Holo Lobo

The Renegade Witch

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a character in “Soul Eater: Death's List”, as played by CherrySwirl


Name:Holo the Wise
Age: n/a. (At the moment she appears in the form of a teenager because of a Spell.)
Sex: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 116lbs
Role: witch
Skills & abilities: (Working on atm)
Appearance: Image
Tall, slender frame, very shapely, dark empty grey eyes, fangs, long gray and black hair. Holo wears capries, a long sleeve gray, black and blue hooded jacket with ears and eyes on it and a grey shirt with a crescent moon on the stomach
Soul Type: Witch
Soul Color: cerulean blue
Soul Description and appearance: A large soul with a witch hat, purple eyes and wolf ears. It has menacing powerful aura.


Likes: Her sons, reading, and mangoes
Dislikes: everything else
skills/abilities/talents: Magic,Telepathy, sound manipulation, spacial magic, heightened speed, strength, and senses.
Hobbies: playing around, sleeping, reading, gathering knowledge, mango candy is a hobby right!
Personality: Very headstrong, bossy, direct, a tad bit mad, very controlling, loving but stren, she is very playful and at times even more goofy than Lord Death.
Roles: Witch
Back story: Calyx's mother and the chief informant for Lord Death. Holo made a deal with Death to protect her sons from her sisters in exchange for her giving him all of the witch's secrets, all unbeknownst to Calyx.
Weapons: Her feet and hands are considered deadly weapons because of her claws and agility.


Isocronic Crystalles- A very old and ancient magical item with various magical capabilities. She uses it as her main means of protection due to her momentary decrease in magical abilities. To use this item requires minimum magical ability, but it takes an intricate and intelligent mind to use it's methodical system to it's full ability.

Image (Holo Lobo using the Isocronic Crystalles in her teenage form.)


Not much is known of Holo, but long before Calyx or Raymond was born she was the head scientist on Madness Research on the Lost Island, but after The Brew incident she was told to live her life by Mabaa. 25 years before the series started she was told by Mabaa to locate a man whose soul was almost as mad as Stein's and make him fall in love with her bear two children and experiment on their souls so that their souls can sense and measure madness similar to Soul Perception. Due to her motherly nature she couldn't bear experimenting on her children any longer and departed from them to protect her family form her pursuers. She also split her magic into three vessels which is why if she was found now, she would appear as a small teenage girl.

So begins...

Holo Lobo's Story