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Chester Pyke

"You dare fight me? Alright, but It's your funeral."

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a character in “Soul Killers- The Demons within.”, as played by Blood-Soaked Warrior


Chester Pyke


Name: Chester Pyke

Age: 23

Height: 6'2 ft

Weight:134 lbs

Gender: Male

Nicknames: The Blood-Soaked Warrior(s), Chess

Likes: Winning, Making his sister happy, Helping people, Dressing nice

Dislikes: Loosing, People who offend his sister, Mercy

Physical description: People who have seen Chester Pyke's sister already suspect him to be like her mirror image, and in a way, he is. But Chest disliked being called "her" mirror image, so to prevent it, he's cut his hair shorter and changed his way of dressing. Before, he used to have just ear-length hair like she did. But now, he has spiky red hair that shades blue in the dark. He's almost a whole foot taller than her. Chester's original eye color was like his sisters Hazel, but for some reason, the transformation has made it take only one side of the hazel and has changed completely to green.

Chester has big feet and wears a size 10 in boots and medium in shirts.

Mental description: Considering that they are twins, Chester's personality is not that much different from Annabell's, though he has grown a protective side over her. Chester can't stand to see Annabell fight alone, yet at the same time he can't stand to be fighting without her.

Chester does not however, have the same short-fuse as she does. Chester is a little more calm about his decisions and thinks through things carefully. He's a man of wisdom, understanding, and a lot of common sense. Making rash decisions is not something he's know for however, he will if it means the safety of his sister.

His Soul



Source of power: Chester gets his source of power by thinking about what's going to happen if he looses. Chester's not really that powerful until something important gets taken away from him. To win normal fights, he would stay by his sisters side and usually play the defense while she plays offense. He doesn't care much for the soul points, and really doesn't bet that much on fights. But the part that really gets him to transform is the thought of getting revenge for his family. What really turns him into a beast is reminding himself that if he looses, everything can be taken away from him again. Chester doesn't want that to happen, so when the time comes, he lets his inner beast flourish. But once it comes out, it doesn't stop until everyone's dead.

- Shoots fire from fists for 10 seconds a minute
- Can run at incredible speeds
- Can glide with wings for a minute
- Punches fast, hard and accurately

-Can't swim
-Weakness to Ice
-Weakness to Wind

Skill ranking: B

Additional Info

History: Anabelle and her 'older' brother, Chester, lived in the higher class in the Pyke's Residence. If you looked closely, it could be spotted far north of the Solice of a city. With a mother and father who were always busy with work, the twins only had each other, and that was really all they needed. They were obviously spoiled little children, yet they were taught their manner by maids and followed the rules of their household every day. The kids made their beds, were quite in the halls, did their home-work and some of their chores, but when it came to play time they never stopped bickering. Annabell would scream at Chester saying that she won what ever game they were playing. Chester would disagree with her and pull on her hair, screaming the opposite. Though before things got too physical, they would be separated for a while and be put in time out. Afterwards the twins would apologize to each other and continue playing. This childish behavior went on from year 3 to 16. But When year 16 came, things started to change.

After a fight with her brother, Anabell ran away without a trace. No letter, no suitcase, no nothing. Chester felt extremely guilty for her leaving, not just because his parents said he couldn't come back until he's found her, but because he realized how much he really did care for his sister. Chester searched forever for his sister until he finally found her sitting on the edge of an old bridge. Chester quickly embraced her and comforted her out of her suicidal thought, and was able to convince the girl to come back home. They got up the bridged and walked quietly together, hands holding tight.

But as Annabell and Chester neared their home, they began to smell the faint smoke of burning. Chester was curious, while Annabell was scared. She ran ahead and was almost dragging Chester behind. By the time they got back to their home, Chester had realized what was going on.

