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Elizabeth Sorrow

You first. I insist.

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a character in “Soul Killers- The Demons within.”, as played by Xunnamius


Elizabeth Sorrow
*kick* *kick* *kick* "Your tenacity intrigues me." *kick* "Come on, get up." *kick*


5'9" 120 lbs without her armor on. Long lustrous flowing black hair—tends to flare up when she gets serious, giving her the look of an insane woman. Dark brown eyes. Razor-sharp (literally) nails. Particularly muscular, yet surprisingly light on her feet. At any given time she can be spotted wearing her armor, which consists of: a pair of porcelain-white zip-up heeled boots that come up to her knees, a matching pallid carbon-nanofiber dress, and a large plain leather overcoat—also white. These armaments afford her a level of resistance against the elements, namely heat, electricity (her overcoat is acts as an insulator), and bullets (carbon nano-fiber, tougher than Kevlar).

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexuality: "Whatever."
Nationality: "..."
Affiliation: Upper class. Her family was filthy stinking rich.
Occupation: She works at a local mini-mart. She doesn't need the money, she just needs something to do when not fighting.



"You may call me Sorrow."

Elizabeth has issues—well, mainly one: she's not quite sane. When you first meet her, you might be tempted to hold a door for her. To shake her hand. She seems like a nice person. Always a cool demeanor, always nice words, though she never smiles. She'll even have casual conversation with you. The birds. The weather. The latest fight. All the while, brimming under the surface is something else entirely. A force of pure unadulterated rage. Seething blistering hate. A need for violence. To see blood. To break bones. As the calm demeanor cracks and holes form in the facade, her true self is exposed.

This is Sorrow.


Outside of battle, she's a respectable member of society—usually. She holds down a job at a local mini-mart, pays her bills on time, and says good morning to her neighbors. She goes to college, sits through her classes, and advances through life—mostly without incident, though she tends to be a loner. It's when she gets on the battlefield, putting her soul and her life on the line for a fight, doing battle against a worthy foe, that she changes.

Her most striking feature while fighting is her eyes. One can see determination and ruthlessness there, true, but one can also notice a child-like jubilation. At times, even when receiving blows, she doesn't seem to rebound in terror or pain but to fall in towards the attack, as if she were enjoying it! The honest truth is: she loves to fight. To bet her soul. To win. She considers it her only purpose in life. This drive has allowed her to survive the games for long enough to be considered a Veteran. Don't let her polite demeanor fool you, or you might end up dead. Of course, if she thinks that you're not a worthy opponent, she won't even accept your challenge and will only fight you if forced to, or if you piss her off. She does not like to participate in easy little skirmishes—she is not in need of an ego boost, nor does she have anything to prove.

As a Veteran, she has been required to work with others on teams many a time, though she often acts as a lone wolf, attempting to take out the enemy her own way—usually in a surreptitious or unexpected manner, and often times from behind. Receiving a chance to stab her enemy in the back is like winning the lottery for her. She loves it.


That being said, she is not an illogical person. If the odds are stacked against her and working closely with her teammates is her only option, she'll augment her fighting style accordingly.

One thing she does enjoy that is sort of out of character is flipping her hair without using her hands. If she can get away with it, she'll do it in the middle of a fight. Similarly, she doesn't fight prepubescent children unless they really piss her off; in fact, she may actually actively attempt to rescue them from hostile or dangerous situations if it isn't too far out of her way to do so. She thinks of little kids as "cute".

She is also deadly afraid of spiders, but nobody knows that!

Soul & Abilities

Similar to her fellow Veterans, there are many rumors swirling around the name "Sorrow". Even among Veterans, there are very few that have actually seen her use her Soul Form in a fight. Some believe she doesn't even have a soul. Others believe that she is always wearing her soul, constantly invoking her power.

Though not much is generally known about her Soul Form, her fighting style has been witnessed quite often. Those few that are lucky enough to have survived her onslaught believe her to one of if not the most fearsome woman in existence. Her main form of attack is with her hands—more specifically, her nails. She files them down so that they are razor sharp, utilizing them like claws. Depending on the opponent, she may even tip her finger with poison, just to make things more interesting. The truly devastating component to Sorrow is not her claws, however; it is her mindbogglingly swift and succinct methods of attack, usually small balance-breaking kicks combined with various grapples, coupled with her propensity for above-ground vertical wrestling and submission-style techniques.


If you get too close or too cocky, she'll flip you. She'll bring you up. She'll smash you straight back down.


If you fly at her unprepared—Soul Form or no Soul Form—she'll break you. She enjoys breaking bones almost as much as she enjoys seeing blood. It is for this reason that she tends to stab at her opponent's neck and face, hoping to witness as much red as possible. Even other Veterans respect her raw technique. Those that underestimate her because she isn't in Soul Form tend to die. Horribly, messily, and all over the place.

Her prowess in melee combat is not due to some textbook mastery of the martial arts through your typical training in some dojo or what have you. As a self-taught mixed martial artist, she became a genius fighter through perseverance in the arena alone. Very early on in her career as a Soul Killer, when she was still new to the whole "Soul Form" process and had next to no skill as a fighter, she would always bet every last point she had on her every match—a practice she ceased after her initial fights. She considered putting everything on the line to be a way to push herself—to make sure defeat was not an option. Constantly she fought against enemies that were slightly outside of her skill range. Constantly, through skill, determination, or just sheer desperation, she would find a way to overcome, learning from and adapting her own fighting style to that of her opponents. Eventually, after buying her freedom, she only accepted challenges from those Soul Killers whom she considered better than her, or at least a worthy challenge—inspiring her to hone her skills even further. During this period, she learned about as much from her rare defeats as she did from her numerous victories, all of which gave rise to the formation of a reputation around the community about the rumored "most fearsome woman".

Hence, she is exceptionally gifted when it comes to bare hand combat against the Soul Forms of Soul Killers in particular, as she has had a vast amount of experience in breaking them during her climb to the rank of Veteran.

