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Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot



a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, by Siryn.


Siryn holds sovereignty over Dameria, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Dameria is a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot.

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Tristan Belvedere [95] unable to withstand what is real
Soran Feliy Reigailia [75] "If I can imagine it, it can be built, trust me."
Kilia Yve Linovahle [69] "I don't believe that fighting is the answer. There's another way, there always is."
Rethyn Jadgarus [60] "I've walked blindly in the fog of war. Searching and seeking I will find her."
Sina Virye [12] "Well the plan is....Pfffpht haha! Screw the plan!"
Kazar Azure Jadgarus [4] "Even if you are kind of an ass... I think I like you"

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Four grueling days. For days of training rigorously with the previous generation's guardian of the previous Seer. Tray was a pretty decent person to train under. But earlier in their meeting the first day he had pangs in his gut and tried to leave the door. He was told otherwise by Tray who had just appeared. However, he heard later that Derrik assaulted his Brother. And called him various things that were borderline cruel and biased. He voiced his anger and concern during one session of his training and nearly scorched his own hands.

Fate however, was kind. For one time during day two of training he bumped into Derrik in the hall and purposefully stepped on his foot. "You listen, and you listen good laddie, cause I'm only gonna voice this little warning once and but only once." Peter stated, "The next time ya get the bright idea of punching and kicking your brother into next week, I don't care if it's against any rules or regulations, but I will make you sorry Sonny Boy. Very sorry. And furthermore, if I'm finished with you and your still squirming, I shall do the ultimate fate I can think of. I shall dump a bucket of blood on you and throw you onto the road at nightfall, and then return the next morning to see if the Dullahan claimed you."

Then he removed his foot, leaving a scorched imprint of his sole on Derrik's shoe. "But, if the Dullahan doesn't get you, then I'm sure the tantalizing scent of fresh blood and slightly burned flesh will attract the wolves." He said with a chuckle. The warning he gave was almost close to a death threat as he could imagine. The Dullahan, a fierce headless horseman who behaves like a grim reaper, who wanders the countryside at night taking the souls of those who die tonight. Legends say if you watch the Dullahan ride, he throws a bucket of blood upon you, as a sign that you are fated to die the next night.

Whether or not Peter would follow through on that last such a promise is uncertain, as he returned to his training. Sure he possibly received some form of discipline, but this place screamed uptight to him. He hated uptight and civilized. The following days of training were extra hard though. Perhaps Leo caught wind of the death threat and ordered his training to double or something.

Finally on the fourth day, Tray was overseeing how much of his teachings soaked into Peter. Answer, most of the physical training and strategic maneuverability of spells. How to react to orders given by a seer, more specifically, how Leo would order them, not so much. Which, in Soran's case, would probably be for the best.

Peter was doing push ups when he suddenly heard a commotion. Tray motioned for him to stay and finish his set, and made another motion to follow when he finished. Then he vanished from sight.

"How does he do that?!" Peter said as he hurries to finish his reps, starting to get those pangs in his gut again."87, 88, 89, 90!" He jumped up to stand as he ran out of the room and towards the stairs. "Tray what's going on?! Is Soran alright?!?" He then looks upon Mrs. Reigailia hovering protective over Soran's beat up body, with fresh marks on his body. He turned to glower at who Tray was in front of.

"Didn't I tell you Lad?" Peter O'Cyrus stated. "Didn't I tell you if you ever harmed your brother, I'll make you sorry, very sorry didn't I?" If Derrik had an answer for him he'd hear Peter punching his fist into his open palms.

"Yer butt is MINE now pretty boy." he said very fiercely.


Jonathan was sitting on the couch, four days after the attack from Veia. Meditating on the training he was given For the past couple of days. Calmly reflecting and thinking on the new battle strategy he would implement with Kilia as far as getting her to safety. Her mother's Guardian pointed out how to strengthen his bullets that are used to remove a god should one succeed to possess her. He also learned how to strengthen his weapons through reformation of his spells. His weapons were made slightly stronger to fight more powerful deities.

Damian was watching him meditate out of boredom, reflecting on his own life lead throughout his life. Especially the times he had, riding his Grey Horse Drakan, with Samuel and Darion. The two twin knights who eventually took different paths. He recalled an adventure mostly exaggerated by Legend. That adventure was one that changed his life forever, he fell in love with a warrioress. The thing that set his heart ablaze was her eyes. From that moment on, she was his entire world. Together they made the Grey bloodline a reality.

"Hey, Sweetrobin." Damian said. "You ever plan on getting married and continuing the bloodline?"

Jonathan was taking a drink and he almost choked on his drink. "You're getting off base there." Damian laughed and he was about to say more. "Not another word on the subject Damian. At all." That was when Kilia appeared and told him they were heading out. "You gonna ride with me, or?" That question was answered when Mrs. Linovahle past them with car keys and told Kilia to hurry.

"Darn it!!" Damian shouted, "There goes a perfect opportunity for flirtation!" Damian was then rubbing his head from the punch to the head. Shaking his head the Grey Knight runs to follow Jonathan as he mounted onto his Bike and drove off to follow the car the others took. Whatever was going on, Jonathan wanted to figure out and soon. If Kilia was in danger, he needed to know what he was up against.


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The Day After

Rethyn had been seen around the house as a rarity. When situations of passing members of the house seemed unavoidable, Rethyn would cloak himself into the shadows to hide from their sight or simply teleport off into a different room if he knew he had to leave at that moment. The most common moments of actually spotting him was when he would snatch food from the fridge to sustain himself throughout the day. Most of his moments had been preformed during the night and his sleep schedule was almost completely backwards. Besides the stealing of food from the fridge the only other times his presence seemed obvious was when he would shower at the odd hours of three to four in the morning.

It was as if this behavior was his training as the avoidance was hand in hand with his abilities. For the first day of training Rethyn made an appearance, but without the knowledge of the others as he watched them cloaked in the corner of the room. By masking himself so well he was even able to mask his presence. It was something he had recently started trying to do after he realized that most of his new opponents would have the ability to sense him. As he watched Tristan train he seemed to study the man. He found his powers much more interesting in contrast to his own. As time pressed on everything seemed to be going normal until unfortunately one of Tristan's sisters decided to come in and have a watch. As she moved into the corner of the room she backed into him. Screaming quite loudly she acutally managed to break Rethyn's focus as lost his concealment.

Now with everyone in the room able to see him parked awkwardly behind one of Tristan's sisters he quickly moved away from her cursing to himself as he teleported from the room. The last words he heard before vanishing away were the words of Tristan's sister

"PERVERT!" Tristan fell on the mat in a bunch of laughter at the situation, just as his dad and guardian walked in. They were both trying to hide sublet grins, as Tristan explained what happened. The sister in question was Julianna, she being the next oldest didn't find it funny at all. "Well how was I suppose to know he was over there." She huffed, "Boys, I don't understand." She left very miffed but not without the last word, "Tristan this is all your fault, why couldn't you find a normal guardian." Tristan still trying to hold in his laughter was beginning to think there wasn't such a thing.

That night while making rounds around the house he stared into the floor as he moved down the same hallway he had first entered the house through. He felt terrible about what had happened that day, surely the others were judging him right now. Not that he cared or anything, why should he? But at the same time the question ate at him "Why did he actually care?" His ability to lie to himself was becoming worse and worse as he stayed within this house. Sighing to himself he knew he'd have to say sorry to that girl at some point. But he didn't want to face her. Perhaps a letter would suit the situation just fine?

Leaving the lights off, Rethyn shut the door behind him. He in all honesty didn't know how to lock the bathroom door as in life he never had locks to doors within his house. He had lived in a traditional house, the way it had been styled was that within the house all the doors had to be slid open, while the main doors of the house could only be locked by key. So in his current situation he just hoped for everyone being asleep at this house of the night. It was three in the morning, nobody would want to get up anyway.

Reaching into the shower, Rethyn was slowly able to figure out how to get the water running and warm. Stepping back he slowly allowed the room to fill with a little steam. Walking over to the sink he waited for the mirror to fog over a little before reaching his hands to the back of his mask to remove it. He felt strange in doing so, this had been the first time he had showered since his awakening. He knew he needed to remove the mask to do so, but it would be difficult. It felt like it was a part of him, it wasn't something he could just leave away from him.

However, for now it would have to be removed. As much as he didn't want to, Rethyn laid the mask down next to the sink. Placing his hands to his face he felt like a child who had just had their braces removed, it wasn't long before he had to move his hair out of his eyes. It reminded him of his previous life when that was an annoyance he would sometimes have to deal with. Looking to the shower he sighed as he had just spent five minutes just to remove his mask. He was wasting water, but it was something unavoidable for the moment.

Stripping down, Rethyn left his clothing a pile in front of the sink as he quickly moved towards the shower and slipped through the curtains. At first, Rethyn seemed to try to avoid the water as it was a little too hot to the touch. After a little while it went from too hot to soothing as the young man begun to wash himself. It was something he indeed did miss while he had been gone from the land of the living. It was an unforgettable comfort that in life many took for granted, but no comfort is cherished until it is taken away. Running his hand over the scar upon his face Rethyn knew that all too well.

Day 2

The house was placed upon complete lock down, Rethyn knew this to be true as he felt himself hit a force as he tried to climb out the window. Rubbing his cheek bone at the pain Rethyn sighed a he couldn't get the know the lay of the land around the house. Looking down with a little disappointment he slid down to a sitting position by the wall. He was rather tired, but could not sleep here. He would be vulnerable and he couldn't afford to fall asleep out in the open. Someone would take off his mask and keep it from him, he wasn't positive but his paranoia ate at the thought.

Suddenly Rethyn heard footsteps! Fading away into the shadows he watched as two of Tristan's sisters passed him down the hall. For a moment he was scared he'd lose focus and they'd see him. He was already tired physically from using so much of his abilities to avoid everyone around the house. His powers were so physically wearing over time that it made sense his body wanted rest. Suddenly an idea appeared in his mind. It wasn't exactly a good one, but it was the best idea out of the list of more horrid ones. He would go nap in Tristan's closest. He would most likely be training or doing something else around the house so it would buy him time. Plus, he was suppose to trust this man. What better way to build trust would there be?

"No." Rethyn thought to himself. He was just tried and trying to make an excuse in his mind. However it still was the only option he had. Sighing he stood to his feet and vanished quietly. He had been working on the amount of noise he made with teleports throughout the day. The sound was getting better rather than worse.

Reappearing in the closest of Tristan, Rethyn made sure the door was shut before laying back and quietly going off to sleep. He only needed six to seven hours, it would be night time by the time he arose.

Day 3

Rethyn found himself staying awake during the third day as there seemed to be strife throughout the house. Especially Tristan seemed to be going a little stir crazy throughout the lock down. Through almost the entire day Rethyn continued the avoidance of the members of the house. However, in a rather out of character fashion he appeared at dinner. However, he didn't seem to eat anything as he just listened to Tristan's dad try to get the boy to come down for food. Upon hearing Tristan's refusal Rethyn grew annoyed as he stomped off to Tristan's plate, grabbing it, the young man vanished away as he teleported to Tristan's room.

Appearing just in front of Tristan's bed, Rethyn placed it down gently as he gave Tristan the cold stare. "Hey you idiot, you need to eat this." Rethyn paused for a moment as he waved to Tristan making sure he had his attention. "I'm coming back in twenty or so minutes, if that food isn't at least partially eaten I will teleport it into your mouth. I need you at full strength and if you're not going to eat we are going to have problems."

Turning to face away from Tristan he teleported to the training room of the house. He didn't expect anyone to be there at that moment in time as most were eating dinner. He had hoped nobody noticed him swiping a little food off of Grayson's plate before he had teleported to Tristan's room. Still holding a slice of chicken in his left hand he partially removed his gas mask to take a bite from it. This would have to sustain him through the rest of the day. For he would return that night for his own meal.

Day 4

Tristan could have sworn he heard a giggling sound, "Go away," he said. He wanted to be left alone. Go away the voice sounded like little bells, But I want to play.... Tristan opened his eyes knowing he wasn't hearing the sound of a human voice. She was sitting there, looking like some demented doll. "Why don't you want to play with me, I can be rather fun," Tristan froze, "How...," he started to ask. "How did you get past the barrier."

"Oh well I came in when the two big guys went out." Well that was news to him, apparently his father and Grayson were gone. "Now lets play." He felt her enter him without another warning. "Hmm, poor boy, you are sad, what can I do to make you happy." Tristan tried not to think of anything that could harm people in the house, she walked him to his door and unlocked it. He was trying to fight her, she wasn't very strong, but she was filling his head with some strange things.

You know for some reason, its seemed really crowded in here, I don't like it. Tristan automatically knew what she was talking about. How about before we go play outside...we get rid of her Tristan doubled over in pain as the goddess suddenly attacked from the inside. It felt like she was tearing and clawing trying to reach something. His nose started to bleed and he began coughing, "Fuck off." he muttered, "if you mess with her, you aren't going to like the consequences." Really, oh that sounds like a challenge... Tristan could hardly breath, so he decided to do something to draw someones attention his way. He took a glass he had forgotten to take back to the kitchen and opened the door. He throw it against the opposite wall. It made a loud crashing sound as it shattered.

From the hallway Rethyn jumped a little as he heard the shattering of the glass. "Why the hell would be doing this at this hour?!" Rethyn thought to himself as he in a flash appeared in Tristan's room. "Tristan, what the hell are you-HEY! Get back here you idiot!" Rushing towards Tristan he grabbed the man by the shoulder at the doorway to turn him around. Giving him the cold eyes he started to ask Tristan "Why are you throwing things, and where are you trying to go?!" Suddenly letting go of Tristan something didn't feel right about him. It was like it wasn't even him. Feeling the aura of Tristan masked with a much fouler one, Rethyn attempted to shoot for Tristan's legs to tackle him before he could go further. "Who the hell are you?!" he asked furiously to whatever had taken over.

The goddess inside stopped what she was doing for a moment, looking at the masked man through Tristan's eyes. "Go away, I am going to have some fun with the boy," she said. "Just as soon I get rid of the other in here." Tristan groaned loudly as she again attacked from the inside. He was pretty sure she had cracked some ribs in the process. However for a moment while the goddess was distracted with Rethyn entrance, he glanced at the other. That look could say volumes, whereas Tristan couldn't get two words of his own out of his mouth.

Growling darkly at the goddess Rethyn said. "You'd best get out of there, if you don't you'll only make things worse for yourself. I can promise that. Even if you manage to destroy him I'll make your death ten thousand worse. If you know anything about who or what I am you will know this to be true! Now get out of him you bitch!"

Rethyn moved so that he was now sitting on top of the controlled Tristan. Looking down at Tristan with anger fueled eyes he was not just angry about Tristan, his sister was in there too. However Rethyn knew if he made a comment about his sister the goddess would jump on the chance to get him through her. He would have to do something before she could do any further harm to Tristan or his sister. Rethyn was panicking under the skin though as he knew he held nothing under his bluff. How was he going to remove this goddess from Tristan?! He had no idea how to do it? Was it just something that guardian's did by instinct? Cursing silently he just shook Tristan as he roared at the goddess. "GET OUT!"

The goddess covered her ears, as the other shouted. She didn't like shouting, "Fuck you." she cursed at him, but refused to leave the warm inside of the boy she possessed.

At the words "Fuck you." Rethyn brought his forehead against Tristan's as he started to say in retort the goddess's words "Oh, you wanna fuck me? Why don't you just get out and I'll bend yo-" Rethyn stopped as he felt something through this form of contact. It was like a pulling sensation. With a toothy dark grin from under his mask he grinned as he focus'd on the pulling. It was as if he were sucking the goddess into his own mind. There was no fear in it though as this seemed natural for some reason. Was this the way he was suppose to remove these monsters? If it was then oh well, if he had to be killed off he could handle it. He had already died once, there was nothing really left for him in this world. Maybe on the way to the afterlife he'd see Kazar.

The goddess started screaming, making the boy cover his ears as she was pulled from him. He shook as she left slowly, and well painfully. "Who the hell are you." she asked as she left Tristan's body into Rethyn's.

Feeling the goddess writh in his mind he launched himself off of Tristan as his hands went to his head. Like a fish on a hook he had to get control of her. After a moment Rethyn begun to chuckle darkly to himself as he said. "I warned her didn't I? Tristan just stay there for a moment. If you can just watch my body. I'm not really looking at you right now so if your conscious that would be wonderful." Falling backwards it was as if Rethyn passed out. However, in reality he was going in to get the goddess he had just captured.

Appearing in the darkness of a room the goddess had nothing around here but sheer blackness. However the echoing of laughing could be heard as Rethyn could be heard from all around. "I told you did I? Ten thousand times worse." Suddenly the floor became like tar as it tugged the goddess downwards. Just before she was completely submerged in the blackness the world around her begun to transform. A little light jazz like music could be heard echoing cheerfully around as everything begun to change shape and color. Looking around frantically the goddess was confused.

The scene had changed to the inside of the car. Everything at first seemed normal as the scenery was that of the car upon a bridge driving along at what seemed to be the normal speed for the bridge. However, the bay below seemed to be covered in a thick fog of which gave the area an unsettling feeling. That and there seemed to be no other cars on the bidge besides the one currently going across.

In the front seat sat Rethyn. His attire was much different than it usually was. He was in a full suit, and he wasn't wearing a gas mask. However, just were his scar would normally be was a fully open wound of which was dripping blood unto the suit. Upon realizing who it was the goddess lunged at her driver to only discover she was held down by what seemed to be layers upon layers of leather seat belts. Speaking hollowly Rethyn spoke to the goddess. "Now now, we are almost at our destination. There's no need for struggling of any sort."

For a long moment the only sound that seemed to fill the car was the light but unsettling jazz music which only seemed to loop yet again and again.

Suddenly Rethyn spoke to the goddess. "Hopefully one day I'll have Death in here with you. He can tell you all about me."

Rethyn vanished, as he did the car made a sharp left into the railings. Slamming right through the railings the car dove directly into the mist. As the goddess struggled the jazz music of the car begun looping the same three notes of the song over and over again as she fell through the mist. A loud whispering grew and grew as she saw movement just below the mist. Peering she stopped struggling for a moment as her eyes could not believe what she saw.

Squirming and grasping at the air it was a sea of extended arms grasping for her. As the car landed they tore at the doors and soon enough at her as they begun attempting to pull her apart. One rather long arm drove it's fingers into her left eye as it tried to tear it from the socket.

Standing at the top of the bridge, Rethyn tipped a hat at the goddess as he said to her. "Until you're completely destroyed they will rip you apart and put you back together again to only do it again. You should of heeded my words. Welcome to my nightmare, enjoy your stay."

Rethyn's eyes opened. The deed had been done, and now it was certain. Rethyn Jadarus was the true guardian of Tristan. Without getting off his back, Rethyn weakly asked Tristan through the darkness. "How're you holding up over there Tristan?" Coughing a little Rethyn felt like he had just ran several miles. Breathing in deeply he tried to catch his breath as he awaited Tristan's response.

Tristan had been in the same position since Rethyn got off him. His response to Rethyn was a groan. He coughed again and muttered, "I'm peachy." However he wasn't going to be able to get up on his own. "Did you sit on me." He asked just because he didn't know if he had dreamt that or not.

Feeling a little on the defensive Rethyn lashed out a little as he said with a venomous edge. "Yeah, I did. You were quite comfortable. You should probably tell that to blondie. It would be a good selling point."

Rolling to his side, Rethyn pushed himself weakly up as he moved over to Tristan to ask him quietly. "Who in this house would do best to treat you right now?" Sticking a hand under Tristan's head with a suddenly flash and a loud crack Rethyn had teleported Tristan onto his bed as Rethyn now stood over him. Panting in sheer exhustion, Rethyn's mind attack on the goddess had taken a lot out of him.

Tristan didn't realize Rethyn had asked a question, he was slipping into unconsciousness. Suddenly he blurted, "Jules," which was his nickname for Julianne. Of course there was only so much she could do for him. It would take several days for him to heal.

Sighing to himself he took note at Tristan's unconsciousness as he placed his hand against his forehead. "I'm hoping that's not the one who called me a "pervert" he said to himself. Things were awkward enough as it was and now he was going to have to burst into one of his sister's room at the horrid hour of two in the morning to ask her for help.


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#, as written by girlwt
As they raced across town, Alauric filled Grayson in on the situation. He didn’t know what they would be stepping into at other house. So he wanted his seer to be prepared. They stopped in front of the house, and Alauric almost ran to the door, his knocking would have been heard throughout the house.

The loud sound of someone hitting the door pounded through the air, jerking Soran from his near slumber as he slouched against the wall only being held up by his mother. Looking up to Tray she nodded to him, "Open it," she ordered him. He moved without a thought and went to the door. Drawing the door opened, he allowed entrance to Alauric and his Guardian.

He pushed past Tray as he answered it. “River,” he called out, yeah he was mad, mad at himself, mad at Leo. Grayson put his hand on Alauric shoulder and motioned toward the stairs. Alauric didn’t question, he just went up the stairs.

Turning, River caught sight of Alauric as he came up the stairs. Leaving her son momentarily, she met the other man as he hit the landing, "Alauric..."

"River! What the hell is going on here?!"

Her eyes grew wide as she looked down over the balcony to the man who had shouted at her. For a moment she froze, unable to say anything.

Peter turned his head and then turned back to Derrik, "Look at that," he said menacingly and in a dark, Gaelic accented manner. "I'll make these blows count Sonny Boy. This is for Soran!" Peter rushed at him and delivered a swift kick to Derrik's groin, followed by a punch to his face. If those things sent him to the ground he'd summon one of his fire spears. "I did warn you Laddie. Now, let's prepare you for the Dullahan."

Alauric did stop when he heard Leo's voice, but his Guardian didn't. Grayson went toward Peter, he could figure out his intent with how red his aura went. "Peter, please don't." Grayson put his hand on the others shoulder, just in case. "He isn't worth it." Grayson's voice was calm despite everything.

[color]=red]"Why should I be kind to scum like him? Like the Man who shot my father?"[/color] Was Peter's only reply, his grip on his spear tightened. "The fire that killed the latter inspired me. So why shouldnt he be punished?!" At that he pointed his spear towards Derrik.

"Tray," Leo's voice growled up the stairs and the Guardian did as he was ordered. Moving again, he was between Peter and Derrik who was curled up on the floor, groaning slightly. The tall Guardian didn't say anything, only watched carefully as Grayson was pulling Peter under control again. But, if anyone knew better, they would know this particular Guardian, much like his fellows, was very quick.

Coming up the stairs with a slow, thudding pace that seemed to match River's hard heart beats, was Leo.

"I'll ask again, what the hell is this?"

"Leo, I called him. I told him to-"

"You called him? You called the Belvedere family? For what?! I thought I made it very clear that this household has nothing to do with anyone else!"

"Stow it You old windbag! I'm pissed at you as well, for letting your elder have free reign of the house after the first time!" Peter said, very much angered.

"Silence him, or I will," Leo snapped and turned his attention to Alauric, "You better have a damned good reason for being here. Or leave now."

Alauric stood there silent, "I am taking him," he gestured toward Soran. He didn't have any other reason for being there.

Leo's gaze moved over to the younger son that was slouching against the wall, his shirt seemingly shredded and a good amount of blood staining the strips of cloth that were left. He frowned, "I assume she is the reason for your being here? Such a soft woman. Too soft," he growled narrowing his gaze at River who frowned up at him and took a step forward.

"Soran's not staying here."

"You don't get to decide that. So, the boy took a bit of a beating from his brother. It happens all the time, deal with it woman. Or he'll just die anyway within this first year. He's too soft, you expect him to survive with that attitude?"

Peter listened to the conversation long enough for the spear to disappear. He then opened his magic system again and was drawing out a spell that summoned a seemingly ordinary bucket. "You're too hard." Peter simply said before silencing himself. "Still squirming Derrik, good. Cause my final promise shall be fulfilled." If one looked inside the bucket, it was a strange red substance. But it wasn't blood, Peter made sure of that. He was angry but he wasn't going to be accused of being a psychopath. "The Dullahan marks his next victims with a bucket of blood upon the intended. As you have angered me, you have been judged." He then threw its contents at Derrik before dismissing the bucket. "Oh wait... If it's not blood then I'm just merely bluffing." He turned to Grayson and whispered. "It's Tomato Juice." Grayson watched Tray just in case there was a reaction from him, while shaking his head at the guardian.

Alauric had narrowed his gaze at Leo, as he heard his words. "Oh he will survive, just not in this house. He has more fighting spirit than you give him credit for Leo and I've made the decision, I am taking him with me."

Leo turned towards the other man, he crossed his arms over his chest, "He stays, Alauric. This isn't your house, he isn't your son. You have your Seer, you don't need another one. Don't take me for a fool, old man."

"Leo!" River's voice screeched, slamming her foot to the floor she shoved her hands at him, pushing him just enough to get his attention though he hardly bugded even as it seemed she'd put as much force into it as possible, "He's taking Soran! I'm his mother, I made the decision and I won't allow you to keep him here any longer! You've never loved the boy, you don't treat him as your son, why keep him if all you're going to do is this!" she turned and motioned towards Soran. She shook visibly, "He leaves, or so help me god I'll put an end to this right now," she said and her hand swiped open her magic system.

Alauric had to smirk, he couldn't help himself. "I am taking my orders from her, not you." He moved to pick up the boy against the wall, his eyes ever on Leo. He didn't trust the man, so he was being careful.

Leo glowered, but he didn't move. It had been a long time since River had ever touched her magic system. She was a powerful woman, especially the days when she was a Seer. He couldn't contend against that, and the way she was right then, he didn't dare take the chance. Grinding his teeth he locked his gaze on Alauric, "Fine. But don't think you can keep him forever," the large man turned and stormed down the stairs.

River held the magic system open a while longer before releasing it and heaving a huge sigh. She shook slightly, "Gods..." leaning forward she braced herself against the railing. Glancing over to her other son, she frowned, "Well... that'll stain I suppose..." she sighed and shook her head, "Thank you, Alauric. Please, take good care of him."

He had picked up Soran and was walking back toward the stairs, "What about you, will you be ok," he asked. He knew that Soran might ask this question and he wanted to feel like he was giving him an honest answer.

River nodded, a small smile on her lips, "I'll be fine. I have been for years. Besides, I have Tray... though he's a little quiet. I think... maybe I should start acting like a mother, don't you? We'll see each other again soon."

Alauric returned her smile, "You know my door is always open." He turned and looked at Grayson, before making his way down. Grayson understood that command, "Peter, its time to go."

"Right behind ya." Was the only reply Peter gave, sounding more like his old self again and followed. "By the way Derrik, you just got elaborately humiliated by Peter O'Cyrus. And a Bucket of Tomato Juice." he hurried after Grayson whilst laughing merrily. He would get to his car and follow the Belvedere vehicle.


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#, as written by Siryn
Kilia, Johnathan, Tristan, Rethyn

Yve flicked on the blinker, turning onto a secluded road, the headlights of the vehicle flashing across the empty road before them. There were no other houses down the street that soon turned to gravel. Kilia looked out the window with wide eyes. She was searching for the house she knew to be there. She'd only been to the Belvedere home once when she was younger, around ten or so. The families didn't really keep in contact all that much unless dire things were happening, as it was right then. Her mother had long since grown quiet, meaning that the woman was in deep thought.

As she pulled the car up into the driveway, the light flashing across the outer exterior of the house, Kilia couldn't help but feel a bit of tightness in her chest. Opening the door once the car was parked, she followed her mother to the front door. Yve reached up and rang the doorbell twice then proceeded to knock on the wooden door three times. Kilia looked around. She didn't see any other vehicles in the large driveway, and the house seemed fairly quiet. From where they were at, she couldn't see any lights, of course if she remembered correctly the rooms and such were located on the other side whereas the front was mostly for the living room, dining room and the loft area that she remembered playing at with another boy and two girls.

Yve frowned as she stood waiting at the door. When nothing happened, she rang the bell again, a sigh escaping her lips, "Come on Alauric..." she muttered.

"Maybe they're not here?" Kilia offered. Her mother only gave her a side glance, "Should we come back tomorrow?"

"No. We'll wait for them. This is too important."

Jonathan pulled up close behind them on the Silver flame, turning off the motorbike's engine once he came to a complete stop. Jonathan stretched his arms after parking. "That was a heck of an hour." He muttered as he got off.

"Speak for yourself." Damian muttered. The ghost worn out from riding his horse alongside Damian. The Grey Knight hopped off his horse and Followed Jonathan as he moved to the group. "What is this place?"

"So, this is another Seer's place?" Jonathan asked.

The door creaked open slightly, a girl about 12 stood there, her red hair in braids. She looked at the tall lady and the girl before opening the door a little more. She scrutched her face as if trying to remember something. "Leila," anothers voice was behind the girl. "Why did you open the door, you know..." this time the voice was even younger sounding. Aria looked at the two standing there, going slightly pale. "I am sorry miss..." Aria stopped unsure on how to pronounce the last name of the lady standing there. She continued without it though, "My father isn't here, and my older sisters are tending to my brother...he was mean possessed." Leila was tapping on Aria's shoulder trying to get her attention. "Wait..." Aria hissed, "I mean what," as she turned to the other. Leila signed something to her, "Yes, yes I was getting there, maybe you would like to try." Leila narrowed her eyes at her sister for a second, knowing she said that to be hurtful. "I am sorry, please come in."