Their Mansion was burning down.
Everything they knew and everything they loved was being engulfed by flames. Annabell attempted to run inside, but Chester knew better and held her back. There was no way anyone could still be alive. Not even his father, who spent most of his time in the wine cellar. Chester let Annabell cry, but didn't let a single tear drop from his eyes. He knew from that moment that things were going to be different. He knew something suspicious was going on, and he wanted to find out.

Chester and Annabell got jobs as shop keepers for a while. They sold dresses, dress accessories, bonnets, vests.. All the things Annabell learned how to make. But one day, a strange man came in. He asked Annabell about their store profits. They weren't going that well, but Annabell chose to say that they were doing fine. The man asked Annabell if she wanted to do better. Obviously, she said yes. The man grinned and handed over a needle with a strange substance. After that he tipped his hat and left. Chester walked into the room shortly after, said hey and asked about what Annabell had in her hands. She told him it was some kind of magical substance to make their lives better. Half-believing his sister, he sat down beside her and took a closer look at it. Annabell explained how the man came in handed it to her, and left. Just like that. Chester thought it might be some kind of drug, while Annabell thought it was magic. She was about to inject it into herself when, Chester suggested he should volunteer first. Chester stuck the needle in his arm, but nothing seemed to happen. Annabell wanted to try it next, but nothing seemed to happen to her either. Little did the twins know, they were going to be a part of something big. Something big and something new, but something that they could never return from..

They were going to become monsters.

Theme Song: Demons by Imagine Dragons

Battle Theme: Slay it by Cryptex

So begins...

Chester Pyke's Story


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#, as written by Damioa
Solice city. Sunday 8:00 pm.
July 18, 2013
Location: Warehouse.
It was a night of laughter. A night of boredom. Basically, it was a dreaded night because it was the night before Monday, and no one likes Mondays. As for you. Maybe this is a night of excitement. A night of fear. A night that will change your life forever. Well.... if you don't think it'll change your life forever, then your wrong. You are about to take the plunge into a new world. Can't really say it's a beautiful one, but it is one full of riches, fame, power, and of course death. It's simple really. Pay attention to the words of the hunter's. They are your friends but they might also be your potential killers. Let's not get to deep into that shall we? Let's talk about your introduction. I'm sure you've met him. The man in the suit. Or the man at the bar. Or the man that just happens to bump into you. That man, is known as a scout. He's searching for talent. Not just any type of talent. He picks a person with talent based on their soul. You don't believe me? Well that's why your here isn't it? To find out if the man was crazy? To find out if you should take the injection that was inside that needle? All will come to light. The first being the fact that the man was right. But,.....He didn't tell you the price. Most people don't when they want something from you. Hehehe. Anyway. Tonight you learn, what they want you to learn. Then, you decide for yourself whether it's worth it. Or if your going to run, because truthfully, you can die and, even worse, loose your soul.

Axl Nui Koi
Axl walked on stage with his two team members. He was the center of attention as people were staring at him. You would think at a gathering like this, there would be noise of small competition being held, but there was silence. The tension was thick. So thick some people were actually having anxiety attacks. Axl could see everything through his cold stare that surveyed the crowd. 'They keep getting younger each month.' He thought to himself. Seeing faces of children probably barely starting their high school year. The current veteran number two, was a seventeen years old, but she progressed pretty fast. This gave him the impression that they think younger souls are a better show. He exhaled softly as a sigh that only his team could have. He flipped of his black hood to reveal his face. He glanced to his right and saw Asher, his right hand man and his damage dealer. He was calm as usual. Axl knew he probably thought ill of the fact that they were recruiting kids these day. Then, without moving his head, he looked at Eva. He couldn't really tell what she was thinking based on her lazy look. It had different effects on people. Some people were scared of her cause she was ruthless in battle. Others just thought she was lazy. As for Axl, he thought she was just bored but, then again, she could be all three of those things at once. He looked back at the crowd with cold eyes and started to speak.