Soul Form
(might be revealed later, if she ever has need of it)


Sorrow cannot remember life before the games. She doesn't remember her parents—though she does remember killing them and inheriting their fortune. She doesn't remember when she started fighting, though she knows she's been fighting for a very long time. She doesn't even remember the face of the last person she snatched all of the soul points from—she does that type of thing all too often.


The only thing she remembers are the faces of her fellow Veterans, the fights that were hard fought, and the few fights that she lost.


Oh, and she remembers those times where she ended her opponents in spectacular ways. She often dreams of past battles, flipping opponents over her back and breaking their resolve with her cold bare hands. She particularly enjoyed breaking the opponents who considered (past tense) themselves such "superior" fighters. Ah, good times. Good times.

Theme Song

Woodkid - Iron


A soldier on my own, I don't know the way
I'm riding up the heights of shame
I'm waiting for the call, the hand on the chest
I'm ready for the fight, and fate

The sound of iron shocks is stuck in my head,
The thunder of the drums dictates
The rhythm of the falls, the number of dead's
The rising of the horns, ahead

From the dawn of time to the end of days
I will have to run, away
I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste
Of the blood on my lips, again

This deadly burst of snow is burning my hands,
I'm frozen to the bones, I am
A million mile from home, I'm walking away
I can't remind your eyes, your face

So begins...

Elizabeth Sorrow's Story


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#, as written by Damioa
Solice city. Sunday 8:00 pm.
July 18, 2013
Location: Warehouse.
It was a night of laughter. A night of boredom. Basically, it was a dreaded night because it was the night before Monday, and no one likes Mondays. As for you. Maybe this is a night of excitement. A night of fear. A night that will change your life forever. Well.... if you don't think it'll change your life forever, then your wrong. You are about to take the plunge into a new world. Can't really say it's a beautiful one, but it is one full of riches, fame, power, and of course death. It's simple really. Pay attention to the words of the hunter's. They are your friends but they might also be your potential killers. Let's not get to deep into that shall we? Let's talk about your introduction. I'm sure you've met him. The man in the suit. Or the man at the bar. Or the man that just happens to bump into you. That man, is known as a scout. He's searching for talent. Not just any type of talent. He picks a person with talent based on their soul. You don't believe me? Well that's why your here isn't it? To find out if the man was crazy? To find out if you should take the injection that was inside that needle? All will come to light. The first being the fact that the man was right. But,.....He didn't tell you the price. Most people don't when they want something from you. Hehehe. Anyway. Tonight you learn, what they want you to learn. Then, you decide for yourself whether it's worth it. Or if your going to run, because truthfully, you can die and, even worse, loose your soul.

Axl Nui Koi
Axl walked on stage with his two team members. He was the center of attention as people were staring at him. You would think at a gathering like this, there would be noise of small competition being held, but there was silence. The tension was thick. So thick some people were actually having anxiety attacks. Axl could see everything through his cold stare that surveyed the crowd. 'They keep getting younger each month.' He thought to himself. Seeing faces of children probably barely starting their high school year. The current veteran number two, was a seventeen years old, but she progressed pretty fast. This gave him the impression that they think younger souls are a better show. He exhaled softly as a sigh that only his team could have. He flipped of his black hood to reveal his face. He glanced to his right and saw Asher, his right hand man and his damage dealer. He was calm as usual. Axl knew he probably thought ill of the fact that they were recruiting kids these day. Then, without moving his head, he looked at Eva. He couldn't really tell what she was thinking based on her lazy look. It had different effects on people. Some people were scared of her cause she was ruthless in battle. Others just thought she was lazy. As for Axl, he thought she was just bored but, then again, she could be all three of those things at once. He looked back at the crowd with cold eyes and started to speak.

"Welcome," He said in a low uninterested but stern voice, to express his authority and his lack of feelings for people in the crowd. "All of you are probably wondering why your here. Well, if your here then you must know your reason already. You were promised fame, fortune, and power. Everything you've ever wanted in your wildest dreams. You came here hoping for that miracle and I'm pretty sure about 90 percent of you think its a load of crap. Let me tell you something. It isn't. If you haven't realized i......" He was cut off by someone in the crowd. "What do you mean it isn't? I was given this weird vaccination gun and I can't even use it. This is bullshit. I'm pretty sure everyone here agrees with me. Right!!!?"

Axl let out another sigh and lightly said, "Asher." Of course he knew what to do. He had to transform and quickly knock that guy unconscious before Eva lost her temper at the kid. He was probably only 17. No need for him to die tonight. Just had to knock him out and throw him somewhere after the organization erased his memory. Asher would handle it better than Eva. She'd probably kill him. He made sure to pay close attention to the crowd. He was slightly happier. With Asher's transformation and in-human speed, mixed with the knockout he dealt to the kid, his point wouldn't have to drag on forever. Once in a while he would get people like this guy. People that would help his point prove more realistic. He than continued with his speech. "As I was saying. If you haven't realized it yet. The injection guns you received, or 'Soul Re-leaser', as we call it, are locked and can not be used. That is because I don't want people who don't know the rules walking around with this type of power without hearing the rules. I will not answer questions. You will pay attention. I'm sure you understand. If you don't. We don't care." He waited for Asher to go back to normal and rejoin him on stage. "My colleague here just used a power called soul release to activate a soul form. Anyone who takes the injections can achieve a form like this. Each form is different. It depends on your soul. Everyone's is different. That is all you need to know about that. The next topic is why do you have to release your soul and achieve this form. Well that's simple. You all will compete in a competition for money. It's an underground sport, similar to cage fighting except no cage. You will fight it out with your powers and get prize money as well as what we call soul points. Usually we give out 5 but, since I'm feeling generous, I'm giving you lot 20." He didn't really feel generous. He was just tired of seeing newcomers die so quickly.

