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Akimi Megame

"Touch me and you won't have a hand for much longer."

0 · 171 views · located in Death City in Nevada, United States.

a character in “Soul Eater! The Madness Returns!”, as played by Forensic_Anthro


Akimi "Megame"




Weapon or Meister


Akimi had never been a particularly healthy child. Since she grew up very far away from most civilization, she had never gotten any medical help, either. Her parents had lived in the country all their lives and instead of staying there or moving to Death City after they had their children, they moved farther away from other people and led a very isolated life. As such, Akimi and her older half-brothers, Angel and Kero, stuck together and often went out to explore. They grew up thinking that most people were scary, bloodthirsty people like the people they read about in horror books and that their little family consisted of the only nice people in the world. After a particularly harsh illness as a child, Akimi's parents gave up on their daughter and took her to the edge of Death City and left her there. They told her brothers that Akimi had died and that they had taken her away to bury her. Of course, Akimi was alive and found her way into Death City. She grew up on the streets, stealing from whomever passed her little alleyway. Of course, this didn't last long before she got sick again and ended up on the Academy's doorstep. It wasn't long before she decided she needed a new last name and became Akimi Megame.

Akimi was very attached to her brothers, Angel and Kero, as a child. She grew up thinking that most people were violent bloodthirsty killers and that Angel and Kero were the only nice people in the world. Because of this, she has tried to distance herself from people, fearing (much like Angel) that if she trusts anyone they will only turn on her in the end. After she was separated from her half-brothers, this distrust even grew to attach itself to her memories of them as she wondered if they were involved in her abandonment. Over the period of time that Akimi was supposedly "dead," she picked up quite a few tricks to better defend herself against the world.

Her clothing style changed from the silly impractical outfits of a little girl to the durable, useful clothing of a woman that was determined to protect herself. Although the skirts she wears leaves her legs exposed to weather and wounds, she finds it easier to move around in and her boots keep her lower legs safe.

Akimi does not trust people very easily. However, if she were to trust someone again, she would become very attached to them. They would quickly find that Akimi can be nice once you get past her thick outer shell. If one of her friends, on the slim chance of her having one, were to get injured in a fight Akimi would not hesitate to try and kill their attacker.

Weapon form
Akimi can transform into a gunblade.
Her gunblade form is basically a sword blade with a gun action built into the hilt. It would be used like a normal sword, but when you go to "fire" the gun mechanism it releases a shock wave of soul wavelength down the blade. The wavelength is completely contained in the blade, though, so it doesn't actually become a projectile. However, it'd cause increased damage to whatever the blade is in contact with.
The blade portion can also fold back into the gun action for easier carrying or some other kind of attack, which Akimi is unaware of as of yet.

additional information

So begins...

Akimi Megame's Story