"Welcome," He said in a low uninterested but stern voice, to express his authority and his lack of feelings for people in the crowd. "All of you are probably wondering why your here. Well, if your here then you must know your reason already. You were promised fame, fortune, and power. Everything you've ever wanted in your wildest dreams. You came here hoping for that miracle and I'm pretty sure about 90 percent of you think its a load of crap. Let me tell you something. It isn't. If you haven't realized i......" He was cut off by someone in the crowd. "What do you mean it isn't? I was given this weird vaccination gun and I can't even use it. This is bullshit. I'm pretty sure everyone here agrees with me. Right!!!?"

Axl let out another sigh and lightly said, "Asher." Of course he knew what to do. He had to transform and quickly knock that guy unconscious before Eva lost her temper at the kid. He was probably only 17. No need for him to die tonight. Just had to knock him out and throw him somewhere after the organization erased his memory. Asher would handle it better than Eva. She'd probably kill him. He made sure to pay close attention to the crowd. He was slightly happier. With Asher's transformation and in-human speed, mixed with the knockout he dealt to the kid, his point wouldn't have to drag on forever. Once in a while he would get people like this guy. People that would help his point prove more realistic. He than continued with his speech. "As I was saying. If you haven't realized it yet. The injection guns you received, or 'Soul Re-leaser', as we call it, are locked and can not be used. That is because I don't want people who don't know the rules walking around with this type of power without hearing the rules. I will not answer questions. You will pay attention. I'm sure you understand. If you don't. We don't care." He waited for Asher to go back to normal and rejoin him on stage. "My colleague here just used a power called soul release to activate a soul form. Anyone who takes the injections can achieve a form like this. Each form is different. It depends on your soul. Everyone's is different. That is all you need to know about that. The next topic is why do you have to release your soul and achieve this form. Well that's simple. You all will compete in a competition for money. It's an underground sport, similar to cage fighting except no cage. You will fight it out with your powers and get prize money as well as what we call soul points. Usually we give out 5 but, since I'm feeling generous, I'm giving you lot 20." He didn't really feel generous. He was just tired of seeing newcomers die so quickly.

"When you run out of soul points three things can happen. One, you will be at the mercy of the victor. Two, the victor will control your soul and make you his servant. Three, you will run for your life and we, the hunters, will track you down and kill you. Once you inject yourself there is noway out. Noway besides death. So if you want to leave and forget about your dreams of fame, power, and riches, then you can go through the door to your right. There they will confiscate your soul injectors and send you back to your pitiful normal lives. You may do this now." He said waiting for people to leave. More than have the room left. He couldn't blame them. He basically just told them to sell their soul for hopes that could be taken away. It was better this way. Weak souls should leave so they live longer. He then turned to the remaining people. There was about 20 of them. He raised his left hand and clicked a button on what looked like a car alarm.

"Inject yourselves now." He waited while hearing the sound of moans and grunts. The injection is thicker than penicillin but the pain goes fast. After the noise was down he continued. "Now that you have released your soul you will spend the next day finding your trigger. Your trigger will help you to use your power. You have 5 days. On Friday you will receive a random message. Read it. You will show up at the location to fight your first match. There will be camera's around to make sure you don't run. If you run. We kill you. When you bet soul points, don't bet high. If you loose those points, I remind you, you are not in control of your life anymore. Last of all. Don't let people see you using your power. If you do. We will kill you. This is the contract. Fulfill and live longer. You can buy your freedom after 20 matches. If you have the money. Depends on how valuable you are. It also depends on if you want to stop. After your first match you will receive not only messages about your matches but others matches as well. When you leave, go to the door on the left. You will do a medical screening and blood drawing. Then you are free to go home." After this he left having Asher and Eva follow him. His job for the night was done. He knew he sparked up many questions in the crowds heads but it was better that he just gave them the just of things. The less people know, the easier it is to sleep at night. That's at least what he thought.
Prologue end.

