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Kyrie Farron

"Your left foot is a bit off, dear, and be sure to hold that weapon of yours a bit higher than your waist."

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a character in “Soul Eater: The Memories”, as played by ใ‘ใ„-ใกใ‚ƒใ‚“



Age:Unknown since she had forgotten, but looks around her late teens or early adult years

Gender: Female


Partner: (To be added!)

Description: Kyrie is a very short, and a bit of a skinny girl. Seeing how she barely eats, Kyrie is very skinny, perhaps too skinny for a person, or a weapon for that matter. She's also very short, annoyed by it because she can't grow any higher, and only standing at 5 feet and 5 inches. Her hair is a natural lightish purple along with her eyes being a natural purple as well, and as much as people question her about it and make fun of her, she simply won't wear contacts or dye her hair out of pride. She usually puts her hair into two thin pigtails that drop onto her shoulders, and keep it held together with a strong ring. Kyrie always walks around wearing the same red Japanese shrine maiden kimono which passes just below her fingertips, and ends just above her ankles where she wears normal flip-flops on her feet, not minding the trouble to walk or run it them.

As a weapon, she is what some may consider a 'gunblade.' It is basically a combination of a knife and a gun, being able to be used as either, and switched between the two. The blade gets shorter and thinner as it reaches the tip, and is the length of almost a whole foot, just a bit shorter. On the base of the blade, there is a marking of a small dragon, resembling something from her past that she no longer can remember.


Height: 5'5

Weight: 127

Skill(s)/Ability(s): (To be added!)

Hobbies: Kyrie usually

โœ” Rabbits
โœ” Reading
โœ” Teaching
โœ” Being like a mother
โœ” Her 'family'

โœ˜ Being made fun of because of her appearance
โœ˜ Being bipolar
โœ˜ Her amnesia
โœ˜ Dangerous situations
โœ˜ Serious battles

Personality: Kyrie, to begin with, is simply bipolar. This bipolar personality of hers only takes place inside and outside of battle. When outside, she is a very calm person, almost like a mother in fact. Despite being a simple weapon, she holds a large responsibility as a death scythe, and tries to hold her rank up to that, and only that, not wanting to be seen any higher or any lower. She tries her best at everything, although she may not always look it, and takes care of everyone like they're her own family since she really has none.
Kyrie watches over people like an adult although when it comes to people who seem immature or are lower in status or age, she can become exactly like a teacher, strict with everything and a bit demanding. She has students who she teaches privately, which is where she has gotten her stubborn and maternal-like personality. One of her flaws is her protection over people who she teaches and cares about, being a bit cautious when it comes to missions or anything too dangerous that she thinks a certain person couldn't handle.
Yet this is all out of battle. She's a completely different person in battle, being very quiet, and even sadistic. During a battle, she becomes silent, almost as if she's hunting something and focuses only on battle. At that moment, everything she remembers, including the people she deeply cares about, just suddenly vanishes and her eyes are only focused on the enemy and foreseeing its death.
During this short period, Kyrie becomes slightly sadistic, enjoying the rush and feeling of battle and the victory of defeating an opponent. She tries her best not to show her grin, and most times, it'll scare some people off, so when she comes back to normal, she wonders why she gets avoided.
Mostly, her bipolar personality will only occur in and outside of battle. Sometimes, the two may mix together, being silent outside of battle and motherly inside of battle, but the chances of that are quite rare. It has caused conflict with her and society in the past, so she's not the largest fan of huge battles.

History: (To be announced after Kei-chan discuses with Emily-chan~)

Other: Kyrie has a terrible case of amnesia, remembering little of her past, and suffering from it every time she gets a head injury. Also, she barely remembers anything after a battle, only recalling fragments, usually the least important parts.

So begins...

Kyrie Farron's Story


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The sun was high in the sky, it was time for school to start.

Cassandra sat up in bed. Her legs were tangled in her sheets and she was covered in a cold sweat. Not the best way to start out a morning. She sighed, before slipping out of her bed and heading right to her bathroom. After showering, she changed into her normal outfit, a long sleeved button up shirt with a casual red over jacket along with a dark blue skirt, her long socks that went up to her mid thigh, and her black dress shoes. She left her long blonde hair down, so it would dry out and curl. She sighed and went back into her room where she packed up her school bag and then headed out of her room. Cass was sure that, by the end of the day, her and Shaun would end up with a mission, and that was what she was looking forward to. She was tired of sitting around all day, she honestly felt like they didn't get sent out enough.

Cass headed out of her room and down the hall, only pausing to knock on Shaun's door. "Common! You better already be up! I don't wanna be late today!" She banged on the door one more time, before heading down into the kitchen and making tea, she didn't feel like having to cook a whole meal at the moment, and there would always be food at the academy, so what was the point? Cassandra sat down with her tea in hand, and took a deep breath. Over the last few months everything had been pretty basic. Not many students had gotten sent out on any mission lately because things seemed so calm, and if anything it made everyone worry more. Since there weren't any missions up for grabs, or any that was worth their time, everyone was under the strict impression that she witches were planning something, and the Evil Humans were some how involved.

