Alisa Ravenclaw

A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and body.

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a character in “Soul Eater: Death's List”, as played by CherrySwirl


Age: 16
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 126 lbs
Role: Meister
Skills & abilities: strong, agile, well trained with weapons and hand to hand combat. Soul Perception.
Dress: Wears a black school uniform. She has a watch with the shinigami skull on it.
Soul Type: Human
Soul Color: yellow
Soul Description and appearance: orb of yellow light with bangs.


-Eating healthy

-Taking commands

Personality: Alisa appears calm and collected, but she's just a passive aggressive. She refuses to be looked down upon and wouldn't hesitate to challenge someone. Sometimes she can come off as a prude. She's easily annoyed when she is trying to focus and enjoys succeeding at anything even if it means having to study. She is very judgmental, but all in all she's a normal girl. She's shy around boys and likes extremely cute things, but tries her best to hide it.


Carries a magic enhanced samurai sword that was given to her late father with a golden handle.


Alisa was born to a wealthy family. Her parents were a pair of successful scientist and she has a younger brother who is a year younger than her. Her father was a former meister who did everything he could to instill what he had learned within her. He trained her to be strong, fast and cunning. Unfortunately, her brother was born very ill and was unable to take part in training, but he kept himself enthralled in literature. A year before Alisa's 16th birthday their parents died in an experiment gone wrong. So, when Aro von Friedhor, the Kishin, appeared Alisa was no match for him. He took her brother hostage and forced her to work for him as a spy at the DWMA academy. For the sake of her brother she enrolled in the academy, but she has no intention of being his tool for long.

So begins...

Alisa Ravenclaw's Story