Part 1. The hardest hunt. The hunters gather to do their job. You on the other hand, think about what happened on Sunday and try to find your trigger before your first match. The date is Wednesday, July, 21.
(ooc: Everyone can post after Asher, the second GM post)


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Day: WEDNESDAY - 6/21/13
TIME: 8:30 PM
Location: HQ, Solice City

Asher walked through the hallway, not even bothering with the passing familiar colleagues. This was a matter of important business, something that the Hunters need to take care of ASAP. No buts, ifs, waits, or whatever. They need to do it now. It's evening, probably the perfect setting for a "Bringer of Bad News" scenario, and that's what Asher is in right now. The bad news? It's to be revealed soon enough. However, Asher needs to get to the person who he has to reveal the information to.

It's not hard to find Axl. Usually he's in his office, doing something. Paper work, jotting down notes in modifying this silly contest, etc. Asher has some papers with him as well, those related to this bad news mentioned in the earlier paragraph. Not even bothering to knock, Asher opened the door to see Axl in his chair, the computer monitor covering his face. "Axl." Asher began. "We have some bad news here." A large understatement, Asher. "Some bad news" doesn't cut it. His mind chastised him, something Asher had done in order to better himself at martial arts.

"We have something... new here. We have a 'Rogue Soul Killer.' The guy kills anyone, and I mean anyone. He's killing any person that we give to him as a challenge or who was sent as a challenge himself. Not just a quick death; it'll be usually a brutal one. Signs of torture and stuff, you know- Law & Order, NCIS, that kind of stuff." Asher explained. "He won't stop when winning a fight against any Soul Killer that wagers short of all his or her Soul Points; he'd kill them anyway. There are also reports of the guy murdering anyone out of the Soul Killer contest as well." Asher dropped the files on the desk, his mind being reminded about all those crime investigation shows. "I haven't told Eva, yet. Of course, I think you'll report this to her as well. I believe that this would be a job for the Hunters." Saying that last statement, Asher couldn't help but smirk. Not in a sadistic way, but knowing that he's stopping more pointless murders,


