Natheniel Troupe

β€œCon men and tricksters run the world. And do you know why? Because they're hungrier. Because they believe in life more than we do.”

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Nathaniel Troupe

Name: Nathaniel Troupe
Age: 21
Appearance: Rugged looking, yet charmingly so, Nathaniel possesses a youthful exuberance that exceeds his personality. In general, Nathaniel is a man from the city. Business-like and well groomed, he maintains an wardrobe of largely academic attire because they suit his penchant for retro apparel.

Nathaniel's physical frame is above average. His entire body is composed of lean muscles that belly a strength greater than his appearances let on. Standing at a height of 6'2", Nathaniel isn't particularly imposing either. A dark mop of richly curled locks is often nestled beneath his signature gatsby. Juxtaposed with his pale complexion, they present a strikingly appeasing contrast.

Seer or Guardian: Guardian

Skills(Strengths): Nathaniel's power is admittedly something he seldom uses, possibly due to the scarring from his childhood. Even worse, the man has little control over his innate power, further exacerbating his reluctance to rely on it. Essentially, Nathaniel's power is the ability to mirror magic attacks. Its power varies accordingly to scale but Nathaniel can't turn off the ability like some on/off switch. It protects him constantly and more than that, it redirects the original magic attack back at its source. Of course, Nathaniel's resistance isn't infinite and it can't reflect everything. Mainly however, it can't redirect non-magical attacks. If anything, Nathaniel prefers to rely on his quick wits over magic and brawn to resolve life's issues.

Weaknesses: Nathan can't use magic, at least, not in the conventional sense. Though he possesses a firm grasp of its theories, Nathanial is fundamentally incapable of using conventional spells. The cause of this is unknown, though its likely the trade off for possessing his powerful reflective capabilities. Its likely his ineptitude is also attributed to his aversion to magic.

Personality: Nathaniel's personality is the perfect blend of witty narcissism and pragmatic reasoning. As expected of a con man, he's adapt at anticipating reactions and unafraid of manipulating them to further his own agendas. Though one typically associates this behavior with people who lack an appropriate amount of empathy, Nathaniel is far from heartless. Evidenced by his care for his brother, Nathaniel also exhibits a healthy blend of honor and compassion.

He's not easily angered, possessing a naturally high tolerance for discrimination, though he's naturally protective to those he loves. That said, Nathaniel also maintains a necessary level of skepticism having encountered a dazzling array of different roles and individuals. In general, he shys away from magic despite its prevalence in society, preferring to avoid the difficulties he associates with its use.

His humour often verges on the subject of questionable. One of Nathaniel's favourite hobbies was designing elaborate cons for his brother and watching the fireworks. The same doesn't apply to everyone, and ultimately his behaviour alters accordingly for each person, indicating that his true identity lies somewhere in between and is highly adaptable.

History: Often life is simply about finding one's place in the world. Orphaned at the age of nine alongside his younger brother, Harry, this couldn't have been closer to the truth for young Nathaniel. Nathaniel and Harry were the closest of brothers. Having lost their parents to an accident involving magic, the two shuffled between several foster families within the short span of two years, unable to settle roots. Each new family brought about different faces but similar people. Rich kids and ignorant adults. Despite initial hospitalities, the duo always wound up on the road before long, disillusioned.

Eventually they stopped searching for a home. Taken under the wing of a famous con man, the Red Falcon, the brothers learned the ins and outs of being con men and supported each other. Inevitably, their relationship ended on violent terms when the Red Falcon tried to incorporate them into his crime syndicate. During the disagreement, Nathaniel cut off the man's hand as a parting gift during their escape.

Taking his knowledge with them, the pair set out alone and survived as entrepreneurs of subterfuge. As the years passed, Harry developed a need for something more fulfilling in life. Something beyond the lies and simple deceptions. Over the course of the next few years, the brothers rebounded in roles. Harry would often announce his retirement from swindling only to return months later.