"When you run out of soul points three things can happen. One, you will be at the mercy of the victor. Two, the victor will control your soul and make you his servant. Three, you will run for your life and we, the hunters, will track you down and kill you. Once you inject yourself there is noway out. Noway besides death. So if you want to leave and forget about your dreams of fame, power, and riches, then you can go through the door to your right. There they will confiscate your soul injectors and send you back to your pitiful normal lives. You may do this now." He said waiting for people to leave. More than have the room left. He couldn't blame them. He basically just told them to sell their soul for hopes that could be taken away. It was better this way. Weak souls should leave so they live longer. He then turned to the remaining people. There was about 20 of them. He raised his left hand and clicked a button on what looked like a car alarm.

"Inject yourselves now." He waited while hearing the sound of moans and grunts. The injection is thicker than penicillin but the pain goes fast. After the noise was down he continued. "Now that you have released your soul you will spend the next day finding your trigger. Your trigger will help you to use your power. You have 5 days. On Friday you will receive a random message. Read it. You will show up at the location to fight your first match. There will be camera's around to make sure you don't run. If you run. We kill you. When you bet soul points, don't bet high. If you loose those points, I remind you, you are not in control of your life anymore. Last of all. Don't let people see you using your power. If you do. We will kill you. This is the contract. Fulfill and live longer. You can buy your freedom after 20 matches. If you have the money. Depends on how valuable you are. It also depends on if you want to stop. After your first match you will receive not only messages about your matches but others matches as well. When you leave, go to the door on the left. You will do a medical screening and blood drawing. Then you are free to go home." After this he left having Asher and Eva follow him. His job for the night was done. He knew he sparked up many questions in the crowds heads but it was better that he just gave them the just of things. The less people know, the easier it is to sleep at night. That's at least what he thought.
Prologue end.

Part 1. The hardest hunt. The hunters gather to do their job. You on the other hand, think about what happened on Sunday and try to find your trigger before your first match. The date is Wednesday, July, 21.
(ooc: Everyone can post after Asher, the second GM post)


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Day: WEDNESDAY - 6/21/13
TIME: 8:30 PM
Location: HQ, Solice City

Asher walked through the hallway, not even bothering with the passing familiar colleagues. This was a matter of important business, something that the Hunters need to take care of ASAP. No buts, ifs, waits, or whatever. They need to do it now. It's evening, probably the perfect setting for a "Bringer of Bad News" scenario, and that's what Asher is in right now. The bad news? It's to be revealed soon enough. However, Asher needs to get to the person who he has to reveal the information to.

It's not hard to find Axl. Usually he's in his office, doing something. Paper work, jotting down notes in modifying this silly contest, etc. Asher has some papers with him as well, those related to this bad news mentioned in the earlier paragraph. Not even bothering to knock, Asher opened the door to see Axl in his chair, the computer monitor covering his face. "Axl." Asher began. "We have some bad news here." A large understatement, Asher. "Some bad news" doesn't cut it. His mind chastised him, something Asher had done in order to better himself at martial arts.

"We have something... new here. We have a 'Rogue Soul Killer.' The guy kills anyone, and I mean anyone. He's killing any person that we give to him as a challenge or who was sent as a challenge himself. Not just a quick death; it'll be usually a brutal one. Signs of torture and stuff, you know- Law & Order, NCIS, that kind of stuff." Asher explained. "He won't stop when winning a fight against any Soul Killer that wagers short of all his or her Soul Points; he'd kill them anyway. There are also reports of the guy murdering anyone out of the Soul Killer contest as well." Asher dropped the files on the desk, his mind being reminded about all those crime investigation shows. "I haven't told Eva, yet. Of course, I think you'll report this to her as well. I believe that this would be a job for the Hunters." Saying that last statement, Asher couldn't help but smirk. Not in a sadistic way, but knowing that he's stopping more pointless murders,


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Damn. Of all the days for his luck to wonk out, it had to be today. It had to be now. Of five straws, he'd managed to draw the shortest. Perfect. Just perfect. The others looked at their own straws first, and then at each other's. Eventually, everyone's eyes managed to land on the measly straw he clutched in his fist.

"No way..." he muttered. "No way!"
"You lost fair and square, Nic," one of the boys responded, a large grin upon his face. "You lose, so now you have to do it!" The other three boys echoed similar sentiments. Nic sighed heavily, shoulders slumped as if the weight of the world now rested upon them. Why god, why?! Why me?!

"Just do it Dominic," said the boy closest to Nic. He put his arm around Nic's shoulder, a gesture of support. Of sympathy. "Just get it over with. We've all had to do it before."

"Yeah yeah, I get it. Don't push me," Nic sputtered, shrugging the boy's arm off and pivoting on his heel, facing away from the group. "Just be ready to run if anything goes... down." He almost bit his tongue on "down". I'm just overthinking this. It'll be okay. Nothing ever happens.

Across the street was a local mini-mart/gas station combo. It was almost 9pm and the streets were empty, as was the lot outside the mini-mart. Eerie. No one was filling up gas. Not yet. The shop itself seemed pretty empty as well. If he was going to do this, he'd have to do it now, before things got busy again.

"Ha ha, Nic's scared!" The grinning boy jeered, pointing at Nic's back and snickering.
"Shut up, Kaleb. Shut. Up." He balled his fists and took a deep breath, gathering his resolve. Let's do this.

Leaving his gaggle of friends behind, Nic made his way over to the mini-mart, hood up, hands in his pockets, trying his best to look nonchalant. As he approached the mini-mart's glass front doors, he inconspicuously scoped the place out. No one was inside. Even the cashier who was supposed to be manning the register was nowhere to be seen. Nice. This might be even easier than he'd originally thought. He'd just have to be quick...

The moment he stepped upon the black rubber matting in front of the mini-mart, the glass doors slid open of their own accord, welcoming him in. A chime echoed throughout the store. Nic almost froze, body tense, staring at the cash register and the "employees only" door behind it.

Even after a few seconds, no one had come out in response to the tone. The only sound in the room besides Nic's heart beating in his ears was that of the store's hot dog machine, slowly rotating its meaty bounty in an attempt to sucker some poor fool into buying one. He'd tried those hot dogs before—didn't leave the toilet for an entire night.