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#, as written by Damioa
Axl sat in his office. He was going through files on his computer to check up on the newcomers blood and compatibility test. He had five name's that really spiked his interest. The first was Kamina Harina. He liked this kid. Reminded him allot of himself. He was born in the slums. He had allot of warrants out for his arrest. Well, not anymore. Contenders only face one law, the hunters, any other form of law had to be cut. So Axl proceeded to erase all of his criminal records. 'Fresh start kid. Don't waste it.' He thought to himself.
The next names were the Pyke twins. Annabell and Chester. Tragic story with them. Grew up rich and had everything stolen from them, but still, they fought on. The interested him to say the least and he himself, who was family oriented, was very accepting of their goal.
'Hmm.' He thought as he scrolled names. 'Lucas "Soki" O'Connell. Master thief. Hehe. Orphaned at age ten. Took care of himself anyway he could till now huh. Should be a good fighter. He might even be strong and daring enough to join our ranks. I'll have to keep a mental not of him.' He thought while jotting down notes. The notes weren't of people but of little things. Like what type of fighting style he predicted they would have. It was his job after all to hash out fights for the new ones until they earn the right to challenge people. He gave a rough sigh and scratched his head. Thinking about why, out of all the extra jobs, did he get that one. He shruged it off and looked at the last name on the list of female newcomers.
Kyra Anderson. She joined because she needed money for school. She looked innocent but if the organization picked her then she must've had some potential. He was reading through the profiles when suddenly Asher came storming in, looking like one of those t.v. cops that had just picked up a case. Asher's secondary job was to scout problems afterall, so this didn't really faze Axl. "What's wrong?" He said in his usual calm tone.
"We have some bad news here." Asher said in an urgent tone. Axl gave a light chuckle. "Is it ever good?" He asked, not really looking for a response. "What is it?" He said as he stood up from his chair grabbing his sword, the Kusanagi.
"We have something... new here. We have a 'Rogue Soul Killer.' The guy kills anyone, and I mean anyone. He's killing any person that we give to him as a challenge or who was sent as a challenge himself. Not just a quick death; it'll be usually a brutal one. Signs of torture and stuff, you know- Law & Order, NCIS, that kind of stuff." Asher said using his usual comparisons. He always did have a will to take down evil. Axl didn't mind. Asher was a good partner and a huge damage dealer. Axl thought of himself as the speed and Eva as the finishing touch. "So what." He said coldly. "People always die in this competition. Sometimes in a real gruesome way. That's how it is." Axl knew there was more. Asher wouldn't barge in if there wasn't.
"He won't stop when winning a fight against any Soul Killer that wagers short of all his or her Soul Points; he'd kill them anyway. There are also reports of the guy murdering anyone out of the Soul Killer contest as well." Asher said while dropping files on Axl's desk. That's all he needed to know. Whenever paperwork was involved, Asher did his homework, and there was nobody that could gather info like him. Axl thought he could if he tried, but that would mean boring work and Asher seemed to like it.
Axl and Asher left the office and continued to talk. "What about Eva?" Axl asked. "Does she know?"
"I haven't told Eva, yet. Of course, I think you'll report this to her as well. I believe that this would be a job for the Hunters." Asher replied. Axl smiled at this. He liked his cliche hero of justice attitude. Everyone that worked for the organization had something that helped them feel like they weren't doing dirty work. Even him.
He didn't say anything. He just led Asher outside where he knew Eva would be. That's where she had been since Sunday when work ours happened. "Eva." He said, looking at the woman who seemed to hate wearing clothes with calm eyes. "Let's go."
He wasn't much for debriefing and Eva wasn't much to care what the job was. They headed off to the location of the Rouge Soul Killers home. He had Asher brief her along the way. "This guy is a rabid dog. We are the poatchers. Prepare to kill him." He spoke in a dreadful tone. He always did this. He had to make sure that they were ready to take another persons life once more.


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♡~Annabell and Chester Pyke~♥

Day: WEDNESDAY - 6/21/13
TIME: 11:53 Am
Location: Outside the Coffee Shop, Solice City

"Oh, you're just jealous because I found my triggers first.." Annabell teased her brother, while taking a very light sip from her coffee cup. Chester bit the side of his lip and lowered his eyebrows. "I am not! I'm just.. " Chester trailed off, seemingly unable to find the word. After a few moments of silence he gave up and let out a heavy sigh. "Yeah, okay, maybe I am jealous. But what if this stuff doesn't work for everyone? The 'boss' probably forgot to mention that as well, and what if it kills me, Annabell? Don't you care?" Chester asked, staring down into his creamy cup with a stomach ache. God, drinking down that down without eating any jammed bread first took a nasty toll on him- Or, maybe it didn't. Maybe that was just the 'injection', finding it's way to all his vital organs so it can shut them down one by one... Or maybe it was just the coffee.

Annabell smiled at him and shook her head. "Now you're just being silly, brother. Of course he would have mentioned that it has failed on people in the past... Why wouldn't he?" Annabell suggested, but even she began to feel a little nervous as the words left her lips.. Her smile faded away as she too stared down into his coffee cup. God. He could be right. What if it didn't work on her brother? What if he did get sick and end up dying? The more they thought on the subject, the more the twins wanted to find his triggers. Annabell took one last sip from her cup of coffee before putting down the cup and leaving a small tip.

"Alright then, let's continue.."

