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Soul Mates- Saving the World

Innermost Shrine


a part of Soul Mates- Saving the World, by angelwolf123.

Guarded and nestled between the outlying buildings, this is the most important room for any priestess.

angelwolf123 holds sovereignty over Innermost Shrine, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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This is the priestess' most private quarters. Kings, deities, demons, even gods would require her express permission before being able to step foot on this sacred ground. The area includes the temple's actual shrine, where the ending ceremony for the Moon Ritual will take place, as well as her bedrooms and private baths.

Here, you may:

➥ Sleep
➥ Pray


➥ Hide
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Innermost Shrine

Guarded and nestled between the outlying buildings, this is the most important room for any priestess.


Innermost Shrine is a part of Gōng.

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Onyx eyes stared into the darkness, the faint design of the wood being the only thing noticeable. How could this had happened? This was most defiantly a worse-case scenario she hadn't been taught in school, and to take note of her mental state, it was eerily calm. Was there a way to possibly describe the feelings of such a state?

Maybe it was just the shock refusing to let her comprehend the situation, but her body was certainly reacting with the shake of her hands and her inability to rest.

What was she going to do about her studies? Or her daily chores? Or even her pending job interview, that to be quite frank about, she dreaded with every fiber of her being. The unfortunate consequences of each of neglected action were beginning to spiral out of control before the small women state up straight, panic in her eyes.

'It's okay, just... breathe in and out, just think and observe whats happening...'

Judging by the long strands of raven black, she knew for a fact she wasn't 'herself' in a sense. She was the heroine, Biyu, of the dating sim 'Gōng'. She could see her stats, and it just honestly continued her exasperation. Sixty health points, ten sacred points, the usual beginning stage. She knew certain things to avoid, but the biggest question was, would she be able to die?

That was a question where was she going to have to go? Maybe she could clear her head at the Gazebo...?


➤ Visit [Gazebo]