David Howlett

"Oh that seems like fun, let me try next!"

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a character in “Soul Eater: Rise of the Kishin”, as played by 13lazer31


Image-Age: 16

-Gender: Male

-Weapon/Meister: Meister

-Meister Class: 1 Star

-Partner: None

-Description: Though you can't see it under the coat that he wears almost all the time, his body shows the tell-tale signs of a rough childhood. His skin has paled from constant fatigue, as well as numerous cuts and brusies, from encounters with Kishin Eggs. However since arriving at Death City and enrolling in DWMA, he has slowly began to heal. That is, everything except the large scar on his back. For as long as he remembers, he's always had that mis-shapen X that never showed signs of fading.

-Height: 5' 4"

-Weight: 102 lb

-Hair Color: Auburn Brown

-Eye Color: Grayish Brown

-Skill(s)/Ability(s): Has developed great control over his Soul Wavelength and uses it in combination with a pair of tonfas as his main weapon. However since his fighting style is self-taught, it has no sense of order and is completely random and inventive. A common tactic that David uses is to believe that his tonfas are normal, when they actually have a variety of hidden equipment.

-Personality: He's very open with his thoughts yet couldn't care less about what you think. He's the type that craves excitement and new experiences, and likes to go searching for them. When in the mood for a fight will say things that he doesn't mean to provoke his opponent, even friends, to get them to fight seriously, but clears things up afterwards. Even-though he enjoys fighting, he will not kill when it can be avoided.

-Bio: At least three paragraphs

-Other: I've read everything

-Sample Post:

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