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Arabelle Staddon

"I am not who I once was."

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a character in “Soul Eater: The Memories”, as played by OurStars


Arabelle "Ara" Staddon || Seventeen || Female || Weapon 4 || Zachary Evans || One More - Superchick

It feels like I have lost this fight

They think that I am staying down

But I'm not giving up tonight

Tonight the wall is coming down

ImageD e s c r i p t i o n :
Ara is a reasonably fit young woman, with lean muscles on her body and a physical strength that one might expect in a capable weapon. While she does not quite reach the standard of petite, the weapon is not quite tall either, fitting comfortably between as far as height goes. Her skin is typically pale, though if she goes outside for too long without sunblock, she has been known to turn pink with a flushed sort of sunburn. Disliking this quite a bit, she tends to be a bit excessive in her use of sunblock, and carries it around in a small pouch. Although she seems to have an endless appetite, Ara exercises enough regularly to balance this out, and therefore appears to be set with her current stature for the rest of her youth.

As far as faces go, Ara's is heart-shaped, ending in a chin that has a very slight point to it. Her mouth is a bit small, though seems capable of scarfing down food nonetheless, and her lips lack that darkness that is generally considered attractive. Rather, they are quite pale, and in general the mouth matches her nose, which is also somewhat small. It has a slope to it, and appears slightly too small for her face. The smallness of other features of Ara's face draw attention to her eyes, which are slightly too large to appear mature, and give her a look of a deer caught in the headlights when she is surprised or frightened. Otherwise, her eyes tend to be perpetually narrowed, as if she has vision that is slightly off, or is trying to pinpoint something in the distance. Her eyelashes are dark, but not overly thick, framing eyes that walk the line of dark pink and light red. Her eyebrows are a darker shade of the red that is her hair, and are both thin and long, giving her a very expressive face. One could likely communicate with her based entirely on the young woman's expressions, given that her emotions are displayed quite openly- unless she is focusing on hiding them, anyway. Her hair, of course, is a vivid red color, and falls a bit past her shoulders. While she does have bangs, they are slightly uneven and inconsistent in thickness across her forehead.

The young woman appears to constantly be bruised or scratched on her face, or to at least have a smudge of dirt.

H e i g h t : 5'6"

W e i g h t : 125 Ib

W e a p o n : Chain-Sickle [Kusarigama]

I am stronger than my fears

this is the mountain that I climb

got 100 steps to go

tonight I'll make it 99


S k i l l (s) / A b i l i t y (s) :
Speed -- Ara is a rather agile person, thanks in part to her love of running. When she runs, she feels as though she has winged feet and the potential to, at any moment, leap into the sky and fly away. Her speed is maintained by regular jogging and, of course, any missions that she and her Meister may be sent on. Although she is a weapon, she is capable of fighting physically on her own, using hand to hand -or rather, leg to leg- combat in such situations. At the very least, her agility makes her rather good at dodging attacks.

Leg Strength -- Hand in hand with her speed comes Ara's leg strength, which has also been built up via running and various missions, as well as time spent training. Her kicks are something to be avoided if possible, and they make up for a lesser upper body strength. She is the type of person who dreads pushups, but can easily do any exercise that involves her legs. If she were left to fight without her Meister, the young woman would be capable enough, though fighting becomes quite a bit harder for her when her legs are incapacitated, naturally.

Guessing Ingredients / Noticing Poisons in Foods -- One benefit to Ara's ridiculous appetite is the fact that she has gotten to know her way around food and the ingredients used to make it. She has a slightly quirky talent for naming the various ingredients within a medley of dishes, but it also has a more practical use as well. Ara is able to taste any poison or strange substance in a dish almost immediately upon contact, and therefore can minimize her exposure to such a substance. This is easier with foods that she has already tasted before, of course. The young woman never forgets a taste. An exception applies to tasteless and odorless poisons.

Hunting -- Having grown up in a very self-sufficient family, one which lived in the woods and used as little supplies from town as possible, Ara learned how to hunt relatively early in her life. It helped, of course, that both she and her brother are weapons, and so could take turns using each other to hunt for food, under the supervision of their mother, also a weapon. She is able hide herself from view by using her surroundings, and take prey by surprise.