During one such similar altercation, Harry once again announced his retirement. He disappeared for months again, but this time never returned. Nathaniel, who'd had been keeping tabs on his brother, is now just starting his investigation.

So begins...

Natheniel Troupe's Story


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#, as written by Siryn
Her finger tapped against the desk as she leaned over trying to read the words that were flowing on the screen before her. The class she was currently sitting in was one on the techniques of using the magic system. More specifically, enhanced magic. Kilia sighed, there was no way she could master any of this, much less pass any test. Her gaze lifted to look to the clock, ten more minutes.

The teacher lectured before her, continuing to try to keep the mass of students attention, but failing for the most part. Her concentration was long gone from the lecture and she sighed yet again. Twisting around she closed the screen before her, leaned back and stared out the window, waiting for the class to end.

Clearly he was too amazing for words. He was going to walk out of class... five minutes early. Admittedly, it wasn't such a grand feat to the more practiced students, not when it came to skipping out on lessons. Despite his laziness, he had always been a stickler for staying up until the last moment. Call it force of habit, whatever. But today, he was spicing things up. Not as dramatically as he would've wanted but ah well, he was sure he could put a flare into his actions later.

He stood up, edging around his desk. The teacher at the front stopped in the middle of their lecture, settling a firm gaze on the boy. "And where do you think you're going, Mr. Lamora?" Oh, he had this. He had this down pat.

"Forty-two E, forty-two E, forty-two E."

Nathaniel moved through the hallway, scanning the rows and columns of lockers that lined the walls. "Forty-two E..."

He came to a halt in front of one of many bland, green lockers and narrowed his eyes at the sticker. "Show me the money," Nathaniel smirked, rubbing his hands together. Reaching into the folds of his pockets, he fished out a pick and wench.

Yurei smirked, the usual devious upturn of his lips accompanying the rather nonchalant way in which addressed the adult. "Hm? Out the door? Naturally, I see a door, I leave through it. Unless it's convention to dive out the window?" The teacher's eyes narrowed as the man paused, glancing down at his class roster.

"Wait a minute..." He trailed off as he looked over his list of students. And here it was. It only took the entirety of the man's lesson to realize something was wrong. The boy casually slid his hands into his pockets, whistling a faint melody as if he wasn't even concerned. "What are you even doing here; you're not even supposed to be in this class, let alone the university." Yurei rolled his eyes.

"Whatever happened to the joy of learning? OPPRESSION." He yelled suddenly, scaring the students in the classroom. He grabbed a nearby chair and without even pausing to think about the consequences, threw it across the room to demonstrate his point. Those damn teachers always trying to get in the way of their students, trying to better themselves. Well okay, maybe he was just screwing around but still.

A few minutes more and the professor would end class. However a sudden yell and crash reverberated through the hall from the classroom just across the way. With the door opened to her own room, Kilia and all the students with her suddenly looked up, shocked at the commotion. Just what was going on over there? Several students stood up and began moving to the doorway, making their way over to see what was going on. The professor, having completely lost his motivation and control, had no way of getting them back into the room.

Kilia followed, curious herself to see what happened. Soon she was out in the hallway, trying to see past the mass of students who stood before her. Damn for being so short... only just barely reaching five feet in height everyone else seemed to tower over her small body. Kilia pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as she moved back and forth trying to see what had happened.

The lock clicked open with a satisfying metallic sound, and swung ajar to reveal the contents of its interior. It was some antiquated style locker, a rarity in this age and not like one of those fancy new ones with retina and finger print scanners. Sometimes it was simply refreshing to not be reminded off that. The oudated lock was also an indicator, and sign that this was well and truly his brother's locker. They both always hated technology, and growing up in the slums often meant doing without it.

Nathaniel inspected the insides, checking every nook and cranny of the tiny cubicle. Nothing. Not even a stray cotton bud. Great, another dead end. He exhaled a belated sigh and scratched the back of his head as he stepped back from the locker.