Yve turned to the door as it opened up finally. Her gaze fell down to the girl that opened it. Kilia watched as well, her eyes lighting up with a bit of recognition. She remembered the red hair for sure, except the girl standing there now had been much much smaller last she remembered. Then another girl appeared and the two stood in the doorway while the younger one starting talking to Yve. Kilia felt her heart jump a bit as they mentioned that their brother was hurt.


Yve stopped her and let the girls finish, "Thank you," the taller woman said and came into the house as they were invited in, "I'm sorry to come so late to your home," Yve said, her voice a bit more tender than usual. Her mother always had a soft spot for little kids, especially cute girls. Kilia laughed a little bit to herself so the woman wouldn't hear her, "Where is your brother? Kilia can help," her mother looked over her shoulder, giving a stern look to say that Kilia was going to have to make sure she did it right.

"I can help! Take me to him!" Kilia said eagerly, happy that her mother had relented for her to go help.

Jonathan watched the scene as his eyebrows shot up in surprise of Mrs. Linovahle's speaking to the younger children. She sounded a lot more gentle and soft then what he normally heard from her. He watched on, almost utterly flabbergasted as he watched the two younger kids explain where their father was and that apparently, their brother, obviously this Generation's seer, was recovering from his possession. He snapped back out of it to follow the others into the house, and of course, Damian followed as well.

Jonathan took in the sight of the house before looking at Kilia and her mother spoke with the children about the recovering brother. Shrugging to himself he didn't know what use he'd be at that moment.

After hearing that Kilia could help her brother, it was Leila who without thinking grabbed the girls hand to led her where the others were. Aria was left standing there and didn't realize that she was alone with the other two. Her eyes got a little wide. Finally a thought must have crossed her mind, and she squeaked, "Kitchen...I mean would you like to wait in the kitchen," she asked.

Yve smiled warmly at the young girl and nodded her head as she answered, "Yes, that would be just fine. My daughter shouldn't be too long and you're brother will be as good as new again."

Kilia was startled as the girl grabbed her hand and started dragging her towards where her brother was. It wasn't far, they entered the hall and almost immediately the girl reached up and opened the door to a room. Kilia entered right behind her -not really having a choice- and spotted the red haired boy up on his bed, eyes closed and the other sisters tending to him. There was another boy there as well. He had a mask on over his face. Kilia thought it a bit strange, but didn't comment as her priority was the brother. The red haired girl named Leila released her hand and went to her brother. Kilia followed and leaned over the bed to take in his condition.

Rethyn glanced at Kilia as he did so he caught a quick look of judgment. In response he did his best to keep his face blank as he moved a bit more out of the way. If he had it his way right now he'd just be a part of the room and payed no attention. Breaking his glance from Kilia, Rethyn stared back at his seer. Under his mask he frowned a little as he felt his inner drive a little dissapointed. It was the same drive as he had before and it was all that was keeping him from hiding from the others. Tristan's safety was now his only reason to still be breathing.

It was hard to tell, but there was a bit of blood just under his nose which alarmed her. Opening her magic system, her fingers shook a bit as she tried to calm herself and think properly. He was still breathing, so that much was settling, though for how long she wasn't sure. Stop it! she chided herself. Can't think of the worst thing possible right off the bat, jeez. Her fingers moved a bit slowly as she worked out the spell, pausing several times to make sure it was right. Finally, after a few minutes, she dragged it off the tablet and let it go over his prone form. The room lit up in a brilliant gold color and the spell covered him, glowing brightly where he was injured.

Kilia hissed in a deep breath as she watched the amount of glowing areas over his body. Mostly they were broken ribs, a few fractures and internal tissue damage. What could have done this? she thought to herself as she started working on her tablet. First, she would repair the tissue damage, that was probably the worst part of his injuries. She set to work again, preparing the spell on her magic system. Grinding her teeth a bit, she was slightly frustrated with the fact that she was so slow at performing her healing spells. Ten minutes later and she dragged that spell off and dropped it over his body. The room glowed a light green color as the magic swirled around him. As that healed his internal tissues that had been damaged, Kilia moved back to her tablet and worked on a spell for his ribcage.

This one too, longer and she wasn't finished even after the last spell faded away. She was sweating slightly as she worked,concentrating on the spells form, the way it was constructed and the elements that she needed to incorporate to get it to work just right. After all, the last thing she wanted was to make it worse, or hurt him. Kilia hesitated once more as she stared at her spell. Taking a deep breath, she glanced down at the boy. HEaling cuts and bruises was so much easier. All it consisted of was pulling together skin and repairing blood vessels. Bones were so much harder for her.

Watching the healer work brought interest to Rethyn's eyes. It was always good to see someone's own form of magic. Besides, in watching her work he was able to avoid the eye contact of others.

"This might hurt him.... I really hope it doesnt though," she said softly. She knew for sure she wasnt going to make it worse -hopefully- and dragged it off the tablet. Letting it go, the room glowed green yet again and Kilia held her breath.

Jonathan decided to head to where Kilia was going so that she wouldn't strain herself or harm herself in anyway. Or then Yve would really be on his behind. He walked to where she was and watched her heal the unconcious young man. He eyed the Older two sisters watching Kilia at work trying to read what their personalities were.

Julianna was really worried about her brother's condition, there really wasn't much she could do for him, other then give him something for the pain. She had already contacted her father to let him know what happened. She had been watching him calmly, trying to think postively about the situation. She was startled by the appearance of Leila and another girl. She looked at her closely as if trying to remember who she was, when Leila signed the girls name (probably spelling it wrong) to her.

Julianna remember the other from her visit from before, "Oh dear...," she suddenly whispered, "that means Aria is alone with Ms. Linovahle. And I am sure we all don't need to be in here." She grabbed Francine but left Leila as the girl gave her a look that meant she wasn't going anywhwere. The two passed by a boy, almost bumping into him as he entered the room. They went to the kitchen to find how things were going in there.

Tristan having been given a very strong painkiller, was almost completely numb. He hardly felt the first round of healing. However as the second spell washed over him, he groaned again, a pained expression on his face. He grabbed onto his covers looking for something to hold onto as the spell worked on his injuries.

Kilia gasped as she watched the boy react to her magic. Dropping down next to him, she took his hand that was gripping the sheets tightly, "I'm sorry I'm sorry!" she cried, freaking out just a little bit, "It'll be over soon I promise!" she wasn't entirely sure if he could hear her or not, but she still couldnt help to call out to him. Her fingers tightened over his hand. The green glow lasted a bit longer than the last one as it was his bones the magic was fixing this time instead of skin. Finally it faded away and Kilia let out a huge breath of relief.

"Hey," she called gently, "You okay? Anything still hurt?" she hoped that he was alright and not further injured.

Tristan opened his eyes finally, blinking once and trying to focus on the voice and the girl. "Pinky...," he mumbled. He grinned slightly, "Kilia, is that you," he asked. He felt sore, and very tired but still better than before.

"Pinky?" Jonathan said in surprise. "Seems like someone had a childhood nickname didn't she?"

Kilia's face flooded a deep red. She squeaked as she sat there on her knees, "Tr-Tristan!!! W-why!? D-don't say that! Im not.... a little girl anymore!" her voice was a bit too high pitched as she tried to dismiss the nickname that he'd given her when they were younger. Her face was so red, almost like a ripened tomato and not just her cheeks either. Her wide gaze kept flicking between Tristan and Robin as she tried to stutter a plea, "You... You... I cant believe you remembered that!"

His grinning continued as he said, "Sorry," one really couldn't tell if he was or not. He looked around the room at the others. First at his sister, who he could tell was laughing in her own way. She got this bright look in her eyes that conveyed her happiest, then it was to the other boy that spoke. He didn't say anything not really in the mindset to ask any questions. Lastly it was the masked boy in the room, again the look he gave him could have spoken volumes. As he would probably never be able to say what he wanted to the other.

"Thanks," was his finally word as he drifted off again

A little grin played at the tips of Rethyn's lips as he was not sure to take that as sarcasm for the breaking of the ribs, or as thanks for ripping a goddness from his body. Whichever way he meant still brought a warmness to Rethyn as he felt triumphant in his sucess of defending Tristan.

Kilia's breath released as she gave a sigh of relief. Tristan was alright, and though he fell back asleep she knew he wasnt hurting anymore. Bending forward, she rested her head on the bed for a moment before standing up and looking at Robin then to the boy with the mask, "If anything happens, let us know. Oh, I'm Kilia by the way," she said offering her name to the boy, "Come on Robin, lets go tell Mother that he's fine now. I'm sure his sister's will want to know too," she said and headed for the door.

Rethyn felt a little anxiety as he was now in sight of everyone in the house pratically. He knew he had to take responsiblilty and not hide from everyone now, but it was so difficult for him. Sure he got a few okay glances from some of the people like Grayson, but some of the others looked at him strangely. For a moment he didn't even seem to notice Kilia speaking to him as he had to leave his inner thoughts for a moment to reply to her. "I will. And, my name is Rethyn." As they headed for the door Rethyn started to break deeply as he tried to relax himself. He really was hoping he wasn't going to have to deal with the girl who had called him a pervert.

"Alright." Jonathan said as he walked to follow her. He wondered what all that fit about childhood stuff was about as he followed her back up to the area they left Yve in. Damian however was lounging in one of the couches.

"Hey Robin!" Damian shouted, "Come relax over here! Hopefully the adults get here! But in the meantime..." Damian was moving towards Jonathan and was about to push him into Kilia. One big glare from Jonathan was enough to make him back down.


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The front door of the Belvedere house opened not more than twenty minutes later. As Alauric, who had only relinquished Soran to Grayson on the ride home, carried the boy into the house. He had recognized the car out front, and even if he was surprised, something told him that it was important. He heard conversation in the kitchen, “Grayson, welcome our guest, please apologize for my delay, I will explain it to her momentarily.”

He headed down the hallway to the guest room where Soran had already been, and laid the boy down. Most of the bleeding had been stopped by Grayson, as he had some healing spells present in his index of talents. The cut still looked slightly nasty and probably needed better tending

Peter was driving close behind and stopped and jumped out the moment he parked to follow Alauric and Grayson. "He's gonna be okay, right??" He asked carefully.

"Yes, he is going to fine," Grayson answered him, "Peter why don't you go rest, unless you wish to join the rest of us in the kitchen. We have some important guests."

"And you think due to my outburst at that Idiot Derrik you don't want me scaring people. Is that it?" Peter asked sincerely.

Grayson looked at the boy and smiled, "I don't think that, we all lose our temper at one point or another. You were protecting your seer."

"That Leo guy is an arsehole. Why that man thinks he's a responsible Father and a Seer I do not know." Peter said whilst rolling his eyes.Grayson looked down, "Peter I will let that slide, but personally opinions about other seer's families is not polite conversation. Especially since that is who our guest is, so can I ask you to keep it to yourself if anything."

"Oh, oops...I'm sorry." Peter stated and almost felt like a fool for actually saying that critique out loud. "I just don't get Mr. Reigailia's Methods in training the next generation, did he get that training when he became Seer?"

Alauric was the one who answered him, "Leo is not the seer in that family, Ms. Reigalia is." Alauric had come from Tristan's room after checking on his son. He got the full report from Lelia who had been still sitting in there and probably wouldn't leave for the rest of the night.

"What??!" Peter said in surprise almost completely flabbergasted for the first time in all his life. "My mistake..."

"Okay no more questions, we have guests." Alauric said as he finally headed toward the kitchen. Once he entered, he pondered the people in there before annoucing himself, and all he could think was what a strange assortment they were. "Yve," he finally said to gain everyone's attention, "this is a surprise. I hope my daughters are behaving themselves."

Yve turned to the noise, her warm smile fading immediately and changing to that of strict business, "Alauric. Your daughters are always well behaved, I promise. Surely you know why Im here," she paused as her gaze dropped to his clothes, "Are you injured, Alauric? Theres blood..." As she said this, Kilia entered the room behind them and stopped in the doorway.

"Blood?" she asked in a slightly alarmed tone. Yve waved at her daughter to come to her side, which the young Seer did so.

"Umm, Someone is is injured and that'd be My Seer." Peter said as he almost tripped over himself from his initial shock of Soran's Gentle Mother being the True Seer. "His Brother did...well.." Jonathan, who was behind Kilia raised any eyebrow at him.

"What the heck is wrong with this Fellow Irishman?" Damian said only to receive a subtle punch to the gut from Jonathan as a signal to not annoy him.

Grayson again was shaking his head at Peter, so much for keeping his thoughts to himself, "Forgive my appearance," Alauric continued after the interruption, "Its not my blood and it does belong to another seer. However that can be discussed later, I do know why you are here Yve, would you like to discuss this in a more private setting," he asked

Yve nodded, her and snaking up to squeeze her daughters shoulder lightly, "Yes, that would be appreciated. The Seer. Where are they? She cannot heal again for a while, probably until morning at the earliest, but she can at least tend to the boy's Seer while we talk. She did, after all, just heal your son. Speaking of, is he alright?"

Kilia nodded, "Yes, he's fine now, sleeping," she answered though she was slightly confused as she looked between Yve and Alauric. She wanted to listen to their conversation, but knew better than to ask.

Alauric looked at Peter, "Peter can take her to the guestroom, please let us know if there is anything you need Kilia, and thank you for what you did for my son."

Kilia blushed faintly and only nodded at Alauric, unable to find any words to answer him. Yve gave her a gentle push as she moved to follow Alauric to another part of the house.

Peter nodded at the young lady. "She's attractive, but it seems she's taken." he thought to himself looking at Jonathan. "He on the other hand seems familiar, did I see him on a newspaper before?" Peter didn't dwell on his thoughts as checking on Soran was the only thing on his mind as he walked to the stairs and then to Soran's Room.

Jonathan followed Peter, gesturing for Kilia to follow, whilst Damian decided to Eavesdrop. No trouble with that. He's already dead!! "They cannot see or hear me! So ha!"

She moved after the two boys and quickly followed them to the room that was up the stairs. She wondered exactly how bad it was since blood had been on Alaurics clothes. As the door opened to allow them entrance and her gaze settled on the blonde Seer, she gave a loud gasp and shot right past both Robin and the other Guardian. Her fingers went to his face, feeling his skin was burning hot. Whirling to both of them she yelled, "Water! Cold water, and cloths, a lot of them...."

Jonathan nodded and ran straight for the Kitchen to get the Items requested. "Yes Kilia, right away!" He hurried to the kitchen to get what she needed. Peter on the other hand was looking at Soran's state and almost couldn't stomach it as flashes of when he saw his father dead from a bullet wound to the head came to mind and he walked out to the hall and leaned on the wall as he fell to the ground in a sitting position he just quietly buried his face into his knees.

Then, as long as he knew no one was around, he let himself cry a few tears. Even a bright personality like him needed to let out some of his sadness every once in awhile. He hardly noticed Jonathan passing by him with the Items Kilia told him to bring.

"Does he have a fever Kilia?" Jonathan asked her In a serious tone. He wanted to help her in anyway he could. He was her Guardian after all.

"Yes," she answered as she dipped the cloth in the water and wrung it out just enough to not soak his head. Placing it over his forehead, she took another cloth and let it soak in the water. Shaking her head a bit, she was tempted to force her magic system, but knew her mother would scold her, not to mention the results probably wouldnt be desirable anyway. She would have to wait. His shirt was a wreck, non-existant really. Sitting up on the side of the bed, she touched the shirt breifly before deciding that it wasnt going to be saved. With a swipe of her hand she opened the magic system and created a very simple pair of scissors. She started cutting the shirt in pieces so she could remove it. With a sigh she reached over and took the wet cloth.

When the wounds were cleaned up enough she frowned, "Hey, Robin. Do you have tweasers or anything? Theres... glass, I think. Poor boy... Cant it be morning yet?" she muttered the last part to heself.

Jonathan assessed the injuries on the boy when Kilia said glass. "Huh, some form of glass, probably a window or a Glass Vase, of the expensive kind by what I can, tell, I need a closer look." Peter turned to the backpack he kept on him, despite being empty of clothes, he had several other useful things too. "Tweezers tweezers, ah, here we are."

Jonathan pulled out a pair of tweezers. "How many shards are we looking at here?" He asked in utter curiosity as he handed them to her. "Let's not make his nose turn red." He said to try and ease the tension off of the situation.

"I... I don't know," Kilia answered him as she leaned forward. Taking the tweasers she got to work, slowly and carefully. The young Seer was relieved that he was unconscious, but at the same time very worried about his condition. He was definitely battered and bruised. This will be a long night... she thought to herself as she worked.


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#, as written by girlwt
Alauric led Yve to the study, thankful that it at least wasn't in total ruin after the attack the other night. After she entered, he would close the door, "Its about the other seer," he said as he sat on the couch instead of going to his desk. He was tired and rather be a comfortable then serious. His books were though stranding in various places as he had left them there from earlier.

Yve followed behind him. As he closed the door behind them, he mentioned the Seer that was on her mind. With a slight nod of her head, she crossed her arms as she leaned against the back of one of the chairs, "Yes. Somethings not right, Alauric. That Seer shouldn't even be here. Whats worse is that they've seemingly been possessed by something and its coming towards us. The destruction this Seer has wrought makes me fearful. Either that is a very vengeful God possessing her, or its a very powerful God. The longer that possession lingers on, the harder its going to be to remove the God without killing the Seer."

Alauric listened to her, acknowledging her words. "I fear the very same thing," he said in agreement. "I haven't really been able to find any explanations for any of these occurrences. So you have plan, I take it," he asked curious of her ideas on the matter.

Yve gave him a small grin, her index finger tapping her arm gently as she looked up at him, "You wont like what I have in mind. Honestly, there's only one thing we can do, though. Im going after this Seer. If we let them rampage as they have any longer, we'll all be in trouble."

Alauric narrowed his eyes slightly, "You think we ought to let the kids fight," it was the worse thing he could think of, "without having been trained, without knowing their full potential." Alauric shook his head, "And now at the worst possible moment, when two are injured."

Little did the current people discussing the subject realize was that the Grey Knight was listening on their conversation and was actually on Alauric's side. Jonathan needed a Challenge for Pete's sake!!! But the other thing on his mind was this. "Sit and Spin!" The Ghost shouted as he swiveled in the desk chair.

"You miss understand, Alauric," she said, shaking her head, "I don't want them anywhere near this problem. I'm going after it. Myself and my Guardian. I wish to stop this Seer before they reach our vicinity. If its a vengeful or powerful God -or forbid it- both, they'll want to get rid of any obsticals. That includes our newest Seers, or worse yet, turn them into puppets on strings."
Alauric blinked and for a minute didn't say anything it was like he was processing her words slowly. "And you want my help," he said finally. He understood what she said, but then again he was thinking about who would protect the newest seers if the worst happened.

Damian was still "swiveling" in the chair listening to the Conversation. "If only these guys can hear me..This is a perfect opportunity For my Jonathan!"

Yve looked down, a small smile on her lips, "No. The best help you can give me is to look after them. I know we havent always seen eye to eye Alauric, but I trust you, I always have. Far more than someone else we both know. In anycase. Your home is safest for them. Your Guardian is strong as are you. I cant think of a better place. I leave after we are done here. Would you do me a favor? For old times sake?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

Alauric really wanted to say that he couldn't let her do this by herself, but he knew there was no arguing with the woman. "Anything," he responded

"Don't tell her. Not right away, anyway. Besides, if all goes as planned, Ill be back in a few days or so," with a sigh she pushed off the chair and stood, "If not... well. She likes peaches, and she stays up late at night. Shes terrible at her magic system, maybe you can do something about that. Her healing is good though, but it takes several hours to reset, so be sure she doesn't push it. Oh and shes clumsy, she always has been," Yve rambled a bit. She stopped and looked up at the ceiling for a long while, "Take care of her, would you?"

Alauric stood as Yve said those words, his own heart breaking a little. He went and stood next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "I will take care of her, like she was one of my own, you take care of yourself."

A soft laugh fell from her as she took a deep breath. Nonchalantly, she reached up and brushed the edges of her eyes before looking up to him, "You should know by now. Ill be just fine," she walked to the door of the study, "See you." she said and slipped out quietly.

Damian had a look of Sadness about him, he slowly slunk away from the office glumly, wanting to not bring up mental images of his life. He wanted to tell Jonathan, but he had a feeling if he did, Jonathan would make the same mistakes he did. So he just plopped onto a couch in the lounge.

Alauric sighed as she left the room, and pondered both of the woman he had dealings with that day and couldn't help but think about how lucky that there were seers like those two out there. Grayson entered, "Alauric," but the seer shook his head. He wasn't in the mood even to talk to the guardian. Grayson nodded and left the room.

"One thing's for sure," he mumbled to himself, "Its going to get really crazy in this house."

Following Day

Kilia had fallen alseep, on her stomach, almost literally in the middle of the floor of the living room. She had been so tired after working on cleaning up the blonde boys injuries that when she left his room, she didnt even think to find a bed to sleep in. Actually, shed started up on the couch, but at some point had completely rolled off onto the floor and without a break in her deep slumber either. Had anyone been near her, they would hear the slight, bunny like snore that came from her as she lay sprawled on the floor.

Peter had almost literally cried himself to sleep. He was there sleeping with his back to the wall, his face smack on top of his knees, feet sticking out like sore thumbs. He couldn't help his sorry position. But if anything was gonna wake him up. It'll be purely accidental if anyone did the deed by stepping on his feet.

Jonathan, was in his meditating position and is doing his morning rituals. "The Star in the Sky has seven points of light. Verily we seek the virtues in each point for the better of mind, heart and soul. All were born in light, yet choose to go on either path. May many favor roads travel by few in this new day." sighing he stood up and wondered to himself about breakfast.

Routines in the house were going to have to be rearranged, however Grayson was up before dawn, despite having a few hours sleep. He had to make a mental list of things that needed to be accomplished. He was pondering the food situation as well, like would they have enough. It would probably be the first task he had to do. However today's breakfast was going to be simple
Alauric was also up in his study, trying to get some business done. He wanted certain things in order, for any unlikely reason.

Of all the sisters only Julianna was awake so far, she had gotten up do some exercises in one of the practices rooms. She wanted to check on her brother and the other person having seen Kilia sprawled on the living room floor though made her giggle. She looked in on her brother first, Leila was still there, having gotten in the bed with her brother at some point and was snuggled up against him. It was a good sign, because that meant he felt better, she closed the door and was on her way to the other door when she suddenly tripped and fell.

"What the hell," she said as she turned and saw Peter there.

Peter groaned and wiped his tear stained eyes whilst smacking his lips before opening his eyes. "What happened, who hit me..." He muttered slightly half asleep from whoever tripped over him. He looked around for whoever tripped over him so he could give an apology before seeing a flash of red hair. "Oh, Top o' The mornin." He said groggily.

"Top o' the mornin," she repeated like she couldn't believe he said that, "Who the hell sleeps in the middle of the hallway with their legs out so people can trip over them."

Peter looked at the girl confused. "Hallway...?" He rubbed his eyes and realized and he checked his eyes and gasps. "Don't look at me! I wasn't crying, or skulking like a pitiful Gingerbread Man who got his legs bit off!"

She gave him a 'what the hell look' "I don't care what you were doing...and I wasn't hated that version of the Gingerbread, just why were you doing it here is the question."

"My Seer is in past the door I'm next to. I did a number on the Lad who did it to him...punched him in his family and then his nose. Then I scared the idiot by dumping a bucket of tomato Juice on him and told him it was blood...hehehe and that the Dullahan was comin for him." Peter said with a half chuckle. "I could've done more to the fiend..."

Julianna just sat there pondering the other her first thought being that this house didn't need anymore weirdos. "You didn't actually answer my question," she said, "well I guess maybe you sort of did." She sighed, "Can you just sleep in bed like a normal person the next time. And I am glad someone got to take a little revenge on the person who did that to him."

Peter eyed the young woman oddly. "Right. Yeah, next time I won't be crying myself to sleep..." Peter muttered to himself. "But now that I'm fully awake I want to take a few punches of leftover aggression out on a trainin dummy...they're easy to help bash aggression out."

"True," she agreed, "that they are." She finally stood and made sure she didn't hurt herself in the fall, rug burns were the worst. "Upstairs, all the equipments already there." she said as she stood there for a second longer.

Peter smiled as he got up and stretched his legs and dusted the seat of his pants and walked towards the stairs to go up and to the training room. "Thanks Lass."

She shook her head slightly and continued to the others seers room. Her only intention was to peek in the door and go downstairs to help with breakfast.

Rethyn froze. There she was in the middle of the hallway. Taking in a worried breath he started again to walk down the hallway. He was just hoping she wasn't going to say anything as he would pass by. Reaching up to his head, Rethyn ajusted his hood a little by pulling it more up. It made him feel a little better.

"Better than what I expected." Rethyn thought to himself with relief. He was under the expression she'd knock him through a wall.

Jonathan walked down to the living room to check on Kilia. She had been sleeping in here after helping the other seer and he wanted to ensure she was alright. He looked at the way she slept and silently chuckled to himself. "Cute, very cute." He said to himself. He then walked over to her and knelt next to her and poked her on the shoulder. "Hey, sleepy head. Time for breakfast."

Her dream was about glorious rolling hills, a plate full of peaches and a motobike. Why the motobike was there she wasnt sure, but she had to touch it. That had been her goal for what seemed like hours. She ran to the shiny black vehicle, but never could reach it. Then, just as she was about to touch it, something hit her shoulder and she fell over. Highly disappointed, she got up and tried again. Outside of her dream, though, she muttered something incoherently and shifted ever so slightly.

Jonathan smiled and leaned to her ear and whispered. "Hey, Pinky, come on, it's morning." He said it very soft and sweet, to see if that caught her attention.

With a start, Kilia snapped awake. The only problem was, she sat straight up. The top of her head collided with something and she squeaked very loudly as her hands came up and clenched the top of her head, "Oow! Ow!" she moaned. Rocking back and forth she looked up at him, "Robin!!"

"Owch!!" He said whilst laughing and rubbing his head. "Well that woke ya up, I would've done something else otherwise." He chuckled as he said that.

"D-d-dont call me Pinky!!" She said, her face turning a brilliant pink color, which only defeated her claim, "T-thats forbidden! Off limits! No more! No... wait...." she paused, having finally registered the rest of what he said. Her face turned even more pink, or rather a nice shade of scarlet as her eyes widened, "S-something else?" her voice squeaked again. She couldn't contain it, with a sharp cry she quickly stood up and threw a pillow at him, "Robin!!" was all she could think to yell. As only one such as her self could possibly manage, Kilia suddenly switched gears with a gasp, "Oh my god! The other Seer!" She moaned to herself and clenched her hair tightly, "How could I have forgotten! Robin! Why didnt you wake me up!" she yelled as she ran about the living room before finally locating the Kitchen area. Grabbing a bowl and more cloths she began filling the bowl to go back to the boys room.

"Well I would've told ya we gotta do that if ya didn't throw a pillow at me..." He muttered as he got up and threw the pillow at the laughing Damian And quickly followed her.

"Typical lad got unaware of what he truly meant!" the Grey Knight said with a laugh in his heart.

All the noise in the house finally woke up Tristan, "That is all I more girl." A tug on his arm told him he wasn't alone. Leila was signing so fast it got to be a little to much..."Hold on, slow down, I still feel like I got hit by a ton of bricks." She smiled, and began again, "Yeah I remember that part, Kilia healed me." Yet after hearing Tristan's nickname, she signed Pinky instead, well at least she could get away with it. Her next signs stopped his heart for a second. He didn't respond to her, but slipped from his bed, wincing slightly. He needed to see if it was true. Leila watched him go, yawning slightly and curled back into his bed, falling asleep again soon after.

He opened his door and looked out to see if anyone was in the hallway, pretty sure he would be scolded by someone for being up. He walked slowly to the guest room, but for a second was to nervous to even open the door.

"Tristan!" Kilia called as she came up behind him, "What are you doing? You shouldnt be up, you should be resting," she said though she wasnt truly scolding him like she normally would because she was far too worried about the blonde on the otherside of the door. Slipped up next to him, she reached out and opened the door so she could get inside. If it was one thing, being small like herself, she could easily move around other people. Without looking behind her, she went straight to the bed where the blonde was laying. The night before, shed been so tired that she hadnt cleaned up anything she had used. The bowl of red water still sat, the bowl with glass shards in it was right next to that and bloody bandages were in a pile. Kneeling down next to him, she removed the old cloth from his head and put a knew one. Standing up, she swiped open her magic system to perform the same spell she had used on Tristan to see all of his injuries.

Jonathan was rushing up the stairs to follow Kilia and make sure she was alright and ready to pull off another healing spell. He then headed directly through the open door with the boy Kilia healed earlier. "What are you doing up??" He asked as he was about to speed into the doorway.

Tristan didn't really want to answer either one of them, "I'm up just deal with it," now his attention was on the blond seer in the bed. He moved aside so Jonathan could enter.

Jonathan stops himself when he gets into the bedroom as he then went for the bowl of glass shards. "I wanna know what exactly this Glass was before it got onto the poor fella." He said to Kilia as he watched her prepare to use the Magic System.
Kilia shook her head a bit, "Doesnt matter to me, Robin. As long as there isnt anymore. I dont understand how he ended up like this to begin with," she muttered as she worked on the spell, "It wasnt a possession... was it?"

