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A new race walks amogst men

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ImageAt first, we though vampires. Sharp teeth, white skin, thirst for blood... But it was not blood only. Blood was the beggining, blood was... A harmless prelude. It wasn't till the first massacre things got out of hand. They weren't zombies either, with their perfect skin, hair and eyes. They were hardly different from us. They lived in the same houses, went to the same school and smiled the same smiles as any other man and woman. And in one particular aspect, they were identical to the human race: the hunger grew. They got greedier and greedier until blood, flesh and skin were taken, along with soul... We lived amogst the soul feeders. It is unknown if the genes of the specie are an evolution or mutation, but humans can be turned. How? Infected needles. Blood transfusion. Sex. Apparently, whatever it was, it lived in the blood and required blood. We fought and, as humans do, we thrived, until they realized it was time to hide and prey they would not be found. The massacres still occur, and diplomacy seemed to be an option, for some time, but soon both sides gave in to their most prime urge: to annihilate the enemy. The killing only grew now that the objective wasn't just feeding, but also protecting their kind. Now, all just live in fear. We and them. They hide amongst us and we... Trust no one.
You shouldn't either.

The year is 2035 and not much has really changed... Except for one thing. Scientist haven't really developed much since they had been too busy trying to find a cure for the sexually transmitable virus that has been turning humans into Soul Feeders, that are basiacally humans... Who devour human flesh, blood, organs and souls. Of course some adaptations such as increased speed, strengh and retractile sharp teeth have also appeared, but they are all something that can be kept secret, which only makes it easier for these new species to walk with human kind without being noticed. Some of the humans who've been turned try to mantain their humanity by, for example, feeding on criminals who face death sentence or elderly citizens, but this is a difficult way of life(souls). Other continue to go on glamorous blood sprees in isolated farms or poor neighbourhoods with little protection(feeders). Meanwhile, some humans also diverge: there are those who believe in diplomacy and peace(pro) while other trust more in the power of firearms(anti). Well, who could blame them? Our storie takes place in London and revolves around a small clan of Soul Feeders with very different believes as well as a group of teen friends who is also diverse in opinions. They stay close and yet so far apart. In this RP, you will be able to play as either a Human or Soul Feeder, and have whatever belief you wish. Just create your story.

Human 1|FC:|Age|Sexuality|Female|Pro|RESERVED

Human 2|FC:|Age|Sexuality|Male|Anti|OPEN

Human 3|FC:|Age|Sexuality|Female|Anti|OPEN

Human 4|FC:|Age|Sexuality|Male|Pro|OPEN

Eiko Winters (Human 1 sister)|16|Heterossexual|Female|Pro|TAKEN|Eiko B. Winters

Clan Leader|FC:|Age|Sexuality|Male|Soul|OPEN

Irene Walsh|Second In Command|18|FC:Kacey Rohl|Heterossexual|Female|Soul|TAKEN|Saerith

Jeremiah White|FC:Gaspard Ulliel|26|Heterossexual|Male|Feeder|TAKEN|Quelle

Protector Of The Clan|FC:|Age|Sexuality|Female|Feeder|RESERVED

Nikki Dackers|FC:Patrick Stump|20|Bissexual|Male|Soul|TAKEN|Burn One Down

Here is a CS. You can add whatever you want and not NECESSARILY have to fill out the entire thing, but this is basically what I want to know. Please add a little design and at least two or three gifs or pictures.

Full name:
Species (Human or SF):
Position (If SF):
Body Build:
Any additional features:
Personality description:

Toggle Rules

  • Hum, that's pretty basic, but I'll say it anyways: Please, be polite. Don't argue with other players in the OC and, if you really have a problem with another player, you can bring it to me if it's RP related. If not, make love, not war :)
  • You can reserve a character, absolutely, but reservations only last 72 hours. Of course it's not like I'm gonna count the seconds and if you give me a reason why you can't finish your character on time, I may extend the limit a little while. You can also send a WIP, 80% done, that would be fine too.
  • No God-modding, Mary-sues or Gary-stus. People AND Soul Feeders have their flaws. Also please ask permission to the player if you wish to kill their characters... Is super embarassing to take back a KO haha
  • You may take more than one character, 3 maximum, but I ask you to PLEASE keep the gender rate balanced. Also be generous, if someone else wants one character only and you are interested in 3, consider giving them one even if you reserved first.
  • I know it sound a bit silly, but I'll ask you to make your character sheet pretty. You know, organize stuff, give lots of informations on your character and their story, fill it with pictures and gifs and whatever else you wish.
  • The site rules are law, so eventhough this is a pretty adult RP and I suppose there will be quite a bit of violence and romance is MORE than encouraged, keep it legal. You can continue whatever you want in PM
  • When you make your reservation, state your FC and favourite band to show you've read the rules. Mine's 30STM :)
  • REALISTIC FC. No anime or art, sorry guys. If you need help finding one, just ask.
  • This is my first time ever as a GM so feel free to give your opinions, correct me or PM me about anything at anytime. Even if you just want to chat :)
  • I'm really hoping to go forward with this, so I would like to ask that, if you join, please be able to post twice a week and a minimum of 250 words. I know it's kind of hard to keep that on dialogues and such, so it's okay if you write a little less, but try to keep it detailed and well written. Quality over quantity.
  • Also don't write a bible, that's usually a turn-off.
  • It's perfectly fine to make mistakes, just use proper grammar please.

