, so that much was settling, though for how long she wasn't sure. Stop it! she chided herself. Can't think of the worst thing possible right off the bat, jeez. Her fingers moved a bit slowly as she worked out the spell, pausing several times to make sure it was right. Finally, after a few minutes, she dragged it off the tablet and let it go over his prone form. The room lit up in a brilliant gold color and the spell covered him, glowing brightly where he was injured.

Kilia hissed in a deep breath as she watched the amount of glowing areas over his body. Mostly they were broken ribs, a few fractures and internal tissue damage. What could have done this? she thought to herself as she started working on her tablet. First, she would repair the tissue damage, that was probably the worst part of his injuries. She set to work again, preparing the spell on her magic system. Grinding her teeth a bit, she was slightly frustrated with the fact that she was so slow at performing her healing spells. Ten minutes later and she dragged that spell off and dropped it over his body. The room glowed a light green color as the magic swirled around him. As that healed his internal tissues that had been damaged, Kilia moved back to her tablet and worked on a spell for his ribcage.

This one too, longer and she wasn't finished even after the last spell faded away. She was sweating slightly as she worked,concentrating on the spells form, the way it was constructed and the elements that she needed to incorporate to get it to work just right. After all, the last thing she wanted was to make it worse, or hurt him. Kilia hesitated once more as she stared at her spell. Taking a deep breath, she glanced down at the boy. HEaling cuts and bruises was so much easier. All it consisted of was pulling together skin and repairing blood vessels. Bones were so much harder for her.

Watching the healer work brought interest to Rethyn's eyes. It was always good to see someone's own form of magic. Besides, in watching her work he was able to avoid the eye contact of others.

"This might hurt him.... I really hope it doesnt though," she said softly. She knew for sure she wasnt going to make it worse -hopefully- and dragged it off the tablet. Letting it go, the room glowed green yet again and Kilia held her breath.

Jonathan decided to head to where Kilia was going so that she wouldn't strain herself or harm herself in anyway. Or then Yve would really be on his behind. He walked to where she was and watched her heal the unconcious young man. He eyed the Older two sisters watching Kilia at work trying to read what their personalities were.

Julianna was really worried about her brother's condition, there really wasn't much she could do for him, other then give him something for the pain. She had already contacted her father to let him know what happened. She had been watching him calmly, trying to think postively about the situation. She was startled by the appearance of Leila and another girl. She looked at her closely as if trying to remember who she was, when Leila signed the girls name (probably spelling it wrong) to her.

Julianna remember the other from her visit from before, "Oh dear...," she suddenly whispered, "that means Aria is alone with Ms. Linovahle. And I am sure we all don't need to be in here." She grabbed Francine but left Leila as the girl gave her a look that meant she wasn't going anywhwere. The two passed by a boy, almost bumping into him as he entered the room. They went to the kitchen to find how things were going in there.

Tristan having been given a very strong painkiller, was almost completely numb. He hardly felt the first round of healing. However as the second spell washed over him, he groaned again, a pained expression on his face. He grabbed onto his covers looking for something to hold onto as the spell worked on his injuries.

Kilia gasped as she watched the boy react to her magic. Dropping down next to him, she took his hand that was gripping the sheets tightly, "I'm sorry I'm sorry!" she cried, freaking out just a little bit, "It'll be over soon I promise!" she wasn't entirely sure if he could hear her or not, but she still couldnt help to call out to him. Her fingers tightened over his hand. The green glow lasted a bit longer than the last one as it was his bones the magic was fixing this time instead of skin. Finally it faded away and Kilia let out a huge breath of relief.

"Hey," she called gently, "You okay? Anything still hurt?" she hoped that he was alright and not further injured.

Tristan opened his eyes finally, blinking once and trying to focus on the voice and the girl. "Pinky...," he mumbled. He grinned slightly, "Kilia, is that you," he asked. He felt sore, and very tired but still better than before.

"Pinky?" Jonathan said in surprise. "Seems like someone had a childhood nickname didn't she?"

Kilia's face flooded a deep red. She squeaked as she sat there on her knees, "Tr-Tristan!!! W-why!? D-don't say that! Im not.... a little girl anymore!" her voice was a bit too high pitched as she tried to dismiss the nickname that he'd given her when they were younger. Her face was so red, almost like a ripened tomato and not just her cheeks either. Her wide gaze kept flicking between Tristan and Robin as she tried to stutter a plea, "You... You... I cant believe you remembered that!"

His grinning continued as he said, "Sorry," one really couldn't tell if he was or not. He looked around the room at the others. First at his sister, who he could tell was laughing in her own way. She got this bright look in her eyes that conveyed her happiest, then it was to the other boy that spoke. He didn't say anything not really in the mindset to ask any questions. Lastly it was the masked boy in the room, again the look he gave him could have spoken volumes. As he would probably never be able to say what he wanted to the other.

"Thanks," was his finally word as he drifted off again

A little grin played at the tips of Rethyn's lips as he was not sure to take that as sarcasm for the breaking of the ribs, or as thanks for ripping a goddness from his body. Whichever way he meant still brought a warmness to Rethyn as he felt triumphant in his sucess of defending Tristan.