"According to What I heard from his Guardian, his own Brother attacked him." Jonathan replied as he examined a shard. "Huh, it was definitely a perfectly good crafted vase..." He then mumbled to himself about who would smash a perfectly good Vase.

Tristan looked like he was in shock hearing the other two talk. His own brother attacked him. He couldn't stand it anymore, as he finally walked into the room and sat in a chair that wasn't being used. He remained silent waiting on the two to leave

Rethyn had seemed to give his seer some space as the masked boy begun to almost patrol the house. Occasionally he'd come back just to find Tristan then run off again as quickly as he had showed up. He felt himself to be of more use this way anyways. Nobody would want to talk to him anyway.

Kilia finally finished the spell and dragged it off the pad. The blonde Seers entire frame glowed yellow. The majority of his body that was brighter than the rest was his chest where the obvious wounds were. There were bruises all along his ribs and face too though. With a sigh of relief, Kilia noted that nothing was broken, "Good," she said to herself and started on her next spell. Starting with the bruises, it took her about five minutes to create the spell and she dropped it over him. His body glowed green as his bruises began to heal. Kilia didn't wait for it to finish before starting the next spell though. The deep gashes were going to need a larger spell. Shaking her head she sighed, "Those are going to scar probably... I wish I could do more for that though. They're too deep," she dragged her fingers across the tablet, drawing out the spell. The green glow from her last cast slowly faded.

It took her a while, but she finally finished the spell and let it go over him. The wounds closed up slowly, leaving only small, jagged scars and a bit of red that stained his skin. With a sigh, Kilia leaned over for a moment. Reaching out, she brushed her her hand over his forehead after removing the cloth. The blonde stirred slightly at her touch. She smiled at him as he cracked open his eyes a bit, "Hey. Out of the woods now. Take it easy, no moving around, unlike someone," she said with a frown as she looked over to Tristan.

Tristan glanced up slightly but otherwise didn't say anything. He was trying not to show her any emotion that would make her worry anymore then she already did.

"Alright, come on Robin," she said, tugging at his arm, "Breakfast is calling and these two are hungry Im sure. Stay here, no one leave, Ill bring you food when its done," she ordered as she left the room with Robin in tow.

"Yes Kilia-whoa!" Jonathan felt himself being almost dragged down the stairs with her. He almost chuckled at her. "Alright let go you before you accidentally bruise my arm." he spoke with playful sarcasm at her.

"Flirt with her Sweet it." Damian said as he spotted the two pass him, only to recieve a kick from Jonathan as he passed. "Ow!!! You stupid little ungrateful descendant! I want you to replace me but I also want you to continue the bloodline....."
Jonathan rolled his eyes as he let Kilia drag him the rest of the way.


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Rethyn shook his head a little as he tried to kill some of his nerves. He needed to get over the horrid feeling he got around these people. He couldn't hide forever. He had now become a member of this group in a way through his new found job as Tristan's guardian. Putting his hands into fists he walked down the stairs as he was now looking for Grayson. He needed an update on the house defenses and what was going on out there. He felt clueless about everything and he needed to get caught up to speed. He could no longer live the way he had the past four days.

The temptation to just teleport through all the rooms ate at the masked Rethyn as he continued looking for Grayson. Walking through another hall Rethyn spotted a few of the other sisters of Tristan. Resisting the initial urge to just vanish from site he tried his best to look casual as he passed by them. Rethyn also resisted the desire to teleport back upstairs to find Tristan to check up on him. He knew the guy was already safe as he was with that other guy. For a moment Rethyn tried to say the guys name in his mind but failed as he couldn't remember. However, he did remember the important bits about the pretty boy. Rethyn learned through undetected observation that Tristan was rather fond of the boy. One of the nights he distinctly remembered Tristan playing with a little flower like object. Clearly it had to of been a gift.

Finally Rethyn spotted Grayson! However, he was in company with others. This made things a little tricky as Rethyn felt the judging looks he would get from the others around him. Breathing deeply he knew this to be unavoidable. With slow controlled steps Rethyn walked up to Grayson quietly from behind as he tapped him on the shoulder. "Grayson, how are the defenses outside?" He asked bluntly. Quickly glancing to the others he felt a tingle at the back of his neck. They were looking at him.

Grayson turned and looked at the other, he actually hadn't had the time to get to know the young man. "Rethyn," he said, "we can discuss this elsewhere if you would like."

Grayson had read him like a book. Even though he thought he had his feelings on the situation concealed this man knew. He did however quite fancy the idea of being away from the others. Grayson was one of the few who didn't give him a look of judgement whenever he entered a room. "If you are able to then yes that would be nice."

He nodded his head, "We can go upstairs to a training room, they won't be in use at the moment."

With another quick glance to the others Rethyn looked back to Grayson as he merely nodded to the man.

Grayson left what he was doing and headed up to the training rooms, not really looking back to see if the other followed. He opened one of the doors and left it opened as he went inside.

With the knowledge of the location of the training room already in his mind Rethyn merely teleported there with a flash. Feeling a wave of relief, Rethyn sat in the middle of the training room as he watch Grayson enter the room. Adjusting his hood a little he merely gazed at the man. "Thank you." he murmured.

The teleporting didn't really surprise Grayson, "You asked about defenses, as I know it everything is still in working order. I've actually haven't had a chance to ask you about the possession the other night. Can you tell me anything about the goddess that attacked."

Scratching the back of his head through his hood briefly Rethyn said "In all honesty I have next to no idea how it got in. If Tristan hadn't of shattered that glass against the wall I would of never even of known it got through." Rethyn then paused as he looking down and to the left. He was having a hard time maintaining eye contact this day as it so far had been quite eventful with all of the new faces he met. "This may not make much sense, but believe me I was able to get the goddess out of him. I consumed her." Glancing back to Grayson, Rethyn tried to read the mans expressions as spoke to him.

He nodded as Rethyn explained everything, "I am still trying to figure out the how she got in part as well, she must just been so low level that nothing was detected. I think something else drew her inside as well. Like she was drawn to Tristan's sadness or something." He stopped pondering the next part, "Its what we do as guardian's get the gods out in the open, fight them as best we can. So you have a way to deal with them by consuming them inside. That is a rarity but not completely unheard of."

Nodding a little in return, Rethyn said simply "I'm a little new to this guardian path I have taken. I guess I am just going to have to adapt to it. If I even can." Rethyn finished with a puff of breath through his mask. Looking to Grayson, Rethyn then stood up as he walked to the entrance of the room to leave. "Thanks for the talk." Rethyn said quietly.

"Anytime," came Grayson's reply, he knew what Rethyn meant better then anyone. It did take time to adjust, even for the best of guardians. However Grayson had a feeling that wasn't the only thing Rethyn was adjusting too. He just hoped the other figured things without much trouble to himself or to others.


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#, as written by Siryn
Soran and Tristan

Soran sighed as he closed his eyes for a moment. Who was that girl? Though her pink hair was oddly familiar. Opening his eyes again, he looked down at his frame to see that shed healed him, the bruises were gone and so were the deep, nasty cuts that had crossed his chest in an ugly, horrid fashion. After a moment, he saw someone out of the corner of his eye. Glancing towards the figure he gave a slight gasp as his gaze widened a bit. His mind stopped working for a moment. When it did, the first thing that came to his thoughts was tha he was shirtless.... his face turned scarlet... "T-Tristan..."

Tristan looked up at the sound of his name, but didn't move from his spot. "This is all my fault," he said, "I shouldn't have let you go." Tristan wasn't really thinking coherantly at the moment, he basically knew that what he said probably wasn't true, but there was no telling him otherwise as he was still trying to process the whole thing

"Tristan..." Soran moved, propping himself up and completely forgetting that he was technically half naked, "Its not you fault! Dont... dont say that, ever," he said, his voice sounded far harder than he meant it to be. Still, he meant every word he said. The fact that Tristan was even so much as thinking that it was his fault was making him upset.

Tristan actually glared at the other for a second before moving his eyes down to the cuts on his chest. His look got scarier, as if he was contemplating murder of whoever did that to Soran. "How...why..." he said not really wanting to hear but knowing that if anyone should tell him it should be Soran himself.

The look that came across their short distance between each other sent shivers down his spine. Soran's face grew pale as he watched the other boy. The glare moved from his eyes, to his chest where the cuts were clearly visible, the scars. He felt his body grow colder just by the look, and that look grew darker. Soran's chest was tight as he heard the two simple words that called for an explanation. The blonde Seer shook slightly as his gaze fell from Tristan's face to the floor. For a long while he stared at the carpet. His teeth ground together then and his eyes closed tightly. Fear, shock and guilt washed through him. Shock because of the event actually happening, fear because of what he thought Tristan might due for either answer he gave, and guilt because he had known what he had been going back to that day.

"Sorry," he mumbled, "It's... nothing," he said shakily, he looked back up to Tristan, a burn on the edge of his eyes, "It's nothing, I'm fine."

Tristan sighed, "I don't believe you, but I will leave it alone for right now." He had watched all the emotions run across Soran's face. He felt guilty for pushing, especially so soon after it happened. He was still angry deep down inside but would just have to deal with it until the right time.

It was like a trip wire, the words spoken. Before he could even register, Soran was crying. Doesn't believe me... course he doesn't! What kind of lie was that!? he scolded himself, but at the same time felt relief that the other boy wasnt going to push him for an answer. His head dropped forward as his fingers curled in the blankets, "Thank you," he muttered softly through his teary hiccups.

The chair creaked almost as soon as Soran started crying, as Tristan stood, wincing as he did. He slowly made his way to over to the bed, and sat. "Why are you..." he stopped as he was about to ask another stupid question. He couldn't think of anything else to do other then putting his arm around the other. He wanted to comfort as much as he could.

Soran tried to contain himself, but it wasn't working very well, especially when Tristan sat next to him and put his arm over him. He laughed though he was still crying, "Why am I crying?" he finished for the other boy, "Because.... you.... You're supposed to yell at me, to make me say it...." he turned, burying his head into Tristan's chest as he tried to remember to breath as well as talk through the tears, "But... your not. I.... I dont get you.... Why aren't you yelling at me? I knew what was gonna happen! Damnit..." he cursed and wrapped his arms around Tristan.

Tristan sort of laugh with Soran, "Yell at you, why would I yell at you. I am not mad at you Soran, I am mad at them, yelling at you would serve no purpose. I am not like that, I don't yell. well I do, but only for good reason. When I heard that you came back, I felt like everything was right again."

With a hiccup, Soran moved so he could look up at him, "This... isn't a good reason?" he asked, sincerely curious, "I..." he smiled a bit, a laugh bubbling up, "I'm not sure if I want to know what would make you yell if you won't right now." He would have continued, but Tristan's next words hit him hard, like a heavy weight straight to his chest. "I... it was hard, being there. This feels... much better," he answered, once again burying his face but not because he was crying, but because he could feel his face heating up again. He puffed out his cheek a bit damn him for saying that....

Tristan chuckled again, and no matter how much it hurt, "Look at me Soran," he said.

"N-no!" he stuttered... Tristan was determined to make this worse wasn't he! Soran shifted, trying to hide.

"But I want to see your face when you blush, you are so cute." Tristan was trying to get the other just to look at him.

Soran made a strange sound, something between a squeak of fear and a wordless complaint, "Tristan!" he dragged out the name, much like a child would when complaining about something, "W-why..." he moaned then turned his head the other way. After a moment he chanced a quick look up, but that didn't help his condition either. Finally, he closed his eyes and looked up at him, "There! Happy?"

"Perfect," he leaned slightly in a place his lips on the other's. It wasn't a faboulous first kiss, but it would do.

Sorans gaze flew open in shock. If it were at all possible he probably would have exploded from the amount of blushing he was doing. As it was, the kiss seemed to suck the rest of his energy and he slumped forward after pulling away slightly, "You.... devious... little...." he struggled to put a coherent sentence together even though his own thoughts were jumbled all in a ball and he found he couldnt concentrate at all anymore.

Tristan grinned at the response of the other, "If I knew you would react like that, I would have done it sooner." He was teasing of course.

"You!" Soran was having a seriously hard time keeping composed around this boy. He knows.... he does this on purpose! he thought to himself, flustered. Looking up at Tristan, his face still burning red, he attempted to glare at the red haired boy, "You really enjoy this dont you? Well fine, its war now. I will win. Im going to surprise you and make you blush just like this. Thats a promise!" he countered. Falling against Tristan he heaved a sigh, "But... right now.... Im really tired. Its your fault too. For k-kissing me. So.... as punishment, stay here, as my pillow. Got it?" he said without looking up.

"That's my punishment," Tristan was really trying to be serious but was failing. "Hmm, you know that is only going to motivate me. If you are going to punish me like that," he said. "But its one that I will gladly accept." He moved slighty as he said, "Now as your pillow, where would you like me." He was trying not to grin.

He squeaked again, "S-stop that.... you.... your doing it again! And... and that voice... stop using that.... that...." sexy voice damn him! he stumbled unable to say it, "You...." he muttered as Tristan moved slightly. Where...?! Oh... he had to say it like that! "Where?" his voice sounded too high, "Anywhere! Just lay down so I can lay on you, Tristan!" he finally managed, though that probably didnt help his situation.

If Soran knew that his words were definiately making it worse for him, Tristan would probably never get him to stop blushing. So he let it go, and laid down on the bed. He didn't care how he felt, or if Soran hurt him, just to have him near was the best pain medicine in the world

Soran settled against him, his head on Tristans chest. It was almost immediate how comfortable he was. With a soft sigh he shifted around one last time before falling completely still. His eyes grew heavy as he lay there, right before he slept he muttered, "Thank you," once more and was fast asleep.

Tristan sighed and watched the other before he succumbed to the weariness he was feeling. He was very happy at that moment and hoped to remain so for some time in the future.


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#, as written by girlwt
It had been three days since Yve left to fight off the vengeful gods she felt were coming. Alauric was worried, Kilia had started asking questions. How long was he suppose to go on telling her half-truths. He was sitting in his office, when the door opened and his son and his guardian entered.

“We have an idea about tracking the gods,” Tristan started

Alauric looked at his son sideways, “What do you mean tracking the gods…,”

Grayson cleared his throat, “He means he thinks we can watch them and find out who they are, it consists of a combination of his map and my aura reading. The auras will be projected on the map, and we would be able to watch them.”

“Undetected,” Alauric asked. He catch the look between his son and Grayson, “We don’t know, but there is a fail safe in place. If anything from the other side should try to interact with the spell, it will completely shut down.” Tristan had answered his father’s question with a clarity that Alauric had never noticed in his son.

“And how do you know this,” he asked of the two.

Again there was this look, but this one…”You’ve used this before,” he said.

Tristan sighed, “I remember the attack that took Grandma,” he started. Alauric was startled as he wasn’t expecting this from Tristan, “When she couldn’t be found after the explosion, everyone had just assumed that she had died in the fire, I never believed it.” Tristan couldn’t look at his father, “I asked Grayson to help me create a map that could be used to track seers, she had been possessed during the attack and taken from here before the final explosion.” Tristan could see the anger grow in his father’s eyes.

His grandma wasn’t the only one to die that day, his father lost almost everyone from his side of the family. It had been a celebration and reunion, Tristan was only four at the time. Julianne had just been born not more than six months before. The very house he was standing in was reduced to nothing but rubble…if it hadn’t been for the bunker. He wouldn’t have been standing there today. He never forget the way he felt, looking at the horror around him, when they exited the bunker…there was no explanation in his heart that he could have given. The god responsible had been a extremely powerful god of destruction, who had only vengeance in his heart. Yet after that day, no one’s been possessed by him. Tristan always wondered what he wanted vengeance for and if he would ever return to complete his destruction.

“I am sorry, I should have told you, but you would never let me speak to you about Grandma.” Alauric couldn’t believe the words coming from his sons mouth, “You found her after all those years…how was that possible.” Tristan looked at the guardian, “We don’t know exactly, maybe it was because she was the one being sought, her aura responded,” Grayson continued. Alauric sighed, “Wait you said that you created the system to track seers, so how can you change it to track gods,” Alauric asked.
“It won’t track gods per say, but the ones who have possessed seers, we might just be able to see,” Grayson said. “And because the one has actually possessed a seer, we might be able to track her.”

Alauric nodded, his thoughts still slightly off and he glanced at his son, “and Yve."

Tristan was taken aback by this, “Yes…but.”

Alauric looked at him waiting on the continuation of that but, Tristan cleared his throat, “If you should wish to do that, then I am going to insist on the others being able to watch.” Alauric shook his head, “I can’t do that son.” Tristan knew his father had his reasons, but they didn’t seem completely unfair in his mind.

“Then I won’t do this,” he said.

Alauric again looked at his son as if he was a different person. “Who are you,” he suddenly said, “When did you become this person standing before me, standing up to me.” Tristan couldn’t help it, he felt his cheeks grow warm slightly, “Um…I guess lots of things have been happening lately.”

Alauric couldn’t help but chuckle, “Yes they certainly have…well then I guess this little experiment might have a bigger audience, but only if your positive your fail safe will work.” Tristan looked at his father, “It will work…um we tested it last night,” Tristan looked away from his father.

“Oh…really,” Alauric gave this quizzical look, “and what happened last night.” Tristan bit his lip, “We decided to go visit that stupid god down in his black hole, because he was the only one we both knew was contained in a way. Something triggered an awareness, and actually it might have been my fault, I tried to add on to the spell to make it harder for him to escape. He did try to attack, but as soon as he did, the spell evaporated, Yakosa is pretty powerful.” Alauric couldn’t actually believe his son’s explanation, “Of all the dim-witted…,” he started laughing. He looked at Grayson, “And you let him do this,” Grayson couldn’t help but grin, “I did, he was very convincing,” Alauric quirked an eyebrow, “And where was your guardian while all this was going on.”
“Oh he was there,” Tristan stated.

“He was there,” Alauric shook he head, “Let me guess you invited Aria to do a dance routine too.” Tristan looked at his father, “OK, I get it was stupid, but would you have let me do it if I came to you with this idea two days ago.” Alauric glanced at his son, “NO, because it was a dumb idea, what if your fail safe didn’t work.” Tristan looked at his father completely serious, “Oh we have a backup.”

“TRISTAN,” Alauric raised his voice, “you two sit, I want full disclosure of every single back way, backup…fail safe.” Tristan was laughing which wasn’t helping, “Tristan Wendell Belvedere, stop laughing I am being perfectly serious.” Tristan looked slightly affronted that his own father would say his horrid middle name out loud and sat. “I can’t believe he pulled the middle name card,” he mumbled to himself.


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Jonathan was sleeping in a guest room. Silently he was dreaming about everything he ever wished to do in his life. It had been a few days since then and he hadn't heard from Mrs. Linovahle in a while. But that didn't matter as his dreams started to turn dark. He dreamed he was running an endless black corridor, dressed in grey armor for some strange reason, and almost realized what his dream was about when he came to a moonlit battlefield.

The scene was gruesome. The field was littered in bodies, but one stuck out like a sore thumb to him. A man in gold armor lay at the center. When he got a closer look he found that the man's head was taken off by a single blade stroke. Jonathan slowly turned around to see a man in Onyx armor, his sword drenched in blood, glaring at him before engaging him in single combat. The fight itself seemed to last a long while. In fact, that was almost the majority of the dream.

That is, until finally he defeated Darion the turncoat. Then his dream shifted and he was wandering a blood soaked battlefield, only instead of a decapitated figure, Jonathan thought he saw a dead woman lying on the ground and slowly approached the same way. When he reached it he almost recoiled in fear, surprise, or both. For the woman he saw was so familiar he couldn't help but scream in dream, and in near reality.


Bolting upright in his bed Jonathan started breathing heavily, slowly taking in it was simply just a dream. He wouldn't let Kilia get hurt in such a way. But at the back of his mind, He was also worried about Yve, where was she, and what was going on that caused her to leave him and Kilia at the Belvederes'? All curious questions he hasn't gotten the answers to.

In the meantime, Damian was busy floating about thinking about how to try and pressure Jonathan to date someone or heck, hook up with one of the women he already knew about, like Kilia. He tried to think over and over again each and every possible approach he had. He knew he had to get Jonathan alone, that's the main thing. Otherwise the conversation would lead the others to believe Jonathan was almost mentally insane.

And if that happened then Jonathan wouldn't be able to replace him in the duties of being a Knight! Damian would be given a one way ticket to a place he didn't want to go in his afterlife if that happened. Jonathan had to replace him as Knight so that he won't go there, and then try to get him settled down and raise a family so that he could freaking rest easy!

The wheels in his ghostly head kept turning to try and figure it out.


Peter was back again in the training room, throwing his fire spears and also testing his combat skills in unarmed combat. He started the day with punching the living day lights out of one dummy, and then chucking a spear at the other. It was all good. Even after three days he was still pretty sore about Derrik and the way he treated Soran.

He also decided he was bored of hitting practice dummies and wished he had a sparring partner. But no one seemed interested when he asked. So he just left it at that whilst he sat down where he was at and started tweaking his Spears a little bit to pass the time by for the next little while. It helped to do that, as it helped to keep his mind well occupied.


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It was late evening and one of the bigger training rooms had been set up for this running of this experiment. Everyone that was present was given specific instructions to stay behind the aura barrier that had been set up at one end. It was another precaution, even though there had been a long list of other things that could be done first. Alauric stood in the middle of the room, Tristan sat in one corner and Grayson in the other. “Does anyone need to go to the bathroom first,” Alauric stated, being a father and trying to get rid of some of the tension in the room.

Kilia giggled, despite her nerves being all over the place. She was curious as to what they were going to do, though they'd been given an idea already. Still, she was nervous. Did she really want to watch? Was it even going to work? Unsure about so many things, she curled her fingers together tightly as she eyed the three of them. Her skin tingled as goosebumps ran all along her small frame. They hadn't even started the massive spell yet and she was already washed over by the thought of how much power it was going to take.

Next to her was the blonde Seer whose name she learned was Soran. He was eagerly watching as well. The boy had been extremely interested in the overall make up of the spell they were about to perform. Perhaps he enjoyed that sort of stuff, the complexity and everything. She couldn't even fathom. Just thinking about making something like this was giving her a headache. Soran laughed at what Alauric said. It seemed to help the tensions in the room for sure.

"It's alright, Alauric, I think we're good to go," he said, still smiling sweetly.

Rethyn glanced around. Standing against the wall he placed his hands into his pockets as he seemed deep in thought. Occasionally he'd glance back over to his seer before looking forward again. Feeling a slight itch under his mask, Rethyn slid a finger under to scratch it. Hopefully this night he'd get a chance to wash it.

Alauric turned to his son and guardian and nodded for them to begin.

The lights went off in the room and the only visible light was coming in through the window. Tristan was nervous, but since it was dark and no one see, he had his eyes on Soran for a second before opening up his magic system and selecting the spell. What appeared before the others looked like a physical map of the area. "Grayson," Tristan voice had a question in it. Grayson was sitting there silently concentrating, his spell had already been cast. Suddenly lights started to appear on the map, and Alauric stepped forward to see it. "The northern quadrant, I think something massive is up there." Tristan nodded and wasn't working his spell again. Everyone would feel like they went on a physical zoom in on the area. Suddenly it looked like Alauric was standing in the middle of a what use to be a house. "Zoom out," he ordered. Tristan nodded concentrating on the spell. It zoomed out to a bigger picture of complete and utter destruction, "Dear god," Alauric said underneath his breath.

Rethyn's eyes widened as the sheer destruction brought shock to the young man. Removing his hands from his pockets, Rethyn folded his arms over his chest as the image before him had very much so caught his attention. Forgetting about all of the others in the room, Rethyn said slowly through his mask. "Which god would perform such horrors upon that area?"

Soran took a sharp breath as the area they were seemingly a part of became not just the ruined house, but an entire area, town even if he could go so far as to say. It was destroyed.... utterly destroyed. His heart skipped a beat as he stared at the rubble that littered the entire place. It was smokey as well, off to the left and right there seemed to be fires still burning. His face paled, "This... this is recent," he said, his voice too sharp and too fearful for his own ears.

Kilia sat next to them all with her mouth opened in awe. Horror washed through her, making it so that she was unable to speak. She couldn't speak, couldnt find the words to express what she was thinking. All of her questions from the past few days of where her Mother was.... she was terrified if this was the answer. She hoped it wasn't. Kilia wasn't sure what she would do if... she swallowed dryly and forced those thoughts from her mind. With a slight cough, she seemed to clear her lungs and throat, "W-where.... where is this? Alauric?" Her voice shook slightly.

Absorbed in the image Rethyn seemed to have no problem replying to Soran's statement as he said in return. "You're right. Look at all of the smoke, that means the fires are still quite alive in the area." Glancing over to the blond Seer he gave him a nod of agreement before quietly looking back to the image.

Kilia sat next to them all with her mouth opened in awe. Horror washed through her, making it so that she was unable to speak. She couldnt speak, couldn't find the words to express what she was thinking. All of her questions from the past few days of where her Mother was.... she was terrified if this was the answer. She hoped it wasn't. Kilia wasn't sure what she would do if... she swallowed dryly and forced those thoughts from her mind. With a slight cough, she seemed to clear her lungs and throat, "W-where.... where is this? Alauric?" Her voice shook slightly.

Alauric glanced at Kilia, "Its near the city, but still a little ways away." He answered no use in hiding facts anymore. "This isn't the first place either," he said. "Grayson anyone in the vicinity."

Grayson hadn't opened his eyes, "They are coming, I can feel is the possessed." He stopped trying to concentrate, "There is another in the area as well." Alauric slightly paled as he turned away from the group at the wall.

Gritting his teeth under his mask he didn't hold back as he asked Alauric. “Can you give me some of the names of these locations? I can scout ahead or something! There has to be survivors? Right?!” Rethyn even though he asked didn't want to know the answer to his own question.

Alauric turned to the guardian, "No," was his answer, leaving it at that. "We are not to interfere yet."

Rethyn felt anger and frustration as Alauric spoke. It took quite a bit of strength to hold back interrupting the man. "There are people out there dying!"

Alauric looked down, "I know that lad, but our last line of defense may be in this very room. All of you must remain safe, that is my responsibility. I made promises I intend to keep."

Kilia clenched her fingers in her lap, "Alauric..." she would have continued, questions bubbling up to the surface that died down immediately. Her eyes widened as the three that Grayson had said were there moved into their immediate sight. If she hadnt felt the wall behind her, or Soran or Robin next to her she would have thought she was right there with them. Even so, her heart pounded hard in her chest as she gazed upon them. Two were obviously Gods, their strange eye color made them stand out so much. The Gods stood on either side of a smaller woman with black hair and pale features. She looked so small, like Kilia was. Her eyes were cold, though, dark and terrifying to look into. A violet color that edged onto red. There was a glow, though, in those eyes that spoke volumes.

This God wasn't just any God or Goddess. This one... this one was different. Kilia choked on the air around her. The three stopped suddenly. The God on the left moved so quickly Kilia almost didn't see it. Dust and rock exploded outwards, making Kilia jump. Not only her, but Soran also. The air crackled, the after effects of a spell that was far too familiar to Kilia. The blue and white light faded out, followed by a brilliant flash of golden light. The pillar of fire roared to life and then faded out just as quickly as it came. The God that had moved stood right before the girl, unscathed and grinning at someone. Kilia turned just enough, slowly but not wanting to really see.

Dirty, dishevel, old stains of blood and tattered clothes draped the frame of Yve Linohvale. Kilia moved, her voice gasping into her chest, "Mother!"

Soran shot his arm out, keeping her against the wall that theyd been ordered to stay against. She ground her teeth.

"Let me go! I can help!" Rethyn roared. "You all can hold this line of defense without me! I'm not much use here! Please! Alauric!"

"What about Tristan! You would leave him? You idiot! You cant!" Soran countered, angry that the Guardian would even suggest going alone, "You'll get killed if you leave! Don't you see? That's a God right there!"

"Ya that daft lad?! You'll get your sorry arse killed on the spot!!" Peter shouted.

"SILENCE," Alauric shouted as loud as he could, "I will, so help me, throw you all out of this room and lock you in if you don't stop. You don't seem to understand...these gods are going to kill us all and everyone else in this city. We can't go jumping in without a plan, and you can't abandoned each other that is the most important.

Alauric lastly looked at Kilia, "She told me not to tell you...and I ask you to forgive me for that."

Jonathan wasn't reacting as he watched the scene. But one thing crossed his mind as he glared at the Ghost who was watching with him. Damian wasn't nervous like he usually is when it comes to entities, it was a look of I knew this would happen. Jonathan felt a small angered flame grow in his head. Jonathan wanted to hit him, and confront him... But he didn't want to miss a thing, but they both knew what would happen next. So it didn't matter if Jonathan stayed, but he'd have to get Kilia when he knew it was over and be there for her.

"You just don't get it." Rethyn spoke looking down. "You're going to have to lock me up if you can old man! I'm not going to allow those people to die. Tristan can handle himself just fine. He has all of you! Those people have nobody done there! And I'm so tired of hearing I am going to die! You don't think I know that?! I don't fear death!" Rethyn resisted the urge to rip his mask from his face to show them. He wanted to show them so they'd understand, but he feared they couldn't.

"Then is it life you fear Rethyn?" Was all Jonathan stated, almost trying hard to sound emotionless as he could. He couldn't believe the tension in the room. As soon as he knew what they were witnessing is over, he was gonna have a chat.