H o b b i e s :
+Climbing Trees
+Playing the Cello [Somewhat Poorly]
+Trying new foods

L i k e s :
✔ Climbing
✔ Food [Especially Spicy Things]
✔ Cloud gazing
✔ The Cello [Though she isn't very good at playing]
✔ Dancing
✔ Birds
✔ Justice
✔ Honesty
✔ Challenges
✔ Staring Contests
✔ Running

D i s l i k e s :
✘ Smokers
✘ Sweet Foods
✘ Chewing Gum
✘ The Violin
✘ Small Enclosures
✘ Cats
✘ Feeling Trapped
✘ Being Insulted
✘ Failing Missions
✘ People who bat their eyelashes
✘ Luck

I have everything to lose

by not getting up to fight

I might get used to giving up

so I am showing up tonight

ImageP e r s o n a l i t y :
Arabelle is the sort of person who has a stubborn mind and a work ethic that is surprisingly steely. Once the young woman has set her mind upon some decision or another, it is nearly impossible to make her change it. She sticks by what she has said and done in the past, unless some sort of character growth has transpired, and may be described as hard-headed by some. It is not that she lacks the intelligence to adapt her school of thought, but that she is fiercely loyal in all that she does: and that includes loyalty to her own persona. Besides, she has never been the sort to allow herself to be pushed around by others, remaining steadfast in such situations. In the face of adversity, she has an optimistic perspective that one needs only work harder in order to push themselves further and break down the obstacle in her way. She eradicates mental or physical obstacles in most situations, rather than the probably easier method of jumping over them, because she finds it the best way to grow. Ara isn't the sort to believe in any kind of luck, as her philosophy is one of skill and earned rewards. Luck is an illusion, cast over the joint effort of skill, hard work, and a bit of good timing or connections. This disbelief in a chance of receiving something without having done something to earn it is what motivates her to push herself further and further, though it is not the only driving force in her work ethic, which occasionally has Ara stretching herself far too thin.

The other motivation for the fact that Ara never half-asses anything is her rather competitive personality, though it is typically a bit more silent a competitiveness than the conjured thought of one who constantly declares rivalries with people. Rather than such ostentatious behavior, she chooses a more silent competition, in which everyone around her is a possible rival, though they may not realize it. Ara observes the actions and skills of others, and quietly trains in an attempt to surpass them the next time they cross paths. This often leads to her pushing herself too far, especially when the abilities of others are beyond her grasp for some reason or another. She wants to be a death scythe because she wants to be the best, and to prove herself to everyone as someone who is useful and powerful. Perhaps this is a streak of vanity in the young woman, who doesn't appear to care much for external looks, but she takes pride in what she is able to accomplish, and doesn't allow anyone to take from her that satisfaction which is earned from succeeding or winning.

Despite the fact that she appears to prefer actions to words in the way of communication and forming connections, Ara does become somewhat talkative when she is excited about something, or has met someone who shares a passion with her. On the other hand, her anger is often silent, though it can be rather frightening should she lose restraint over it, given her physical prowess. She can be described as having a slight temper, certainly, though it is usually relatively easy to sidestep, as long as one does not insult her or those that she cares about. If those triggers are avoided, she can typically get along with a person somewhat decently, though naturally this is not always the case. When fighting, she may appear to be rather cold or brutal, but when interacting with others, she is proven to be a relatively sweet and polite young woman. Enthusiastic, even, though that is seen mostly in the vivacity she exhibits when training or interacting with those she likes. Ara is more of a listener than a speaker, in most situations, but she is usually quite present in any conversations that she partakes in, never fully overpowered. Well, usually never. She is an honest person, this fact somewhat aided by her expressive face.

Of course, upon first meeting, she does have the tendency to come across as slightly prickly, if only because her optimism and faith in the rewards of hard work is balanced out by her slight skepticism and tendency to distrust those whom she does not already know. She is courteous, but hardly warm to those whom she has only recently been acquainted with. After a while, though, she will become more comfortable in the presence of a new person, and will eventually revert back to her normal self. The coldness is typically short lived, unless the person has done something that has earned them her skepticism, or have an air about them that simply makes her uncertain of their morals. Ara tends to go with her instinct in most things, not the sort to construct elaborate plans, and therefore is heavily influenced by her gut feeling about most people, though her first impressions are not always accurate.