Kilia's breath released as she gave a sigh of relief. Tristan was alright, and though he fell back asleep she knew he wasnt hurting anymore. Bending forward, she rested her head on the bed for a moment before standing up and looking at Robin then to the boy with the mask, "If anything happens, let us know. Oh, I'm Kilia by the way," she said offering her name to the boy, "Come on Robin, lets go tell Mother that he's fine now. I'm sure his sister's will want to know too," she said and headed for the door.

Rethyn felt a little anxiety as he was now in sight of everyone in the house pratically. He knew he had to take responsiblilty and not hide from everyone now, but it was so difficult for him. Sure he got a few okay glances from some of the people like Grayson, but some of the others looked at him strangely. For a moment he didn't even seem to notice Kilia speaking to him as he had to leave his inner thoughts for a moment to reply to her. "I will. And, my name is Rethyn." As they headed for the door Rethyn started to break deeply as he tried to relax himself. He really was hoping he wasn't going to have to deal with the girl who had called him a pervert.

"Alright." Jonathan said as he walked to follow her. He wondered what all that fit about childhood stuff was about as he followed her back up to the area they left Yve in. Damian however was lounging in one of the couches.

"Hey Robin!" Damian shouted, "Come relax over here! Hopefully the adults get here! But in the meantime..." Damian was moving towards Jonathan and was about to push him into Kilia. One big glare from Jonathan was enough to make him back down.


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The front door of the Belvedere house opened not more than twenty minutes later. As Alauric, who had only relinquished Soran to Grayson on the ride home, carried the boy into the house. He had recognized the car out front, and even if he was surprised, something told him that it was important. He heard conversation in the kitchen, “Grayson, welcome our guest, please apologize for my delay, I will explain it to her momentarily.”

He headed down the hallway to the guest room where Soran had already been, and laid the boy down. Most of the bleeding had been stopped by Grayson, as he had some healing spells present in his index of talents. The cut still looked slightly nasty and probably needed better tending

Peter was driving close behind and stopped and jumped out the moment he parked to follow Alauric and Grayson. "He's gonna be okay, right??" He asked carefully.

"Yes, he is going to fine," Grayson answered him, "Peter why don't you go rest, unless you wish to join the rest of us in the kitchen. We have some important guests."

"And you think due to my outburst at that Idiot Derrik you don't want me scaring people. Is that it?" Peter asked sincerely.

Grayson looked at the boy and smiled, "I don't think that, we all lose our temper at one point or another. You were protecting your seer."

"That Leo guy is an arsehole. Why that man thinks he's a responsible Father and a Seer I do not know." Peter said whilst rolling his eyes.Grayson looked down, "Peter I will let that slide, but personally opinions about other seer's families is not polite conversation. Especially since that is who our guest is, so can I ask you to keep it to yourself if anything."

"Oh, oops...I'm sorry." Peter stated and almost felt like a fool for actually saying that critique out loud. "I just don't get Mr. Reigailia's Methods in training the next generation, did he get that training when he became Seer?"

Alauric was the one who answered him, "Leo is not the seer in that family, Ms. Reigalia is." Alauric had come from Tristan's room after checking on his son. He got the full report from Lelia who had been still sitting in there and probably wouldn't leave for the rest of the night.

"What??!" Peter said in surprise almost completely flabbergasted for the first time in all his life. "My mistake..."

"Okay no more questions, we have guests." Alauric said as he finally headed toward the kitchen. Once he entered, he pondered the people in there before annoucing himself, and all he could think was what a strange assortment they were. "Yve," he finally said to gain everyone's attention, "this is a surprise. I hope my daughters are behaving themselves."

Yve turned to the noise, her warm smile fading immediately and changing to that of strict business, "Alauric. Your daughters are always well behaved, I promise. Surely you know why Im here," she paused as her gaze dropped to his clothes, "Are you injured, Alauric? Theres blood..." As she said this, Kilia entered the room behind them and stopped in the doorway.

"Blood?" she asked in a slightly alarmed tone. Yve waved at her daughter to come to her side, which the young Seer did so.

"Umm, Someone is is injured and that'd be My Seer." Peter said as he almost tripped over himself from his initial shock of Soran's Gentle Mother being the True Seer. "His Brother did...well.." Jonathan, who was behind Kilia raised any eyebrow at him.

"What the heck is wrong with this Fellow Irishman?" Damian said only to receive a subtle punch to the gut from Jonathan as a signal to not annoy him.

Grayson again was shaking his head at Peter, so much for keeping his thoughts to himself, "Forgive my appearance," Alauric continued after the interruption, "Its not my blood and it does belong to another seer. However that can be discussed later, I do know why you are here Yve, would you like to discuss this in a more private setting," he asked

Yve nodded, her and snaking up to squeeze her daughters shoulder lightly, "Yes, that would be appreciated. The Seer. Where are they? She cannot heal again for a while, probably until morning at the earliest, but she can at least tend to the boy's Seer while we talk. She did, after all, just heal your son. Speaking of, is he alright?"

Kilia nodded, "Yes, he's fine now, sleeping," she answered though she was slightly confused as she looked between Yve and Alauric. She wanted to listen to their conversation, but knew better than to ask.

Alauric looked at Peter, "Peter can take her to the guestroom, please let us know if there is anything you need Kilia, and thank you for what you did for my son."

Kilia blushed faintly and only nodded at Alauric, unable to find any words to answer him. Yve gave her a gentle push as she moved to follow Alauric to another part of the house.

