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The Tainted fighter,Captain

0 · 180 views · located in Soul Soceity

a character in “Soul Reaper: Squad 0 Reveiled”, as played by Akira45


Katsu is a small person hes around 5'6 only weighing about 142 pounds,he has scars all of his back and chest from recent battles and near death expericene's,katsu is 18,Katsu has a Red and Black fingerless Glove on his right hand it is a seal that supresses his power by half,he is not able to go into shikai or Bankai while wearing it

Katsu is the only person that has a zanpakutou that has two elements,

Rank: Squad captain


Katsu is a friendily nice person,but you can tell hes filled with pain and his actully quite cynical,he takes great pleasure in fighting and killing is oppent unlike most of the other Reapers,


zanpakutou Type: Fire and Ice
zanpakutou Name: Takeshi
zanpakutou Special Ability: Takeshi's ability is called "Inclose" it traps the target in a ball of ice before sending a Dragon made of pure fire into it killing the target instantily,this hurts Katsu very badily to use it and can only be used once,he also has to be in Bankai

Takeshi in un-released form is a 19.5 inch Wakizashi (small version of a Katana),in Shikai form it grows in length to a 24 inch full sized Wakizashi,Takeshi in Bankai form is a 26.4 inch Katana,the spirit enegry around Katsu forms a Skull with black blood from its eyes when he first releases Bankai


Katsu and Zeraki was close brothers until there parents sent Zeraki to the mean part of the soul society and Katsu to the Hollow's Realm, it was a test a expierment to make the Kenpachi's family stronger by not letting the soul society train them in there ways first

Katsu until he was 16 was still trapped in the hollows realm by this time Zeraki had done killed a captain and been put in charge of Sqaud 11,Katsu was trained and found by the vizards who taught him how to survive and become strong, when katsu turned 16 and got out of the hollows realm he forced his way into the soul society, and engaged in combat with all 13 sqaud captains,Zeraki let Katsu win after learning they where brothers, after katsu forced his way in the higher up in a attemped to save there own lifes,let katsu be Captain of a elite sqaud called "Sqaud zero"

So begins...

Katsu's Story