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"Kill me. Kill me and see what I'm made of."

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a character in “Soul Eater: The Memories”, as played by Thäntos


Demons - Avenged Sevenfold


"Welcome to a world controlled by Madness."

ImageAge: Twenty-Four

Gender: Male

Role: Kishin

Partner: Sofiel

Description: Standing at the flattering height of six-foot-two, Eurynome has a slim mesomorphic build which is well looked after and defined. His collarbones and squared shoulders are the most pronounced. Around his neck are tightly wound bandages to hide beneath a silver collar which was inserted by a witch experimenting with a new type of black blood, and cannot be removed as its welded into his skin. Because of this his body has extreme regeneration powers and can recreate limbs with a decent amount of pain; smaller wounds are much easier to heal and far less painful.

He dresses himself in loose fitting and dark clothes and with a signature black jacket, a collar up to hide his neck and white fur inside of it. The two sides of the collar can be buttoned together to conceal his neck more if he so wishes; usually it is kept open so upon a second glance you can notice the bandages. Underneath is either a red and black stripped t-shirt, a plain black t-shirt, or a white dress-shirt. On his bottom half are a simple pair of black jeans with metal chains either side to give an almost punk-look, and his shoes are heavy duty boots which go up half way to his knee and are covered over by the legs of his pants.

His face is an inverted triangle/heart shape with a strong jaw and chin. It is framed by a crop of messy snow white hair of which half is swept back into loose spikes with the rest falling down either side of his face in uneven bangs and a sideways fringe on the left-hand side where a few stray strands would often obscure vision. Almond eyes are always narrowed with the red irises piercing and a tiny black pupil which is somewhat slitted to resemble that of an animal. Eyebrows are thin and dark grey in colour. Eurynome’s expression is commonly one of anger so eyebrows would be drawn down and thin skin coloured lips are taunt in a frown. He’s not very expressional in his facial features and only really has two or three different looks; one being anger, another being amusement, and the third - surprise.

On either of his ears are several piercings with silver rings hooked around the flesh. His left has two helix piercings and one on his lobe; a large silver stud is worn in the lobe one and two thick sleepers are worn in the other holes. On the other ear there are four holes - one on the lobe and the other three on the helix. All four of these have the same metal sleepers in. Eurynome has no tattoos and little scarring on his body due to the regeneration abilities he possesses.

ImageHeight: Six foot-two

Weight: 185lbs

Godly Tier Fighter - Since becoming a Kishin, he has power which easily matches that of Lord Death's and could possibly kill him if he's not too careful. Even before being a Kishin, his strength was unmatched by any other Meister.

Madness - Spreading like wildfire, as soon as Eurynome became a Kishin, the madness which used to plague the world because of Asura returned. It slowly begins to cover the whole of the world, affecting people in many different ways such as hallucinations and illusions. It has been said by many that his Madness Wavelength is inexhaustible.

Perceptiveness and High Intellect - Eurynome is quick to find out his opponent's next move and counteract. He's very swift at finding out weaknesses of those he fights too and what the best way is to defeat them.

Black Blood.2 - An enhanced prototype black blood which gives him amazing regeneration abilities. It also gives him a high resistance to attacks which would normally kill a Kishin.

Master Meister - Even after consuming his own weapon's soul, he is still able to resonate with Sofiel and use her weapon form at will. He was once one of the strongest at the DWMA before he 'quit'. Sofiel's weapon form is a halberd and can be manifested by spitting up black blood onto the floor which will create the weapon as it collects together. With this it can be used as a direct attack or as a enhancer for other attacks such as Energy Blasts.

Soul Perception - Unmatched by most others, Eurynome's soul perception is at an expert level due to him becoming a Kishin.

Shield - A large circular shield filled with numerous symbols can be created at will and used to absorb any attack, leaving him unharmed. It is dark red in colour.

Compressed Soul Wavelength Beams - By pressing both hands together in a manner similar to praying, Eurynome can create two small spheres of soul energy which are quick to turn to two large eyes and shoot off a very powerful beam of compressed energy. His Soul Wavelength is also used like a wind which can deflect certain attacks or blow his opponent away.

Energy Blast - Also to do with his wavelength, when he creates Sofiel's weapon form, the tip of it can be used to fire a powerful red beam which only those like Lord Death and Excalibur can survive.