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#, as written by Siryn
Kilia and Group

"Tristan can you allow us to hear what is happening," Alauric suddenly asked, ignoring everything else. Tristan was trying not to get distracted nodded, "Yes," another spell was pulled from his magic system, and all of sudden everything could be heard but faintly. "Volume," Alauric said, suddenly everything went full blast for a second. "Fuck," a curse was heard in the corner, "sorry." The volume was adjusted again to a perfect level.

Fires crackled nearby. Kilia was too stunned by the outbursts and then the words that Alauric had told her. Her mother had left and he knew. He had known and though she'd asked many times, he didn’t tell her the truth. He didn’t tell her exactly what had happened that night they came to the house and the following morning her mother was gone. Her heart felt as if it were going to break into a million pieces. The sound, when Alauric asked for it, exploded through the room, making her wince and cover her ears for a moment. Next to her, Soran gave a soft sound as he too moved to cover his ears. It didn’t last long though as it lowered to a better level. Kilia lifted her head as the words that they couldn’t hear from the God were now clear as day.

"... Long time. You really are persistent, aren’t you," the voice was slightly hollow, something between a young girls and then a backdrop of what was clearly male.

Kilia's heart froze as she looked up to the scene. It was like a horrid accident happening before her. It was so terrible, yet she couldn’t look away, even if she wanted to.

"Took long enough to catch up to you again. You move quickly."

The woman grinned, a sharp laugh cutting through the echo of the fires, "I guess not fast enough, since you are still here. How did you manage, from last time?"

"Who do you think you’re up against, Oni?"

Oni put her hand on her hip, tilting her head to the side, "What? An ex-Seer? You terrify me."

Yve opened her magic system again just as her Guardian moved before her. If one watched closely enough, they would see that the pair moved in sync with one another, knowing exactly what the other was going to do before they did it. The man in black had already created his own weapon, a long spear with the tip of it shimmering brightly. Yve stayed where she was, her fingers moving quickly across her pad. The first god that had moved met the Guardian head on. The spear collided with a wash of pure power, an energy that gave a very loud boom as soon as the weapon hit it. The Guardian struggled. Yve released her spell. The golden fire was laced now with the electrical charge that had been seen earlier.

It curled from the palm of her hand in a tiny tornado like spiral before expanding into a giant torrent aimed right for Oni. The second God moved, taking the blast for the other. An inhuman scream filled the air. The fires direction suddenly shot upwards, straight into the sky and missed Yves target completely. Standing before Oni, the God was slumped over, his skin charred and blistered. He stumbled backwards before hitting Oni who didn’t move to assist the other God at all. After another second or so, the God simply faded into nothing but ash. Yve ground her teeth and prepared another spell. Her Guardian was still occupied with the other God and as she shifted to do something else, he tried to follow her movements. Backing off, he fell a few steps towards her, but the other God followed him rapidly. Slashing outwards with the spear, he tried to keep the distance, but was failing. Yve noticed this and turned to try something else.

Oni had moved.

One second she was standing several yards away from Yve and in the blink of an eye she was right next to Yve. As Yve turned, she startled and backed away. Oni snatched her throat in one hand while the other rested at her side. Yves fingers worked across her magic system though she wasn’t looking at it.

Back against the wall, in the secluded room of the Belvedere house, Kilia’s heart lurched to her throat as she gave a sharp cry.

Oni tilted her head off to the side, "You should have died the other day. I guess I underestimated you. An ex-Seer. Amazing how much power there is. I suppose I should be a bit more careful, shouldn’t I?"

Yves lips pulled up in a small grin despite the crushing hold over her throat, "Oh yes... You’ve no idea..."

"Mm, I think I do now," a silver light swirled around the fingers of Oni's free hand. It curled for a long while before finally taking shape. The God pulled Yve closer and a flash of pain crossed over the Seers face. When Oni released her, Yve stumbled backwards. The silver knife in the Gods fingers was covered in red liquid. Yve dropped to her knees as the wound began to bleed. As she sat there, her body looked to become a different color. Instead of her pale, beautiful features, the skin was turning silver. Yve was struggling, struggling to breath and to move. Not too far behind her, the black clad Guardian abandoned the God he was fighting to reach her.

"It was fun, playing around with you. But I think there is somewhere I need to go now," Oni cooed as she lifted up the weapon and examined it.

Yve coughed. She opened and closed her mouth, but nothing came out. Her skin was completely silver now and Oni knelt down before her, "Bye bye," she said gleefully and touched Yve's forehead.

She shattered.

Kilia screamed, lurching forward she freed herself from Soran and ran forgetting entirely that this was nothing but a built system to see the event and that she wasn’t actually there. Her voice continued to scream, tears streaming fully as she tried to get to her mother.

"Turn it off." Jonathan stated as he turned to look at Peter. "Can you take her to her room...I'll be there in a minute." Peter nodded and tried to grab Kilia.

"Grayson, help please?" Peter asked in an almost sad tone.

Alauric who had a look of both terror and sorrow on his face agreed with the guardian, "Turn it off," he repeated, and everything went black. The lights came up. Alauric stood there looking at the spot where Yve had been, silent tears in his eyes.

Jonathan walked and, not caring if anyone saw, grabbed Damian by the throat and started to drag him out of the room and shut the door behind him, intending to go to the other training room. He was angry, but he didn't want anyone to see him fighting something only he could see.

With clenched hands, Rethyn glared at Alauric as he knew it wasn't the man's fault but he was angry. He wanted to blame the man so badly, if he had just let him go he could of gone in a teleported that victim from the fight somehow. The coldest feeling of uselessness ate at the young man as he could only merely glare at the horrors.

Alauric felt the young man glared at him, "See to your seer," he said to him, "he needs rest." Alauric himself sat down next to Grayson, who looked really exhausted. In fact they both did. Tristan had just sort of slumped in his corner.

Peter only sighed, keeping his hold on Kilia as he tried to pull her out of the room and off towards her room. "Lass I know how you feel and I'm as mad as you are, but trust me, it's too's..." Peter almost started crying as he kept trying to pull her to her room.

Kilia screamed again, even as the lights came on and the entire spell collapsed. She felt hands around her, trying to stop her, but she fought back, violently. The boys voice wasn’t one that she was accustomed to and so she twisted around and lashed out at him, "Let me go!" she screamed, her voice hoarse, but sharp and very loud, "Let go!" she repeated and continued fighting.

Soran, who had been knocked over completely by Kilia’s sudden lunge forward, rolled to his stomach. He watched her with wide eyes. He felt sick, his heart thrumming in his chest as he listened to her scream over and over. She was slashing at Peter, her fingernails probably cutting him, and if not getting dangerously close. Soran stood up, his gaze shifting over to the others. Grayson looked utterly worn out and Tristan didn’t even seem to be conscious anymore, which made Soran suck in a sharp breath of fear.

Before he went to Tristan, though, he needed to save his Guardian from being shredded, "Kilia," he called, his voice shaking and just barely audible over her crying screams. Moving over to her, he attempted to help Peter get her to calm down, "Stop, don’t force her yet," he said gently. Grabbing her hands, he at least stopped Kilia from continually scratching at Peter. "Kilia!" he said, harder this time.

She opened her eyes to look at him. Her screaming stopped for a moment, "Mom..." she dropped, crying and rocking slightly.

Soran bit at his lip, his face reflecting his own pain as she slipped from his hands, "Be gentle with her," was all he said to Peter as he slowly stepped away. She wasn’t going to listen to anyone.

Peter tenderly lifted her up and walked at a good pace to get her to her room, then that idiot of her guardian can take care of things from there. Those nails were sharp!!!

With a flash Rethyn popped over to Tristan. Reaching an arm around him he put himself under one of Tristan’s arms as he lifted him up. They weren't going to let him go and there was nothing he could do now. With regret eating at him he could only watch over his Seer. In his current condition Rethyn couldn't leave his side anyways. With a sigh through his mask he held his Seer and waited.

In another training room, Jonathan dragged Damian and threw him at a shelf of weapons as the ghost crashed into them. "You knew all along and you didn't bother to leave me a notification on that?!?" Jonathan shouted angrily as he punched Damian square in the face. "I should’ve stopped her! Urged her to reconsider!!!"

"Would you, or would you make the same mistakes I made and endangered your life and doom my afterlife!?" Damian shouted. "I need you alive to take my place as Knight!! If you don't I'll end up in a bad place!"

"I don't care!" Jonathan shouted as he summoned his swords and attacked Damian, who drew his own as both started growling the same type of growl that Jonathan used with Veia. The two proceeded to fight and slash at each other for the duration of time Jonathan had his swords. If one could actually see Damian, then this fight would look like a more intricate dance than anything else. Each move seemed calculated and well thought out.

Eventually Jonathan swept his leg to knock Damian off his feet and pointed his sword at the ghosts. Gleaming emerald eyes met Sincere, tired, yet Fiery Silver. "Done raging now Robin? She has no one left to care for her. It's up to you to do that. It's no longer about protection anymore and you know it."

Jonathan gripped his blade angrily. If Damian was solid right now he'd chop his head off again. "I'm just her guardian.."

[b]"Bull."[/b] Damian said. "You care for her, maybe even love her. Love her enough to even cast aside your name and take up hers even in holy matrimony bells ringing...wait...scratch that last part."

"You do realize I have brothers right?" If it mattered that much to the ghost he would rest a bit easier after his older brother had children. But he and Damian knew that if Jonathan himself didn't take his place as Knight, Damian is literally hell bound. Dismissing his blade he turned his back on Damian. "Don't think the discussion is over. Next time you hear someone I know make a decision, come tell me immediately." With that, Jonathan left the room and headed off to Kilia's.

Peter had managed to get Kilia in her room and shut the door with a slight tired sigh as he went off to a training room himself to try and let out the aggression building up from old wounds opening up. He passed by Jonathan who only nodded at him. Jonathan knocked on the door before opening it and walking in was the last thing Peter saw before going on his way.

He watched Peter escort Kilia’s crying form from the room. He was fighting his own tears as he stood there. Turning away as soon as her cries couldn't be heard anymore, he settled his gaze on Tristan who was being held up by his Guardian, Rethyn. He moved quickly and went to help hold the other boy, "Tristan...?" he called softly. He glanced over to Rethyn briefly. He wanted to say something, but he didn't, figuring it was for the best. At least right then. Soran was still reeling from the event. Even though it hadn't been his own mother, he was still feeling pain course through his chest. He didn't know what to do and in all honesty he just wanted to curl up with Tristan and cry. Shaking himself mentally, he grit his teeth, "Come on, we should take him to his room. He'll need to sleep," Soran said slowly.

Rethyn absently nodded to Soran. He knew where he had to give up and take responsibility for the current moment. He genuinely felt horrid about what had happened to Kilia, but he couldn't show his emotions right now as he held his face blank. It had already taken a lot out of him to talk like that in front of the group. His tolerance was at a low right now as he knew he wouldn't be able to speak in front of the group for a while. "Yeah, you are right. Let's get him back." With that Rethyn begun to guide Tristan along to his room with the help of Soran.

The exit of all the other seers and guardians only left the two adults in the room, "Old man, the next time I listen to you and my son, remind me of this moment." Grayson was chuckling which he felt horrible in doing, but still couldn't think of another reaction. " know better than anyone that we all have to learn to deal with things like this. I just wished you let me know about Yve, that isn't a burden you should have carried on your own."

Alauric sighed, "I know, I am going to have to try to get them to understand. I hate how all this just dumped into their laps." He really hadn't a clue, but at least now he knew what they were up against. The days ahead were going to be the most challenging, yet Alauric hadn't lost all hope.

Grayson mumbled something, "What I can't hear you."

Grayson, "I said, let’s just sit here, I think this as good a place as any to get some sleep." Alauric nodded in agreement.


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#, as written by girlwt
The Following Day

Kilia had done nothing but cry the night before. She hadn't been aware of Peters presence at all, nor when hed left her alone to go rest himself. She couldn't concentrate on anything. The image of her mother shattering into a thousand silver pieces replayed in her mind over and over. Each time brought more anguish and rage. Kilia had cried so much that she was sure to make herself sick, but she couldn't stop. It wasn't until morning came that she moved from the bed. Sniffling, red eyed and puffy, she clenched her teeth tightly. Slowly, the sorrow was giving way to anger, more anger than she had ever felt before. She recalled the words from Alauric as he had turned to her and told her that he had known her mother had left. Yet, he hadnt said a word to Kilia about it.

Shoving off of the bed, she reached for the door and yanked it open. Her anger was being directed to the first person to come to mind. She knew, at the back of her conscious that it wasn't right, that it wasn't really his fault, but she couldnt help it. Kilia stormed down the hall in search of Alauric.

Alauric sat outside on the patio, trying to clear his mind of what he saw last night. It was safe to say he didn't really get any sleep at all. He pretty much wanted to see the sun rise, just to see another day. On the table was a bowl of peaches, he didn't know why he had them, but he thought about what Yve said about her daughter. It broke his heart the night before, and she had every right to be mad at him, but now what was he suppose to say.

She stormed passed the glass of the sliding door that lead to the patio at first, not even seeing him except from the corner of her eye. When it did register to her though, she had to turn around completely and rush back to the door. Wrenching it opened, she stormed onto the patio, "You!" She screeched, "Why!?" she didn't really know what she wanted to say, too angry to think properly. What she did do, though, was probably not the best first idea or rather, reaction to the situation. Going to stand in front of him, she reached out and slapped him.

He heard the door open behind him, but didn't turn at first to see who it was. He cringed as he heard Kilia screech. He however didn't say anything. He heard her footsteps and looked up only to feel her hand hit him in his face. He knew she was angry, but still had to wonder if he really deserved that. "I hope that made you feel better," he said quietly. His eyes still looking at her.
Her heart skipped a beat and at the back of her mind she yelled at herself, but pushed it aside. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, her gaze widened a bit before her knees gave out and she dropped down before him. She yelled, wordlessly and landed her curled fingers on his chest, though the strength behind it was long gone, "I hate you! Why did you let her go! Why!? You idiot!" she hiccuped, "Why?"

He let her yell and grab his shirt with her fingers, "Kilia," he started, "Do you really think I wanted to let her go. She had her mind made up long before she even got to this house."

Kilia was crying again, hard. She knew. Of course she knew. It was true, her mother had always been so stubborn. There was nothing that Alauric could have done. Still Kilia blamed him, even though she shouldn't. Slowly her head fell down to his stomach and she clung to him, not out of anger but because there was nothing else to hold onto.

He wrapped his arms tentatively around her. "You know you were the last thing she talked about before leaving. She talked about how you were clumsy, and that you had good healing skills. And how you like to stay up all night, and how you like peaches..." he stopped trying not to get himself worked up. His own tears weren't to far off, but he was trying to stay strong in that moment.
Kilia hiccuped again, her crying making it hard to breathe properly, moving slightly she lifted her head up just a bit but didn't move to get off of him, "S-she did?" she felt her face blush slightly, though it was probably hard to see as she was already red from her sobs, "Alauric..." her gaze opened and she noted the bowl on the table, "Peaches..." she muttered. Turning to look up at him, she watched him for a moment, "You brought.... peaches?" Burying her face again she moved to be more comfortable. "I... do like peaches.... I'm sorry, Alauric," she said, trying not to cry anymore. She was tired, and worn out and her head hurt way too much for any more crying.

He couldn't help but think how she sounded so innocent in that moment. He smiled slightly when she apologized, "KIlia, I am the one who should be saying sorry." He knew why he was sorry, but how could he explain it to her. He was sorry she watched her own mother die like she did, he was sorry that he allowed it. He was sorry that he had let Yve walk out that door without even fighting for her to stay. Yve was so stubborn, but Alauric had an idea she knew...she knew that there was a big chance of her not returning. He sighed, "Kilia, all I am asking from you is that you let me take care of you, like one of my own children. It was what she wanted, it is what she made me promise."

Her fingers tightened around him. Her breath was shaking as she gasped just a bit and then she shook as she struggled a moment with herself. She couldn't form any words, too guilt stricken and upset to say anything. Instead, she nodded to him as she cried all over again. Kilia's crying slowly stopped as she knelt there, but it wasn't for quite some time. Finally she was reduced to nothing but soft hiccups, but she didn't want to move either.

He sat there silently with her for the longest time, just ok with being able to comfort her. He looked at the bowl on the table for a second, and something funny came to his mind, "Um, I forgot to say, just don't let Tristan around those peaches, he is allergic, gets all red and puffy...looks like a peach himself after his reaction is done."

Kilia looked up again at the bowl of peaches as Alauric was speaking. Her eyes were droopy and she was utterly sleepy. However, as he told her about Tristan, and the image slowly sunk in, her lips pulled into a small smile. Staring at the plump, round peaches, she suddenly imagined one of them atop Tristan's frame and she curled in on Alauric as she laughed. Her giggling turned into a huge fit of laughter as she couldn't quite get the image from her mind. An evil plan was forming at the back of her mind as well. Something she would do to him later once she was feeling a little better. "I.... might just.... do it to him.... just to see!" she said between giggles.

Alauric couldn't help but to laugh with her, even at his own son's expense. He shook his head at her last sentence, "Just as long as you heal him afterwards."

Kilia nodded a bit, "Promise," she said. Finally she pulled away from him and slowly stood up. Bracing herself against the table she gave a slight groan, "I... think Im going to sleep now Alauric." she stated softly, her head pounding terribly as she moved, "I will eat them later," she added with a smile.

"Please do," he said, both at her getting some sleep and eating later.

Soran and Tristan-The Next Day

Soran paced outside the room. This was the third time he'd come to Tristan's room and attempted to knock on the door. He was feeling edgy, he was worried about the other boy most of all, and he wasn't sure how to go about it at all. Finally, he stopped and took a deep breath. He wanted to talk to the red haired boy so badly, and there was stuff that Soran felt he should finally know. He wasn't sure why, exactly, but after that night, witnessing the terrible incident... He reached up and knocked on the door, First and foremost... make sure hes not blaming himself he thought sternly to himself, "Tristan?"

The spell had taken more out of Tristan, than he thought it would. He had slept for most of the day. He had woken up once, from seeing the images of the night before in a nightmare. Even though no one saw the horror on his face, he had to let it go so he could concentrate. He was actually surprised that he hadn't been distracted by everything and completely messed up.
He grumbled as he heard the knocking, and finally decided to answer it. He opened the door, wearing nothing but his pajama pants. His stomach had faint bruises from the night of the possession. When he saw it was Soran, he couldn't help but to smile sleepily, "Sorry, I was still sleeping," he said finally.

Soran's gaze widened, his face growing pink before turning to a burning red across his cheek bones and nose. Immediately his eyes had dropped down to the boys shirtless frame. Holy... damn... hes.... so hot he thought, he was all jumbled up then as he stood there, blatantly staring. It wasn't until Tristan said something that he snapped out of it. Of course he was somewhat... day dreaming as well. With a sharp breath in that was akin to yet again, another squeak of embarrassment, he quickly looked up to Tristan's violet gaze.

"Tristan! I-I... um, S-sorry... I didn't mean to stare.... I mean! Wake you. I just wanted to see you.... er check on you. Make sure you were alright.... Yes," he said quickly, losing his self control again. He fidgeted as he stood there, "U-uh... Are you... alright? I mean... you were really tired last night and.... I was worried about you," he continued a bit more steady now though his gaze was locked on the door and trying desperately to stay there.

Tristan watched the other, and really wanted to chuckle, as it was he couldn't help but grin a little. "I am fine, just was. well you know after using a lot of magic...out of it." He decided to stop torturing the other when he realized the cause of Soran's reaction, "Come in and sit, I will find something to put on." He went back into his room, leaving the door open for the other to follow. He traveled into the closet and found a t shirt and slipped it on.

"Uh-hu...." Soran barely registered the boys words as he was once again lost to staring damnit... he cursed himself. His immediate response was even worse when Tristan said he would find something to put on, "You don't have to.... Uh!!! Oh God, Um... d-don't... listen to me!" he immediately regretted speaking his own thoughts out loud. Crap! Inner voice, outer voice, inner voice, outer voice!!

Tristan was glad he was still in the closet so Soran couldn't see his grin grow a little bit bigger. He wasn't going to let that slip go without comment though. He exited and looked at Soran, "Really, well I shall take advantage of having your permission not to wear a shirt more often," it was a horrible way to tease. However it helped Tristan, and relived some fo the sadness he was feeling.

Soran seated himself but almost slipped off of it just as Tristan exited the closet and said that. Quickly keeping himself up on the chair, he looked back at the boy with wide eyes and his mouth opening and closing as he tried to form coherent thoughts, "You... dont need permission from me to take your shirt off.... Damnit! Tristan, will you stop that, you're doing this on purpose!" Soran cursed as he was flustered about the current situation he had unknowingly put himself in. "Jeez, just... oh never mind, Im just going to make this worse. I swear to you I will get you back.... maybe if I took off my shirt youll be all stumblingly too..." he glowered, then blushed again stumblingly? Really? That's the best threat you could come up with? You dolt... he cursed.
Shaking his head he waved his hands in the air wildly, "A-anyway!!! Forget that! Get it out of your head right now! I came because I wanted to talk to you, not see you naked... Uh... not that... oh jeez." He squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his hands on his knees.

Tristan was shaking his head, oh the things he wanted to say...but decided before the other had another slip that he get more serious, so he closed the bedroom door and sat on the bed next to Soran. "What did you want to talk about." Tristan figured maybe it was about the situation last night, perhaps about other things.

"Ah," he sighed a bit as he uncurled his fingers and looked over to Tristan. He was happy the boy had decided to get serious. Not that he didn't actually enjoy the little bit of teasing that they went through every now and then, "I... wanted to talk to you about a couple of things. Um, before I start on that" he sighed a bit, his gaze dropping for a moment before look back at Tristan with a stern, yet caring look, "Are you really alright? I mean... last night....Tristan, you can talk to me you know. I get that I dont know you all that well, but I think I can tell by now when something is bothering you, or at least Id like to think so. Okay

Tristan smiled at him, "I know that Soran," he said looking away slightly, "and I trust you with my feelings." His smile sort of faded, "It was horrible watching that last night, and not being able to openly react to it. I can't tell you the number of times I just wanted to turn the whole thing off. What was worse was I told my dad I wouldn't do unless everyone was there...I can still hear Kilia scream in my head." He sighed, "No I am not blaming myself, I know what happened no one really knew was coming. I didn't know that her mother was going to be there...but I did know she was gone."

Soran reached over to Tristan. His hands wrapped around his shoulders before sliding around his neck and he pulled himself close enough to hug the other boy as he talked. He rested his head on Tristan's shoulder, "I'm glad you're not blaming yourself. I was so worried that you were going to do that, just like you did when I left to go home. I can also still see it, the whole thing. It was... so sudden and terrifying. I'm... afraid. That God was so... powerful. Even though we weren't actually there... It was like I could feel the power just flooding everything. It was insane." Soran sighed a bit as he cuddled closer.
"Kilia is going to need us, you know. We should do something for her, though I don't know what yet. Something to keep her mind a little bit occupied for a while so that shes not completely overwhelmed with grief."

Tristan held onto the other, glad he was closer now, he wasn't going to tell Soran how much more he could feel the gods power. "I am afraid too, but your right, we should do something for her." He wondered if there were any old traditions, but he would have to look that up later on.

Soran nodded, feeling settled as Tristan held him in return, "I, um... also wanted to talk to you about when I left. I... think its fine to tell you now, been long enough," he muttered lightly. Shifting around on the chair, he pulled his legs up and rested his body against the larger boy, "First, you should probably know about my family. They're not just stuck up and snotty because they are rich. My mom is probably the only nice one in the house. I think I got her personality. Anyway, my father is a real douche, he hated me for whatever reason and even more so when my brother turned twenty and didn't become a Seer. My brother and I always fight. He blames me for my fathers yelling at him and all of that. So we often get into fist fights."

Soran paused for a moment, "I knew when I turned twenty that something was probably going to happen and sure enough I go and get my ass possessed," Soran cursed as he glared at the floor, "Anyway When I went back home, my father questioned me. Hes always been paranoid about the other families wanting to have more power than ours or something stupid like that. When I went to my room, my brother surprised me. We fought, but this time he was ten times worse. Besides, I was already injured and not really on my game. He knocked me around pretty good and I ended up out cold for a few days. When I finally woke up enough to move around, I went to get something to drink. God, this was really stupid on my part. I cant believe I thought I was safe to get up for a moment. He cornered me again and this time, I sort of freaked out and bashed him in the head with my moms vase. He managed to get it from me and.... welll... I thought for sure he was gonna kill me, but... mom stopped him. She had been on the phone with your dad, called him over to get me." He fell silent for a while, his fingers pulling at a loose string on his shirt.

Tristan listened to Soran, hoping the other didn't feel him go rigid at the parts that made him what to get up and find some way across town so he could go beat up Soran's brother. He instead tightened his hold and let the other continue. He finally got to hear how Soran ended up here again, and it sort of made him wonder about some things. However he was going to lock these away for another times. He knew he should respond, yet everything sounded wrong in his head. "I can't believe you bashed his head with your mom's vase," he was trying not to laugh. Yes of all the things to point out...he started there, I am an idiot.

Soran frowned, "Seriously? You're going to focus on that?" he shifted around to look up at Tristan, his eyes narrowing slightly. He sat there staring at the boy for a while. However, as he thought about it... he couldn't believe he had done that too. Slowly he flushed. Turning away he crossed his arms over his chest, puffing up his cheeks a bit, "Yeah, I hit him with my moms vase! What else was I supposed to do? Get a broom and tickle him with it? The asshole is three times my size and hates me not just because Im a Seer now but also because I... like... guys," he ended with a blush and tried to curl up in a small ball which was near impossible due to his current position. Looking back at Tristan, he puffed up again, "Why, what would you have done, mister big, strong, well muscled, red headed...." he would have continued but had to stop.

Tristan cringed slightly as Soran turned around and looked at him. Yet when he saw Soran flush, and give him the image of the other getting tickled by a broom, he started to slightly laugh to himself. It was the last thing in that sentence that made Tristan stop, now that made him angry. So he put another negative in Soran's brother's column. He bit his lip, a tease so wanting to slip from his mouth, but before he could Soran hit him with some well placed adjectives. He was blushing this time, 'Well...I..," geeze he couldn't form a sentence. All he could think about was how Soran just described him, but it was more of the fact that it was Soran...he was the one that used those words.

As he sat there, arms crossed, still puffed up slightly and waiting for an answer, he heard something he thought was his imagination. Turning around, he looked up at Tristan to find that sure enough, the boy was blushing and he had stumbled, bad. For a moment, Soran was shocked, but then his lips curled up into a wicked little grin, "Oh.... So that's it," he said with a bit of a purr to his tone. Turning around completely, he sat up on his knees on the chair and rested his hands over Tristan's shoulders. Tilting his head off to the side, he continued grinning, "So, what did it? The fact I called you big and strong? Well muscled? How about...." he leaned in, "Hotter than hell, totally sexy, freaking attractive, melt worthy, even, every time I walk in here. Should I keep going?"

Tristan looked shocked for a second as he looked at the blond seer, but his gaze narrowed as Soran continued. The boy had no idea what his words were doing, and probably should have backed away instead, "Yes," Tristan said, "I think you should come even closer and continue Soran, but I am warning you if you do. I am going to find some way to shut you up."

When Tristan's eyes narrowed, Soran's heart leapt to the back of his throat. Had he made the boy angry? But then he spoke and his words were so confusing. Soran paused for a moment, an eyebrow arched as he watched Tristan. It took him a moment, but it started to sink in a little bit, "S-so... how would you go about doing that? My tall, hot, red head?" Soran grinned a little bit but shook a little at the same time, "You know, I could keep going, not going to stop me now. See, this is pay back for all those other times. So yes, I think I might just continue. Especially when I'm looking right at your hot, violet gaze. Beautiful eyes, I could stare in them all day," he tested the waters, seeing just how far he could go.

Tristan continued staring at him, his expression just getting more intense as the other continued. "I think that is enough," his voice came out low. He reached out and pulled the other toward him, hoping he would let him. "I am going to kiss every one of those words from your mouth, until you can't think straight." He leaned in and found the others lips, but this kiss was different. Every intense feeling was there, this time Soran would have to respond.

Soran's gaze grew wide as he heard Tristan tell him that was enough. As the red haired boy wrapped his arms around him and dragged him from the chair, he couldn't help the sharp gasp that escaped him. This was certainly not expected. Completely thrown off guard, he heard Tristan's next string of words and with each one, he found that his face was growing hotter, probably a deeper red then ever before. Before he could say anything, Tristan kissed him. It was almost instantaneous, his thoughts exploded into absolute chaos. He really couldn't think, just as Tristan promised he would do. The kiss was so much different than the one he'd gotten before. This one was far more passionate. Soran relented, kissing the boy back and trying to keep up with the flood of feelings as well. Wrapping his arms around the boys shoulders, he held him close and allowed his weight to topple them.

Tristan continued as they fell, using this kiss to convey the feelings he had a hard time saying. He was glad Soran had opened up to him, and the other trusted him with that. He wanted to feel mostly, especially after last night. He wanted to feel something that was real, for him that was Soran.

Soran pulled away slightly, face completely flushed and totally out of breath, "Tristan.... damn. You... I.... crap," he really wasn't kidding a moment ago, was he? Soran thought to himself. "Cant think...."