Hard Working || Competitive || Stubborn || Loyal || Skeptical || Kind || Enthusiastic || Honest || Impulsive || Slight Temper

I am my own enemy

The battle fought within my mind

If I can overcomes step one

I can face the 99

H i s t o r y :
Arabelle did not come from an average family, in the fact that her family has never been considered much of a friend to DWMA. The Staddons, though they have all been weapons and meisters for as long as can be remembered, with very rare exceptions, have always had the strange inclination to aid those which go against the academy. This started, supposedly, with Arabelle's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, who had worked to become a death scythe alongside his meister and lover. They had one child, and had achieved making him a death scythe, before his love, and Arabelle's ancestor as well, began to experience several miscarriages. Distraught, she somehow came to believe that this could be solved if she were to devour a soul. After that first soul, the woman became addicted, and consumed more and more, threatening to become a deadly force with this deterioration of moral and mental stability. Arabelle's male ancestor was sent to eradicate this threat, under the reasoning that he could best understand her weaknesses and therefore deal with this. Besides, it was supposed that he would not want his love to fall by the hands of a stranger. He accomplished his mission, but only barely. Afterwards, he stopped working as weapon and withdrew into seclusion with only his child. He grew to resent the academy, and this hatred was taught to the child, as well as to that child's child. By that point, they had begun to rebel against the academy, though it was never in a way which was open or easy to persecute. Thus began the line of resentment towards DWMA that traced down the Staddon family line. Eventually, they grew to be such a threat that it was necessary to eliminate them. Someone on the inside betrayed the family, though likely for the best, and only three people were able to escape the elimination of the threat: A mother and her two children, daughter and son. The daughter, as it would happen, was Arabelle.

True to the tradition of the family, and now especially prominent after the extermination of much of their family, Arabelle was raised to despise DWMA, taught that it was an establishment in which people could be pitted against their loved ones, and that it did not allow the world to take its natural course. Honestly, none of the explanations made total sense, but she was taught them from birth, and therefore never thought to question it. Naturally, the young woman and her brother were not raised in a normal environment, and never attended a real school. They were homeschooled, but their mother focused on training them physically, prepping them to avenge their lost family members. Arabelle's social interaction was severely limited, therefore, especially as the family lived in the middle of nowhere, in a small cabin in the woods. They went into town occasionally, of course, but only in order to buy supplies. The family was mostly self-sufficient anyway, and Arabelle only ever saw things like electric lights and air conditioning when at the town. Their cabin had no electricity or air conditioning, and most of their food came from hunting or from their vegetable garden. This lifestyle made Arabelle learn self-sufficiency, and means that she has never been nearly as reliant on technology or stores as many others were. The first person outside of her family that Arabelle ever met was an elderly woman when she was 8 and had wandered away from her mother and brother. The woman was in a music store, playing the cello. After noticing that Arabelle consistently returned to that place to talk with the elderly woman when they went to town, Ara's mother purchased a cello for her daughter, noting that music helps to improve the mind. Of course, lessons were sparse, separated by sometimes up to three months, depending on how often they needed to go to town, and therefore Ara never really had the chance to become very good at it. Still, she treasures that instrument to this day, though it hardly helps in casting aside her family's history, for it represents the fact that, regardless of beliefs, her mother was still a warm one to her children. Perhaps strict and often a bit eccentric, but caring nonetheless.

Had things continued according to plan, Arabelle would have been raised alongside her brother to eventually become enemies of DWMA, trained from youth for the singular purpose of exacting revenge on behalf of their fallen family. As it happens, however, Ara was not to follow this path. The first thing that began to make her doubt how she was raised happened when she watched as, before she could do anything, a meister and weapon duo from DWMA, saved the elderly woman in the music shop from being killed by someone who had begun to devour souls. She witnessed what had happened to that corrupted soul, and began to wonder why DWMA was that bad for getting rid of that sort of thing. Of course, one instance is not enough to completely change the mind of someone raised in one way. She still remembered tales of DWMA heartlessly slaughtering her family with 'no provocation,' and continued on the same path, though she inched closer towards the edge. Her brother, on the other hand, became more and more engrossed with revenge. He was older, of course, and remembered the family that had been lost, whilst Arabelle was incapable of doing so. She had been an infant at the time, after all. She began to sneak out to town more often, claiming to stay home when her mother and brother went out, instead going even further to other cities and towns. She would go there, and the smallest things made her wonder. Why couldn't they have been raised in a town, with other children?