ImageHobbies: The Kishin does not have many hobbies apart from spreading Madness and keeping an eye on those which hunt him. Eurynome also enjoys picking off the competition of other humans who are trying to become a Kishin themselves.

? Madness
? Sofiel
? Asura
? Being A Kishin
? Human Souls and Kishin Eggs

? Lord Death
? Meisters/Weapons
? Humans
? Witches

Personality: Before he was touched by the Madness, Eurynome was a very loyal and hardworking individual at the academy. He did whatever he could to help, respected demands, wishes, and students and teachers alike. He built up a valuable relationship with Lord Death himself and with his partner Sofiel whom he come to even have slight feelings for in the way of romance. A sense of security an optimistic air would follow him wherever he went. A smile would grace his lips, a genuine and calming one which would cause other people to smile too. His partner Sofiel was the more mellow of the two and would often have to put up with his bad jokes and terrible sense of humour.

However that soon changed when the Madness took over and twisted him into the demon which he now was.

Now the best word to describe Eurynome would be unstable. He’s given into the insanity which Madness brings with it and he’s turned into just as bipolar as Asura once was. He’s regularly thrown violently from two different extremes - one being his calm demeanour and the other is pure insanity. He believes that peace can only be achieved by giving into the Madness and erasing all fear and pain. His unpredictable behaviour makes him especially dangerous as one will never know when he’ll snap and go off on his erratic and senseless displays of something similar to anger. He is easily frightened by things he does not understand. His fear just happens to be his downfall as it was with Asura, even if he could control it a little better.

Even now he still has a hidden sense of humour and doesn’t always come across as that evil, especially when calmed. He can feel love as he once did, even though he is a great disbeliever in honour.

In short he takes after the first Kishin quite a bit because it is the same Madness which drove them to this point.

ImageHistory: Eurynome was once a student at the DWMA, a very talented student at that. He was hardworking and did everything he could to earn the respect of the students and teachers alike. He had even earned the respect of Lord Death himself. He was partnered up with his weapon Sofiel on his first day of starting the academy, having no where else to go since he was an orphan and refused to go into a home. The two of them were slowly but surely beginning to climb there way up to the top but Sofiel never quite made it to Death Scythe status by the time Asura awoke.

Touched by the Madness which had spread throughout the world, Eurynome was relieved of his duties as those more saner than him dealt with the Kishin and everything was put back to normal. However, even as that happened, he was still filled with the growing Madness inside of him. Thankfully he was able to hide it and returned to the academy a month after said events with a plan. As Justin Law of the European division was now deceased, Eurynome was granted permission to take over for him. He and Sofiel were shipped out the next day. Despite everything being quiet and no humans daring to try and turn themselves to a Kishin, Eurynome still found some souls to feed to his weapon.

After a little while spent there, the Madness inside of him was beginning to take over and soon he was using his weapon to kill humans and eat their souls. Due to his experience in suppression of his wavelength and the fact Lord Death had trust in him that he would deal with all Evil Humans in Europe, he was left alone to devour soul after soul and push himself closer to becoming the very being the Madness wanted him to be. His weapon Sofiel of course protested and thus he destroyed her too and absorbed her soul in fear that she would try and stop him.

Soon he was becoming consumed by the evil inside of him and changed into the Kishin he now was.

He was later sought by a witch who intended to use Eurynome as a sort of 'test subject' to their latest concoction. Following Medusa's work, they created Black Blood.2 -- a far more stronger and advanced substance which had to be transferred over days at a time. Seeing as the newly born Kishin refused to be a lab rat, they implanted a metal collar on him as he slept. It fused with his skin and gave the supply of black blood they needed over the period of a week, in which their results were far better than they could have imagined. Eurynome adapted quickly and it gave him great regeneration and durability to which he is somewhat thankful for, if only it wasn't done against his will.

The Kishin now resides somewhere unknown, spreading Madness just as Asura once did.


So begins...

Eurynome's Story


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The sun was high in the sky, it was time for school to start.

Cassandra sat up in bed. Her legs were tangled in her sheets and she was covered in a cold sweat. Not the best way to start out a morning. She sighed, before slipping out of her bed and heading right to her bathroom. After showering, she changed into her normal outfit, a long sleeved button up shirt with a casual red over jacket along with a dark blue skirt, her long socks that went up to her mid thigh, and her black dress shoes. She left her long blonde hair down, so it would dry out and curl. She sighed and went back into her room where she packed up her school bag and then headed out of her room. Cass was sure that, by the end of the day, her and Shaun would end up with a mission, and that was what she was looking forward to. She was tired of sitting around all day, she honestly felt like they didn't get sent out enough.