Tristan smiled at him, "good, now be quiet." He caught the others lips again


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Jonathan was in his room for most of the next day, with several books he snuck from the study. By snuck, it meant he had to quickly take them without anyone noticing the look and state of his face. He was sick. He didn't wish to be sick, but the guilt and the pain of everything last night cropped it up and caused it to take a hold of him. His face looked pale as if he ate a bad piece of food or something along those lines. His hands were shaking every three minutes or more. His eyes looked almost like the green you see on seasick people. Yesterday shattered Kilia, he knew this. But if one looked at his mental state, they would see guilt, regret, obsession. "One of these books has got to have the answers I seek..." He muttered as he read each book from beginning to end, front and back And backwards even, only stopping every so often to relieve his shaking hands.

"Give it up Jonathan." Damian was saying. Lying on Jonathan's bed whilst watching him. "You and I both know you've been on this guilt binge once already. No book, or spell, or hell, even Deed can do what you're thinking about."

"Does it look like I care you secretive distrustful phantom??" Jonathan replied. Sick or no he was bitter at Damian for not telling him. But it would've only make his guilt even stronger, and caused Jonathan to actually look worse then what he already did. "There's gotta be a way. All I want is to see her smile, and be happy again. If I can figure out how to do what I'm seeking, then so be it. I'll look through each one and keep researching until my hair grows grey, I'll even rob the heavens blind, steal from all the gods themselves even their secret to find it!"

"You said those words before when your best friend died. Are you really on the road to making yourself sicker by continuing this madness?" Damian asked, trying to get through to the sick boy trying desperately to keep his hands from shaking. "I know you're gonna be stubborn as me. Believe me, I was torn on the day I joined up with the men who turned me into what I am. But you have to stop yourself now before you make it worse."

"How worse can I make my guilt?!" Jonathan shouted. "Either I have to accept what's happened or find a way to right it, or just..." Jonathan shook his head as he looked at his hands. "I should've found out sooner...stopped her. Then Kilia wouldn't be in this state..." He put his face in his hands. His head was becoming a mess.

"What am I gonna do? What can I do??" He asked to no one in particular. "Am I a good man, or a madman?"

Kilia rolled over on her side, waking up again just enough to feel pain and emptiness. Slowly she curled into a small ball, holding herself. If her dreams were not pitch black, then she was seeing the God named Oni killing her mother. The young Seer was sure she was going to be seeing it for a very long time, and it was so vivid still. Kilia felt hot, perhaps she was feverish, she wasnt really sure as she lay there.

"Do what I said last night.. Go to her." Damian said. "She needs comfort. Your comfort."

"In the condition I'm in?! She'll grow concerned and what to know what the heck I'm up to with these books!!" Jonathan shouted in a paranoid like rage. "No, I have to find it. I'll bring her back, I can make her smile again."

"Jonathan. Let it go and go to her. Now." Damian ordered in a very almost father like tone.

"I'm glad it's only you haunting me...another ghost in my head would be a nightmare that keeps going in my waking hours." Jonathan said dryly and sarcastically before slamming the book shut and getting up silently, he then walked out of his room and shut his door quietly. He looked around to make sure no one saw him. He then walked towards Kilia's room. Feelings of dread, guilt, and responsibility all fell on his shoulders. "If you're listening Mrs. me now. Please, I'm begging you. Help me not be an idiot.." he thought as he reached the door. Nervously, he knocked weakly on her door.

Kilia stirred a bit as she heard the sound. She wasnt in the mood for anyone to visit, "Go away," she muttered angrily.

"Very well, I shall leave you be...though my conscience dictates otherwise." came the reply. "I'm staying out here till you say come in or I decide to come in myself." He coughed slightly. His guilt sickness made him feel miserable. He turned around and sat down with his back to the door. "Though I hope you do let me in Kilia...please."

Turning over, Kilia fumed. Grabbing her pillow she threw it at the door, "Stay out there!" She screamed, tears filling her eyes again, "Why now!? Why are you coming to me now!? You disappeared last night! I dont know where you went! You left me, Jonathan! Why would I let you in now?! You can stay there for all I care!"

Jonathan coughed a bit more violently as he heard each of her words sink in. "I..." Jonathan tried to explain but how can he say the one secret he dared not say. He didn't know what to do. "I'm sorry...I should've helped. I feel like a guilty fool, unworthy of his name, his self given, self righteous title with old, worn out bygone religion of a star..."

"That is kinda insulting Jonathan. You should know better than to-" Damian started to say, sitting in front of Jonathan before suddenly being interrupted.

"You stay the Fel out of it Damian! You should've told me you eavesdropped on them that night you accursed Phantom!!" Jonathan shouted but then quickly regretted it. "Oh no..." He said softly to himself. "" he hoped she didn't hear that. He shook his head as he tried to think. "I don't know what to do or say to you...but you lost your smile. I don't know why but, your smile kept me going through these past few days of my life since we first met. Kept a man who was probably unsure if he was seeing a ghost of his ancestor or not on the ground."

"I don't know what else to say to you. Except if I would do anything just to see you smile again I would. I'd find a way to bring her back, rob Heaven Blind, steal from all the gods, if it's all to see your smile again. I love your smile. Your happiness.."

Damian urged him to keep going Jonathan started struggling in his own mind the next few words to come out of his mouth. " you."

Kilia, who had buried herself in the covers after throwing the pillow, didnt hear most of what was said. His voice was muffled for a moment, but then he continued talking and she couldnt help but to listen. Though she had yelled at him to leave her alone, to go away and that she wasnt going to let him in, she still couldnt fight the smaller part of her conscious that wanted, no needed, his company. She sniffled lightly as she lay there, listening to him continue to speak. He sounded so.... depressed. Kilia winced slightly, closing her eyes tightly.

A new wash of sorrow and tears hit her as he said he wanted to see her smile again. I want to, but I cant, she thought miserably. His next words though, made her sit straight up with a gasp. Looking over to the door, she watched the dark wood for a long while. Her eyebrows lifted up as she bit her trembling lower lip and fell back onto the bed. Kilia was silent for a long while before she called out to him again. Still, she couldnt turn to door, or turn to face him just yet. He was still in trouble. Definitely still in trouble for leaving her that night, for the entire night.

"You... can come in...." she said softly, but just loud enough for him to hear, "But only for a little while," she added a bit more sternly. Though whether or not that would be followed through upon, was questionable.

Jonathan got up and opened the door and walked in, closing the door behind him as he started walking, he almost nearly tripped on the pillow on the ground but he almost didn't care. He walked towards her figure her back to him as he sighed and sat on the other side of the bed, mirroring her position, not to make her feel bad, but to hide the fact he was at the moment sick. "You have every right to say i left you at that crucial moment...but had you seen me last night. I'd be in my own rage. I couldn't let you see me like that, nor let you get hurt by me on accident." He said quietly as he coughed a little. "I did stay with you... For a time. Till you cried to sleep."

"That doesnt count," she muttered stubbornly, hugging the body pillow closer.

"I know..." Jonathan said bitterly. "I feel...guilty about it. Just as I am about everything else. I wish I eavesdropped on their conversation. I could've..." He went into a coughing fit. The guilt was like pain inside him mentally. "If I was able to stop her then, I would. Then I wouldn't be here begging your forgiveness. I feel like a fool who just doesn't get the foolish fabrics of fate. I'm nothing but a man who can't see black or white, only a big blot of Grey everywhere. I feel like my Ancestor's ghost is haunting me, it keeps trailing me no matter what I do.."

"What am I, an Idiot or something worse!?" He said, his voice cracking under the pressure of his guilt. "You deserve every right to be angry. I feel almost unworthy to be your Guardian after this has happened,"

Kilia sniffed. Slowly she turned just enough to look at him, "I... I really dont get you..." she muttered softly, "But.... You are my Guardian," she said and rolled back over. She wasnt sure what it was he was feeling or going through, his words didnt make heads or tails with her. Of course at the same time, she wasnt really thinking straight either, "I think.... it takes practice," she muttered into the pillow once more. Kilia was growing tired and she felt her eyes drooping even though she didnt want to sleep. Her body, though, wasnt listening. All she had done was cry all day so far and it was wearing her out. Not to mention, she was sure had given herself a cold of some sort. Johnathan had been coughing too, maybe he was sick with a cold too?

"You should ask Alauric for something to sooth that cough," she said after a long while of silence. Afterwards, though, she was fast asleep.

Jonathan listened to her quietly and shook his head bitterly. If only medicine was the best cure for his guilt. He got up and turned to see that she was fast asleep, he walked over to her side and stroked her hair and looked for her face but only found her forehead as he sighs. "Good a spot as any..." he thought. And he leaned over and pressed his lips on her forehead. "I love you." He said softly. "Get some rest Kilia." He turned and walked for the door and turned to look at her one last time. "I'll see that smile, even if I have to do what I said I'd do."

He still had those books in his room. There was reading to be done. If he could find a way possibly to bring Yve back...

Jonathan shook his head from his trail of thought, his senses were coming back to him. How could he Undo what that powerful deity had done?? Why did he even think that? The only way he thought Yve would ever be restored to Kilia was a near impossible one, and that would be to challenge this Oni and defeat him for it. An impossible task! Jonathan fully realized the error of his own thoughts.

For how can One Man, a mere Mortal Man, defeat a god like Oni?? Jonathan turned to open the door, but, seeing Kilia asleep there, decided against it and simply took the pillow she threw at him and set it on the floor and lied down next to the bed. Closing his eyes, he once more entered the realm of sleep he dreaded, the one where he was Damian dueling against Darion. Why did this dream keep haunting him? He'll never know....


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The Following Night

It was about two in the morning, everyone else had pretty much been in bed for awhile. Tristan sat in the training room like he was waiting on someone. His legs were crossed and his pose tense. This wasn't something he was looking forward to, but something he knew had to be done. Sitting in front of him was a low brown table, on it sat a Tanto, a traditional Japanese short sword. He was waiting for his guardian to pop in, as he was going on round’s that night. Something Tristan knew that he had been doing in the past.

Rethyn suddenly flashed into the room with a soft poof!

The boy in the gas mask had been seemingly working on the amount of sound of which came from his power during training. As Rethyn landed on the floor he turned his head over to Tristan as his clear eyes spotted the boy. Looking blanky at the red-haired boy he tilted his head and asked him "What are you doing?"

Tristan had been trying to form the right words in his head for a little while, " I heard everything you said yesterday, and I am not trying to say that your feelings aren't important." Tristan looked at Rethyn, his expression blank, "but I need to know that you aren't going to abandon me."

"You were under protection at that moment. There was more than enough support around you that I could of saved lives. I am with you, but the grand scheme I am merely utility." Rethyn said with underlying heat to his voice. "You highly overestimate my combat ability compared to my mobility and what other uses I have. If I was allowed that girl wouldn't be crying herself to sleep in the other room."

"You don't understand," Tristan said, "You are my only protection, there is no one else here that can fully help me. Grayson might, but he can not be the protection for me and my father. I don't care about your combat ability...even though you are probably better at some things than I am. I need to know if you are not going to abandon me."

"I just said I was with you. What do you want from me more than those words?" Rethyn said sternly. "Do you want me to never trust you to be alone? Is that what you want? Because hell I can do that, but, I'm sure you and your pretty boy wouldn't enjoy that." Something had seemed to set Rethyn off as he cut below the belt with his words.

Tristan looked down as he heard the other's words, Damn him. Tristan looked up again, "No that is not what I want," he said slowly, "What I want is to know your emotions aren't going to get in the way of your responsibility to me. There is not going to be anymore walking away, or thoughts off such a thing. I need to be able to trust you, with my life, and with what this is you say is inside me."

"I know they are getting in the way! You don't think I know that?!" Rethyn said in a cracked voice. "Tristan, you think I want to walk away from you? I feel like I am bond to! There are people who are dying out there! Souls of which will never get to be with their own again! Children! Children Tristan! I cannot not sit here and let them befall that fate, my fate!" Rethyn then shook his head as he placed his hands on top of his head as he started moving for the door. He was struggling to hold himself back, he didn't want his seer to see him like this.

Tristan knew Rethyn was going to say those words, he actually had the same feelings. However as much as he wanted to tell the other to go and save anyone he could. He knew that something worse was coming. How was he suppose to make the other see that, "Stop," he said softly, "if you leave you are sealing my fate then, so why don't I just save the trouble of coming back." He pulled the tanto from its sheath and put the blade against his neck.

If one could see the mouth of Rethyn they would see the young man's teeth as he bore them at Tristan with fury. With a suddenly flash, Rethyn brought his knee to Tristan's stomach and his hand latched upon the wrist of Tristan as he yanked at it. Fully extending Tristan's arm he kept the sword away from Tristan's body as he sprung his other hand to Tristan's neck as he pushed him against the wall. Leaning in close to the man he barked at him. "What the hell kind of stunt was that?! I told you I was not going to leave you! But lives have value Tristan!"

Tristan was surprised as he felt the knee in his stomach, it hurt more as some things still hurt from the night he was possessed. The rest was just a blur to him, as he felt himself against the wall, tears coming to his eyes. "I know that Rethyn, I know that lives have value, I've watched people I love die. I admit that was stupid, but that was how much it hurt to hear you the other night. You are the only one that can save me if I am possessed, not just me, save her too."

Rethyn's eyes seemed watered over as he released Tristan from his grip. Taking a step back he held out his hand. "Tristan, give me the sword."

The sword had been forgotten for a minute, and Tristan silently handed it to his guardian.

Eyeing the sword over, Rethyn's eyes looked over it silently. Looking back to Tristan, Rethyn spoke quietly to him. "This sword will be the representation of my promise to you. I will not leave you. But you must make a promise in return to me upon this blade."

Tristan looked at him and the sword, if Rethyn only knew the story behind it, what he was saying had so much more meaning to Tristan. "What do you want as a promise from me," he asked.

"That you will never lower yourself like that again. Life is never valued until it is taken away, and I swear if you ever do that again I hope you have to learn the same way I did." Rethyn said darkly as he reached for the sheath of the blade to put it away. "Your life is so important, why would you do that to yourself? There's no good reason. How would your lover feel knowing you killed yourself here right now? Who do you think he'd blame? Answer is himself."

Tristan heard the other's words, the guilt starting to eat at his heart, he had been really selfish in that moment. Yet this wasn't about Soran, no this had been about his guardian. He sighed trying to stop the emotions he was feeling, "I do care about what he would think, but that wasn't why...," He didn't know how to put it, "Its because of are so hard to read, to figure out, even to get to know." He understood that it may never happen either, "I promise you I will never do that again," he finally said.

Rethyn had an internal battle for a moment as he choked out. "Y-you want to know me?" With a sigh he bowed his head for a moment as he tried to catch his words. "I am Rethyn Jadgarus, the boy who died." With that Rethyn felt a huge weight drop from his chest as he begun to hold back tears. "Kazar brought me back, at least I think she did...I don't know how or why." Looking up to Tristan's eyes tears had fallen on to the glass of Rethyn's mask as he continued. "I wanted to go out there, I saw dead children in the background. They are now under his reigns as I was. Death now holds them."

Tristan was trying to hold back, trying to listen to those words. He wanted to comfort but something told him Rethyn may not be comfortable with that. He stopped caring about what was uncomfortable for the other and came forward and put his arms around him. He was trying to remember, the god awful events of the day before. He didn't get to see the full picture, and all he could feel was the presence of the god that did it. "Then help me get revenge for them," he said as he backed away.

"Is he hugging me?!" Rethyn thought to himself in a panic. At first Rethyn felt himself flinch at the human interaction. But at the same time he felt warmth from the embrace. At his sides he didn't move his arms as he didn't know what to do. Was he suppose to hug him back? He couldn't, but did he want to? Accepting the hug, Rethyn merely placed his forehead against Tristan's shoulder for a moment before the hug ended. As Tristan stepped back, Rethyn spoke evenly for a moment "I shall." After saying so the masked Rethyn walked over to the wall. Sliding down into a position of sitting, Rethyn held the sword close as his crying could weakly be heard as wheezing through his mask.

Those tears and sobs were mixed. Relief, sorrow, and joy all at the same time came from Rethyn.

Tristan sat down on the opposite wall, letting the other have his moment. He just felt like he couldn't leave, not after asking so much of the other. So he was quiet, but present, and watching.

After a rather long moment, Rethyn looked over at Tristan. He had been sitting with him. Doing his best to swallow up his emotions he pointed to Tristan and failed horridly at sounding threatening as he said to Tristan "Don't you dare tell the others." Suddenly with another flash Rethyn flashed away. Along with him he took this sword as if it was his now.


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#, as written by Siryn
Kilia and Company

Kilia sat cross legged on the mats of the Belvedere homes training room. It was a rather large room and she had only been in it twice before. The mats were thick and well cuishoned to help with falling down or, in some cases, being thrown down. As she wasnt really a fighter, she was watching and trying her best to pay attention to the moves the others were performing. Before her, on a small plate, though, was a small pile of peaches that she was currently munching on. As she watched the pairs of fighters, she found herself lost in thought about the past few days. This had been what they were concentrating on for quite a while, practicing honing their skills that they had. Kilia wanted very much to practice her healing, but that wasnt the only thing she needed too. She needed to learn how to better protect herself and that involved having to do some sort of sparring. At the moment, she was taking a break.

On the mat were the others, Soran and Tristan, Peter and Robin and Rethyn. All under the careful eye and direction of Grayson.

Grayson had been watching to see where everyone's strengths lie. He knew where Tristan was, so that wasn't who he was watching carefully. The training room door opened and in walked Julianna, she was only there to watch, but it gave Grayson an idea.

Rethyn was even present at this moment. Along with him he had brought the sword he had taken after his exchange with Tristan. While showing his abilities he spun and slashed around the room with each flash of a teleport. However, the teleports had become almost silent, something of which had changed since Rethyn's arrival to the home. With one last teleport Rethyn took his sword and sheathed it.

"Take a break," he said to the others and stepped in front of Kilia, "You know its not very hard to take on a person bigger then you. Or to learn to protect yourself."

Kilia glanced up, a peach in her mouth and her eyes wide as she watched Grayson. Her face flushed and she quickly pulled the rest of the peach into her mouth and finished eating it, "U-um... G-Grayson... I... Uh," she was flustered as she tried to figure out how to tell him that she was just absolutely terrible at anything that involved fighting. She glanced around the room but found she was sort of cornered.... "O-okay...." she relented softly.

"Julianna," he called, the girl looked surprised when she heard her name but stepped over to Grayson. "Do you mind helping with a demostration." She smiled at Kilia, "sure." Grayson looked over at the boys. "Tristan," he called knowing the red head would probably listen to him a little better than the others. "Your going to be my helper," It was then that Julianna sort giggled, but it didn't sound really nice. The boy was shaking his head as he stood beside Grayson, he knew what was coming.

"Ok weaknesses," he said making sure Kilia was paying attention, "Eyes, stomach, knees, and well the last one is obvious." He didn't know why he couldn't say it outloud, but Tristan's face got a little red. "Grayson, you know I think I changed my mind." He started to walk away, but Grayson grabbed him. "Julianna is playing victim," She nodded and stepped in front of her brother

Kilia, at first, was highly attentive. She watched Grayson and Tristan, paying attention to every word that the Guardian said. She even went so far as to repeat his words, albeit softly and only to herself, but her lips still moved. However, as Grayson got to the tail end of his sentence, Kilia couldnt help but to look down and then she blushed furiously. Tristan tried to get out of this little demenstration that Grayson was going to have him perform and the young Seer felt horrible, which wasnt made any better since the sisters giggle suddenly came back to mind. Her heart jumped to her throat as Grayson continued.

"U-um... d-dont hurt him.... " she muttered, not really sure what was going to happen, but feeling that it wasnt going to be great. From across the room where Soran was resting, he laughed. His giggle reached over to them and Kilia glanced at the blonde boy. He was trying to stiffle his laughter.

Jonathan was simply watching the training go on, he also was looking at Kilia who was enjoying her peaches and smiles almost regrettably to himself. That night when he was forced by his Ancestor's ghost to confess his feelings for her, not to mention the epiphany in his mind about fighting Oni himself for what his own guilt ridden mind had selfishly thought. However, The epiphany had lingered in the back of his mind since that night, without really any reason why.

"What if I did it for all? No no and no! Jonathan, you can't he's too strong! Even if we are lucky enough to pull him out of the seer would I be half prepared for his physical form???"

Tristan stood there, trying first of all not to look at Kilia, she was making it more embarressing. And secondly trying not hear the laughter from across the room. This was going to get worse for him because well he was playing the bad guy so to speak. However if he left, well he have to hear about it later, like he was to chicken or something.

"Back up...don't want anyone else to get hurt." The two backed up and were in the middle of the room, "Tristan." The boy nodded and pretended to grab his sister, Julianna had more training than many girls, plus she was stronger then she looked. However she wasn't going to pull anything surprising on Tristan just yet, she struggled just a little until she got a nod from Grayson she competely relaxed. She actually stomped on his foot first, before elbowing him in the stomach. He stepped back with a ummph, and completely let go, "Jules, he didn't say feet." She shrugged her shoulders, going for a kick to his groin, luckily he blocked it.

"Stop," Grayson called. Julianna couldn't help the small grin that came to her face as she stepped back from her brother. He was rubbing his stomach and trying not to think about the pain in his foot, he knew she did that on purpose. Grayson was shaking his head, "You two...," the both looked in his direction, "Sorry Grayson," Julianna said innocently. "Well feet work too," Grayson continued trying to hide his grin as he turned back to Kilia. "Especially if it takes your attacker by surprise. Nose and jugular, which we won't be showing right now." He turned and looked at Julianna, "Hey...I only broke his nose once," she said

Rethyn put a hand over his mask as he held back chuckling at his Seer. Crossing his arms he held his sword between his forearms as he sat on his heels as he looked down for a moment. He could no longer hold back his chuckling as a small smile forced its way upon his concealed face. "That's my seer." He said quietly in almost a whisper.

"Pfft!!!" Soran doubled over, laughing hysterically and finally unable to control it. Kilia wasnt too sure what was so funny, after all it looked rather painful to be hit as Tristan was. She winced slightly as she chewed on her bottom lip nervously. Was she supposed to do that to someone? Could she even manage to do something like that to another person? Was it even effective against a god? Her mind reeled with the questions, none of which she asked. She was slightly afraid of the answer. Her frown returned again as Soran continued giggling.

"Soran... its not funny," she muttered.

Wiping at the edges of his eyes he looked up and briefly stopped laughing, but then started again, "Oh yes... yes it is... Tristan.... your sister just...." he couldnt even finish.

Tristan turned and looked at the blond seer, his gaze narrowed, the things he wanted to say...but couldn't in present company. He sighed and turned back toward the other's. "Kilia," Tristan said, "it didn't hurt as much as it could have." For some reason he was just guessing at her thoughts, and she had always been afraid of hurting people.

"Looked like it though," Soran said with a devious little smile. He hadnt missed the glare hed recieved though. Kilia was starting to wonder if the blonde haired Seer was testing his fate willingly, "Maybe she went easy on you, Tristan," the boy teased. Kilia watched the two of them for a moment, her heart nearly stopping as she wondered what they were going to do.

Tristan had tried to take the higher road for the moment, "Go on, Soran," he said, "you got anything else to add," turning to the other, giving him a look full of promises for later on. "Go on..."

Rethyn walked over to the wall to lean against him. He felt compelled to make a comment about the two of them to hit them both below the belt, but he held himself a back as he watched the two of them banter. Smiling under his mask he felt an enjoyment of which he had not experienced in a long time. Within his own mind he wish he could show them the smile upon his face, but it didn't feel right yet. Smiling at them under his mask he merely watched them.

Soran looked to go red for a moment, losing his composure as he stared at Tristan who urged him to continue. Kilia mentally thought to herself that the blonde boy would surely keep quiet now, right? Standing, Soran swiped his hand to open his magic system and dragged off a spell. In his hand materialized a hand gun, he admired it for a moment, "You know, I think if your sister can beat you so easily, you probably wouldnt stand a chance against me, wanna try, Tristan?" he teased further, "Dont worry, I modified this one. Itll only give you a slight shock, like static. So, what do you say, baby" he stuck his tongue out too to emphasize. Kilia groaned inwardly, though she was slightly curious.

"Grayson?" she turned to look at him, wondering what he had to say about the current situation.


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#, as written by girlwt
Grayson watched the interaction with curiosity as well, "Just don't let things get out of hand," he said finally, "Julianna step back." Julianna stepped back by Kilia sitting down next to her. Grayson stepped out of the way also.

Tristan had been watching Soran the whole time, looking at the hand gun. "What the puny little thing," he said in return. "ok, then I will give you a try." Tristan opened up his magic system and dragged off a spell that took the form of a staff.

"The hell? Hey, just cuz its small doesn't mean its not going to hurt," Soran countered, then lifted an eyebrow as Tristan summoned a staff, "Seriously? A staff? Against a gun...." he grinned, "Are we compensating," he teased and prepared to move as he lifted the weapon in his hand slightly.

"I've got nothing to compensate for," he commented in return, "remember...big...strong, and well muscled here." He chuckled slightly and he prepared for Soran attack

Sorans face went brilliant red as he stuttered, his heart hammered and he lost concentration. Stuttering he froze for a good five long seconds before he finally regained his composure, "Tristan!" he yelled in embarrassment then raised the weapon and fired, aiming at the boys shoulder.

He knew that using Soran's own words would probably provoke the other, but those five seconds allowed him to think of a defense. One half of the staff fanned out to a makeshift shield and blocked the firing of the others weapon. He moved in closer before the other fired again, trying to back him into the corner.

Soran gasped so fast! he thought to himself and tried to recover. His first mistake was losing those precious five seconds when Tristan had teased him in return. Okay, maybe this was a very bad idea, he thought to himself as he backed away trying to keep pace with the taller boy. Firing the weapon again, he aimed for Tristan's wrists as he dropped backwards. Looking for an escape, he dropped down and threw himself to the side, rolling as he went. Coming up on the other side of the red head, he quickly lifted the weapon to fire it again.

Tristan side-stepped and the first firing missed his wrists, if it continued on behind him. it would have been blocked by Grayson. He quickly turned to follow the movements of the other and threw up his shield hopefully in time to block the other attack, but as he felt a slight sting knew he hadn't been quite fast enough. His own attack came with the other end of the staff aiming at the others gun, trying to swipe it from his hands.

Soran felt elation at the sight of his discharge clipping Tristan, but then he was immediately thrown for a loop as the end of the staff whipped out at him so quickly that he hadn't seen it in time. It slammed into the weapon in his grip and threw it from his numbed fingers. With a sharp, startled cry, he fell backwards as he had been kneeling a moment before. Back peddling, he tried to gain some distance between himself and Tristan to summon another weapon, but he knew he wasnt going to be nearly fast enough.
Tristan followed the other, and pointed the staff at the others neck, "Soran," he wanted to get the others attention before he continued his spell.
Soran took and held his breath as he backed away but stopped as soon as the staff came up under his chin. Lifting his head, he watched the staff only, gritting his teeth, damn it... that wasnt fair... he thought to himself. However at the sound of his name, he turned his gaze upwards to look into Tristan's violet eyes.
A smile appeared on Tristan's face and he backed up slightly, the staff disappeared and he held out his hand. "Good fight," he added at the end.

Jonathan could only watch the training of Kilia and then the beginning of the sparring of Soran and Tristan. He could only watch whilst he tried to push all ideas about bringing the dead Oni had caused. Also yesterday, Damian suddenly vanished for a while and didn't come see Robin for awhile. Something was telling Jonathan another ghost is coming to see him. One connected to his family. One more dark and sinister. If it was who Jonathan thought it was, he didn't like it. It would be ten times as worse as Oni right this minute. But only to him.

Before he could elaborate further on his assumption, a loud snoring sound came from right next to him. Peter O'Cyrus had been staying up late training in the training rooms. "Peter seemed to be doing his own strength and self defense preparation on his own time." thought Jonathan. He shook his head at the sound of his snoring. He simply poked Peter.

"Ah!! Monster! Giant Lizard! Monster riding Giant Lizards!!" Peter shouted, "Oh it's just you Mr. Glum and Grump." Peter yawned and shook his head. "What'd I miss??"

"Tristan got his hindquarters handed to him by Julianna and he's fighting Soran right at this moment." Jonathan replied almost bluntly. Peter rolled his eyes.

"You look like you've seen a ghost. Wanna talk about it?" Peter asked, almost sarcastically.

"No." Jonathan said almost suddenly looking around in slight shock. He didn't want the others to actually figure it out. Or find out. They'll think he's gone crazy in the wake of Yve's death And pull him out. Truth be told. He wasn't sure what to think. Right now he still didn't know whether or not his Epiphany is either him wanting to be very brave, or his guilt making him very stupid. Fear also Gripped him. Jonathan felt slightly nervous, Damian wasn't anywhere and he could feel a dark thing creeping up on him steadily. If he could only knew what it meant. No, he did know. It wasn't what, it was who it meant.
"Darion." he thought in his own terror.

"Oy! I cry foul!!!" Peter shouted. "I cry foul here!! Foul!!"

Kilia giggled a bit at Peters outburst. It was clear the other two were not paying attention to the others in the room. She covered her mouth as she laughed, shaking her head slightly, "I don't think fouls are even possible here," she said softly before popping another peach into her mouth.

"Well I cry foul cause he was cornering him!" Peter said trying to counter the lady's statement,

"There are no rules in single combat duels. There are wagers." Jonathan said bluntly whilst shooting an annoyed glare at Peter before shaking silently. Jonathan felt for some odd reason cold.