Peter nodded at the young lady. "She's attractive, but it seems she's taken." he thought to himself looking at Jonathan. "He on the other hand seems familiar, did I see him on a newspaper before?" Peter didn't dwell on his thoughts as checking on Soran was the only thing on his mind as he walked to the stairs and then to Soran's Room.

Jonathan followed Peter, gesturing for Kilia to follow, whilst Damian decided to Eavesdrop. No trouble with that. He's already dead!! "They cannot see or hear me! So ha!"

She moved after the two boys and quickly followed them to the room that was up the stairs. She wondered exactly how bad it was since blood had been on Alaurics clothes. As the door opened to allow them entrance and her gaze settled on the blonde Seer, she gave a loud gasp and shot right past both Robin and the other Guardian. Her fingers went to his face, feeling his skin was burning hot. Whirling to both of them she yelled, "Water! Cold water, and cloths, a lot of them...."

Jonathan nodded and ran straight for the Kitchen to get the Items requested. "Yes Kilia, right away!" He hurried to the kitchen to get what she needed. Peter on the other hand was looking at Soran's state and almost couldn't stomach it as flashes of when he saw his father dead from a bullet wound to the head came to mind and he walked out to the hall and leaned on the wall as he fell to the ground in a sitting position he just quietly buried his face into his knees.

Then, as long as he knew no one was around, he let himself cry a few tears. Even a bright personality like him needed to let out some of his sadness every once in awhile. He hardly noticed Jonathan passing by him with the Items Kilia told him to bring.

"Does he have a fever Kilia?" Jonathan asked her In a serious tone. He wanted to help her in anyway he could. He was her Guardian after all.

"Yes," she answered as she dipped the cloth in the water and wrung it out just enough to not soak his head. Placing it over his forehead, she took another cloth and let it soak in the water. Shaking her head a bit, she was tempted to force her magic system, but knew her mother would scold her, not to mention the results probably wouldnt be desirable anyway. She would have to wait. His shirt was a wreck, non-existant really. Sitting up on the side of the bed, she touched the shirt breifly before deciding that it wasnt going to be saved. With a swipe of her hand she opened the magic system and created a very simple pair of scissors. She started cutting the shirt in pieces so she could remove it. With a sigh she reached over and took the wet cloth.

When the wounds were cleaned up enough she frowned, "Hey, Robin. Do you have tweasers or anything? Theres... glass, I think. Poor boy... Cant it be morning yet?" she muttered the last part to heself.

Jonathan assessed the injuries on the boy when Kilia said glass. "Huh, some form of glass, probably a window or a Glass Vase, of the expensive kind by what I can, tell, I need a closer look." Peter turned to the backpack he kept on him, despite being empty of clothes, he had several other useful things too. "Tweezers tweezers, ah, here we are."

Jonathan pulled out a pair of tweezers. "How many shards are we looking at here?" He asked in utter curiosity as he handed them to her. "Let's not make his nose turn red." He said to try and ease the tension off of the situation.

"I... I don't know," Kilia answered him as she leaned forward. Taking the tweasers she got to work, slowly and carefully. The young Seer was relieved that he was unconscious, but at the same time very worried about his condition. He was definitely battered and bruised. This will be a long night... she thought to herself as she worked.


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#, as written by girlwt
Alauric led Yve to the study, thankful that it at least wasn't in total ruin after the attack the other night. After she entered, he would close the door, "Its about the other seer," he said as he sat on the couch instead of going to his desk. He was tired and rather be a comfortable then serious. His books were though stranding in various places as he had left them there from earlier.

Yve followed behind him. As he closed the door behind them, he mentioned the Seer that was on her mind. With a slight nod of her head, she crossed her arms as she leaned against the back of one of the chairs, "Yes. Somethings not right, Alauric. That Seer shouldn't even be here. Whats worse is that they've seemingly been possessed by something and its coming towards us. The destruction this Seer has wrought makes me fearful. Either that is a very vengeful God possessing her, or its a very powerful God. The longer that possession lingers on, the harder its going to be to remove the God without killing the Seer."

Alauric listened to her, acknowledging her words. "I fear the very same thing," he said in agreement. "I haven't really been able to find any explanations for any of these occurrences. So you have plan, I take it," he asked curious of her ideas on the matter.

Yve gave him a small grin, her index finger tapping her arm gently as she looked up at him, "You wont like what I have in mind. Honestly, there's only one thing we can do, though. Im going after this Seer. If we let them rampage as they have any longer, we'll all be in trouble."

Alauric narrowed his eyes slightly, "You think we ought to let the kids fight," it was the worse thing he could think of, "without having been trained, without knowing their full potential." Alauric shook his head, "And now at the worst possible moment, when two are injured."

Little did the current people discussing the subject realize was that the Grey Knight was listening on their conversation and was actually on Alauric's side. Jonathan needed a Challenge for Pete's sake!!! But the other thing on his mind was this. "Sit and Spin!" The Ghost shouted as he swiveled in the desk chair.

"You miss understand, Alauric," she said, shaking her head, "I don't want them anywhere near this problem. I'm going after it. Myself and my Guardian. I wish to stop this Seer before they reach our vicinity. If its a vengeful or powerful God -or forbid it- both, they'll want to get rid of any obsticals. That includes our newest Seers, or worse yet, turn them into puppets on strings."
Alauric blinked and for a minute didn't say anything it was like he was processing her words slowly. "And you want my help," he said finally. He understood what she said, but then again he was thinking about who would protect the newest seers if the worst happened.

