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One day the world will burn, and I'll just stand back and laugh.

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a character in “Soul Eater Chronicles”, as played by BR0K3N_4EVER


Name~ Kuro
Age~ 17
Role~ Male Technician 1 (Black Blood)
Personality~ Kuro is one of those people that just doesn't get along with others very well. He's always trying to start fights, or making rude remarks. He has a lot of anger pent up inside, and is not afraid to let it out on others. Besides the flashes of anger, Kuro is a figure of little emotion. He rarely ever smiles, and its a miracle if you happen to catch one on his face. He shows no remorse for any of his actions, and even at the most stressful of times, he keeps his composure tight, and doesn't let himself betray any emotion.

Kuro is very untrusting, so much so, that he thinks even the other students, and staff are just using him. His partner is barely exempt from this, and he shares very little with her.

Kuro is very fond of music, though it would be hard to tell by looking. He find music to be one of the most beautiful things in the world. He never took the time to learn to play an instrument, but regards anyone who can with respect.

Likes~ Music, coffee, tea, sushi, and cats.

Dislikes~ Water(he can't swim), dogs, just about everyone he comes across, and books.

Strengths~ Black Blood, His strength which comes from his size, is able to stay calm in even the most stressful situations.

Weaknesses~ Can't swim, and hates water, doesn't work well with others and has a strained relationship with his weapon, is a ticking time bomb of insanity just waiting to explode.

Brief Description~ Kuro stands at 6' 2" tall, and weighs roughly two hundred pounds. He has medium length straight black hair. His eyes are a light crystally blue, and his skin is pale. Kuro's style consist of only three colors at the moment. he usually wears an en sable of black, white, and blue. He always wears a necklace made from a leather cord, with a blue crystal hanging from it.

History~ Kuro has few memories of his child hood, most likely the effect of being born with Black Blood. He memories of his past aren't really solidified until around the age of fifteen. What few flashes and tid bits he does possess of earlier years, are unpleasant, and have added to his introvert nature. He has no memory of his parents, and hasn't been able to get any information about them from anyone. After some time spent learning, beginning his life in the world, it was decided that he would become a meister. Having nothing else to do with his life, Kuro consented, and has been at it for the last five months. Though new at being a meister, he has shown surprising skill, possibly due to his unknown legacy, or maybe its the effect of the Black Blood flowing through his system.

Relationship with Partner~ Kuro has not known his partner long, and quite frankly finds her annoying as hell. Sometimes he wishes she would just shut up, sit down, and be still for a while. HE doesn't completely trust her, but in retrospect she is the closest thing he has to a friend, although that doesn't take much. She will probably be his salvation, but Kuro could never see it that. To him, she is just an inconvenience he has to endure for now.

Other~ Has a pet cat names Kiri. Image

So begins...

Kuro's Story