Jace Huntington

"Black Blood or not, we all have to face our inner demons."

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Name: Jace Huntington
Nickname: Hunter
Quote: "Go with the flow and the flow will drown you."

Age: 19
Classification: Weapon
Partner: TBA

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Personality: Stubborn and strong willed, Jace won't go down without a fight. Overprotective of those he cares about, really really overprotective. He's caring, but saying that he wouldn't hurt a fly would be wrong. He's merciless and cold in combat, he's killed before, he isn't afraid to do it again. But eating human souls is where he draws the line. He'd rather get stronger through hours of painful training than going dark side. Which of course means that he's hard working and a bit of a masochist. He's brave, adding that to stubborn and strong willed, you have a person who would kill or be killed for those he cares about. He is very modest, especially when it comes to being shirtless around others. He is by no stretch of the imagination, weak minded, he is very strong minded. But he tends to keep his emotions locked up, hiding them and his pain from others. All that build up of emotion is bad for his fight against the Black Blood. Ever so slowly, but surely, it is starting to consume his mind. The other reason he has lasted this long is because of his meister.
Looks: Jace is tall, at about 5' 11" and weights about 140lbs of pure muscle. He's got a thin and lanky build that hides he strength, but don't underestimate him because of it. His skin is pale in color, but not so pale that it makes him look sick with is white hair. His hair is about chin length and messy, his bangs sweep to the right. Originally both his eyes were yellow in color, but he was born blind in his left eye, so when he was injected with Black Blood, his left eye changed color. Now its dark blue to black. On the back of his neck is a tattoo that says No Fear in black. On his right shoulder are some nasty burn scars, but he won't tell anyone where he got them. From his past, or from his time captured by the Witch.
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Likes: Cold weather
The little sleep he gets
His partner
His own pain
Dislikes: Other people getting hurt
Black Blood
Hot weather
History: Jace came from a small town in Japan. He was born blind in his left eye, but it never seemed to give him any problems. Well other that having a blind spot on his left side. He learned how to find ways around the blind spot at young age. When he was ten he first discovered he was a weapon, actually it was his parents that discovered it. His parents didn't want him to go off to the DWMA and fight for the rest of his life, so they tried to teach him how to control it themselves. Needless to say, it didn't work too well. All that stopped when Jace was thirteen and some Keishan attacked his hometown. The place was destroyed. Jace tried to fight back as much as he could with that little control he had. But he failed and barely managed to escape with his life. For the next six months he hid in the forest and nursed his injuries. Then he began figuring out how to get the DWMA. He wanted to learn how to fight, how to control his weapon form, and most importantly, avenge the death of the people he cared about. It took him several years to finally find it, but he did. It was pretty smooth sailing for a while, training, missions with his partner, classes, visits to the infirmary. Then he was captured by the Witch. He didn't know how long he was there, it was impossible to tell time. He was injected with something that she called Black Blood. It was only after he was returned that he started getting the strange dreams. He was visited by a demon in the form of a cat. It talked to him about power and giving into the madness, trying to use what he liked to get to him. He stopped sleeping, too stubborn to tell anyone what was happening. Even his partner.
Strengths+Talents: In combat Jace is strong, fast, ruthless, and agile. He's good at hand-to-hand combat, even being a weapon. Because he wants to protect his meister at all costs. He's a surprising good singer, but won't sing in public. His weapon form is a light bluesword that practically glows with Jace's soul wavelengths. He has two Resonances that he can perform, one defensive and one offensive. The defensive one is called Soul Shield, when his meister activates it, a shield will form around them and anyone close to them, that shield is literally Jace's soul. He can't keep it up for long periods of time though, its exhausting. The offensive one is called Warrior Spirit, similar to Witch Hunter, weapon and meister bounce their soul wavelengths back and forth until they can't any longer. But unlike Witch Hunter they do not release it from the weapon, they contain it and strike close range. That burst of wavelength gets inside their opponent's body, destroying them from the inside out. The only problem is, they have to get in close range to use it.
Weaknesses: When is comes to using his soul, like for Soul Shield, he doesn't have much stamina. Not the best tactician out there. Would do anything for those he cares about, if they were to betray him, he would be completely blind to it. Gets overheated really quickly.
Secrets: He hasn't told anyone his dreams involving the cat demon. Or where he got his burn scars from.
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Theme: Fight-Icon For Hire
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Behind the Soul: Username

So begins...

Jace Huntington's Story


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In the middle of the year, more students have been getting into scuffles with the witches, as they begin to fight back. Throughout the halls, it isn't unusual to see a few students bandaged up quite a bit, due to these missions. Most students have begun to go to minor missions in pairs because of this.

(It's currently the middle of the school year, and everyone is partnered up. This will let us start the story more quickly.)


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Aki Setsuna

Aki winced in pain, as he touched his bandaged arm for the fifth time. He had gotten it in a fight with the Kishin he had fought the other day with his partner. Frowning he looked at the band-aid and let out another sigh. Stupid infirmary lady... he couldn't even feel the blood flow to his arm. He pulled his jacket sleeve over the injury, since Kai didn't know about that little part yet.

Kai was his meister, and even though it seemed like the meister would get hurt she had gotten out of it without a scratch. He frowned, and thought about her. She was always well...weird. One moment, she'll be so happy, then the next when they went on a mission she was ice-cold. A person like her, in his opinion must be hiding something...though he would never pry since it wasn't any of his buisness really. They all had baggage they didn't want to share.

Aki slid open the class room door quietly and stepped in. They had to accept a mission later on, but of course maybe not today, since they had just came back. Blinking, he looked around. There was only a few students lingering here since class had ended about an hour ago. He would have gone home but had to see the nurse before he left but it took awhile since there was another line of busted up students. They looked worse then him, so he had just waited.

It was surprising no one died yet.

He walked over to his seat and sat down, slouching before putting his head on the desk. He slipped his hat off and placed it by the side of his head. He watched as more students came in and out. Well, if anything if Kai walked in they could go somewhere, lke cat hunting, and if not he'll just head home or fall asleep here. Either was fine with him.

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