One particular trip set in stone that she would eventually attend DWMA, and that was the one in which she ran into one Zachary Evans, oblivious that he would eventually become her meister. Of course, she didn't realize that he was a meister at first, and presumably he didn't know that she was a weapon. Their first encounter was brief, but she ran into him again a month later, and for some reason or another they began to talk. Finding interacting with someone her age rather enjoyable, Ara began to sneak out more frequently in the hopes of running into him or another resident of the town. At some point during one of their interactions, he mentioned a desire to attend DWMA. This shocked Arabelle, of course, for he had seemed rather decent and she was taught that the school was anything but. At first, she tried to convince him that going there was unsafe, but the young man was steadfast about his belief that the school was a good place. Concerned and confused, Ara went two months before she returned to town, and this time she admitted that she was a weapon, and asked him to tell her about the academy. As he did, she noticed more and more discrepancies between what she had been told and what he said. He suggested that she attend it, proposing that they be partners. Ara agreed, thinking that, if he was wrong about the place, she could attack from the inside. The year before she attended the school, the young woman ran away from home, leaving nothing but a cryptic note in her stead. She wanted to see more things before she made a decision. At the end of the year, she met Zachary at DWMA, where they officially became partners. She soon began to find that DWMA was not what she was told it was, making her wonder about the nature of her family. Researching it led her to discover what her family had done, and to research other families that had been eliminated. Of course, she wishes to free her brother from the fate of following the line of their ancestors, but when she went on her own to the old cabin, Ara found it empty. It isn't uncommon, now, for her to sneak out at night and visit nearby places in hopes of finding her brother and mother, though it has been in vain up until now. Anyway, she isn't properly sure of what she would say if she found them, anyway. It has become habit at this point.

So begins...

Arabelle Staddon's Story


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The sun was high in the sky, it was time for school to start.

Cassandra sat up in bed. Her legs were tangled in her sheets and she was covered in a cold sweat. Not the best way to start out a morning. She sighed, before slipping out of her bed and heading right to her bathroom. After showering, she changed into her normal outfit, a long sleeved button up shirt with a casual red over jacket along with a dark blue skirt, her long socks that went up to her mid thigh, and her black dress shoes. She left her long blonde hair down, so it would dry out and curl. She sighed and went back into her room where she packed up her school bag and then headed out of her room. Cass was sure that, by the end of the day, her and Shaun would end up with a mission, and that was what she was looking forward to. She was tired of sitting around all day, she honestly felt like they didn't get sent out enough.

Cass headed out of her room and down the hall, only pausing to knock on Shaun's door. "Common! You better already be up! I don't wanna be late today!" She banged on the door one more time, before heading down into the kitchen and making tea, she didn't feel like having to cook a whole meal at the moment, and there would always be food at the academy, so what was the point? Cassandra sat down with her tea in hand, and took a deep breath. Over the last few months everything had been pretty basic. Not many students had gotten sent out on any mission lately because things seemed so calm, and if anything it made everyone worry more. Since there weren't any missions up for grabs, or any that was worth their time, everyone was under the strict impression that she witches were planning something, and the Evil Humans were some how involved.

As the worry spread, so did the rumors, and all anyone could do was forces on their classes and training. Some of the students became so bored they started taking extra lessons, which Cass refused to do at the moment. To be honest, she was getting worried just like everyone else, what were they going to do if they witches were planning something? Would all of the students at the Academy be ready for a attack of some sorts? I guess only time will tell.. She thought, sighing into her cup of tea and closing her eyes, waiting for Shaun.


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A young woman with scarlet hair and reddish eyes steps out of the shower, her hair a deeper red as it sticks against her neck. She has been awake for a few hours now, due to a routine of jogging a few miles every morning, and occasionally tossing in sparring practice with some unfortunate tree. Her feet are rough from several years of this routine, as well as growing up in the woods, calloused as she prefers to attack with kicks rather than punches or something of that sort. Ara wipes the fog away from the mirror so that she can see her face reflected back, slightly flushed from the heat of the shower. Of course, the point of being able to see herself is not for vanity, but so that she can more effectively brush her teeth. After brushing and flossing and all of those sorts of things, Arabelle exits the bathroom, ignoring the chill of the wooden floor against her bare feet as she walks into her room and to the dresser in order to extract some clothing. She hardly puts much thought into the attire, not the most fashionable of girls, and is soon fully clothed in a pair of jean shorts and a loose shirt, with sandals on her feet because she runs faster when she is closer to barefoot, but can't stand the feeling of those shoes that shape to one's feet and toes. At the moment, Ara appears to be a very serious person, quietly preparing to go to school. That is, of course, until her stomach growls rather loudly, and she unintentionally pouts, hand pressed against her hungry stomach. I want food, she complains mentally, hunger one of the few things that the young woman freely whines about.

