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Calyx Mason

Adam & Steve Edenburg

0 · 300 views · located in Death City, Nevada

a character in “Soul Eater: DeathBreakers”, as played by Calyx_Mason


ImageAge: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 0'
Weight: 180 lbs
Role: Meister
Skills & abilities: soul, madness, and majyk perception through sense of smell, more durable body, majyk, medium sensitivity to madness wavelength
Appearance: a tall muscular, average looking young man, with grey and black hair, smooth silver eyes, and brilliant white fangs, Calyx's body is similar to Black*Star or D.T.K. in the anime/manga, he is muscular but not to the point of being buff, and has smooth pale skin.
Dress: Calyx dresses half preppy half rocker, thermal shirts under polos, skinny jeans, two belts, a pair of spiked bracelets, and a pair of dog tags.
Soul Type: Witch
Soul Color: Grey with purple eyes and mouth
Soul Description and appearance: a large grey witch soul with purple eyes, white fangs and wolf ears and tail

Likes: Calyx likes to go for walks in the light of the moon, reading books, FOOD, cold days, warm nights, he loves rock music, playing his acoustic guitar, and fruit
Dislikes: going hungry, obnoxious people, high frequency sound,
Personality: Calyx is very laid back, upfront cool guy, he loves to talk to peope and cares about everyone he meets even if they don't care about him (which gets him into more trouble than needed) he can be impatient and harsh when tired or hungry, in a fight Calyx does whatever it takes to take the opponent down as fast as possible (because fighting makes him hungry faster than anything)
Calyx has a pair of majyk spiked bracelets they were made by his mother to restrain his powers, a set of kick boxing gloves, a charmed back pack (it is able to hold 30 objects at one time no matter the size), and his father's dog tags from when his father was in the army.

HOWL GROWL, SNARL GNARL is the main part of any spell he uses
Claw and Fang - his nails turn black and extend out from his hand while he also gets wolf-like fangs and ears as well as heightened speed and agility
Fire Claw - flaming claws
Fury of the Lycan - Calyx transforms into a wolf the size of a deer and can fight or escape with ease
Pack Mind - any one who is in resonance with Calyx can Telepathically communicate with each other.
Howling Gate- a teleportation spell
Hunter's Bounty - Super Charges the resonance rate of Calyx and his comrades.
Wings of Icarus - a pair of silver wing extend from his feet and back allowing him to fly.
Isocronic Melody - Depending on the number of opponents Calyx can create isochronic crystals to do his bidding, they form from the spike on his bracelets.


Calyx's past is a complex tale, he is the son of a meister and a witch. He always knew there was something different about hm compared to most of the kids he went ot school with, then one day he heard his mother chanting " HOWL GROOWL, SNARL GNARL, HOWL GROWL, CLEANSING CYCLONE Finally got all that dirt i spilled up." Holo exclaimed. "Mom, what was that?" a ten year old Calyx asked. "My birthright, and also yours!" she replied. "does daddy know that you can do that?" he asked. "Yes, that's how we meet." she smiled. "Can you teach me?" "Sure, but you can only use it when your life is in danger!" His mother taught him a little bit of majyk to protect himself with. His father taught him to fight. One day he came home from school to find that his house was burnt to the ground, his father was unconscious on the sidewalk, and his mother was nowhere to be found.


So begins...

Calyx Mason's Story

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Character Portrait: Adam & Steve Edenburg Character Portrait: Calyx Mason
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Adam, Steve, and Calyx's Apartment Building

"I can't believe we get to go to Paris, its a once in a lifetime opportunity!" Calyx exclaimed as he slid the key into the deadbolt of their shared apartment.

"Plus we got teamed up with the Cloche Twins and that Rika girl from class, not a bad match up if I do say so myself." Adam smirked as the door opened and they spread out to start doing laundry in preparation for the trip.

"We were also teamed up with that Orochi kid and Luca, what luck!" Steve rejoiced.

"How much do you think we should pack? Should we bring jackets and stuff?" Adam asked as he pulled luggage from the upper shelf of the hall closet.

"I guess so, I'm not too sure, I guess we could always check the forecast online and base our packing needs on that." Calyx replied stuffing a few tee shirt and jeans into a laundry bag.

"I'd say pack for a month, we can switch pants and and shoes, of course, and clean stuff as we need it!" Steve said as he pulled a duffel bag out from under the couch.