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Zero Rose

"Soul's don't lie."

0 · 267 views · located in Death City

a character in “Soul Eater: Calm Before the Storm REVAMP”, as played by ColorsOfTheHeart


Zero Rose
Meister 2


6 feet



Zero was born and raised in Death City. He had a happy little family for the first ten years of his life. Then his father started to change. He grew more hostile, more distant. He came home less and less. Until one day, when Zero was thirteen, he found out the reason. He came home from playing with his friends to find his family slaughtered. The culprit? His father, who had become a keishan egg. He barely managed to escape with his life. If not for the DWMA teacher that found him, he would have died. After recovering, Zero started his training as a Meister, to prevent more families from suffering like his did.

Father: Jacob Rose (Whereabouts unknown)
Mother: Maria Rose (Dead)
Older Sister: Jessie Rose (Dead)
Younger Sister: Lucy Rose (Dead)

Because of the trama caused by losing his family, Zero very very rarely speaks. When he does it is no more than a few words at a time. Instead he communicates with facial expressions and hand motions. He's serious and mature, causing him to seem uptight. He's a very protective person of those he cares about and would do anything for them. He's very brave, death doesn't scare him at all. But that also means he's willing to take a hit if it means doing some damage to his opponent. Zero is very independent, he refuses to rely on anyone. Other than himself, there is only one person he trusts, and that is his partner. He is completely loyal to his partner.


Abilities and Techniques


Soul Leap: Zero channels his soul's wavelength's into his legs, increasing his movement speed and agility. He can't use it for really long periods of time though because of the strain it puts on his body.

Soul Shield: Zero literally creates a shield out of his soul, protecting himself and those around him. This ability is dangerous to use, because not only does it exhaust Zero, but it damages his soul too. He only uses it as a last resort.

Signature Ability, Soul Sight: Soul Sight is a highly enhanced version of the soul seeing ability. With it Zero can see people's souls from several miles away. Within about 50 feet of one, he can see through a Witch's Soul Protect. But it causes all the other souls around him to look like a witches soul. Its more disorienting than helpful. It isn't something that he can turn off, unlike the normal soul seeing ability. So he's usually being bombarded with soul wavelengths all the time. On the plus side its made his own wavelengths very versatile.



Strengths: Fast, light on his feet, expert at dodging attacks. High stamina, tactical genius.

Weaknesses: Lacks physical strength, takes too many hits. Forgets that he can lean on his partner a little.

So begins...

Zero Rose's Story