Damian was still "swiveling" in the chair listening to the Conversation. "If only these guys can hear me..This is a perfect opportunity For my Jonathan!"

Yve looked down, a small smile on her lips, "No. The best help you can give me is to look after them. I know we havent always seen eye to eye Alauric, but I trust you, I always have. Far more than someone else we both know. In anycase. Your home is safest for them. Your Guardian is strong as are you. I cant think of a better place. I leave after we are done here. Would you do me a favor? For old times sake?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

Alauric really wanted to say that he couldn't let her do this by herself, but he knew there was no arguing with the woman. "Anything," he responded

"Don't tell her. Not right away, anyway. Besides, if all goes as planned, Ill be back in a few days or so," with a sigh she pushed off the chair and stood, "If not... well. She likes peaches, and she stays up late at night. Shes terrible at her magic system, maybe you can do something about that. Her healing is good though, but it takes several hours to reset, so be sure she doesn't push it. Oh and shes clumsy, she always has been," Yve rambled a bit. She stopped and looked up at the ceiling for a long while, "Take care of her, would you?"

Alauric stood as Yve said those words, his own heart breaking a little. He went and stood next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "I will take care of her, like she was one of my own, you take care of yourself."

A soft laugh fell from her as she took a deep breath. Nonchalantly, she reached up and brushed the edges of her eyes before looking up to him, "You should know by now. Ill be just fine," she walked to the door of the study, "See you." she said and slipped out quietly.

Damian had a look of Sadness about him, he slowly slunk away from the office glumly, wanting to not bring up mental images of his life. He wanted to tell Jonathan, but he had a feeling if he did, Jonathan would make the same mistakes he did. So he just plopped onto a couch in the lounge.

Alauric sighed as she left the room, and pondered both of the woman he had dealings with that day and couldn't help but think about how lucky that there were seers like those two out there. Grayson entered, "Alauric," but the seer shook his head. He wasn't in the mood even to talk to the guardian. Grayson nodded and left the room.

"One thing's for sure," he mumbled to himself, "Its going to get really crazy in this house."

Following Day

Kilia had fallen alseep, on her stomach, almost literally in the middle of the floor of the living room. She had been so tired after working on cleaning up the blonde boys injuries that when she left his room, she didnt even think to find a bed to sleep in. Actually, shed started up on the couch, but at some point had completely rolled off onto the floor and without a break in her deep slumber either. Had anyone been near her, they would hear the slight, bunny like snore that came from her as she lay sprawled on the floor.

Peter had almost literally cried himself to sleep. He was there sleeping with his back to the wall, his face smack on top of his knees, feet sticking out like sore thumbs. He couldn't help his sorry position. But if anything was gonna wake him up. It'll be purely accidental if anyone did the deed by stepping on his feet.

Jonathan, was in his meditating position and is doing his morning rituals. "The Star in the Sky has seven points of light. Verily we seek the virtues in each point for the better of mind, heart and soul. All were born in light, yet choose to go on either path. May many favor roads travel by few in this new day." sighing he stood up and wondered to himself about breakfast.

Routines in the house were going to have to be rearranged, however Grayson was up before dawn, despite having a few hours sleep. He had to make a mental list of things that needed to be accomplished. He was pondering the food situation as well, like would they have enough. It would probably be the first task he had to do. However today's breakfast was going to be simple
Alauric was also up in his study, trying to get some business done. He wanted certain things in order, for any unlikely reason.

Of all the sisters only Julianna was awake so far, she had gotten up do some exercises in one of the practices rooms. She wanted to check on her brother and the other person having seen Kilia sprawled on the living room floor though made her giggle. She looked in on her brother first, Leila was still there, having gotten in the bed with her brother at some point and was snuggled up against him. It was a good sign, because that meant he felt better, she closed the door and was on her way to the other door when she suddenly tripped and fell.

"What the hell," she said as she turned and saw Peter there.

Peter groaned and wiped his tear stained eyes whilst smacking his lips before opening his eyes. "What happened, who hit me..." He muttered slightly half asleep from whoever tripped over him. He looked around for whoever tripped over him so he could give an apology before seeing a flash of red hair. "Oh, Top o' The mornin." He said groggily.

"Top o' the mornin," she repeated like she couldn't believe he said that, "Who the hell sleeps in the middle of the hallway with their legs out so people can trip over them."

Peter looked at the girl confused. "Hallway...?" He rubbed his eyes and realized and he checked his eyes and gasps. "Don't look at me! I wasn't crying, or skulking like a pitiful Gingerbread Man who got his legs bit off!"

She gave him a 'what the hell look' "I don't care what you were doing...and I wasn't hated that version of the Gingerbread, just why were you doing it here is the question."

"My Seer is in past the door I'm next to. I did a number on the Lad who did it to him...punched him in his family and then his nose. Then I scared the idiot by dumping a bucket of tomato Juice on him and told him it was blood...hehehe and that the Dullahan was comin for him." Peter said with a half chuckle. "I could've done more to the fiend..."

Julianna just sat there pondering the other her first thought being that this house didn't need anymore weirdos. "You didn't actually answer my question," she said, "well I guess maybe you sort of did." She sighed, "Can you just sleep in bed like a normal person the next time. And I am glad someone got to take a little revenge on the person who did that to him."