Kilia laughed at the two of them. Soran reached out and took Tristan's hand, allowing the taller boy to pull him to his feet, a bright blush on his cheeks, "U-um... th--thanks," he said, his gaze downwards. Glancing back up to Tristan he smiled too, "Youre pretty good," he replied.

Soran's eyes grew wide as he spotted something behind Tristan. He dragged on the boys hand a shout filling the air from him, "Tristan!" Something tore him from the boys hold though, a bright blue light flashed between them causing Soran to stumble backwards from the force of it. Landing hard on his back he watched, horrified as the female goddess reached out and wrapped her hands around Tristan's shoulders, holding him close.

"My my, how easy you made this for me. A group of Seers with the Guardians all in one place. So convenient, I think Ill be having a bit of fun here," she said with a giggle. Her eyes were a bright orange as she turned to Tristan. She ran a finger down the side of his face as she rested on him, "Don't worry, I'm not interested in possessing any of you. Got orders and all that. Pity really, you seem pretty strong. Such a lovely boy too," she cooed.


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"Enough! Don't touch him! It's Time for round two then.,..Veia?" Jonathan said whilst summoning his blades.

"Oh my my," her eyes shifted from Tristan to Jonathan, "Veia? I think youve got the wrong goddess, little boy. Im not that puny weakling of a goddess. My name is Criea and my specialty is illusions. Allow me to demonstrate," she said wickedly.

"You all look the same to me witch." Jonathan said keeping his guard up.

Turning to Tristan, she grinned at him, "I believe you will enjoy this," she said as the air around both of them seemed to pick up and the brilliant blue shield that had knocked Soran from him boxed them both in, "The blonde is cute, hes yours isnt he? You can watch him die now, over and over..." her orange gaze seemed to swirl around into molten lava as her fingers reached up and craddled his head. Her power exploded in the tiny area that they were in, showing him violent images, all the while her lips curling into a brighter grin.

Jonathan's eyes shot wide at the display of Criea's power, and he began to slowly start growling that signature growl that seems to display his own anger. "Let him go." he demanded.

Tristan didn't turn fast enough as the goddess pulled him from Soran, a look of terror on his face. He shuddered as her finger went down his face. "Get away, you bitch, your not my type." he said out with pure hatred. He heard the interaction between Jonathan and the goddess. And she said her power so nothing she does is real...its not real he kept that thought in his head. Her power exploded in the area where she held him, and his heart skipped a beat. He actually closed his eyes, knowing that it wasn't the best idea. However he could still see the images she sent.

She had somehow pulled from his head what Soran had spoken to him about. He was standing in Soran's house, the night his brother went after him. The vase had already been broken, and Soran was laying on the floor looking up in terror. This time, there was no interruption, as another boy, older and taller then plunged a jagged piece of glass straight into Soran's heart. "Noooo," Tristan screamed, fresh tears running down his face. Its not real, he thought...and kept repeating to himself.

Soran screamed as well, "Tristan!" Lurching to his feet, he slammed into the barrier and bounced right off of it. Hitting the floor again, he groaned as he rolled to his side and got up a second time. Rushing the slightly glowing blue shield, he hit it again. Both fists slammed into the barrier, making it shimmer slightly, but no damage or anything to say that it had weakened presented itself to him. Banging on it, he continued to scream for the other boy who was only a few feet from him, "Tristan!"

Criea turned her head just a bit and grinned at Soran, "Lets try something else. Here, my lovely red headed Seer, enjoy this for a little while longer will you? Scream a little more," she hissed as she bent down to his ear and whispered something to him. The barrier fluxed with her increase of power.

"Tristan! Im right here!" Soran screamed, banging on it again.

Tristan was again closing his eyes, but the images kept coming, one was of Yakosa flaying the boy with a fire so hot, Tristan could have sworn he backed up. Some were a mix of his own fears killing the blond seer, like the spiders crawling all over him, until there was nothing left but dangling flesh and bone. Tristan tried not to think about it, but really thought he was going to vomit. He turned his head, but after the first image refused to scream for her. "ITS NOT REAL," he yelled loudly, his fingers reaching for his magic system. He didn't know if anything would work inside the illusion, but he thought he would give it a try.

The spell he pulled out created his own illusion, as thousand bees started buzzing inside the box. They would pop as they hit her barrier, but then two others would appear. The buzzing became extremely annoying, and Tristan covered his ears.

Rethyn had tried to reach his guardian however upon trying to teleport closer he found himself incased in a barrier. Pulling his sword roughly from his sheath he begun slashing furiously at the barrier as he tried to break through it or at least weaken it. Failing to do so, Rethyn begun cursing to himself as he could only watch the event unfold before him. Tilting his head slightly downwards he gave a deathly glare to Criea.

"Stubborn little boy," she ground her teeth as the incessant buzzing filled the air. At the rate this was going, the entire little barrier she had erected would be full of bees, and their noise was steadily growing. Releasing her hold on his face, she dropped the illusions she had put him through and instead weaved her hand in the air briefly. A long silver sword came into her grip and she reached down to grip a handful of his hair, lifting up his head, "Play time is over, Seer," she said. The barrier dropped and she shoved the sword into his shoulder to get him to stop the strange contraption he had unleashed.

Soran yelled as the barrier broke and he stumbled a bit. His voice cried out again as she wrenched her sword from Tristans shoulder. Barreling into the boy, he took them both to the ground and out of her grip. Releasing Tristan, he rolled over and opened his own system to draw out his gun again. Her molten gaze settled on Soran, "Now you will really die, little Seer," she cooed and flipped her blade around as the entire room erupted with her magic. Everything changed, it seemed like trees of gigantic size had sprouted from the ground. Vines dropped down low to reduce visibility, and a thick fog settled across the floor. Criea had disappeared entirely and Sorans breathing was heavy and worried.

"I think you are all mistaken. I am the goddess of illusions, but I can make them very real" her voice echoed in a cruel growl.

Somewhere in the fog covered trees a voice screamed. Soran lurched, his hand still on Tristan just to make sure he was right there, "Kilia!" he yelled, but there wasnt an answer from her.

Tristan gasped as he felt the sword go through his shoulder, he was dragged from her grip from Soran and he groaned. He had gone unconscience as the goddess once again changed the scenery in the room.

Grayson stood in front of the girls as the goddess appeared in the room. He immidiately made a barrier around both of them, as an added protection. As the scenery changed, he did not move.

Jonathan couldn't believe the tree in the room. Literally. Just before Jonathan was about to engage in battle, something penetrated his thoughts. "Keep your will up, would be knight. I need it for when We have our fun. In the evening. In a clearing not far from this quaint little backyard. Be there Child of Grey." came the voice In his head as he prepared to get to the fight. "Kilia, stay back!" Jonathan shouted.

"You too Soran!" Peter shouted as he summoned a fire spear. "Alright Jonny Boy, let's give her what for!" Jonathan only nodded as he got into a ready stance.

"Leave them Alone Goddess." Jonathan simply said. "Pick on someone your own size,"

Kilia had screamed when the scene changed and she heard Sorans yell for her, but she didnt answer, fear clutching her throat. She leaned forward, her hands gently touching the barrier. After the boys declaration it grew silent. The eerie silence made Kilias skin crawl as she sat there, her heart pounding hard in her chest. The sound of her heavy breathing was the only thing to be heard besides

Julianna next to her. The fog seemed to thicken, growing taller as it had originally started on the ground by only a few inches. Now it was reaching up to cover Graysons knees and slowly edging higher. Kilia slowly curled her fingers against the barrier as she strained to listen or to see anything in the thick forest.

A sound filled the air, cruel laughter that was hollow and made Kilia cringe, "So, would that be you then?" the womans voice asked, but she wasnt anywhere to be seen still. The forest seemed to shift entirely and the vines that had hung down twitched. The ground shuddered, growing soft underfoot and the roots of the trees seemed to all move at once. At first it was slow, but then it exploded outwards with such speed that Kilia gasped. The entire forest grew into nothing but a wicked design of sharpened tree roots and vines that were hell bent on ensnaring anyone that got close to either hang them or tear them to shreds.

"Holy mother Tilley......" Peter said in slight shock. Peter hurled his fire spears at the vines, trying to keep them off him, Jonathan however ended up entangled by his legs And the vines sent him upward.

"Craaaap!" Jonathan shouted as he tried to cut the vines. He wouldn't let the Goddess have her way. "You will not have anyone here witch!!!" Jonathan was close to losing his anger and almost turning his rage to attack the vines and then the tree. "You'll not have anyone!!"

Soran turned around slowly. His portion of the forest was dead silent. Nothing moved, there was no sound aside from his own slightly elevated breathing as he knelt there. Dropping the weapon he had created he finally turned his attention to Tristan, "Tristan," he called frantically, shaking the boy as gently as possible. The fog on the forest floor was just enough to make it hard to see the wound in the boys shoulder and Soran was freaking out, "Tristan," he called again, struggling to keep from breaking down, "Tristan! Come on," he begged, "Tristan, damn it, wake up!"

Tristan groaned again, but something pulled him from his state, "Soran," he said weakly, then he noticed that he really couldn't see anything as the fog was so thick. "Soran," he said again as he took the other's hand. So many emotions were running through his head at the moment, but he was trying to keep from breaking down as well, "Can you help me up please," he got the jist that they needed to move or something, he wasn't really sure, at least he like to be able to see what was above the fog.

Soran nodded, but realized the boy couldnt see him. Sniffing a bit as he settled, he reached down and helped the other upwards as gently as he could. He was trying to be aware of the wound in his shoulder which he wasnt too sure how deep it was. Once he got Tristan up above the thick fog, he wrapped his arms around him and hugged him hard, "Tristan... you scared the hell out me damnit! What the hell!" he complained, though he knew it wasnt really the red haired Seers fault.

He cringed as a slight noise echoed behind them. Whipping around, he pressed his back against the boy and quickly opened his magic system. Summoning his gun off template he hissed in anger at the realization that he had just summoned his practice weapon without thinking, "Shit!" releasing it, he started on a new one, "Tristan, move backwards, keep hold of me until I finish this, I need as much distance as possible... I

Tristan cringed as the other hugged him, but then had to chuckle slightly at Soran's words...that was probably not the right reaction, but if he said anything else he would have distracted the other. He nodded as the other told him to back up. Yet he wasn't really sure what he was backing up into, so he turned, it looked like more trees and fog. "Let just make sure...," he didn't know if he had the strength or not but he started pull a spell as started a floating fire behind him. It was an added protection as it would attract anything harmful to it instead of to the boys.

Kilia stood up as she watched Peter and Johnathan become overwhelemed by the raging vines and trees. Her heart surged as she watched, "Robin!" she yelled as he was lifted up in the air by the cursed living limbs of the forest. The womans voice laughed again as she manipulated the vines even further. They twisted and tangled together, molding into something rather large. The thick roots of the trees reached up and intertwined with the sharp green vines. Slowly it was starting to take shape, an enormous mouth that gaped open to recede back into the features of a giant feline that resembled a jungle cat of some sort. Large paws extended downwards to the ground, moving as it stepped forward, jaw snapping open and closed as a brilliant glow began to emanate from its hollow eyes. It looked between both boys and then down to the other Guardian who stood infront of the two girls. With an ear shattering roar, it crouched down and lunged at all of them.

Grayson looked at the creature that was before him, the sheer size was almost breathtaking. His one response was to create an even bigger barrier to protect him and the other two behind him. Yet he was working furiously on something to attack the creature.

Peter looked at the creature in shock as he began to work furiously at a Fireball "Grayson! Stay back!!! Gonna get hot!!!" Peter started up his Fireball and it grew as big as his head as he hurled it at the cat, hoping to send it flying.

In the meantime Jonathan was working furiously to get himself free. "You bloody coward!! You can't even show your bloody face and try to attack anyone else's minds! Your simply resorting to hide in the shadows! Slug!" He shouted and insulted relentlessly whilst cutting off what finally held his legs together and he landed on a branch. However he immediately gained pins and needles in his feet for a moment.

The fireball hit square into the cat-like creatures jaw. It exploded and ignited some of the vines and tree roots, but it seemed to only anger the creature further. Getting low it growled menacingly and swiped out at Peter. Turning its body at the same time, it slammed into the tree that Johnathan had fallen into, using its weight to make the tree shudder and then slowly topple over. Crieas voice came right after, "Coward? My dear Guardian, this is a war youre fighting, war is a game with no rules. If you dont learn that soon, youre going to die a lot sooner than you wished," she said. The loose vines that were not a part of the raging cat lashed out at Grayson and Johnathan, attempting to once again run them through or ensnare them.

"No rules, only wagers...right?" Jonathan asked as he jumped to another branch, his anger finally taken hold of him, he couldn't hide his mind any longer. "Then here is Mine Witch! I vow here and now this wager! If I ever See your master out of his little vessel I challenge him to a duel! If I win, I make him give back every single life he stole during this rampage!" As Jonathan said this he felt a dark chuckling at the back of his mind, he knew he gave Darion more ammo to throw at him in their later confrontation, if he even survives this one. "I vow to create a power Vaccuum so wide you'll focus on each other instead!!!"

Peter ducked under the cat and summoned several spears of fire and started throwing them at the cat and at the vines aimed for Grayson.

The ones aimed for Jonathan however, Jonathan had to contend with on his own. He started slicing and dicing several vines, but one managed to slash his cheek and make a very clean cut, if not making an odd pattern that almost seemed to fit with his equipment theme. His face turned to one of pain and shock. But his glare remained the same emerald inferno. He didn't care who heard his shouts of anger and rage.

"Oh, I see," Criea cooed, "Your out for a little vendetta, arent you little Guardian? Well, I must say that you are going to be highly disappointed. You see, Oni isnt a man to be bargained with, or dueled with, or threatened or lose to anyone. He doesnt care about any of your petty little squabbles, all he cares about is power to stay alive in this war between gods. And you Seers and Guardians just keep getting in the way. So he wants you all out of the picture, which I will gladly obide by," she laughed.


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Grayson was dodging the vines in his own way, some bounced off the barrier he made, as did some of the spears that were coming from Peter, "really need to teach that boy to aim better." He offensive mechanism finally complete. He slightly turned to Kilia, "Protect her," was all he said, as suddenly he had completely vanished from sight as well. He had actually intermingle with the aura of the goddess, something he could usually do during a possession, he was looking from inside, looking for any weakness, and he was looking for her core. He was trying to distract her so the illusion would end, but he would have to find her center first.

Kilia watched Grayson with wide eyes as he told her to protect Julianna. Her heart slammed hard in her chest as she was suddenly left with that order and nothing else. He disappeared completely and she lurched forward with a slight cry for him. Slowly she looked over to the young girl and for a brief moment she only felt terrified at the sudden responsibility that she had been left with. After a moment, she pulled herself together and reached out for the girl. Wrapping her arms around Julianna, she held the girl, "Ill do everything I can," Kilia muttered.

Criea gave a soft growl as she felt the Guardian release himself into the very fabric of the illusion she had created, "Smart, but not clever enough," she said softly, "Perhaps you would enjoy some nicely woven dreams as well? The boys father is your Seer isn't he?" she hummed to herself with a kind of greed and pleasure only a God could commend, "I see, why don't you try harder to keep things from me, Guardian? Your like an open book," she laughed.

Grayson heard her words, but she would have to catch him first. "I've dealt with others like you," he said to her. "Don't think I will be that easy to scare." He realized that she was more complex though, as he she carried so many twists and turns it was easy to get lost. He thought one thing at a time though as he suddenly found a weak spot and attacked it.

Criea screeched loudly as he hit something. Her concentration slipped momentarily as she had been focused on slowly drowning the blonde haired Seer in a heat wave and weariness. With her slipped concentration, the entire illusion wavered, fluxing just enough to reveal the training room once. She gave a scream of rage and flooded the room with her power, twice as strong as it was before. The illusion resettled itself and the creatures that had been attacking, were far more furious this time around than they had been a moment before. Now they were hell bent on killing them all. Criea didn't relent either, pushing as much power as she possibly could into the created illusion and increasing the levels of her illusion forest. The cat screamed in rage to mimic her and thrashed about in a deadly rampage. It slammed into Graysons barrier several times, making Kilia wince in fear and once scream out because she was afraid it would break.

"You'll pay for that, with the lives of these ignorant little kids!" she hollered and weaved her magic to a more deadly potency.

Peter leaped onto the cat, and began to plunge as Many spears into its back as possible. "Leave them alone! Leave them alone Ya accursed wildcat of the Free Marches!!" Peter shouted in anger and rage all his own.

Jonathan didn't know what to do. In fact, he didn't think anyone other then Him and the Goddess heard. He felt like no one cared of his vow. No one cared that he'd throw his life away.

Tristan and Soran

Soran worked furiously, trying to create the weapon that he wanted to use to combat against whatever was in the forest with them. The sound echoed again and he cringed a second time. Glancing up briefly from his work, he backed up faster, hitting Tristan in his haste. Dragging the partially finished spell off the pad, it materialized in his hands. The rifle was large, heavy and he shouldered it without saying a word. Lifting it, he aimed the weapon and fired it off into the fog that was beginning to take an odd shape. The rifle shuddered against his shoulder as it recoiled. The air crackled with the explosion of power he had released into the air. The sound was loud, making him wince slightly. The weapon hissed and then disappeared from his hands. Soran hissed, "Damn it!" he knew it had been partially finished though, but the thing swirling around in the mist before him had startled him so badly that he had freaked out and took the weapon off way before it was ready.

Tristan watched Soran concern on his face, he also watched what was going on with the mist, "did it hit anything," his head was pounding from the sudden noise the gun made. So he wasn't making much sense, "god Soran I wish I could help...," he mumbled underneath his breath. He didn't think he had enough strength even to do the simplest of things and he was feeling useless.

"Fine..." Soran said, his voice shaking slightly, "Its fine, Tristan," he repeated a bit stronger than a moment before. Turning he faced the taller boy and eyed the wound carefully. Though his heart was pounding hard, he had to do something about the bleeding. Looking down at his shirt he tore at it, or tried to anyway. His hands were shaking too much to do anything to his shirt and he was panting slightly. Finally after a moment, he cursed again and removed it completely. Reaching up, he wrapped it around Tristan's shoulder, albeit a bit crudely, and tied it down hoping that would at least help, "Im sorry, Im not a medic or anything close to that," he said and turned to face the growing fog. It shifted eerily and moved around so quickly he couldnt follow it properly. He was starting to freak out a little bit, his shaking was proof of that. Opening his magic system he started again, "I usually do these kinds of things... illusions... but being in one... with no control over it... so much more terrifying," he admitted softly. He was trying to talk and keep his attention off of the growing threat that he could feel edging closer to them.

"Hey you repaying me for the job I did on your leg," Tristan was trying to ease the tension from the other seer, as his also could feel the threat getting closer. "Maybe that is the idea, somehow gain illusion usually is just a trick of the eye most of the time." Damn was he rambling, he didn't think he was anything that made sense. Where was the Goddess, why hadn't she reappeared.

Soran's gaze grew wide and he paused, in the middle of trying to construct yet another weapon. Turning, he looked up at Tristan with wide eyes, "God... I love you," he said and turned back to the system. Scratching the original plan of making another weapon, he started on something else entirely, "Fire with fire... er... illusions with illusions, I guess," he said a bit of a laugh falling from his lips. The eerie sound of something moving in the fog caught his attention again and he froze before shaking his head and trying to ignore it. Breathing heavily he closed his eyes for a moment, "not real, not real," he muttered to himself and worked on the pad. The air moved, cold against his skin and he cringed slightly. "Not real..." he said again, but as he said it he gasped and fell forward, hitting the tree in front of him. Sliding down to his knees, he groaned slightly, making soft sounds of pain. Across his shoulder blade were four long cuts, "Okay... maybe its a little real," he moaned.

"Soran," Tristan called out the other fell, "I've really had enough," again despite hurting his magic system opened, "Angry birds...," well why the hell not, he couldn't think anymore. Suddenly the air filled with these weird looking birds, squawking about. They attacked whatever it was in front of them. They all carried little weapons of their own, some had swords and some had spears. It was mostly a distraction as Tristan bent as best he could to grab Soran, "Finish your spell, and hurry that won't work for long."

Hissing a bit as Soran was helped back up, he nodded his head a bit, "Okay," he offered then glanced around them to see what it was that Tristan said wouldn't last long. He lifted an eyebrow as he watched the weird birds floating around attacking the fog. Was there a sling shot around too? Soran bit his lower lip, he would have laughed had the situation been different, "Angry Birds? Really?" he did give a soft giggle, though. Turning back to his magic system, he continued on the system. His fingers built and rebuilt several aspects of the spell, piling them all a top each other. Sweat was beginning to form on his forehead as he worked, was it getting hotter? He panted slightly, growing weary unusually quickly. His vision wavered slightly as he tried to focus on the pad, "Tristan...Cant... concentrate," he panted. Then, for a brief moment, it lifted and his energy returned. Taking a sudden deep breath he was confused as to what had just happened. Looking up to the red haired Seer, he watched him for a moment, "That was... odd," he said, "I... feel better again," glancing around he noted that some of the fog had shimmered as well and for a single brief moment, the illusion flickered out to show the training room before establishing itself again.

"Tristan... whose doing that?" he asked and then the fog pulled back together and attacked with a vengeance. Soran cursed, covering his face as best he could and feeling long scratches rip across his arms and exposed back. He frantically worked at the pad once more, hissing in pain.

"Grayson..." Tristan whispered, he had witnessed the trick before, a long time ago. He however was distracted as the fog attacked Soran, He suddenly moved Soran in back of him, and the floating flame was now in front of them. He knew that the blond seer might be angry at him later, but in truth, he couldn't pull anymore off his magic system. "Just work...," he said through gritted teeth.

"Tristan!" he yelled and turned to face the boy, but decided against wasting too much time. The best thing he could do right then was to finish his spell. It was probably the last thing he could do for the day having used the system quite a few times already. Trying not to let the situation bother him too much, he worked diligently, fixing things that were wrong and adding to the complex spell, "I'm almost done, Tristan, almost done. I'm sorry, sorry it takes me so long, bear with it a little longer please, just stay with me," he started begging and quickly tried to finish the spell. He gasped in a deep breath of air as he finished the spell, "Done!" he shouted and dragged it off the pad.

Releasing it, the magic did nothing at first and Sorans heart nearly stopped. Then there was a ripple across Crieas entire illusion. Soran glanced around as the forest turned into his own creation. That of a brighter, greener forest with no fog or creatures to speak of. He breathed a sigh of relief and turned to Tristan, "Hey... I did it. Tris-" his illusion shattered and he winced slightly. With a shudder that filled his entire frame, he felt as if he was being invaded by something very powerful. He couldn't breathe, couldnt move or speak. His small frame dropped to the ground where he writhed as the goddess took over.

Peter felt a sudden urge, "She got to Soran! I gotta get to him! But ho-?!" Peter suddenly stopped and realized. "Light bulb. Alright pussy cat! Ride like the wind, I got a Seer to save! Hyaaa!" He stuck a spear into the cat's hindquarters. But he landed on his own spear. "Yeow me Backside!!!" Peter stood up sharply and turned to Soran and readies his spear and then hurls it at Soran.

Jonathan meanwhile was still standing in shock. The goddess rejected his challenge...he wasn't sure if Kilia heard his declaration or no. But he felt his heart shatter. Jonathan still wanted to do what he had just vowed to do, but he felt so shaken from Criea's scoff and the possibility of Oni's reaction. "He has no real power then.." He tried to say shaking. "Your Master is nothing but a power hungry Tyrant! I'll dethrone him after I make him do what I vow! I'll get all the lives he's taken back! You hear?!!"

Jonathan fell to his knees. "I'll.....get her back...I'll do it, I'll get her back. I need her to smile again..." His cheek started to bleed from the earlier cut.

Kilia watched Robin with wide eyes. She was still holding Julianna, but the room had finally changed back to its original state as the Goddess's power was outdone by something else and then eventually shattering completely to put them all back in the training room. Her heart hammered in her chest as she knelt there with the other girl, still behind Grayson's barrier.

"Robin..." she muttered softly.

Grayson felt a shift inside, she had decided to possess one of the seers. He could feel it, that weakened the rest of her illlusion. He could rip it apart and then they would only have to deal with her. "Sorry," he said to the others, as his aura expanding just to deal with the illusion itself.

Tristan watched in horror Soran fell to the ground. What could he do, the fog was still coming. Then slowly it dissipated, "Oh thank god," he mumbled. He then stumbled away from Soran, and fell to the floor as he saw Peter with his fire spear coming. His was sort of hoping for some mircle to happen at that moment, because he didn't think there was much they could do once the goddess was free.

Just as the gun fired the door to the training room shattered, an energy ball had taken it off its hinges. In front of the girls a wall of ice appeared. Alauric stood there, working his magic pad with fury in his eyes. "You messed with the wrong person's family, you damn bitch." His spells fired off fire balls as a speed that she would have to dodge rather quickly to miss. He was trying to distract her so Soran's guardian could deal with the possession.

Peter prepared another spear as Alauric distracted Creia. Smirking he finally took this opportunity to aim and then throw the spear At Soran's back.

Criea ground her teeth as the older Seer launched a barrage of fire at her. She would have allowed them to hit her, but the vessel she occupied wasn't strong enough to keep it from harming her as well. So she dodged, weaving out of each ball of fire's range. Unfortunately she was unable to fire the weapon either. Concentrating on the attack in front of her, she missed the one coming from behind. It was a terrible downfall of having possessed a human. Had she been outside of his body, neither one of them would have touched her.

The spear ran through Soran, slowing down as it starting through his chest to exit his frame and take the goddess with it. Soran felt himself coming back and Criea losing her hold. But she wasn't going without a fight and her last action shocked and terrified him. His hand raised up, releasing the gun so that it disappeared. He knew the target just as she released the magic.

"Ki...llia," he tried to say, but his voice was cracked as she was still attached to him. Kilia gasped as she fell away from Julianna, her hands flying to her throat to grasp something that was invisible to the eye, but not to Soran. She winced, trying to breath as Criea tightened her grip. Soran fought back, his entire frame straining to hold back the goddess that was intent on breaking the girls neck.

Jonathan struggled with his own will to rush for Kilia to try and reach her, desperate to not lose the one thing left in his whole world. He wouldn't bear the weight of his own guilt for much longer.

He winced inwardly as he pulled on the power that held Kilia tightly. The struggle was long and he was burning, "S-sorry, Kilia," he managed and shifted Criea's hold from Kilia's throat to her shoulder. His own arm gave an audible snap as Kilia screamed in pain too. The pink haired Seer crumpled, probably unconscious from having the goddess's hand suddenly tearing at her shoulder.

The spear finally managed to grip Criea and pull her free. Soran dropped, panting heavily and hardly moving.

Criea glowered at them, stepping backwards as she was thinking through her options. Her head turned slightly as if listening to something and she openly growled in anger, "Fine," she mumbled. Without another word, she faded from sight.

With her fading so did too her barriers as Rethyn finally felt the one around him break down and fade away. Sprinting over to Tristan he stopped just behind his seer as the emotions seen through his eyes were wild with fear for him. One of the worst feelings he had ever had begun to eat at him.

Grayson materilized back in form and fell to the ground by the girls, the barrier had faded as did the ice. He was looking at Kilia, "hold on." He barely got a whisper out before he fainted. Alauric survyed the mess around him, "Anyone that can still walk, we need to get the injured to their rooms." His priority was Tristan as he noticed the wound on his shoulder had bleed through Soran's shirt. He went over and pulled the shirt back. At least the cut was clean through and didn't hit bone. It would probably leave a scar. "This is going to hurt," he said as a knife materialized in his hand, the blade had already had been heated up as he needed to stop the bleeding. The sizzle of skin could be heard as well as Tristan crying out.

Jonathan walked to Kilia and picked her up In his arms and was about to carry her off to her room. "Let's go.." He muttered as he started walking.

Tristan looked at his father from a second, before his eyes went to Soran, "Dad...Soran, is he going to be ok."

Alauric looked at the other seer, "I think you guys are all going to make it."

Soran flinched at the sound of Tristan's voice when his father cartorized the wound in his shoulder. Shifting very slightly, he moved his head enough to look towards them. He couldn't help the small grin that played on his lips as Tristan asked if he would be okay, "I'm...'re worse," he managed to say as he rested his head on the floor again. With a groan he looked over to where Kilia had been, "Kilia?" he asked with a touch of guilt in his voice.

Julianna had been looking at the girls injury and finally spoke, "She had only dislocated her shoulder, I will go and see if Robin needs any help." Julianna had been scared but she had not been injured thanks to both Grayson and Kilia. She smiled at her father so he wouldn't worry for the moment. She left the room soon after. Alauric glanced over at the pile of man that was his guardian, who was not only sleeping, but he was also snoring loudly. He had to chuckle for a second, "Peter can you help Soran, its looks like its you and me." He picked Tristan up and was watching the other just in case he might need help.

"Aye Sir!" Peter said as he picked up Soran. "Let's go little buddy." Peter then walked with Soran out of the training room.

Rethyn had moved so he stood just behind Tristan. He now felt a new sort of frustration he had never felt before in his first life or second. It was if he failed his natural duty, he couldn't protect his seer. "Damn those barriers!" Rethyn thought to himself as he looked down to the ground. If he could only break through them! He knew he could have diced that bitch into pieces if he could only get mobile.

