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Leo Lenares

"Piano and art are good ways to blow off anger."

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a character in “Soul Eater: The Second Kishin”, as played by 0neTailedf0x


Leo Lenares
"Piano and art are beautiful things, don't you agree?"
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity ( Piano Cover )




-Weapon/Meister: Weapon

-Partner: Razeluxe Kagoshima

-Description:He has a moving tattoo of a snake that moves around his body protecting the part it covers. This snake doesn't seem to eat anything besides other tattoos or markings that appear over Leo's body. He has a watch that he carries around even though he doesn't need a watch.



-Hair Color:blonde

-Eye Color:blue

Clockwork: Can manipulate time to a degree.
(OOC:Specified in Pant's character)

-Personality: Leo has a very precise sense of time being able to tell what time it is down to the milisecond. He enjoys people who are happy and who are carefree, but he will not hang around people who are strict and serious. He is usually seen smiling and playing piano or drawing something that he imagined. He loves messing with clockwork machinery and always wears a watch even though he doesn't need one due to his ability to tell the time precisely. He can tell the way people feel by seeing how their body language is and how they react to questions he asks. He can be sneaky and manipulative, but he's only like this to you if you anger him or his partner. He would trust his partners word over anyone else's, even if it seems like an impossible strategy. He loves jazz and will occasionally wear a suit and hat, but the thing he enjoys the most is playing piano. Imagine a calm, smiling, and collected piano player and you'll get Leo.

Leo was a quiet and and observant child prodigy. His childhood is a terrible one, but he doesn't use this as an excuse to act depressed.

Leo was born into a middle class family that was stereotypical at the time. His father was a weapon that was pretty powerful and his mother was a meister that was as powerful as Leo's father. His father was charismatic and would try to become friends with everyone he met, but his mother was mute and enjoyed playing piano and drawing. They both got along perfectly and seemed to love each other and Leo. Leo loved his parents the same way and he wouldn't be embarrassed to show affection towards his parents in front of his friends.

When he got into middle school things started getting rough quickly, since his mother died and his father was left to care for a child on his own. His father eventually managed to be able to partner with a new meister, but he wasn't the same charismatic person he was before his mother was dead. Now most of his life revolved against defeating kishin eggs. One day his father felt it was necessary to train Leo to become a good weapon, but Leo didn't know what abilities his father had. Eventually his father taught Leo how to change his form, but it took quite a bit of training to learn how to change. He occasionally hurt his friends on accident and was beginning to become labled a freak by people who didn't know him. His father could change to multiple guns that would be used in accordance to the situation.

Leo could turn into a single katana, but he had no idea how to use his latent abilities. A kishin egg was going around the city he lived in and collecting souls by the house. His father was too busy training Leo to notice that a kishin egg was terrorizing the town and had no idea his life was in danger. The kishin egg on the other hand studied his father's moves and forms to get a strategy planned out for killing him, but since Leo didn't appear to have any specific powers the kishin egg completely ignored him. When his father and his new partner were discussing a training exercise for Leo, the kishin egg decided to strike Leo's father, but since his new meister was here he could defend himself against the kishin egg. Lacking training and proper coordination Leo's father and his partner were easily defeated and killed. That's when he woke up and went downstairs to see what the commotion was about. The kishin egg heard him walking down the stairs and went straight for the kill, thinking that the child would be no match for it, but the kishin egg was completely wrong. Using his training from his father he managed to change only part of his body into a katana and fight back the kishin egg. Eventually the kishin egg mocked him by grabbing his father's soul. Leo struck the kishin egg's hand, making the kishin egg drop his father's soul . He then used his ability and cut the kishin egg, but the kishin egg didn't appear to have any scars. It continued to fight damaging itself more, since it couldn't know that it had severe wounds inflicted on it. After Leo felt the kishin egg would die if he let it takes it's wounds he stopped using his ability and all the wounds that were supposed to be on the kishin egg appeared.

-Other:"I read everything"