Sighing in temporary relief, Nic fully entered the store, the automatic doors closing behind him. Inside were a few rows of assorted goods: candies, chips, jerky, gum, various sweets and concoctions, and other unhealthy goodies. He also noticed a glass box full of baked goods a little further down, towards the middle aisle. They actually looked pretty tasty, but he wasn't here for that. He had a mission.

It was then that he spotted his goal: the back aisle, with the liquor. He moved swiftly, a grin coming to his face as he ran his fingers along the cool glass of the refrigeration units. All he had to take was one bottle and he'd fulfill the requirements of the bet, but at this rate, with the store completely empty, he might be able to walk out with three or four. Yes! The prospect of showing up all his friends filled him with delectation.

Without further hesitation, he opened the refrigerator door, grabbing bottle after bottle and stuffing them in his pockets. Four in total. Not bad. He took a quick peek over his shoulder. The store was still empty. Sweet. He turned his attention back to the task at hand, gently closing the door in front of him. This was going impossibly well, better than he could have ever hoped.

Creak. His head snapped to the side. Did he just hear a noise? He listened intently, holding his breath. Other than the hot dog machine droning on, there was nothing else. The store was still empty. Sighing again, he stood, holding his bounty of liquor secure in his hoodie pockets. This was almost too easy.

As he approached the exit, his heartbeat quickened, a smile touching his lips. I'm going to make it! However, before he could turn towards the glass doors and exit the store, the "employees only" door opened.

His smile melted away, to be replaced with an expression of sheer terror. A woman in a mini-mart apron stepped out of the back room. Her hair was as black as night, eyes harboring a sort of unwieldy ferocity. Her entire demeanor was completely and utterly unnerving.

Their eyes met.

This was the worst possible scenario. Nic and his friends hung out around the mini-mart all the time, so they know most of the cashiers. They even gave them names. There was Fatty—obviously, he was overweight. There was Ciggy—he stepped outside to smoke so often that you could set your watch by it. There was Coffee—she would always drink coffee. She even offered them coffee for free once. And then there was her.

They called her Scary. She'd never done anything to them, but... something wasn't quite right about her, though the boys could never place their finger on it. It was as if she were an outsider to their world—a demon, masquerading as a human. Playing nice. She was really truly scary.

And there she was, in the flesh. Staring down a thief who obviously had four large bottles of alcohol stuffed in his pockets.

"Oh no," Nic uttered. Panicking, he made a curt turn for the exit, breaking eye contact and showing his back to her. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. No time to think, only move. He picked up his pace. Outside, his friends had looks of unadulterated horror upon their faces. Looks he could only mirror back at them. Things weren't going so well.

He only made it as far as the automatic glass doors.

One moment, he was hustling forward, looking out towards his friends. In the next, he was on his back, staring blankly at the off-white tiled ceiling of the mini-mart. All the wind had left his lungs—he couldn't breathe. His mind had not yet caught up with his body, his vision spinning. What the...

Swallowing the bile that had risen in his throat, Nic managed to regain some modicum of control over his vision. Incrementally, he began take notice of his body's current predicament. His back hurt, as if he'd been slammed to the ground. He had a headache. He was struggling to breathe. After a moment of gathering his wits, he used his elbow to prop himself up.

What just happened?!

He looked around him. First towards the aisles. Empty. Then towards his friends, who were outside across the street. He could faintly make out Kaleb. He seemed to be... ... pointing? Pointing at something. It was a moment before he regained full control of his cognitive faculties. Shaking his head in an attempt to clear out the haze that had settled over his thoughts, he realized the significance of Kabel's motions. He was indeed pointing. At the checkout counter.

Nic went completely cold then, the blood draining from his face, tears welling at the edges of his eyes. Slowly, he turned his head in the one direction he hadn't seen fit to look. Towards the cash register.

There she was. Scary. She just stood there, pressing buttons on the register and writing the results in some sort of binder. Next to her, sitting on the counter, were the four bottles he had had in his pockets. Just to make sure his eyes did not deceive him, Nic patted his hoodie down.

Empty. She had to be extremely fast... he didn't even feel the bottles leaving his pockets.

He froze, completely unmoving. Unequivocally, he was at Scary's mercy. Under her control. He could feel it, like a downed calf in the presence of an alpha wolf and her pack. I'm going to die... At that thought, the tears that had dammed at the ends of his eyes broke, streaming down his cheeks. I'm going to die!

And so he sat there, looking up at her and bawling his eyes out, for what seemed like an eternity.

Scary didn't even seem to notice him. She kept hitting buttons on the register and recording the results, as if the boy didn't exist—as if he wasn't even worthy of her acknowledgement. After a while, she seemed to have had enough.

With a slam, she closed the binder. Nic flinched. She gazed at the downed boy, and their eyes met once again. If you excluded her fearsome glare, you might say that Scary wasn't actually all that scary. She looked like a pretty nice person. It was her eyes that gave her away—then and now. She locked gazes with Nic but for a moment before pointing at the door.

"Get out."

Nic ran for his life.

Elizabeth Sorrow watched the boy run off at her command, shaking her head slightly. She'd almost attacked a child; fighting prepubescent kids, regardless of their having attained a soul form, just wasn't part of her modus operandi. Shame. She looked down at her finger nails, buffing them on the front of her apron. I guess I am in need of a worthy opponent.


