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"I'm more of an idea person."

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a character in “Soul Eater Forever”, originally authored by WildSky214, as played by RolePlayGateway




Birth Name: Erzsébet

Age: 120

Gender: Female

Role: Witch



Physical Description: Erzsébet has long, straight black hair and apathetic green eyes. Her face is long and narrow, and her posture is usually slumped.

Height: Tall

Body Build: Curvy

Outfit: Erzsébet usually wears her red and gold witches hat, black shirt with a green bow and matching skirt. She has a white and gold shawl that she wears, and black leather thigh-high boots. She also values comfort, so she likes to wear a simple blouse and jeans when she’s not in ‘witch’ mode.



Personality Description: Unlike most witches who crave destruction and chaos, she has always been the practical type, and thought that killing people and destroying villages, and such, were highly irrational. If she sees nothing to be gained by something other than the pleasure of doing it, then she would see no point in doing it at all. She is a very calm person, so it takes a lot to get her riled up or afraid. She prefers to work behind the scenes and let others do her dirty work, often manipulating friends and foe alike. Because she uses her hypnotic charm in almost everything she says, she almost always comes off as very friendly. In reality, she’s not particularly unfriendly, but she rarely goes out of her way to be nice.

  • She's not very ambitious
  • She's slow to make decisions
  • She generally apathetic

  • Failure
  • Cats
  • Deep Water



Erzsébet is the product of a witch seducing a Meister in hopes of her enrolling as a student in the DWMA and becoming a spy. This plan never went into effect, however, since her mother died when she was seven. Mabaa the Witch Queen decided to raise her herself, and was unaware of her mother’s plan, something Erzsébet never enlightened her of since she never wanted it anyways. She didn’t care two licks about the DWMA, and believed that witches who minded their own business didn’t get killed.
Growing up, Erzsébet knew that Mabaa cared for her like a daughter, but could never care for her like a mother, much like she never cared for her real mother. Instead of going out and causing trouble like the other witches, she preferred to stay home and practice her Alchemy, of which she became very adept. Because she never actively used her powers to cause harm, the other witches thought she was weak. This changed when another witch challenged her to fight to the death, and Erzsébet won after only a few rounds. After that, no other witch bothered her again.
When Mabaa died, she figured that since she was like her daughter that made her heir. But since she’s not a very controlling or power hungry person, she decided to join the Witch Trimulative, and hoped that she could hold the title of Witch Queen, but let the others do most of the work.



Alchemy: With the right resources, Erzsébet can combine science and magic to make an array of useful items and potions.

Shapeshifting: Erzsébet has the ability to shapeshift into a fox. She still is capable of using human speech in this form. She also can call on other foxes to do as she says.

Hypnotic Charm: Erzsébet is able to hypnotically cause subjects to like the her, trust her, respect her and become doting sycophants that will do anything to please her. It effects people in different ways, however, according to have much willpower they possess. Those of a stronger mind can resist easier, while those of a weaker mind are much more likely to fall for it.

Decoy Creation: Erzsébet can create a duplicate of herself that is usually used to distract enemies while she sneaks up on them. The duplicate is just an image, and not solid, and it only lasts for a few minutes.

Pyrokinesis: Erzsébet can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire. Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire's intensity will be different.



*Erzsébet's animal theme is the fox.

So begins...

Erzsébet's Story

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Dante Roth

ImageOut in a faraway desert, a group of six students and two of their teachers stood looking for the legendary creature known as the Bunyip. A boy with bright white hair, crystal blue eyes, and pale skin stands out among the group. Even out in blistering hot weather, this boy, otherwise known as Dante Roth, wears a large black cloak to cover the delicate white skin. The boy never really cared much for weather, for he has unimaginable tolerance to hot and cold. His parents taught him to be a meister, and a part of being a meister is going out to places with extreme weather.

Dante stood next to his partner, Jun Andras. Both of which strayed a little from the group as to keep interaction with them as little as possible. He looked carefully at his surroundings, studying everything he could about where he was at. He took particular note to the unusual mountains that surrounded them. In a desert like this, mixed in with what seemed to be grass, truly gave the place the feeling of being in the outback, but mountains?