-Sample Post:
Leo awoke on the floor with his covers on the floor and his alarm clock ringing the annoying ring signaling it was Saturday. He just finished his first year of his new school and he thought it was getting increasingly boring learning all the things he already knew over and over again. His neck hurt whenever he moved it, but he didn't care. Today was Saturday, the day that all teens look forward to for relief of boring school, and he was going to enjoy his break from school today. He got up and decided to take a shower, so he wouldn't stink like his neighbor does. He noticed was running low on soap "Crap" he said that mumbling annoyed that he would have to go to the store on a weekday. He took a long deserved and relaxing shower and immediately got dressed after in his casual wear a shirt, jacket, shoes and pants. He eyed his skateboard, but he never rides it, it's just there for decoration. He just doesn't have the time to use on skateboarding and possibly breaking his neck. He grabbed his wallet and phone prepared to go out and buy some groceries, but before he left his home he noticed that he almost forgot his keys and would have had to walked all the way back to get them. He quickly grabbed his keys and locked his door, since he knew that some people would want to steal his stuff. He got into his car and decided to drive to the store first, since he would probably forget to go there later on in the day. When he got out of his car and went straight to the store he saw a poster on the side of a phonebooth, it read " Piano players wanted." He decided he would check it out later, since his current job was pretty boring and he was pretty sure playing piano paid more. He cringed when he remembered that his mother taught him to play piano, but he decided to push away thoughts like that for now and just enjoy this Saturday. He bought the soap and some groceries for cooking and went directly home to put the groceries in his fridge. Once he did that he left for the music shop down the block hoping it would sell pianos, and luckily for him it did sell pianos. He could afford it and bought it, but he had to have it delivered to him due to his car not being able to hold the piano's weight. He could wait, but for now he took in the fresh morning smell and got ready for a great weekend.

So begins...

Leo Lenares's Story


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Leo was a bit bored and Raze was waiting at the school for him, so he couldn't bother him this early on. Leo always took his time getting to the academy, but today he decided he would speed it up a little. Before he went to this school he was called a monster, but now the very same people called him a hero. He was just finished playing piano and was a bit bored, but he decided he would have to meet this person called "Soul" and see what sort of person he is. The "Soul" character and his meister "Maka" managed to defeat a kishin. He wondered what defeating a kishin felt like, but he probably wouldn't find out considering the efficiency of the school or that's what he thought at least.

He was walking taking in the beauty of the city, since he never really payed much attention to details since the time he has been here. He finally managed to get to the academy after taking his precious time, Raze was probably being bored out of his mind without Leo there. When he got to the academy he saw two unconscious punks laying on the floor and Raze himself looking as bored as ever.
Leo looked at the two unconscious people on the floor besides Raze, but he had no idea who they were. "Who are these two?"

Razeluxe moved away from the wall when he saw Leo approach him. It wasn't too surprising that Leo had wanted to know the story behind the unconscious duo on the floor, but when he asked who they were, Raze froze for a second - Who were they? He hadn't even gotten a name or anything from the two, simply a unappealing 'fight' and nothing more. He glanced at Leo and then down to the two of them on the floor, smiling a bit sheepishly. "They're just fools." he slyly dodged the question. "Anyway, you get good sleep, Leo, today might be fun and you don't want to miss it."

Raze immediately chuckled a bit at the last bit of his statement. He highly doubted much from today, for it was just another day, nothing more. Or so he thought. "I wish." he added, patting his friend and partner on the shoulder. "So, how are you?"

Leo was dissapointed when Raze added the thought to his sentence, he thought today would be different from the other repetitive days that always happened. "I'm doing just fine, a bit bored. Other then that I'm fine."

Leo wanted to go inside and not stay outside where more people could randomly pick a fight with him and his partner. He didn't mind being patted on the shoulder very much, as long as he wasn't patted on the head. "Should we go inside now?"

"Yeah, sure." Razeluxe agreed. The young brown-headed man began to approach the door and opened it for his partner, letting it swing close after Leo had stepped in. His hope that if today wasn't exciting in a good way, it would simply be normal. They could take a mission and set out to complete it, grab a few souls. Hell, maybe they might even catch a witch's soul? Who knows. "Leo, you up for another assignment today? We keep up the pace and we would reach our quota soon."

Leo was excited by the idea of going on another assigment, since he wanted to test his new tatics on moving targets "I thought you'd never ask, but don't pick a boring mission."
He hoped they would get a fairly fun mission and not an easy mission like they sometimes got. The more challenging the kishin, the better they're soul felt whenever it went down Leo's throat. It had no real flavor, instead it has texture.

"I'll refrain from doing so." Raze smiled as they started down the hallway. If it were possible, maybe they would get a decent mission. If not, it wasn't his fault - all the good ones were usually taken, and he sometimes thought it unfair. Either way, they'd get a soul or two today if things went well. Things always did. They continued down the hall until they began reaching the assignment board from which they would claim their mission. He sighed, stopped and then looked at Leo. "I bet you we're still too late for a good one."


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Oren looks up at the calender. 'Monday already?' He sits up in his bed looking at the calendar. 6th of May... He jumps out of his bead and goes about his usual Monday morning routine. Showering, making breakfast, packing all of his school crap, hiding one of Jackson's shoes for a bit of entertainment. He sits at the table eating and looks at the clock. 6:05 A.M. 'Jackson must have really tired himself out yesterday. "OI! Jackson! Get outta bed! It's after 6 already." He continues to eat his breakfast waiting for his partner to move.