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#, as written by Soki
Lucas once again had been enjoying his rest, until of course he was grabbed again but this time he felt strength behind the hand as she threw him towards the brick wall he reacted with good reflexes forcing his legs first and using them to spring to a fire escape flipping onto it and climbing all the way to the roof of the building. "Look as much as I'd love to teach you some manners, and to find you a nice goat boyfriend, I'm going to go ahead and get out of here before you draw to much attention to us so uh have fun with yourself!" He said pulling out three small pellets and tossing them hard at her, wither or not she was caught in the ensuing cloud of tear gas was another thing but it gave him time to start to run. This day hadn't gone exactly as planned. "Full girl! had to ruin it" He called angrily jumping to the next building over

He rolled the landing and planted his feet hard and started running again, he had really no idea of where he was going, just away. "Today, of all days, I just figure out my trigger and this little girl wants to fight, like it's my fault she was busy messing with that guy to see where she was going!" He continued to converse with himself anger starting to well inside as he pushed off the edge of another building as hard as he can to reach a smaller building with a lower roof. rolling towards the edge of the building grabbing the edge and dropping down to ground floor running right through the sliding door, and sliding behind one of the short aisles of things, he didn't pay attention to what was on it. "Damn girl, going out of her way to fight me; so ridiculous what do I look like a fucking idiot..." Lucas was covered in sweat panting a bit, feeling quite worn out after sprinting as fast as he could over rooftops. "People...think just because they gain power, means they can go out of their way to be cocky, such idiots; and people wonder why i constantly choose to do things alone.." He wiped the sweat from his brow, fixing up his hair that now laid flat on his head from sweat. "When I get a chance..I'm going to beat the living shit out of her.." He mumbled, not paying any attention to his surroundings except for a window; he was more worried with that girl finding where he went.


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Elizabeth grabbed a handful of the peanuts she had in a bowl under the counter, swiftly yet elegantly consuming them one by one. She was idly flipping through a fitness magazine—scanning over a section titled "10 Ways to Sneak In a Workout"—when the sliding glass doors opened, the welcome chime sounding.

Deigning to look up from the text in her hands, she saw a shady looking figure run through, the doors barely removing themselves from his path before he made his way in. Moving with great haste, the figure—obviously male with a fascinating hairstyle and choice in clothing—slid into one of the middle aisles, wiping sweat from his face and fixing up his hair. He seemed to be talking to himself.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes in curiosity. Something was odd about this one. Of course, working the night shift, she saw her share of the weirdos, hobos, and the like, but this guy was different. He was older than the usual riffraff, in his early 30's by her estimate, and he didn't look like a homeless man, a thief, or some random vagabond or miscreant. Elizabeth's eyes widened ever so slightly.


That gait, that lofty swagger. That air of confidence. Not to mention he had a certain... glow about him. A barely-noticeable luminescence. This guy was a Soul Killer. Again, interesting. She wasn't sure why she didn't recognize it upon first laying eyes upon him—perhaps he was a newly born. That would explain it. They were always harder to spot, especially for her.

The guy hadn't noticed her presence yet. She didn't take it personally. For some reason, people failed to mind her ubiety if they weren't actively looking for her. Perhaps it was a side effect of her general style of fighting. She pursed her lips at that, the closest facial expression to a grin she had in her arsenal, keeping her eyes on her guest.

A Soul Killer, running in here like that? Elizabeth looked back towards the glass door, taking in the scenery outside of the mini-mart. The parking lot was for the most part empty, with a single car parked next to a fueling station, its driver refilling its tank. It was quiet.

Too quiet.

Grimacing, she looked back at her guest. He'd probably ran in here all sweaty and out of breath to get away from another Soul Killer, which means they were fighting—are fighting. She brought the fingers of her left hand together in such a way that her knuckles and joints popped faintly.

They better not do that shit in here.


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♡~Annabell and Chester Pyke~♥

Annabell was a little impressed- if not furious- that Lucas had not actually been injured by her attempt at throwing him at a wall. He had actually jumped off of the wall he was being thrown at, and landed on the fire escape. Seeing him not flying through the air anymore gave her the need to make him do it again. Her first instict as he gripped the metal bars was to do the exact same thing, but by the time she had grabbed onto them, he was already on the roof. Quick, she thought to herself. If it didn't make her feel even more angered towards him, it made her feel impressed. But now was not the time for emotion, as he had just thrown three pellets at the ground which quickly broke and filled the air around her in a white fog. Annabell's soul didn't attempt to escape the fog until her eyes began to water from it, her then letting out a small shrill of pain followed by the sounds of her feet swiftly clopping away to somewhere that didn't make her feel like dying.

Back behind the buildings and beside a giant brick wall, much time hadn't past since that little accident. She huffed a few times and watched as the man disappeared, jumping away from roof to roof. Annabell's anger towards him only grew, And she still felt that he owed her a proper fight.

Just as paced and fast as the man, Annabell ran in the shadows and secretively followed behind his. Hopefully, she had the element of surprise on her side once again. But just as quickly as a demonic grin grew, the shadow vanished. Annabell had no control of her monstrous legs at this moment and to stop, she had to crash land. Doing so she scraped herself quite badly. The only very noticeable difference though was her dress, being ripped to shreds at the end. She stood back up and hastily went back over towards where that shadow had disappeared. She knew he couldn't have made it to the next building over, as there was no fire escape on that side and the room was too high to jump from such a low level. And unless he could jump across cars, she didn't think he could/would cross the street. As soon as the idea came to mind that he was in this small grocery store. Perfect. In the blink of an eye, Annabell dodged around the corner, barely made it past the sliding glass doors without breaking through them, and slid down the isle that was directly in front. If she hadn't gotten down to her knees and and had her Claws's scratch across the ground, she might have crashed into something behind her and knocked it over. Luckily she had, and the only noise and sight giving her away were her scratches and clops against the ground. Carefully, anna stood back up and readjusted her stance, glancing around the small store and wondering to herself. "Just where the hell did he go?" Though as she only took a few steps throught the store, she already saw the lady standing behind the cash register, there with an unimpressed look upon her face. They both made eye contact for about a minute before Annabell looked away and back around the store for another moment. Annabell's soul huffed through her nose and began clopping away down the store, her search for the man quickly continuing.