The chair clamored as it hit against the wall, sliding against the floor with a screeching noise as metal met tile. The teacher looked absolutely aghast at what was transpiring and seemed unable to express anything towards Yurei. Well, not that the boy minded. Hm, now what would be a good finisher here? He had just made the whole point about walking out the door so clearly he couldn't take the normal route out... Wait a minute, there was a window over there...

With the deviousness spreading as his smirk widened, he removed his hands from his pocket, sidestepping around the teacher. "It's been fun~" He chuckled and before there could even be the slightest hint of a protest, he took one of the textbooks stationed on a student's desk and hurled it at the window. The glass promptly shattered--excellent. Hold up, not so excellent, why was the glass so fragile? Someone was going to have to complain to the faculty about that...

Not him obviously.

He grinned at the class and casually took a running start at the window, literally bomb diving out of it with another scream of "DOWN WITH OPPRESSION."

The teacher inside seemed to be arguing with a student. Even though she couldn't see anything, she could hear what was going on clearly now with her proximity. Something about 'its been fun' and then another loud crash from the room which made her jump in surprise, and then a scream that seemed to get steadily softer. An eyebrow raised on her face as she stood at the back of the crowd that had been 'ooh-ing' and 'aw-ing' the entire time.

Distracted by the commotion, Kilia was unaware of the presence that slowly crept up behind her. The presence of a lesser God, but one nonetheless. It was far too late for her to put up any kind of resistance, anything at all that her mother had taught her about. What was worse, her mother's Guardian had left the room, where he'd gone to she wasn't sure. Her heart beat rapidly as she felt the cold fingers of something ethereal press against her back.

Kilia's tiny frame went rigid and she felt as if she couldn't breathe. Eyes wide in shock, she started the fight for her body far too late and in a matter of seconds, she was no longer in control. Fear flooded her mind as all she could do was watch in utter horror as the God that had invaded her waved her right hand and opened the magic system. Her fingers tapped and drew symbols that she didn't even knew existed and when she brought it all together with a single swipe of her hand, what was unleashed was a rocking explosion throughout the hallway that destroyed everything material.

The sound of glass shattering almost made Nathaniel leap out of his skin, but it was the explosion which followed that caused his jaw to gape.

"What in the world?!" Nathaniel cried as books, papers and bits of furniture whirled through the corridor. There were a multitude of screams in response as confused students stared in wonderment or turned tail and ran. The blast was so sudden that Nathaniel barely had time to consider the cause. Who attacks a college? Instinctively he ducked down, narrowly dodging a spinning locker door that had been ripped from its hinges.

In the midst of the chaos, he spotted the source, or so he believed. A student dressed in a dark top had taken to using her interface and was now rampant in the hallway. His eyes widened then, but not because of shock, but because of a sudden urge to help her like an indescribable need.

Screams filled the room and Kilia screamed as well, though no sound escaped her lips. Rather her lips twisted into a wicked smile as she turned, her gaze following some of the students who were racing down the hallway.

Stop! Kilia begged, projecting her thoughts outwards, knowing full well that the God could hear her.

"Why? Not only is this entertaining, but there are many talented humans around, magic flows through this system does it not? A school was the perfect place to come to gain more power," her voice was slightly different than usual as the God answered her plea outloud. She shivered inwardly.

Why? They haven't done anything!

"Doesn't matter. You wouldn't ever understand, little Seer. Oh look! This one hasn't run away yet!" Her fingers tapped on her screen system again, preparing another earth shattering spell as she eyed a figure just down the hall. Kilia gasped as she recognized the person. It was someone she knew a long time ago, he probably didn't even remember her, but she could never forget. He was, after all, her first crush in years.

Don't! Stop this, leave! Get away! She screamed anything that came to mind, hoping that nothing bad would happen.

The world stopped then moved in slow motion. Nathaniel watched as the woman turned towards him and manipulated the buttons of her interface with agonizing methodology. He wanted to run, but purpose had him firmly within its vices.

