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George Wagner

Wagner is the greatest! The greatest, I tell you!

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a character in “Soul Killers- The Demons within.”, as played by Xunnamius


George Wagner
"God I'm cool."


5'7" 286lbs. He's a pretty portly fellow, balding, with the expression of a man who wishes he were always looking into a mirror at himself. The above image accurately communicates the rest.

Age: 42
Gender: Male
Sexuality: "Whatever Elizabeth likes."
Nationality: "Whatever makes Elizabeth happy."
Affiliation: Upper class. Used to be middle class.
Occupation: Works as a talk show host by day, Soul Killer by night.


"No! Nobody can see my Lizzie shrine. It's mine!"

George could be considered an intriguing man to some. This has to be true: he runs a popular talk show called "George 911," where he discusses his thoughts on the world, politics, recent news, and other topics that interest him.


Outside of his TV show (and inside of it... really, just all the time), he's a textbook narcissist, only thinking about himself and how to achieve his goals. If a thousand innocents have to die for him to be able to relax on a 2000 thread count bed sheet, then so be it. He wouldn't lose an ounce of sleep. Despite this, he has never once broken any of the rules all Soul Killers are bound by, and why would he? All he does all day is blather on and spy on Elizabeth. Still, he wouldn't hesitate to break any rule that ultimately came between him and his interests.

After becoming a Soul Killer and participating in battles for about a month, he believed himself to be the greatest Soul Killer to have ever lived. Basking in his own delusional grandeur, he challenged someone he shouldn't have: Elizabeth Sorrow. To his complete and utter disappointment, she declined his challenge, responding with a few choice words such as "unworthy" and "waste of my time".

To put it mildly: he was devastated; though, from his grief, a peculiar and arguably unhealthy obsession with Elizabeth arose. He began secretly following her around, watching her battles, taking pictures, spying on her, going through (and often times collecting) her garbage, and he even erected an entire shrine in his house dedicated to her and adorned with a statue made in her likeness.

He spends every waking moment outside of his TV show either sleeping, eating, or stalking Elizabeth Sorrow—though usually never close enough for her to notice. He does value his life after all, like all narcissists.

Soul & Abilities


His Soul Form is actually quite fascinating. His actual body does not really change, nor does he seem to become "clothed" in any type of power or armor or what have you. The only thing that is different about him is his eyes, which turn completely black—sclera and all. However, there is another piece to it: he calls it "warmonger". It's a massive mechanized robot that always seems to fall from the sky and land exactly 7.166 meters to his left and 3 meters behind him.

This massive mechanized soul weapon represents the power behind his Soul Form. It comes equip with weaponry ranging from assault weapons and laser cannons to shielding capabilities and two massive missile silos mounted on its shoulders. He'll usually sic it on his enemies, overpowering them with its superior firepower and preventing them from getting close to his unprotected body.

Theme Song

Crazy Loop (Ma ma ma)

They call me Crazy Loooop
Gotta gotta be crazy loooop
Gotta get a life
Oh, mom, I've trïed
Gotta gotta be lonely-lon-lon-lon.

So begins...

George Wagner's Story


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With a yawn, George tapped the space bar on his keyboard twice, rousing his computer from its hibernation. It was a moment before his several screens flickered to life, bathing the dark room in their milky luminescence. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, George took a quick peek down at his phone, which he held in his hand. He'd fallen asleep at his desk in the other room not ten minutes ago while jotting down his observations for the day. The phone was the only reason he was awake right now.

It had alerted him to some activity. Good job, phone. Good job. He didn't want to miss a single second.

His computer prompted him for his password. He entered it with one hand with as much speed as a lesser man with three hands. His screens came to life then, each one displaying a different scene, as if he were a some sort of guard manning an enterprise security camera network. He leaned back in his chair, his eyes flicking between the scenes. He had his monitors set up in a grid pattern on his wall—maybe twenty or twenty-five mid-size flat screens in total. Each one had a piece of tape stuck to it, which George had written on to remind himself which view was which.

The first screen showed what looked to be the front gates preceding a very large and ornate mansion. The road leading up to the gates was vacant at the moment, though there was a sentry supervising the only visible opening in the gate—where traffic was allowed to flow through. The tape on this monitor read: HOME FRONT GATES. George then looked at the fourth screen, skipping ahead. It seemed to be another perspective on the aforementioned gates. The tape on this monitor read: HOME FRONT GATES SIDE VIEW. There was no motion here either. Frowning, George looked back at his phone, tapping the screen.

"No way man. Don't tell me the spotter algorithm is effing up again" he grumbled, bringing the device closer to his face and squinting. He seemed to read something from the screen, something of import, because he hastily stuffed the device back into his pocket and started scanning his monitors again. "Her house," he mumbled, pointing to the first few screens. "Her usual routes," he continued, pointing to the some of the latter screens. "The mini-mar—"

His eyes and mouth went wide at the same time, an orgasmic expression overcoming his face. He pressed his head up close to the screen titled MMART DOME CCTV INSIDE VIEW. Eventually he was so close that his nose was mushed flat against the malleable LCD display. "Oh, there you are, my precious Lizzie. Working late tonight, are we?! ... Who is that guy?!" With a squeal that would make any pig proud, George hopped up from his seat, scrambling into the room from which he had just come, rifling through his things, searching for something. After about half a minute, he returned, carrying a notepad with markings on it. "Hmm, let's see, where did I leave off... today's Wednesday..." He flipped a few pages, folding them over the back of the notepad and sliding his finger down the front. "Six oclock, reading her favorite fitness magazine. Six fifteen, assisting customers..." He skipped down to the bottom of the notepad, his finger keeping his place. "Eight thirty, that local miscreant Dominic Albert and his loser friends try to steal liquor from my dear Lizzie..." He clenched his teeth at that, growling slightly and shaking his fist at the air. "I'll soon have them pay for causing my Lizzie undue trouble."