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#, as written by Soki
Luke could only let out a quiet groan; "She's here too?! why the hell won't she leave me alone!" He could hear her clopping around somewhere in the mini-mart checking his pockets to see which pellets he had left, and was saddened to notice they were only stink bombs. He bit his lip to stop himself from cursing loudly as he peeked around the aisle, thankfully it was clear; though he had no idea for how long; rolling to the next aisle only to peek around this one and see her. "oh fuck my life.." He mumbled in his native Irish accent, though he quickly covered his mouth and hid behind the aisle. "smooooth Lucas, 101 of being a master thief keep your mouth shut" He thought to himself. He didn't think he was going to get away this time; he had all but trapped himself in here, and regardless of it; he wasn't going to go soul-form even for this girl, "Hey over here you goat fucker!" He called out to her throwing the last two pellets at the ground in front of her feet....hooves whatever. the wafting stench would hit her soon; and would smell of the worse things she could possibly think of.

"That'll buy me enough time to get out of here." He thought to himself as he ran towards the counter with a woman at it throwing down some money. "Sorry about the scratches and the lingering stench that's gonna be here, that should cover it thank you!" He called to her as his foot landed first near the cash register and he boosted off it towards the back of the mini-mart. One he was back there his head turned this way and that looking for his only hope. "There!" He called out to himself and ran towards the fire door. Though it wasn't like he thought it was going to be as he slammed into it full speed only to be stopped as if he hit a wall. "Ouch.." He groaned pulling back and rubbing his shoulder. "Just my fucking luck...attacked by some cocky little girl with an ego, and no way out of here." He turned around and leaned against the fire door. "Fuck it, I'll fight her, can't do it in soul form though.." He continued to rub at his shoulder. "for sure dislocated; hopefully that tear gas did enough damage to her sight to get out of here without causing to much damage, I maybe rich...but i don't wanna spend all my money on rebuilding a fucking stop and shop.." He muttered to himself as he awaited the inevitable clop, clop of his young opponent chasing him down.


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Elizabeth Sorrow sighed. It was just as she'd thought.

God dammit.

When the horned creature burst through the sliding doors, Elizabeth brought her palm to her face. When the creature then proceeded to gouge out entire chunks of the store's tiling trying to come to a stop, she sighed, bringing her hand down from her face and doggy-earing the magazine page she was on. She didn't want to lose her place.

It was then that she and the horned Soul Killer met eyes. Elizabeth was not impressed. Another newbie. Couldn't they do this somewhere else? Elizabeth gave her a look that said "leave," hoping against hope that she'd take he hint. Of course she didn't, turning to clomp down one of the aisles. The older Soul Killer with the hair was an aisle down, hiding behind a section of organic chips. Elizabeth had spent hours painstakingly organizing those chips by brand and price a few days ago, and they were going to ruin it.

It was going to be one of those nights.

Still, nothing had exactly been broken yet. She could always buff those scratches out of the floor. If they'd just leave...

Suddenly, a plume of smoke exploded out from under the horned Soul Killer. Not a moment later, Elizabeth noticed the older Soul Killer hop up onto her counter like an acrobat. He dropped some cash and apologized to her for the damages. Damages? In response, she narrowed her eyes at him, but he didn't notice. He'd jumped through the air like a flying squirrel, headed for the emergency exit. Unfortunately for him, Elizabeth always kept that escape door chained shut. It was how thieves broke in the past four times.

The fire code be damned.

Sorrow closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose between her index finger and thumb, slowly grinding her teeth in indignation at the audacity of these people. She tried to ignore them, she really did. These people were not worthy opponents, not yet. She didn't like to fight people who could not challenge her. Where is the fun in that? Where is the learning? The exchange of knowledge during combat?

But they were seriously pissing her off, flying around the room and bouncing off the walls like monkeys. At the moment, the older one seemed to be cornered in the back, and the horned one was clomping her way towards him, destroying the store in the process.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when the metal row that held the chip bags she had so meticulously placed in order fell on its side, spilling the chips and various other goodies all across the floor. The horned one stepped on them, crunching the bags underfoot, not caring for the damage she had caused.


Sorrow flinched.


She lowered her gaze, lips curling back from her teeth.


Something in Elizabeth's head snapped, like a rubber-band stretched past its limits. The facade melted away.

Fuck it.

With one hand to balance, Sorrow leapt over the counter, landing as softly as a cat, her heels making a muffled click upon contacting the damaged floor. Shadowing the horned Soul Killer, she discarded her apron, throwing it to the side. Before the offender could take another step, Sorrow grabbed her.

Her left hand grabbed the Soul Killer's arm, twisting and pulling backwards in one smooth motion. Simultaneously, she swung her right arm around the thing's neck, learning backwards with her entire body. It was a simple wrestling lock. The creature's arm was twisted painfully behind it—any further and the shoulder would be dislocated, thanks to the pressure she was applying at the neck. Their heads were close together now, but the creature had begun to struggle. It's hands were heating up, as if it were about to release some sort of... fire?

Sorrow smiled—it wasn't pretty. "I will accept this as your challenge to me," she whispered into the creature's ear.

What happened next occurred in a matter of moments. Sorrow delivered a deft kick to the back of the thing's leg, breaking its balance. Twisting at the waist, Sorrow was able to ride the momentum, swinging the creature up and over her shoulder—though she did not follow through. The creature was completely vertical now. Swiftly moving her arms to the thing's waist, she clamped down in a bear hug, mercilessly preventing any means of escape, and leaned backwards, completing the move.

A perfect Suplex.

Sorrow could hear the creature's skull smash into the fragile tiling of the mini-mart's floor—she was listening for it. That sound was it. That was what she lived for. That crunch of bone. That sharp intake of breath. The resulting blood-loss. She rolled to the side and got to her feet, quickly recovering her air of elegance by whipping her hair back over her shoulders with a curt flick of the neck. She licked her lips sensually.

It'd been way too long since her last fight.

The Soul Killer creature still seemed dazed, as it hadn't gotten up off the floor. Sorrow contemplated kicking it while it was down, potentially breaking some ribs, but that wasn't the objective—she wanted these people gone. Out of here. Now.