A second explosion rocked the fabric of the building, reverberating tremors down to its very foundations. The puff of smoke which resulted from her attack should've signalled the end, but contrary to belief, Nathaniel was miraculously unharmed.

Standing now, Nathaniel glared not at the girl, but the god possessing her. It was almost as though he could see through the physical visage and directly into the spiritual entity. His interface had activated, almost on impulse, and reflected the magic blast. The spell ended up somewhere behind the woman, demolishing the far end of the hallway.

Her lips pulled into a deep frown, her magic was cast right back at her and had the God not shifted just enough, probably would have hit her.

"Hey, why won't you die?" He growled through Kilia's lips at the boy standing in the hallway.

"I see you, tresspasser," Nathaniel said, raising his arms in a boxer's stance.

Without further word, he launched forwards and assaulted the woman. Closing the distance before further destruction could be incurred, he reached out to grab hold of her arm.

Kilia's eyes narrowed as he came barreling down the hall. He crossed the distance quickly and snatched her arm quicker than the God had a chance to react to. Inside, Kilia was freaking out, her heart racing and her eyes wide in shock. What was he planning to do! How was he going to do it? He was insane!

No! Run away! Kilia screamed loudly.

The God's lips upturned as he eyed the guy, "Seems the Seer wants you to run away... For good reason too," he moved her body, twisting her around to try to get free.

"Running so soon? Hit me again, I dare you," he taunted, running with the woman.

Once freed from his hold, the God rushed down the hall to get some distance. Whirling around, he faced the young man and began working another spell.

"Again? How presumptious of you," he cackled and took the spell off the system's platform, aiming it right at the man who had tempted him to do so. Kilia shuddered, fearful for what might happen next.

Nathaniel paused only when the woman began working another spell and outstretched his arm towards her. His feet squared, defiant in the face of her next attack even as it rippled through the building, distorting all in its path. "Perfect," he murmured before promptly proceeding to reflect the magic attack.

Gritting his teeth, Nathaniel's fingers tapped over the controls of his interface at a furious pace. Their powers collided explosively, rocking the fabric of the hallway as two opposing forces sought to overwhelm one another. Slowly, painstakingly, Nathaniel's field of energy expanded. It hummed with a life of its own and then, like a combusting nova, burst apart. Tendrils reached out towards Kilia in the resultant reflection, seeking to exorcise the deity.

"What! What the hell is this!" The God screamed as his magic distorted and finally was overcome. The power stretched outwards, seeking Kilia's tiny frame. The God let out a cry of rage as he was sucked up into the reflection and promptly, taken from Kilia's body.

The tiny Seer gasped in relief as she was given control once again and dropped to the floor. Between her and the boy was the form of the God, a shimmering form of pure white. He glowered at both of them, twisting and turning to try to figure out what to do. Finally he let out a sharp sound between his teeth and he waved his hand in front of his body.

"What bad luck, damn it," the God whispered and disappeared.

Nathaniel's power receded as quickly as the god did. He blinked thrice abruptly, like a man awoken from a daydream, and gazed at the carnage around him in wonderment. "What just happene..." he managed before sharply hitting the floor, unconscious.

"Nathaniel!" Kilia started forward her heart in her throat and her body shaking from what just transpired. She'd been possessed. Possessed. By a God. That meant... she was a new Seer. How could that... why... wait, did it really matter? Not at the moment. Kilia tried to clear her thoughts as she crawled over on hands and knees to the fallen boy who had saved her from the possession.

Speaking of which... that made him... her Guardian. Oh god... what do I do now? she thought as she stopped just at his head, her hand hovering over his shoulder. She remembered him from several years ago, a high school crush that never went anywhere. What was she supposed to do now?

"That answers that," the voice came from behind her and she looked over her shoulder to see her mothers Guardian standing with his arms crossed over his chest, "My Lady, we'll head home now. Don't worry, we're taking him too. He is your Guardian after all."

"Right..." she muttered and slowly turned her gaze back to Nathaniel's unconscious form. She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and began nibbling on it nervously. What was she going to do now?