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Fate Reaper Evans

I will live up to the name of my family.

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a character in “Soul Eater: Life Goes On”, as played by akai-pyon


Fate Reaper Evans

Nickname: Fate
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Meister or Weapon?: Scythe weapon (weapon 1)

Human Appearance: Fate Reaper Evans. He usually drops the 'Reaper' part because well...that's not really him. It was his mother's sense of melodrama and uniqueness that caused him to have such a middle name. 5'6", Fate looks more like a girl than anything, with his head of spiky red and black hair, his large pale lavender eyes that seem to glow...He has a small tooth sticking out of his mouth. A fang, to be precise. He looks like a child, but Fate is much more than that. He got his hair from his grandfather, Shinigami-sama's own Death Scythe. It's funny, since neither of his parents have red hair that he should be the one to get it....

Weapon Appearance: As a scythe, Fate has a straight rod, except for a small dip near the top where his technician's hand could fit. The rod is dark red, with intricate designs above the dip. His rod is smooth below the dip, except for one little area which has a small design to help his technician's grip. It tapers out to almost a point at the bottom.

His blade is two parts. The longer half is black, plain and simple, with a shine to it. This is where his face appears when he wants to talk face to face with somebody while remaining in weapon form. The other half is also black, but it is much smaller. And it has lavender swirls - the same shade of glowing lavender as his eyes - all over it. Hanging from the top is a small white fang attached to a metal chain.

Soul Appearance: Fate's soul is pale blue. The top resembles his hair, but he also has a miniature fang sticking out of the mouth. His eyes are tilted.


Theme Song: "~Saga~ This is my Road" - Kanon
Hobbies: Video gaming, painting, listening to music, looking for novelty items

Soul Resonance: When Fate does Soul Resonance, the white fang replaces the longer blade. This blade is then turned into the key chain and the longer side of the rod turns into a huge fang. The rod's color changes to black and the lavender swirls change to red.

This attack can be called 'Fang of Judgment'.

Eventually, he also learns the '-Hunter' series.

Personality: Fate can act like a child. In fact, he can be rather selfish and stubborn, often rushing into things without thinking first. Fate doesn't like to be wrong and even when he's on the losing side of an argument, he will remain by his opinion. He's very opinionated, and prefers to do things his own way. Fate doesn't care what other people think of him, because he takes life at his own pace. It's hard to reason with him when he has his mind set to something. The only way you can get Fate to do something your way is to get to him before he can come up with his own opinion.

Fate knows how to draw. In fact, he can draw very, very well. If he's bored in class (which is often), he'll doodle on a piece of scrap paper and it could turn out to be the next biggest thing over in the art department. Back at home, he has art supplies scattered everywhere and there are almost no pieces of clothing without a paint splatter on it somewhere.

He is rather fearless, often taking needless risks just for the adrenaline rush.

He does want to become a Death Scythe like his father (not that he'd ever admit it...his father embarrasses him all the time...). In order to do so, he has to cooperate with his technician. He will drop whatever he's doing to help his technician. If something were to happen to her...Fate would be devastated.

But...she doesn't know that. For now, Fate is content with annoying the heck out of her by doing whatever he wants to do. In fact, he's the only one who can annoy her like that.


Significant event(s) from childhood: The only time my father ever played the piano for me was on my sixth birthday, the day I also discovered I was a Weapon. When my arm transformed into a scythe blade, my father's expression had been so...queer and so...not happy that it has stuck with me through all these years.

I remember his rough, calloused hands taking my own, leading me to the piano that was usually covered up on the corner, the sheet dusty with disuse and the keys probably old and out of tune by now.

He sat me down on the piano bench and tore off the cover, before he opened the lid, running his fingers with reverence, his eyes soft and nostalgic. My mother had slipped into the room as well, standing against the door frame. Both of them seemed....sad.

"This is a C," my father returned my attention to the keyboard, taking my hand and putting it down on said note. "I know you're more into painting, Fate," he sighed softly, ruffling my hair. "Music will probably help you in the future." He taught me the basics of the piano, before he left, never to touch the keys again. Any piano music in the house...that would be me, figuring out the instrument.

I grew better at it. In fact, I started playing so well that I could play practically anything by ear. But my father was not pleased. He told me that I needed to find my own music. Like with my painting. If I copied someone else's painting and called it mine, it wouldn't be mine. It would be a copy. I needed to find my own own road.

Relationship with Partner: Right now, he thinks of her as his best friend. He might even love her a little bit, but he still hasn't come to terms with that.

Other: Fate has 37 Kishin eggs under his belt.

So begins...

Fate Reaper Evans's Story