Jackson rolls over and looks at his clock his vision still blurry from his rest. 5:05 A.M. "Shut up Oren it's only 5o'clock!." Jackson rolls over and goes back to sleep muttering to himself. About 10 minutes later Jackson's door opens and Oren walks in with a bucket of water. After standing there thinking for a moment Oren raises the bucket over his head and dumps it on Jackson. "JESUS CHRIST! What was that for?"

"Jackson, do you even know what time it is?" Oren says pointing at his clock.

After wiping his face off and blinking a few times Jackson gets the water out of his eyes and can see the clock. "Yeah it's 6:20... IT'S 6:20 Why didn't you wake me up?"

"I did wake you up... 10 minutes ago. You thought it was 5 and went back to bed. For the guy who usually wakes me up this is pitiful."

"Yeah? Well I'm tired. I worked training all day yesterday. All you did was sit there in weapon form."

"Oh don't even start this again. I do just as much work as you do during our training. Now how bout you stop arguing with me and get ready we were gonna grab a mission today. 20 souls does not a death scythe make."

"Yeah, Yeah let's get ready to go." Jackson rushes through his morning routine getting ready for the day. Jackson rushes around the apartment looking for his shoe."Oren have you seen my damn shoe? I can't find it anywhere!"

"Just go eat your breakfast and I'm sure you'll find it eventuily." Jackson walks into the kitchen and sees that he has a bowl of cereal on the table.

"Thanks for not pouring the milk in my cereal Oren." Jackson walks over to the fridge and opens it grabbing the milk As he closes the door closes something caught his eye. His shoe was sitting next to the milk. He turns and looks at Oren who is trying not to laugh. "Oren... Your an ass." At this Oren bursts out laughing.

They eventually finish their breakfast and are ready to head off to get their mission. They leave the apartment at 6:50 so they can make it to the DWMA by 7. They jog most of the way for a bit of stretching and light exercise after their ordeal the day before. They stop on the steps to catch their breath. "So Jackson lets go get our mission I'm already hungry and a Kishin Egg sounds delicious right about now."

They head into the Academy to the mission board to look for a good one. Once there they see Leo and Raze looking over the board as they approach. Oren smiles "Another sword weapon." He chuckles. "We should team up for a mission show those Kishins what blades can really do."


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"Another sword weapon......We should team up for a mission show those Kishins what blades can really do."

Kagoshima moved his eyes over to glance at the person who had spoke. He saw a black-headed boy, and a red-headed boy. If he had to guess, the weapon of the duo turned into a blade. Yes, Raze was quite the Sherlock Holmes because he could deduct using common sense!

He offered a smile to the two. "As much as I would love to, I'm afraid that you might not be very... 'effective' in the missions we partake in." he declined as politely as he thought he could. He and his partner were not too far off of their goal of reaching Death Scythe. 64 souls proved this. The only jobs Razeluxe really took were those of the very dangerous variety, for there was more than sexual jokes in his speed's playbook. "So I'm afraid I would have to decline for your own safety."


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Leo remembered a bit of the missions he and Razel took on, but one mission he remembered the most. Due to it being the hardest mission he ever took and due to the fact he almost died trying to take a blow directed at Razel, even when it was unnecessary. He took the blow due to instinct, but Razel was out of the way of the blow before Leo tried to shield him from it. All he did was damage himself and cause them to almost fail the mission, but he managed to change back into his sword form and keep that form for the remainder of the mission. "Hey do you remember the mission where I took a blow directed at you, when it wasn't necessary due to you already being out of the way? That was the most excitement I had in a while, and the most danger I've felt on a mission for a while."

He wasn't anti-social, instead of being anti-social he tried getting as many allies as he could in case he needed help in the future. He extended his hands to the group. "Nice to see you here, but I don't trust you considering I don't even know who you are." He trusted Razel and he occasionally used the rumors spreading around about Razel to tease Razel, even if it didn't bother Razel at all. He didn't trust the two kids, even if they seemed nice from a first look. He heard about what Medusa did by hiding her true intentions, so he wasn't going to make the same mistake the DWMA made. Of course he wouldn't shut them out, but he would tell them that he didn't trust them. He didn't know who they were due to him not really caring about reputation, but they might know who he was. He didn't get to eat breakfast and he was a bit hungry, but he could wait unti later. At least he hoped he could wait that long. He turned to Razel and waited to see if Razel remembered the mission he mentioned, but Leo didn't remember that he might have to give more information than that to refresh Razel's memory about the mission.