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Jamie West

"I have changed. So quit blaming me before I punch you."

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a character in “Soul Threads”, as played by Lurelle


Jamie has long, dark black hair. Her eyes, which are a recently crystalline blue, seem to cut into your thoughts. She looks nearly perfect, and would easily fit into the popular gang at the STA. Ever since her split with Tasrin, she thoroughly enjoys society, but still doesn't need too much, as her fox, Avalon, provides an excellent friend. She tends to wear darker clothing, but simple, and if she can wear a dress she will.

Avalon is an dark, inky colored fox. She has bright yellow eyes. The tips of her ears, tail, snout, and paws are white. She is intelligent and cunning, and slightly larger than the average fox. She seems energetic and hyper, but really is calm and brilliant. She has a fondness for Jamie, though they've only met for about three hours.


Jamie is friendly and innocent to the people at school, a teacher's pet for anyone, and even pretends to be flustered around boys to pull off her act. But when she's alone, she's dark and silent, plotting. While her bird cannot speak, nor build or write, he often spies for her. Her alarm, clock, spy, friend, and fellow evil-doer. Around her family, Jamie is the naive little girl and that earns her a pat on the head and a smile. Her parents don't know of her plot - and wouldn't stop her if they did.

However... Jamie is now friendly more often. There's times when she falls silent and confused, sitting in her dorm with a depressed look on her face. She lost her first friend and inhaled a toxic cloud that messed her brain. She's still smart as ever, but there are moments when she has no idea what she's doing. Avalon always comes to cheer her up and bring her outside at these times.


Jamie isn't a fighter, her delicate frame says so immediately. Her weapon is her mind. Complicated electronics and science.
Avalon protects her at all costs.


Jamie's background is a mysterious one, she had the normal life of a girl with a Soul Thread for about twelve years and her amazing grades and obvious talent made her the earliest student ever to enroll in the STA. She doesn't brag, so she's also labeled humble and kind at school; that is insignificant to her.
About a week into school, she rid herself of her first Thread, Tasarin. He was actually the evil one, though controlled by her father. She broke free of his grasp and soon, Avalon, a dark fox, came to her. She's the "new" Jamie, and hopefully this will have changed her life... permanently.

So begins...

Jamie West's Story

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#, as written by Lurelle
(IC event in seven minutes. Hope some of you come.)

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Character Portrait: Jamie West
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#, as written by Lurelle
(No one? Really? Okay then, I'll get on the announcement.) Interrupting the class was the old fashioned speaker. Each class had it on it's back wall. "Students," Mr. Kingston's voice began, "I apologize to disrupt class, but every student needs to come to the auditorium immediately. Thank you." The message ended and it clicked off loudly.