After calming himself, he reached over to his computer desk, grabbing one of the many disparate pens he had scattered all over the place. He spoke aloud as he wrote. "Nine O'one: weird man has appeared in the mini-mart during my Lizzie's shift." He looked back up at his screens, this time at a monitor labeled MMART DOME CCTV PARKINGLOT, before continuing his notes. "Parking lot is not empty. Someone is running towards the front doors—" He stopped writing abruptly, looking back up at the screen. His eyes did not deceive him as he had hoped. No, a Soul Killer had just appeared on the scene, and it was about to run straight into the store with Lizzie and the strange man.

"No!" He shouted at his screens, unconsciously standing. The pen and pad fell from his lap, sprawling across the floor in a most unceremonious fashion. "You're going to make her mad!" His voice sounded anguished. It didn't take long. As he'd predicted, the Soul Killer was flung from one screen to another to land painfully on the parking lot blacktop, a sight that made George snicker with amusement. Lizzie had thrown the thing out of the store. George watched as it reverted back to its human form, running for its life. He grinned, picking up his pad and writing furiously.

"My beautiful wonderful gorgeous magnificent studious sexy strong powerful mega awesome Lizzie kicked a Soul Killer's ass today! On my TV! Just for me!"

He couldn't control himself. He threw his pen and pad over his shoulder, spinning in his chair like a child, squealing. "Weeeeee! My Lizzie is so smart and strong and cool. She'll probably erase any footage of the short skirmish. God, my wifey. Marry me~e!" He leapt from his chair, sending the poor thing to spin off towards the other end of the room and crash on its side. He pressed his face against the monitor again—the one that displayed Elizabeth Sorrow looking over her messed up store.

The mystery man seemed to have made his escape after that other Soul Killer got shown what for. George brought his hands up to the front of the screen, pressing against the image of Elizabeth as if he were caressing her. "My pretty Lizzie. These new guys ruined your store. Maybe I should fight them for you?"

He shivered in ecstasy, playing out the scene in his mind. He'd defeat them and bring her all their soul points. Then she'd fall in love with him!

So. Perfect.

George sighed, dismissing the fantasy. He'd have to get a message that would set them up for battle first. Maybe he could ask one of the hunters?

He returned his attention to his screens. "I'll grow stronger for you, my Lizzie. I'll become worthy of your affections! Wait for me!"


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Asher sighed as Eva shouted at him, saying that it's bad to assume like she's his mother. Asher rolled his eyes. "Whatever, mother." She should be the last one to chastise ME... Asher thought. If that's how she wants to play, I'd rather speak to her about her lack of clothing... The dragon roared, again, causing Asher to pull out his gun (still in his partial-Soul Release form) and shot the dragon in the skull a few times.

Then, out of nowhere, Axl jumped and stabbed the dragon, sending electricity through his sword. Huh. Now it works... Asher thought. Then, Asher saw that the dragon was about to do a stomp attack, causing Asher to jump back and off the building. Mid-flip, Asher saw that Eva was in her Soul Release form, and Asher couldn't help but smirk. Two dinosaur-sized bones dropped from the building after a few seconds, then off the building as it stumbled back. It fell into another one, and rubble nearly buried it. "Well, why the hell are you two just standing there. I did enough work, didn't I? Get to it now." Eva said, sitting on the floor.

"Right. Asher. Lightning cutter time." Axl commanded as Asher nodded. Asher transformed into the full Soul Release form, having silver hair and dark clothes in a gothic style, completed with a crucifix. The number of swords Asher had increased, and they were all charged with electricity by Axl. "Eliminate the threat."

Asher smirked, nodding to the last command of this fight. The dragon, at this time, managed to stand up. It reared its head back as it prepared to do a seemingly powerful attack. Asher, now at full power, raised a free hand, creating an ice sculpture of himself. Asher threw a sword at it as they both charged at the dragon, lightning blades charged and ready to strike.

Asher, the real one, ran faster than his clone as he rounded the dragon. He jumped and aimed his sword straight for the vertebrae that's supposed to be the neck. The clone did the same from the opposite side, and the dragon wasn't able to do anything as ice froze its limbs. This was a move Asher was trying to create in his mind before, and now he can see it in action. "Twin Lightning Guillotine!"

FRIDAY 6/23/13
6:00 PM
Location: Aria's Tavern - Solice City

Asher sighed. He remembered the fight, the last roar, the clash of two of his blades as they met at the center of the bone, as well as the deal he had made with Eva. A man of his word, he was supposed to buy her a drink, and Asher told her the only place in this city he knew that sold any drinks. As he left the bar with a bottle, Asher couldn't help but wonder how many people are dead because they tried to run. He never really got any messages or notifications about hunting someone, so he figured that no one was foolish this time around.

Of course, that may change by tomorrow morning, as tonight's the night everyone meets their first match. All Asher had to do was make sure that the fights go along well, and then he's home free. But, for now, he must wait until Eva can get her drink. "God..damnit... What's taking her so long...?"