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Shara Night Arade

The Shadow Witch.

0 · 323 views · located in Infirmary

a character in “Soul Eater: Death's List”, as played by TheRavenandThePawn


Age: 759
Sex: Female.
Height: 5’7
Weight: 85
Role: Witch
Skills & abilities: “Night, Blight, Shadow, Curtain..”
Shadow Spite. A thin black needle appears as does a shadow doll that resembles her victim. She is capable of inflicting wounds and trauma on the rag doll which is reflect onto the person of who is resembles. //This can not kill, if its dealt a lethal blow the doll will break and the spell will end.//
Song of the Siren. She sings, a deep and powerful tune, it seems to lull those who hear it into a sense of security and warmth… the weaker they are the quicker their eye lids become far to heavy to keep open… far to hard to stay awake.
Shadow Blade. She is capable of turning simple shadows into deadly blades, this is her strongest spell and it can be formed anywhere there is darkness or shadow for devastating effect.

Shadow Dance. The ability to flit through the darkness becoming invisible as long as she remains in the sweet embrace of Night which means she can attack and vanish only to strafe and strike from another direction.

Shadow Blanket. Her touch is all that is needed, Calm and Strong willed combined with her powerful magic she can calm fear, relieve the strain of madness(This will weaken the Madness frequency it won’t stop it entirely and it doesn’t work on those with Black Blood.), and sooth the pain of wounds both physical and emotional.

Flight. She is capable of levitation, though only with her staff as the catalyst can she actually fly.

Soul Protect. Her ability to hide her wavelength are strong. She could easily hide her presence from anyone who wasn’t actively searching for her… and even then few would be able to detect it.

Image ... -defla.jpg
Dress: She wears a strange assortment of clothing, a metallic collar runs down to half sleeves with an under lapping second plate. Below this is fishnets that run down to her metallic gloves of black steel and bands of gold. Her torso is covered with a leather suit that focuses on her sides and leaves the front and back opened… but still serving their main purpose. Most of her wardrobe is made of this black leather besides the golden belt that clings loosely to her hips.
Soul Type: Witch.
Soul Color: Purple and Back..
Soul Description and appearance: What looks like a violet Sun burning violently with a black eclipse-like center.


Likes: Destruction, Chaos, Slaughter, Fire, Cries for Mercy, Roses, Peaceful Meadows, Running Water, Night, and Nocturnal Animals.
Dislikes: Direct Sunlight, overly arrogant people, People who talk to much, Destroying Nature, Mortals, Civilization, Shinigami.
Personality: A calm and calculating witch, she rarely loses her temper and loves destroying cities, towns, and even lone houses. She despises that which disrupts nature… and turns her domain from darkness to light. She finds tranquility in meadows and near streams. This is often the only places she will take the time to listen to even her enemies. Besides in her places of relaxation she is a fierce combatant and will not waste words on those who she knows are enemies. Though to her allies she seems to have a big sister/motherly personality about her and will always attempt to protect those she deems friend.


Shade’s Staff. A simple gold and black stave that serves as the catalyst for her ability to fly freely. It also seems to emit a red light at will. Besides these traits its solid build and magical nature means it is capable of standing up to Weapons… and even Death Scythes with out breaking.


A long lived Witch who has been a target for most of her life. Reeking destruction and death upon countless pure souls while going out of her way to foil the attempts to slay other witches as well. With her strange need to defend her kind she has left a good deal of dead students in her wake. Besides her kill count against DWMA students she also has wiped out entire towns as such she is a high priority target but even so has remained elusive enough to escape punishment.

So begins...

Shara Night Arade's Story