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Daisy Day

"At your service!"

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a character in “Soul Eater: Calm Before the Storm REVAMP”, as played by Kiyokojordie


Daisy Melondi Day
"Woahoo! Time to get to work!"
Weapon One





Growing up in a small family environment has impacted how Daisy thinks and acts, believing that family and friends are the most important thing. She grew up in a little house and learned good family values with her younger brother Nettle, mother, father and close family friend, who is almost like an uncle, Flynn. Unfortunately 2 years after Daisy's brother was born Rosalyn was killed by a witch while in combat. Flynn, devastated by his apparent failure in saving her life, now lives away from Daisy's family in hope of redeeming his sins, too ashamed to face the now family of three.

Her father, a mechanic, showed Daisy most of what she knows about inventing. Their family was never rich, so she often had to create things as a kid to get what she wanted, showing an imaginative and determined side to Daisy. It was only on her late mothers 5 year anniversary when she found out the women in her family have a line of weapon blood, causing Daisy to inevitably become a weapon herself. Daisy frequently writes to her father and brother, always finding time to keep in touch.

Father: Yale Day - 51
Mother (Deceased): Rosalyn Jane Day - 47 - Weapon
Younger Brother: Nettle Day - 12
Family friend (Rosalyn's old partner): Flynn Teasel - 45 - Meister

Daisy is as eccentric as any invention-loving girl could possibly be, with a knack for annoying teachers and students due to a lot of her failures in the past (let's not mention the girl's bathroom incident). She is rather sensitive to what other people think of her in a childlike fashion, constantly wanting to please her friends or acquaintances.
Innocent but caring, she is a carefree and loving girl and because of this she can get hurt rather easily. However if it is to stand up for her friends she would do anything despite what anyone could think of her.
While not coming from an impressive family, people often underestimate her, but she doesn't really take much notice, much like her uncaring attitude toward good grades despite the fact she gets them anyway, she is more interested in practical studies rather than sitting down and listening to lectures.
Dante Roth

Abilities and Techniques

Solo Abilities

Analyzing a situation, a planner - Daisy is a pretty fast thinker and is good at making up plans, her mind is an intricate puzzle. She isn't the type to be fast, athletic or flexible but instead is able to fight with tricks up her sleeve, most of the time certain that her plans will always pull through and get a good finishing result.

First Weapon Form 'The Dagger' - A green finger dagger (See picture below), perfect for hand to hand combat. Her weapon form is more of a stealth weapon, allowing assassinations and hiding from the enemy. Her partner is also able to throw her in weapon form, performing a ranged attack.

Second Weapon Form 'The Blade' - Resembling her first weapon form, the second is a sword (See picture below), providing her partner/meister with an ability called 'Feather step', only available in this particular form. While wielding her sword form the user's reaction time is much more sharp, they're quicker and everything is 'vivid' or 'precise', allowing for a leeway in tough situations. The side effect of Daisy's second weapon form exhausts the user if used too long and, in extreme cases, can knock the user unconscious.

Third Weapon Form 'The Scorpion' - ??? Undiscovered.

Transformation - Like all Weapons, Daisy can transform any part of her body into the blade of her original weapon form, allowing her to fight on her own if her partner is not around.

Partner Abilities


Known Weapon Forms

See 'Abilities and Techniques' above for more detail.

The Dagger - First Weapon Form

The Blade - Second Weapon Form

Currently Undiscovered

The Scorpion - Third Weapon Form

I am Soul Eater

So begins...

Daisy Day's Story


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Bethany stood in the center of Death City leaning against a tea shop with her soul protect on. "Damn Free this blows there's nothing happening maybe I should act like a miester you know." The man next to her reading the news paper didn't even look up at all. "No don't worry Eruka should be here soon enough for us to be ready to break you out if your negotiations go sour." Bethany sighed and took a sip of her tea watching two kids walk by as she took a drink. "This place crawls Free just have Eruka meet you at the set up position and then we can start to deliver the treaty between the three of us and Death with my mother's soul as the bargaining chip." Bethany started walking towards the DWMA building without hesitation even though it could be a suicide mission on her part.