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Kor Myuzashi

"I will cut open your body, then freeze the soul inside."

0 · 337 views · located in Shibusen Academy

a character in “Soul Eater: EAT!”, as played by SleepyNem


Name: Kor Myuzashi

((Since this picture just shows her torso, she also has normal skinny jeans on with medium sized black high heels. Her heels are battle ready of course.))

She is 5'9 and weighs 131lb

Form: Scythe

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Level: EAT


Orientation: Straight. "Hahahaha! Me? In a relationship? Ha! I have yet to meet a man, man enough to tame me."

What do you look for in a partner: "Potential to grow stronger even when they have mastered themselves. I have goals that need accomplished. I value respect, maturity and straight-forwardness. Willingness to put their trust in their comrades and enough drive to fulfill any task given."

-Sadistic at times
-Easy-going and kind
-Gets embarrassed when someone mentions her personality traits
-Makes sharp squeals when she is poked in the sides ((currently a secret))

-LOVES Shrimp
-Sushi of all kinds
-Peanut butter
-Sour tastes
-Having intellectual conversations
-Her goals being accomplished

-Giving up
-People poking her sides
-Being embarrassed
-When people feel superiority to others.

Personality: Kor's personality and aura is that of silent indifference, with a hint of a sadistic side. When she has a task or chore needing to be done, it is always put on first priority and she makes certain it is done with one-hundred percent completion. Kor prefers not to over-do things as to not distract herself from completing what needs to be done. Distractions keep one from completing missions, tasks, chores, and goals; and so Kor tends to avoid everything unnecessary. However her straight-forward and confident mindset does not hold her back from enjoying pleasantries, social involvements, hobbies, or necessities needed to have a good and enjoyable time in life. In battle she is fierce and merciless, and as icy her scythe forms looks. She is at all times willing to give up her life for her user, the success of a mission, and friends.

Besides missions and other tasks Kor above all treasures friendships and relationships she builds with others around her. Her loyalty and honesty prove her to be a trustworthy and dependable person. Kor also has a bit of sadistic tendencies which comes up when you least expect it and this fact can at times provide a comical presence to a situation.

OTHER: Her favorite past-time is tying lanyards, making key-chains and good-luck charms. When she is not at the DWMA she works at a small, family-owned cafe in Death City called, 'Tea and Bits'.


(Just thought I'd add this for content sake)

Skills/Abilities/Techniques: (May be altered or added to depending on what my partner thinks is best)
"Ice Mind" - When her user comes into contact with her scythe form she sends a chilling sensation down their back to help heighten focus.
"Ice Wave" - (Kori Nami) - When her user says so, Kor absorbs her user's wavelength into her, amplifying it. This altered wavelength then manifests itself in the form of an 'ice wave.'
"Ice Tsunami" - A more powerful version of 'ice wave'. Is harder to control, and, produce.
"Frozen Cover" - (Touketsu Mamori) - Kor sends out her wavelength, only while in scythe form, that has the potential to freeze what she is put into contact with. This is not instantaneous.


History: Kor's father used to be a death scythe weapon for the DWMA, and the Shinigami. However after the Kishin threw the world into madness, her father was reported 'killed in action' for unknown reasons. His body was never found besides a ring he was fond of wearing which, as expected, Kor wears frequently. Her mother was also a scythe weapon at the DWMA, however never became a death scythe. At the young age of 20 her mother retired from the DWMA to work at her families little cafe Death City, and later marry Kor's father not long after. Kor's mother was killed by a local criminal whose soul had become a Kishin Egg.
Kor lives and works with her grandmother at the cafe 'Tea and Bits', when she is not studying/serving at the DWMA. She hopes of becoming a Death Scythe to protect those precious to her and to have the power to keep the peace.

So begins...

Kor Myuzashi's Story