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Sir Morric Pent.

I hear laughter is the best medicine, so I guess I should just give in to the Madness.

0 · 222 views · located in D.W.M.A.

a character in “Soul Eater: Death's List”, as played by TheRavenandThePawn


Age: 500 Sex: Male

Height: 6’2

Weight: 120

Role: Enhanced Creature(Serpent) Black Hand of the Witches.

Skills & abilities: Poisonous Frequency, he is able to attack with his soul frequency however when doing so he corrupts his enemies with poison he naturally produces that disrupts the spirit length.
Phase Walk, The ability of abnormal speed, he can almost teleport behind his foes with little to no effort. Though he seems only his movement speed is abnormally fast.
Uncanny flexibility, those who have fought him tell tales of a creature with out bones… a creature that can bend and contort beyond comprehension in quick succession.
Black Blood, Black Blood courses through his veins insanity is but a hairs width away from dominating his mind. Though his skin can be hardened almost instantly to block
blades. It also can be weaponized into needles and blades..

Appearance: (Avatar is his face, beneath his shroud)

Dress: Black Leather armor with thick black cloth wrapped over and around it. Several belts keep his attire in place along with a multitude of knives and blades. His long black cloak billows in the wind as his face remains shrouded in shadows.

Soul Type: Snake

Soul Color: Crimson

Soul Description and appearance: A Bright crimson orb fangs cross over its face and spines run down its back… green veins run down its entity with a neon glow.


Likes: Humid Climate, Warmth, Sun Light, and Flowers in Bloom.

Dislikes: Cold, obstacles, unneeded conflict, and bright light.

Personality: A man who serves as the Black Hand, or personal assassin of the Witches. While many would see someone who serves such destructive forces as evil… he isn’t truly so. Merciful to those who aren’t his prey and kind hearted when not in combat he is still more then a fearsome foe to stand against.


Two Daggers and a vast assortment of butcher knives.

Deck 52. Specialized playing cards made of solid steel. The edges are razor sharp but strong enough to block Weapons. When thrown he propels them at hyper sonic speeds using his own wavelength as a catalyst. Face Cards have specialized effects. Jacks are Shrapnel exploding in a burst of shards. Queens release clouds of toxic gas that burns the eyes and mouth. Kings are high density explosives. Aces how ever are the most dangerous they home onto their targets and are honed with extra sharp edges.

The Shattered Amulet. A weapon he created solely by himself. Combined with his black blood he can summon the Amulet’s strength is to greatly amplify the potency of the Madness in the area.


A cobra with an extraordinary spiritual strength, though with out form and conscious mind to shape it. Though with Mabaa’s will he was given what he lacked. A serpent rose as a man long black hair, fierce green eyes, deadly fangs, and a sadistic smile. Madness… Blackness… Blood… one is either controls… or is controlled. Thus he controlled the Black Blood that flowed through his veins. Though… those who think they’re in control are often the one’s who have no control at all.

So begins...

Sir Morric Pent.'s Story