Peter eyed the young woman oddly. "Right. Yeah, next time I won't be crying myself to sleep..." Peter muttered to himself. "But now that I'm fully awake I want to take a few punches of leftover aggression out on a trainin dummy...they're easy to help bash aggression out."

"True," she agreed, "that they are." She finally stood and made sure she didn't hurt herself in the fall, rug burns were the worst. "Upstairs, all the equipments already there." she said as she stood there for a second longer.

Peter smiled as he got up and stretched his legs and dusted the seat of his pants and walked towards the stairs to go up and to the training room. "Thanks Lass."

She shook her head slightly and continued to the others seers room. Her only intention was to peek in the door and go downstairs to help with breakfast.

Rethyn froze. There she was in the middle of the hallway. Taking in a worried breath he started again to walk down the hallway. He was just hoping she wasn't going to say anything as he would pass by. Reaching up to his head, Rethyn ajusted his hood a little by pulling it more up. It made him feel a little better.

"Better than what I expected." Rethyn thought to himself with relief. He was under the expression she'd knock him through a wall.

Jonathan walked down to the living room to check on Kilia. She had been sleeping in here after helping the other seer and he wanted to ensure she was alright. He looked at the way she slept and silently chuckled to himself. "Cute, very cute." He said to himself. He then walked over to her and knelt next to her and poked her on the shoulder. "Hey, sleepy head. Time for breakfast."

Her dream was about glorious rolling hills, a plate full of peaches and a motobike. Why the motobike was there she wasnt sure, but she had to touch it. That had been her goal for what seemed like hours. She ran to the shiny black vehicle, but never could reach it. Then, just as she was about to touch it, something hit her shoulder and she fell over. Highly disappointed, she got up and tried again. Outside of her dream, though, she muttered something incoherently and shifted ever so slightly.

Jonathan smiled and leaned to her ear and whispered. "Hey, Pinky, come on, it's morning." He said it very soft and sweet, to see if that caught her attention.

With a start, Kilia snapped awake. The only problem was, she sat straight up. The top of her head collided with something and she squeaked very loudly as her hands came up and clenched the top of her head, "Oow! Ow!" she moaned. Rocking back and forth she looked up at him, "Robin!!"

"Owch!!" He said whilst laughing and rubbing his head. "Well that woke ya up, I would've done something else otherwise." He chuckled as he said that.

"D-d-dont call me Pinky!!" She said, her face turning a brilliant pink color, which only defeated her claim, "T-thats forbidden! Off limits! No more! No... wait...." she paused, having finally registered the rest of what he said. Her face turned even more pink, or rather a nice shade of scarlet as her eyes widened, "S-something else?" her voice squeaked again. She couldn't contain it, with a sharp cry she quickly stood up and threw a pillow at him, "Robin!!" was all she could think to yell. As only one such as her self could possibly manage, Kilia suddenly switched gears with a gasp, "Oh my god! The other Seer!" She moaned to herself and clenched her hair tightly, "How could I have forgotten! Robin! Why didnt you wake me up!" she yelled as she ran about the living room before finally locating the Kitchen area. Grabbing a bowl and more cloths she began filling the bowl to go back to the boys room.

"Well I would've told ya we gotta do that if ya didn't throw a pillow at me..." He muttered as he got up and threw the pillow at the laughing Damian And quickly followed her.

"Typical lad got unaware of what he truly meant!" the Grey Knight said with a laugh in his heart.

All the noise in the house finally woke up Tristan, "That is all I more girl." A tug on his arm told him he wasn't alone. Leila was signing so fast it got to be a little to much..."Hold on, slow down, I still feel like I got hit by a ton of bricks." She smiled, and began again, "Yeah I remember that part, Kilia healed me." Yet after hearing Tristan's nickname, she signed Pinky instead, well at least she could get away with it. Her next signs stopped his heart for a second. He didn't respond to her, but slipped from his bed, wincing slightly. He needed to see if it was true. Leila watched him go, yawning slightly and curled back into his bed, falling asleep again soon after.

He opened his door and looked out to see if anyone was in the hallway, pretty sure he would be scolded by someone for being up. He walked slowly to the guest room, but for a second was to nervous to even open the door.

"Tristan!" Kilia called as she came up behind him, "What are you doing? You shouldnt be up, you should be resting," she said though she wasnt truly scolding him like she normally would because she was far too worried about the blonde on the otherside of the door. Slipped up next to him, she reached out and opened the door so she could get inside. If it was one thing, being small like herself, she could easily move around other people. Without looking behind her, she went straight to the bed where the blonde was laying. The night before, shed been so tired that she hadnt cleaned up anything she had used. The bowl of red water still sat, the bowl with glass shards in it was right next to that and bloody bandages were in a pile. Kneeling down next to him, she removed the old cloth from his head and put a knew one. Standing up, she swiped open her magic system to perform the same spell she had used on Tristan to see all of his injuries.

Jonathan was rushing up the stairs to follow Kilia and make sure she was alright and ready to pull off another healing spell. He then headed directly through the open door with the boy Kilia healed earlier. "What are you doing up??" He asked as he was about to speed into the doorway.