Day: WEDNESDAY - 6/21/13
TIME: 12:08 Pm
Location: The old Warehouse, Solice City
"Hit me again!"
"..Hit me again!"
"Hit m-"
"-Chester, this isn't working!"
"-Just do it!" Chester shouted back, panting eagerly. Annabell huffed at him and shot one last fire ball.
Fwom, psheee. The fireball hit Chester's face. He fell back words, screaming. "Chester I warned you.." Annabell reminded him, putting one hand on her hip while the other scratched her hoof. Really, the only reason why she was still in her soul form now was because of how annoyed she was at him. Still, she wanted to help her brother find his trigger as soon as possible, but his stubbornness made it difficult. Chester sat back up with an ash covered face. He rubbed it away from his eyes, and coughed. "Alright then. Fine. My triggers aren't the same as yours." Chester mused, standing up and rubbing the black off of his cheeks. "Think Chester; what's one of the things you are most annoyed by?" Annabell asked, shifting back into her human form. Chester placed his hand on his chin, looked to the side and began to think.

"Well... I know that your guts annoy me.." Chester grinned, thinking he had just came up with something clever. "But we already tried that. Please Chester, we don't have all the time in the world.." Annabell sighed. The girl started walking around the abandoned warehouse, waiting for her brother's decision. She knew it was going to take a while, obviously, so she decided to keep herself entertained until then. Annabell sat upon a work bench and began to play around with the electric tools. While pressing on and off buttons and all sorts of mechanics , she was too busy to notice the stranger creeping up behind her.

"Uh.. God this is a lot harder than a thought.." Chester huffed, pacing back and forth slowly. "Well, I know that bad grammar annoys me. A lot. But I don't think that's gonna help me change into my soul... But checkers maybe? I know I hate that. Maybe we could play some checkers, An-" Chester turned towards where he thought his Annabell was sitting. But strangely enough, his sister was gone. Chester paused, and raised an eyebrow. "...Annabell?"

"Over here." Annabell growled, having taken her soul form. Annabell was covered in a dark red color, holding the head of the man who had just assaulted her. Chester's eyes widened as he ran to her. "Anna! Anna what the hell did you do?" Chester screamed at her, staring down at her hands and glancing around the Warehouse, praying to god that no one was around to see this. "I.. I don't know. One minute he had a knife to my neck, the next.." Annabell kept herself from grinning. Chester covered his mouth, glanced around the room again and then back to her hands. God, the smell...

"Alright, alright I don't think anyone saw that.. A-and even if they did, you can say it was self defense. It was self-defense, right Anna?"
"I think I'm going to love this job..."


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♡~Annabell and Chester Pyke~♥

Day: WEDNESDAY - 6/21/13
TIME: 8:36 Pm
Location: The Streets, Solice City

"I truly don't understand what's wrong with you, brother. Maybe you're just not smart enough to be a warrior..." Annabell tool a small leap over a crack in the pavement and continued to tease. "Oh well.. There can only be one hero in each family, right? I guess I'm it..." Chester took a sad looking glance at her before letting out a heavy sigh. From Anna's perspective, he still seemed pretty upset at what happened to the warehouse hours ago. Even after they left and got all cleaned up and agreed to never mention it again, he was still upset. But that wasn't the only reason Chester remained quiet. He was still very concerned for his own life, and perhaps Anna's as well. What if he did end up dying? Would Anna be left alone in the world? No, he couldn't stand the thought of that. He was the one who saved her all those nights ago, he was the one who did all the hard work into the 'family...' Why couldn't he at least shoot fireballs or transform? Chester let out a tired sigh.

Annabell was too busy watching the cracks in the pavement to notice him sulking. 'One..two...three...' She counted to herself. It was a fun game, if not a superstition. She almost looked like she was dancing from all the steps she was taking. She was having a good time until noticing that Chester wasn't playing along. He remained silent, and almost purposely stepped on every crack in the path. Anna arched her eyebrows, stopped playing her game and threw an arm around his shoulder.

"Don't worry, I was only teasing with ya. We're gonna find your triggers, and everything's gonna be fine." Annabell reached up and grabbed his chin tightly. She forced it to move up and down while she put words into his mouth."Alright Anna, I'll listen to you because you are the smartest girl in the universe and I love you." Annabell chuckled to herself and planted a kiss on her brother's cheek. After all that, Chester couldn't help but to smile. Still though, he remained silent. He wanted to think for a while.