Deciding that she will grab something to eat on the way to school, not in the mood to make something, Arabelle leaves her room, a messenger bag with a notebook, pen, and first aid kit at her hip. It is mostly plain, except for two pins on the lower right corner. One of an iron bird, and the other a plastic cello. Not that she is very good at playing the latter, though she is perhaps passable. As she walks down the hallway towards her partner's room, Ara ties part of her hair back, because there is one lock that seems irritatingly stubborn about falling into her face whenever she does so much as slightly tilt her head. When she was a child, her mother would always tie her hair back in twin braids, so that it wouldn't fall into her face. Of course, Ara hasn't seen her mother in a few years, and since then has cut her hair and trimmed her bangs, making it somewhat easier to manage. It is merely an exterior reflection of how she has changed since leaving that cabin in the woods where she grew up, though much of her does still appear to be the same. When she reaches Zachary's room, Arabelle knocks three times before opening up the door, expecting him to be prepared to leave by now. After all, he, much like her, does tend to train, and this doesn't exclude early hours.

"We should get breakfast on our way there. I'm hungry," Ara suggests as she walks in, knowing that Zachary has an appetite as ravenous as her own. Luckily, their mutual hobby of physical training keeps the pair from being the fattest duo to ever walk the halls of DWMA.


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Whereas a lot of people his own age would enjoy ever extra second of sleep they could claim before being forced to awake to go to school, Zach differed. His thought process went more like "Why waste perfectly good minutes of valuable sparring time?" rather than "Why wake so early?". Some people probably thought that it was weird of him to like keeping in shape this much, but he didn't and that's all that really mattered. It was a means to an end.

Needless to say, Zach had been awake for some time now, and had just manage out the showered and gotten dressed. He wore black pants and a white long-sleeved T-shirt with some brand-name on it. His shoes, also black, accompanied this. Atop the shirt now laid an unbuttoned black jacket that made his clothes seem to go together just a bit better than without. He was still unfashionable by some means, but he never had interest in that in the first place. If only it changed his appeal to the majority of the female populace, but alas, it did not. Maybe it was his hair? Truth be told, he never combed his hair or anything after a shower, it just fell down naturally into his hairstyle. Guess he was just gifted in that sense, since he never had to deal with brushing long hair or dealing with bed-head after cleansing himself.

*Knock, Knock, Knock*

Zachary heard the tell-tale signs of his partner's arrival. He knew she wouldn't wait for him to come open the door, which was fine with him.... now. Things were a bit more awkward the first time. But pushing that tramatic experience aside, he smiled at her words, which were just what he was about to say.

"We should get breakfast on our way there. I'm hungry,"

"Sounds great. I'm famished." he said, glancing around. He had on his clothes, which was very good. He did take a shower. He had worked out earlier this morning before said shower. And.... he had his wallet. Okay, things were good. "Then lets get going, shall we? You can pick the place if you want. Eating something at all sounds great after a nice workout. But lets get this show on the road for now. Don't wanna be late, and I do have a habit of getting lost in a good meal." he chuckled, walking past her and out the door. Arabelle would know to simply lock the handle and close the door behindn herself since it was routine.


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Ara is visibly pleased with Zachary's agreement that they eat breakfast on the way to the academy, though she of course expected no less of him. The two mesh together well schedule-wise, because they appear to have the same sort of morning habits, and therefore needn't worry about one of the two sleeping in or being drowsy throughout any morning lectures. Well, as far as lectures go, Ara can be somewhat likely to grow tired of them easily, but that is primarily due to a preference for the outdoors over the indoors. Her favorite lessons have always been the sort which require large, open spaces, or at least some sort of physical training. It isn't that she isn't perfectly competent mentally, but that she far prefers the rush of a spar to the mental nervousness brought on by a test of some sort. She is incredibly hard working, of course, but isn't naturally the studious type, and therefore must often force herself to focus on test materials rather than go outside for a run or something like that. More than once, Ara has abandoned studying in order to climb various rooftops, though she has been working on improving her academic focus.