Tristan didn't really want to answer either one of them, "I'm up just deal with it," now his attention was on the blond seer in the bed. He moved aside so Jonathan could enter.

Jonathan stops himself when he gets into the bedroom as he then went for the bowl of glass shards. "I wanna know what exactly this Glass was before it got onto the poor fella." He said to Kilia as he watched her prepare to use the Magic System.
Kilia shook her head a bit, "Doesnt matter to me, Robin. As long as there isnt anymore. I dont understand how he ended up like this to begin with," she muttered as she worked on the spell, "It wasnt a possession... was it?"

"According to What I heard from his Guardian, his own Brother attacked him." Jonathan replied as he examined a shard. "Huh, it was definitely a perfectly good crafted vase..." He then mumbled to himself about who would smash a perfectly good Vase.

Tristan looked like he was in shock hearing the other two talk. His own brother attacked him. He couldn't stand it anymore, as he finally walked into the room and sat in a chair that wasn't being used. He remained silent waiting on the two to leave

Rethyn had seemed to give his seer some space as the masked boy begun to almost patrol the house. Occasionally he'd come back just to find Tristan then run off again as quickly as he had showed up. He felt himself to be of more use this way anyways. Nobody would want to talk to him anyway.

Kilia finally finished the spell and dragged it off the pad. The blonde Seers entire frame glowed yellow. The majority of his body that was brighter than the rest was his chest where the obvious wounds were. There were bruises all along his ribs and face too though. With a sigh of relief, Kilia noted that nothing was broken, "Good," she said to herself and started on her next spell. Starting with the bruises, it took her about five minutes to create the spell and she dropped it over him. His body glowed green as his bruises began to heal. Kilia didn't wait for it to finish before starting the next spell though. The deep gashes were going to need a larger spell. Shaking her head she sighed, "Those are going to scar probably... I wish I could do more for that though. They're too deep," she dragged her fingers across the tablet, drawing out the spell. The green glow from her last cast slowly faded.

It took her a while, but she finally finished the spell and let it go over him. The wounds closed up slowly, leaving only small, jagged scars and a bit of red that stained his skin. With a sigh, Kilia leaned over for a moment. Reaching out, she brushed her her hand over his forehead after removing the cloth. The blonde stirred slightly at her touch. She smiled at him as he cracked open his eyes a bit, "Hey. Out of the woods now. Take it easy, no moving around, unlike someone," she said with a frown as she looked over to Tristan.

Tristan glanced up slightly but otherwise didn't say anything. He was trying not to show her any emotion that would make her worry anymore then she already did.

"Alright, come on Robin," she said, tugging at his arm, "Breakfast is calling and these two are hungry Im sure. Stay here, no one leave, Ill bring you food when its done," she ordered as she left the room with Robin in tow.

"Yes Kilia-whoa!" Jonathan felt himself being almost dragged down the stairs with her. He almost chuckled at her. "Alright let go you before you accidentally bruise my arm." he spoke with playful sarcasm at her.

"Flirt with her Sweet it." Damian said as he spotted the two pass him, only to recieve a kick from Jonathan as he passed. "Ow!!! You stupid little ungrateful descendant! I want you to replace me but I also want you to continue the bloodline....."
Jonathan rolled his eyes as he let Kilia drag him the rest of the way.


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Rethyn shook his head a little as he tried to kill some of his nerves. He needed to get over the horrid feeling he got around these people. He couldn't hide forever. He had now become a member of this group in a way through his new found job as Tristan's guardian. Putting his hands into fists he walked down the stairs as he was now looking for Grayson. He needed an update on the house defenses and what was going on out there. He felt clueless about everything and he needed to get caught up to speed. He could no longer live the way he had the past four days.

The temptation to just teleport through all the rooms ate at the masked Rethyn as he continued looking for Grayson. Walking through another hall Rethyn spotted a few of the other sisters of Tristan. Resisting the initial urge to just vanish from site he tried his best to look casual as he passed by them. Rethyn also resisted the desire to teleport back upstairs to find Tristan to check up on him. He knew the guy was already safe as he was with that other guy. For a moment Rethyn tried to say the guys name in his mind but failed as he couldn't remember. However, he did remember the important bits about the pretty boy. Rethyn learned through undetected observation that Tristan was rather fond of the boy. One of the nights he distinctly remembered Tristan playing with a little flower like object. Clearly it had to of been a gift.

Finally Rethyn spotted Grayson! However, he was in company with others. This made things a little tricky as Rethyn felt the judging looks he would get from the others around him. Breathing deeply he knew this to be unavoidable. With slow controlled steps Rethyn walked up to Grayson quietly from behind as he tapped him on the shoulder. "Grayson, how are the defenses outside?" He asked bluntly. Quickly glancing to the others he felt a tingle at the back of his neck. They were looking at him.

Grayson turned and looked at the other, he actually hadn't had the time to get to know the young man. "Rethyn," he said, "we can discuss this elsewhere if you would like."

Grayson had read him like a book. Even though he thought he had his feelings on the situation concealed this man knew. He did however quite fancy the idea of being away from the others. Grayson was one of the few who didn't give him a look of judgement whenever he entered a room. "If you are able to then yes that would be nice."

He nodded his head, "We can go upstairs to a training room, they won't be in use at the moment."

With another quick glance to the others Rethyn looked back to Grayson as he merely nodded to the man.