After taking note to the mountains, he went to examine the lake. The Bunyip was apparently supposed to live in this particular lake, but the lake looked way too small to harbor something that had the title of a Legendary Creature. He sighed and turned back to his partner.

"You really think this thing actually lives here?" Dante asked Jun. He crossed his arms and watched his classmate, whose name he thought was Mai, take off with a bracelet of a supposed missing person. She made a comment, one of which Dante could care less over. He shrugged the comment off and turned around to face Jun, and awaited her response.


Felix sat in his Raven form in a nearby tree as he closely watched the students and the teachers investigate the lake. He kept the illusion of mountains on all sides of the lake to give the feeling of being trapped and dishearten them. Of course this was both an easy illusion to cast and an easy illusion to see through, and Felix didn't even have to call off his Soul Protect or change forms. Now that the DWMA caught wind of the trimulative's experiments, they might have to find a new spot for experiments. Although a problem like this is easy to solve, it still is a setback nonetheless. Felix jumped off the branch and flew over next to his foxy partner not caring if he was spotted for Ravens were native to Australia. She made a comment about the DWMA 'lackeys' and snarled at the Japanese lady who walked off with her bracelet. He laughed in a low voice.

"Looks like we will have to find a new place and a new bracelet for you, eh Foxy?" He said in a light carefree voice. "You think they are on to us, or just here to investigate our little 'pet'?" He went on to ask her. He didn't really care if he had to move to a new location for his kishin eggs. In fact, it may just be for the best. Once a town has been harvested out, we could move on to the next one in an even more remote location. Wash, rinse, repeat.

"Heh," He laughed quickly, but the laugh was just as sinister as ever, "How about we let our pet have a little fun with them? It will throw them off our trail and give us a good show." He said in a low, even more sinister tone, and awaited her response.

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Character Portrait: Dante Roth Character Portrait: Ares Masters Character Portrait: Jacob Emerson Character Portrait: Mei Ling Feng Character Portrait: Mai Pendragon Character Portrait: Maximilien Relander
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Mai Pendragon


"Hey. Mai, come here for a minute. I might have found a lead..."

Mai looked at Mei Ling and saw her staring into the window of a jewelry shop. There laid the same kind of bracelet that she had found in the lake. She pushed open the door and looked around inside. The place was packed with all kinds of jewelry, mostly handmade, and with not a real or valuable rock or mineral in sight. She approached the only person in there, a large man with gray hair reading a newspaper. She assumed this was the owner of the shop, and went over to him and held out the bracelet.

“Do you know who you sold this bracelet to?” Mai asked.

The man briefly glanced away from the newspaper to look at what she was holding up. “Sure. It’s the only one I’ve sold so far,” he said in a thick Australian accent. “This real tall girl came in a few weeks ago with another bloke. They kept whispering to each other, then she bought the bracelet and left. She barely said two words to me, but I could tell she was really nice, a real good person, you know…”

“Thanks,” Mai interrupted, not really caring to hear anymore. She walked back out of the shop without another word to the man and leaned in close to whisper to Mei Ling. “You’re right Mei Ling, witches must be involved. I knew this Bunyip thing was stupid, witches are obviously the ones kidnapping people. We need to report back to the others.”

At that, Mai started back towards the lake, when she heard a whistle…



Back at the lake, Erzsébet morphed into her human form, not really caring if she could be seen now. The Bunyip would take care of the problem. She put her fingers in her mouth and let out a long, piercing whistle. She smiled as ripples appeared in the middle of the lake and the huge tusks of the Bunyip came into view. It’s huge, crocodile-like head came next, followed by its fat rhino-shaped body held up by long scaly legs with webbed feet.

Erzsébet looked on the scene with exasperation. “You know,” she said to Felix, “This all their fault that they’re about to get killed, really. If they hadn’t come here and disturbed us, they wouldn’t have gotten eaten by the Bunyip. It’s almost sad that they’re dying for nothing. It’s such an easy fight for the Bunyip that I probably won’t have to release my Soul Protect to join in.”

Leaning up against the tree, Erzsébet watched the ensuing chaos, not with joy, but with mild pity that these kids were essentially sacrificing their lives by blindingly following Death’s orders.