Slyvester "Sly" Broadsword

Oh, I'm sorry, did I blow your brains out? My bad.

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a character in “Soul-Mark”, as played by NewKidOnTheBlock


Hair as black as the dark of night, eyes as red as coals; you'd expect the man to be an easy target, especially being so lanky. But don't let it fool you. Under the slim twenty-two-year-old frame lies hidden strength, so much so that it has been said that the goatee on his chin was ripped off of the face of the Devil himself. As to his Birthed Soul-Mark, it is just as mysterious. It is no more than a black splotched pattern, reflected over a vertical axis; but it changes. The patterns are different every day, shifting and changing, never the same as the one before.

As to his clothing: he could care less if it's fashionable. He cares much more about it's practicality...that is, how many weapons he can fit in them. With that said, he will often choose whatever has the most pockets or hiding places. The only exception to his uncaring of weardrobe is his black trench coat, of which has so many weapons and secret places to hide them that it is rumored that the Devil gave it to him in respect of his skill.


Sly is a happy-go-lucky, kick-ass-and-take-names, fuck-the-orders kinda guy. He is perceived as cool and collected, even in the midst of battle, his favorite activity, though is admitably trigger-happy. This can cause some immediate separation between himself and most people, for he is not exactly very social. He can be seen as cold and cruel, and does not trust other easily, but, if this is over come, his trust may be the best thing for friends.

Especially since his most fluent language is kick-ass.


Too many weapons to list, and constantly changing. There are seemingly few weapons that hold a special favor to Sly. He additionally carries basic supplies in a leather rucksack on his back.


[To be revealed throughout the RP.]

So begins...

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