Annabell walked right into stranger, and it sent her falling back. Chester's eyes widened as he got down onto the ground beside her, Checking her forehead and everywhere else to end up confirming there was no damage. Well, physically."Anna, Anna are you alright?" The male twin asked, concern heavy in his voice. But Anna grumbled a few cusses and rubbed her cheek before shouting at the man. "Watch where you place your steps! You could have hurt someone, you know!" She protested loudly, the concern for herself (and perhaps others..?) made perfectly clear. Chester helped her up, only for her to continue shouting at him. "Haven't you ever looked ahead of yourself you dumb twat? You keep daydreaming all the time and that'll be the the last thing you ever do!"Annabell's voice almost sounded threatening to the man. Before, Annabell would have never screamed at a stranger, Especially one as tall as he. But.. perhaps her new powers.. Maybe they gave her an extra ounce of confidence. All the more reasons for why Chester wanted them.


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#, as written by Soki
Luke's walk had been going wonderfully, or it had been until some small girl ran smack into him, causing him to take a step back to regain his footing as he sighed. "So much for a quiet day" He thought. He offered a friendly smile and went to offer a hand, but stopped immediatly as the girl began to yell at him. His left eye twitched slightly in annoyance. Once the girl finished, and got it out of her system he only raised a hand. "Before you continue, just quiet down; it was an accident on both parties, it's not like you were paying complete attention of where you were walking.

He then took a breath and shook a finger. "Second of all, you really should think about who you spat threats at, cause I don't mind putting loud mouths in their place." Luke than looked at the male bowed his head, and just side-stepped the two. "Now, if you'll both excuse me, I'm going to get back to my walk, it was quite enjoyable before this interruption." He didn't wait around to hear the girl spat more threats or curses, or even challenge him to a fight god forbid. He stopped at a corner looking from side to side. He couldn't imagine what would possess such a petite girl to threaten him, regardless of it right now with the power he'd found himself he could care less; taking a left at the corner which he paused at. "Foolish people..." He mumbled under his breath not even bothering to look behind him, cause she would have to be a complete idiot to follow after him, besides; now that he left them both behind a calmness had returned, and hopefully it would stay that way, least there be a second trigger, because if there was; He was sure that young girl would find it, and he'd rather not get in trouble for murder in anyway. He stopped for a moment and took a breath, looking up at the sky and sliding his hands in his pockets. "Wonderful silence of the mind.." He said to himself, causing a few passerby's to look at him strangely, to which he could only chuckle at; Luke had found one of his triggers, and because of it; he felt much better than any of this foolish people going about their lives like little drones in a hive. They never stopped, unless it was already planned in their life, if only it was easy to be like that. He leaned against a wall deciding that his walk was going so grand, that he'd just enjoy people watching for now; maybe he could catch sight of something fun to do, maybe someone rich walking around like a fool with a full wallet.


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♡~Annabell and Chester Pyke~♥

Day: WEDNESDAY - 6/21/13
TIME: 8:43 Pm
Location: The Streets, Solice City

Chester, the one who wasn't the one who got all flared up in the first place, was quite releaved to the that the stranger was completely understanding and didn't have any problems with his sister yelling furiously at him. And now, he could almost praise the man for leaving so calmly after such an event. Chester thought the event was over now and everyone could forget about it. Annabell, on the other hand..

"HEY! I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU, YOU..." Annabell trailed off, clenching her fists tight and shaking them like a spoiled child not getting what it wants. Chester, her tired and very annoyed brother, held on to her arms from behind and held on with all his might. "Anne, you know he didn't mean to run into you the first place. Be a gentlewoman." He ordered his sister, a look of anger clearly displayed on both of their faces( but for completely different reasons.) Anna let out a long huff and seemed to be calming down, standing up straight and attempting to pull her hair out of her face while her brother was gripping her arms so very tight. Chester noticed this and released his grip, relaxing his expressions and putting a hand on her shoulder. But in the blink of an eye, she was gone. Her feet had transformed back into hooves without him realizing and she was off. Chester stood with his eyes wide again, shocked first, than completely furious. He charged after her.

