Ryuho /Tsukasa

My mind is a mad house.

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a character in “Soul Eater: Death's List”, as played by CherrySwirl


Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lbs
Role: Meister
Skills & abilities:
-Soul Menace:Saegiru-emits pulsations that disrupts a soul's wave flow rendering use of soul abilities temporarily useless.
Appearance: Image
Dress: Ryuho wears buttoned up japanese school uniform with pulled back hair. Tsukasa wears his button down with spike hair.
Soul Type: Human
Soul Color: green
Soul Description and appearance: Green soul with a sad eye and an angry eye.


-Music: Metallica(both)


Personality: Ryuho is quiet and stoic. He stays to himself mostly and doesn't usually engage others in conversations. Despite that he has an extremely high I.Q. and always gets high scores. Tsukasa is his complete opposite. Tsukasa is very arrogant and rude. He loves violence, pain as well as causing misery and confusion.


-Gas mask
-Death Master Head phones
-Fingerless gloves
-Netbook laptop.


Since he was a child, Ryuho always found himself alone. As a child to keep him company he would play with his twin brother Tsukasa. Even though Ryuho was an obedient child, Tsukasa was very different. He would tell Ryuho to do bad things. Even though Ryuho knew what he was doing was bad, he continued doing it because Tsukasa was his only friend. As Ryuho got older Tsukasa just happened to die after getting hit by a car one day. Then the madness swarmed the planet and something unexpected occured. Tsukasa returned, but inside Ryuho's mind. Ryuho finds Tsukasa to be annoying now, but Tsukasa could careless what Ryuho thinks. To both their dismay, the two find themselves forced to co-exist in the same body.

So begins...

Ryuho /Tsukasa's Story