Grayson left what he was doing and headed up to the training rooms, not really looking back to see if the other followed. He opened one of the doors and left it opened as he went inside.

With the knowledge of the location of the training room already in his mind Rethyn merely teleported there with a flash. Feeling a wave of relief, Rethyn sat in the middle of the training room as he watch Grayson enter the room. Adjusting his hood a little he merely gazed at the man. "Thank you." he murmured.

The teleporting didn't really surprise Grayson, "You asked about defenses, as I know it everything is still in working order. I've actually haven't had a chance to ask you about the possession the other night. Can you tell me anything about the goddess that attacked."

Scratching the back of his head through his hood briefly Rethyn said "In all honesty I have next to no idea how it got in. If Tristan hadn't of shattered that glass against the wall I would of never even of known it got through." Rethyn then paused as he looking down and to the left. He was having a hard time maintaining eye contact this day as it so far had been quite eventful with all of the new faces he met. "This may not make much sense, but believe me I was able to get the goddess out of him. I consumed her." Glancing back to Grayson, Rethyn tried to read the mans expressions as spoke to him.

He nodded as Rethyn explained everything, "I am still trying to figure out the how she got in part as well, she must just been so low level that nothing was detected. I think something else drew her inside as well. Like she was drawn to Tristan's sadness or something." He stopped pondering the next part, "Its what we do as guardian's get the gods out in the open, fight them as best we can. So you have a way to deal with them by consuming them inside. That is a rarity but not completely unheard of."

Nodding a little in return, Rethyn said simply "I'm a little new to this guardian path I have taken. I guess I am just going to have to adapt to it. If I even can." Rethyn finished with a puff of breath through his mask. Looking to Grayson, Rethyn then stood up as he walked to the entrance of the room to leave. "Thanks for the talk." Rethyn said quietly.

"Anytime," came Grayson's reply, he knew what Rethyn meant better then anyone. It did take time to adjust, even for the best of guardians. However Grayson had a feeling that wasn't the only thing Rethyn was adjusting too. He just hoped the other figured things without much trouble to himself or to others.


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It was late evening and one of the bigger training rooms had been set up for this running of this experiment. Everyone that was present was given specific instructions to stay behind the aura barrier that had been set up at one end. It was another precaution, even though there had been a long list of other things that could be done first. Alauric stood in the middle of the room, Tristan sat in one corner and Grayson in the other. “Does anyone need to go to the bathroom first,” Alauric stated, being a father and trying to get rid of some of the tension in the room.

Kilia giggled, despite her nerves being all over the place. She was curious as to what they were going to do, though they'd been given an idea already. Still, she was nervous. Did she really want to watch? Was it even going to work? Unsure about so many things, she curled her fingers together tightly as she eyed the three of them. Her skin tingled as goosebumps ran all along her small frame. They hadn't even started the massive spell yet and she was already washed over by the thought of how much power it was going to take.

Next to her was the blonde Seer whose name she learned was Soran. He was eagerly watching as well. The boy had been extremely interested in the overall make up of the spell they were about to perform. Perhaps he enjoyed that sort of stuff, the complexity and everything. She couldn't even fathom. Just thinking about making something like this was giving her a headache. Soran laughed at what Alauric said. It seemed to help the tensions in the room for sure.

"It's alright, Alauric, I think we're good to go," he said, still smiling sweetly.

Rethyn glanced around. Standing against the wall he placed his hands into his pockets as he seemed deep in thought. Occasionally he'd glance back over to his seer before looking forward again. Feeling a slight itch under his mask, Rethyn slid a finger under to scratch it. Hopefully this night he'd get a chance to wash it.

Alauric turned to his son and guardian and nodded for them to begin.

The lights went off in the room and the only visible light was coming in through the window. Tristan was nervous, but since it was dark and no one see, he had his eyes on Soran for a second before opening up his magic system and selecting the spell. What appeared before the others looked like a physical map of the area. "Grayson," Tristan voice had a question in it. Grayson was sitting there silently concentrating, his spell had already been cast. Suddenly lights started to appear on the map, and Alauric stepped forward to see it. "The northern quadrant, I think something massive is up there." Tristan nodded and wasn't working his spell again. Everyone would feel like they went on a physical zoom in on the area. Suddenly it looked like Alauric was standing in the middle of a what use to be a house. "Zoom out," he ordered. Tristan nodded concentrating on the spell. It zoomed out to a bigger picture of complete and utter destruction, "Dear god," Alauric said underneath his breath.

Rethyn's eyes widened as the sheer destruction brought shock to the young man. Removing his hands from his pockets, Rethyn folded his arms over his chest as the image before him had very much so caught his attention. Forgetting about all of the others in the room, Rethyn said slowly through his mask. "Which god would perform such horrors upon that area?"

Soran took a sharp breath as the area they were seemingly a part of became not just the ruined house, but an entire area, town even if he could go so far as to say. It was destroyed.... utterly destroyed. His heart skipped a beat as he stared at the rubble that littered the entire place. It was smokey as well, off to the left and right there seemed to be fires still burning. His face paled, "This... this is recent," he said, his voice too sharp and too fearful for his own ears.