With one hand grabbing its horn and the other grasping a handful of the fabric that made up its outfit, Sorrow tossed the thing through the sliding front doors like a drunk through the doors of a pub, shattering the glass panes in the process. The creature rolled onto the rough unforgiving blacktop of the empty parking lot outside.

Sorrow followed, half-way stepping through the newly made glass hole in the wall.

"Get out." She uttered angrily. "AND STAY OUT!"

It was just one of those nights. And now for the other one...


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♡~Annabell and Chester Pyke~♥

Yellow eyes lit up as she finally spotted her beloved target. A faint smile tainted her lips as she saw him down on the floor, looking so helpless... It's just how she wanted him to be. But just as soon as she spotted him again, he aimed to throw yet another few of those small pellets. Anna stepped backwards and prepared for the tearing pain, but when sight did not hurt, scent did. Anna huffed and made a disgusted expression, shook her head and took a few steps back. That's when she realized it was exactly what he wanted her to do, and when she looked up to where he should have been, he was gone. She let out a frustrated groan and clenched her fists tight, just a bit more of her power being released into her physical form. Her hair grew just a tad longer and the aura surrounding her just grew a little more thick. But before it grew any bigger, she had actually took a look around and spotted the man by the cash register, throwing down.. objects and proceeding to run off. Annabell didn't have time to take another glance at the cash. She wanted that man. Dead or alive. She turned back around and began to walk towards him, her fists already staring to heat up. She was so ready to hold his head in the palm of her hands, being able to hold it like a trophy. Just to get it all over with now...

Anna's soul was so focused on the life of Lucas, she hardly even flinched at the falling of a certain metal wrack. She didn't look down as her hoofs trampled over certain potato chips and the scent of cool ranch began to fill the air. Not one moment did her eyes separate from her target, the want to fight boiling up inside of her. God, did Annabell ever feel so powerful in her soul form? Not as much as she did now. She felt as if she could take down an entire town- no, country. She felt as if she was the strongest living being alive... Well, until she had her arm bent in such a way that caught her attention for more than five seconds.

Annabell quickly recognized the lady to be the one that had exchanged looks with her in the beginning. What was she doing now? Before Anna could even realize it, the woman now had her arm wrapped around her neck so tightly and her arm bent so forcefully, she almost wanted to fight this one too. Quickly, feeling as if it was the best decision, at the moment, Anna's soul quickly channeled her power to her fists. They quickly began to heat up, but before they even reached room temperature, the woman eerily whispered into her ear;

"I will accept this as your challenge to me."

Something told Annabell that she should have never stepped on those chips. And as her legs were kicked in such a way that made her legs loose balance, something told Annabell that she should have never ran into the store in the first place. Annabell began to regret chasing down the man when her body was lifted over head head, and she wished that she had never gotten so angry at him in the first place when her head hit the ground into the tile. The girl, though her head should have been cracked and she should have been dead, got up so quickly that the blood couldn't get to her head fast enough. She was stuck in a haze that allowed her to keep a small balance, but not enough to keep the woman from throwing her out by the horns. She crashed through the glass door faster than it could open, and landed on her head once again.

By this time, almost all of Annabell's hatred and fury had left her body, and was now replaced by fear and a petrified look. Red began to drip down from her pinkish turning hair, Awful cuts and bruises literately covering her body. The now human formed Anna got back up to her feet and began practically running for her life- well, no. It wasn't her life she was running for. It wasn't because of the cuts and scars the ignorant girl was running away for. It wasn't because she realized now that she actually wasn't the strongest, even though she did. If it was all of those things, Annabell would have still have been furious and still attempt to fight it out. But now that Annabell's truly fought with-or, been beat up by- another soul killer, she knew now how wrong it was for her to attack the man in the first place. She got on to him for bumping into her on the street. However, when Annabell went into the store, she was practically coming into the woman's place and ruining everything. She was the reason things were broken and people were hurt- herself mostly, but it was still her fault. Guilt was the reason why Annabell left. Guilt was the reason why Annabell made a subconscious decision to never fight with an innocent soul again. Guilt was the reason why she came running to find her brother in the dead of night. Because in those few moments, Anna was taught something that should have been taught to her when her parents were burning in a fire.

Bad things happen when you mess with someone's fucking chips, Anna.


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With a yawn, George tapped the space bar on his keyboard twice, rousing his computer from its hibernation. It was a moment before his several screens flickered to life, bathing the dark room in their milky luminescence. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, George took a quick peek down at his phone, which he held in his hand. He'd fallen asleep at his desk in the other room not ten minutes ago while jotting down his observations for the day. The phone was the only reason he was awake right now.

It had alerted him to some activity. Good job, phone. Good job. He didn't want to miss a single second.

His computer prompted him for his password. He entered it with one hand with as much speed as a lesser man with three hands. His screens came to life then, each one displaying a different scene, as if he were a some sort of guard manning an enterprise security camera network. He leaned back in his chair, his eyes flicking between the scenes. He had his monitors set up in a grid pattern on his wall—maybe twenty or twenty-five mid-size flat screens in total. Each one had a piece of tape stuck to it, which George had written on to remind himself which view was which.

The first screen showed what looked to be the front gates preceding a very large and ornate mansion. The road leading up to the gates was vacant at the moment, though there was a sentry supervising the only visible opening in the gate—where traffic was allowed to flow through. The tape on this monitor read: HOME FRONT GATES. George then looked at the fourth screen, skipping ahead. It seemed to be another perspective on the aforementioned gates. The tape on this monitor read: HOME FRONT GATES SIDE VIEW. There was no motion here either. Frowning, George looked back at his phone, tapping the screen.

