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Death City, Nevada is a part of Soul Eater : The New Gen.

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Baron Phantom [50] "You best rethink that."
Mei Hasimoto [46] "Yea, I may be weird, but I'm not a monster.."
Fumiko Tatchibana [43] "I can handle this, I won't anything happen to you I swear!"
Amaya Sakura [42] "The first to forget, is the happiest."
Barry Thomas Pyawasit [42] "If you listen to the word 'head butt', it sounds funny."
Yua Takenaka [39] 'Hellooooo! Best Meister ever here!'
Mac Solomon [39] "I guess it's time for some thrilling heroics."
Emethil Arca [38] "My fate is mine to shape." (WiP, kinda)
Quarrie Higurashi [37] "You best just leave it to me."
Moto S. Kentono [35] "Oh, welcome to the DWMA. Pleased to meet your acq- Sorry!"

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#, as written by Ignetio

Idiku took the paper and pulled out his glasses again. Looking at the paper he looked around. "You actually don't live far from my house." He says as he begins to walk to her home passing his on the way saying. "That is where I live. If you ever need anything that is more than likely where I will be." He gets to the front door and opens it for her following her to her apartment. "You decided what you want to eat yet?" he asks he puts his hands in his pockets "Damnit forgot my wallet at home. We will have to stop by my apartment on the way to wherever." He scratches his head and giggles at his own stupidity.