Kilia sat next to them all with her mouth opened in awe. Horror washed through her, making it so that she was unable to speak. She couldn't speak, couldnt find the words to express what she was thinking. All of her questions from the past few days of where her Mother was.... she was terrified if this was the answer. She hoped it wasn't. Kilia wasn't sure what she would do if... she swallowed dryly and forced those thoughts from her mind. With a slight cough, she seemed to clear her lungs and throat, "W-where.... where is this? Alauric?" Her voice shook slightly.

Absorbed in the image Rethyn seemed to have no problem replying to Soran's statement as he said in return. "You're right. Look at all of the smoke, that means the fires are still quite alive in the area." Glancing over to the blond Seer he gave him a nod of agreement before quietly looking back to the image.

Kilia sat next to them all with her mouth opened in awe. Horror washed through her, making it so that she was unable to speak. She couldnt speak, couldn't find the words to express what she was thinking. All of her questions from the past few days of where her Mother was.... she was terrified if this was the answer. She hoped it wasn't. Kilia wasn't sure what she would do if... she swallowed dryly and forced those thoughts from her mind. With a slight cough, she seemed to clear her lungs and throat, "W-where.... where is this? Alauric?" Her voice shook slightly.

Alauric glanced at Kilia, "Its near the city, but still a little ways away." He answered no use in hiding facts anymore. "This isn't the first place either," he said. "Grayson anyone in the vicinity."

Grayson hadn't opened his eyes, "They are coming, I can feel is the possessed." He stopped trying to concentrate, "There is another in the area as well." Alauric slightly paled as he turned away from the group at the wall.

Gritting his teeth under his mask he didn't hold back as he asked Alauric. “Can you give me some of the names of these locations? I can scout ahead or something! There has to be survivors? Right?!” Rethyn even though he asked didn't want to know the answer to his own question.

Alauric turned to the guardian, "No," was his answer, leaving it at that. "We are not to interfere yet."

Rethyn felt anger and frustration as Alauric spoke. It took quite a bit of strength to hold back interrupting the man. "There are people out there dying!"

Alauric looked down, "I know that lad, but our last line of defense may be in this very room. All of you must remain safe, that is my responsibility. I made promises I intend to keep."

Kilia clenched her fingers in her lap, "Alauric..." she would have continued, questions bubbling up to the surface that died down immediately. Her eyes widened as the three that Grayson had said were there moved into their immediate sight. If she hadnt felt the wall behind her, or Soran or Robin next to her she would have thought she was right there with them. Even so, her heart pounded hard in her chest as she gazed upon them. Two were obviously Gods, their strange eye color made them stand out so much. The Gods stood on either side of a smaller woman with black hair and pale features. She looked so small, like Kilia was. Her eyes were cold, though, dark and terrifying to look into. A violet color that edged onto red. There was a glow, though, in those eyes that spoke volumes.

This God wasn't just any God or Goddess. This one... this one was different. Kilia choked on the air around her. The three stopped suddenly. The God on the left moved so quickly Kilia almost didn't see it. Dust and rock exploded outwards, making Kilia jump. Not only her, but Soran also. The air crackled, the after effects of a spell that was far too familiar to Kilia. The blue and white light faded out, followed by a brilliant flash of golden light. The pillar of fire roared to life and then faded out just as quickly as it came. The God that had moved stood right before the girl, unscathed and grinning at someone. Kilia turned just enough, slowly but not wanting to really see.

Dirty, dishevel, old stains of blood and tattered clothes draped the frame of Yve Linohvale. Kilia moved, her voice gasping into her chest, "Mother!"

Soran shot his arm out, keeping her against the wall that theyd been ordered to stay against. She ground her teeth.

"Let me go! I can help!" Rethyn roared. "You all can hold this line of defense without me! I'm not much use here! Please! Alauric!"

"What about Tristan! You would leave him? You idiot! You cant!" Soran countered, angry that the Guardian would even suggest going alone, "You'll get killed if you leave! Don't you see? That's a God right there!"

"Ya that daft lad?! You'll get your sorry arse killed on the spot!!" Peter shouted.

"SILENCE," Alauric shouted as loud as he could, "I will, so help me, throw you all out of this room and lock you in if you don't stop. You don't seem to understand...these gods are going to kill us all and everyone else in this city. We can't go jumping in without a plan, and you can't abandoned each other that is the most important.

Alauric lastly looked at Kilia, "She told me not to tell you...and I ask you to forgive me for that."

Jonathan wasn't reacting as he watched the scene. But one thing crossed his mind as he glared at the Ghost who was watching with him. Damian wasn't nervous like he usually is when it comes to entities, it was a look of I knew this would happen. Jonathan felt a small angered flame grow in his head. Jonathan wanted to hit him, and confront him... But he didn't want to miss a thing, but they both knew what would happen next. So it didn't matter if Jonathan stayed, but he'd have to get Kilia when he knew it was over and be there for her.

"You just don't get it." Rethyn spoke looking down. "You're going to have to lock me up if you can old man! I'm not going to allow those people to die. Tristan can handle himself just fine. He has all of you! Those people have nobody done there! And I'm so tired of hearing I am going to die! You don't think I know that?! I don't fear death!" Rethyn resisted the urge to rip his mask from his face to show them. He wanted to show them so they'd understand, but he feared they couldn't.

"Then is it life you fear Rethyn?" Was all Jonathan stated, almost trying hard to sound emotionless as he could. He couldn't believe the tension in the room. As soon as he knew what they were witnessing is over, he was gonna have a chat.