"No way man. Don't tell me the spotter algorithm is effing up again" he grumbled, bringing the device closer to his face and squinting. He seemed to read something from the screen, something of import, because he hastily stuffed the device back into his pocket and started scanning his monitors again. "Her house," he mumbled, pointing to the first few screens. "Her usual routes," he continued, pointing to the some of the latter screens. "The mini-mar—"

His eyes and mouth went wide at the same time, an orgasmic expression overcoming his face. He pressed his head up close to the screen titled MMART DOME CCTV INSIDE VIEW. Eventually he was so close that his nose was mushed flat against the malleable LCD display. "Oh, there you are, my precious Lizzie. Working late tonight, are we?! ... Who is that guy?!" With a squeal that would make any pig proud, George hopped up from his seat, scrambling into the room from which he had just come, rifling through his things, searching for something. After about half a minute, he returned, carrying a notepad with markings on it. "Hmm, let's see, where did I leave off... today's Wednesday..." He flipped a few pages, folding them over the back of the notepad and sliding his finger down the front. "Six oclock, reading her favorite fitness magazine. Six fifteen, assisting customers..." He skipped down to the bottom of the notepad, his finger keeping his place. "Eight thirty, that local miscreant Dominic Albert and his loser friends try to steal liquor from my dear Lizzie..." He clenched his teeth at that, growling slightly and shaking his fist at the air. "I'll soon have them pay for causing my Lizzie undue trouble."

After calming himself, he reached over to his computer desk, grabbing one of the many disparate pens he had scattered all over the place. He spoke aloud as he wrote. "Nine O'one: weird man has appeared in the mini-mart during my Lizzie's shift." He looked back up at his screens, this time at a monitor labeled MMART DOME CCTV PARKINGLOT, before continuing his notes. "Parking lot is not empty. Someone is running towards the front doors—" He stopped writing abruptly, looking back up at the screen. His eyes did not deceive him as he had hoped. No, a Soul Killer had just appeared on the scene, and it was about to run straight into the store with Lizzie and the strange man.

"No!" He shouted at his screens, unconsciously standing. The pen and pad fell from his lap, sprawling across the floor in a most unceremonious fashion. "You're going to make her mad!" His voice sounded anguished. It didn't take long. As he'd predicted, the Soul Killer was flung from one screen to another to land painfully on the parking lot blacktop, a sight that made George snicker with amusement. Lizzie had thrown the thing out of the store. George watched as it reverted back to its human form, running for its life. He grinned, picking up his pad and writing furiously.

"My beautiful wonderful gorgeous magnificent studious sexy strong powerful mega awesome Lizzie kicked a Soul Killer's ass today! On my TV! Just for me!"

He couldn't control himself. He threw his pen and pad over his shoulder, spinning in his chair like a child, squealing. "Weeeeee! My Lizzie is so smart and strong and cool. She'll probably erase any footage of the short skirmish. God, my wifey. Marry me~e!" He leapt from his chair, sending the poor thing to spin off towards the other end of the room and crash on its side. He pressed his face against the monitor again—the one that displayed Elizabeth Sorrow looking over her messed up store.

The mystery man seemed to have made his escape after that other Soul Killer got shown what for. George brought his hands up to the front of the screen, pressing against the image of Elizabeth as if he were caressing her. "My pretty Lizzie. These new guys ruined your store. Maybe I should fight them for you?"

He shivered in ecstasy, playing out the scene in his mind. He'd defeat them and bring her all their soul points. Then she'd fall in love with him!

So. Perfect.

George sighed, dismissing the fantasy. He'd have to get a message that would set them up for battle first. Maybe he could ask one of the hunters?

He returned his attention to his screens. "I'll grow stronger for you, my Lizzie. I'll become worthy of your affections! Wait for me!"


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Asher sighed as Eva shouted at him, saying that it's bad to assume like she's his mother. Asher rolled his eyes. "Whatever, mother." She should be the last one to chastise ME... Asher thought. If that's how she wants to play, I'd rather speak to her about her lack of clothing... The dragon roared, again, causing Asher to pull out his gun (still in his partial-Soul Release form) and shot the dragon in the skull a few times.

Then, out of nowhere, Axl jumped and stabbed the dragon, sending electricity through his sword. Huh. Now it works... Asher thought. Then, Asher saw that the dragon was about to do a stomp attack, causing Asher to jump back and off the building. Mid-flip, Asher saw that Eva was in her Soul Release form, and Asher couldn't help but smirk. Two dinosaur-sized bones dropped from the building after a few seconds, then off the building as it stumbled back. It fell into another one, and rubble nearly buried it. "Well, why the hell are you two just standing there. I did enough work, didn't I? Get to it now." Eva said, sitting on the floor.

"Right. Asher. Lightning cutter time." Axl commanded as Asher nodded. Asher transformed into the full Soul Release form, having silver hair and dark clothes in a gothic style, completed with a crucifix. The number of swords Asher had increased, and they were all charged with electricity by Axl. "Eliminate the threat."

Asher smirked, nodding to the last command of this fight. The dragon, at this time, managed to stand up. It reared its head back as it prepared to do a seemingly powerful attack. Asher, now at full power, raised a free hand, creating an ice sculpture of himself. Asher threw a sword at it as they both charged at the dragon, lightning blades charged and ready to strike.

Asher, the real one, ran faster than his clone as he rounded the dragon. He jumped and aimed his sword straight for the vertebrae that's supposed to be the neck. The clone did the same from the opposite side, and the dragon wasn't able to do anything as ice froze its limbs. This was a move Asher was trying to create in his mind before, and now he can see it in action. "Twin Lightning Guillotine!"

FRIDAY 6/23/13
6:00 PM
Location: Aria's Tavern - Solice City

Asher sighed. He remembered the fight, the last roar, the clash of two of his blades as they met at the center of the bone, as well as the deal he had made with Eva. A man of his word, he was supposed to buy her a drink, and Asher told her the only place in this city he knew that sold any drinks. As he left the bar with a bottle, Asher couldn't help but wonder how many people are dead because they tried to run. He never really got any messages or notifications about hunting someone, so he figured that no one was foolish this time around.

Of course, that may change by tomorrow morning, as tonight's the night everyone meets their first match. All Asher had to do was make sure that the fights go along well, and then he's home free. But, for now, he must wait until Eva can get her drink. "God..damnit... What's taking her so long...?"