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Character Portrait: Eiko Winters
0 sightings Eiko Winters played by Eiko B. Winters
"I love all things unique. Normal is just boring"

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Character Portrait: Nikki Dackers
Character Portrait: Jeremiah White


Character Portrait: Jeremiah White
Jeremiah White

"I am not going to be the person I am expected to be anymore."

Character Portrait: Nikki Dackers
Nikki Dackers

"I just need to lower my standards."


Character Portrait: Nikki Dackers
Nikki Dackers

"I just need to lower my standards."

Character Portrait: Jeremiah White
Jeremiah White

"I am not going to be the person I am expected to be anymore."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Jeremiah White
Jeremiah White

"I am not going to be the person I am expected to be anymore."

Character Portrait: Nikki Dackers
Nikki Dackers

"I just need to lower my standards."

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Re: Soul

If you don't mind my asking, when are we going to start role-playing?

Re: Soul

I swear if someone creates a male character with a Pete Wentz FC in this roleplay they'll be my best friend forever okay bye.

Re: Soul

@ Burn One Down
Thank you how sweet of yo- heck.
Now I am beginning to hate you Joke, but damn, how I wanna have your life! My school is driving me nuts these days, I wonder why every teacher get so riled up, all lack mercy.
Heh. In The End of Days, our characters hate each other. And here, my character is the Outcast. When are we ever going to play as friends lol.

Re: Soul

My character is finished, but please excuse her lack of the photo icon. My computer is weird like that, the picture will just appear in a couple of days. :)

Re: Soul

Guess so! You have such lovely characters and ahhh you seem like a great person. Thank you for sending it.
(I also have no life that's probably exactly why you see so much of me, I go to an alternative high school right now where we pretty much just sit around all day and do what we like and roleplay is acting as my creative writing major pretty much)

Re: Soul

@saerith Thank you for explaining that. And as for your suggestion about the CS, I'll do the best I can to spice it up. Btw, my computer won't let me send PM'S so that's why I'm relying on here.

Re: Soul

I'mma also finished! Hit me up if I have to change something.

@ Burn One Down
I see you everywhere! Guess we have similar tastes, huh? Thank you again for answering my random PM by the way, haha.

Re: Soul

Alright. My boy's done. Tell me if anything needs changing.

Re: Soul

I'm working on the rest of Nikki's profile now. He should be done by noon EST (in an hourish)

Re: Soul

Btw @Eiko I sent you a PM about your CS. In case anyone else is wondering, a FC is the person whose pictures you'll be using to represent your character. It's a Face Claim.

Re: Soul


Re: Soul

Oh gosh no it's alright. Ryden's definitely my main Panic ship. I'm more of a Peterick/Gabilliam guy for overall FBR ships though.

Re: Soul

Oh thank God otherwise I'd totally have to reject you character -jk
I'm a total ryden fangirl sorry lol

Re: Soul

@Saerith oh my god no it's okay I don't have a problem with Brallon but I'm definitely not in support of it.

Re: Soul

@Burn dear I love you already. Fueled By Ramen fans usually understand my pain. Unless you ship Brallon. Hope you know what I'm refering to and I'm not just rambling senseless hahaha

Re: Soul

Hi, may I please reserve Human 5. This sounds like an I interesting plotline and I would enjoy joining this RP.

(EDIT)I'm sorry, I didn't read the rules. My favourite bands include Three Days Grace, Green Day, Sleeping with Sirens, Linking Park, and RED. I don't exactly know what a FC is, but if your talking about appearance, I have a pretty good idea of what I look like. There are a few images on my Character sheet, which I sent in to seek approval.

Re: Soul

I submitted a WIP of my character sheet. Please don't accept it yet! My FC is Selena Gomez. I'm going to be a total fangirl right now and say my favorite band is The Vamps. :)

Re: Soul

Could I reserve human 1? I'll probably use either lily Collins but I could very well use another one I can't think of right now. My favorite band is probably imagine dragons or fun.

Re: Soul

I really like Fall Out Boy (and all of Fueled By Ramen), Linkin Park, Fort Minor, and lately Bastille, Modest Mouse, Motion City Soundtrack... the list goes on.

I'm also not sure what faceclaim I'll be using just yet.

Re: Soul

Um may I reserve the clan protector?
also uh I love cold play and Muse~!
and for FC.. hm im not sure yet