Then the question tore at him. How did she know? She never even lost focus on his barrier for a moment. Did she already know of his abilities or had she just kept him off to the side to find out later? It didn't matter, he was useless during the battle. He needed a way to overcome this disadvantage.


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#, as written by Siryn
Following Day

Tristan, Soran, and Kilia

Kilia stirred gently as she woke up on the bed that she had been taken to. Her shoulder burned intensely and she glanced down at it with a frown. She barely remembered the fact that she had been attacked by the Goddess Criea as Soran had been possessed very briefly. Pushing herself up with her good arm, she winced as she moved and opened her magic system. Kilia knew the others needed her healing, and so she didnt use the first spell she normally does when healing. Instead, she pulled off a very basic healing spell to repair her shoulder. As soon as she released the spell, she gripped the sheets of her bed and ground her teeth as she felt the wound pull together. Her shoulder healed, and though a dull ache remained, she could at least move the arm again. Tenderly touching the shoulder and the muscle she bit her lip. Should probably put it in a sling for a while, she thought. Maybe Alauric had one and Robin could help her with it.

First things first though. She got up off the bed and went to the door of the room she was using. She moved down the hall and found herself outside of Tristans room. He had been wounded severely like Soran was. She would do what she could for both of them. Reaching up she knocked on the door, "Tristan, its me," she called.

Tristan hadn't had a very good night, was drugged to help him sleep. However this morning he couldn't tell if he had a fever or not. He was really delirious, he heard a voice outside of his room, and for a brief moment didn't even recognize that, he shook his head. "Come in," he said, not really being able to get out of bed.

Her hand reached for the door and she opened it as another door opened down the hall, pausing for a moment, she looked over and watch Soran as he left the room with a grim look on his face, "Hey! Soran," she called, "You shouldnt be up," she glowered at him and he gave her a small smile.l

"I wanted to see Tristan," he answered shyly.

Shaking her head she heaved a sigh, "Idiot. Boys... boys will be boys I suppose. Whatever, I guess it works fine, have you both in one spot. Ill heal you alright?"

She walked into the room with a slow and ambling Soran right behind her. Kneeling down next to the bed she eyed Tristan, "Hes gonna be alright, right Kilia?"

She looked over her shoulder, "Hell be just fine. Alrighty, which one wants to go first?" she asked with a smile.

Soran pointed at Tristan with his good hand, "He goes first."

Tristan may have been out of it, but it still irked him that they were talking about him. "Fine," he said in a huff, "but next time, he gets a say in the matter." He knew that he was probably worse off, and didn't feel like arguing with Soran or Kilia at the moment.

Soran grinned slightly, "I did get a say in the matter, I told her you go first. Dont you mean I dont get a say in the matter?" Soran asked wilst sticking out his tongue. Kilia shook her head.

Swiping open her magic system, she paused briefly, "Um... Tristan. Promise me one thing," she bit her bottom lip, "Dont tell your dad, K? Techinically not supposed to do this," she said and quickly pulled the spell off to see how injured he really was. The golden light flooded the room and settled over his frame. She winced slightly, but not from her shoulder. Tristan had taken quite the beating. Behind her, Soran groaned slightly.

"Aw damnit Tristan," he moaned, "Why the hell did you have to protect me like that yesterday!"

"Shh," Kilia said and worked on her next spell.

Tristan didn't respond to Soran at the moment, he had already known the guy was going to be mad at him. He had his own reasons, reasons he rather discuss later on. "Lets just say I owed you," he said with a slight grin. He waited on Kilia to cast her healing spell, "Don't wear yourself out on me, you got others to help too." He probably should have just said to wait on him, perhaps another day, he couldn't stop it now.

Kilia eyed him with a deep frown, "Just keep your mouth shut and everything will be fine," she said sternly, though her voice wasnt quite as sharp as she had wanted it. Finally she finished the spell while Soran seemed to pout in the corner as well as try to think how in the world Tristan owed him. Dropping the spell over Tristans frame, she was concentrating on the deep wound in his shoulder first, then she would move to the many other wounds across his body. Thankfully nothing was broken -this time- for him. Still, the gashes all over his body were going to take a lot concentration and they were going to leave scars. She weaved another spell to start right after the first one stopped. The wound in his shoulder would take about three of them to close completely.

"Kilia," Soran called as she continued working.

Shaking her head at him, he went silent again. Finally, after what could have been a half hour of work or more, she dropped the last spell over him, "There," she said in a release of air from her lungs. She watched as the green light glowed over him and slowly faded, "Is that better?"

Tristan did feel better, the fever that had started had left him and he was thinking more clearly. His concern turned to Kilia, "Its better," he said, "what about you how are you feeling." His shoulder was stiff, and it would take awhile for him to get full mobility. Yet he could work that out on his own, he looked over her shoulder at Soran as he finally was able to at least sit up. Why was it that now he couldn't get his words out now that he was clear-headed. Yet if he asked her to heal Soran so soon after him, it would make him feel guilty and selfish. Maybe the other should have gone first...that would have made Tristan feels ten times better.

Kilia smiled at him, "Good," she said and turned to Soran. Motioning towards the chair she urged him to go sit, "Come on, your turn now."

"Kilia... that was three spells in a row. Four actually. Wait, did you heal yourself too earlier? Hows your shoulder? That makes it five! Im fine, I can wait!"

Kilia glowered at him and he went red, pressing himself against Tristans wall almost as if he were afraid of her, "Sit. Now."

"Okay," he half squeaked. As he sat down, he pulled away from her before she could do anything, "But! I demand you do the least taxing okay?"

Kilia rolled her eyes, "Fine, give me your arm, its a clean break it wont take up too much. I promise," she was lying of course but she was determined. Slowly he edged forward, watching her wearily. She lifted her arm and started working on the pad. This time she didnt use the golden magic to bring up what was wrong with him since she had promised to only heal his arm. So, she worked on a spell for the broken bone. Soran glanced over to Tristan briefly before returning his gaze to Kilia. It took her a while, a little bit longer than before, but she finally closed her hand over the entire spell and prepared to pull it off. Looking up at Soran, she turned pink slightly, "Uh... it might hurt... I was never any good at broken bones," she commented.

Soran paled slightly but before he could tell her to forget it, she dropped it over him. He clenched his teeth, squeezing his eyes shut and gripping the chair with his good hand as the bone repaired itself. It was over rather soon, but to him it felt like forever. When he stopped, he opened his eyes slowly and tested the arm gingerly, "Holy.... damn... You need to work on that Kilia," he muttered. With a heavy sigh he leaned back trying to get his breath back, "remind me to never break anything again..."

"Yeah, yeah, youre welcome, big baby," she teased. Slowly standing up, she felt a headache pound and fought the urge to sit back down, "Okay... Off to see Robin -er Johnathan. And," she pointed a finger at Tristan, "Not a word to your father," she said and left the room.

Tristan gave her a smile, hoping she didn't see the winch on his face when she had gotten up. She left leaving the room in silence. Tristan was watching the blonde, but what was he going to say. He actually didn't want to say anything, he just wanted to hold on to the other seer, just to make sure he was real. He finally spoke so Soran hopefully wouldn't see the feelings crossing his face. "Come here."

"Hu?" Soran was startled at the sudden command as he had been wondering what to do about Kilia and her condition. She was pushing it too far, that much he knew. If anyone was going to stop her it was either her guardian or Tristans father whom she had made very clear not to talk to about what she was up to. Getting up, he moved over to Tristan and sat on the bed, "Whats up Tristan? Oh and you had best explain what you meant about you oweing me one... when did that happen?" the blonde was clearly confused and trying very hard to remember such an event.

Tristan was shaking his head, how was he going to say this, he knew that it didn't make any sense, "it was those images...I just can't get them out of my head. And I couldn't do anything...just watch. Soran...I want to protect you from everything." He knew those things weren't real, but they had effected him in a way he didn't think possible. He sighed as he couldn't continue.

Soran leaned over, tilting his head a bit as he looked closely at Tristan, "How does that make you owe me one? Tristan... if anything I failed to keep you out of her reach and Im sorry. You shouldnt have gone through that," he started, his face turning a bit red as Tristan told him he wanted to protect him, "I will protect you too, okay? Im sorry I didnt that time," leaning forward even more, he kissed the red haired Seer. Pulling away after a minute, he reached out and ran his fingers across the boys face before curling into his hair at the nape of his neck, "Did.... did you want to tell me? What did you see? Would it help, even a little?"

Tristan was more surprised by the kiss than anything else, it had been the first time that Soran kissed him first, and he couldn't think clearly for a second, "Please don't apologize, its wasn't your fault that she was so quick. And I don't want you to have to think about what I saw, it...wasn't very pretty." He sighed trying to let go, "No one should have to go through that," he said as he wrapped his arms around the other. "Just stay and let me hold you please."

Soran nodded as he allowed the other boy to embrace him. He returned the hug as well, leaning into him, "Ill stay, for as long as you want. I wont go anywhere, I promise," looking up at him, Soran grinned a bit, "You wont be getting rid of me that easily," he purred and shifted around to a better position. His head was pillowed by Tristans shoulder, nestled next to his throat right under Tristans ear. It was warm there, and the boys skin was soft. Soran giggled a bit, probably giving away his intentions but he couldnt help it, "I can help you think of something else you know," he said and promptly bit the boys neck gently.

Tristan smiled at the other's words, gosh what was wrong with him. He hadnt fallen so fast for anyone else before. The position he was holding Soran went from innocent to not so in a few seconds as the other bit his neck, "You little...," Tristan was blushing furiously. "I am trying to be...nice here."

Soran giggled again, "Im being nice too. And Im not little," he said with a pout up to the other who was clearly much bigger than himself, leaning forward he bit him again, this time on the ear lobe, "See, Im helping. What are you thinking about now?" he whispered in the boys ear.

Tristan wasn't really thinking though, as the other bit his ear, he groaned instead, "Soran...," his voice came out low. "You are a tease," he didn't want to stop the other...but neither one of them were in great condition at the moment. "Just..." oh he couldn't get the words out of his mouth.

Soran laughed, "Just what? Certainly you dont want me to stop do you? I mean, I could if you wanted, but it seems you cant talk properly. Is this yet another little weakness of yours, Tristan? Wow, I just keep scoring dont I? All it takes is a little nibble, like this," to emphasize he bit him again, just under the ear, "and perhaps telling you how hot you are, how sexy this actually really is and all of that. I should really practice on making you speechless like this. Its fun," he grinned and pushed on the other boy to lay him down, "So. What will it be? I can keep going. Teasing is my specialty you know," he said with a slight wink as he straddled the other.

Every word and every action just sort of Tristan let go of his resolve. He didn't really want to stop the other in the first place, so who was he kidding, He finally just looked up at the other, "Fine...tease away." he said grinning at the blonde.

Soran lifted an eyebrow, "Suspicious.... Your planning something arent you?" he asked slowly, "Well fine then. Time to pay you back -again- for making me speechless all the time," he commented with a grin and decended down on the boy. He started with a kiss while his hands indulged in running all along the boys muscles. Then he continued with biting him again, "This is kind of fun," he muttered softly though he was starting to think that it was having the opposite effect now. He wasnt thinking properly as he continued biting the ear and neck down to the shoulder gently, the collar bone next and finally to his chest. Damn... gotta stop, this is... freaking.. He went back up to Tristans face and kissed him again, "You really suck," he groaned slightly.

Tristan had been enjoying everything, he noticed the slowing down of kisses though and finally after the last kiss and Soran's words he started to softly laugh, "I suck...," Tristan's mind went elsewhere for a second. "What's wrong are you done teasing already," he couldn't help the words falling from his mouth.

"Did you bite off more then you could." He asked the question seriously, trying not to lose it at that moment.

His face grew bright red as he watched Tristan, "N-no! I-I didnt... its just... well," he fought to get the right words as he still was positioned right over Tristans prone form. He glanced down at the boy and felt his face turn even redder, "Its just... your way too hot. Its your fault, why are you so hot?" he asked tilting his head a bit. Soran leaned down at nibbled at the boys ear again, "Youre terrible, I hope you know," he said softly, "I cant... help it."

He couldn't help the laugher now, "I am sorry Soran..." he couldn't even say it. His laughter got slightly louder, "Oh...what I am going to do with you," he said, "I can't help it either," he finally admitted, "I find you intorablely cute, every time you say something, I just want eat you up, I never can think of the right things to seems. I can tease, but I can't be serious. And" Tristan stopped when he realized he just dug himself into a hole. One that he had to finally say how he felt to get out of...he would really like one of those thought bubbles just to appear above his head with the message loud and clear. "I really like you Soran," no it was more then like but he found himself not being able to say that other L word at the moment.

Soran pulled away to look directly at Tristan. He was shocked at first, but then felt elated at the boys words. With a bright smile he leaned down a laugh on his lips. Craddling Tristans head between his arms, he pressed his nose against the others, "Yeah? I really like you too, Tristan. A lot, like... so much that I just... cant hold it in anymore," he turned slightly and kissed him again, except there was no teasing in this one. He kissed the boy for a long while, trying to contain himself but failing miserably. When he stopped, he was flushed and out of breath, almost like he had been when Tristan had kissed him a little while ago, "I... really... want you, Tristan." he said softly.

Tristan returned the kisses but then mind went completely blank when he heard those next words. He stared at the other for a second. It wasn't that he didn't comprehend the meaning. He just couldn't form an answer. "Soran," he whispered back finally, "I really want you too."


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Kilia and Jonathan

If it wasn't one thing, it was another. True to his word, Jonathan went to a clearing after dealing with Kilia, and then dueled the Ghost of Darion the Turncoat. The fight lasted almost till midnight for him. He felt worn out, and beat up to say the least. So he stayed in his room and dealt with his own wounds. The one on his cheek from Creia, and her words on his anger filled wager against Oni, were on his mind. Not to mention how Darion commented on it.

"Laughable! Are you trying to preach for your own Atonement? It does not matter, Would be Knight, how many times you try to cry out for forgiveness, it shall never erase your own guilt nor the fact your ancestor humiliated me! For a Seventh and final try, Damian really scraped the bottom didn't he?"

The words felt like blows to him. He felt thoroughly angered, yet that was giving way to guilt, and for Jonathan, whenever guilt came to mind, sickness was not too far behind.

Kilia ended up outside of Jonathan's door. She hesitated briefly. His words the day before had struck her hard, confused her to the point that she wasnt sure if she had heard him right or not. She was definitely going to find out exactly what it was that was going on with him recently. Reaching up she knocked on the door albeit a bit rougher than normally. Kilia was a bit miffed at the situation, but perhaps he had his own reasons for not confiding in her. Still though.... she knocked again, "Jonathan," she called, using his full name so that he knew she meant business this time. She would still heal him of whatever injuries he had, but she really wanted to talk to him too, thoroughly.

Jonathan jumped in alarm, almost hitting the cut with a little too much medication to prevent infection. "Ouch! Gosh dang it." Kilia was knocking on his door, and she didn't sound happy, it was only then he realized finally that Grayson's force field was not sound proof. Quickly he hurried and put his back to the books he borrowed in an attempt to hide them, and he also made sure he wasn't at all looking like he was sick, but he was starting to slowly pale in the way he looked in guilt-sickness.

"It's open!" He said in the most normal tone he could think of.

Kilia opened it and stepped in, her gaze falling to where he was almost immediately. Without a word, she closed the door and leaned on it a bit heavily before moving towards him. Sitting down in front of him, she still didnt say anything as she opened the system and worked the spell to show her the injuries. Dragging it off, she dropped the golden glow on him. There were several cuts, and a handful of bruises but otherwise he was fine. She sighed a bit in relief, "Alright hold still for a while," she said as she worked on the next spell to heal him.

"Don't even think about it Kilia. You look worn out as it is." Jonathan stated, trying to keep his cool and composure. "How's the shoulder? You need a sling?" He was desperately trying to not crack under the sudden pressure his mind started to give him from Her presence. Almost as if she wasnt there just to touch up his wounds.

"Just, shush for a minute," she countered and continued anyway, "You aren't hurt that badly so it won't be that hard for me to heal alright?" she said and worked on the spell diligently. She was quiet for sometime but as she neared the end of the spell, she glanced up at him, "You have a lot of explaining to do, Jonathan," she said with slightly narrowed eyes and released the spell to heal his wounds.

"What explaning? I don't recall doing anything stupid or unworthy in front of you." Jonathan said, although he started to pale even further as he started to have a queasy feeling in his stomach as his wounds were healed. "I mean, so I decided to try and think to myself during the past few days. But that's not anything worthwhile to banter about is it?"

Jonathan knew it was coming, she was definitely not going to let that one blindside her. It was also bad timing when Damian finally showed up. "Hey Robin how was Darion-oooooh....uhhm." Damian said to him before seeing his situation. "Am I interrupting something?"

Jonathan wiggled several of his fingers, one would say to relieve some stress but it was also a code phrase for Damian to be quiet or the situation would get much much worse.

As the green glow faded away after healing his cuts and bruises, Kilia glowered up at him, "Nothing stupid or unworthy? Really Jonathan!? Than what was all that about dueling this Oni, and making him bring back the dead! Are you out of your mind! You idiot!" she yelled as she stood up. However, between the amount of spells she had used and her own angry voice, she stumbled and fell forward towards him.

Jonathan didn't have time to react or catch her as he didn't want to hurt her bad arm. So he grabbed her waist and both fell onto the bed. "And who else did you heal then? Some of the others?" Jonathan asked slightly amused. "I meant what I said to that goddess. Maybe it is my own guilty conscience, maybe it's the ghost of my ancestor, or maybe it's the right thing to do, I said it and I cannot take it back."

Jonathan looked away from her to avoid her stern gaze, the one cut on his cheek has now turned into some form of intricate scar and was facing Kilia. "I'm sorry you had to hear my own rage, I feel like a fool..."

"Idiot," she said softly, "You are a fool," she continued with a frown. Heaving a heavy sigh, she shook her head a bit against the pillow. It was starting to get rather comfortable where she was laying and she tried to ignore the fact that he was laying with her. That was certainly difficult, especially since she wanted to stay mad at him, which was only slightly working, "Robin. Don't go off and duel this stupid Oni person, thing, God, whatever. I-I know that he... killed mom," she breathed and looked away to continue, "But. Even you can't bring back whats already lost. Yes, it hurts. Yes she was all I had, and yes I do want her back. But... honestly Robin. I know she can't come back. There is nothing you can do for that. But there is one thing you can do, for me," she said softly, turning to look up at him.

For a moment she paused then reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down, "You can be here for me. Thats enough. I have you, and I have Alauric and Grayson and everyone else. Just be here for me and no more stupid irrational threats or taunts or whatever. Or else," she said firmly. With a sigh she buried her face into his chest, "And one more thing," she added, though her voice was muffled, "You are going to tell me everything from now on. Starting right now. You keep mentioning ghost of your ancestor. Now start talking, and tell it truly," she said as she hugged him.

Jonathan felt almost close to feeling guilty for even trying to do what he was planning to do and not tell Kilia, she almost felt like she accepted her loss. But she then started to embrace him in a hug, then demanded she be told everything from now on. Starting at that moment with Damian.

"What if I told you, the ghost of the Grey Knight has haunted me, since I was sixteen?" He asked her seriously. "And that he was in this room at this moment, and he may leave for now thanks very much!"

Damian shrugged. "Don't rush anything, sure tell her everything. Let's see if she thinks your sane afterwards!"

"That's what Veia sensed with me. He's been trying to find a replacement in his bloodline to become a knight ever since his passing, or he's not gonna cross over. I'm his seventh and last chance. If I fail, he's hellbound. On another note, he eavesdropped on Alauric and... Your mom and not told me about it. Believe me or not, that is the truth. Except for one little secret I think you already know."

Kilia frowned as she held onto him and listened. A ghost follows him? The Grey Knight hu? The same that my family told stories of... she thought to herself. It was amazing and scary at the same time. She glanced around the room even though she knew she couldnt see him at all, "This ghost is the same in the picture at my home, isnt he? Well... that just made things interesting I suppose," she said with a sigh, "I already know your a knight, I mean you brandish that amazing sword of yours all the time so why not. Not to mention... the way you talk sometimes," she looked up at him and giggled a bit, "Its kinda old fashioned, Robin," she said with a smile. Settling herself, she glanced around again, "Hey... is he... here? Your ancestor?"

"Yes, he's here... But I feel this is a rather private moment so he should leave whilst I have my hands full." Jonathan said with a smirk on his face. "His first name is Damian. And no, I haven't found a way for him to show himself to others."

"Hey! Come on! There are certain rules ya know! I mean, wait...hands full, private? Jonathan, you're gonna?" Damian asked trying to add two and two together.

"Though, I could try one way, yet I wonder if it'll work. It pertains to a small secret you already know." Jonathan said softly So only she could hear.

"A secret I only know?" she replied. It took her a moment and then she flushed scarlet red, "R-Robin!" her voice squeaked as she recalled the night that he had told her he loved her. She hardly remembered due to the situation at the time, but his words had stuck.

"Yes, that." Jonathan said as he pressed his lips against hers. He held the kiss for a few moments then pulled back. "I love you, Kilia Linovahle."

"Finally the idiot does it!" Damian said with a bit of satisfaction before realizing something. "Wait, if she says those three words as well...crap! Gotta hide!" Damian rushed for the bathroom and leaped into the tub to hide himself.

Kilia thought that her face was going to explode as he leaned down and kissed her full on. She gasped a bit but her voice was muffled right after. As he pulled away, she was breathless and unable to think properly, "Robin..." she breathed, watching him for a long while. Finally she smiled, "This is what I mean. You are so old fashioned," she laughed a bit, "I love you too, thank you," she said and pulled him back for another, longer kiss.

"Crap, she can now see me.." Damian muttered to himself from his hiding place. "Least she won't see me in here!"

Jonathan watched her reaction slowly as she smiled and reaffirmed that this is what she meant as she confirmed her love for him and pulled him back for another kiss. Now it was his turn to be slightly shocked. The red color that rushed to his cheeks as she kissed him was like a wildfire. "Then I'll be here for you...always." Jonathan said within his mind.

Kilia pulled away so that she could breathe. Her gaze was languid as she looked up at him, "Wow, I... never realized... how amazing you are, Robin," she tilted her head, feeling her long tendrils of pink hair shifting on the pillow, "Yes, I think I fell in love with you a long time ago," she said, somewhat to herself as she smiled again, "stay here a while longer please," she said as she curled her fingers together in his hair.

Jonathan looked down at the beautiful woman before him, who was actually confessing that she was in love with him for a long time. At her request he only smiled as he leaned close so their noses would touch. "As you wish Kilia." He replied softly.


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Unusual to his nature, Rethyn gently opened the door to the training room as he walked inside. Usually the young man would just teleport into rooms he pleased, but he knew it was something the others didn't like too much. He would have to try to improve on that over time, but he held no promises as of yet.

"Grayson?" Rethyn said into the room after a long pause. At first he didn't seem to see the guardian. Tilting his head for a moment, Rethyn sighed lightly before walking over to the wall. He would just have to wait for the man it seemed. He could of sworn he heard him down the hall, but Rethyn began having doubts as he still had yet seen the man.

The man in question had probably not gotten enough sleep from the day before, yet he actually got scolded himself for stretching himself out. Alauric had to remind him that he was out of it, no one would be there to protect him. He hadn't been thinking, just worried all around for the others in the room. If anything had happened...well he put that thought out of his head. He sighed as he went back upstairs, understanding that Rethyn wanted to speak to him about something.

He walked through the open door and saw the other, "You wanted to see me," he said.

"Yeah." Rethyn replied. "I need your help." As much as Rethyn didn't want to show weakness, this wasn't about him, it was about Tristan and the promise he made to him.

Getting off from the wall, Rethyn walked over to Grayson as his face did not seem as cold as it once was. Something about Rethyn was different as the eyes of the young man had lost their edge and stand offish nature they once held. Extending out his blade he asked evenly "Do you know if there's a way to make this able to cut through barriers? I cannot help my seer if the enemy has me locked down. Even if can't do that is there a way you can show me how to be more effective against these kinds of foes?"

Grayson eyed the sword Rethyn was giving him, somehow knowing and he slightly grinned. "I can work a spell yes, but I am guessing Tristan gave you that...or perhaps did something drastic with it..." he started to chuckle. "Damn that boy..." he sighed. "Sit, let me work on this spell and give you a small history lesson as well." He didn't know if Rethyn would be up for such a thing, but he had to be careful, he still wasn't a hundred percent and the spell would take longer than usual.

With a small nod uncommon words came from Rethyn. "Thank you, Grayson." With that he dropped down as he sat in front of Grayson. "So, what's this history lesson?" He asked with a tilted head. "Is it going to help me defeat the enemy?"

Leaning into his palms at his sides, Rethyn was curious. Was Grayson going to teach him a great weakness of the gods? Or was this to just pass the time?

Grayson sat down, pulling off a starter spell and would build up from there, "It could," he said as a glow extended in front of him. "That isn't an ordinary sword you hold in your hands, it once belonged to an guardian a long time ago. One who didn't really want to be a guardian in the first place, but well he didn't really have a choice in the matter." He stopped as the glow got a little bit bigger, Kinda like many of us have a choice in the matter, he thought to himself.

"His seer was a great magic user, strong, confident...a little full of herself. A trait that runs through her family as it is," he chuckled slightly at that. "She would go out looking for gods to challenge...well cause that is what she wanted to do, and well he didn't have any choice but to follow her."

"Anyways," he continued after a moment of concentration.

The story held Rethyn as he was able to connect to it. He wanted to ask the guardian's name, but he didn't want to interrupt Grayson as he told the story. Eyeing the sword several times he took notice of its glow but held back asking about it. It would be done when it was done. A small grin caught him at the girl challenging gods with the blade. She must of been very skilled.

Grayson had to recollect a memory, "Powerful gods exist in every time, some more powerful in this generation than the next. The god of death found out about this puny human challenging gods. He decided he was going to put an end to her."

Rethyn blinked. "What?" He thought to himself. Shaking his head at Grayson he couldn't be serious. Trying his best to cover up his obvious knowing of this particular god Rethyn asked Grayson "The god of death?" However, his tone seemed a little shaky which meant that either he was lying very well or was just caught in the story.

Grayson paused a tilted his head slightly, "Ah well...ok if you want me to get technical, every religion has a god of death don't they. There can be more then one, it just depends on how you look at it. Yet the god of death...yeah that would be a horrible thing to come upon this earth. Lets call him a minion closely related to death." Grayson had an idea the Rethyn was asking because of some knowledge he particalarly had, but Grayson wasn't going to ask.

"Well...this minion decided that he had enough of the stupid challenges...and well he was going to outright kill the seer. They met at the outskirts of a town, and for days the battle raged. And well it didn't bode well for the area either cause, well when a battle ensues, there seems little care for others." Grayson didn't really sound he cared for that last part.

"The seer and her guardian had finally hit their last legs, and it looked like perhaps the god was going to have his victory. He made one mistake...he actually underestimated the will of human beings. He had the seer corned, bleeding, and down on her knees. She was refusing to beg for her life, instead taunting him, trying to provoke him into killing her. He didn't see her guardian, who had nothing left. He caused a moment distracting that let the seer plunge her blade into the minions heart."

He chuckled slightly..."yeah well human blade against a god, we know that doesn't really work for the most part. He pulled the blade from his chest threw it to the ground. Yet the seer had pulled a spell from magic system that was unexpected. The god began to crack from the inside, she had actually given him feelings. For a god whose only purpose is to destroy...feelings are the greatest weapons. I don't know how she did it, so don't ask me. She supposedly marked the blade with her spell, and gave it to her son when he became seer."

Under his mask Rethyn grinned at Grayson and his tale. So, the blade before him was indeed one to be respected for it did great things. Standing up and arching his back, Rethyn stretched out for a moment and yawned a little. It had been a good tale, it hit a little close to home though on Rethyn. For a moment he had been a little off-guard, but for now he was playing it all as news to him. "Thank you for the history there Grayson." Rethyn said lightly "I shall keep that in mind as I carry on this blades duty to Tristan's family."

"One more thing...,"Grayson looked at him

"Hmm?" Rethyn looked to Grayson.

"A promise on that weapon is a debt not to be forgotten, it will always stand between the people who make it. Even if it is something that one has regrets about, something that at times you wish to stands." His voice became serious but something was behind that, it was as if he knew what happened the other night. "Now it's done, it will help you break the barriers you wish to break, if you ever feel the spell wearing off, bring it to me. It won't last forever, but it will at least last for awhile."

Rethyn tilted his head at Grayson. He begun to ask questions to himself silently. Had Grayson been watching him and Tristan? If so that would mean Grayson knew about him and saw him in that moment of weakness. Doing his best to not dwell on what could of been so, Rethyn gave a slow nod to Grayson after a painfully long pause. "Thank you Grayson, I shall remember your words and hold up the honor of this blade as well as the honor of my word."

Grayson nodded in return, now a little tired after the spell. "Now excuse me, I need a nap," he said getting up and quietly leaving the room.

After Grayson had left the room Rethyn stood alone. Smiling under his mask he said the words to himself. "Thank you, friend." Balling up his hands, Rethyn felt an excitement of which he had not felt since his first life. Besides his own seer perhaps he made a friend.


