Jin Yamamoto

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a character in “Soul Bladers”, as played by Soul_Alchemist


Name: Jin Yamamoto
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Image
Soul Blader Form: Image
Weapon: Zanbato/greatsword. His weapon is a huge sword that is nearly as long as he is tall, which looks a bit like a katana, only larger and a straighter blade. The guard is large and black, looking something like black crystals.
Power: Jin can create dark red crystals from the ground and other such materials, like stone walls, etc., and control them, using them mainly as shields that circle around him during combat. He can use them for many other things, however.
Personality: Jin is a good guy, though a bit misunderstood. He doesn't have many friends, and is often seen just sitting alone and reading books, usually something no one else has heard of before. When you get to know him, though, he can be very kind and generous, as well as protective of his friends.
Bio: Jin was born into a middle class family to a father who is always at work and a mother who stayed at home but didn't really do anything. No one else in his family had ever gotten past high school, and so his parents pressure him to do his best so he can get into a good collage and make something of himself. All he wants to do though is write a book one day. He doesn't care about money or education or anything else like that as his parents do.
A short time ago he had an odd dream where he was struck by a meteorite and somehow lived only to be trapped in a dark red crystal.
Theme Song: Hero, by Skillet

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