After Zachary speaks briefly, suggesting that she choose the breakfast place and mentioning briefly that they should hurry up on getting out the door, he walks out. Ara follows after him, closing and locking the door behind her before falling into step beside the young man, who is half a foot taller than her. She doesn't say anything, being more a person of actions than of words, but finds the silence comfortable, as she usually does. Arabelle is very rarely ill at ease with a lack of sound, partially due to a childhood of hunting animals that could be frightened off by the slightest of noises. Such experiences have allowed her to become the sort of person who walks without making a noise, her footsteps as soft as a cat's, though she dislikes said animal. Rather than a cat, Ara would prefer to be likened to a bird, if only because she has always longed to fly as they are able to. This is a typical dream for most people, of course, and is probably why she is so fond of jumping across the narrow gaps between buildings or flying through trees. Jumping is like temporary flight, if one does it properly.

"Let's go to the market, then. We can pick up some fruit and bread for breakfast," Ara decides, her choice made due to both time constraints and the knowledge that Zachary has a borderline obsession with strawberries, which can be found in abundance at the local farmers' market, which is every morning of the week, with the exception of Sunday. She begins to steer their direction towards where it takes place, but it doesn't requite much of a reroute, being on the way to DWMA. When the young woman had first come to this place, she was skeptical of everyone and did not believe anything until she saw it with her own eyes, for lessons taught since birth are rather hard to shake. She still isn't the most trusting of people when it comes to strangers, but has partially distanced herself from the girl who had associated DWMA, and by association the surrounding area, with slaughter and cruelty.

When they do come to the farmers' market, Ara begins to pick things quickly, with an expert's eye. Soon she has practically filled an entire basket with things that she thought looked delicious, and is balancing it between the crook of her left arm and her hip whilst trying to pull money out of her pocket. When it comes to food, she tends to get straight to business. It is possible that she plans to eat during class. Most of her peers have gotten used to such behavior, pardoning it because she makes up for it with otherwise polite mannerisms. Of course, there are still many girls, and a few guys, who treat her coldly due to envy that she is the weapon of Zachary, whom, as she learned a bit after coming to the school, is considered quite desirable by much of the female population. Having been raised in a forest, with the only regular male company being her own brother, she doesn't really have much of an eye for such things. That's probably also why she freely walks into his room. When they had first begun living together, she hadn't even knocked, and it led to some rather awkward situations.


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"Let's go to the market, then. We can pick up some fruit and bread for breakfast,"

Zachary smiled widely and nodded before saying, "Sounds great," and beginning towards the marketplace. Having fruits and vegetables for a meal after a workout was a brilliant idea considering that it was a healthy and easy choice. You needn't cook an apple, nor should you have to peel a strawberry. Well, you do get rid of the top, but that's not really a hassle since a strawberry is its own reward. Ah yes, strawberries, Zach's obsession. There is no other edible object in this world or any other that he cares for as much as the little crimson fruits. The juicy ones, in his opinion, were the best. You see, to him, there isn't just strawberries. There's lots. There's squishy, soft, tough, juicy, dry, tasty, delicious and outstanding strawberries. And they are different, if you ask him. Zach can even tell how old the fruit is by taste alone, even to the month if he concentrates. It's like some unnecessary trait he developed upon feasting on them, and one he doesn't mind having.

When they arrived at the market, Zach distanced himself from Arabelle in search for the fruit he was so desperately in need of. As she stacked herself with an varied basket full of different things, he stayed simple with a whole lot of strawberries and about three oranges. This would make for a fine meal, but it would by no means take long enough to eat that he would have to save some for after. These strawberries and oranges would be finished before they entered the school campus, like usual. Unlike his partner, who ate during class hours, he refrained from doing so. His time in class was spent working as all students should. It was unlike him to slack off too much during class, since he did have to get good grades. And he did. Most of the time.

After having paid for his breakfast and returned to Arabelle's side, Zach pulled out his first strawberry and began his meal. He'd pop one in his mouth and finish the thing in about a second which wouldn't be too sightly if he were in the presence of royalty, but considering that it was Arabelle he was with, he didn't mind much. She wasn't like much other girls, and in a good way. For some reason, he figured the opposite sex didn't really interest her as much as it did the other girls, as she didn't ever seem the least bit flustered by being near him, as other girls would. This itself was great, since he wouldn't have to worry about awkward situations.... anymore. Hopefully. He did clarify some things with her to ensure such an embarrassing thing never occurred again, so they should be in the clear. Hopefully.