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#, as written by girlwt
Later that night

"Alauric!" Soran called, trying to find the man as he moved quickly through the house. This was important! It was imperative! It was.... Soran rounded a corner and promptly hit the side of the wall without thinking, "Ow!! Damnit! Who put that there!" he yelled in frustration but blushed because he knew the wall actually belonged there, "Alauric! I need to talk to you, er... well I need to talk to everyone but..." now he was mumbling to himself.

A door opened in another hallway, "Fuck...," apparently someone stubbed his toe, "Whose calling my name," Alauric's voice came from nearby, he could be heard walking fast down the hallway. He stopped abruptly as he almost ran into Soran, "Soran do you know what time it is," he said with a serious tone, "You almost gave me a heart attack."

He stumbled a bit, "Ah, shit- I mean... crap, uh... crap... Sorry Alauric," he stuttered, "I-I know what time it is, Im really sorry, I would have come sooner but I was.... umm," his face immediately went bright red. Shaking his head furiously he cleared his throat, "A-anyway! I need to talk to everyone and you especially. You see, I was just about to get some sleep and then I had this idea and it woke me up and now I cant sleep. Alauric, I want to go to that town. The one that we... saw the other night."
Alauric yawned, "Well let me listen, and we can fill everyone else in the morning, is that okay"

Soran nodded eagerly, "Yeah, okay. Well, here let me start with this," he swiped open his magic system and pulled off what he had been working on just moments before rushing out of Tristan's room, "here, its a communication device for us," in his hand dropped a slender looking device with a single hook on it and an ear bud. Extending down from the earbud was the slender microphone, "I modified it so that only people who have it from my system can use it and we can all contact each other. I... don't know the range on it yet or if it works under ground or in concrete buildings. Which is one reason why I want to go to that destroyed town. It would be perfect to test these. The other reason I want to go is because I want to test something else. When I was working on my illusion yesterday after the attack and over took Criea's, she completely shattered mine and I felt it. Something like that has never happened before. I want to see if I cant trace something like that with my system. Almost like a residue of sorts left behind when a God or Goddess cast particularly powerful spells. So... I wanted to see if I could do that." he finally finished explaining, and for the briefest moment realized exactly what it was he was saying. He glanced up to Alauric and prayed the man wouldn't yell at him.

"Ok so, let me repeat what you are saying, you created a communication device...which I do see the usefulness in that, but the other want to trace a goddess' spell. Why, where do you think it will actually lead."

Soran reached up and scratched at his cheek a bit, looking away from the older Seer, "Umm, well. I thought that if I could trace it, then I could detect it before they ever sneak up on us again like they keep doing, those rat bastards... I mean!" Soran flushed and looked back up at Alauric with a small, hopefully, innocent smile, "Its just a starting point really. If I can trace it, then I can detect it, but I have to trace it first."

Alauric stood there he was really thinking about what Soran was saying, knowing when the 'rat bastards' were coming was an advantage. Yet, "I really don't know Soran, its risky, and sending you or anyone for that matter."

Soran swallowed dryly, "Funny thing was, I was originally going to go do this myself, probably with Peter to tag along, but I think Tristan would probably have my as- butt on a hot plate, and that wouldn't be fun really. Um, don't tell him that was my original plan he will kill me for sure. So, then I thought that maybe all of us together would be alright. A-and we could have Tristan and Grayson use that one spell they did to see the place. We could see if any Gods or anything are there. If not, then... we would be alright."

Alauric looked at Soran for a second, the kid had a good idea. "We will be more exposed out there," he said, "maybe that can be helped someway. Can we discuss this with the others though before a final decision is made."

"Y-yeah! So... in the morning then... Okay, thank you Alauric and... sorry for waking you, Ill try not to do that often," he said with a faint blush.

"Yeah, yeah...," he muttered as he turned back to his bedroom, "you should get some more rest as well."

That Morning

Kilia yawned. It was so early. Why were they up early again? Oh yeah... Soran wanted to tell us something she reminded herself and made her way to the training room with Johnathan in tow. Making her way up to the second floor of the Belvedere home, she mumbled to herself about wanting peaches. She was hungry and something sweet and juicy was exactly what she was in the mood for. Opening the door to the room, she spotted most of the gang there already. Soran was just about bouncing as he was waiting for everyone. How the hell does he have so much energy right now? she complained to herself. Kilia wasnt a morning person in the lest. Taking a seat on the floor she stretched and yawned.

"Ah man, Soran, why so early?" she complained, puffing up her cheeks a bit.

"Sorry," he said with a smile, "I couldnt wait any longer," he glanced over to Tristan before looking around the room, "Ill start when everyone is here."

"And what was it you couldn't wait for any longer?" Jonathan asked very bluntly. He was blunt in the morning. Always was. Always will be. But that didn't stop something from slapping the back of his head.

"Rise and shine Jonny boy!" Damian shouted at him. He was walking to an elusive spot So that he was within earshot of the two so he could make signals and suggestions to them.

Kilia saw the ghost from the corner of her eye and she couldnt help the laugh that escaped her, "Well, what a wake up call there Robin," she grinned.

Alauric and Grayson were standing against the wall, Alauric had already filled in his guardian on what was happening, and told Soran since it was his idea he would have the floor. Tristan though didn't really look that happy for some odd reason. He wanted to go back to bed...for more then one reason.

Standing a little ways away from his Seer, Rethyn stood with his sheathed sword between his arms. He had not exactly had his night like shift end just yet and seemed wide away still. Glancing over at his Seer he took notice of the look upon his face but didn't say anything about it. Looking to the rest of the group he said "Morning everyone."

"It's not A good Mornin laddie...." Peter said, half dragging himself to the room. "Soran, what kakamane scheme did ya come up with now little buddy??"

Jonathan looked at Kilia and whispered softly. "Don't acknowledge him, he'll only cause more antics and make us look crazy talking to him." Damian was chuckling at the reactions Kilia gave him as he prepared for his usual eavesdropping thing.

Sorans face flushed, "L-little! Im not little! Wait... never mind thats not the point," he stuttered, his voice cracking just a bit as it squeaked slightly, "A-anyway. Sorry for the early morning. I was up all night," he coughed hard, face a brilliant red.

"It's okay to be little." Rethyn interjected before going quiet again. His attempts at social interactions were very much so lacking.

Soran turned to him and opened and closed his mouth, unsure of how to take that, "I-I... oh fine, whatever. Anyway! On topic here!" Soran said, desperately trying to keep things off of his small size though he was blushing furiously once more and seemingly cursing himself. Kilia tried to keep her giggling to herself as she nodded to Jonathan in regards to ignoring Damian.

Soran cleared his throat and opened his magic system. Pulling off the item he had created the night before he showed it to everyone.

"This is a communications device, like a radio except it only works with others like this one from my system. No one else can tap into or listen in to its frequency because its directly linked through my magic system, which is really next to impossible to hack into," he grinned a bit as he showed the little device, "Now. The only things I don't know about it are the range and if it works in concrete buildings or underground or anything like that. I have two proposals," he started off great, but then slowed down. He was desperately trying not to look at Tristan or Alauric for that matter.

"I... need to test these and I wanted to test them at the destroyed city that we had seen. The other reason I want to go there is because the other day during the fight with Criea, when she broke my system I sort of felt her power and I want to see if I can trace a Gods power. If I can trace it, then I can build a system off of that to detect it."

"Jonathan...Jonathan! Bail out! Bail out! Bad idea! No go!" Damian started wheezing out in lowered whispered like stances.
"Would it be possible for me to take one teleport into the city, test it, then teleport back here?" Rethyn asked.

"Or better yet, test it in the Backyard into the woods for a few miles. Also, to the second proposal, are you out of your mind? We can't risk anyone's safety on something that could potentially kill any of us trying to get something as ambitious as a Radar." Jonathan said in a manner of a debating tone.

"Oh sure, like going toe to toe with big bad Oni to try and restore lives lost wasn't a stupid idea Laddie?" Peter said in a peeved tone. He hadn't had Anything to eat and was becoming extremely crabby at the nearest person he saw. Namely at the moment, Jonathan.

Alauric looked at the people in the room, and sighed. So many different was a bad thing. He looked at his son for second...Tristan was being extremely quiet.

Rethyn's tone shifted in annoyance. "If I am correct Soran here said he wanted it to go in the city, not the woods. And to defend my "insane" point, you don't seem to realize how fast I can preform this act. My max range of distance is roughly around two miles. I could flash in, test two words into the device and flash back here. But you know, don't listen to me I am crazy." Rethyn rolled his eyes.

Soran raised up his hand shaking his head a bit, "Alright alright, damn. Rethyn, though you do have a point, I already know for a fact they wont work at that distance. That city, town, whatever, is like four hours from here, thats too far. And, Jonathan, though the idea of testing the distance in the forest is great, what I need to test is concrete buildings and things like that. A city is the perfect setting"

"Then you may leave me out of it. I will not risk it just to test communications and pull off a suicide mission. Even if one idea is better then the other." Jonathan said. "And tell your guardian keep his nose out of MY affairs."

"Alright fine...the hell?" Soran was caught off guard at the request.

"Oh, oh your affairs is it hero?" Peter retorted as he began to circle around Jonathan. "Your Affairs? I'm sorry about this but you're out of Line boyo with me. Dont piss me off either. I can lick you any day, anytime!"

Jonathan swiftly punched him in the jawline sending Peter back a ways. "Bad mistake Boyo." Peter muttered.

Soran sighed heavily and glanced over to Alauric, "A little help please," he mouthed.

Alauric sighed again, and nodded toward his guardian, Grayson grinned slightly as he put himself between the boys, "Either one of you two move again, you will be shut inside a barrier all day, except for your hands, which I will glue together. Let the boy finish..please."

"Thank you," Soran sighed, "Maybe should have waited till after breakfast," he muttered to himself as he ran a hand through his hair, "Well if no one else is willing, than Ill just do it myself which was the original idea-" he shut up real quick then and coughed
hard, "I-I will do it. It wont take me long anyway. I just need a few things," he continued a bit louder than before, "And we can always look at the area too using that spell you and Grayson used the other day," Soran waved his hand at Tristan but didn't look at him, "To see if anything is there, like another God or something. If there isn't anything there then I can go and do this real quick. It will be easy and Ill be back by the end of the day."

Alauric knew that Soran going alone was a bad idea, " you have an opinion," he asked out of curiosity, he wanted to hear what everyone had to say


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#, as written by Siryn
Kilia and Company

Peter glowered at Jonathan who only stared back in an almost calm relaxed manner. "You and me Boyo, after Breakfast." Peter stated angrily.

"If you insist." Jonathan said calmly.

Kilia barely caught Alaurics words through the other two boys. She stood up and glowered at Jonathan for a moment, "Good god, you two, knock it off," she said and walked between them to better se Alauric and Soran, "Well... I have to admit it’s really dangerous and I really don’t know if it’s worth the risk. On the other hand, being able to tell when a God is coming before it comes could really help a lot. We have been struggling lately against them because they tend to pop up on us without any warning. Especially the stronger ones. They have been getting through the barrier with ease these days, which has me worried," she tapped her lip gently as she watched Soran who looked relieved that at least one person was on his side for the moment.

Shrugging she looked over to Alauric, "If he goes, I am going. You’ll need someone who can heal should something happen. But I insist on looking at the place first before we even go. Or!" she brightened up as if an idea had struck her, which it had, "Rethyn! How many people can you teleport at once? I mean, if we check it out from here, make sure it’s clear, and then have Rethyn teleport some of us there, we could have this done even faster than driving out there."

Soran mentally thanked Kilia a million times, but he was worried about Tristan out of all of them. He hadn’t said a word yet and that was scary in and of itself.

Jonathan raised an eyebrow at Kilia's proposal but he then sighed with relief at the amendments she made to the plan to make it quick and efficient. "That's my Girl." He muttered to himself in an almost praiseworthy manner.

"Wait... Are you?? You're sweet on the girl!!!" Peter said in slight surprise.

Alauric shook his head, before he turned to Rethyn, he looked to where his son was supposed to be...when had Tristan left and no one noticed. "Um...well Rethyn, I guess that leaves the questions that Kilia asked you, which I am kind of curious about myself."

This is resting on you Rethyn, Soran thought frantically as Alauric called for his attention to the matter. It wasn’t until that moment that he noticed Tristan’s absence from the room. His chest experienced a heavy pressure then as if something heavy were sitting on him. Soran swallowed dryly wondering where the other boy had gone and what he was thinking. It couldn’t have been good. Soran frowned as he looked down at the floor, flipping the little device between his fingers unconsciously while he stood there. Tristan... you’re not mad are you? Maybe... God I hope he isn’t. This is going to be hard to deal with, he was a bit lost in thought then.

Rethyn's eyes shifted to Kilia as the question was asked. He never thought about teleporting them along with him. Thinking about the question he lowered his chin for a moment as dipped off into thought. A moment later he looked back to her as he said "I can take just about everyone here. My distance will be reduced however, and only after a few teleports my energy will be sapped faster. However, if I were to take a smaller group it wouldn't be as strenuous." Rethyn breathed gently through his mask as he finished with. "If I go to hard I will lose consciousness, my body would have to be watched over...I would prefer that not to happen."

Kilia nodded, "Well then. Like I said, I will go if Soran is going, which I think he is. In that case, we won’t all go. Only a few of us. How many exactly, Rethyn?" Kilia asked, watching him as she held her chin between a few fingers, an arm over her chest with the other settled atop it.

Rethyn brought his fist to the chin of his mask as he thought again. "I would have to say three would be the best number of people. It would be hard, but I can manage that number."

Kilia smiled gently, "Alright, well then I think it’s decided. Me, you, Soran and Tristan...." she looked around the room, "Who isn’t here... damn. Alright, someone has to go tell him," she said, her gaze leaning over to Soran who blushed furiously.

"Yeah yeah, I’ll tell him," the blonde Seer said. Kilia smiled and nodded. Looking to Alauric, there was one last person to get permission from.

"So, what do you say Alauric? Or is this up to us for now?"

Alauric looked at the floor for a second, not really knowing if he liked this idea or not, "I say give it go..."

"Alright. Then it’s settled for sure," Kilia nodded. Soran gave a sigh as he felt a slight bit of tension release.

Soran left the room like everyone else did, he had to find Tristan, one to figure out why he left and two to tell him that he was going with them to the city. Rushing down the stairs he wondered where it was the boy had gone to. His heart pounded hard as he bit his lip.

Kilia turned to the two boys still seemingly glaring at each other as if they wanted to tear each other apart, "Really?" she asked in a sharp tone, one hand up on her hip, "This early in the morning?" With a roll of her eyes she stormed past them to go down to the kitchen, "Well, I’m making something to eat, you two hot heads can either come eat with me or take your stupid squabble outside," she said and gave Jonathan a meaniful look before she disappeared down the stairs.

Bringing a hand to the back of his neck, Rethyn rubbed it gently as he walked over to one of the chairs to take a seat. His night shift sleeping pattern was almost up as the daylight was coming. Dropping his head back he wanted to sleep, but he was worried that someone would take his mask from his face. He was trying to give more trust but it was hard. He couldn't, he wasn't ready yet.

Jonathan looked at Kilia's retreating figure and calmly walked to follow her. "Coming Kilia!" he said as he hurried. Peter sighed as his own stomach grumbled as he silently agreed with his own stomach and ran like a fire. Peter can have plenty of time to fight the upstart later.

Jonathan managed to catch up with Kilia At the bottom of the stairs. "Sorry about that honey... He was asking for a punch to his face." Jonathan explained calmly trying to not anger her further.

"I'd say that meeting went a little well. Nice save there Missy by minimizing time and risk." Damian said keeping his pace with the two. "Jonny boy, nice left hook. Let's see if that upcoming sparring session does anything useful later on though. Speaking of sparring I interrupted your moment while asking...did Darion rough ya up some?"

"Let's get off that party wagon before too many questions are raised on that session." Jonathan muttered in total embarrassment. "Didn't have time to explain to Kilia that yet." Jonathan flushed red at the thought of it. How would he tell her he had to fight against the ghost of Damian's mortal enemy the other night??

Soran, in the meantime, knocked on the door to Tristan’s room, hoping he was there. If he wasn’t he was going to have to scour the entire house for him.

From inside the room it was safe to say Tristan had been sulking, and thinking, and then sulking. When he heard the knock though his heart went in a rapid motion. "Go away," was his first response, still to mad at Soran.

Soran sucked in a sharp breath, his head raising to look at the door in shock, eyes wide. Hurt crossed his features as he bit his lower lip and turned a full circle before he opened his mouth and leaned against the door, "Tristan... I’m sorry. What are you mad about? Did I... say something?" he asked, though he was almost a hundred percent sure he knew what it was.

The door suddenly opened, "What the fuck, Soran...," Tristan looked at with anger in his eyes, "Don't play stupid and naive now, you know exactly why I am angry." He didn't want everyone to hear this conversation though, "Come in, close the fucking door after you do." He walked back over to his bed and threw himself on it.

Soran gasped as the door opened for him. What met him though, wasn’t the nice, sweet Tristan he was used to. This was the Tristan he had seen the very first night they had met, except now the red haired boys anger was directed at him. Soran couldn’t speak, he couldn’t find his voice as he stared at the other, speechless and shaking slightly. As the other Seer retreated into the room, he followed slowly, his footsteps like lead, and closed the door. He pressed himself against it, staring at the floor unsure of what to say. "Tristan... I..." his voice was soft as he stood there, "Sorry. I won’t go alone, I promise."

Tristan looked at him slightly in disbelief, "What...that is what you thought I was mad about, and yes I know you won't fucking go alone, I am going with you, and you can't say anything about it." Tristan sighed trying very hard to calm himself down, "I really thought you trusted me, yet you couldn't tell me any of this last night. And don't think I didn't notice you missing, that sort of hurt you know. You went to my Dad before everyone else...even me." Tristan was just a mess of emotions at the moment, he didn't know what to say to the other.

"Tristan..." Soran gasped. Wow... I was sooo wrong he thought to himself, "I-I’m so sorry... I... honestly thought you were asleep... after all that," he scratched at his cheek, blushing again, "Tristan... I didn’t mean to leave you out, I really didn’t," he said and stepped away from the door. He knelt down next to the bed and put his arms up on it where he propped up his head, "Tristan?"

"Soran..." Tristan was ready to forgive the other, he had been since the knock on the door, but he wasn't have a hard time saying the words, "I need to know that you are actually going to let me in on things before running into danger. I told you last night...I want to protect you in everything."

Sorans gaze grew soft, he felt the threatening burn of tears as he knelt there, "Sorry, Tristan. I didn’t mean to blindside you. I really wasn’t thinking about it like that. I promise that from now on you will be the very first person I talk to about anything, okay?"

"Oh god...did I sound that selfish," Tristan was trying to figure out if he wanted to laugh or cry, "Soran, I am were right with you said I was possessive, god I can't even think straight when you are around, what kind of person would I be when you need me the most. I don't want anything to happen to you."

Soran laughed lightly, dropping his head into the crook of his arm to hide his tears, "It’s alright," he said softly, "You shouldn’t be apologizing. I can’t think either when you’re around. Jeez... look at the pair we make," he muttered. With a slight sniffle, he lifted his head to look at the red haired boy, "So, Rethyn says that he can only take a few of us. It’s you, Kilia, him and me. We should probably get ready soon. I would like to get this done today if at all possible. Is that alright?" he asked, tilting his head slightly.

"You wanted to check out the area before right," he asked, wondering if he had heard that before his left.

"Oh right! Yes, let’s do that first!" Soran said, nearly jumping up to his feet as he remembered that small detail of the plan. As he got to his feet though, his stomach gave a protesting growl and he blushed furiously. With a slight laugh he reached up and ran his fingers through his hair shyly, "Perhaps we should eat first?"

Tristan chuckled, "Yes...I am a little hungry myself," but the way he was saying it, it didn't sound like he was talking about food.

Soran flushed even more as he retreated towards the door, "H-hey, I meant f-food, Tristan... besides... what about... last night?" he squeaked the last part, his voice rising in pitch without his really wanting it too. His fingers curled around the handle, "Hey! Food!"

Reaching the entrance to Tristan's room Rethyn peaked in as he said to Tristan and Soran. "I'd just thought I mention...I ate the last slice of cheese last night. This house is completely empty on food. Perhaps a little looting wouldn't be too frowned upon when we head to the city?

Tristan was about head towards Soran, when his guardian peeked in, "Wait what, we can't be out of food, Grayson would never allow that."

Soran clutched his chest at the sudden voice that came behind him as the door slowly pulled open, "Rethyn!" he stumbled forward in shock and surprise right into Tristan.

Tristan put his arm around Soran, just more of a reflex then anything.

Ah! He caught me.... crap.... now he'll eat me.... Aw man! he froze in Tristan’s grip, a strange fear washing over him as he thought about how Tristan had just spoken to him. He tensed up and looked up at the other boy, "Um... y-you arent thinking what I think you are, right? I-I mean... we really should go get some breakfast, Tristan... Seriously, food, food is good.... I’ll need it to keep my energy," he was bumbling but he couldn’t help it. He was trembling in Tristan’s grip, but at the same time enjoying it

"You both are obvious." Rethyn said rather venomously. Turning around and grasping the door handle Rethyn shut it rather slowly as his eyes held an icy glare. "At least lock the door." He said just before finally closing the door.

As the door closed, Sorans gaze grew wide, Seriously! He’s just going to leave me! And close the door! Looking back up to Tristan he tried to smile, "U-uh... Hi..."

Tristan looked down at Soran, still a little confused, sort of wondering why Rethyn looked like that, "Relax Soran, I was teasing before...but since I caught you, how about a kiss." He didn't want to scare the other, so this time he was asking for permission.

Soran stood up straight, though he didn’t really get any taller or anything, "You don’t need to ask," he said and reached up to drag him down for the kiss requested.

Tristan let the other drag him down until their lips met. It lasted only a minute or two, before Tristan had the same problem that Soran did and his stomach growled loudly. He stood up, "Ok...right food, but you know he is right, we really should lock the door."

Soran laughed, "Yeah... he does have a point. Okay time to eat and then it’s off to business. Come on," he said and pulled the door opened.


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Later that day

"Alright," Soran said, "Lets see whats there," he looked to Tristan as he spoke.

Tristan had pulled up the area, but gave the widest view of the area as zooming in cost more energy. It was clearly seen how much destruction was present, "Grayson anything." Grayson was concentrating on the area. "I felt faint aura's...but nothing like what was there before."

Soran was nearly bouncing, "So then we are good to go, right?" he glanced between them. Kilia nodded a bit as she stood there, watching the area too.

"Those faint auras, Grayson, that means that whatever was there is gone, right?"

Grayson tried to pick them up to to figure out, "It could be from them, it could be someone else, an ex-seer perhaps. I am having trouble really determining the cause of it." Tristan glanced at Grayson remembering his words from the other day. Grayson looked at him, knowing his thoughts and shrugged his shoulders.

"Seems like something then. But I still would be on your guard Kilia." Jonathan said, watching the screen carefully. "Since I'm not there the moment you see trouble, get Rethyn to pull you out." There was genuine worry in his voice. He felt almost torn about staying behind. He didn't want to lose her. Not when so much has happened already.

Kilia smiled at him, "Ill be fine, I promise," she said, gently touching his arm, "Besides, they are good fighters, nothing will happen, I promise. Well be back really soon."

Soran nodded, "Are you ready, Rethyn?"

"Wait," Tristan let the spell go out as he stood, "Soran...take Peter instead."

"What?! No way. I don't want to wear my energy out before the big Spar match I got with fancy pants over there!" Peter shouted angrily. "I'll knock his ears right off I will!"

"Oh stop complaining, we've postponed as it was to make sure I have Kilia back safe and sound." Came Jonathan's reply.

Within Tristan's closet, Rethyn had teleports and begun taking a nap. He had been up since the evening until now and it was the usual time he usually went to bed. He knew that he wasn't going to be able to get full rest, but since he knew he was needed he could at least get a nap in. At the time the only worry he had was having his mask removed. He had a good feeling that it wouldn't happen though as they'd never get him to go if they took his mask. Besides, he had gone through the hard work of washing it the previous night. They wouldn't dare touch it.

"Tri-Tristan! I.... why?" Soran was shocked, stunned was an understatement. The red haired Seer had definitely thrown him for a loop.

"He is a better fighter, if not a little hot-headed, and well if you should get possessed, what purpose will I serve in that." He wanted to continue to say everything he was thinking but that would have to wait.

Sorans chest clenched tight. He stared at Tristan for a very long time, trying to figure out something to say but he couldn't. Unfortunately, he knew that Tristan was right though. If something did happen, like a possession, then Peter was the one to take, not Tristan. Still, he felt crushed immensely by the words. Grinding his teeth his gaze went icy cold, "Peter, you're going," he snapped, "Rethyn!" he screamed, " Lets go," hoping to get the other boys attention.

"Fine... But be ready when I get back pretty boyo..." Peter said roughly walking to Soran's side. Tristan was slightly right. But Jonathan still felt uncertain as he sighed nervously. He didn't know which way was up or down at the moment he was so worried.

Tristan grimaced had he made a mistake in his decision, he admitted regretting saying anything. There was reasons, he didn't want to be a distraction, he wanted Soran to be able to focus. He sighed a little and sat back in the corner. "Grayson I sort of thought we could track them, I know it won't serve any purpose for protecting them but...." he stopped trying to figure out what he had done.

Hearing the calls of Soran, Rethyn teleported back. For a moment he seemed bummed at his nap hadn't even really begun. Quickly getting himself over it, Rethyn looked to the others with a blank face as he said quietly "Grab onto me." He didn't really want them to latch onto him, but he accepted this was for the good of the group and not himself. As every member of the mission gathered around him he was surprised to not see Tristan. However, he was not going to question his Seer as he guessed it was for a good reason. As everyone at least placed a hand on him Rethyn spoke in a serious tone. "This may feel weird, but I need you to trust me." Rethyn himself begun to tremble as the human contact of touch was making him a little nervous. Since coming back this was something that had never really happened to him.

With a loud crack! They vanished.

Soran closed his eyes feeling strange as Rethyn took them. He had never been through something like that before, so it took him off guard. When he opened his eyes again, though, after Rethyn was done, he found they were standing in the middle of the rubble. His heart lurched a bit. It was so much more worse in person. Looking around, he noted that the sun was dipping down low to the east. I'll be dark soon. Probably in a few hours he thought to himself. He glowered at the rocky street beneath his feet though. What the hell was that, Tristan... he thought sourly.

"Holy...that felt odd." Peter said to himself. He looked around at the ruined area. "Alright, test your communication doohickey and let's skedaddle out of here!! This place gives me the willys.."

"It's what we might of been able to prevent." Rethyn said darkly as he walked over to a nearby crashed vehicle. He held back his internal shudder at the site as it reminded him of not so pleasant memories. Gazing off into the distance Rethyn could only see fog. The fog brought with it a lifeless feeling of which put the young man on edge. Something felt familiar, but he just didn't know exactly what it was.

Kilia groaned a bit, "That was really loud," she said with a sigh as she rubbed at her ears. Soran nodded in agreement. Swiping his hand to get his magic system, he opened it and worked on the system for a while in total silence. He figured getting the data he needed for the remaining power in the area was what he should start with and then end with testing his communication devices.

Peter looked around feeling as nervous as any other person. He didn't like this place. And Rethyn's grudge against not saving it (along with the lady present's mother) didn't help him calm down In the slightest. He was looking around for any signs of danger. "Soran..hurry up..."

"Yeah, yeah," he waved his hand in annoyance as he worked. He didn't really mean to be so cold to his Guardian, but with Tristans suddenly leaving him, he wasn't feeling up to anything right then. He worked as quickly as he could. Even so, it was still about an hour before he finished the spell he wanted to start tracking the residual power that was still lingering in the air. When he released it off the pad, it let out a pulse that looked like a simple ripple through the air. Shocking himself, he watched as it came back to him and with it, drew in a ton of information. Ill have to take a look at this all back at the house, he thought to himself. Putting that aside, he opened up the communications spell and summoned four of them.

"Here," he called and handed them out to each of them.

"Alright, where do you want us to go?" Kilia asked him gently. Soran frowned slightly before he glanced around the area, "Kilia, go down the street towards that building there," he pointed to a ruined structure with the sign still barely hanging to it. It read something along the lines of Nail Salon. She nodded and started towards it while fixing the communication to her ear. Handing one to Peter, Soran turned and pointed down the street that intersected theirs, "Go down that one, and go inside the building, just inside the door is fine," he said pointing to one that was a little bit farther than where Kilia was heading.

Finally, he handed one to Rethyn, "Um... Go ahead and go down that way," Soran said slowly, pointing behind them, "Go farther than Peter though and maybe go down a street, left or right it doesn't matter. I just want to see if buildings in the way of line of sight do anything, okay?" Soran fixed his own to his ear and looked at the building next to them, "Ill go in this one."

Peter sighed as he ran down the street towards the building, running past several ruins as he does so. He stopped in front of the building and walking in. He didn't like the feeling of being here. He didn't want to be here at all. "This feels too creepy and scary for my tastes..Dullahan might come and get me anytime..." He said, forgetting he had the communication piece on his ear.

Soran laughed a bit, "Well, I can hear you just fine," he teased Peter, "Go in a little further, Im going in the building over here. Kilia?"

"Here," her voice was crystal clear over the communications, "I agree though, this is really creepy out here."