As the worry spread, so did the rumors, and all anyone could do was forces on their classes and training. Some of the students became so bored they started taking extra lessons, which Cass refused to do at the moment. To be honest, she was getting worried just like everyone else, what were they going to do if they witches were planning something? Would all of the students at the Academy be ready for a attack of some sorts? I guess only time will tell.. She thought, sighing into her cup of tea and closing her eyes, waiting for Shaun.


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Shirou Lamber

Shirou, for once, was awake early. He was always the type of lazy person to sleep in, probably until midday, explaining why he was always quite late to class. He was still a little tired though, seeing how he never woke up as early as to be up when class would start. Shirou was never a morning type of person. He was always much more active in the nighttime or evening, but the morning he just simply hated more than anything perhaps.

Slowly, he got off the cough he laid on, removing the book he was thinking of reading from his face, and setting it on the table. He looked around, making sure Daisy wasn't around, and seemed to have let out a little sigh to himself, his eyes looking tired, and his face expressionless, 'I'm still tired from that dream last night... What a pain....' He seemed to have stumbled while heading towards the kitchen, rubbing his forehead, feeling it being hot, almost like a fever.

The nightmare he had the night before was about him and his partner. They were taking on a mission, or something of that sort, but then he found some kind of shadow that pierced right through his partner, and saw her life flash before his eyes. Luckily, it just ended there, so he didn't have to fear what would happen in the end. Shirou wouldn't want to know either.

Although he was sometimes a bit heartless and a bit too flirty as a joker, he did have people he cared for and wanted to protect like his partner, but didn't want to show too much affection in fear that someone would actually begin to understand his ways of life. And overall, Shirou didn't want that.

He shook his head, trying to ignore the nightmare he had, and went into the bathroom, turning on the water in the sink, 'I can't be seen like this... people would think of me differently...' He thought to himself as he splashed his face with water. When he looked back into the mirror, his eyes still had the tired black bags underneath them, and in some way, he looked a bit like criminal, and it made him laugh at himself.

"Mmm... I think I'll try and see if I can peek on her changing today." Shirou chuckled childishly to himself as he walked out of the bathroom after drying his face, and headed out again. He stopped at Daisy's door, and knocked on it before asking in a loud enough tone for her to hear, "Daisy~ Time to wake up my little flower~"

Kyrie Farron

Kyrie, as usual, was up a few hours earlier than the students, and probably most professors and meisters, and weapons. She probably woke up at around 3 AM or so. She didn't need much sleep, and she was used to not sleeping at all, usually keeping an eye on sleeping students at the academy, or just walking around in the laughing heat from the sun. Some may have found it boring, but she enjoyed it, every part of it, the wind, the hot day, even their strange looking sun above their heads. Kyrie learned to appreciate just about everything there was to appreciate.

At the moment, she was on the very top of the academy, balancing herself on the tip of one of the towers, and put a hand just above her brow to block the sunlight, "It's far hotter today than I thought..." She said to herself, "At least, in my opinion. How do those children go walking about with such a dying temperature?" Kyrie sighed, not exactly taking a liking to such a high intensity heat, but tried to shove those thoughts away so she wouldn't feel it.

Today, she didn't have lessons like most days, but still enjoyed watching the children go about their daily business. Usually, she'd stay inside a class and watch how each student took notes, and if they didn't behave, well.... That's up for your imagination. Kyrie wasn't a very mean person, she was quite sweet, but she wanted students of the academy to try and pay more attention to their classes, "This place inherits a dangerous world... I just wouldn't be able to stand it to see them get hurt..."


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Shirou Lamber

Shirou laughed at Daisy's reaction before saying in between his inhales for air, "G-Guess you can deal with my flirting, but when it comes to a silly kiss you get flustered!" He always did something strange in the morning, whether it be to himself, or whether it be with someone else, especially Daisy since the two lived under the same roof as partners.

He hated mornings. He really did hate mornings. Mornings were the worst part of the day for Shirou since he was more of a night person. But he didn't hate them very much since Daisy always seemed to make up for that, even though she herself may have not noticed it. Still, he was grateful she was his partner. If it was someone else, Shirou probably would have been slapped, and probably would have died, either by a female's slaps at a pervert, or during a battle from the lack of compatibility.

"December 15th hmm?" Shirou asked as he finished his food and put it into the sink, "I don't recall us ever celebrating that date." He referred to her birthday, "It'll come up in a few months, so we'll just have to wait until then~" He said before heading towards the door and opening it up, waiting for her go out first.

"And you're right, let's not be late for class now shall we?" Shirou asked with a grin, although he was always late for class because he was sleeping in, or because he was just too lazy to get out of bed.

Kyrie Farron

"Ah, the bell's going to ring soon..." She said to herself before leaping off the top of the building she was on, and onto the balcony of the academy before walking inside, trying to find her class as she had such terrible memory from her amnesia.

Once she found the room, she opened the door, "Gooood morning class-" She stopped, noticing that she was in the wrong class and had interrupted another professor in their own teaching before apologizing, backing out of the room, and closing the door with a sigh before saying quietly to herself, "W-wrong class..."

Tiredly, she continued to search the halls, scanning each room number for the right class she always watched everyday, although she didn't remember very much, only the student's faces and the professor's face, nothing more.