Fortunately, Anna kept to the shadows and continued to run behind buildings. At least she still has some sanity, Chester thought to himself. But he was only able to follow her for so long until she was out of sight. But another fortunate thing to happen was that the man hadn't gotten very far before they could catch up to him. Well, for Annabell anyway. For everyone else it was a horrible tragedy. Chester soon stood at the corner of a road. Unsure of which way the two went, he used 'innie-minnie-miny-moe', and went right.

Annabell, emerging from the shadows of an ally, quickly attempted to defeat the man here and now. She grabbed him by the arm, tugged hard (And with surprising strength) and attempted to throw him into the brick wall behind her. In the shadows, it might have been hard to perceive that it was the same petite girl; Not only because it was dark, but because she had just taken her soul form. Her eyes had changed to a glowing gold and were slit, while her hair might have shrunk an inch and colored blinding white.

"I challenge you to a battle. Accept it or die."


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Asher sighed as Eva shouted at him, saying that it's bad to assume like she's his mother. Asher rolled his eyes. "Whatever, mother." She should be the last one to chastise ME... Asher thought. If that's how she wants to play, I'd rather speak to her about her lack of clothing... The dragon roared, again, causing Asher to pull out his gun (still in his partial-Soul Release form) and shot the dragon in the skull a few times.

Then, out of nowhere, Axl jumped and stabbed the dragon, sending electricity through his sword. Huh. Now it works... Asher thought. Then, Asher saw that the dragon was about to do a stomp attack, causing Asher to jump back and off the building. Mid-flip, Asher saw that Eva was in her Soul Release form, and Asher couldn't help but smirk. Two dinosaur-sized bones dropped from the building after a few seconds, then off the building as it stumbled back. It fell into another one, and rubble nearly buried it. "Well, why the hell are you two just standing there. I did enough work, didn't I? Get to it now." Eva said, sitting on the floor.

"Right. Asher. Lightning cutter time." Axl commanded as Asher nodded. Asher transformed into the full Soul Release form, having silver hair and dark clothes in a gothic style, completed with a crucifix. The number of swords Asher had increased, and they were all charged with electricity by Axl. "Eliminate the threat."

Asher smirked, nodding to the last command of this fight. The dragon, at this time, managed to stand up. It reared its head back as it prepared to do a seemingly powerful attack. Asher, now at full power, raised a free hand, creating an ice sculpture of himself. Asher threw a sword at it as they both charged at the dragon, lightning blades charged and ready to strike.

Asher, the real one, ran faster than his clone as he rounded the dragon. He jumped and aimed his sword straight for the vertebrae that's supposed to be the neck. The clone did the same from the opposite side, and the dragon wasn't able to do anything as ice froze its limbs. This was a move Asher was trying to create in his mind before, and now he can see it in action. "Twin Lightning Guillotine!"

FRIDAY 6/23/13
6:00 PM
Location: Aria's Tavern - Solice City

Asher sighed. He remembered the fight, the last roar, the clash of two of his blades as they met at the center of the bone, as well as the deal he had made with Eva. A man of his word, he was supposed to buy her a drink, and Asher told her the only place in this city he knew that sold any drinks. As he left the bar with a bottle, Asher couldn't help but wonder how many people are dead because they tried to run. He never really got any messages or notifications about hunting someone, so he figured that no one was foolish this time around.

Of course, that may change by tomorrow morning, as tonight's the night everyone meets their first match. All Asher had to do was make sure that the fights go along well, and then he's home free. But, for now, he must wait until Eva can get her drink. "God..damnit... What's taking her so long...?"