Aro von Friedhof

Death is dull and Madness is power.

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a character in “Soul Eater: Death's List”, as played by CherrySwirl


Age: A bit over a century
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160 lbds
Role: Kishin
Skills & abilities: A pro at hand to hand combat. Can summon black hell hounds from his body as well as turn into an enormous three headed dog. Can transform in to a flock of bats when fleeing. Can summon the black thin blade of his partner that he devoured on various places of his body.
Appearance: Image
Soul Type: Wild and Violent
Soul Color: black and red
Soul Description and appearance: bat wings on either side as well as a crown of spikes.


-Feeding on pure souls
-Ordering his minions

-Taking commands
-Being judged

Personality: Aro is the embodiment of sadism. He is fascinated by the suffering of others. He loves toying with as well as abusing others physically and mentally. He enjoys being the predator, chasing down his prey and then tearing them apart. He loves attaining information through experimentation or his own cunning. He views himself as true man of science who adores evolution and has even given over his own soul to it.


A team of three witches who he uses as spies and for various other task that he wishes to carry out.

A meister who is one of his last living relatives.


When he was human, Aro was an accomplished meister fascinated with evolution and creation. As a student then teacher at the DWMA, he had a curiosity and love for evolution that went far beyond the limitations of experimentation that Lord Death had given him. He began to despise Lord Death because of this which left him open enough to become a spy for witches in turn for their assistance in his experiments. At some point he decided to start experimenting with his own soul by devouring the pure souls of human beings. Once he was discovered as a spy he was cast out of the academy, but he continued devouring human souls in hopes of evolving his own soul. The witches, seeing this as an opportunity to control a kishin, aided him in devouring souls. Once he finally achieved becoming a Kishin, he refused to be controlled by the witches any longer, in retaliation the witches sealed him away. A century later a group of naive witches seeking to gain his power freed him. He killed and devoured most of the witches and decided to keep three of them as his pawns. He wanted to know what was going on witches society. he then sought to use a meister as a spy, so that he could keep tabs on what the DWMA was doing and tracked down his last living relatives.

So begins...

Aro von Friedhof's Story