Cass headed out of her room and down the hall, only pausing to knock on Shaun's door. "Common! You better already be up! I don't wanna be late today!" She banged on the door one more time, before heading down into the kitchen and making tea, she didn't feel like having to cook a whole meal at the moment, and there would always be food at the academy, so what was the point? Cassandra sat down with her tea in hand, and took a deep breath. Over the last few months everything had been pretty basic. Not many students had gotten sent out on any mission lately because things seemed so calm, and if anything it made everyone worry more. Since there weren't any missions up for grabs, or any that was worth their time, everyone was under the strict impression that she witches were planning something, and the Evil Humans were some how involved.

As the worry spread, so did the rumors, and all anyone could do was forces on their classes and training. Some of the students became so bored they started taking extra lessons, which Cass refused to do at the moment. To be honest, she was getting worried just like everyone else, what were they going to do if they witches were planning something? Would all of the students at the Academy be ready for a attack of some sorts? I guess only time will tell.. She thought, sighing into her cup of tea and closing her eyes, waiting for Shaun.


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A hand was slammed against the wall, palm flat on the crumbling brick whilst the other clutched his bowed head and tugged at the strands of snowy white hair. Teeth grit together and ground to hold back a demonic growl. Fingers with long nails curled into the wall and scratched to leave white marks. More hair was ripped from his head and dropped to the floor, finally placing his other hand against the rough surface and bending over.

“Eurynome, what’s wrong?” His female partner was quick to his side but thrown back against the floor by a powerful surge from his wavelength.

It didn’t die down, instead it created a forceful wind which sparked with red and black, soon encasing the white haired male and dragging him away from the real world for a moment. When he returned, he wasn’t the man he once was, that was clear from the laughter bubbling in his throat. Head was thrown back and the demonic chuckle was released into the air, his eyes aflame with insanity.

“Eurynome!” Sofiel got to her feet and ran over to him, clutching onto his arm and shaking him violently. “Come on, snap out of it.” But it was no use, her Meister wasn’t the man she once knew. Upon devouring that last human soul, it had turned him down a path which he couldn’t turn back from. Now, the ex-Meister belonging to the DWMA, was the next Kishin.

That was a week prior to the current events. After turning into a Kishin, Eurynome was unstable and inexperienced, unable to use his abilities to the extent in which he wanted to. He was taken in by a witch named Madrocious. Just like Medusa, she was following in her footsteps to create a new and improved black blood which would aid her precious Kishin. She had treated the thing like a pet and for the first few days he was fine with it, even felt comforted as she held him at night and whispered soothing words. She kept him safe and most importantly, she kept him hidden.

But she wanted to use him and the newly born Kishin wasn’t pleased about that. He refused and she responded by planting a collar on him which would inject the supply of black blood needed to complete her test.

“What did you do to me?!” Eurynome yelled, clawing at the metal welded around his neck. Already he felt dizzy and sick from the blood replacing his own. A hand reached out and grabbed the witch by her hooded cloak and dragged her nearer to him. The Kishin hissed in anger, his sharp fangs shown in the process.

“You’ll thank me for it, I promise.” she assured, panicking in her mind and trying to get free. Despite being a somewhat powerful witch, she knew she couldn’t match up to a Kishin.

Crimson eyes narrowed at her and he threw her against the nearest wall which cracked and dumped her body onto the floor. Eurynome neared her and put his hands together in prayer, only his eyes remained open. Two large spheres of red energy formed either side of him, turning into eyes which shot out powerful beams straight at the witch. The whole building exploded, destroying months of research and most importantly -- Madrocious.

Wind swept through his hair, the dust subsiding as he looked down upon the wrecked building located in the woods. Eurynome levitated in the air as if standing on a hidden platform. Crimson eyes watched for a moment to ensure that nothing had survived before he put his hands together, formed a red sphere, with symbols etched into it, around him, and flew off at the speed of light.

Now that he no longer had protection from the witch, his presence and the madness would be spread throughout the world once more. At least he could hide for now.