When his mouth was clear for speaking, Zach did such as they walked towards the Death Weapon Meister Academy. "You know, you should try Strawberries more." he suggested. The topic of conversation when he was eating would almost always be about the little red fruits, maybe to the point of it being a routine. He was smiling, happy to be eating his favorite food on a walk to class. From there, there weren't any real topics of interest during their walk. Just him speaking about strawberries, then eating one. The oranges disappeared as well, even though they took longer to peel. By the time they reached the steps to the academy, he was finished as per usual.

"Today ought to be a good one." he commented, watching another student happily hop up the steps as he followed. When she neared the top, she leaped up into the air and did a flip before landing on something other than her face, which was a success. Whether she did it for show or just because wasn't known to Zach, but either way, he smiled and then clapped. "Bravo." he cheered on the girl.


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Arabelle seems perfectly content with her rather substantial load of food, biting into a piece of bread with a slice of cheese over it when Zachary makes his way back to her. She needn't look to see what he has purchased, already knowing that the meister has probably loaded himself down with strawberries, and maybe one or two other things for a bit of variety. Even if she didn't know that already, the young woman would have smelt the strawberries, the scent of which cling to Zachary like an overused cologne. This may only seem so strong to her, of course, as Arabelle's childhood of hunting has given her quite accurate senses, especially when it comes to scent and hearing. For each of these little advantages from such a youth, however, comes a downside as well. When she first came here, the young woman had not been the most socially adept of people, and still tends to miss little social cues here and there. She is often preoccupied with the thought of her mother and brother, enemies of DWMA, as well, and thoughts of them are some of the most effective things when it comes to distracting the red-haired weapon. She also can't stand to be indoors for too long, and isn't naturally one for structured academics, having learned at her own pace for most of her life.

Arabelle, not caring for what others think, practically inhales her food. Yes, she also isn't always the most elegant of people, perhaps. But she is a strong weapon and, to be honest, that is a large portion of all she cares about: people recognizing her as being strong. Perhaps this is not an incredibly typical mindset for a girl her age, but she is not alone in it, at least, and therefore has no reason to change it. She rarely feels the need to change herself, being loyal in all she does- including loyalty to herself. If nothing else, that much can be said of Ara. She is stubborn and loyal.

The duo walk in silence, as is customary due to the fact that they often eat on the way to school. This suits Ara quite well, for she isn't usually the talkative sort, unless someone brings up a topic which she is passionate about, in which case she can chat a person's ear off. When the silence is broken, it is with a routine topic: strawberries. Ara swallows her most recent bite of a tart green apple and shrugs at Zachary. "Too sweet," she explains, the two words her reasoning for not sharing his love for the red fruits. Ara has never been one to be overly fond of sweet foods, hence her breakfast of things such as bread, cheese, and tarter pieces of produce. They walk up towards the school, a building that is both impressive and strange in appearance, by most standards. What catches her, and apparently Zach's, attention is the girl who hops up the steps and spontaneously flips at the top to land neatly on her feet. Were her hands not full, Ara might have clapped to accompany Zach's cheer. Of course, quietly competitive as she is, Ara dwells briefly on whether or not she could do the same thing. Given that the girl's stunt had been propelled by the legs, she likely could, for her lower body strength exceeds that of her upper body. Temporarily content with her conclusion, though she will likely incorporate flips into her next training session, Ara continues to climb up the steps with her partner. Though she realizes that the girl, who is soon whisked away by her own partner, had been probably waving at Zach, not her, she gives a little wave as well, recognizing the girl.

Arabelle is hopeless with names, of course, and can only name a handful of people who attend this school, but does recognize the short young woman's face as that of a classmate. From what she can recall, that duo is somewhat well-known, though she can't remember why. Ara doesn't really pay attention to such things, unless it is because she is feeling competitive, and that is usually aimed towards individuals, not pairs. "We're going to be late," Ara observes, picking up her pace. She is quite fast naturally, even when walking, though the basket of food inhibits her slightly. She still hasn't finished eating, and will likely be having some of it during lunch time as well, if any remains from the stash.